Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Coffee Break

Having Coffee with Alice and Tracy today..can't make the BLOG!! Let me know if I should watch and all the scuttlebutt! :) 

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If Karen's coming, break out the Scotch! 


  1. RC tweeted GH would be preempted in NYC today.

  2. We only missed the last minute here. That's when the newscast cut in.

  3. I missed over half of it due to Cardinal funeral :(

  4. I saw it...well until Hillary cut in.
    Sonny playing Monopoly and eating pizza? Ok then!

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  6. So Karen, did you have fun with Tracy and Alice today? Was it a good Coffee Scotch? :)

    Sonny's home: Aww that poor actress baby is so tired. She yawned and cried. Poor Chad. It looks like the baby is so heavy for him. Speaking of Chad Duell, I think he is a great actor, and yes the I think they picked the wrong actress to play Kiwi. Sonny says he will break Michael hahahaha! Oh Sonny please. Oh yes Michael took the baby, so let's have some pizza and play a board game! How fun! And then later yes time for some Sonny and Carly sex!

    Q home: Awww baby AJ with Michael and Tracy. :)Tracy almost clobbered Michael! So that makes me wonder if Tim Spencer is going to show up and kidnap little AJ!

    Lante home: Spinny looking at an old picture of Maxie. When she had that mole on her chin. Spinny and Dante scene. Yeah Spinny get Dante to call Nathan so he could interrupt whatever Nathan and Maxie were doing. You sly dog you! :)Wow!! Rocco got bigger! Hmmm. He seems either tired or drugged up.

    Nathan's home: Oh yes! Let's eat our yummy food and then have sex! Let's have sex Nathan to get your mind off of Spinny and his wuv for me and my wuv for him. Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: What is up with that place? How do they keep a license when dangerous loonatics keep wondering out.

    ROFL! Yes Maxie! Good question! And then the Maxie and Spinny scene hahaha! I think Spinny is hungry and wants your attention Maxie! :) Oh no! HarpGeorgie is in the hospital!!!

    The hospital: Brad and Lucas scene haha. Gee Brad been watching a lot of Grey's anatomy lately? :)You two just go in the closet! No pun intended. Poor HarpGeorgie has the flu! :( 104 temperature?!!?! Isn't that dangerous for a baby!?!?!

    Breaking news: Hillary Clinton and her private emails?! WHO CARES?!!?! I saw online what part we missed on GH... Lucas grabs Brad and kisses him! HOT! And also Nathan heard about HarpGeorgie and goes to the hospital and sees Maxie and Spinny with HarpGeorgie. He notices they are a family. Just like Ellie noticed.

  7. This was probably the first and last time Sonny's family ever played Monopoly. I wish he would shave - has a smarmy look. I felt bad for AJ when Michael was holding her and yelling at Sonny. That has to be stressful for a little baby. Nice to see Felicia and Harper.


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