Friday, March 20, 2015

Behind Door Number One

Ava is in the hospital in a white gown, complaining about her Chemo treatments. It's not helping. She doesn't want treatment at all ...wants it stopped. 

Tracy and Lulu to go "Pats" Generic apartment place. No idea where they are. Knock Knock.
And Tracy is STUPID about Pat's daughter being black? WTF. Seriously? That was painful. Weirdly painful considering Tracy's history. 
20150319 1447(3)

Sonny teaches Spin his right from his left. Spinelli thinks if he beats Nate, Maxie will find him "worthy" .  They start to box. Maxie finds out about the fight and goes to the gym. She doesn't want to be a prize. 
Meanwhile, Spinelli manages to "out foot work" Nathan and wears him out. But! Nathan knocks him down and Maxie walks in.

Scotty and Alexis go to see Franco and Nina. They both tell their respective attorneys they were faking being in there. 

Fluke is supposedly in Switzerland. Dante tells Nate. BUT! FLuke is NOT in Switzerland!! 
Fluke is behind the door at Pat Spencer's place!! Yep, Valerie (Pat's daughter) tells Tracy and Lulu Pat is dead. BUT! Fluke is actually behind the door holding a gun on her. 

Liz and Jake... zzzzzzzzz mushy stuff until...Greenlee shows up to say she's Jake's "wife" (Ric set this up).

Ok that's it! 


  1. I read the blog every day but only watch the show once or twice a week. I really need a break - it's not entertaining me. I have a question: Is Sonny on every damn day or just every day I watch? I cannot remember the last time I saw an episode without him.

    Luke hiding behind the door - stupid. Nathan knocking out Spinelli just as Maxie walks in both predictable and stupid. Jason's fake wife showing up at Liz's house really stupid and sure to make Liz suspicious. Friday shows continue to disappoint me. Maybe I should pick a different day.

    The best actress the new folks have hired is going to be killed off? Please no - get rid of 10 other random additions instead.

  2. Kelly's: Nathan and Dante scene. Hey Dante don't call Spinny a nerd! They keep talking about how Nathan will punch Spinny out with one punch. I was starting to think that Spinny will be the one who ends up winning. Oh and here comes Maxie with her witch outfit and bright hair! Awww HarpGeorgie playing with spoons. :)Oh Maxie figured out who she wants to be with! But then we probably won't find out right away because she will see the Nathan vs Spinny fight.

    Gym: Love how Sonny is helping Spinny! You are doing it Spinny! You are making Nathan tired! Yes you are doing well Spinny, but don't be too distracted of how well you are doing! Concentrate!! And down goes Spinny. :(

    Shadybrook: Oh look it's Scotty! And he has a band aid on his ear hahaha. I will call it Bandy. Too bad it's not a maxi pad. BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: But it's just so soft and cuddly.


    Ava's NYC room: Geez Ava! You are just going to give up just like that? No more chemo and you want McSilas to kill you!?!?! This is not the Ava I know!!!! The Ava I know fights!!!

    Patricia Spencer's door: Woah!! Patricia has a daughter!!!! More family for the Spencers!!!! :)Her mother died? I was thinking she is lying! Oh I am right!!! Tim Spencer is behind the door!!!! That poor girl!! Gee how old is she? She looks 18.

    Liz's home: Gee Liz, that kiss didn't feel familiar? Oh a date! How nice. :) But they aren't even eating the food!! One minute the food is there, and the next it's gone!!! They couldn't have eaten the food THAT quickly! Oh time for sex!!! Now THAT will have to feel familiar to her! Oh someone is at the door! GREENLEE!! I mean Jake's "wife" no name. Hmmm very suspicious. My first thought was, Oh Ric what are you planning?! :)

  3. What is really stupid, Dar, is that Spinelli could spend an hour sparring with Sonny, then get right in the ring with a very physically fit Nathan, and Nathan is the one tired out after a few rounds. Spinelli is no Mohammed Ali and he definitely wasn't floating like a butterfly.

    The outcome was definitely predictable as is the fact that we will now not find out who Maxie would have chosen...sigh...another month of talk on the subject coming up.

  4. had to mention---
    With all this Shriners Hospital stuff AND the fact that Liz JUST discussed her family history with fire.... She leaves the candles burning on the table as she heads upstairs for her big moment with Jake. (I can't believe I chose THIS to comment on! There is a ton of crap to be annoyed by... evil fLuke hiding behind a door instead of attacking 2 women he supposedly wants dead, Spinelli's ridiculous boxing scene, Sonny giving a sh1t about Spinelli...and I chose candles!!!) Sorry.

  5. I didn't even notice that Valerie was black until Tracy made such a point of it. LOL
    Today was really stupid.

  6. Patrix, I thought the same thing about the candles. lol

    I thought Valerie looked Hispanic and when tracy spoke I just assumed that she thought they must have the wrong apt. as they were looking for one of the blond Spencers. I didn't assume she was racist.

  7. I'm still in shock over the new and might I add sudden friendship between Sonny and Spinelli....Sonny was a azzhat to Spinelli as far back as I can remember now they are friends? I'm also in shock over seeing Tony Geary. I thought he was on one of his generous vacations. And yes, Patrix someone needs to have a stern discussion about fire safety. I'm distracted by the terrible dye job Maxie and Lulu have undergone. The only thing about today's show I do like is the chemistry between Billy Miller and Becky Herbst. Although, it was not hard to tell something was about to happen considering how fast Liz and Jake were moving in only two episodes! And how sick does Ava look?!


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