Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Vintage Vitamins

Since there will be no Sunday Surgery this week due to my vacation, I thought I'd throw up some vintage GH photos to entertain you. If you'd like to comment on this week's show--feel free

Remember that WED's show..April 1st is the big Luke reveal and will feature some fun surprises with Liz, Pat and Lucas being our fave 1963 characters. 
Yes, I will miss it but never fear; you know I'll watch at some point! 

Notice the DOG?! LOL

The Jackie/Blackie Years


Friday, March 27, 2015

In Another Head-Scratching Move..General Hospital

Is letting WHO go?

Soap Opera Digest Reports that Ian Buchanan is leaving GH. But---they can hire a NuSloane? Recast Kiki? Have Valerie Spencer on more?   What the hell. 
COME ON. Sorry. Unacceptable. 

On Vacation


Yep, didn't think about GH once--!! Went out for lunch--getting ready to go on my real time off!!!!!

WOOT! Hope GH was worth the watch today.

I may try to get on to give you some posting room---and maybe I'll see GH April 1st at some point.

Have a good one.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Florence Henderson and Alex Trebek to Host Daytime Emmys

Daytime Emmys just tweeted this  info!!
NOTE: IT'S THE CREATIVE ARTS Portion of the Emmys! NOT OUR whoops. 
Read all on their SITE. 

New York, NY – March 26th, 2015 — The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced today that “Jeopardy!” game show icon, Alex Trebek and Florence Henderson, stage and television star of “Oklahoma” and “The Brady Bunch,” will host the Daytime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards on Friday, April 24, 2015. The reception and presentation will take place at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles beginning at 5:30 p.m.
In addition, this year’s Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement will be presented to producer, director, Michael Gargiulo, who in his over 50-year career has had a hand in many television classics such as “Password,” “I’ve Got A Secret,” “The Tell the Truth,” The Thanksgiving Day’s Parade,” the “Tournament of Roses,” plus many variety specials for CBS, including the “New Year’s Eve Celebration” for more than 30 years.”

Duct Tape

I'll be like Valerie, with the duct tape... heh. Not being TOO NASTY today. I got it all out yesterday!! She bit Fluke. She should just lie to him and say her Mama is in Amsterdam LOL :) Or Japan. 

Liason kiss, Lulu's home! Dante figures out that Fluke was probably at Valerie's apt that's why she was acting weird. 
Lulu tries to call Val. Val is rushing Uncle Luke for the gun and they are struggling for it. 
We don't see what happens but Dante and Lulu break in and go "OMG" and the show ends. 

Ric's talking to the guy he paid to be "Jake" before "Jake" wasn't Jake.  He's gonna get blackmailed.
20150325 1453
Ring of Truth? 

Greenlee and CARLY! WOOT! Hayden says the wedding ring is "Proof", really? Carly's not going to buy that!! 
I really wanted Rebecca to be Sarah Webber, she would have been perfect. She and RH look a bit alike too. It would have been good.
So, Carly is asking all the questions I asked yesterday LOL. She also wanted a toothbrush with DNA.
AND...Ric doctored the medical records to look like they were Fake Jake's (With Brain Operation). Did he know about that? Hmm... I want to think maybe he knows it's Jason somehow!
No, he'd just tell Sam it's Jason. So... he must have gotten "jake's medical records and doctored them and had them backdated.
Hayden says Jake was roofing, passed out (or fell, missed it) and that's why he had the surgery.
Liz runs out. Jake goes after her. He kisses her HARD. Liz is crying, saying he has to go back to her. He says no..he feels nothing for her. 

Scotty's hair is the best ever today! He also has a band-aid on his ear where Fluke bit him! LOL
Both Scott and Alexis told the truth to the judges about their clients. Not sure what's going to happen. 
Oh, Scotty got some story about Franco not knowing anything and it's Heather's fault. He's going to drop the charges. 
and Nina's charges are dropped!! Because...not sure why but they are.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Idea in an Instant

Here's how the WIFE Story should have been written, imo...

Add Water! 

Hayden shows up. We don't know who sent her. We know she can't be his real wife but has so much information and things that it's almost a done deal. She could have gone to the hospital first. Said she's been searching for months for her long-haul trucker husband. They found his rig in Ohio but he was gone. She'd have medical files--fingerprints that would match Jake Doe. (easy enough to lift his now). She would be at GH because after doing a data base search of  unknown people turning up at hospitals she finally got a hit. Have the hospital tell her that Jake Doe matches her information/fingerprints.. She could have even have brought a toothbrush or something for DNA. 
Have his 'boss' be on Skype. There's a million things. Having him being a long haul trucker could explain so much. 

Have her live in South Dakota. That's far enough away for her to have to stay in Port Charles for awhile and he to be skeptical to go back. There could already be a facebook page of them as a couple. Pictures, yada yada. Google searches (get someone to put them in). Make up a High School yearbook-- I mean the set up could have been flawless. 

We the audience could be like: WOW...she's good. Is it Helena doing this? We wouldn't know until Ric shows up to pay her about a week later.

I'm just riffing off the top of my head. I love Rebecca Buding, glad she's on (although having 800 cast members still sucks). This and the Closet Cancer Ava could be SO much better.

Ok, I feel better now! 

Hayden Here

So, you're "Jake" ..a lady shows up and says your name is JACOB Barnes. Ok, so you happened to 'have a feeling about your name"...but exactly? And NOTHING ELSE? Ric going to produce a house? A drivers' license? A library card? What about old doctors records? I mean you can't just have photos and keepsakes and think the guy is going to leave town with someone!? 
What is she supposed to DO with him?????? take him where? DO WHAT? Is Ric going to pay her forever????? Even if he says "ok, when I'm back with can do whatever with him"

She said she saw the Metro Court Bombing and figured out it was Jake...HOW? how? how? HE HAS A NEW FACE????/// How did she know it was HIM!?????? Someone on twitter said she looked at his hands? On TV or real life? If it was real life HOW did she know it was him on the TV?
And..she put "2 and 2 together" after the bombing. Would she think that her husband would BOMB something? Was he a bomber in his former life? 

HOLY Sheeze but this is just HORRIBLE. and COME ON. Liz and Carly just GOOGLE Beecher's Corners and look for "Barnes, Hayden and Jacob"!!!!!!!
SOMEONE think!! 

I feel like I'm watching the Disney Channel for Kids. No, Even kids would see beyond this.

WHY can't they write decent intricate stories without making them SO stupid? You MAY have pulled off something like this in say 1976 but now? In 2015?

If Jake doesn't ask her TODAY to go home and see their place, well, DUH.

Other crap happened today but frankly, this made me have a headache so... And NO, I can't just "watch" and not think these things. A good story is a GOOD STORY. This is just bad. Bad, bad bad. If you wanted to go with a "fake wife story" Set it up. Get all the holes plugged--make us go: wait, how can this happen? We know he's not married but she's got all the bases covered! A house! Google search..yada yada.

OY. TO the VEY.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I think Patrick Drake saw my Nipple

That's what ALEXIS said!! I guess having 90 people in Sam's house is nuts. Pat wants her to move into his house. Sam says "I'll think about it" 

Julian wants Alexis to move in with HIM. I guess Molly is just out there. 

I saw the last part of GH.... I guess Greens and Ric met on Tinder.  Greenlee is named "Hayden" all I can think of is Coach with that. 

BY the way, this Jake story is so OVERBOARD with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. YAWN

OMG...his name is "Jake Barns"...get it? Farm? Barn? State FARM! Jake, Jake from State Farm.

NuGirl is "meh" in the scenes with Fluke. 

Liason...SO ANGSTY!! WHAT CAN THEY DO! he's married!!!!!!! OH NOoooooooooo!! Hasn't this been done to death?  YES.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Post Away!

First day I'm not watching regular time. Not sure if I'll watch at all this week given I'm not doing Surgery on Sunday. 
I need to be free of GH for a bit... ;) hope it was good! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Knock Knock

20150321 0809(17)
After a week of..well, not much, I'm ready to take my vacation early. This is my last Sunday Surgery for 2 weeks at least. I have spring break coming-- and won't get to see the BIG APRIL 1st show. I could watch in the hotel room but frankly?
Nope. I'll catch up whenever. I honestly feel these past 2 weeks have been budget-saving in order to prepare for the anniversary stuff. We know May sweeps will follow. Sitting and waiting for things to happen?? 


Ok, let's get going. Double shot of espresso and some of Liz' left over turkey sandwiches.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Behind Door Number One

Ava is in the hospital in a white gown, complaining about her Chemo treatments. It's not helping. She doesn't want treatment at all ...wants it stopped. 

Tracy and Lulu to go "Pats" Generic apartment place. No idea where they are. Knock Knock.
And Tracy is STUPID about Pat's daughter being black? WTF. Seriously? That was painful. Weirdly painful considering Tracy's history. 
20150319 1447(3)

Sonny teaches Spin his right from his left. Spinelli thinks if he beats Nate, Maxie will find him "worthy" .  They start to box. Maxie finds out about the fight and goes to the gym. She doesn't want to be a prize. 
Meanwhile, Spinelli manages to "out foot work" Nathan and wears him out. But! Nathan knocks him down and Maxie walks in.

Scotty and Alexis go to see Franco and Nina. They both tell their respective attorneys they were faking being in there. 

Fluke is supposedly in Switzerland. Dante tells Nate. BUT! FLuke is NOT in Switzerland!! 
Fluke is behind the door at Pat Spencer's place!! Yep, Valerie (Pat's daughter) tells Tracy and Lulu Pat is dead. BUT! Fluke is actually behind the door holding a gun on her. 

Liz and Jake... zzzzzzzzz mushy stuff until...Greenlee shows up to say she's Jake's "wife" (Ric set this up).

Ok that's it! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Michael's Meds

Rosie is working at ELQ and she's actually working for Nikolas, who took over for Hells I guess. We see Non-flashbacks of her digging up dirt for him.
Michael and Tracy figured out the Cassadines have the other stock. Rosie overhears them and calls Nik. 

Nate tells Spin to leave PC. Sonny tells Nate to leave "his friend" alone. So..there's that. He's like the old guy giving out relationship advice at his gym. LOL 
Spin wants to Fight Nate in the BOXING RING..and it's a comedy of..weird. 

Maxie and Lulu ..hmmmmmm didn't they have his same convo about Nate and Aussie boy?
Oh yes. At least 15x.

OMG Maxie is dressed to the 9s and Lulu is dressed in sweats. LMAO

Morgan and Kiki...Sabrina walks in. Kiki is all pissy to her. Morgan smooths it over. Later, Morgan decides to 'switch Michael's meds' with something that interacts badly with booze.
Does Michael take meds?
????? Maybe for head injury?

Olivia and Anna are talking about kids/ the mob...yada yada. Anna thinks Duke is using the Tea Box at the Metro for a cash drop.

Jake and Liz kiss. SO. rejoice people that like them. Me? don't care who he's with.

I think they spent their budget on the April 1st show and Nurses' Ball. These two weeks have been just awful. I'll be away for the April episode. Don't even mind. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Back IN Time

General HospitalThe role of Dr. Steve Hardy will now be played by…Jason Thompson??? ABC's General Hospital will be celebrating it's anniversary on Wednesday, April 1, with a trippy episode that has Thompson (Dr. Patrick Drake), Rebecca Herbst (Nurse Elizabeth Webber), and Ryan Carnes (Dr. Lucas Jones) appearing in flashbacks as the iconic medical team that kicked off the show back in 1963. Thompson will be seen as Steve Hardy, the salt-of-the-earth doc originally played by John Beradino. Herbst becomes Jessie Brewer, the lovelorn nurse made popular by Emily McLaughlin. And Carnes takes on the role of Jessie's husband, Phil, the heartthrob intern created by Roy Thinnes. There was much excitement—and gratitude—during the filming of the black-and-white sequences.
"None of us took it lightly," says Thompson. "It was a real honor to pay tribute to the cast that launched our show. Let's face it: If they hadn't done their jobs extremely well—if they hadn't grabbed the attention of the audience right off the bat—none of us would be here today."


BOLD in the Beautiful

I watch my timeline before I post for GH on Twitter. I've seen "What's Maya's secret" for days. Welp, I tuned in at 1:57 and SAW IT!
WOW!! Everyone seems really surprised too..I may start to watch to see it play out.  It's only 30 min? I LOVE 30 min soaps!! 

Spencer is upset over his scars... "I'm a monster, a side show".... ya ya. Emma comes to visit.  She still likes him even if he has a scar.

NIKOLAS AND SAM just blabber in the hall about "what he was going to tell her" (Jake/Jason). 

Cameron is like I NEED A LAWYER. I'm an arsonist. Then he tells her he didn't mean it but he thinks he knocked over the candle.  I hope Spencer sues Cam's butt. LMAO

Sonny is boxing and thinking of ..Jake... (Birds Sing) Sonny is actually happy to see Spin!! Nice scene. Spinelli says Jake reminds him of Jason. 

Maxie and Nate fighting over SPINELLI. Zzzzzzzz. Nate: I love you, I love you. Maxie: Silence. Nate: I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU..Maxie: @@..

AND JAKE AND CARLY?????? I'm saying it. This is BORING AS HELL. BORING. Give Laura Wright some time off for god sakes. They've had the same DAMN CONVO for days!!! Um, as my friend Ginny pointed out: HOW Is he in the Metro Court if everyone is so afraid of him??
And Jake says "they have to be discreet" in their friendship. Um, aren't they living together?
IS Anyone paying attention to the freaking Scripts??????? Anyone? 

WHY IS MOLLY ON? What is the point? Is she part of ANY STORY? no! cause she's NEVER ON!! She says she knows JAKE!? HOW?????/
She wants Ric to join Tinder LOL 

OMG this is on TMZ: 

Robert Durst -- Arrested with Latex Mask In Apparent Attempt to Change Identity

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY!! It's Oyrish! 

Kiki/Morgan: Kelly's Bitching about Michael. They want to call Protective Services on Michael. FOR DRINKING ahahahha and at the same time, Michael orders a drink at the Metro while holding. AVERY.  OMG. Yep, all of a sudden he's "drinking" now. 
Morgan wants to make Michael an addict, I think. They talk about all the addicts in the Q family and that Michael must be one too.

Kiki and Morgan decide to make Michael Look like a "drunk, worse than his father"..somehow. Photoshop? 

Michael/(carrying Avery)/Duke: Metro dining room, bitching about something. Michael is mad he gave Sonny a false alibi.

Jordan/Anna: Metro (Anna's room)..with Nate. SO tell me this: Your mob BOSS thinks you're working for the cops so where do you GO? Anna's HOTEL ROOM -- in a public HOTEL. Dear God, Buy a freaking THROWAWAY PHONE.
This is the stuff that KILLS me. We are NOT MORONS. Write the show like we have seen a million cop/mob shows in our lifetime!! 
thank you. 
OMG Nate wants Jordan to wear a wire. LMAO---and catch Duke. No suspicion there. Yeah just so in and say: Hey, repeat what you want me to do again...I forgot.  

SaSon/Carly: Carly's House. Sonny's mad at Carly because she knew about Jake workin' for THA Jeromes!!!! Argue, argue...blabber blabber

Lucy stops Sabby at the Metro to talk about the Nurses' Ball. Sabrina is like: erm, guess what. I don't work at GH no mo'  Lucy says you don't have to work at the hospital, you can still be in the show!! So Sabrina says yes. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Save yourself

And just read the blog. Today was such a snoozefest. Two people in each scene--that's it. ALL TALK. and BORING talk.  Today's budget? $5.66. 

Ric and Carly are going to blabber on and on today. She did enjoy seeing Michael 'kick his ass'. Yeah, she's sad about Sonny losing custody but...
And they talk about Jake. 

SASON meets!! Angels got their wings......but nothing great happens. Sonny is mad he's living at Carly's. 'IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TA HER, YOU GONNA HAVE TA ANSWER TO ME" 


Sonny finds out Jake is working for Julian. Doesn't like it. 

Anna talks to Nate about who Sloane's mole is. She ends up bursting into tears -- because she's putting Jordan's life at risk because she's mad at Duke. 

Jordan and Duke talk in the kitchen of Kelly's...where it's empty about killing Julian. Zzzzz She says she will. Odds? 44745556:1 that ever happens.

Carlos and Sabrina just talk about nothing.  Carlos finds out Sab's working for Michael taking care of Avery. 

Patrick and Liz talk about: Jake

Carly and Ric talk about: Jake
Sam and Julian talk about: Jake
And.....Sonny and Jake.well. Jake

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Naked Guns

20150311 1422(2) a Gun. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrun! 
20150311 1422(33)
Is that a gun? Really.. a GUN  Ok then
20150311 1422(4)
No! THIS is a GUN! GUN GUN GUN!!! 
I think that this may be either a very interesting blog--or a very very boring one. Depends on how you like the show. By the numbers, GH is doing really well. Really well. Ergo, I'm the odd man out in this. I'm seeing the show through different eyes than most people I guess. 
But, there it is. 

MY FACE of the WEEK?? Right here, that's me 

20150310 0652(19)

Grab some Irish Coffee and do a little jig... here we go! 

Friday, March 13, 2015


So, Sloane answers the door in a towel. He then drops it and tells Anna he's "hiding nothing" And..there's weird camera angles. 
Is it just me or is there NO Chemistry with this Sloane and Anna??????? I mean like ZIP? SO flat. There's nothing. The whole scene was so bad. WOW..terrible. Even badasses have SOME charm so we see a spark. FLAT as a cardboard cut out. 

TJ is on with Jordan. Blah Blah...Shawn walks in. Blah, blah...

Liz and Ric blah blah "Yes, I have feelings for Jake" Ric is going to hire a wife for Jake. UGH Just like Connor..Nik..yada. yada

20150312 1403(4)
Did a med student put that on? GOD! Worst bandage ever

Jake moves into Carly's Grey House-- she mentions Joss. MENTIONS her. That's it. Carly also tells Jake that she's "not happy he's working for Julian".
UM, didn't she YELL and browbeat Jake about TAKING THE DEAL??? Am I crazy?? Didn't that happen?

OMG SO BORRING TODAY!! OMG. SOooooooooooooooooooo boring.

End of show: Duke tells Jordan to kill Julian 

Sonny sees St.Jake for the first time. Doves Cried. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stone Cold

20150311 1436(10)
Don't look too deeply into my eyes

You know, trying to do the whole "You only have a new face but we still don't know who you are" thing is great for 15 year olds but COME ON. ugh... Jake would have the same teeth, eyes and VOICE for godsakes. That's why I hate "New Face" recasts. Just recast without "Plastic Surgery" Storylines. They don't WORK!!!!! Spinelli being duped is just stupid. There I said it. 
Now you wait, Jake's gonna fall for Liz... then remember who he is...then be torn between Liz and Sam... plus Carly will be in his face 24/7.
Jake asks SAM if she'll talk to Julian about working for him.  She says, why sure!! NO problem.  

Please don't have Ava and Silas in a hospital room 1:1 for the next month. K? Thanks.  She doesn't want Avery tested --NO WAY. And she doesn't want chemo. 
Here's that scoop: Ava wants Silas to help Kiki raise Avery. So she says he should team up with Julian (for the Money aspect) and the 3 of them go up against Michael for custody. 
Kiki also asks Julian if he'll help go for custody of perfect.

Shawn: "You a cop"
Jordan: "no.
Shawn: Yep.
You know she's gonna have to prove it!!  SIGH... 

And Carlos says to Julian "We gotta kill Duke"... SIGH...

Kiki had the nerve to say Sabrina wouldn't be a good nanny-- because she tried to "kill Ava and Avery" Michael is like OH, but you're ok with Sonny--who tried to murder your MOTHER!!! WOOT GO Michael! 

WHERE THE HELL IS MONICA, this is getting so dumb. If LC is sick, someone say so. Other than that, get her BACK IN THERE. 

Duke and Sonny...blah blah .."Territory" blah....and Now Shawn tells Sonny he thinks Jordan is a rat.
Meanwhile, STUPID Jordan and Anna are meeting ON THE DOCKS..(Instead of say, Sephora-- where no mobular man would look). Anna predicts this all could turn into the BIGGEST, BLOODIEST MOB WAR THIS TOWN HAS EVER SEEN.



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Soaking Mob

Michael got a nanny in record time! Sabby walks right in! Michael asks her to be the nanny.

Carly leaves Sonny's. To go see Joss? NO! To go see JAKE!! Who, by the way, is "recovering in record time" according to Patrick. Has to be those Holy Cells he has going.

Ric and Sonny whine about Liz, Carly and AJ.  They have breakfast. They are civil to each other. First time? ah, they have such a Bro to Bro moment there. 

The mob is out on the docks having a showdown with their weenies. SO, there's that. YES, the guns come out.
Duke and Shawn against Julian and Carlos.

Jordan and Anna are on the docks, in the rain, "undercover" 

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. OMG

MY TURF......NO! MY TURF.....NO!!! MINE.. 
shot fired. 
They shoot..everyone leaves but Julian and Duke. Duke holds a gun at Julian's head. Then Anna walks around the corner and pulls a gun on Duke.

She asks to see their gun permits and asks Julian if he'd like to press charges against Duke.
I guess you can discharge handguns all OVER PC with no problem

END: Spin sees the back of Jake ...thinks it's Stone Cold

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Coffee Break

Having Coffee with Alice and Tracy today..can't make the BLOG!! Let me know if I should watch and all the scuttlebutt! :) 

20150307 0955(22)
If Karen's coming, break out the Scotch! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Big C

20150307 0959(22)

Ava has cancer. Silas is so broken up. Not that you could tell. Lymphoma. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Most deadly kind.  She's got bruises...tumors. Ava realizes why Silas didn't turn her in. Silas says no one matches her for a bone marrow transplant.
NOW who is PG with a JEROME Heir? Hmmmmm...who? WHO? 

No one on the registry fits
Delia is too old. 

Avery is so cute, can't stand it. Kiki won't go to the island...Morgan Begs Her.

Spin found out something about Pat. Sure it will take months to come out. Oh it was her address 10 years ago. So, there's that.
Tracy and Lulu are going to find her and knock on the door to see if the person can tell them where Pat is now. 
Where is the address? They never say. Geesh, must be close. 

Sonny MIGHT GET ARRESTED? Really??? WHAT? Arrested? For F sake, can't they find ANYTHING to do with Sonny anymore? 
Sonny says: Arrest me.
Carly says: What would JASON SAY, Michael....

Michael says: Arrest HER TOO!! 

At the last second, Morgan and Kiki come in with Avery!!! They covered for Sonny and said they were always going to bring her back. 

OMG..OH MY GOD. GET THIS--Michael is calling Avery AJ for "Avery Jerome"! AHAHAHAHA yes!!!! 

Franco, Nina and Fluke try to escape. All you need to know is that Nina got tased and Fluke ran out. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Silence of the Hams

20150305 1427(15)

Ok, that title was way too easy!! We had a lot of movie references this week... and of course, good old fashioned Soapy: "I'm showing up at my own Funeral" stuff, so it was an interesting one. I said "interesting "but not "exciting".. (Just keep that in mind)

You have to have some ham (or Canadian Bacon) this week with a nice Bloody Mary to go with Scotty's ear. 
Daylight Savings time is wretched just wretched. 

No, that  wasn't "face of the week"  up there... sorry. It just wasn't. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Dee Wallace Cast As PAT

Patricia Spencer

Soap Opera Digest  is reporting that Dee Wallace will be Patricia Spencer. Recognize her?  She's the ET and Cujo Mom! Good Choice I think. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Not home where I can watch #GH yet, but checking Twitter for updates. This picture scares the beejeebus outta me!


Well..Luke is now Mike Tyson aka Hannibel Lector. Which I'd find amusing if ..well, if I found this whole dragged out mess funny. 
YAWN! I am now OFFICIALLY BORED of this whole thing. It used to frustrate me.. now? I'm sleeping. Please.
Scotty got his ear bit off but the re-attached it. 

Ava's explaining why she left the hospital. Wants to run

Maxie and Spin.

Michael got custody of Avery.  BUT Sonny isn't going to tell ANYONE where she is cause he's not giving her up! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I'm Really Preggers!!

Dante is a bit stunned. :) 

Tracy is baby sitting DANNY? Yep. Ned is helping so that's good. Tracy is not happy she's going to be a grandmother again. Points out to Ned ALL his baby Mamas come from the same block in Bensonhurst LOL 

Ava's Memorial.  She's a parka. Just walking around. How is she going to get off all her charges. 

Jake says he'll do the undercover crap for Sloane. He's OFF HIS CHARGES! He has to work for the Jeromes and be an informant but hell. Better than Attica

So happy Judge Walters is there. Edward would be proud! WOOT! OMG, Alexis gets to cross Sonny and talks about Sonny shooting Carly in the HEAD when she was giving birth to Morgan!! NICE....
BTW, Monica set up having the new judge here--but we never sawt that. It happened OFF CAMERA! She should be sitting behind Michael staring Sonny down. 

Nikolas of course didn't tell Sam his news, because the Nurse Interrupted! SHOCKING As that is!!  Geesh, Sam got back to PC from Boston in about 20 min. 

DELIA SANG Danny BOY!! SO old school...ahhhh.. At the end, Ava walks in on Delia and Avery (Everyone else is gone) and says "hello mother" 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ryan's Bar

Sam goes to Boston to be with Nikolas! awwwwwwww, nice touch!!

Ava and Silas. Guess they don't know what to do with those two.

Delia is's Ava's memorial. NuKikiLu is crying over really garish flowers. ugh They are in NYC at Ryan's Bar.  Morgan convinces Sonny to let him take Avery to NYC.  Sonny gonna be in trouble!! 

OMG, Sloane wants to drip JAKE'S CHARGES!! Really? Imagine that--Why bother having ANYONE arrested if every single one of them get off? NOT. Exciting.  BTW, it's Carly's day to talk to Jake. 

Oh for godsakes, Jules and Sonny are arguing about the MOB AGAIN..and they are enemies, again. Blah BLah BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate this territory crap. HATE. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

2:20 and I'm OUT!

OH MY GAWD. Liz is blabbing with JAKE...sorry other patients. She likes him...he might like her! OH GIGGLE. Having St.Jaysus come back is such a bad bad idea. We'll get Carly, Sam and Liz sheeze ALL OVER AGAIN!  Billy Miller should have been someone else.

Courtroom: Zzzzzzzzz.

Ava has a tablet by her bed in the hospital (Of COURSE she does) and watches "trial coverage" on it. She has to get back! HAS TO!

Carlos is out. Jules tries to kill him.

Franco faked the entire thing. He said it was performance Art. 

I could NOT deal today. Sorry... left at 2:20

POP Goes The Emmys

The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will air exclusively on Pop beginning at 8 pm EST on Sunday, April 26. The awards show is being held at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles.

Daytime Confidential has all the details. Not that I care. I don't get POP Net and last year put me off the Emmy's forever. I'll wait for a recap from them! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Where There's Smoke....

20150224 0705(35)
GH had an extraordinary week for acting, that's for sure. Hell, give Tyler Christopher ALL the drama scenes. Here I thought the boy was sleep walking most of the time and all he needed was some awesome material. I'll try to talk about other things, but it's going to be hard. 

Not sure what to have today... maybe just some ginger ale as I seem to have that bug going around. Boo on me. You'd better have a big breakfast. This is a long blog! 

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

  I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FO...