Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 26th


Thank you for all the birthday wishes.... Sad today about the poor reporters and chamber member in VA. What the hell is going on? AND the guy had on a Go-Pro? UGH, just ugh. Seems like I say that a lot. 

I did watch GH at 2:30am today. (My GUS got me up... grrrrrrrrr doggie).  It was ok...better when you can FF. I still don't know why they are directing Morgan the way they are. He's certainly not making any emotional sense. But whatever. Carly's hugging him to her bosom. 

Glad Todd/Nina are across from each other. I do love them! Yes, they are separate from the show in a way-- although both involved in the murder. I am hoping that will change soon! Also enjoyed Paul and Tracy but if they are only going to be in a room with just them and Dillon once and awhile...bore. 
Dillon and Lulu--who didn't see that "Script Reading" coming?! Eyeroll. 

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From Brytni's Twitter today..a HAPPY Picture. I need it. 


MORGAN hurled a BARWARE glass! HE's officially SONNY now!! WOOT~

Sonny and Denise...Sonny doing Sonny for the 100th time. Good lord so boring.  He calls her an "incubator" ... Says Carly's going to raise Avery. Ava goes ballistic. She taunts Sonny about Sex with Morgan. 

Franco and Nina in jail are just divine. :) Juice-Box Bonding!!

Donna Mills is mad that Nina is in jail and not enjoying Taco-Tuesdays at the home lol

Alexis and Julian, still talking about the same ol' same ol' 
Morgan is acting all manic-- (I think that's what that is)..wants Kiki and he to move into a new place together. 

END: Nathan thinks he knows who killed Silas.


  1. Do you think the PCPD will actually solve this murder mystery? A little unusual. LOL Karen - I agree regarding the direction for Morgan. It's just sort of off and I'm not feeling it.

    Scott Sickles wrote today's episode.

  2. I have been bi-polar manic depressive my entire life. I have been taking lithium for 16 yrs. As someone who REALLY has this illness, I just want to say that this show is insulting.

    Anyway, I want to clear something I am hoping Karen can give me insight to.

    They fired Ron. His storytelling was lackluster. At one point, Ron had Ava, Nina and Franco in jail at the same time. This was such bad storytelling that ey went out and hired 2 writers who were to bring something "fresh" to the screen. (well, as fresh as you can be having been in the business forever)

    Then they write an innovative, compelling, thrilling, edge-on-your-seat script where Ava, Nina and Franco all wind up in jail at the same time.

    What... the... ****....?

  3. I was thinking the same thing about Franco and Nina and Ava, David. They'd have Nina and Ava in one wing, and Franco in the other. I get that they wanted "the kids" to chat and get all gooey, but it was ridiculous.

    And I also thought the scenes with Morgan were insulting. So he threw a glass. That doesn't make him manic. He just had a temper tantrum. He was instantly back in control when Kiki walked in and able to work up a good story to keep her happy. There's no way he was displaying symptoms of being bipolar. I hope the new writer drops that excuse for his behavior real fast.

  4. I do want to say that this is NOT the ava reveal that I wanted or envisioned. I wanted it to be real soap opera cheezy drama and taken from every soap every written. if th writers and going to recycle all the storylines, they might as well recycle right.

    sonny and carly announce all over town that they are going to move to the island. they are both tired of all the pain and suffering pc has brought them. carly is about to sell her half of the hotel to olivia. she makes plans to run the casino and hotel that sonny has on the island. michael and morgan will remain in port chuck and joss and avery will come to the island.

    sonny and carly make it to the altar. morgan is standing next to sonny. michael is next to carly. joss is there in a yellow dress with a green sash (think about it) and carly is holding avery in her arms. the priest says “does anyone have a reason why these two should not be wed speak now”. At that point, Ava (the blond one) walks in and says “I’ll be damned if you are taking my daughter out of the country”

    now that's classic, albeit recycled, soap opera drama.

  5. "david said...
    I have been bi-polar manic depressive my entire life. I have been taking lithium for 16 yrs. As someone who REALLY has this illness, I just want to say that this show is insulting."

    You're not the only one who finds it in poor taste. I find it a little strange how excited Mo seems to be about it.

  6. David, Nathan Varni over at ABC tweeted yesterday that these are still RC's scripts we are seeing. Next week, starts "the bridge scripts" as he called them, meaning they were still written by Ron but edited by the new team. Full scripts I think start Sept 21st but don't quote me on that.

  7. thanks KD. I thought i read somewhere that the crossover was friday the 21st. and that was the last day of the ron regime.

    my bad.

  8. Karen...I wish you a belated Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a good day. Nina & Franco are just about the only thing I'm enjoying about the show when I watch. David...if you have time read my post from Fri.,I couldn't agree more about the way they portray mental illness on this show lately. Hopefully,the new writers can pull the show out of the nose dive it's in.

  9. Karen, I hope that your birthday was happy and memorable! Belated birthday wishes!

  10. To me, Nina is an immature, mentally challenged psycho and so is Franco. They both should be in Shadybrook with the key thrown away. Amazing that we will know the killer this week when Jason's secret has been going on for over a year.

  11. Sonny's home: Morgan throws barware!! BAHAHAHAHA! Kiwi and Morgan scene, Morgan is still pissed! Oh shut up Morgan! You are just upset because Ava fooled you!

    Julian's home:

    Alexis: Ava Ava Ava Ava.

    Julian: Ava Ava Ava Ava

    Me: Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.

    Police station:

    Ava's jail cell: Love the Ava and Sonny scene!!! Maura West and Maurice Bernard really work well together in a scene! :) Ava wants to see little AJ, but Sonny won't let her! And says Carly is her mother! HA! :)

    Ric's office: So Magda rather have her daughter in Shadybrook than in jail!!?! Magda why don't you just admit that you killed McSilas?!!?!?!

    BobTodd and Nina's jail cells: Oh!!! They got juice boxes!!! They are just so cute in their scenes!!! So adorable!!! I just want to put Nina's hair in pigtails and sing a song!

    Skip, skip, skip to my Lou,
    Skip, skip, skip to my Lou,
    Skip, skip, skip to my Lou,
    Skip to my Lou, my darlin'.

    Fly's in the buttermilk,
    Shoo, fly, shoo,
    Fly's in the buttermilk,
    Shoo, fly, shoo,
    Fly's in the buttermilk,
    Shoo, fly, shoo,
    Skip to my Lou, my darlin'.

    But seriously! I love them together! They fit together. They need to be found not guilty and get out of jail! get back together, then eventually get married, and have kids!!! :)

    BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: You put a spell on your mother? Somebody threw water on her and she melted?

    ROFL! And I just love when they laugh hehehe.

    Dante and Nathan: Awww! Dante gave Nathan food and a drink! A bromance moment. :) Poor Nathan is struggling cus his sister is in jail, or he is constipated again. Oh the visitors log!!! Hey look! Donna Martin from Beverly hills 90201 is in the log! :)She went to visit?! I didn't know she knows the Jeromes! Were the Jeromes there in the crowd chanting for Donna Martin to graduate?!!?! Can anybody see them in this video?

    I can just see it now!

    Julian: Donna Martin graduates!

    Olivia: Donna Martin graduates!

    Ava: Donna Martin graduates!

    Dino Antoinelli: Donna Martin graduates!

    Evan Jerome, Sr.: Donna Martin graduates!

    Nathan: I think I know who killed Silas Clay!

    Oh!?!?! Lemme guess! Is it MAGDA?!!?!?! :)

  12. The actor who plays Franco is decent. The actress who plays Nina is great. Unfortunately the characters both suck and need to be written out, even if it means losing this actor/actress. Makes me wonder though, what if the actor who plays Franco had been cast as Jimmy Lee Holt and the actress who plays Nina had been a recast Skye Quartermaine?

    Any new characters need to have some connection to the true GH, not just a connection to other newbies. Also would not hurt if any new characters were not criminal or insane, or both.

    WHERE THE HELL IS ROBIN?! is she impreganated with the embryo? Does Helena still have her held prisoner? If so, how does that work since Nicholas has Helena held prisoner?

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Writers for Wednesday:

    Scott Sickles
    Elizabeth Korte

    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Daniel James O'Connor
    Jean Passanante
    Chris Van Etten

    Director: Scott McKinsey

    Ron is still listed as HW in credits.

  15. Friscogh, I can't see RH as Jimmy Lee BUT I am thinking he should have been recast as the son of Alexandria Q and Tony Cassadine. It would have been a retcon, as those two never had a child onscreen BUT it would have given us a great actor who could play into the Q household as well as interact with Alexis and Nik, Helena, etc.
    I do like the idea of MS as Skye - that could have worked, I think. She's a great actress and could have played the role with an differnt unhinged hellcat angle than Robin Christoper would have. The two actresses are only a year apart in age too, so that would have worked.
    I have a feeling we won't see KM as Robin Scorpio until the dust settles out some. Things have been crazy for awhile, she's probably wise to steer clear for now.

  16. For SaveOurSuds:

    I saw yesterday you asked when Scott Sickles last wrote....ask and you shall receive, he wrote the Wednesday episode! LOL!

    He also wrote July 30, Aug 12, and Aug 18. My notes tell me, the 30th was a great episode and the 12th was good dialogue.

    I forgot to list the writers on Karen's blog for 18th and 19th, so I'm going to go back and do that to see what Karen's thoughts were on the show. I know it was Carson and Franco stuff.

    I always seem to enjoy the show when he writes. Really hope they keep him!

  17. I didn't comment yesterday but Happy Birthday Karen. I just can't watch sonny be sonny anymore. Morgan is just ugh......the show just depresses me lately

  18. MatchboxGinny, I'm psychic! LOL Scott's episodes seem to be a good combo of quirkiness and heart.

    I actually enjoyed yesterday's episode for the most part. Love the NiCo stuff. Very adorable and fun to watch. Looking for to them getting out of their predicament and scheming together. The Morgan stuff is still a bit weird. I'm starting to feel sorry for Kiki. I liked the PCPD actually doing detective work. Sonny was a bit of a mess though. I'm trying to figure out what they're going for with this character. If we're suppose to be rooting for him then #fail. I feel that viewers are constantly told Sonny is the good mobster but never shown it.


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