Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WUB: A Moment with Morgan....

Now how do I snap-chat again? 
Setting: Kitchen at Carly Manor

Josslyn: MOM!! (stomps foot) Morgan is being a jerk and hogging the couch..
Carly: Morgan! Morgan? (goes to living room)

Carly: Morgan...hey..MORGAN!

Morgan: Huh.
Carly: Your sister wants to sit down.
Morgan: Huh. 
Josslyn: MOM! Get him to move!
Carly: Morgan, we have to share here, move over...
Morgan: GOD! Can't I even LAY HERE in peace? Geesh.......
Carly: Why are you laying around anyway? It's 3 o'clock
Josslyn: He's been here since 11... (sticks out tongue)
Morgan: Shut it. I'm in need of some chillax
Carly: Did you work last night? 
Morgan: Yep.
Carly: Well, how many customers did you have at the bar?
Morgan: Um...dunno.
Carly: MORGAN!? 
Morgan: (counts on fingers)... Um.. let's see.. um... well, not including me...two. 
Carly: TWO?
Morgan: Yeah, MOM..two. that's like 1 more than usual. Geesh. 

Carly: Ok, Time to move it. Do Something...anything...
Morgan: K
Carly: Now, like Now.. 
Morgan: GOD you are so on my CASE! When Kiki gets here I'll have her do my laundry, ok? 
Josslyn: Well, give her a mask...Pee-U! 
Morgan: Mom, make her stop. She's on my nerves
Carly: Josslyn, go upstairs, don't upset your brother.  
Josslyn: I HATE YOU!
Morgan: yep. whatevvvvv.....
Carly: Look, I'm about fed up..
Morgan: YOU'RE fed up? What about me? You and Dad send me away to military school...then yank me back and totally destroy my gambling biz and now you're in my face.
Carly: Ok, at least go pick up a pizza for me for dinner...

Morgan: Um... I got like no money
Carly: Here (tosses him bills) 
Morgan: car has no gas...
Carly: (tosses him more money)...
Morgan: Cool. (starts to go out the door)
Carly: Morgan...
Morgan: Yea?
Carly: Put on some pants and shoes ok? 
Morgan: GOD!! You want me to do EVERYTHING! (stomps upstairs)

Carly: Oh, god love him, he's such a Morgan.... 


  1. Hahaha perfect!!!! :)

    "Carly: Morgan...hey..MORGAN!
    Morgan: Huh.
    Carly: Your sister wants to sit down.
    Morgan: Huh."

    HUH?!?! Hahahaha! Yeah basically! ROFL!

    "Carly: Oh, god love him, he's such a Morgan...."

    He's such an idiot!!!!

  2. I keep meaning to ask here, Carly had said that Morgan "bartends": Did we know that? Did I miss something?

  3. Awesome, I wish we could see this actually performed on GH!

    AntJoan, Carly did mention a couple of days ago that Morgan "bartends" but it wasn't said where...guess the Metro Court? I doubt Morgan could get a job anywhere else on his own!

  4. I think they just added that to the script because people were complaining so much about him doing nothing. I've never seen him tending bar.

  5. Given Morgan's perpetual state of arousal, he should get a job as a coat rack.

  6. Didn't Lulu hire him for the Haunted Star just before "Luke and the bomb" thing. He couldn't tend bar that night because it was Michael's party for the Clinic and Michael was still pissed with him.

  7. "PM61 said...Given Morgan's perpetual state of arousal, he should get a job as a coat rack."

    Hahahahahaha! Good one!!! :)


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