Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Ghosting

20150811 0510(29) Nina
Another week flown by! Geesh-- August is in full swing. Since I work full time in September, I'm wanting these days to stay put!! GH is in "summer mode" as well. Oh for the days of adventure and steamy romance with full casts by the pool. 

When I think back on this week's show...I draw several blanks. There were a few fun moments. (Notice I say few).

Pull up a deck chair and have some pineapple rum coolers! 

We are starting with "Who Killed Silas" because it's the most logical thing to do. We got a lot of fake-flashbacks to help us figure out 'who done it". Why do I think we haven't really seen the culprit yet? 

20150811 0418(15)

Kiki has a nightmare. Actually, I'm putting up this photo because of her shirt. On Monday, this was my focus.  The Creamcicle shirt. Of course, Sam came over to talk to her about her Dad. She cried a lot more. 

20150811 0427(7)

Ava had Nina on camera standing over the body. She threatens Franco with it.  HOW she got the photo was speculated by Franco (in flashback). He thinks Ava killed Silas and stuck around after to then get Nina in the act of pulling out the knife. Doesn't really matter though, because even though he knows she's Ava and not Denise, she's still using that photo as leverage. 

20150813 1729(5)

Franco talks to his pappy who quit his DA job to defend him. Lomax gave him an ultimatum and he decided to go help his boy. Who's DA Now? It's RIC LANSING! With Ric as DA no charges will be dropped no how, no way. I can also assume that it's going to mess a bit with Sonny's crime activity??  (HA!) As if.

20150811 0441(36)

Carly and Sonny piss off Morgan by daring to suggest HE killed Silas. Yes, there was another flashback of this "Murder" as well.  Michael Easton had to play getting killed at least 3-4 times to get all of our suspects in a row. Morgan tells his parents that Franco is already in custody...storms off. Carly feels guilty but realizes he still never said he didn't do it.  Got it? 


20150811 0513(17)

Jake decides to pop the question to Liz. Her first reaction? Well..kind of a stinky "OMG" face.

20150812 0426(28)

Liz goes to talk to God in the chapel to ask what she should do. Should she marry another woman's husband and keep him from the knowledge of his other son? What is God gonna say? WELP-- here we go. Guess what. She asks for a sign. And GOD Delivers it in the form of Sam who basically tells her to "Go for it"!! Hey, when the said wife tells you to marry her husband, you do it. So, Liz goes back and says yes. I'll marry you. 

20150812 0500

Thank You, God... Now my conscience is clear. 


20150812 0411(3)

Dillon takes his Dad's money and is off and running to make his movie. 

20150812 0422(30)

AWW...Lulu  read the movie and is So, So, Sad. Seems that there was an affair involved and she's SO HAPPY that Dante and her little thing they went through wasn't as bad as all that. Because if it was--it would be so horrible (Cue Dante Guilt Face). They also made love at least 2x, once on the couch. 

20150813 1722(42)

OH!! OH!! and Get this!! Dillon's going to shoot the movie partly on the Haunted Star! What could possibly happen? 


20150812 0441(28)

We weren't sure if Hayden was faking it or not but later learned she's not faking because she saw the vase at Wyndemere and had a flashback. I'm pretty sure that if you're faking you don't have flashbacks. Anyway, she's at Wyndemere and Valerie decided to move out. No idea where she went. It could have been said, but frankly, don't give a ..... 


20150813 0451(22)

Just like AJ and Carlos before him, Silas got to have more lines and action than he's had in about a year on this show. Of course I couldn't look at anything but Ava's bondage-mummy blouse during those scenes.  


20150813 0437(11)

OMG!! Isn't this fun!!? We have a nice young man living in our house!!  :giggle: And COME ON..but we all know how safe it is here. Who cares if his Mother wants him back? I call TJ "the ward" because he's kinda like Dick Grayson to Bruce Wayne. You'd think Sonny would just give him some money to go into the dorm. Poor Jordan showed up, trying to get her boy back and TJ told her to take a hike. Carly totally forgot she sent Morgan away for his own protection when it was brought up to Jordan about sending TJ to Shawn. I don't get the whole reason he's at Sonny's other than to create more of a reason for Jordan to go after him. 


20150815 0917(10)

Rosie shows up for the first time in...I don't even know HOW long, asks Lucas out and welp. She's actually Brad's WIFE. For those of you that watched, you know how weird it was. For those of you that didn't watch, you just found out how weird it was. 
And, nope, I guess in the year and whatever that Rosie has been in PC (and the hospital with Nina) she never saw ol' Brad. Nope. 


20150813 1735(4)

Some no-name thug guy got shot. YAWNNNNN.  Sonny thinks Julian did it! Carly thinks Sonny may have done it! Jordan isn't sure but she's going to find out! Blah Blah Blah..zzzz.

20150813 1746(32)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Ninja Nina!!! These two are just fun to watch. I kept hoping the wig would fly off...or Nina would restrain Ava with her own blouse ties but no dice.

20150813 0430(17)

PROP OF THE WEEK: Sonny's Gift Basket to Julian. Complete with the carbs he won't eat. Alexis dove right in though. So thoughtful of Sonny! 

20150813 0919(4)

RUNNER UP: Nina's checkers partner. Loved her. 

20150811 0428

FACE OF THE WEEK: Good Ol' Scotty :)!!

I have to point out that CarSon seemed to have 45,000 minutes of airtime this week. ALL in Sonny's front room.  They talked to Morgan, TJ, Jordan and each other for an eternity. No cutie pants baby to break it up either.  It's gonna be a long, long march to their nuptials.  The ones where I'm 99% sure there will be at least a gunfight if not a bomb.

I would like to point out a few things that are bugging me. The ELQ stuff.  You know what? Nikolas took it over eons ago, right? What's happened since? Michael mouthing off about getting it back, yada yada. Now what? NOTHING! NOOOOOTHING. I give NO F's about ELQ.  Tracy's MIA too. May as well just make the story as boring as possible.
The kids? Ok, I know they can be a pain but it's stupid to have Cameron and Aiden "Upstairs" EVERY Damn TIME Jake Jr. is on.   I'm still pissed we didn't get to see the Brother to Brother reunion. But hey..whatever. 
I think Silas had a memorial. Not sure. Saw the sign but that was about it.
Ava's blouse drove me insane. Who made that thing? WHY did they make that thing? All I could think of was her getting it caught in a hay bailer. Not that she'd be by one but still...she could get them caught in a subway door. Geesh.  (when you are thinking of things like hay bailers during the show, you know it's trouble)
Oh, and the Rosalie thing? Don't get me wrong, I like her--and I like Brad but Left Field or what? When we speculated about her being his 'real wife' didn't think it would really happen. I mean, they lived in the same town for 14 months (I looked it up). She was in and out of the hospital a million times with Nina. BUT! There it is.  Must be she's part of the mobular world and they got married for that reason. OR she needed a greencard and he needed a beard. You know they'll just make stuff up as they go along. 

Today's Blog Title is dedicated to Charlize ..who totally Ghosted Sean. :)  and of course, Silas. Ghosting Ava. Part of the Ghosting Club.  Not the Charlize kind of ghosting, but real ghosting!!

Duke (showed up on Sonny's door)
Bill Eckert
Lena Eckert
Fake Ghost Baby by Ric
In your GH contract: You die, you ghost. 
20150813 0447(4)
Who's she related to?  Production? More airtime than Monica! 


  1. GM Karen, thanks for great SS, I am first again!!

    I just want to say that I think NuKiwi did a good job, although everyone here seems to hate her. She had to cry her eyes out, which has to be hard to do, and I, for one, think she is an OK actress. Any word if KA is returning to reprise the role, as rumored?

    Also, ANY WORD when Jakeson secret will come out?

    HOW can Liz marry someone who is already married? Are there NO laws in upstate NY? Won't he need proof of who he is to get a marriage license?

  2. No AntJoan Kris Alderson isn't coming back, it was just a rumor. I think she addressed it a couple wks back on Twitter. As for Jake,could be Nov.

  3. There are too many things now to which the question is, "Who cares?" Sonny and Carly again? What new can they do there? Brad's secret marriage? Too implausible. Even Alexis and Julian don't have the spark anymore. Dragging out the Jason reveal one more week is just angering fans. Get on with it already!

  4. Thanks, Michelle. I actually didn't think that KA was a stellar actress, either, NuKiwi will do just fine.

  5. LOL AntJoan. I preferred KA as Kiki but only because she came over from OLTL and I watched her grow up. If they got rid of the character (now) I wouldn't bat an eye. LOL!

  6. Does Nikolas still own part of Carly's hotel?

  7. Stephanie said...
    Does Nikolas still own part of Carly's hotel?

    hmmm...If he does he could get Hayden a job there. She and Carly would be an interesting combo, and it would get her away from Sonny for some scenes.

    And I wish to heaven they'd take Alexis out of the bedroom and put her back to work. What a waste.

  8. I find it funny that some of the people saying it is "unrealistic" that Brad and Rosalie did not run into each other in Port Charles before now are the same people who have said they hope ME returns as a vampire.

    Over the last number of years we have had vampires, numerous folks returning from the dead, folks flying across state or continent in mere minutes, having sex with someone and not realizing they are an imposter because of a facial mask, no one realizing Denies is Ava, etc.

    Compared to that having Brad and Rosalie not see it other in Port Charles is 100 times more realistic.

    While I don't particularly want another mob storyline I do like this actress. I just pray she is not Sonny's daughter. Last thing that character needs is more children...or more screen time.

    If Rosalie has mob ties I want her to be a Soleito. This would tie her to Tracy. No doubt Tracy and Rosalie would have met at ELQ but what if Rosalie is a Soleito Tracy never met when she was marry to Gino Soleito? Or, as Tracy's time with Gino Soleito did not air on General Hospital what if they revealed Rosalie to be Tracy's daughter with Gino Soleito. she could have given her up for adoption and/or been told she was stillborn.

    The dynamic bring Rosalie into the Quartermaines orbit/family would be great since she just schemed to help Nicholas take over ELQ.

    Something else I have been meaning to mention - when Liz and Laura had their chat did anyone else catch Laura saying Monica has lost AJ and Emily, and thinks she has lost Jason. "All her children". Do the current powers that be forget the Monica had another child, Dawn?

  9. friscogh said... Do the current powers that be forget the Monica had another child, Dawn?

    Dawn was murdered by Edge Jackson.

  10. Frisco... you know me, I pick on everything! Having Silas be Caleb (for me) is one of those wacky 'throw out everything' type of stories. The Brad/Rosie thing just struck me as VERY weird and totally not thought of until like, a few months ago. No hints, nothing. Which to me, makes it really dull and kind of stupid. BUT!! That said, I DO like both characters and if it gets them airtime I'm for it. I'd love for Rosie to be Alkazar's kid.

    There's "implausible x1000' and then there's 'implausible by the everyday'.

    hope this made sense. lol

  11. thanks Karen, I spit out my coffee on Ava getting caught in the hay baler :) If there is gunfire at the Carly/Sonny wedding my wish is on Sonny

  12. Oh Karen! Love the way you did Sunday Sugary this week! :)

    "Actually, I'm putting up this photo because of her shirt. On Monday, this was my focus. The Creamcicle shirt"

    ROFL! What the hell kind of shirt was that? :)

    "Thank You, God... Now my conscience is clear."

    Hahahaha. Not yet. :)

    "Ninja Nina!!! These two are just fun to watch. I kept hoping the wig would fly off.."

    It's stuck on with glue I tells you!! :)

    "RUNNER UP: Nina's checkers partner. Loved her."

    What?!!?!?!? No no no. :) Heidi is the winner not runner up! ROFL!

    "Who's she related to? Production? More airtime than Monica!"

    Awww I like Ms Shiply!!! :) Yeah that is true though that she has more airtime than Monica.

  13. Speaking of blouses...I caught some of the show this wk and couldn't believe they put that lopsided blouse on Carly. Must have come from the same boutique that Ava shops at.

  14. Since Valerie said she was moving in with Carly , I am hoping she is invited to the wedding and shot.

  15. "dar said...Since Valerie said she was moving in with Carly , I am hoping she is invited to the wedding and shot."

    And then after getting shot, Val finds out she is pregnant!! ROFL!

  16. lol I'm sure dar meant shot and KILLED, sonya. That would effectively take care of the zygote.

  17. I don't understand all this Hate for Valerie. Yes Valerie made a mistake for sleeping with Dante. but I still like Valerie. I just find Dante and Lulu boring can be. I read where when Genie comes back for her vacation then ElQ storyline comes back. I loved Valerie wiping her seat off.

  18. "Di I'm sure dar meant shot and KILLED, sonya."

    Oh! :) Oh no! If she gets shot and killed, who is going to take care of her fake cat Gunnar! :(

    "That would effectively take care of the zygote."

    Poor Zygote. :'(

    "cooks7570 said...I don't understand all this Hate for Valerie. Yes Valerie made a mistake for sleeping with Dante. but I still like Valerie."

    I like Val! Yeah she wasn't the only one in that bed.

    "I just find Dante and Lulu boring can be."

    I agree!!!!

  19. the question I have about Rosalie/Brad is that Nina has long stated that her secret was "Scandalous". is this really scandalous? or, maybe this isnt the real secret, but just the tip of the ice berg. will her marriage to brad lead to something even bigger? has this reveal (i dont have a tv anymore and nothing is online for a week for me to watch) been written under the old regime or the new regime?

    in a perfect world, at sonny and cher's wedding next month, there will be a moldavian massacre. guns blaring, tons of shooting and everyone lying on the floor motionless. but instead of dynasty's killing off only 2 minor characters, this show can do a total reboot and pick off about 20 people that are dead weight.

  20. Moldavian!! :) woot.. ;) Sonny and Cher. heh


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