Sunday, June 30, 2024

Sunday Surgery: FINNale


My last full week of work for the summer is over!! It doesn't feel much like summer to me on GH but I'm sure more pool scenes and kids will change that real soon. 

Let's get going... Maybe you'll need Puff's Plus? 

Friday, June 28, 2024


We have one of those days going on here in Rochester that happens maybe 10 times a year if we are lucky! Mid 70's, Blue BLUE Skies and no humidity. Ahhhhhh. such bliss. I'm really trying to soak it in. 

Ok, so Sonny and Mama LaRue are drinking at The Metro Court Pool and they have scotch. He tells her Ava moved out. They dog on Ava. Dog on Nina.. giggle, Drink Scotch. Still talk about Ava and Sonny tells her how the world betrayed him. Natalia talks about ghosts keeping people up at night and to being friends. 

Ava called Laura to come over. Laura arrives in a cape that one would wear in the middle of January. She thinks it's about Nikolas but Ava says nope. Ava says that Sonny fought with her for no reason and she had to leave. He's so "unbalanced"-- this is so weird. I guess Ava's trying to get Laura to think Sonny''s out of control. She tells Laura Sonny beat a man almost to death at the wedding. Laura is SHOCKED! SHOCKED I TEL YOU. Ava says she's not sure who it is (lie) but Kristina saw it. Laura is again SHOCKED! Ava tells her she's afraid Sonny is so paranoid and unhinged he's going for full custody of Avery.  She wants Laura to be a character witness for her in court. Laura says ok.

Jason goes over to Carly's and she tells him "She Knows". He wants to know how. Carly says no. Then 2.2 seconds later she gives up Sam and Spinelli. Wants to know why Jason chose her over his freedom and family. He says he couldn't turn her in..she says it was up to her to know because it's about HER. Jason says no he did it and doesn't regret it. Carly wonders how he knows that Cates will let him out of the deal. Jason loses it when she tells him she talked to Diane. He yells that everything will be for nothing if she goes to jail. He says that she'll go away for 20 years and can't leave Donna. (ironical, no?) --he couldn't live with himself if she went to jail. BACK OFF! Carly says ok, but what is she can't live with it? Then they FIGHT EVEN mor and stupid Carly is just stupid. 

Blaze and Krissy talk about how Kristina is going to give up management of the LGBTQAI house (I guess it opened?) . She says she isn't going back and then ending up taking MATERNITY LEAVE. Blaze is like: WHAT?  You mean like, 6 weeks. Krissy says No, the whole leave. Then she launches into a screetching match about TJ and Molly and they may break up and TJ can petition for custody and she should file for custody too. LORD. "Do you want to co parent with me"?? Blaze says no, her career is just getting going. Kristina says she has to sue for custody so if TJ goes for it, she can help Molly? Huh? 

Brook and Chase are discussing moving into the Q house.. which I thought they DID ALREADY but what do I know??? They love each other..and talk about that A LOT.  Gio comes in and says Violet heard him tuning his violin and he put her back to bed. He's going outside to practice. They decide to move into the Qs for the summer. Which they already did but.. 


Ava drinks to "new beginnings"

Carly changes her mind and wants to go to the FBI and turn herself in

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Bye, Daddy


Thursday!! ... and FINN's LAST DAY

Carly has Diane over to talk about her legal situation with the RICO crap. Carly explains it and tells Di she was heading Sonny's organization because of the DRUG THING and had to...someone wore a wire. Diane is like: that was dumb. Carly says they are blackmailing Jason and the FBI probably won't honor the agreement so she should just turn herself in NOW. What are my odds? she asks. Diane asks about what she did while she was 'acting head'. Nothing illegal but if the FBI has that original file and with her association with Sonny over the years, they'd have a good case. She then says Carly COULD say she was trying to protect her family and went into that meeting and was BRAVE.. and yada yada. She'll have maybe a 30% chance of getting off the charges. She doesn't like those odds.

Dex visits Joss at her new apartment. Trina is taking care of a "sick" Stella. Oh brother. They eat and talk about his stupid Cop classes. Yawn. HE wants to get back to where they were before she knew he'd kill for Sonny. Joss wants to forgive him. 

Sam asks Dante where Danny is..he's like: UM, Jason picked him up?? She's like WHAT. Then she tells him about the Carly/Spinelli RICO findings. He's says OMG that's a FEDERAL CRIME! Who knows? She says Spinelli, Carly and him. He's like I'm an ACCESSORY! Tells her she could be taken away from her kids for this. She's like they'll never know! Dante says if they see any weird activity on Jagger's ID, he's going to know who did it. He says she'd better hope NO ONE says anything about this. 

Jason has Danny, looking at HIS MOTORCYCLE ahahaahaha. um, ok? Danny asks if his father taught him how to do maintence on the bike and he says "No Alan, fixed people". Tells him it was after the accident. Jason tells him about his car crash and his TBI and losing his memory. Danny is fascinated by the motorcycle (ut oh). He wants to learn how to ride. Jason says they have to ask his mom. 

Finn says goodbye to Violet. It's really done well. You should watch it. He tells her he has to go away because he's sick in the head and heart and started drinking after Grandpa died. She said she'll help him stop. He cries, she cries. Sad. She keeps trying to get him not to go and he has to go. Brook and Chase are just sobbing. JL is SUCH a good little actress. She tries to give Finn her bracelet to wear and it's too small so he puts it by his heart. :SOBBING: 

Chase drives Finn to the rehab. Finn thanks him for letting him say goodbye to Violet. They talk and Finn is forever grateful. Violet and Brook talk about the type of hospital Finn is going to. Then they talk about what Violet can do this summer at the Qs. She's glad they are family. 

Diane is going to get a defense together for Carly but not using it until she needs it. 

Chase watches Finn walk into the rehab center. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Revolving Door!


People IN!! People OUT!! So much going on. We knew ME was leaving but now it's official. JJ will be back and I'm happy about that. His last return was not my fave but we live in hope, right? 

NOW it's on Twitter that Easton's last airdate is TOMORROW!! GEESH! 


Trina goes over to Sonny's to pick up Ava's Day Planner. Sonny's like, yeah, I threw her out. Trina tries to give him Ava's suite number at The Metro and he's like: Don't care. He also tells Trina to tell Ava that he's going to custody since Avery can't be in a hotel, even temporarily. 

Trina goes to Ava's suite. (it's nice) Ava's already having a martini. She asks about Sonny. Trina tells her that he's getting a lawyer. Ava says he's going to take her daughter away from her.  She starts yelling about Sonny and how he's vindictive and mean and yada yada. Trina leaves. Ava calls Scotty to help her with custody of Avery. 

Finn is walking up the path in the park. Sees Chase sitting on their Dad's bench. Wants to talk. Chase doesn't say much. Finn is all mad he's not called him back. Chase tells him Violet is confused and worried. Says Finn is still her hero --and his. Finn talks about Violet finding him and how awful that was. He says something is broken in him. He calls the treatment center and he's checking in that night. He wants to say goodbye to Violet. 

At the Q's.. Brook talks to Tracy about Violet being at the house. Tracy says it might be longer than they think. She wants Violet and ChaLyn to move into the Qs when Finn goes to rehab. (Which I thought they decided already:??) Tracey says it might be long term and custody might be too. They talk about family and Tracey is proud of Brook Lyn. They hug. 

Chase comes in and tells Tracey and Brook about Finn going to rehab but he wants to say goodbye to Violet. He brought him in the car to say goodbye. Here and now. 

Joss is cleaning the new apartment, Gio walks in. She says Trina must be with Ava. She tells Gio she doesn't like Ava but is glad she made Avery and gave him a gig with his violin. She asks how much Ava's paying him! (WHAT?) He says $100 and she's like: An hour, right? He says no, the night. Joss bitches about it. Weird. Then Trina comes in all shaken --she tells them about the Ava interaction and that she's mad at Sonny. Joss is like: that's nothing new. Trina says Ava was furious. Gio worries about "Uncle Sonny".. Joss says: OH please. Trina says they should be because Ava was really upset/mad. 

In the BARN, Sasha and Cody try to figure out what's going on with Violet and why Chase and Brook Lyn have moved in. They talk about fathers and then MAC COMES IN! He wants to thank Cody for helping Maxie's family out, especially James. 

Alexis is home and Krissy goes in and scares her while she's on the computer. She says she's filing a petition saying that if Molly and TJ break up "They" get to raise the baby. Alexis says she's staying out of it. Then Sonny comes in! He tells Krissy she was right about Ava and he threw her out. He tells Alexis he didn't know Ava turned her into the board. They all hate Ava.  Alexis can't wait any longer and tells them she's a lawyer again. Sonny is happy, so is Krissy. She says she's going into biz with Diane. Sonny mentions he's going to need Diane because he's going to be in an "epic battle" soon. 


Finn goes in to say goodbye to Violet (that will be tomorrow)

Scotty agrees to become Ava's lawyer

Michael Easton OUT at GH!


Michael Fairman announced that Michael Easton is out of GH and then ME put up his own Instagram story thanking fans. I'm hearing that his exit will be soon. I thought he was going for a few weeks but that doesn't look like it's the case.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Jonathan Jackson is BACK ON GH!

 Um, DEALINE:  Jonathan JACKSON IS BACK AT GH! He won FIVE Emmys as Lucky Spencer 

Liason and Scotty too!


I keep thinking it's Wednesday!! Not sure what's happening. I mean, the "School" year for me is over tomorrow with my last kid --maybe that's it? Hmm, not sure. 

Oh, I experienced Costco for the first time. WHAT. Did I tell you Sunday we just left and said: HELL NO. Went back today at 11pm and it was 1/2 as full but still--frenzy of humanity. BJs is so much more gentle on my soul. LOL 


Sonny tells Ava she's moving out. He says he's done with her and she's going TODAY. He'll keep Avery there and she needs to go to the Metro or wherever. She's like, um, we share custody of Avery and she likes us together. He doesn't care, he wants her out. Talks about her revenge against Alexis. Oh he brings up her killing Connie and Olivia blowing up Morgan. She says to stop lecturing her on morality. His whole family hates him now. QUEEN AVA!

Diane goes to Finn's apartment. She gives him the temp custody papers and the restraining order. He's not happy. He yells. She says the judge had enough proof to pass both. If he comes within 500 feet of Violet he will be arrested. She leaves. Finn calls someone. Oh, it's Scotty. Scott asks what happens and wonders why Tracey would turn on him. Finn says that she's Brook's grandmother and she and Chase always had their eyes on Violet (OMG!!) Scott says he needs people to vouch for him, maybe from work? Finn says he quit. WHOOPS. He begs Scott to help him. Scott's like: NOPE. You need to fix yourself. WOW, if Scotty tells you that, you must be messed up LOL. 

Jason has Maxie call Anna to check on her (it's the next morning). Maxie does and Anna's in BED with VALENTIN and says she's ok. Valentin hangs up the phone and they kiss. He's going to make her breakfast. Anna texts Jason and tells him to leave because Valentin is up and he might spot him. I guess he was outside the house in his car? 

Jason goes to see Elizabeth at GH To check on her. She says Finn is worse. He wonders how she's doing. She says ok. Jake is getting along with her better and seems not to be angry with Jason. HE asks if he can see Jake again. Liz says he doesn't need her permission, Jake is his own person. He's going to ask him to a baseball game. Aww, great scenes. 

Then Scott talks to Liz. He wonders why she didn't tell him about Finn. She says she didn't want to blab it all over. He tells her he called him and wants Violet back and wants to sue the hospital. He says Finn has to hit rock bottom first and he won't help him. 
Back in Finn's house he orders 2 things of vodka from Uber Eats. 

At Valetin's, Anna finds a giant satellite phone in the bookcase. Val makes her breakfast. They talk about their relationship. She can't be with him after shooting Charlotte. He says they could move out of Port Charles and it would be better. She's like well, Charlotte wouldn't like it. He gets her to say she'll think about it. Anna leaves. He watches her walk away. 

Anna and Jason meet outside for coffee. She tells him she found a satellite phone at Valentin's and he didn't need to watch the house all night. 

Carly is visiting Brennan. She wants his expertise and can she trust him? He says probably not. She tells him all about the FBI tape and her RICO thing. God, she's so stupid. He says, well you DID break the law. She wonders if the FBI would honor the agreement with Jason. Brennan says Not a chance. They'll use Jason all they can or until he dies and STILL put her in jail. 


Ava leaves, Sonny slams the door in her face

Valentin calls someone and says that all he has to do is push Sonny over the edge

Finn DOES NOT drink the vodka! He smashes it against the wall and leaves! 


Monday, June 24, 2024

Brian Craig Back for ONE DAY on GH


SO, I guess the "comeback character" Frank was discussing was Morgan. According to multiple sources he'll be back for a day on GH. Hardly a 'comeback but hey. Morgan Corinthos 'died' in 2016 when Craig decided to leave the show. 



Carly and Jagger having champagne. He says she's his only friend in PC. They kinda dance around the fact he is ready to put her in jail. He leaves. Carly whispers: Bastard as he walks down the hall. Then she remembers her convo with Sonny about Jason and cries. Spinelli walks in. She talks about how horrible Jagger is for hanging that over Sonny's head. (She also says she doesn't care how Sam feels about anything). They yap some more and Carly says she can't take it and has to fix it. She says she'll turn herself into Cates. Spinelli says: Stop right there, I can't let you do that. It goes ON AND ON but they talk about how much Jason loves Carly and Carly loves Jason and he sacrificed for her and if she turns herself in, it will mean nothing. 

Kristina (IS HUGE) and goes to Sonny's office with a gift for him. It's garlic. Then Blaze and her mom walk in and Sonny invites everyone for dinner. He's going to cook. They all say yeah! They sit and have a cozy dinner and laugh it up talking about young Alison. ha ha.. all cute and then AVA walks in! LOL HELLO, this is cozy! She says she's hungry and is going to sit down. Kristina says: stabbed my mother in the back. Yells at Ava. Sonny asks what's going on. Kristina asks Ava if she wants to tell him. Ava says: you knock yourself out, she'll tell Sonny the real story at home. 

Kristina launches into the whole Ava/ Alexis Law license story. Sonny is proud Kristina stood up for her mother. 

TJ is waiting at home for Molly-- he apologizes for being such an ass. He says, oh he was anxious and he really thinks Kristina will be a GOOD surrogate and they chose together. THEN MOLLY starts Crying and says she's afraid Kristina won't give the baby up when it's born!! WHAAAAT ??  TJ says well that's a fear with any surrogate. Molly says, yeah, and Kristina doesn't even want to be a mom. 

Tracey is at Finn's and is on the phone to Brook to make sure they are at the Qs. Finn comes out: WHERE'S MY DAUGHTER? She shows him the photos she took of him passed out and Violet called her because she thought he was dead! He's like: WELP, sorry, this is my wake up call. I'll get shower and dressed and get Violet. Tracey says: NO. Until you can take care of you, you can't take care of her. Finn says forget it..Tracey says she booked him into a ritzy rehab for 90 days minimum. He's like NOPE...and it dawns on him that Violet is at the Q house. He says he's going and if he can't have her, he's calling the cops.  She says go ahead. Also tells him unless he goes she's going to use her resources to have ChaLyn get temp custody. Finn asks: Why are you doing this to me? Tracey says: IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU! IT'S ABOUT VIOLET!! And leaves. 

Violet goes to the Qs. Lois greets them all happy for a sleepover Chase tells Yuri to check the gate and keep a watch out for his brother. Violet says her tummy hurts and Brook takes her to the bathroom. Chase and Lois talk. She says they are doing the right thing. Violet comes back out and is upset about not seeing her Dad. She thinks he'll think she doesn't love him. Chase called Diane to come over because they need legal help with Finn. She hears the story and says she'll do whatever. Tracey comes home and says they'll have to get a restraining order against Finn. Diane says they can put one in motion tomorrow. 

Finn looks at Violet's photo on his phone. 

Carly agrees she shouldn't turn herself in but is going to stop the FBI (somehow..:EYEROLL) 

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Salt-Burn


Well, this week woke me right up and I didn't even need smelling salts!  I had the best time with seeing JJY come back and Friday's show flew by (in a good way). 

Quite a bit to talk about so let's get going. 

Note: All photos credit to Flutterby on Twitter. THANK YOU!! 

Friday, June 21, 2024

WATCH THE SHOW TODAY! is still not working and it has a lot to do with technical things I have no idea how to do. SO if you're here! YEAH!! I'm hoping more people will get the message about the 'back door URL"!

Ok, at Finn's apartment he wakes up, has the phone playing music. He's still drunk. Chugs more. Sees there's blood on the table. Goes to look and sees his hand has glass in it. He pulls it out and then pours vodka on it and chugs. He shudders and falls to the floor. Violet comes in (Kyle the elevator guy walked her up) She sees Finn and grabs the phone. There's a missed call from Tracey right on the front screen so she calls her. "I think my Dad is dead"!! Tracey runs over. She is concerned. The paramedics come in-- they are like: Ma'm he's DRUNK. Tracey says that Violet didn't know that. Violet thinks it's her fault because she left. Tracey takes her out. 

They go to Chase and Brooks' apartment. Chase is surprised but takes Violet in. Brook and Vi go to hang up her wet swimsuit. Tracey has to tell Chase about Finn. IT'S SO GOOD, you have to watch it. Oh my goodness. Jane Elliot is amazing. Anyway, she tells Chase to take Violet to the Qs so Finn can't find her when he wakes up. She's also going to tell Finn a few things that Chase won't be able to say to him. 

Chase and Brook talk to Violet. She says she needs to learn how to cook so she can make her Dad something healthy so he won't be sick! :SOB: Chase says "it's not your..."And Brook shoots him a look and guides him to say: we'll go to the Qs and then I'll show you how to make French toast. GREAT SCENE. 

TRACEY goes to Finn's. He's sprawled in a chair. She can't wake him. She starts taking photos to show him later. She's crying. 

Valentin and Anna have dinner. He goes to get wine. Anna searches. He comes back and asks her if she found what she was looking for. She says: Oh just your book titles. He seems to buy it. Then she tells him she saw Jack Brennan at GH and he stabbed himself just to talk to Carly. He's like I don't want to talk about HIM, let's go on the patio. They come back in after dinner. He pours a port wine. They talk about ELQ and work. Anna says she has to go, he says don't. He says he loves her, it's in his DNA. He can't trust her and she can't trust him but he loves her. 

SAM PLAYS THE RECORDING FOR CARLY! Carly's like Um, that was 3 years did you even get it. Sam says that they got Cates ID and downloaded the voice recording. Carly's says "POOR JASON he did this to protect me". Sam's like JASON IS NOT THE VICTIM!! He let his kids think he was dead!! They argue. Carly says to blame Agent Cates. Sam says Carly never pays for anything!! stomps out. 

Sam goes to see Spinelli. She says Carly didn't know why Jason was gone for 2 years. Spinlli is like I hope Carly isn't charged. Sam says SHUT UP! lol

Jagger goes to see Jason and says he'd better have the evidence against Valentin. He's not going back to Quantico empty handed and he'll take Carly with him! 

Jagger goes to Carly's office with champagne--tells her he's thanking her for helping him when he was beat up. Plus, he's almost done with his case. He won't miss Port Charles but he will miss her. Carly asks about the bad guys. He says bad people. She asks if it's a woman. 


Tracey uses smelling salts to wake up Finn. He asks what happened and where is Violet --she says gone and not coming back. 

Valentin and Anna dance around love and such and I thought he was going to kill her!! They make out on the couch and Jason watches through the window. 

Thursday, June 20, 2024



Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's where he was. Then the doorbell rings and ROBERT AND ANNA COME IN!! ROBERT!! They talk and Mac finds out Jagger is back. Anna says he's not the kid he remembers. She gets a text and has to leave. She says Mac better be at work in the morning. 

Sam goes to Spinelli's computer office. He said he found what they are looking for. Sam loses it when she realizes he did it for Carly. Spinelli tries to say he was being noble. Sam says it's not noble to let your kids think YOU'RE DEAD. She has Spinelli download the audio file. She stomps out. 

Violet is going to the pool with Georgie but doesn't want to leave Finn alone. She goes. Finn looks at the bottle and his hospital badge. He puts the bottle away and leaves. the apartment. 

Terry wants to talk with Liz about Finn. Terry goes over the whole alcoholic thing again and that Finn has to ask help for himself and yada yada. 

Finn comes to GH and is snarky to Liz. Portia calls him into the office with Terry. They told him his calendar is cleared. They want to talk about his drinking. HE's like did Liz tell you? SO what, you two drink. Do you think I'm using narcotics. They say no but you'll have to follow a physican's plan to keep working (bunch of rules) and get rando drug tested. He yells back he saved GH with his formula and they should be thankful. They all argue and then HE QUITS! 

Finn confronts Liz in the nurses station. He yells at her, she yells back and says she did it for his sake and Violet's... He says to stay away from Violet AND NOT CALL. She says she's her guardian. He says that was his mistake. STAY AWAY. 

Trina is at the pool and talks to Joss. Maxie comes in with all the kids. Nina walks by. Nina and Maxie talk about Willow's birthday party. Very cute convo. 

Carly is in the Coffee Warehouse, talking to Jason and wonders if he knows about Drew's plans.  She tells him he's running for congress. Jason SO? I don't care, he'll probably be good. Carly freaks out. THE MEDIA!! The Q's! They'll drag up all the dirt on you all! On Sonny!! OMG !! She's just being out of control. Jason is still like: MEH. Carly still loses it and is sad he lost 2 years of his life and it's not fair and WHY Did he work with the FBI!!? WHY? 


Anna goes to Jason , he tells her to get the evidence now because Drew is running for congress and stuff is going to come out. 

Finn goes home and chugs the vodka. 

Sam goes to Carly's office and tells her there is something she has to hear. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2024



Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well. 

METRO POOL. Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in with Avery. Avery meets Gio. Sonny and Gio talk. Gio wants to go to PCU so he pays his own way. Then Natalia comes in and sees Sonny. They talk a bit about Puerto Rican beaches, then she says she underestimated Kristina. She says that Alison must really love her because you could see it in her song. Sonny mentions he was in the music biz a bit in the 90's and it was fun back then. She gets a text and has to leave. She gives him a zip drive with Blaze's last recording to give to Brook Lyn when she comes. 

Brook Lyn comes in and gets the zip drive. She decides to tell Sonny all about Finn and his drinking. 

Maxie's house: they are going to the pool when James gets home from the stables (he was riding with Cody). Mac DADDY WALKS IN! Aw, cute scenes with the kids, especially Bailey. He finds out that Spinelli is living there. James walks in with Cody. They talk and decide in the future, Mac will ride horses with them. Cody leaves. Mac and Maxie talk and she says Spinelli is great with the kids but Cody gets James outside. Oh, Mac also said that he was away "to help a friend" and that's all he will say for now. Which is cool--better than some weird explanation. 

Felicia is at the hospital working with Stella and TJ about getting a patient benefits. She doesn't take a call from Maxie. And it happens again! She isn't calling Maxie back until the end of her shift. 

Alexis, Chase and Brook talk about Greg then Finn. She says it didn't go well when she went over there. She says he's not ready for help yet. ChaLyn want some legal 'advice' about Violet. They talk about the options and even if they called CPS, Violet might be put with strangers. She suggests they go see a licensed social worker. Chase is going to go to GH. (Stella I bet)

Yes, he finds Stella in the coffee corner and asks her a hypothetical about someone drinking around a small child. She gives him great advice about keeping records and such. To build a case for his niece if it comes to that. 

Diane comes into Alexis' office with the letter from the board. Alexis tells her to open it. She can practice again! They hug and dance. 

Cody goes back to the stable. Tracey is there trying to get a hold of Finn and is frustrated she can't. She notices Cody is down in the dumps. Asks what is wrong. He tells her about trying to find his father and the DNA test and his Dad doesn't know he's his son. He says he lied to him for a long time. Tracey says he should tell him because he could be really happy he's his dad. 


Felicia comes to Maxie's!! And sees Mac and cries and I'm CRYING AND!! eesh 

Tuesday, June 18, 2024



UGH so I renewed the domain name and what... it's taking FOREVER to get up to speed. Meanwhile, so many people can't read my WORDS :sobbing: 

Anna and Val have wine in her apartment. They talk and banter. She's trying to get him to tell her about his business. Then they make out. He asks her to dinner tomorrow night. Then he leaves. 

Jagger goes to Jason's warehouse and says he's a free man because he found the head of Pikeman: It's Anna. Jason's like NOPE. Jaggy says he has proof. "Anna and Brennan's ties go back 5 years on this". Jason says, good, then you can let me out.  Jagger talks about their emails but they never mention Pikeman. He wants Jason to get real proof and Jason is like OK. The sooner this is over the better. Jagger tells him not to warn Anna or Carly will go to jail. 

SO, Jason runs right to Anna's and tells her Jagger thinks that she and Cates have been meeting and emailing for 5 years. OMG Has to be Alex, right? Oh Anna thinks Valentin did this and is framing her. Or no, just deflecting. Jason says doesn't matter because he needs proof and he has to tell Jagger that the head of Pikeman is Valentin or he'll put CARLY IN JAIL! Anna says no because its not time and all this other crap. She says she'll get the evidence tomorrow at dinner. :eyeroll: Jason says she'd better because if not, he's turning in Valentin so Carly doesn't get hurt/jailed whatever. 

Sam goes to the Metro Pool. Willow's party is over. Carly wonders why she's there. Sam says she wants to ask for Carly's help mother to mother. OMG there's a ton of stupid dialog about Sam/Danny and Jason. Carly thinks whatever Jason does or says is ok because she trusts him. Sam says she's worried about Danny and Jason's lifestyle. You have to hear it to believe it. Sam says that asking Jason to leave Danny alone can ONLY COME FROM CARLY!! period. Carly won't do it. Asks Sam why she wanted to have Jason's baby so badly. Sam says she was in love then but Jason didn't turn out to be the man she thought he was. Carly thinks Sam is punishing Jason. Sam says that she's not and she doesn't want Danny to end up dead like Morgan. Carly says NOPE, that's not it, you're just mad Jason didn't end up with YOU! yada yada.. then Sam says if anything happens to Danny, Carly is just as responsible as Jason is?? Umm?? 

Sasha and Cody are at the boathouse. Neither can sleep. She talks to him about Mac and the light in his eyes and his smile....and UGHHHHHHHHHH. They kiss. Go into the boathouse to have sex and GIO SHOWS UP outside with his damn violin! LOL. I'm so sick of that thing. But it was funny. 

Lucy and Scotty are in Kelly's talking about Blazes' final contract and her mom won't let her sign one yet. Then they talk about Heather. OH!! Scotty is working on her case!!! WOW, ok. He thinks there may be a lot of money in it. Lucy mentions Franco and his tumor. They go round and round and Lucy finally tells him not to be the one that handles Heather's case. He seems to agree. 

TODAY'S SHOW WAS SO confusing and the dialog so so.. ughhhhhhhh. The Sam and Carly stuff made ZERO sense. 

Monday, June 17, 2024

Will you be a Q?


Portia is leaving GH to go to Willow's party. Liz forgot about it. Portia says: GOOD NEWS!! Finn said he's coming back early! Liz says: Um, we need to talk. She tells her about Finn's drinking. Portia asks if she's telling her as a friend or boss. Liz says she can't let him go back into work.  She tells Portia about Barb being there and being afraid for Violet. Portia is glad she told her. She's going to talk to Finn about a 12 week leave to go to rehab. 

Willow's party. It's at the Metro Pool. Gio is there and tells Joss Lois made him to go meet people. Nina comes in and says she has to see Drew about Crimson. Drew set that up so she could be at the party. He asks Willow if it's ok she's there. Willow invites her to stay. 
Carly asks Michael what Nina is doing there :eyeroll: Tells Drew he's crazy and Drew says they are helping each other. 

Carly, Brook and Joss talk to Gio about how great he is on the violin. Then Carly asks about his parents when he leaves. Brook says his dad died before he was born and his mother died when he was 10. The whole clan raised him. 

Cody and Chase talk about Chases' Dad dying. Chase says how great it was to spend a lot of time with him. Cody's probably thinking about Mac. 

Drew talks to Curtis and Michael about running for office. He's changing his name to Quartermaine! Michael's like: DOH! Curtis says: Um people are going to think you bought your way in. He says no, they'll know I have enough money of my own to work for them. 

Finn is in his apartment drinking. Knock on the door. He hides the bottle. It's Alexis. She asks if Violet is there. He's like YEAH where else would she be?? Alexis asks to check on her. Finn is mad but says go ahead. While she checks, he gets the bottle out and is going to drink right in front of her!! Like FK THIS! I'm drinking! Alexis calls him out for defiant drinking and says he's not an alcoholic, she is. He can drink if he wants to. Doesn't want any snarky interference. They talk on and on about drinking and that he's numbing the pain and Chase needs him ....he's like Buzz off. She brings up Violet. Pretends Violet is standing behind him. "made ya look" she says. Finn says he's FINE and Violet's FINE. Alexis says, no she's in a house with a drunk. He tells her to get out.  She says she knows there's a good man in there and he'll be upset when the consequences come up. Leaves. Finn stares at his glass.

Drew announces he's running for congress. 

Cody tells Sasha he might want to tell Mac about being his son. 

Update on Blog Address


Having some issues with so I'm asking you to use until they are resolved.  I don't know how to get the word out other than to put it here and on socials! 
Life on the internet can be exhausting!! LOL 

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Soaked


Whopper of a week in many respects, especially for Liz fans!! We've got Liason, Tequila, baby-wars, hips and violins to discuss. 

Grad some coffee and let's go! 

Friday, June 14, 2024

The Garage


WELL, it's FRIDAY and we made it, gang!! 

Kristina goes to talk to Alexis about the surrogacy. Wonders what would happen if TJ and Molly break up.  She said they are fighting and Alexis told her that the only people with legal claim to the baby are Krissy and TJ. She's asking about custody and the 'contract' that Alexis says won't hold up in court because Kristina is the bio mom. Alexis basically says: I TOLD YOU BOTH all of this and I'm not going to choose between you two and what happens. Kristina is all "I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO" Alexis sends her some links to bookmarks about cases. She tells her not to go back on her promise she made. Krissy leaves. Chase comes in and talks to her about Finn's behavior. She lets slip he told her he drank at Chases's wedding. Chase is like what!! She said it was an accident. Chase asks if she's seen him at AA meetings. 

Congressman McConkey asks Drew if he's going to run or not.  Drew says he will be honored. They shake. McConkey says Drew should run on the Quartermaine name LOL. Nina bops in, wonders why Drew hasn't called her back. The congressman says Oh! Did you know Drew is running? Nina's like NO! I did NOT! They talk a bit and Nina says she thinks it's a good idea. Congress guy leaves. Nina says she has a favor to ask Drew.  Willow's birthday is coming up and she wants to get her a present. Drew says that Michael is having a party for her and he may be able to arrange for her to come IF she PLAYS IT COOL! 

Trina invited Gio to go to the Gallery and meet Ava to play for an art show. Ava finds out he knows Sonny.  He plays the violin for them, they love it. Ava says he has the job. They go and talk price. Joss comes in while Trina is touching Gio's violin. Joss says they have to go look at apartments. Trina says Gio is an "artist" with the violin. Oh brother. She says he makes the paintings "Sing" .. :eyeroll: Anyway, 2 of the apartments are gone by the time they get talking. Giovanni says: HEY! the Q's have one over their garage!! 

The three of them go to a cute apartment over the garage. Gio says they'll have to ask but he thinks it's available.  Joss thinks they should.  "The lake, the courts". Trina thinks it's too good to be true. 

Liz and Chase meet for coffee to talk about Finn. She tells him all about BARB and she had to end things. He gets it but says he can't end things, he's his brother. They talk about the plan to have Violet go to the Qs. She likes that and will go talk to Finn about it. 

Finn is asleep on the couch and wakes up fast. Violet asks what is wrong. Finn chugs water. She asks if they can go. He's like: GO WHERE? Violet says he told her that after his nap they could go to the pool. He doesn't remember. He says he'll clean up and they'll go. Thank goodness Liz shows up! Violet hugs her and Finn just pouts. Violet goes to the lobby to get the mail. Liz tells Finn she'll take Vi to the pool and then to dinner at her house. Her cousins want to see her. Finn says DID Chase send you?? Is this a wellness check? They go back and forth. He finally yells at her that they won't take Violet from him!! 

Finn tells Liz to leave

The girls take the apartment

Thursday, June 13, 2024

I May or May Not... I MAY!


Be here today! I'm subbing with 3 year olds and then doing an eval on a 2 year old so... not sure I'll be fit to do ANYTHING at 2pm LOL!! 

So I'll put this up and we'll see if I make it. Have a good day. I think the show today will be "Heather Centric". 

I'M HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Curtis goes to visit Heather in Pentonville. She says she doesn't watch the news because of all the terrible things in the world and she's contributed to them. Curtis says he's Trina's father. He talks to Heather about how much hurt she's caused and Heather cries and says she has no idea what to say to him. She sobs and says she's sorry. He says it doesn't matter but he wanted to meet her because of what is happening in the news (she doesn't read the news). Asks what she would have done if she hadn't been caught? Kill Trina? Then Heather says more about being sad and doesn't know why she tried to even murder people. Curtis says: are you practicing for when your case gets reopened. Heather is like: WHAT NOW? HUH? He tells her about Laura and she's like NO! I remember what happened and I don't deserve go get out!! She's sorry. He leaves. 

Trina goes to Laura's office to ask her why she's doing all of this. She says she's talking for all the victims and wants to hear it from Laura directly. Laura says she wants the court records to see if Heather's condition was represented. Trina says "It wasn't, so if it was, would she have been let go"? They talk more and then Kevin comes in. There's a rumor out there that Trina was going to give an interview with the Invader about the Heather case and she says that's not true, she said no. Then she asks Kevin how he feels about the Heather case. He talks about toxins and psychosis and removing the hip would help that. "Your mother insisted on it". Trina says she wishes she hadn't. She goes to leave. 

Alexis tells Adrian that he did click bait with the Heather story and the Mayor isn't happy.  He is saying that the paper can do what it wants and Diane walks in. Adrian leaves. Diane is all angry about the Heather case and asks Alexis if she's going to help her. They argue then Diane says how would you even argue this? Alexis says WELP, YOU DID!! with FRANCO'S TUMOR!! Diane is like: DOH!! WHOOPS! She's not happy. 

Stella and Tracey sit and talk on Greg's bench. They talk about him and the memorial. Tracey wants to be a better person. Stella says she was there to think about someone special to her that she lost long ago and "again today".  She says that she loved Marcus back in the day and gave him up to raise her sister's kids. No one held a candle to him and she found out he died today. (Marcus was in the Mike story because his wife was in the same hospital that Mike was in). 

Krissy and Blaze are talking about the baby and a fantasy where it is their baby!! UT OH!! They even talk about the house they'd buy and toys.. oooooooh. THEN Molly comes to the door sobbing says that she and TJ had a terrible fight. She wonders if they glossed over things because they were all so busy and didn't really have time to even talk about stuff. She basically tells them that TJ isn't happy about Kristina being the surrogate and only did it because it would make Molly happy. She says that they have to communicate more. Leaves. 


Laura says she has to do what's right and Kevin might be the only one on her side

Kristina realizes that TJ and Molly could spilt up and then what would her responsibilities be then?? Her rights? 

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Mickey Mouse



Sonny goes to see Kristina. Blaze is there. He apologizes for being so vicious and it was unacceptable and she never should have seen it. He talks and talks and is contrite. Asks Krissy if she wants him to leave and never come back. They have a long talk. Sonny starts to get angry just talking about Dex. Cries "I won't hurt you" and it will never happen again. Kristina asks if he meant what he said about killing Jason and Dex. He says they have a truce now. He gives her the gift. IT's a Wizard Mickey and she said she had one when she was little. He said yep, I gave it to you. They part on better terms. 

Molly is going to tell TJ about what Kristina saw the night of the wedding. He freaks out. Wants to tell Kristina never to see Sonny again. Molly says you can't say that or she'll shut us out. TJ is like: Um, she can't it's our baby. Molly says: UM, no it's 1/2 hers because she's the egg donor. TJ yells at Molly about not hiring a surrogate and using her sister. GEESH the nerve! He keeps yelling says that he really didn't want it but Molly was all over it and he couldn't say no. "YOU HAPPY NOW" He yells at her. Molly says it was a bad choice but it's done. They can't get Kristina angry now because she could KEEP THE BABY ahahahaha. OMG. DERP. I hope Alexis just screams I TOLD YOU SO! 


Carly meets Gio. Gio asks who that is ..and it's Jason and he says "I know him from somewhere other than the wedding". Joss says probably photos at the Q's 'He used to be one". 

Cody and Sasha are at the pool and have a day off. Gio comes over to get them a drink and says he loves Sasha's cooking. 

Carly goes over to Jason and is all OMG you ok? YOU OK? I was worried! I tried to call you! Jason said he texted back but she was still upset. They talk about the shooting, she doesn't think it was Sonny and he said it wasn't. Keeps yapping. Jason tells her to cool it. Then Sonny walks in. Sonny talks about the warehouse shooting and it wasn't him but Jason and Anna probably think it was him.  Jason says no and he'd never turn him in. Aww SaSon moment. 

Laura is talking to Alexis about the article in the Invader -- and she's not happy. Alexis says that it was Adrian DeWitt the gossip guy. Then she talks about Heather's chances of getting an appeal. Alexis says a good lawyer would take the case. It is a really unique case and yada yada. She also tells Laura Heather COULD get out of jail. Laura's like: UM really? GET OUT? (is she stupid or?) Alexis says to leave it alone. Laura says she can't just leave Heather in Super Max.  "What would the old Alexis do" (if she was still a lawyer?) 

Trina comes into Laura's office, Alexis leaves

Sonny says he can't ever trust Jason again (again)

Molly sobs and TJ says "Be careful what you wish for" regarding the baby

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Misty Dreary


WEATHER! I have a migraine/sinus thing going on due to our stupid weather we've had for the last 2 days. So, I might not last the entire time. 

Liz tries to call Chase but he says he'll call later. She's with Aidan and Jake who are eating breakfast. Aidan wants to know what's going on. Elizabeth tells him she broke up with Finn and they aren't getting back together. He asks if they are going to be seeing Violet again. Liz tells Aidan what Jake saw Finn doing. Then she's like, why were you at the bar anyway? Liz says they'll talk about that later, she's just grateful he told her. 

ChaLynn to into Finn's apartment which is a mess. They see the bottle and shot glasses and such. Finn comes out "hey, you're early, what's up"? Acts kinda casual. He says he and Liz broke up last night. Chase talks about the Violet plan to go to the Qs and Finn says 'you're not taking my daughter away from me".  Brook leaves. Chase stays behind to talk to him. Yells at Finn. Finn says "So what I drank when my father died". He's angry and Chase doesn't get it. Finn says Chase was always the golden boy and to shut up and leave her alone. Chase says he's grown and can do what he wants but not when it comes to Violet. Finn says they will never take Violet from him and to just GO! GO! 

Brook Lyn goes home and talks to Lois. Tells her that Finn is in  a full alcoholic meltdown. They talk about alcoholics in their own family and that Finn needs to want treatment himself. 

Spinelli is at The Metro in a room and has been up all night working on the FBI firewall but he can't figure out how to get the info on Jason. Sam is there. They are going to lift Jagger's FBI ID to get into the system. They see him on the security footage going to the pool and Sam gets up there incognito and pretends to fall and Jagger catches her. It's so dumb. He doesn't know her. Spinelli (disguised as pool boy) gets ice and Sam acts like she needs it on her ankle. Spin sneaks away with his bag thing. The dialog is insufferable. SO, Spin puts the wallet back in the bag and Jagger knows none the wiser. 
Spin gets into the docuvault but there are SO many files it may take months to get in there. 

Anna goes to talk to Brennan who's on his way back to Pentonville. He wants to warn her but Jagger walks in. Jagger grumbles about Anna being there and tells Brennan he'll be happy when he's back in jail. He leaves. Brennan tells Anna that Jagger thinks she's a part of Pikeman now. She wonders about the 'real' Brennan. Why did he take the money and start Pikeman.. ? yada yada. I would tell you if they said anything remotely remarkable but alas, no. 
Anna leaves and Brennan is on the way back to jail. 

Monday, June 10, 2024


 Chase and Brook go and see Tracey at the Qs--they are concerned about Finn. Tell her about the bourbon and the reception with tequila. They talk about Violet and having Tracey talk to him. They want Vi to live at the Qs and try to get Finn into treatment. She says he might not want to go 

Finn sees Liz walk into the apartment "HEY! What are you doing here"?? Barb asks her if she's the wife. She says: No, just he ex-girlfriend. Liz throws Barb out. Finn tells Liz she doesn't live there and doesn't care about him and wah wah. He needed someone there when he was grieving and she wasn't around. Then he starts crying saying he's not right in the head and she asks if Violet is there. He says no and cries more. Liz says she's done and goes to leave. He grabs her and Jason walks in "let her go". Oh Finn is such a dick to Liz YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! He tells her to leave her keys. She walks out. Jason says: Don't go near her. 

OH Liz put the KEYS IN THE DRINK!! AHAHAHAA. When he's alone, Finn takes out the keys, throws them and then keeps drinking. 

Liz and Jason go to the closed Metro Pool to sit in a quiet place. They have their feet in the pool. Liz kids she got Jason Morgan to take off his shoes. She says it's so sad this happened near Greg's death. Jason says that Finn is pushing her away. She says: Should I let him? HELL YES LET HIM!! GIRL!! WALK THE FK AWAY!  Liz says she can't do it with Finn. Jason says that Jake called him and Jake must really love her to do that. 

Nina and Maxie at Crimson. Nina talks about her time at the pool with Wiley. She's all giddy. Maxie has to go and Nina goes on and on about Willow and Wiley and yada yada. Maxie says Violet is staying the night and she has to go. Nina still blabbers on.

Michael and Willow are eating at a new diner/hamburger thing. I think Trina, Stella and Joss had dinner there once? Looks like a Malibu shop. Willow tells Michael she ran into Nina. She says Drew has changed Nina. 

Joss and Dex are at the pool at the end of the night. He's going to take her to dinner. They end up at the same place as Willow and Michael. 

Drew tells Curtis that he's running for congress--just when Curtis needs help on the Wellness Launch. Curtis waxes poetic on Drew's political ambitions and says "RUN"!! They need you in DC. 
Drew is angry when he sees something on the phone. Storms into Nina's office. Maxie is like: I'm never getting out of here, am I? Drew yells about Nina asking about ad rates. Maxie is like: I'm gone!! Nina and Drew spar. He says he helps her with Wiley and WIllow and she needs to be grateful. AND ANGRY SEX happens. (again)


Nice words with Liason

Finn has a TON of Elizabeth flashbacks 

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Listen To the Wind Blow


This week was just ok but just like last week, Friday hit and we all of a sudden had something to look forward to Monday!!

Congrats on the Emmy Awards that GH gathered. I wish Finola would have won. Glad last year's writing team got an award, especially since Dan has left the show. Shannon Peace gets one too! Last year was strike year remember but the Epiphany memorial saved the day. 

So, let's grab some TEQUILA (drink of the week) and let's GO!! 

Friday, June 7, 2024



I was sad Finola didn't win best actress but happy that Michelle gave her a shout out. The show was slow but at least it was on CBS and looked like a "real" awards show!! GH table looked the most fun. 




More pool stuff. Nina sees Drew in the pool with Willow and Wylie. Looks a little jelly. Wylie runs to Nina and hugs her. Cynthia had to be on vacation, she looks fabulous and her hair!! amazzzzzing. They have a weird convo about Sunscreen and I think it was messed up and they improvised because it was weird. Nina is happy to see Drew playing with Wylie in the pool 

Gio runs into Trina (literally) and asks about Joss/Dex. She tells him they are exhausting but she loves them. Says they broke up over Joss' ex step father "Sonny Corinthos, who is awful". Gio gives her a mean look. He says his family loves Sonny. Then wonders why Trina looked at him so weird when they first met. She says that out of the corner of her eye, he reminds her of someone she knew and cared about. He asked what happened. She says he died. Then she runs out. 

Dex says hello to Gio. Sees Joss. Gives her the eyeballs. They talk to Trina. She says he looks pretty good after the wedding fight. No signs. 

Chase and Book Lyn talk about what to do about Finn (in their apartment). They talk SO MUCH ABOUT ALCOHOLICS it's ANNOYING. We get it, and I've seen damn addiction stories on soaps since the 70s. ENOUGH. They are worried about Violet. Brook wants to take her on their honeymoon but Chase says they can't take her out of the country. They decide to tell her she's going to the Quartermaine Summer camp and they'll move back to the Qs and have Violet there to do fun stuff. 

JAKE is in The BROWN DOG with his friends and the friends have fake ID but he doesn't. THEN he sees FINN at the bar with Barb, drinking. Jake is like @@!!!!!! DOH!! Barb is flirting with Finn big time. Jake says I GOTTA GO!! Then the kids get beers. Jake says Finn's Dad just died and he'd never do that to HIS MOM.. but Finn then buys a bottle to take home. 

Barb keeps flirting. Finn says he's on a trip to PC and she says maybe she can make it "memorable" bada bing.  Jake sees him kiss Barb and leave with her. He's mad and gets up and leaves too.  
Barb and Finn make out in his apartment, filled with his Dad's boxes. 

Liz catches Finn with Barb on the couch and sees the tequila

OH!! Jake called Jason and on MONDAY he comes in and tells Finn to let Liz go!! Squee!! 

Jake goes to GH and tells Liz he saw Finn leaving a dive bar with a woman and it was clear they had both been drinking.  Liz is like UM.. I'll take care of this. She leaves. Jake calls someone on the phone and says that Liz needs them. (Jason??) 

Thursday, June 6, 2024



Finn sees Chase watching him drink. Georgie shows up and Maxie and her take Violet to the pool and Vi is sleeping over at Maxie's. Brook realizes something is up with Finn the way Chase looks at him. Finn just wants to go to his apartment alone. He and Violet have a touching moment and he leaves. Chase tells Brook he thinks Finn just wants to go drink. Chase doesn't think he knows Finn AT ALL! 

Finn goes back to his apartment and starts boxing up Greg's clothes. WHO DOES that when you just had the memorial? Anyway... he looks at an AA brochure. He tries to find a meeting but grabs his car keys instead. 

POOL: Spinelli asks Joss about Jason and Sonny's argument then James tries to run into the pool but Giovanni stops him.  I think he works at The Metro. Yep, he's there..Joss is like WOW! You're the guy that played the violin so well at the wedding!  He finds out that Joss is Carly's daughter. She wonders why he moved to PC if he's going to music school. Later on, he falls into the pool and when he's walking out, Trina sees him and she is shocked. (That's how she saw Spencer--walking out of the pool). Awwwwww, sad. We find out Gio is going to PCU in the fall and living at the Qs. Trina asks him to play at the art opening she's doing. He gives her his number. 
Trina tells Joss it was a shock to see Gio come out of the pool and it reminder her of Spencer. 

Blaze is singing still. Krissy is watching her and Blaze's mom is trying to get rid of her. "It's a nice day, go out and enjoy".  Then they argue about the music take. I don't think Blaze can see Kristina. I hate this whole thing. They just keep going and going. And then Mama LaRue says that Kristina better be nice when they break up because FOR SURE they are going to break up. She tells Krissy to break up with her now and save them both the pain. 
Kristina goes into the booth and we think she's going to break up with Blaze but she says she wants to apologize. Tells her she over-reacted. 

Finn goes to The Brown Dog Bar and orders tequila

Brook is afraid for Violet 

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

"You Can Miss What You Don't Have"


It's HUMP DAY!! And we are 1/2 way through the week. I wonder how today will go. MEMORIAL for GREGORY DAY 

Everyone goes to the park (really a park) and gathers around a bench dedicated to Gregory. Alexis, Tracey, ChaLyn, Finn, Liz Jake and Aidan. Music is playing as people get ready and gather. Violet wants to hold the urn and give it a kiss. Everyone gets all teary. Chase says some words. Finn reads a prayer. Everyone shares memories. NLG talks about ALS which is poignant because her friend has it. Tracey's was nice too because she wishes they had more time. Violet reads a poem. They scatter the ashes. 
The reception is at The Metro patio. Tracey and Brook do a shot in honor of Greg. Finn and Alexis talk. Then Finn tells Liz he might be just 'pretending' to be ok. She looks concerned. 

Blaze has to re-record something and she's sad over Krissy. Her mom is like: Meh that's what happens! Get in there and sing! Come to find out MOM is the one that wanted the song re-recorded. Even the tech guy liked it. Blaze is basically too sad to sing LOL. Then Mama LaRue goes off about gay love not being "real love' and other carap about her relationship with Krissy. 

Kristina goes to court to wait for Molly to get done so she can talk with her. Kristina's belly is now huge. She actually mentioned the LGBTQIA Teen center. Anyway, Molly finally comes out and after some banter, Kristina mentions she knows Blaze told her about the wedding. They argue, then they make up and say they can't wait to spoil the baby. 


Kristina shows up at Blazes' recording session and smiles 

Chase catches Finn doing multiple shots at the bar!! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Oh, Shoot


Jason asks Anna who answered the phone. She hesitates and tells him to leave. He says : WHO! She tries to tell him but is choked up. "Valentin" she says. She can't believe he's the actual head of the organization. She tells Jason even so, he shouldn't be covering for Sonny. He says she covers for Valentin. They talk about the WSB in the 80's AGAIN. zzzzzz. Jason is thankful that Anna told him about Valentin. OMG Anna won't let Jason tell Cates/Jagger about Valentin even though that was the deal Jason signed up for. He would be free of the FBI. Anna won't let him tell Jagger because Valentin might get away as they have no evidence, then they'd have Jason forever. He agrees and says he's going to go get evidence from Valentin. Anna says no, she has to do it. Valentin might suspect her but he loves her too and he'll let her in his house. BUT! It will take time. 

Jagger goes into the warehouse to question Sonny. Says he hires bad help since not one of them actually shot Jason. Diane tells him to cool it. Jagger says he could take him in and arrest him.  Diane: yada yada... yada yada. NO. I'm so sick of her. Jagger slinks away but mentions Sonny preying on young people like Karen and Jason when he had brain damage and he'll be glad to lock him up. 

Liz shows up at Finn's. Aidan baked brownies for Violet. Liz loves Finn and wants to support him. He says you know, I was an addict because of my disease, it wasn't booze that did it. I can still drink. I made the decision not to.  They kiss... and then she leaves. Finn cries. 

Drew goes to Carly's house to tell her he's running for Congress. Like in DC. I thought it was NYS! LOL. He says that the SEC stuff will come up if he runs and is it okay because her name will be in the news again. She mentions Jason being his brother and mob ties. He says his kid died of cancer and he's doing good with the cancer charity. She says GO FOR IT! :eyeroll: 

Chase brings his Dad's ashes back to the apartment. He tells Brook they are scattering them tomorrow. They talk about Gregory.  A LOT. And some more. Chase is sad. Misses his voice.  He says he has a 10% chance of having ALS. 

Sonny comes to Carly and is saying "boo hoo everyone thinks I tried to kill Jason but I didn't Carleeeeeeee I didn't!! She believes him. Sonny asks her to tell Jason. She says He needs to do that. 

NOTE: Anna THOUGHT VALENTIN was the head of Pikeman ages ago and she wrote his name and circled it on a piece of paper! Talked to Felicia about it!! it's just.. insane. 


ANNA convinces Jason to do the Valentin take down her way

Sonny says he's done with Jason--AGAIN

Finn picks up Greg's cane and cries. 

TOMORROW: The Memorial 

Monday, June 3, 2024

GH Today


Jason shoots one of the guys and he falls, the other guy runs out. Checks for pulse and Anna walks in. Guy is dead. He thinks Anna was watching the place. She said no, she was going to question Sonny about Dex. 

Carly's still talking to Sonny in The Metro lounge, he said Jason was going to get what was coming to him. Carly says that Jason is still his friend and has his back. He says BYE he's going to go talk to Blaze.  Then Brick calls about the shooting at the warehouse. 

Jason is now at the PCPD. Diane walks in and Anna leaves. Jason says she has to warn Sonny that the police are going to question him. She says "He tried to kill you" Jason reminds her she's his lawyer. She said, well, I'm yours too! Then Sonny calls Diane and asks to meet her at the warehouse. Jason tells her to go. Then Anna comes back in. *sigh* she says to stop protecting Sonny, tell her it was him that ordered the hit. Jason won't. Anna gets a burner phone from forensics. 

Diane meets Sonny at the warehouse. He's like standing in the middle of the damn blood? It's so weird. Upshot is --Diane takes him into Jason's office and asks him if he ordered the hit. He says it wasn't him. 

Eva LaRue NATALIA or whatever goes to Sonny's and Ava answers the door. Eva brought Sonny some single malt scotch. She has no idea he beat Dex up at the reception lol. They talk about the wedding and Blaze and Kristina. The tangent is that Eva starts saying she doesn't like their relationship and Ava's all: WHAT ? It's 2024! THEN Eva talks all about the surrogacy and how it's not a good idea and gay people are "flighty" and just a bunch of weird stuff. Ava tells her she's wrong and it's a beautiful thing. Eva says: well, that's YOUR opinion, not mine. 

Brennan gets out of his handcuffs with a pick, the guard had to go to another floor. He got scrubs from his room ?? UM, ok He meets Valentin in the stairwell. They talk about the insane Pikeman crap and the upshot is Carly's blabbing let them know that Jason is working with the FBI. Valentin is like, ok. Didn't act surprised. Says to leave Jason alone. Then they wonder what Jason knows about Pikeman. Valentin says don't worry because Sonny will take him out anyway.  He tells Jack to go back to Pentonville. Jack wants the charges dropped. Valentin says not yet, they have more to do. 

Blaze and Krissy eating at The Metro room. Blaze has to tell her that Molly knows about the wedding stuff because she told her. Kristina flips out..geesh, BIG TIME. She's really mad that Blaze told her and she thins it's really bad. She's says YOU BETRAYED ME and leaves.

Carly stops Kristina in the hallway. Asks if she's ok. Kristina says the baby is moving and she likes it that it's safe and she'll have it for 9 months. Carly says that it will always be a part of her, just like Sonny is a part of her. Carly sits and talks to her about Sonny and life and.. you know. 


AVA ended up taping the whole Eva LaRue bigot stuff on her phone! (she was dictating when she came in) 

OMG!! Anna called the number on the burner phone and VALENTIN ANSWERED! SHE KNOWS HE PUT THE HIT OUT ON SONNY!! 

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Sunday Surgery: The Plans


It's JUNE!! May sure went quickly and ... for a 'sweeps' month it was pretty tame. Yes, we had a wedding and a death but it all somehow felt like a mash-up. We even had a four day week! 

This week of course had the terrible news about the death of Johnny Wactor. It put a pall on everything for sure.  Monday's rerun as so poignant. Brando's death was also mentioned by Curtis on Friday so he wasn't far from our minds. 

I usually sit here and think about the week and start writing but when I did that my mind was pretty blank except for the last minutes of Friday's show. So--this should be REALLY interesting to read (or not!)

Grab what ya got and let's GO GO! 

Before You Can Kiss A Baby

  GUESS WHO!  It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!!  Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw wee...