Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Curtain Call

Q's all around! 
Look how quickly 2 days put me back in the GH mood! Seriously, for the first time in forever I wanted to get home to watch the show Friday. And it delivered!! Monday was a bust with the TG "Extravaganza Must-See TV" let down and Tues/Wed were weepling dull. Then? What!!?? What is this miracle?
Not sure, but I'm pretty happy right now.
That's not to say there isn't still problems but for this moment, the show was pretty soapy-fun.

I'm celebrating with some champagne  and  cupcakes!! 

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I wrote an entire blog on Monday's "Farewell Show" so you don't have to hear it again. Just know it was a complete let down and probably the most missed opportunity ever in soap history. 

Now that the show is free from that albatross of a story, it seems a corner has been turned. Take a bow Geary, you're done. 
Perhaps Ron felt the weight of the "exit story" and Fluke mess for so long that finally when it was over the entire team could buckle down and write for other characters? Who knows! I'm just happy they did.

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Tuesday and Wed were mind-numbingly BORING.  Little movement or charm. The highlight was Laura talking to Sonny and Carly. Carly still doesn't like her Aunt Laura much, that's for sure.  Valerie and Dillon ask Dante and Lulu how they 'feel' about them dating each other.  That was probably the low point of the 2 days. I mean, seriously? 

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By the way, I'm going to say this: Genie doesn't look quite right in the standard GH "Wrap Dress". She looks the best like she was before; casual. She either should dress up for an event or wear everyday clothes. That monotone aqua didn't do it.  Look at Ava vs Nina. You'll see what I mean. Wrap stretch dresses? bleck.
Ok, so my 2 cents on the wardrobe. I'd also comment on the male wardrobe but didn't see anything that really offended my sensibilities this week. I'm not a total sexist! 

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THURSDAY AND FRIDAY: Rollercoaster Ride! Nice!! I guess all those stories that were languishing in "the Shadow" were unleashed. Which is sad for RC in a way. I think JP's material may be airing now in conjunction with Ron's. I so wish he'd stayed with her.  The two could have made a great team

Ok, on with the scenes:

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Nina/Ric/Donna/Franco:  Nina goes to talk to Ava who tells her that Franco loves her and would take her back if she asked. Ava is doing this so Franco will get her the evidence that Scotty has of her confessing to Connie's murder.  I love Maura and Michelle together. You can tell they just 'get' each other. I also think Michelle played Nina perfectly this week. She was a woman on the edge of everything. I also see the woman that was put into a coma that never really matured in there as well. Vulnerable, scared, elated and horrified was all written on her face. 

Ric stepped it up.  Took her to the mental hospital and made her sign commitment papers. Oh, he's evil and wiley, that one!! BUT!! Franco came in on his white horse and rescued her. Such a good scene and so well written. Roger lot a little teary. Todd does it so well when he's in 'rescue mode' *yes, that was a total Todd move.  I'm such a sap for the guy coming to save the trapped, scared woman. Sniff. Or, the woman saving the scared trapped man. I told you, I'm not a sexist! 

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Oh, btw, the papers didn't mean much, btw..because Nina just ran out of the clinic in the end. LOL 

WELP! Silas catches Ava and Morgan together and just SLAYS it. On his last full day, ME got some material with teeth. WTH?! This is Carlos all over again! I was so into his stuff that I was thinking: Don't kill Silas off now! And you know me, Silas has been a dull boy for so long I normally wouldn't care. ME and MW were perfection. Ava was desperate to stop him. He didn't care. Loved all the crap he said to Morgan about being a horny idiot. LOL. Ava and Morgan talk after. She makes him promise not to go see him. Of course, they both do. 

This brings us to the end of Friday's show for this storyline. All three, Morgan, Nina and Ava are shown after the murder. I loved the music playing! Reminded me of the Valentine episode of  "ER" where Lucy and Carter get stabbed (my Fave ER ever!).  Ava is shown coming home and grabbing a drink, shaking. Morgan is shown at the Metro grabbing a drink and shaking. Poor Nina is shown over Silas' body with a bloody knife. 

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I don't think any ONE of them did it. I think that Morgan and Ava found the body separately, panicked and ran.  I think Nina found the body, picked up the knife and froze. My guess? Ric or Donna Mills did it.  Just my 2 cents. Very well edited on Friday! 

The other major story was of course, Laura Knows the Jake Secret. Oh DELISH!! So much happened during this it was hard to keep up. Becky Herbst had to memorize a billion words to say in under 2 minutes I think! LOL.  Monica shows up with Michael to see her grandson! Wow. Miracles never cease!

 Laura goes to the Webber house to talk to Liz and Jake. Liz is already wary when Laura starts playing cat/mouse with her. I bet she wished she had some Xanax laying around. Next Patrick stops by to make sure little Danny can see Little Jake. Why this is such a huge deal, I'm not sure. Geesh, they could wait a few months, right? Well, that opened the door for Laura to talk to Liz about keeping her sons apart in the olden days. 

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The Liz and Laura 'talk' was great. Laura was in full -Momma mode sprinkled with awesome hind-sight from her own life experience.  How was she going to keep this secret? Well, with a little good old fashioned 'almost' blackmailing from Liz. You see, Liz figured out that Nikolas had Hayden shot. (how, we don't know..but she did). She tells Laura that if it comes out, Nikolas might go to jail for attempted murder. Laura is shocked! Not HER son. But then..oh, yes..she realizes Nikolas is totally capable of this. In fact, he's a Cassadine and probably evil. She didn't say any of this, but her face showed it all. Just about perfect acting there. I'm so glad Laura's back and there's no Luke looming around to distract me. 

Oh? And BTW--will any of this really matter? Hayden is waking up! Yep, Paddy tells Sam and Jake this at GH. All of this might be moot. Everyone is going to be in big trouble soon! I wonder if they'll still pair Nik with her even though he had her shot. If she doesn't know that, maybe they will. They did have great chem together. And Becky and Genie in Wyndemere together? Oh yes, please!! 

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SCENE OF THE WEEK:  LOVED this. Even with the gloriousness of the Liz/Laura scenes, this just stood out. "you knew we'd always be together right"?? EEE! and the chem these two have? Off-the-Charts.  Now get them more connected with the canvas and somehow stop reminding us of the "Franco" thing and we're gold. 

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FACE OF THE WEEK: Silas sees Morgan and Ava. Looks like the entire audience in this snap! 

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PROP OF THE WEEK: "Bridal Shop" Mag. Carly shopping for her 5th wedding dress (just to Sonny, btw). Her face is also priceless.  She and Silas practiced together. Giggle. At this point, she could get married in a nice cocktail dress from Lord and Taylor. Who'd care?

So--what did you think? Did you notice a giant shift in the show? I'm not crazy, right? Maybe we ALL (writers, cast, crew, audience) let out collective,  huge sigh of relief and moved on. I hope this keeps going. Friday I actually wanted to get home and start watching! 

Big thx to @SourceJenn for these cappies. I wouldn't have had any photos if not for her! 

One Last Photo! Thx Paul!! 


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  2. I'm really glad I tuned in after all, Thurs and Fri were great! Great Sunday Surgery as always...haha face of the week loved it!! I agree that was everyones face :) Looking forward to Monday, hope they don't drop the ball.

  3. I know, fingers crossed, candles lit and all that!

  4. Great Sunday surgery as usual. Thanks so much. It’s my preferred treat with my Sunday morning coffee. :)

    kd said... Becky Herbst had to memorize a billion words to say in under 2 minutes I think!

    And she didn’t have to look off to the side at cue cards even once! ( What I hate most about some of the newbies)

    She also was totally engaged with “Laura” in the scene as your picture shows. That’s how good actors feed off each other.

    I'm so glad Laura's back too! And that they’ve finally figured out how to shoot with more than two people at a time. Loved the people coming and going at Liz’s house!

    I liked the “Franco”/Nina scenes too. Glad she committed herself so that she could change her mind.

    I’m also glad ME got a chance to unload on the horny little toad and company before he left. I personally think Ava is worse than Morgan though, and that’s saying something.

    I did notice a shift in the show. We didn’t have the actors coming two by two as if they were boarding the ark, reciting the same lines over and over again, informing the town about what had happened all week, one person at a time. Things were happening. People were animated. Headway was made.

    I hope they keep it up too.

  5. Well, Karen, for once ITDisagree with 2 of your comments. As I have said here before, I really liked the Luke ending, cried a lot of tears, I know I am in a minority here (maybe of 1?). Look, we got to see Frank and Jennifer Smith, Lucky, Ethan, Holly, little Jake came back, and our Goddess Laura is back! So I am NOT complaining . . . OK, just one flashback, but it was great, with our Bobbie . . . And, Karen, I liked Laura in the dress, I thought she looked very pretty.

    That last face, of Ava--NOT a flattering picture! I swear MW has NO vanity--she appeared with NO make-up when she was sick, and now this horrible wig . . . She is such a beautiful woman, of course, her bad days look much better than most people's good . . .

  6. Excellent SS! I agree about the disappointment of Lukes's last day. Loved seeing Laura with Liz - so glad Genie is back. Hated Silas getting killed after ME finally had something exciting to so. Still cannot stomach Nina & Franco. Nothing will ever make me remotely interested in this worthless character Franco.. And MS's acting really grates on me and I find her unwatchable. Grateful that Monica is finally back and always enjoy Scott, especially playing cat and mouse with Nic.

  7. I didn't watch after Tues (I think) I'm sorry to have missed these great scenes between BH & GF I saw some clips. GH is so messed up right now that I have a hard watching all the lies that make no sense. That and the characters that make no sense.

    I hope this means from your description that GH is getting better--maybe. I wait another week and see what You say in the next blog and then make a decision.

  8. Joan, I did like parts of TG's was that last day that just did me in. They had so built it as EPIC and it fizzled. I cried tears with Lucky that's for sure. As for Genie, I just prefer more casual looks. Those wrap dresses (they have Maura wear them too)are just NOT my taste at all!! :)

  9. Joan, I did like parts of TG's was that last day that just did me in. They had so built it as EPIC and it fizzled. I cried tears with Lucky that's for sure. As for Genie, I just prefer more casual looks. Those wrap dresses (they have Maura wear them too)are just NOT my taste at all!! :)

    1. I have to agree with you on those wrap dresses. They are very unflattering and add weight to anyone who wears them. Laura looked great in the casual outfits, jeans and leather jackets. Those outfits also are more youthful on her in my opinion.

  10. I hated Monday's show so much that I didn't watch the rest of the week. TV Line has a short article claiming that Geary says that now that Carlivati is gone He would be willing to return as Luke now and again for 6 week arcs IF the story met his approval. PLEASE NO! JUST NO! He ruined the last year and half of the show completely. His hatred of Luke and laura and his endless demands led to that ridiculous exit story which every poll I've seen was hated by 80 to 90% of viewers. STAY AWAY!

    My friend who reads every single magazine, website etc (and then never remembers where she read what) says she read that Lexi is only back for a short stay around the Carson wedding.

    I'm really disappointed they killed Silas. I was hoping it would be Valerie and the way Ric has become so evil I thought he would be our next murder mystery victim . I'm sorry I missed his last day but I needed a break.

  11. I agree with Luke's departure, a total let down. As for the rest of the week, a total bore and mostly ff worthy. Only story line worth watching is the Jason plot. As for Silas it seems obvious that Ava did it and rerun is known making the obvious guilty. Franco was ruined by rerun and Niña is the most ridiculous character yet rerun gave us. Time to send both of them out of pc and the new writing team should start fresh with new plotline giving us the pre-Ron gh we oh so miss.

  12. I loved the production of that final sequence of Friday's ep. Everything about it was perfection. In a lot of ways it reminded me of clink-boom. Time will tell if Silas' murder will be remembered as iconically.

  13. I'm really glad Genie's back and hanging around but I also have a friend who devours the mags and such and she said Lexi and Genie are short stints. I hope she's mistake but even though I enjoyed the back and forth banter between Genie&Becky I was hoping Genie would have been a bit more assertive. It almost seemed like Liz was bullying her not blackmailing. I mean come on,this woman slept with one of your sons while married to the other and totally screwed with both their heads and now she's threatening to throw one of them under the bus and all you do is stand there and cry! I'm hoping for a newer,stronger Laura. Anyway,I too enjoy Franco and Nina. Good thing she committed herself so she could just bolt like she did. I kinda think maybe Ric or Madeline too but she knows Franco knows the truth. And lastly,I'm really,really hoping Hayden doesn't have amnesia because I'm just done so this storyline too!

  14. "Karen says Oh, btw, the papers didn't mean much, btw..because Nina just ran out of the clinic in the end. LOL"

    ROFL! So true!!!! :) Hey you didn't even mention the mental patient who was excited to see BobTodd!! ROFL! Not even a picture of the mental patient hugging him hahaha!

  15. Genie is leaving shortly for two months and will be back. I guess TPTB didn't want us to be too happy. Finola will be back sooner than expected.

  16. So happy to hear about Fiona, LSV422. (I hope Sloan doesn't come back with her) Maybe she'll be working on the murder mystery.

    I'm also glad Genie will be back. Hopefully it will be on a full time contract.

    I also agree about the wrap dresses. Very unflattering. Maybe they got a reduced price by buying them in bulk with their bath towels. lol



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