Monday, August 31, 2015

Bradford Anderson Back to GH

RUMOR HAS IT: Josslyn will be SORA'd 

As per SOD on Twitter. No idea how long. Probably going to bring Georgie?! Rumor has it he's part of the Jason reveal.  Wonder if I'll still be awake by then. 

THE MOVIE: Good Gravy. There's only 2 people in it? I don't mind if Maxie gets the part, she has nothing to do anyway. Going to be a pretty boring movie unless they step this up.  Lulu finally buys a clue that the whole thing might be about her.  Maxie gets the part. The 3 of them talk about "recasts"...get it? They are ALL recasts. 

More off camera Donna Mills/Silas stuff.  Looks like she did it.  Yep.  Not sure why she did that-- when she was going to forge his signature anyway. But whatever.  She admits it and Ric is wearing a wire. So, there's that. Nathan arrests her. 

Carly and Sonny talk about Morgan. That's five days out of six. Zzzzzzz
TJ tells them Ric was taken into Custody. Sonny leaves to go find him. Jordan tells him he's wired to catch Madeline. 

Morgan and Kiki. I wanted her to slug him. Instead? She plays like she doesn't know about her Mom and him. Then she says yada yada..."I believed you" and hardly twitches. Says Franco told her. Then she finally yells and, well.. you judge for yourself. Ouch. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Of Mice and Mania

20150826 1423(4)

"Nisi unitatum iteratio potius est insania onesself ambitiosius id existimans, exitus erit different. "

I thought that if I wrote the blog in Latin it would be something different.  I am sure you are sick of  reading the same things over and over again.   Kind of like the definition of insanity.
Instead of that, perhaps I'll just recap the week and keep my comments to a minimum.
Oh who am I kidding? 

I'm having shots of tequila. know--GH .  By the way, I will also demonstrate that GH went dark during filming of 'this week's' shows just by using hairstyles. I think the gap was Wed, with the 'new' shows being aired Thurs/Friday. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ratings are TANKED

Can't get much lower, people...down to 350K for 18-49 demos. OUCH. Read all at We Love Soaps
Interesting because all the PTB and some actors were all gung-ho for this mobular boot-up. When will they learn?
I really need GH to make Nina a Quartermaine (Either Alan's or Ed's daughter) and sue them and move in. Start tying some stuff together. They also HAVE to get some young people. They have to get a guy/girl/girl/guy against all odds 'love or die' story. I'm telling you, that's what ropes people in !


Franco gave it up, he told KIKI! Kiki won't believe it at first because she's basically an idiot. Then she thinks Morgan may have killed Silas. 

Carly and Sonny agree to have Morgan see a psychiatrist. Sonny says he 'doesn't want it to be true' (about the bipolar). 
Morgan walks in all shaky and humming with energy...good scene. They all did a great job.  Hard conversation to have with your kid-- and it rang true. 
And this was UNDER RC's why the hell would MB and BC crap on Ron when they had this material? GEESH... makes no sense. 

Nina didn't get bail. And Donna Mills, NLG and Michelle were all in one scene together! I was in heaven!! 

Ric got out. I think he's working for the PCPD. Yep, Donna Mills went to see Silas to get a signature before he died.
She did it. 

Ava's all sad. Jules talks to her. 

The movie. Dillon thinks Lulu should do it. Lulu thinks Maxie should do it. OMG I LOVE Maxie's dress. She's been in such great outfits lately. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

You are under arrest.

Franco's hair grew about 8" overnight. Seriously, they didn't catch that? 

Um..Morgan talks to Ava. I wish she'd flash him. 

Kiki talks to Franco. Franco may tell her about Morgan/Ava...? He almost does but the show ends. 

Carly and about Morgan and his wub for Ava. 

Maxie and Dillon on the HS about the movie. He wants her to do costume design. She wants to get "Reeves" 

Nate, Dante and Jordan think they know who killed Silas but won't tell us (it's none of those 3). 

Ric and Julian. Just talking. Posturing. Ric leaves... Jules goes to get the flash drive. Jordan walks in

AND RIC gets arrested for Silas' murder. He's all confused. I love how Nate was all giddy about solving the mystery.  Is it "solved" though? Seems tidy. Maybe Donna Mills did it and they missed something? Maybe they faked Ric's arrest to get him to give info? 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 26th


Thank you for all the birthday wishes.... Sad today about the poor reporters and chamber member in VA. What the hell is going on? AND the guy had on a Go-Pro? UGH, just ugh. Seems like I say that a lot. 

I did watch GH at 2:30am today. (My GUS got me up... grrrrrrrrr doggie).  It was ok...better when you can FF. I still don't know why they are directing Morgan the way they are. He's certainly not making any emotional sense. But whatever. Carly's hugging him to her bosom. 

Glad Todd/Nina are across from each other. I do love them! Yes, they are separate from the show in a way-- although both involved in the murder. I am hoping that will change soon! Also enjoyed Paul and Tracy but if they are only going to be in a room with just them and Dillon once and awhile...bore. 
Dillon and Lulu--who didn't see that "Script Reading" coming?! Eyeroll. 

Embedded image permalink
From Brytni's Twitter today..a HAPPY Picture. I need it. 


MORGAN hurled a BARWARE glass! HE's officially SONNY now!! WOOT~

Sonny and Denise...Sonny doing Sonny for the 100th time. Good lord so boring.  He calls her an "incubator" ... Says Carly's going to raise Avery. Ava goes ballistic. She taunts Sonny about Sex with Morgan. 

Franco and Nina in jail are just divine. :) Juice-Box Bonding!!

Donna Mills is mad that Nina is in jail and not enjoying Taco-Tuesdays at the home lol

Alexis and Julian, still talking about the same ol' same ol' 
Morgan is acting all manic-- (I think that's what that is)..wants Kiki and he to move into a new place together. 

END: Nathan thinks he knows who killed Silas.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My New Theme Song!

Here we are--Look what I found. Now, yes, the ending is a bit tragic but this is the best theme song for me--EVER. 

Since it's my birthday, I shall be taking a GH break today--lunch and fun with my parents. Have a great one! 

Also born today:

Sean Connery

Tim Burton
Gene Simmons
Elvis Costello.

Now you know why I'm a little weird LOL 

Winterthorne: Wardrobe Secrets of this Delicious Drama!

I am so excited for this online soapy series! Winterthorne will premiere August 27th on the website. It has to be one of the most highly-anticipated shows of the summer.

There are two awesome actors from GH on the show: Kirsten Storms and Kathleen Gati.
 Other cast members include Linda Gray (Dallas), John Paul Lavoisier (OLTL).  You know they'll be fun to watch. I will be giving tidbits in the blog about the show as it progresses. I feel the need to branch out a bit and this is just perfect. 

Michael Caruso  is behind the creation of this online drama. First noted for "DeVanity", Caruso  has gone a step further into the fantasy soap world.  Being in the candy business is a dangerous mixture of pleasure and pain. The Winterthornes have a whole bundle of delicious secrets just waiting to spill out. 

The costumes are simply the best I've seen in a long time.  I'm calling them "Vamp-Goth". The sets are lush and inviting. Candy is all over the place. Yummy.  I asked Mr. Caruso about the wardrobe: 

My wife Barbara and I did the costume design for all of the characters. All of the feather pieces were brought in from London and Denmark. All of the other costumes we compiled over a period of time from different place in Los Angeles. Martha wears several independent designers such asAlice&Olivia and Gucci as well as vintage furs. Kathleen Gati wore a dress by Tadashi Shoji. Kirsten Storms wore Alice & Olivia also, , and Linda Gray wore a Donna Karan dress from her private collection. I had a VERY specific look I was going for. We have a very good friend who is a costume designer. Her name is Carolina Forni, and she made Martha's butterfly dress. We bought a vintage base dress and she hand sewed 80 artificial butterflies to it and added the bronze chain. All of the jewelry was sourced from downtown Los Angeles. I went to the same stores that I used during DeVanity."

Oh, the wardrobe isn' the only fun part of this show! The make-up is amazing too. Caruso explains: "We used 8 different sets of nails on Martha Madison (Miranda). Sometimes she had to change her nail color during the middle of the shoot. She has everything from black and gold, deep raspberry to silver, and three different shades of nudes with crystals embedded in them. They were all press on or glue on nails so we could change her look quickly if we had to. The show takes place over ten years so Martha has 9 different costume changes in only 4 episodes!"
What's this delight?! Why it's a ring given to Miranda by her mother and she never takes it off. Designed by LAS jewelry, it's a bronze cast antelope skull.  You know I want one--or at least a copy in a brooch. 

Dominic Delacourt (Kevin Spirtas) 

The male wardrobe is also something to behold.  The Winterthorne Husbands are all 'required' to wear black. (I can't wait to find out why!)   Victor (played by Caruso) and Maximillian  (Gordon Thompson) don period piece waistcoat jackets.  All the men look dashing and apparently, love fur.  By the way, JPL looks the best he's looked in years; beard and all. 

Kathleen Gati, Photo Credit Winterthorne
Goddess Goti as Valentina Winterthorne 

Steve Silverman, the man behind two of my other fave webseries (Pretty, The Inn) is involved as co-producer. If you watched either of those shows, you know this will also be a great ride. 

Why, yes, those ARE spearmint leaves! 
One last note: ALL the candy you see on the show (and there's a lot)  is real. Right down to the last gumball. I bet they are happy I wasn't around!  I'm told most of the candy was used as "decoration"--but I bet more than a few pieces got gobbled right up. 

So, hope you tune into the premiere and we'll dish about it later right here! I'll bring the lollipops and licorice. 

Monday, August 24, 2015


I love August! :) Love the birthstone, the weather, corn on the cob...just everything. I actually periscoped the opening of GH today. 

That judge is a mute or what? Geesh, it's the most circus of a "trail" I've ever Witnessed! Ava admits she's Ava under Scotty's  questioning. She yells it. lol  I'm AVAAAAAAA JEROME! Kiki cries. Morgan sits there like a toad. She shows Ric the photo of Nina over Silas. He's going to go charge her with murder.  But !! Ric calls Nathan and tells him to do something (we don't know what) regarding Nina. Maybe help her escape?? 
Anyway, Ric does charge Ava with Connie's murder.

Sam had on white! She and Alexis drank wine and chatted.

Maxie and Nathan were on exposition duty today. 

Glad I watched! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Apathy

20150819 1403(30)

Well, I feel like I'm at the place I was when Wolfe took over after Guza left GH. I was hanging on by a thread with the show..and then it just got worse and I had to leave for a bit. I almost left a year ago because of work. 
I'm looking at GH in the rearview mirror again! I didn't watch Wed/Thursday's shows other than FF at a hectic pace.  Friday was...meh.  Even with the "possible" Ava reveal?  It's so not exciting.  Hey, when twitter is more entertaining than the show you know it's in trouble! 

Ok, so.... this will be a blog to avoid if you are going to say to me that I'm way too negative on this show and why do I watch.  Leave if you want sunshine and light! 

 I have some cheesecake here left from last night. I'm stuffing my face with it! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

I Object!

Embedded image permalink
Nabbed From Twitter. 

I sort of watched Wed/Thursday shows but FF through a lot. I'm so over trials, I can't tell you lol. 
By the way, how fast was that thing? I mean he got arrested 3 days ago in soap-time. I'm all for not dragging things out but geesh. 

The trial is like a joke, no? Who lets people do that? Anyway, Scott tells everyone Ava is Ava. (with some DNA test thing) the show ends like @@~~ 

Olivia goes and gushes over Sonny's baby--but can't bring herself to even let Julian be in the same town as theirs! OH WELL!

Carly and Donna Mills talk mental problems. All of a sudden everyone is discussing bipolar. Plot point or what? I know Morgan's been a little idiotic and rash, but to all of a sudden be all "he might be bipolar" is just not cool. IF they are going to use this to dismiss a murder, that's even worse. Sabrina giving symptoms of the disorder.  I can't even. I know people who suffer from it and I even knew someone that took their life because of it. Not sure this story is going to fly ...period. 

Nina talked to Nathan.
Seems like every other story is on hold. Michael doesn't even talk about ELQ anymore. It's all Silas' murder and the "Wedding".  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday

20150819 1412(11)
Hide ZE Sausage 

Thank GOODNESS For Dr. O and Ava... great scenes. Other than The fact the courtroom is so busy is a riot. I mean, it took 3 hours for Julian's arraignment and Franco is already right in there! Have to use those sets while they're clean lol.
And Sonny? Why does he act like Julian is such an evil guy? It's just strange and weird. 

Sad today...we had a drive-by shooting outside the Boys and Girls Club in Rochester last night. 3 people are dead. So sad.  The area is right by a HS too. 

I have an eye appointment at the appointed hour that GH airs. I have  A LOT to say about this week!! Just thoughts on stories and the direction of the show. I know we have new writers coming. Doesn't it feel like a total "Lame Duck" session right now? Meaning you don't even know if the stuff happening will be around in a few weeks. 

Here's your throwback! 

Guess the year...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Didn't Bother

SORRY! Saw the opening of GH...and thought...nah, not today. It's summer after all and it looked so dull..

Hope you all had a great day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wedding Date

TJ and Sonny--Sonny talking about his mother. SO DON'T CARE!! TJ then goes to Jordan and they semi-make up. 

Mobular "Charlie" guy being questioned by Jordan, Dante and Nate. He rolls over (too easy) and names Julian as his boss. Which he obviously isn't. 

Maxie looks adorable today in her lime  green! Stupid Val didn't even ask Carly if she could stay at the house. Bobbie just told her to. She and Val bond over Carly's ugly jewelry (trying to pick out wedding stuff). They are total BFFs now!! 

Olivia goes to talk to Julian. She tells him the baby name is Leonardo. BUT!! A knock at the door and it's Dante/Nate to take him in for questioning. So of course, Olivia thinks he's still in the mob and won't tell him now. 

Lucas wants to know what Brad and Rosie did/saw. They HAVE to stay together. Now why the hell didn't they know where the other was for 2 years? UGH.. 
Brad and Lucas make up. 

Carson set a date: September 2nd. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Phone Twins


Liz and Nik are such phone buddies....they are either playing phone cute or talking all huddle together in a room or restaurant. Feels like months since they've been doing that-- Oh it HAS been months since they've been doing that!! 

Olivia feels badly now about telling Julian the baby is dead? Erm.. you went to all that trouble and are now thinking it wasn't such a good idea?  Olivia's baby is Leonardo. She goes to see Julian, who just happens to be talking to Alexis about his dead son. 

Brad and Rosie got married just because of his parents and his gay-ness. No big secret of who Rosie is or arranged marriage. They just met in college.  Brad is all "my parents loved me so much...they loved Rosie" so we got married to make them happy. 
Twitter chat has it that Ron wanted to do a transgender story but ABC nixed it. Not sure if this was before/after Bold and Beautiful did theirs. I would hope it would have been. 
It comes out that they are staying married so they can't testify against each other in a court of law.
Seriously? LOL Ok then!  BTW, that is such a myth and doesn't apply in almost every state anymore. Certainly not NY.
Wonder what they did? Switch out dead kids for Helena? 

Sonny and Jordan: Hot air. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Ghosting

20150811 0510(29) Nina
Another week flown by! Geesh-- August is in full swing. Since I work full time in September, I'm wanting these days to stay put!! GH is in "summer mode" as well. Oh for the days of adventure and steamy romance with full casts by the pool. 

When I think back on this week's show...I draw several blanks. There were a few fun moments. (Notice I say few).

Pull up a deck chair and have some pineapple rum coolers! 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sonny's BullShit

They so need to put all the "next-ran" people in the Brownstone. Bobbie running it. Val, Felix, Brad, Lucas...Scotty...Lucy, Rosie-- hell it would save money. 

Brad/Lucas were arguing again. JUST SAY IT. Nope they'll "talk later"... Finally at 2:45 they go into a room to talk. Brad says he didn't marry for "Love". 

Rosie comes in to get Hayden with Nikolas. BTW, Valerie is moving OUT of Wyndemere because Hayden is moving in? HUH? aren't there like 55 rooms there? Not that I care. Val can move to Kansas. yep. Kansas.
Rosie asks Lucas out. awww. He says he's gay, engaged and it's 'complicated"... I wonder if she's Brad's wife. 

Dante and Lulu ..talking about the mob. Dante acting like Sonny wouldn't shoot someone? WTF. And you can SKYPE with Your Mama if you want to!
They make WUB on the couch

Carly and Jake. He shows her the ring for Liz. Carly doesn't like that idea. OF COURSE.  She finds out Hayden is awake. 
OMG..Sonny tells Carly that JAKE IS DANGEROUS. OMG
Sonny's such an ass.  He kills a big head of "the Five Families" and worries NOW about "Jake"????? Dear GOD. 

Sam brought Danny to hang out with Jake. Boring and awkward.  Jake comes in later and has a present for Jake Jr. JUST for Jake Jr. Not one for Cam or Aiden, just Jake! LOL then he proopses to Liz on his knee. 

Later, Hayden remembers throwing the vase. I guess she's not faking her memory loss

OLIVIA is back! :) No baby tho. 

And Rosie IS Brad's wife.  Yep. They've been at the same hospital for like a year when she was with Nina??!!! Weren't they both at the Nurses' Ball? WHAT. 

The CarSon Wedding Show

Why ..OH Why... for the 5th time, we'll be treated to Carly and Sonny getting hitched in the fall. Maybe it won't happen. Maybe it will be another mobular extravaganza. All I know is I'm just plain tired of it. 
Carly's been married 7 or 8 times.  Sonny has been married 478 times. Not counting his "near miss" weddings which stand at 4. 

Found the photos. 


Suggested Wedding Dress:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"I needs to see ze DA"

Ava's talking to a dead Silas. She's so Anna and he's so Carlos. And also AJ and Sonny. Many ghosts used on this show.

wow... Easton brought it again today. He was amazing. Nice job.  "You're thinking about taking Morgan's pants off in the chapel, aren't you"??  HE saved the show today! 

Kiki and Morgan. Kiki doesn't think Franco did it. Morgan's all pouty.

TJ is Sonny's youthful ward and they invite him to the wedding. Jordan walks in. Blah blah blah...Sonny tells her how to do her job.  She says she's taking TJ. Carly tells her that their family is at least HONEST..not like her when she was undercover. 
UGH. TJ says he's not going anywhere.  

Franco tells Nina the stuff Ava has on her/them.  She's nervous.  She leaves the facility and goes to Ava's to wait for her. Guess she can just come and go whenever. 

OMG DENAVA'S blouse today was hysterically funny. WTH! IT was just so fugly. I can't explain it but it had hanging things on it. 

OH OH@@ !! Ric is new DA...Scotty quit to represent Franco! BUT..whoops, Scott just left the office and didn't take anything. Like the tape Franco needs. 

WUB: A Moment with Morgan....

Now how do I snap-chat again? 
Setting: Kitchen at Carly Manor

Josslyn: MOM!! (stomps foot) Morgan is being a jerk and hogging the couch..
Carly: Morgan! Morgan? (goes to living room)

Carly: Morgan...hey..MORGAN!

Morgan: Huh.
Carly: Your sister wants to sit down.
Morgan: Huh. 
Josslyn: MOM! Get him to move!
Carly: Morgan, we have to share here, move over...
Morgan: GOD! Can't I even LAY HERE in peace? Geesh.......
Carly: Why are you laying around anyway? It's 3 o'clock
Josslyn: He's been here since 11... (sticks out tongue)
Morgan: Shut it. I'm in need of some chillax
Carly: Did you work last night? 
Morgan: Yep.
Carly: Well, how many customers did you have at the bar?
Morgan: Um...dunno.
Carly: MORGAN!? 
Morgan: (counts on fingers)... Um.. let's see.. um... well, not including me...two. 
Carly: TWO?
Morgan: Yeah, MOM..two. that's like 1 more than usual. Geesh. 

Carly: Ok, Time to move it. Do Something...anything...
Morgan: K
Carly: Now, like Now.. 
Morgan: GOD you are so on my CASE! When Kiki gets here I'll have her do my laundry, ok? 
Josslyn: Well, give her a mask...Pee-U! 
Morgan: Mom, make her stop. She's on my nerves
Carly: Josslyn, go upstairs, don't upset your brother.  
Josslyn: I HATE YOU!
Morgan: yep. whatevvvvv.....
Carly: Look, I'm about fed up..
Morgan: YOU'RE fed up? What about me? You and Dad send me away to military school...then yank me back and totally destroy my gambling biz and now you're in my face.
Carly: Ok, at least go pick up a pizza for me for dinner...

Morgan: Um... I got like no money
Carly: Here (tosses him bills) 
Morgan: car has no gas...
Carly: (tosses him more money)...
Morgan: Cool. (starts to go out the door)
Carly: Morgan...
Morgan: Yea?
Carly: Put on some pants and shoes ok? 
Morgan: GOD!! You want me to do EVERYTHING! (stomps upstairs)

Carly: Oh, god love him, he's such a Morgan.... 

Sloane Switcheroo

SID reports that first Sloane is coming back ..and 2nd Sloane is out. While I'm glad, I still don't think we need Sloane at all. I guess he'll be on when Finola airs again in about 2-3 weeks. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"My Heart Hurts for Kiki"

Says Sam.... ok then. Kiki wasn't on today so...rejoice. 

Liz fled the scene when Jake asked her to marry him. Probably thinking that he's already married--so.....she goes to the chapel and asks for "a sign". Sam walks in.  OMG--Sam keeps talking and Liz was going to tell her. Liz sees that as her sign! 

Hayden is like "Why do you want me to move into Wyndemere"?
I so want Nik to say: Sex was fantastic!

PAUL TRIES TO give money to Dillon. Dillon is too stupid to take it. Take the MONEY! He does take the money in the end. 

Dante's Guilt. 

Lulu's crying like a 1979 mascara model. She's reading Dillon's movie. It's about an affair. Lulu is so happy that Val and Dante didn't go that far.
They make love. Maybe so Lulu and Val can be PG at the same time? 

In the end, Liz said yes to Jake. Sam is in the chapel lighting candles for St. Jaysus. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

"He never said NO"

Is there ANYONE hot enough on this show for Jordan?

Did you see her outfit? WOW... sexy and all official. I wish I looked 1/4 that good at any point in my life lol

Ava looks so good too.  She's got the photo on her phone of Nina over Silas. If Franco knows she's Ava, wouldn't that trump anything she'd have on Nina? I would think so.

Liz and Jake..Jake talks to her about Nikolas. He doesn't like him. He tells her that he and Sam have been investigating Nikolas Cassadine. She is all @@. 
Jake pops the question to her at the end of the eppy! 

KIKI .ugh. And Sam. Don't care. 

Nikolas and Hayden. She says she has "holes in her memory" . He flashes back to their making the hot love.  He wants her to move into Wyndemere with him. I guess to keep an eye on her. 

Sonny says: "Tell us if you did it so we can bury it and no one will find out" LMAO!!! ahahaha
That worked SO WELL for Michael, no???? They don't know that Franco's been arrested. Morgan gets all pouty that Daddy and Mama would think he did this. Carly notes that he never said he DIDN'T kill Silas.

Mayor Lomax says she thinks there's enough evidence to keep Franco in jail.  She tells Scotty he has to do the prosecution of Franco to keep his job. 

So today was Fake Flashback day. Carly and Sonny say how they think Morgan did it. Franco says how he thinks Ava did it.  Ava says how she thinks Nina did it. (Three fake flashers today) 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Vocal Abuse

20150808 0904(41)
YES, I am the star !
I'm not nearly as excited as I was last week about the show but it's in the 'average' range, so I'm not going to completely complain! 
Things were  on a roll Monday then just fell off for me. The "aftermath" of such a frenzied pace is bound to be a bit slower.

No idea what to eat today. Strudel? Not that weird Toaster Strudel but the real stuff. Yum.  I wish Lesil was here to say the word for me ;)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

Oh Captain, My Captain

Geesh..what the hell am I going to do NOW?!!! This man got me through the Bush-War years. I even wrote a letter to the staff thanking them because if I didn't have Jon to watch I would have stabbed some of my ignorant friends. He's such a light..and finds the best talent out there. You saw the line up last night, amazing. 

He had to have been done-done though to leave now. Just when the presidential race is getting going. "The world is in way worse shape than when I started". An understatement. I can only hope he does some specials or cameos on Cobert and Oliver's shows. 

I wish I could find my fave clip from the show. It was "A look Baq at Iraq" and done about 6 months into the war.  It was a point-counter point about how it would look if no nuclear  weapons were found, if we stayed there for years/years and the cost. Hysterical and so accurate.  My second favorite clip is of course, the 9/11 broadcast. So many feels. Jon always knows just what to say to make things a bit better.

So, so long..I hope his family is happy he's around more. Maybe he'll direct movies like last year's "Rosewood". Whatever the path, I'm there...waiting for more laughs and bullshit cutting. 

Oh My GOSH...

20150806 1447(4)

Totally forgot to blog-- I watched the first 15 min, periscoped and tweeted about 2 things. IT was such a BORE. Total exposition again and FLASHBACKS.

GEESH... I have a feeling this Silas mystery is going to take over the life of the show. With flashbacks after flashbacks...

and of course the on going Jake "Mystery". I'm so afraid it's going to go into sweeps. UGH. 

At least there was no Dante/Val sex flashers today.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Flashback Dance


Truth be told...I watched the first 15 min and saw THREE flashbacks to Silas' death. I had to say...BYE.  I just couldn't take the overuse of them ANY MORE. LOL

Sam and Hayden looked good.

Other than  Narrative/Exposition day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


YEP, they all met. Russian, Asian, Italian..Jewish, you name it, they were there! Sonny: My Territory was VIOLATED!! bahahahha.
Serge, the Russian guy with the glorious ponytail is totally plugged by Sonny--shot dead. It was a weird scene.
I guess there's 4 families now. 

I so wish Julian just knew that was Ava already.

Morgan is acting so stupid. Carly is just laying into him!! 

Franco...Jordan...Kiki trying to cry...

Donna Mills visits Nina at 10:30 at NIGHT?

Sam finds out Silas is dead... she's shocked but not too shaken up.  Flashbacks. 

The end is good with Ava and "Silas"...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ear Bleeding

Kiki sees Daddy..screams. No..she SCREAMS I mean like SCREAMS.  Good GOD! That well, I don't know how Roger and Michael stayed in that room with her lol 

Morgan and Lucas. Not much. Lucas doesn't know who he's married to. 

Carly shreds Denise...Denise has the same dress on. "you had his tongue down your throat" !! 

Boring and More Bore are shooting pool at Jake's...and Lante walk in.  Why would Dillon wear a hoodie in the summer?
Because he's BORING.  They all sit at in a booth together. 

Dante and Nate get called to Silas. They are the only PCPD on duty..ever. 

Felix and Brad-- finally. Getting some girl-talk in. Just hurry up and get it gone. Get it out there. 
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So, Donna Mills put this photo up on twitter today during GH--so I thought I'd get them up for you! 

WOW some questionable acting today. Goodness. REALLY Bad. 

Sunday Surgery: FALSE DOSAGE

  MESS. That's all I have right now. I actually turned off the show on Tuesday after the Brick and Jordan nonsense. Only watched Wednesd...