Monday, June 17, 2024

Will you be a Q?


Portia is leaving GH to go to Willow's party. Liz forgot about it. Portia says: GOOD NEWS!! Finn said he's coming back early! Liz says: Um, we need to talk. She tells her about Finn's drinking. Portia asks if she's telling her as a friend or boss. Liz says she can't let him go back into work.  She tells Portia about Barb being there and being afraid for Violet. Portia is glad she told her. She's going to talk to Finn about a 12 week leave to go to rehab. 

Willow's party. It's at the Metro Pool. Gio is there and tells Joss Lois made him to go meet people. Nina comes in and says she has to see Drew about Crimson. Drew set that up so she could be at the party. He asks Willow if it's ok she's there. Willow invites her to stay. 
Carly asks Michael what Nina is doing there :eyeroll: Tells Drew he's crazy and Drew says they are helping each other. 

Carly, Brook and Joss talk to Gio about how great he is on the violin. Then Carly asks about his parents when he leaves. Brook says his dad died before he was born and his mother died when he was 10. The whole clan raised him. 

Cody and Chase talk about Chases' Dad dying. Chase says how great it was to spend a lot of time with him. Cody's probably thinking about Mac. 

Drew talks to Curtis and Michael about running for office. He's changing his name to Quartermaine! Michael's like: DOH! Curtis says: Um people are going to think you bought your way in. He says no, they'll know I have enough money of my own to work for them. 

Finn is in his apartment drinking. Knock on the door. He hides the bottle. It's Alexis. She asks if Violet is there. He's like YEAH where else would she be?? Alexis asks to check on her. Finn is mad but says go ahead. While she checks, he gets the bottle out and is going to drink right in front of her!! Like FK THIS! I'm drinking! Alexis calls him out for defiant drinking and says he's not an alcoholic, she is. He can drink if he wants to. Doesn't want any snarky interference. They talk on and on about drinking and that he's numbing the pain and Chase needs him ....he's like Buzz off. She brings up Violet. Pretends Violet is standing behind him. "made ya look" she says. Finn says he's FINE and Violet's FINE. Alexis says, no she's in a house with a drunk. He tells her to get out.  She says she knows there's a good man in there and he'll be upset when the consequences come up. Leaves. Finn stares at his glass.

Drew announces he's running for congress. 

Cody tells Sasha he might want to tell Mac about being his son. 


  1. -Did Drew EVER tell Sam what he was doing??????? Ugh.

    ----I just don't get Curtis and Portia being so close to Willow and Michael - I've never seen them close....

    ----previews show Sam finds out IN A HOT MINUTE about Carly----Carly will do something stupid and if Sam can find out THAT QUICKLY about JASON, can someone NOT END THIS PIKEMAN STORY???

  2. Oh! I thought at first that the happy birthday was for me cus my birthday was yesterday hahahahaha.

    Finchy's home:

    Finchy and Alexis: Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: Oh good. Defiant drinking.

    ROFL! Actually this was a really good scene. I just want to give Finchy a hug! I love the trick Alexis gave him. I hope it makes Finchy think. You don't want little V to see you drinking and getting dunk do you Finchy? Such a sad ending. :( They should be a couple!

    The hospital:

    Portia and Liz: *Facepalm*

    Metrocourt roof pool: Wait covering Willow's eyes? Doesn't she know about the party? HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLOW!!!! :) Nina is acting so goofy. Acting like a 12 year old who has a crush on someone, who is looking, but pretends not to look! I'm really surprised that Willow hasn't had any scenes with Drew aka Ryan Lavery. Awwww my Chillow scene!! My Chillow heart. :)

    Curtis and Nina:

    Nina: We are in a position to help each other.

    Yes. Many many positions. ;)

    Carly and Drew aka Ryan Lavery:

    Carly: What are you doing for her?

    He is itching her scratch, and she is doing the same thing for him. ;) Wait Drew aka Ryan Lavery is running in NY?! I thought it was Washington? I'm so confused. Cowboy Cody is going to tell Mac the truth?!!?!? Really?! Oh I hope so!!! I can't wait to see Mac!!! Gio's parents awwwww. :(

  3. A LOT of people can't get into the blog right now, sorry. The domain name should be up and running again soon. Sucks-- :(

  4. Honestly, it would make a lot of sense for Drew to change his last name to Quartermaine. It probably should have been done when Billy Miller was playing the character.


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