Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday

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Thank GOODNESS For Dr. O and Ava... great scenes. Other than The fact the courtroom is so busy is a riot. I mean, it took 3 hours for Julian's arraignment and Franco is already right in there! Have to use those sets while they're clean lol.
And Sonny? Why does he act like Julian is such an evil guy? It's just strange and weird. 

Sad today...we had a drive-by shooting outside the Boys and Girls Club in Rochester last night. 3 people are dead. So sad.  The area is right by a HS too. 

I have an eye appointment at the appointed hour that GH airs. I have  A LOT to say about this week!! Just thoughts on stories and the direction of the show. I know we have new writers coming. Doesn't it feel like a total "Lame Duck" session right now? Meaning you don't even know if the stuff happening will be around in a few weeks. 

Here's your throwback! 

Guess the year...


  1. Lulu and Dante been talking of having another baby. Is this foreshadowing of the return of the embryo in a jar? There was also a rumour a while back that Robin was going to return impregnated (by Helena) with the Lante embryo. I would love to see Robin back on screen. She could stop Patrick and Sam's wedding just like she stopped Patrick and Sabrina's. Or perhaps since she knows who Jake is she could walk in on Elizabeth and Jake/Jason's wedding.

    If the Wu family / Asian Quarter storyline is re-emerging there is also another Robin connection.

    I see GH is casting for a new 30 year old male.
    - Recast Dillon I wonder? This new one seems like a total bore...than again, that is the fault of the writers not the actor.
    - Perhaps recast Lucky...although I suspect some would never accept a recast Lucky.
    - or shouldn't Patrick's brother / Maxie's ex be getting out of prison about now? Recasting that character would be great. Patrick needs some family, Maxie needs a storyline, and GH needs more doctors.

  2. I was just thinking of Patrick's brother last week, friscogh. How come he gets to stay in prison all this time? Oh yeah. he's not a mobster.

    And shouldn't someone have tested that bullet that came out of Hayden's skull by now? Then we could get Shawn back and the new writers could write him a good story.

  3. 1994?

    I actually loved this episode. JP did breakdown and it showed in the quality. Everything flowed well and transitioned from on storyline to the next. Nothing felt out of place which has been a problem with GH the last few years. I felt like I was watching one show instead of 2 or 3 shows smashed together. Loved the courtroom stuff, Heidi and Nina, Ava vs. Dr. O, even Morgan. Everything managed to be really connected.

  4. That photo is from around the time Monica was having an affair with Ned, I think. Don't ask me what year! Leslie charleston is thinner in that pic than I ever remember.

  5. Karen you should be making appointments before GH or after!!!! :)

    Sonny's home: TJ and Molly are having fun with super soakers! The maid is there wanting to give them lunch! TJ does not want to live in dorms in the fall! He wants to stay at Sonny's! He is gushing over Sonny's place!!! Molly is worried. She doesn't think it's a safe place to live! RA RO! TJ is gonna get shot isn't he? People warned ya TJ! Sonny shows up and overhears Molly and she feels so bad! I love Molly and Sonny scene! :)Always do!!! :)

    Shadybrook: HEIDI!!!! :) Nina jabbers on and on and on with Heidi.

    Nina: Franco is going to fry because he is protecting me.

    Heidi: 0-0

    Nina: No no! Ava killed Silas. Ava killed Silas.

    Heidi: 0-0

    Nina: I can take another shot at trying to delete the photo. I know I know it's in her cloud!

    Heidi: 0-0

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! This is fantastic! :) Oh and then Nina's mummy shows up to talk to Nina about her fiances. Magda sees Heidi, and pushes the wheelchair that Heidi is in, and it rolls away! BAHAHHAHAHHA! And the look on Nina's face!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is scene of the day right there!!! :)So Magda is trying to convince Nina to sign the papers. Magda says that Shadybrook is expensive! And Nina wouldn't want to go to Fernciff with Heather there! Nina's face hahahaha! Nina won't do it! She wants to read them first!!

    Carly's home: Sonny is feeling guilty that Morgan might have bipolar! Don't feel guilty Sonny!!! Carly wants to get Morgan tested! Mikey shows up! :) Oh he still does not want to go to his parents wedding!!! Carly talks to Mikey about Morgan and the bipolar. Mikey has seen some strange things from Morgan.

    Julian's home: You can see Julian peeing his pants when he finds out that Moochie is really Ava! :) He is so happy to see her and they hug! :) She wants him to help her get that recording! She wants to be a team with him! She thinks he is lying about not being in the mob anymore. He is not really admitting it. Oh oh someone shows up with a subpoena.


    BobTodd's courtroom: Morgan gets on the stand and his noes grows! Because he lies lies lies on the stand! Kiwi turns against BobTodd again, because Morgan brought up how BobTodd threatened to kill him! Scotty gets a phone call! People on another soap opera board, has a thought that maybe Scotty phone call is from Heidi! :) She is Scotty's mole! And that Heidi is faking being catatonic to get all the info from Nina! LOVE IT! So soapy goodness!!! It all makes sense! :) I mean what would be the point of having Heidi there and not talking! :) Anyway,It's Moochie's turn to get on the stand! GET HER SCOTTY! :) Scotty wins the lines of the day! He is upset with BobTodd.

    Scotty: Sit down and quiet you dummy! I thought I told you to dummy up!


    The actress who plays Heidi, her name is Kimberly Lewis!

    And on facebook, general hospital snark, made a cover image of Heidi! They love her! :)

  6. I love Heidi too. lol Nina's scenes with her are so much better than her scenes with BobTodd.

    I think maybe she stays in the scene better too. ROFL

  7. @friscogh I wouldn't mind another Lucky, we've had 2 recast Luckys so what's another, although the cast is so bloated now and if they are going to bring back someone my vote is Michael Easton. He was done wrong. As far as Kim McC, wouldn't mind seeing her, she may know who Jason is but people forget that after they parted ways he got hit and has a new face so she wouldn't recognize Jake as Jason. I forget about Patricks brother, who is he and why did he go to prison? I love Heidi as well and being paid to just sit there, count me in!!

  8. Gee, the new ratings are shockingly low. Could it be the compelling storylines we are seeing? Sonny and Carly totally boring and still mismatched. A ridiculous trial for someone who should have been in jail for life already. No real romance. Too much time wasted on characters (and actors) we don't really need to see. They better figure it out soon or we may be seeing 2 hours of The Chew each day.

  9. Writers for Thursday:
    Andrea Archer Compton
    Elizabeth Korte

    Daniel James O'Connor
    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Jean Passanante
    Chris Van Etten

    Director: Larry Carpenter



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