Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"My Heart Hurts for Kiki"

Says Sam.... ok then. Kiki wasn't on today so...rejoice. 

Liz fled the scene when Jake asked her to marry him. Probably thinking that he's already married--so.....she goes to the chapel and asks for "a sign". Sam walks in.  OMG--Sam keeps talking and Liz was going to tell her. Liz sees that as her sign! 

Hayden is like "Why do you want me to move into Wyndemere"?
I so want Nik to say: Sex was fantastic!

PAUL TRIES TO give money to Dillon. Dillon is too stupid to take it. Take the MONEY! He does take the money in the end. 

Dante's Guilt. 

Lulu's crying like a 1979 mascara model. She's reading Dillon's movie. It's about an affair. Lulu is so happy that Val and Dante didn't go that far.
They make love. Maybe so Lulu and Val can be PG at the same time? 

In the end, Liz said yes to Jake. Sam is in the chapel lighting candles for St. Jaysus. 


  1. The hospital:

    Jake Doe and Liz: What the hell?! Liz why are you running away like a little girl!?!?! This is what you have always wanted!!! Get back here!!!

    Patrick and Jake Doe: Poor confused Jake Doe! ROFL!

    Patrick and Sam:

    Patrick: How is my Sammy doing?

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    GreenHayden's room: Okay this Nik and GreenHayden scene went on for way too long and got boring. But then it got better when GreenHayden thought Nik just wanted her to move in so he could have sex with her! ROFL! She was offended! ROFL! And then she wins the line of the day!

    GreenHayden: I'm not that kind of lady.

    WHAT?!!? BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nik and I were both laughing!!! :) ROFL!

    The chapel:

    Sam and Liz: Liz was all crying and talking to God HUH!??!!?!?!?!?!!? Liz what the?!!? I am so confused. Well anyway, she says she wants a sign! Well there ya go! There is your sign! Sam walks in! And Liz was going to tell Sam the truth, but Sam wouldn't shut up! ROFL! Come on Liz! Just blurt out JAKE IS JASON!!!

    Sam: Yes Karen! Sam lit candles for St Jaysus! So basically,

    Sam: Oh Jason! You were a fantastic amazing lovely sweet great guy!!!! You will always be in my heart!!

    Liz and Jake Doe part 2:

    Liz: Yes. Yes I will marry you.

    YAY! :) But then I bet at the wedding, the truth will come out and all hell with break loose! Everyone will be slapping Liz! :)Like in the movie Airplane! ROFL!

    Police station:

    Jordan and Val: Another stupid scene between them! UGH!

    Lante home: Lulu has got the old school eyeliner! :) Oh no!!!! More talk about the kiss!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! When will Val get pregnant?! As soon as she does, the secret will blow up! Unless the rumors are true and Dillon pretends he is the father! Too much chatter between Lante! SHUT UP! Oh they are gonna make love, but oh wait more chatter first! STOP IT! Then after lovemaking, MORE CHATTER!!!! BAH!

    Karen says Maybe so Lulu and Val can be PG at the same time?

    OH! I hope so! That would be soapy and explosive! :)

    Q home: Dillon! Your dad is giving you a check! TAKE IT YOU FOOL! First you say no to Nik, and now your father!?!? COME ON!!! Oh good he finally takes it at the end. :) Oh Dillon has feelings for Lulu! :) Oh he calls Val for a get together!

  2. New here. I think the jig is up for Hayden in regards to Nik. At the end she said something about roaming the halls of Wyndemere and his eyes widened. At no point do I recall anyone refering to Niks home as Wyndemere to the newly awakened Hayden.

  3. You're right, kisaac! They always referred to Nik's house as " the castle" not Wyndamere. Hayden is so busted! But she'll lie her way out of it,no doubt.

  4. Hi Kisaac! Welcome to Karen's blog! :) How long have you been reading it? :)

  5. sonya said...
    Hi Kisaac! Welcome to Karen's blog! :) How long have you been reading it? :)

    Been reading for a few months now.

  6. Writers for 8/11:

    Andrea Archer Compton
    Elizabeth Korte

    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Daniel James O'Connor
    Katherine Schock
    Chris Van Etten

    William Ludel

    Great dialogue for Sam and Liz!

  7. "kisaac said...Been reading for a few months now."

    Oh Great! :) How long have you watched GH?

  8. I love Jordan and Valerie scenes



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