Monday, August 31, 2015

Bradford Anderson Back to GH

RUMOR HAS IT: Josslyn will be SORA'd 

As per SOD on Twitter. No idea how long. Probably going to bring Georgie?! Rumor has it he's part of the Jason reveal.  Wonder if I'll still be awake by then. 

THE MOVIE: Good Gravy. There's only 2 people in it? I don't mind if Maxie gets the part, she has nothing to do anyway. Going to be a pretty boring movie unless they step this up.  Lulu finally buys a clue that the whole thing might be about her.  Maxie gets the part. The 3 of them talk about "recasts"...get it? They are ALL recasts. 

More off camera Donna Mills/Silas stuff.  Looks like she did it.  Yep.  Not sure why she did that-- when she was going to forge his signature anyway. But whatever.  She admits it and Ric is wearing a wire. So, there's that. Nathan arrests her. 

Carly and Sonny talk about Morgan. That's five days out of six. Zzzzzzz
TJ tells them Ric was taken into Custody. Sonny leaves to go find him. Jordan tells him he's wired to catch Madeline. 

Morgan and Kiki. I wanted her to slug him. Instead? She plays like she doesn't know about her Mom and him. Then she says yada yada..."I believed you" and hardly twitches. Says Franco told her. Then she finally yells and, well.. you judge for yourself. Ouch. 


  1. Joss was born 6 years ago. They already SORA'd her last year and made her around 10. How can they make her even older?

  2. P.S. They should SORA Cameron who was actualy born 5 years before her.

    And Spencer was born 3 years before her too.

  3. Oh, no, there goes your fave character, the Children of the Corn Joss.
    Wasn't it so funny, all that about the recasts zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    But I did like it when Madeline blurted out that she had killed Silas. Can you believe a story that wasn't dragged out for nine months to a couple of years??? Refreshing! (Although I was afraid she was going to kill Ric, steal the tape, and make the story drag out even further.)
    If they SORA Joss, they are going to have to SORA the other kids, or bring in new cast members. Back to the land of nod.
    Where is that bus I mentioned many many moons ago?????

  4. Wasn't Cam, who is 10, born before Morgan, who is now in his early 20s??? I hope they don't SORAS Joss but I wouldn't be surprised by a recast because I think the little actress is having quite a career right now.

    PS Karen---Love the wedding pic on your Spoilers page. All the ladies look SO Glam!

  5. Morgan was born October 24, 2003. Cameron was born May 2004, 7 months after Morgan.

    They never should have SORA'd Morgan that much.

  6. Oh no!!!! I don't want Joss to be sorassed! UGH!

    Kiwi and Morgan: Kiwi confronts Morgan, and now Kiwi is looking on the floor for her cue cards, and she is exercising her face!!! When Morgan went down on his knee, I thought he was going to propose to her. So this is basically the conversation.

    Kiwi: GET OUT!

    Morgan: This is all Ava's fault!


    Magda and Ric: Magda admits she killed McSilas!!! I had a feeling Ric had a wire on himself! Don't stop there Ric! Take off your shirt! :) A McSilas and Magda flashback! McSilas wins the line of the day! He has the knife in him.

    McSilas: You bitch!

    ROFL! And now we know what his last words were!

    McSilas: You bitch! You don't have to do this!

    And she is all whiny that she has to forge his signature!!

    Ric, Nathan and Dante: Awww this is sweet. Nathan and Dante are playing good cop bad cop! :)

    Haunted Star: Okay this is strange. Why is Dillon all freaked out about Maxie trying out for the part? His hands are all shaky. What the hell? Well damn Maxie was great!!! :) But now Lulu is all jealous and wants to play the part! :) Maxie's dress is so cute! :)

    Sonny's home: Sonny and Carly blah blah blah Morgan. Blah blah blah biplar. Blah blah blah we need to get him help. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. OH TJ THANK YOU! :) You just made the scene better! :)

  7. It would be very odd if they aged Joss, since the other kids that she normally shares scenes with would remain so much younger.

    In SOD's August preview a GH spokesperson said that the identity of the responsible party for Silas's murder would leave us "speechless." Unfortunately most of us already guessed who it was. I was really hoping it would have been Ava or Morgan, not expendable Madeline. Maybe the speechless part is for viewers who fell asleep watching. Please let Madeline actually pay for a crime.

  8. Yeah, NOT Speechless at ALL...

    As for Joss, I've been hearing she's being aged but Spencer and Emma are not. SO WHO knows.

    I think she's still in Aussie land for the wedding

  9. Oh, PLEASE, bring back the children of the corn actress, PLEASE!!!! Do NOT SORA this character!! I thought that Maxie and Lulu's reference to their own recasting at "Southwest General" was hilarious.

    Madeline had to kill Silas or he would not have let her get away with forging his signature.

  10. kd said...As for Joss, I've been hearing she's being aged but Spencer and Emma are not. SO WHO knows.

    When she has her first scene with little Spencer again will they still be holding hands and be boyfriend and girlfriend?

    If she's aged up to a teenager that will be really sick. They were just "in love" a few months ago.

  11. Sick of the SORAS of all the kids. I did however love today when crazy eyes Maddy was FINALLY revealed as the murderer of Silas. I knew it all along, everyone did. Wish she'd take Ava and Hayden to Hell with her, oh and Morgan...

  12. I hate that I am saying this, but I am actually annoyed at how FAST the Madeline confession and arrest went. I guess I have become conditioned to obnoxiously long reveals.

    New thought here... Couldn't Nathan, Dante and Jordan have weekly police scenes were they solve crimes that have nothing to do with actual gh characters? (Like normal TV). And the Hospital could treat patients that only exist for their particular illness? Then the settings could really be about the interactions of the "GH characters" but there could be stories with "real death" and "real arrests", in other words, the people stay dead and stay in jail. To keep the writers happy the GH characters can continue to get away with murder and come back from the dead.
    I didn't like the flashbacks, but I liked seeing ACTUAL work going on in the interrogation room. (The early court scene with Scotty grilling Ava was also a new approach. Lawyers could have court cases that were NOT gh characters!)

  13. Oh, I'm HAPPY that it happened fast-- believe me, but it was such a LETDOWN. Seriously. I mean, no suspense and just flat

  14. **Writers for Monday:

    Scott Sickles
    Elzabeth Korte

    Daniel James O'Connor - Last episode for him
    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Jean Passanante
    Chris Van Etten

    Phideaux Xavier

    **Ron is still listed as HW but let's take a minute and remember what Nathan Varni, ABC Exec said in his August 25th FB post (this was the post about being "positive" about GH) in regards to last week's episodes and this week:

    "Also just to update all fans, this week's episodes are great but starting next week be sure to watch daily. These episodes were shot in between the head writer switch and Frank and his team did a marvelous job in fine tuning these episodes to hopefully feel more like the GH you know and love."

  15. Carly needs to get rid of that red top. Five days is enough and that goes for the conversations with Sonny. I personally am not interested in another bipolar storyline even if the subject is Morgan this time. Not must see TV and been there done that several times with Sonny. Loved Maxie "acting"! Wish the actress playing Kiki was a better actress. Loved Ric outing Madeline but as many have said, no surprise.

  16. Reverse SORA her, she needs to be younger than Jake, who was four when he gave her baby body an organ. Sheesh.

  17. I agree, Frankie. Cameron was 5 years older than her, and Spencer was 3 years older. Jake was two years older. And they hired an actress who towers over them and is obviously older. I think if they SORA kids they at least have to get the age order right and SORA all of them.



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