Tuesday, June 30, 2015


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Has some saying a little tyke may be alive. Which, for GH is par for the course. I would find it VERY gratuitous but that's me.  Just hope it plays out well an that this "goodbye" turns out to be way better than it's going now.

I will not deal with ANY more "Back from the Dead" .."SHOCKER"!! because it's just DONE TO DEATH. Get it? 

(cue Circus Music)

Geesh, Holly got on enough make up for SLEEPING? Good lord!

BABY doodle dumpling! :) 

TRACY doesn't question Denise's reality? WTF. UGH I take it ppl are just going with the whole ruse.

Gotta go pick up my son.


  1. Sonny's home: Yeah Dante! Listen to your father! Go talk to Lulu!!!! Awww Sonny is going to watch Rocco along with little AJ? Awwww! :)

    British Columbia hotel:

    Lulu and Dillon: More whining from Lulu! Can we have a Lulu doll? We don't need Lulu. We can pull the string.

    Lulu Doll: I lied to my husband again! I don't want to call my husband because then I will have to lie to him again. I lied to my husband again.

    Luke, Laura, and Holly: Okay what in the sam hell is Holly smoking?!!?! She never met Bill Ekhart?!!?! YES YOU DID HOLLY! You dated him and were lovers!!!!! You never knew Luke was married and had a son!?!! WHAT THE HELL?!!?!! Yes you did!!!! She freakin tells a story of how Ethan was conceived. Bull crap! When Laura first brought it up at the hotel, the look Holly gave, it was strange. Like Holly knows it was a lie! This whole scene was strange. I feel like I am high. And then the kidnapper calls and leaves a picture of Lucky and Ethan bound and gagged! ROFL! That picture made me laugh. :) I am telling you, I am high! ROFL!

    Sabrina and Michael: They made wuv again! :)

    Q home: Tracy sees Moochie. Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: I can't imagine what you want, but Vegas, is that way.

    ROFL! Poor Moochie she really wants to see little AJ but uh I don't think Sonny is gonna want her anywhere near her!

    Kelly's: Oh oh Jake Doe does not want to work with Nik at ELQ! :) Jake Doe is angry! Liz doesn't know what to do but just whine to Nik!

  2. I should have NEVER EVER have watched that Holly and Laura exchange. That is just sloppy! and for the LUKE GOODBYE STORY?????//
    WHAT THE HELL!!!!!

  3. Twitter exchange with Ron with someone.

    "Gwen IP ‏@LadyRichofSD 4h4 hours ago

    @carlivatiron Holly doesn't know Bill Eckert?! http://youtu.be/OfAHRpZM4m4 #GH #historylesson

    Ron Carlivati ‏@carlivatiron 3h3 hours ago

    @LadyRichofSD @donholley77 I'm well aware that Holly knew Bill. That's not what was written in the outline. I'm looking into what happened."

    Uh huh. Yeah right Ron!!!!

  4. Ron put up the original script with the dialog that wasn't what was said on the show today on twitter. Check it out.

  5. I kinda liked the holly/laura scene. Didnt Holly help Laura at a lunch function once when Laura was the new mayor's wife? I thought it was a decent scene with 2 strong women burying hatchets and moving forward. But hey, what do I know.

    Luke looks at the photo and in tomorrow's preview it says he recognizes something. I dont have a DVR so I cannot go back and look at the photo.

    Are the boys in the basement of the Spencer house on Elm St?

    One thing we do agree with, Karen. This entire goodbye story is just awful.

  6. I haven't watched yet, but they better have a good explanation for Holly saying she didn't know Bill and didn't know that Luke and Laura weren't married, nor had a son. Certainly she knew and when all of them were in Texas during the Aztec Princess storyline, that's where Luke and Laura (and Robert/Holly, Frisco/Felicia, Sean...) found out she was pregnant.

    I can't imagine Holly stating that, unless she's really Paloma, Holly's look-a-like half-sister.

  7. If this truly was a screw-up, I am going to be PISSED! I have waited literally years for Holly and Laura to have a one-on-one conversation since both actresses have shared VERY few scenes on GH throughout the years.

  8. The promo doesn't work for me. It keeps moving ahead to the next video and it won't let me stay on the GH one.

    And these writers seem to think that everyone came on board the same time as them. They don't know the history of the show at all. For heavens sakes someone teach them how to google a character!!!

    Ron said..." I'm well aware that Holly knew Bill. That's not what was written in the outline. I'm looking into what happened.""

    And that's why we have EDITORS, Ron!



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