Thursday, September 30, 2021

Mean Sonny

 Trina shows up at Wyndemere just as Spencer is going to spill to Cam! UGH..Cam isn't happy. She ruined the confession. 

Esme tells Sonny that Nikolas might be in trouble...Joss listens in but she can't hear. Esme tells Sonny that Nik and Ava are leaving PC with Avery. Oh SONNY is mad, leaves GH. Joss is listening as she talks to Spencer on the phone. Kevin comes around the corner and about yells: HI JOSS!! and Esme sees her. 

Carly stomps out of the Q house, promises Jason she won't go off on Nina. :eyeroll: Ned wants to know what happened.  Jason tells Ned about Nina knowing. Ned says Michael and Willow are going to be so pissed. Then he says Monica will be really worried because Jason will be "second" now and doing the dirty work. 

Carly goes to Jax's house. He tries to justify not telling her about Sonny. He says there wasn't time to tell her. LOL THEN he tells her about Joss and the marinara sauce! Says that Nina convinced him Sonny was a hallucination after he got shot. Jax does say that Sonny was happier in NF and better "mentally". OH Carly is PISSED with this. OMG wait I think Jax is going to tell her that Nina and "Mike" love?? 

Alexis and Shaun at the jail. Playing checkers. She wants to get caught up on the Hayden investigation. He tells her the entire Jordan story. Alexis tells him about Creighton Clark and that Victor is dead. She does think that the Cassadines are probably involved with all this tho. 

Ava goes to see Kevin and wants a favor. She wants him to keep an eye on Nikolas and his 'dark impulses".  "Keep an eye on him" she asks. They hug. Then she goes to see..ALEXIS? what the. She's never leaving is she?  Oh, she's actually there to say bye to RYAN. She tells him she knows he's involved somehow with her stalker and she'll get the truth. 

SONNY SHOWS UP AT WYNDEMERE....Spencer and he hug... Sonny asks about Nikolas. Yada yada, then NIKOLAS COMES IN!! Sonny makes everyone leave the room!! (it's old Nik by the way). 


Sonny's goons move in on Nikolas

Jason tells Ned he knows he's part of the Q family; he's going to tell Monica about Sonny and such

Jax ALMOST tells Carly about Nina and Sonny but.. show ends! DAMN IT 

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


 Nikolas is recast for like a DAY-- not sure why or what happened. He looks like Nik! Anyway he goes into Kelly's to stop Ava from signing the divorce papers with Scotty.  Ava tells him he's too late because she's going to London, her new home base. Nik says that Sonny is alive. She says she knows. He can't believe it. Says Sonny can keep Avery safe. Ava says no. Scotty interrupts and tells them to stay together. They talk about plans to get them to stay in town and make the stalker go away. 

Carly yellin' at Nina at the Q house. You can imagine it in your head. It went just like that LOL .OH Nina drops that Jax knew!! Carly says he didn't know that long and Nina kept it for nine months. Nina says WELL AT LEAST YOU GOT SONNY BACK!! I never got my daughter back. Carly realizes it's payback for Nelle. Carly says the world is better off without Nelle. Nina lays into her DON'T YOU DARE LAUGH! Then she says she will apologize to everyone BUT Carly for this. hahahaha OMG Cynthia delivered that perfectly!! Then they say more but the summary is that Nina is telling Carly how happy Sonny was as Mike basically..."will he be happy now"??? Carly lunges...

Sonny thanks Jason for mentioning his BiPolar disorder and he's at GH getting blood work done. He also says he has to tell Carly about Nina. (whoops, late). Epiphany takes him into the exam room. They talk about when he was gone and Epiphany tells him all about Jason and Britt! ahahahaha. Sonny's vitals are good. Nice scene

Britt and Jason talk. Jason asks to help with the Dr. O situation. She says no. Then she tells Jason she doesn't care about him!! Leaves. Sonny asks Jason if he gave up Britt for Carly. Jason says it's over. Sonny goes to get his bloodwork done. Joss calls Jason to tell him he'd better find Carly and he calls Spinelli to track her phone. 

Epiphany tells Britt she can talk to her anytime because she can see she's struggling. 

Trina, Cam and Joss are plotting to get Esme and Spencer to admit the truth. Cam is all chicken "but he holds a grudge"...whine. Thank goodness Trina and Joss talk him into it.  Cam goes to Wyndemere to get 'notes' from Spencer from a class. Then he says since "you dad is leaving, let's have another rager".. Spencer is like LEAVING WHAT? Cam tells him Trina said Ava had her book 2 first class tickets to Bora Bora and they were celebrating not getting a divorce. Spence loses it (Cameron goes to the bathroom and texts the girls) Esme says she'll take care of it and leaves. Joss is going to tail her and Trina is going to go be with Cam and keep an eye on Spencer. 

Esme finds SONNY at GH and asks if that's him..Joss watches from the hall 

Spencer tells Cam he probably doesn't deserve to bond with his dad after 'all he's done". 

OMG NINA just digs right in..makes Carly FURIOUS. Jason has to pull her off Nina!! Oh SO GOOD!! WATCH IT!! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021


 I guess it's .... Tuesday? oh yes, my 18 month old group day. LORDY lol. I'm so tired. You have no idea!! EIGHT of them!! They are really adorable but some miss their mamas--and others run around like chickens. 

Dr. O and Drew Cain together in the jail cell. She gives him an antibiotic. She tells him that Peter was one of the people holding him captive. Then goes over the whole Peter story since he's been gone. Tells him about Victor. 

Vanna are in Crete together, drinking OUZO. Val tells her about this time in Greece, wanting her..getting his operation to get rid of the spinal deformity. Flirty, flirty..he tells her he wants to tell her 'everything". They get more Ouzo. If you like them, WATCH THESE SCENES. THEY KISS!! 

Michael and Willow are together. Wiley is HUGE!! HOLY's like he's 6@@!! Anyway, Nina comes in to visit. Brings a gift. She tells Millow she has something to tell them. Oh it's just thank you for another chance. 

Maxie is going to tell Carly about Nina. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. MAXIE WOULD NEVER EVER TELL!! WTF!! UGH LULU would drop something like that but...Maxie? NO. Anyway, she does tell Carly and Joss that Nina has known for months that Sonny is alive. Joss freaks out. Carly freaks out. Wubsy freaks out because WTF. Maxie tries to explain it but come on, Carly just gets livid. Joss says 'it's like you're defending her" and Maxie says she gets it, she's been backed into a corner and is she really one to judge? THEN she asks CARLY IF SHE CAN REALLY JUDGE. OMG Carly gonna KILL HER!! Carly says that Nina will have to live with the CONSEQUENCES and stomps out of the kitchen. 

Jason and Sonny talk in the cemetery about all the business. The guys blowing up, Ms. Wu helping. Sonny wishes he could see Cyrus' face when he finds out his 2 guys are dead and he's alive. Jason then mentions his bipolar disorder. Sonny says Phyllis helped him regulate. Jason thinks Sonny needs to go his his own psyche ..Sonny looks a little miffed.  Sonny then tells Jason about Nina knowing. Jason is pissed. He doesn't think Sonny is mad enough!! 


Carly comes into the Q house to basically end Nina LOL 

Sonny says he doesn't want to waste his time hating Nina (Jason is like WHAT???????) 

The guy at the Greek bar is part of the Cassadine Crew and will tell on Anna 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Yuri at Charlie's

 Have you recovered from reading Sunday Surgery yet?? Did you need Visine? LOL Wonder how this week will go. 

Chloe is in the hospital in Crete, Valentin and Anna are there waiting for her to wake up. They figure out it's probably the Cassadines. Chloe was in a car accident and wandered into a village and collapsed. Valentin lets the info out that he left Cassadine island at 6. 

Liesl and Victor..she still has a knife to his neck. You think Victor will be Valentine's father? OMG FFS, PETER comes up behind Liesl with a gun. Damn it. He tells her he set the bar and Nina on Fire. HOW THE FK did he get from Nixon Falls River to Crete or Greece in less than 8 hours? AHHHAA so weird. Somethings take WEEKS and this is ..BOOM!!  So Vic steps between Dr  O and the gun. Liesl tells him she'll do anything if she can just kill Peter. V says he'll think about it LOL And says NO!! Damn it!

Sonny and Nina. He's still trying to say Mike isn't him.  He's trying really hard!! "Mike was an ILLUSION"! He's not yelling. He tells her that they 'were great together but it wasn't real". She thinks it was. They talk about Mike vs Sonny. Good scenes.  He realizes that when Nina was facetiming with Wiley that she dropped the call because his family was in the background. Sonny also says he doesn't think Nina did all this out of malice. She got into something and it kept going. Oh, he still likes her, his eyes say it ALL. 

Carly and Jason wonder what Sonny was doing about his bipolar disorder while he was gone; if he was doing anything at all.  They think if he knows about their real feelings it might send him spiriling.  Jason says if he asks, he'll tell him the truth; they were going to have a real marriage. But they didn't because he came home. They didn't do anything wrong.  Carly says yes, they'll tell him the truth about their feelings if he asks but she hopes he doesn't ask LOL. Jason says "We have Sonny and He has us".. they hug. Um.. yeah, Carly sure looks like she's NOT over Jason. 

Maxie, Brook are in Charlie's . Yuri the guard is there and 2 plainclothes cops are outside. Brook brought Louise. Josslyn is there too and tells Brook about Sonny being alive. Maxie pipes in-- Joss asks her how she knows. Maxie says: "Oh from people that" LOL doesn't want to mention Nina! Joss tells Maxie that if she has any other info to talk to Carly. 

Some "Trivia Night" fliers are up around the hospital. I think Finn wanted to ask Liz to go with him but chickened out. Chase asks him what's up with he and Elizabeth. He said they almost kisseed. Liz tells Terry she likes Finn but she's not sure if he likes her. Finn tells Chase the same thing. :eyeroll: They think it might be too soon. 


Liesl gets taken away (I think she ends up with Drew)

Maxie goes with Joss to talk to Carly (WHY????)

Yuri got an avocado toast to go for Monica awww

Jason meets Sonny at the graveyard. 

The doctor in with Chloe calls Victor to tell him that Vanna was there to visit. 

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Clickbait


"Clickbait"- like the type you get on Twitter trying to get you to a juicy story that turns out to be nada. NOT "Clickbait" the series which managed to be pretty twisty.  Disappointed doesn't begin to cover my feelings for this week. Thank goodness Friday's show was well done, had great dialog and was compact. I felt better after Friday!! 

I almost wish I did a podcast so you could hear my inflections but it's too much work.  Maybe I should try to do an audio reading like Kindle does. This is going to be a biggie. It's also going to be difficult to get everything in I need to say. 

Let's give it a go. Sonny's Sauce is 1/2 price at the Nixon Falls Fire Sale and Carly wants us all to try the amazing coffee he made. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Coffee and Chit Chat


Ok, here we go go!! 

Sonny yells at Nina at the gravesite. He won't ever forget what she did to him. Yells. yells.. yada yada. "You stole my LIFE FROM ME"!! She tells him she was getting back and Carly but really loved him. Nina makes the case about Mike being such a great guy. Sonny says he could have helped Lenny with his debt. Nina says the other stuff was more important. Nina's making a good case for herself actually LOL ..she wanted Sonny to be happy. Sonny says she kept him from his life. OMG Nina says she's really sorry about letting Sonny "Fall in love with her"!! ahahahaha. 

Jarly--so HAPPY Sonny's home..but what now? Carly tells Jason what Sonny did the night before. He says he slept back at his apartment. She says he hasn't been there in a long time. He said she and the kids needed him and now they don't. "the whole town was happy for us'! Carly said it was nice. Jason says they never would have gotten married if Sonny was alive. Carly says she can't help but thinking about what their life would have been like if they did. "It would have been happy".. Jason thinks so too. Carly says the coffee was good in the morning. She doesn't want to lose Jason and wants things to be like they were. They say that they'll be there for each other always. 

Joss is at the gym. Esme comes in. Tells her she can't leave. She wants to talk. Joss tells her Sonny is alive. Esme is all of a sudden like: BYE! 

Trina and Cam want to talk to Joss but she's at the gym and wants to finish her workout. Trina warns her about Esme being in on a plan. When Joss comes they figure out that yeah, those two probably DID do everything. Trina admits to kind of liking Spencer. 

Nik and Spencer play chess. Talk about what a great girl Esme is. Esme stomps in..tells them about Sonny. Spencer is SO HAPPY. She's not. Nik says he thinks Ava will come back because Sonny will protect Avery. Esme doesn't want them back together. 

Maxie is telling Scott and Britt what info she has on Liesl. Tells them that Peter found Nina and told her Liesl is "handled".  Scotty found out that Sonny is alive. They all figure out that the plane didn't crash and Dr O is probably alive. Scotty says he'll save her. 

Victor and Dr. O..he basically wants to just have her heart back. She just wants to get back to Britta. He says help him with a research project and she can ... if she doesn't she'll stay there FOREVEAH!

Nik wants Trina to help him find Ava to tell her that Avery is safe now

Carly hug and promise to be there for each other forever.  Jason is going to call Diane

Oh, Sonny flashes back to kissing NINA!! Oooooo!! 



Thursday, September 23, 2021

Spinnin' Wheel

 Next Day in PC:

Jason is boxing at the gym. Britt walks in. This is going to piss me off SO badly..I may not be able to write this. WHY? I can't explain it all here. 

CarSon having coffee in the kitchen. Carly is happy because she loves his coffee. Oh he slept in the guest room. He goes and puts on a suit. She saved them in the attic. Oh, Ava walks in. SONNY???? She's out of breath and shocked. Sonny's like HELLO. Ava (deadpan) They talk all normal about her stalker. He freaks the HELL OUT when he finds out that Avery's bear was tampered with. SON OF A BITCH!!  Ava wants to say goodbye to Avery..and asks CarSon to go up with her. She says goodbye off camera. Leaves. Is grateful that Avery has Sonny and Carly. She wants photos sent to her. 

Trina and Ava in Charlie's... AVA STILL SAYING GOODBYE! They talk about... not sure. Then Cam comes in and tells Trina that Sonny is alive. Oh, Kristina isn't there of course. She was probably on for ONE DAMN DAY. UGH 
Trina tells Cam she knows who Ava's stalker is and has to prove it now. Cam listens and realizes yeah, it COULD be Spencer. 

Esme and Spencer move to Wyndemere... Kevin brings them over. Esme and Kevin are alone. She mentions Kevin's upbringing? Okay? She's interested in "psychology".  Nik likes her. Kevin thinks she's a handful. 

Vanna and Jax in Nixon Falls. Nina left already. Why is Jax there? No idea. He tells them Sonny is alive. Valentin says he can't judge Nina. Anna goes to call and tell Robin he's alive. Valentin tells Anna he wants to kill Peter. 

Nina goes to Maxie's. She's upset. Maxie says she can 'feel Peter is alive".  Then Nina tells her that he was going to kidnap James if she didn't go along with his plans. OMG Well, she tells Maxie about Sonny too. And that she didn't call 911 at first because she was in love with him and Peter would have blown that. And Maxie is like OH WELL!!!!! I can see you're upset. THE HELL????


Nikolas is still holding his ribs a lot..hmmm. Will he end up in the hospital? 


Sonny goes to the graveyard to see his grave. Nina's there. 

Jason goes to talk to Carly at Corinthos' house.

Anna finds out Chloe is alive and found in Crete. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Daddy Wub


Setting: Poolside at the Metro 

Joss: (runs in) Oh my gosh! You guys, guess what!!!?? 

Esme: You finally shaved your legs... 

Trina: You are a cow. 

Joss: Stop! I just found out...Sonny is ALIVEE!!! 


Joss: DID YOU HEAR ME, HE'S ALIVE!! I mean, he's home and everything. He looks like a lumberjack but he's there.. throwing stuff any minute! 

Spencer: Yawn. Like, big deal. (smirk)

Trina: Gotta agree with "Spence" over there Joss, no biggie. I mean my Dad just came back from the dead not too long ago, remember? 

Joss: Well, yah but like we thought he was DEAD DEAD. And Mom got engaged and...

Cameron: Seriously? Want me to tell you about MY mother? Lucky and Jason were dead. I can even one up you...

Joss: HOW? 

Cameron: I had a BROTHER come back from the dead after being run over in the street AND donating his organs!! 

Trina; WOW, I mean who got his organs? 

Joss: (Raises hand) I got a kidney...

Esme: Wait, you got a kidney from a kid that wasn't even dead yet? 

Spencer: Don't ask her about her other kidney... 

Joss: Ok, ok, I get it but Sonny.. I mean.. he's Sonny..and..

Spencer: Come on, my father did the same thing. Who's father hasn't in this town? He's not even your real father, right? It's not like your own biological DNA came back from the dead...

Joss: Well, um.. he did that too but that's not the point!! Jason and my Mom are married now...

Cam: You mean like Sam was married to Jason then to Drew who she thought was Jason but Jason-Jason wasn't dead? 

Esme: This town is a blast!! 

Trina: Oh shut up. 

Spencer: We haven't even gotten to my father, uncle and grandmother yet... 

Britt: (saunters by) wait.. are you talking about dead back to life fathers? Hold  my beer.... 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

What Mess? What Chaos?

 What will SONNY do? He's so back to being Sonny it's painful. No transition no nothing. Geebuah.

Ok, So Carly's undressing A BUTTON on Jason and Sonny comes in. Carly faints. Damn it--they weren't kissing...they weren't anything.  Carly wakes up, she and Sonny hug. He tells them what happened... they hug. Cry. Jason and he hug..cry. Oh FFS. Really? This is the PAYOFF? They talk about the kids. Sonny is happy Jason and Carly had each other. Jason tells him they got married. They talk about how it happened, Franco dying and Jason being framed, yada yada. They explain Carly taking over the biz... yada yada. Then why they got married. Sonny: "good strategy" ...and that seems to be that. 

Maxie tells Austin to take her to the Q house--because 'of the baby". She runs to the Qs where Brook is talking to Chase about how much she loves Bailey. She's like PETER IS BACK! She and Maxie talk. She thinks she should move into the Qs. Maxie thinks no.

Anna has a gun on Peter..Peter has a gun behind him in his pants. They talk..he pulls out the gun. Anna shoots him in the shoulder off camera.. then Valentin comes out and SOMEHOW both of them look away like idiots and he LEAPS !! Seriously? He jumped in the river. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Finn, Liz, Britt and Terry talk about why they stayed in that night at the hospital. (filler, big time) Scotty shows up to talk about Dr. O. Liz and Finn find out from Austin that Peter is alive. 

HUGE Let-Down today. Like BIG TIME.. between Peter and Sonny's calm, I was just@@ Oh yeah, and let's have some MILLOW BORING TALK go on as well. W 

Monday, September 20, 2021

Excitement Galore


So, Jason says Spinelli and Brick "redirected" the bomb to the other guy's limo. They are toast. They talk to Ms. Wu and thank her, then head to the reception. 

Spinelli tells Diane to get ready to be on retainer lol ...all the guests talk. Nothing huge... Millow Kiss. Gladys wonders where her date is. (Um, dead LOL)

Garden it the Q's?? Hmmm I think? yes, it is!! And Brook and Chase are inside? Weird. Maybe they are at the Metro?? ANYWAY, Jarly gets there and they dance. Michael makes a speech. Willow catches the bouquet. Jarly leaves. Very short reception. 

Brook is talking to Chase in the foyer of the Q house, holding the baby. He's missed Bailey. He holds her. OH MELT. They are so going to be a couple. 

OMG SONNY SCREAMS at Nina "YOU DON'T LOVE ME, YOU LOVE MIKE AND MIKE'S GONE!! I'm going home to MY WIFE"!!!!!!!! Jax offers his plane and Sonny says "I'll take it, even from you". OH he's mad. MAD MAD. 

Valentin comes in. Is so sweet to Nina. GAH I love him. She tells he and Anna that Peter did the fire. Anna wonders why she didn't call the police. Nina says he was blackmailing her.  Anna wants to know why. She wont' say. Jax says it's not the time to get into that. DAMN IT!! UGHHHH anyway she tells Vanna to get to Port Charles because Peter is going to be gunning for Maxie. 


Sonny's in the foyer...Jarly are upstairs!!!!!!!!! Carly says she was in love with Jason then and she's in love with him now. He says he loves her too. They make out.. SONNY GOES UPSTAIRS!! AND.......END for today. 

Anna has a gun on Peter in the woods!! 


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Full Circle


Sonny ends up right where he did after landing in that river;  between heaven and hell with his Dad giving him tips and snow still on the ground.  He couldn't see Carly before, now he sees her face in all it's glory. "Turn Around...Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening through the sound of my tears"... So wish they could have had the rights to this song!! 

Grab some wedding cake and get settled!! 

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Jarly Wedding: Rating the Dresses


JARLY WEDDING FASHION!! It was a mixed bag. It seemed like some of the stylists thought it was a glamourous evening event and others? A garden party. Very strange mix. Carly was a Grecian Goddess in her gold-one shoulder gown. I'm not a giant fan of the dress but I'll give it a 7 out of 10 for something different. Her hair? Oh,  2/10. It looked so old on her. Laura Wright has glorious locks and we get a gram-bun? Nope. 

Bobbie looked good, I'm giving her an 8 out of 10. 

Maxie who also wore dark sequins had an unfortunate puffy skirt and a neck line straight out of a 80 year old's closet:  1/10. 

 Joss looked the best, 10/10 for me. 

Monica a close second with 9/10. Loved the color and style for her. 

Trina wore almost the same color/style as Josslyn; looked cute and age-appropriate. Loved her earrings. Whole look 8/10 

Olivia? Nice color but a bright yellow in Sept with no sleeves? Hmmm 7/10.  Liv can rock any dress for sure but everyone else was more dressy than this. Everyone except: 

Willow obviously missed the assignment in some breezy hippy dress 3/10.  Yes, the dress is pretty but not for this event. 

Diane hit the mark with an 8/10. 

Most glam? Ms. Wu who looked stunning in her black and white number...  another 10/10 

NOT PICTURED?  Gladys who wore a hot-pink wrap dress. Looked good on her and the color? Way overstated but that's the look she was going for I'm sure so 7/10.  

Photos thx to @crimsonrum @Entertainmentweekly @flutterby and others on twitter 

Friday, September 17, 2021



Well, even tho it started yesterday, today is the OFFICIAL Jarly day. Get ready!! I have my drink going an popcorn too. Hope the keys aren't too buttery!! 

Wedding: OMG Epiphany shoots Maxie a look that makes Maxie shut her phone off lol. When the minister says anyone have any objections? Monica says to Ned she expects Tracy to show up so Carly can't marry into the family again! lol!! Best line. Gladys blows her nose. They do MORE vows, exchange rings. Finally kiss and everyone claps. 
Jason and Carly to into the vestible where Carly got ready. He says he'd never leave her. Kisses her hand. They talk about how great the day was and they are going to start their lives together. 

Maxie is trying to find the DJ and doesn't have time to call Jax back. Jarly finally comes out. Everyone hugs. I think MS WU is whispering to Jason and might be on his side!! Jarly get Bubbles to send them off--they get into the limo. OMG everyone still stands around the church forever. 

Fire: NINA: Get him outttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt  OMG. I wish Phyllis would punch her.  Jax won't go back in lol. The Firefighters won't go back in. Sonny's gotta get up by himself. Oh he does. Julian Jerome Flannel line helps him. Nina screams outside. Phyllis faints ... then..Sonny finds his way out and Nina runs to him. He collapses and they embrace in the smoke. 

Sonny goes to the hospital. Nina goes into his room and calls him Mike. He says "I'm SONNY! I REMEMBER EVERYTHING! and I mean EVERYTHING"!!  bloop! He stares Nina down. Shes' trying to get him to say it's ok. He's not having it. Says he knows what she did. She pleads with him.. nope. Not having it. 

Jason tells Carly that Ms Wu confirmed something that he already knew

LIMO BLOWS UP-- but it has to be the mobsters car with Novak and the other guy not Jarly's. 

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Day 8 of 9 --Um, Plans CHANGED!

 OH! ONE Day to GO GO!! 

You ready for the wedding tomorrow? This seems like the LONG EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. GEESsssssssh. It really didn't need to be this long. Could have done 1/2 of it without being "on the day of"...

Monica's at the wedding. She looks so pretty. Bobbie looks good too..I like her dress better than Carly's!  Bobbie is there too...she looks better than Carly imo LOL 

Gladys comes to her "dead cousin's widow's wedding" LOL. Sasha is home, putting her feet up says Brando. 

Diane is there.. nice dress. She talks to Spinelli about the 3 families. Ms. WU looks amazing. 

AND CARLY IS COMING DOWN THE AISLE!! what! It's not the 17th!! WHAT .. I'm not dressed yet. Minister talks. Joss reads something. Jason says his vows. Carly says her vows. 

Sonny... wakes up in the flames--sees the vision of Carly. Firefighters are there. Everyone coughing up a lung. Sonny goes back to that place he went after falling into the river--and Mike, his Dad is there. This is just... I mean, the firefighters are taking forever. Phyllis, Jax and Nina aren't even believable. It's edited so badly. There's no urgency.. Jax is mad that Nina kept the fact that Peter is alive a secret. 
Mike is telling Sonny to go look for his past. Anyway, Sonny remembers his past in flashbacks. Mike tells him well, he was a killer but a GOOD guy killer yada yada. Then Sonny finally sees Carly turn around. 


Jax is going to tell everyone in PC that Peter set the fire. Tries to call Maxie. You'd think he'd text 

Sonny has flashbacks of he and Carly...he's STILL LAYING ON THE FLOOR!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Day 7 of 9


Fire in the hole! Body Doubles must be scared AF..that fire was huge! Jax stops Sonny from breaking the window out because...BackDraft. They run in the back delivery door.  Jax takes Phyllis out and Sonny and Nina TALK--I mean JUST UNTIE HER!  Then Jax runs back in after getting Phyllis out. A beam falls on Sonny and Jax drags Nina out. 

Jason at the church..Michael comes in. Michael always WANTED CARLY AND JASON TOGETHER since we was little. Yep. He said it. AAHAHAHAHA OKAY. Spinelli comes in then. LOVES Carly and Jason together!!

Carly getting ready, thinking back to Jason and she talking. Sigh, she's happy. Joss comes in. Gives her a bracelet that's an infinity knot and blue stones. "You make the impossible possible". 

Sam and Dante questioning Harmony about Shiloh and Drew Cain. They wonder if Shiloh had anything to do with Drew's plane. Or SHE did. Harmony gets all pissy that they would think that. Alexis tries to talk to her.  She gives them a name: Dallas Kurby. 

Drew Cain all beat up in his cell. Thinks because the guards speak Greek, they must be Cassadines. He gets knee-capped again. He talks money to the guard because he's a mercenary and Drew knows he can give him more money. 

Olivia and Ned arrive at the church they talk about Leo. Liv thinks that Austin is just trying to get to them. 

Maxie goes to pick up Austin. Runs into Britt. She's sad about the wedding but also wishes her mom was there.  Then Maxie asks Liz and Terry to cheer Britt up. OMG her dress is sooooo bad. EESH. I think they are trying to make Austin Sheldon Cooper type. 

Sonny's still in the fire

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Day 6 of 9-- and Jordan is GONE!

 I was right, something about her leaving yesterday felt real!! Here's Briana Henry's  Instapost that she put up just this morning: (Update: actress is pregnant) 

OK Today's SHOW: 

Sam and Dante at the batting cages. I probably won't report much on them. Boring and didn't we have baseball stuff from them before? FILLER

Peter hisses at Nina and Phyllis..."I'll get you my pretties". He sends Phyllis off for duct tape. She does get it-- and ties Nina up. Oh !! Peter tells Phyllis Mike is really Sonny and Nina knew. AND he has a wife and kids. Phyllis is aghast. But doesn't matter because Peter pours gas on the floor and lights it up on fire. 

Jax and Sonny: Jax is like..Nina didn't tell you the truth? Sonny says he doesn't want the truth. Jax is like "too bad, pal" .  Anyway, Mike leaves to go find Nina. Finds them with the place on fire. Can't get in, stuff falling. 

Harmony and Alexis... Alexis says that Ryan is dangerous. Harmony isn't so fure. Alexis said she fell for a cult leader before, she could again. Oh, burn. Alexis wants to talk to Harmony about the problem her friend had. WHAT? WHY? It's weird. Filler. 

Drew and that nurse are trying to get out of that jail. They fake Drew having a collapsed lung. They end up fighting the goon and run. But then Drew goes back in at the end and lets Chloe escape? I don't even know why. 

Joss is bitching at Spencer about pretending to be Victor. She's yelling at him about being selfish and a prick. Esme comes over. Banter.. and Boy I wish these teens drank or something. Just ... not a lot going on there. Anyway 


Will Nina and Phyllis burn?

Sam and Dante go to talk to Harmony about Drew's case

Drew is getting beaten up by the goons again. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

Day 5 of 9

 Spencer, Esme....Nikolas... he wants to know where Esme is from. She said "here, there and everywhere". Very evasive. Valentin walks up. He and Nik banter. Spencer joins his Dad's side. Esme is happy. Anna walks up. They keep arguing. Talk about how Valentin is keeping the Cassadine name but isn't really one. Yada yada. Anna drags him away,  Spencer tells Nikolas he will probably move back into Wyndmere. 

Maxie asks Austin AGAIN to go to the damn wedding. Oh! a patient calls. He leaves. WILL MAXIE GET A DATE? zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh by the end of the show, Austin says yes, he'll go. 

Phyllis picks up the phone MikeSon left when Nina calls. She says he's on the way back to the Tan-O. Nin says: Oh! He's here but we know it's PETER. ;eyeroll:  He says he figured out her plan and her Aunt is 'taken care' of and now it's her turn. yada yadaPeter makes her call Valentin about the baby--and he says nothing new. She asks him how room service is. Must be a clue. She hangs up. Peter isn't happy. Then, Phyllis walks in. Nina gives her some clues and Phyllis gets to go behind the bar and actually gets a GUN!! Pulls it out but Peter already is holding Nina with one.  Damn it, Phyllis caves and drops her weapon first. 

Jordan is awake. Curtis acting like he loves her. Portia walks out. Shawn and TJ are relieved. OH! Molly arrives! Austin comes out and tells them all she's in renal failure. She's going to Albany for a blood transfusion/dialysis etc. MAC IS TAKING OVER!! wehooo!! Everyone says goodbye to her. It totally felt like she was leaving the show...geesh!!! 

Ava arrives at Carly's "sorry, I know your wedding is today but it's important". She is leaving town and leaving Avery with the head of the mob. Oh! Ok! She'll be totally safe. Pffffffft. Carly says ok, sounds good. 

Joss and Trina talking about Spencer and Esme while they make the favors for the wedding. Trina tells Joss that Victor was really Spencer. She's sorry she didn't tell her sooner. 


Peter tells Nina and Phyllis they'll never leave the Tan-O again

Joss confronts Spencer at the Metro about being "Victor"

Jordan says goodbye. 

Ava wishes Carly luck

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Danger Zone


I did have a good GH week. Why? SO many people losing it over Jarly. I live for those moments when something rather huge happens and the SoapVerse lights up like the 4th of July. Am I a "Jarly Shipper"??? Heck naw-- I've learned over the years not to ship any couple. Why bother? I'm here for the fall out.  Now that they pledged their 'wub'... it can be messy and glorious when and if "Sonny" returns. 

So, let's make like Mike's watch and dive in! 

photo credit: @Flutterby 

Friday, September 10, 2021

Day 4 of 9

 It's Time... FRIDAY IS HERE! 

Jarly Kisses..and kisses again. Jason says they don't have to be afraid now. "Will you marry me"?? Carly says "With all my heart". She's all giddy to be getting married now. Carly wants to dance in the space because it's "old Jake's ..where they first met". 

ALL OF THE OTHER FOUR FAMILIES ARE gunning for Jarly!! They all meet and are ready to blow up the warehouse tonight. (night of the wedding) 

Hospital: Jordan, passed out. Portia gets checked. Portia is on oxygen. 

Jordan is intubated, Curtis waits with her. Austin tells him she might need a chamber thing because her CO levels are bad. TJ finds out. She might need dialysis. TJ calls Shawn. Everyone is talking about the Fingerlakes and what it all means. 

Nina is freaking out about Jax telling on her. He reminds her that Mike doesn't exist. She says he does too!! He says how did you feel about Fake Sasha!!? She cries..cries. CRIES. Then says all Jax is caring about is that Carly is marrying Jason. Jax brings up Sonny's kids. She says he's right-- she has to tell him. But in PRIVATE PLEASE!! Jax agrees (idiot). 
Sonny left his phone on the bench with Phyllis for some reason. I think it's important.

Sonny talks to Phyllis. Said he threw his watch into the river to move forward with Nina. Nina talks.

Brando, Gladys and Sasha. Gladys won't move. Sasha tells her Brando is a stripper. 

Maxie lays into Brook Lynn about how she's caring for Bailey. 


you think Sonny is going to walk into the Tan-O and it's Peter 

Curtis cries for Jordan to wake up..she moves her finger and he kisses it and Porita sees it. 

Thursday, September 9, 2021

DAY 3 of 9

 Boy I got it backwards yesterday ! LOL I was thinking COUNTDOWN..not countUP! 

Anyway, we still have a hella long way to go until "Wedding Day". 

Jason and Carly are at a construction site, it's where Jake's used to be (and the Floating Rib)-- she was scared of her feelings she felt at the pool when they were dancing. Dialog about their past and feelings coming up. yada yada. Lots of Jake memories and early days. She says she fell in love with him back then and could do again. She talks about falling for him, then sleeping with Sonny and Jason leaving. How she bottled up her feelings after that. She talks about falling for Jason and she's scared she'll be alone in her feelings and then resent him, yada yada. He says "who says you'd be falling alone"?? OMG THEN THEY KISS. :) MAYHEM!! 

Jax tells Sonny that he's not Mike and Nina knows who he really is! MikeSon says he doesn't want to know. Jax says he has a family--but MikeSon is like well, WHY DIDN'T THEY FIND ME? Jax says to Nina "WHY is THAT, Nina'?? MikeSon basically says to leave them alone and Nina begs him not to tell. She makes Mike leave. She tries to talk to Jax about meeting Sonny and finding him and why she hasn't told Carly. She says the world is better having Mike...not killer Sonny Corinthos. Jax looks at her like she's a lunatic (which she is). Jax explains she put terrible things into motion (ie: Carly in the mob/Joss in danger) and that PC could be better off WITH Sonny there. He tells Nina that Jarly is marrying "Tonight". 

MikeSon throws his watch into the river. 

Portia tells Jordan she has to tell Trina about her real Dad. Tries to get out of the basement. Curtis finds them...They have to get Jordan to the hospital because of her one kidney. OMG they make it to GH? From the FIngerlakes.. ahahahaa . OK! 

At GH, Brook trying to set Maxie up with....Austin? Oh, Brook wants Maxie to have an "in" with Austin for the ELQ thing. Ned comes over, he can't find Leo. 

Leo is in Austin's office with the spinner. Austin brings him to Ned. He talks about Leo's communication and they might want to see a specialist. Ned says he's noticed Leo is 'quiet" but Olivia won't hear of it. Austin encourages him to see a specialist. 

Brook wants Maxie to invite Austin to the Jarly wedding. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Day 8 of 9

 Of the countdown to the WEDDING! Oh yes. Day 8.. lord

Nixon Falls: Jax and Nina . Jax barges in to the Tan-O. MikeSon isn't there of course. He drops Mike's name tho and Nina's all nervous. Jax mentions maranara sauce and says he'll leave her alone if he can meet MikeSon. And.. at one point MikeSon walks right in. 

Fingerlakes: Curtis, Jordan and Portia want to talk to the same man about Drew and Naomi's cases. They talk about the cases. OMG SO boRING. They get inside. OMG It's just like the Spencer house and every other rando house they use.. AND the basement door is open. DERP. Jordan goes in. Curtis is in the woods, can't get a signal. Portia is wandering around. Jordan goes to the basement. The owner guy is dead on the couch. Jordan gets knocked out by a guy with a lead pipe. Curtis comes in, guy is there saying he's the owner. Curtis says he knows he's not the owner. They both run. Yada yada, Jordan and Portia get trapped in the basement with the gas on. 

Jason and Joss can't find Carly. She's been gone like 20 minutes LOL. I think she's at Sonny's grave or something. Jason calls Spin to find Carly. :eyeroll:  Spin calls. Jason knows where she is. 

Trina is at the pool, trying to find out why Esme knew about Kiki's real name. Spencer is like: it's no big deal. Then Trina says it was tacky to see Ava and Esme could be the stalker. Spencer gets all defensive. Esme figures out that Tri and Spence probably had a "thing" together. 

Nik and Ava, arguing over the order of protection. Nik shreds it. Ava hired giant goonie guys to bodyguard her. LMAO She takes a phone call. Nik goes to leave and the goons beat him up. She comes out, so upset... she feels badly. Gives Nik the ice pack. Kisses him. COVID Style. 

Portia says she can't die, she has to tell Trina the truth about her father (meaning she's Curtis')

Jax says MikeSon and Nina can't be in love, it's a lie

Ava pulls away from Nikolas... tells the goons to drive him home. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021


 Here we go!! 

Day of the ONE of NINE for us LOL... remember it STARTS the get ready to just wait. 

Sonny is opening something Lenny 'left for them'...? Oh fixing the ceiling. JJzzzzejleier. Oh, Nina says she loves him and will be there for as long as it can last. 

Jason is at the PCPD because of the fight. Dante has to have the DA look at it because of his priors. Dante and Jason talk about Sonny and what a guy he is. What a guy. They keep talking about what a guy he is. 

Carly is all giddy about the wedding.  Monica drops by.  She says Carly is family now so she's going to give her blessing for the marriage. They talk about AJ. Robin..and then well, she knew and everyone knew that Carly and Jason had an unbreakable bond. 

Joss and Trina talk about Sonny's Sauce.  Then how much Trina doesn't like Esme. Joss calls her a bitch LOL Trina leaves. 

Portia goes to the Savoy, Curtis fills her in on Drew story. Sam walks in. Talk about Drew. They want her to come with them to the Finger Lakes (my area) to get medical records. 

Shawn and Jordyn work on the Hayden shooting/Naomi killing. TJ walks in. Talks about how much he admires his mother. 

Someone scares Ava in the Art Gallery.  It's Esme. She says she wants to buy a painting. She says she's adopted and her parents were 'cool' towards each other and NOT like Ava and Nikolas. Yada yada, Ava says nothing is for sale and Esme leaves. 

Nikolas and Spencer by the pool. Nik talks about Ava. Then Nik gets served with papers. Oh Ava put a restraining order out against 


Nik goes to Ava, violating the restraining order by a mile.

Portia, Curtis and Jordan end up at the same house. 

JAX shows up in Nixon Falls

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Free Fallin'


GH this week was up and down. DOWN DOWN DOWWWWN!! You know why? Yep, we had Baldwins falling from the sky! (There's a lawyer joke in there somewhere)!  Since it was camping themed, grab your s'mores and cozy on up. 

Photo thx to: @onlyjutes 

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Wedded Bliss: Wub Fan Fiction

 Below are our predictions for the wedding. Remember this is fan fiction, not spoilers. What are your predictions?

Karen:  As we know, all of Port Charles is invited to the Jarly celebration, even the Five Families. Carly readies in the anti-room of the church (ha ha, yes, she's getting married in the church) and Bobbie helps her prepare. Carly's nervous and a little giddy. She thinks back to her time with Jason and is realizing this was meant to be.  

Meanwhile:  Jax finds his way to Nixon Falls via Joss' spaghetti dinner and remembering he saw Sonny when he was shot. Curious, he goes to see Nina. Maxie told him she was "serious" with someone and he needs to know who. Could she have a secret? Jax sees MikeSon from afar, realizes Nina's ruse and leaves. 

The wedding takes place without a hitch... When Carly and Jason kiss at the altar it's a real kiss. They beam with happiness. Even the Five Families clap. The head to the Metro Court for their reception bash. Cut to toasts to the happy couple and their first dance together. While they are playing Jarly's song ....Jax is seen emerging from the elevator. You watch both Carly and Jason in an embrace, slowly twirling across the floor. Jax begins to walk towards them. He walks on the dance floor, smirking. 

Music stops.  Jax leans in and whispers: He's alive. Sonny's alive. Carly looks at Jason; Jason looks at Carly. 



Nina realizes that the way she is leading Sonny on is wrong. She tells him she cant see him anymore and goes back to Port Charles. Sonny decides to go to PC to find Nina and talk to her. He pulls out the Crimson business card that she once gave him and heads to PC.

Once there, he walks through different areas of town and people do double takes and recognize him and some go up to him and call him Sonny. He winds up at Crimson and the secretary there tells him that Nina is at the Morgan wedding at the Metro Court hotel. (Maxie got her a press pass and is covering the wedding for Crimson) 

Jason and Carly say their vows and then when asked "Is there anyone who objects, speak now..." the audience at home is expecting Sonny, but no one says anything and Jason and Carly are pronounced man and wife. They kiss. And after they kiss, Carly glances over in the doorway and there is Sonny. (cue the slow motion glass drop from Carly's hand)


We resume with Sonny getting bits and pieces of his memory back at the reception, but at the same time he remembers everything about his time in Nixon Falls. He announces his betrayal of both Carly and Jason and does the standard "you're dead to me" and storms out. Nina follows him outside to console him and he rebuffs her as well. 

Sonny then walks off. 

Friday, September 3, 2021



Sam and Curtis. She wants to talk about Drew's plane crash. HE tries to get her out of the bar. Why? Oh, Spin and Michael and Jason come in for his "bach" party (just drinks). Sam tells him good luck with the wedding. 

Curtis calls Phyllis because she worked at Crighton-Clarke when Nina was there. Wonders if she remembers anyone. She said someone did friend her on social media. 

Then Joey Novak comes in to crash Jason's  party. Mikka tries to throw him out, Jason says no, 'we'll leave'... Then Joey is a mouth about Carly and Spin decks him. Dante comes in later and says he might have to arrest everyone. 

Olivia and Bobbie planning Carly's shower...over on the pool side, Joss, Sasha and Willow are there. Surprise! Oh I think Brando is going to strip at the Bach party.  I guess he got the job and didn't know it was Carly's party. He strips. He can't dance. 

Phyllis and MikeSon talk about Nina. Nina walks in . MikeSon is mad she turned him down lol. Phyllis tells them to live in the moment. 
Sonny and Nina talk. He tells her he's in love with her. 

Jax goes to Ava to talk about Nina too and her new boyfriend. He's trying to figure out if she knows anything. She says buzz off.. he says he's not leaving until he gets answers.  She says she has no idea about her boyfriend. yada, yada... he's going to take the jet to Nixon Falls. 

OMG SO they kept saying the "wedding is tomorrow" BUT THE WEDDING IS THE 17T. That's 10 business days of filler before it EVEN STARTS!! WTF. OMG

Boring today. 

Saturday: LOOK for a fun BLOG!! Come here and FIND OUT! 

No new GH this Monday: Labor Day

GH Mandated Vaccines for all workers, including actors by October of this year. 

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Locked IN


JAX IS AT THE JAIL!!!!! WITH NLG!! Mortal Enemies!!! A line of his is "I think I'm right but what if I'm in the wrong here" ... PFffffffft. They talk about his situation (ie should he save someone) he never names names. BUT she says "From on fixer to another, walk away". 

Trina tells Jax on the phone that she got the sauce at the Tan-O. Ava says goodbye to Trina. Trina cries then they talk about Spencer and Esme. Ava tells Trina to go find Spencer. 

Don't like casting for Esme. She's just not ESSSSSSSME enough. Nikolas tries to reason with Spencer. Spencer isn't having it. He gets up in a huff. Esme goes after him. She reminds him that they need MONEY to live their lifestyle LOL 

Anna is talking to Jordan and Britt about Dr. O. Britt is upset. Oh, the boy scout brings the locket to Britt. She shows it to Scott. He says Dr. O had it when they were going down. They talk and talk. Britt finds out Scott had chloroform in his bloodstream. Anna gets an alert from the WSB. 

Dr O wakes up in a room and dressed in silky PJs ...she's locked in. Tries to stab the butler but a goon grabs her.  She thinks Peter has her and it's VICTOR! we were right.. Mr. Nanny Sheffield is playing Victor Cassadine!!  He tells her he threw Scotty off the plane but he had a parachute. He grabs her and says his heart is beating for HER. 


Esme calls Kiki Lauren

Jax goes to talk to Ava about Nina 

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

FUN SHOW today!

 CYRUS!! He talks about Carly and Jason. Says Carly is a liability. Cyrus wants the Five Families to use the wedding as a venue to strike. They'll all have alibis. 

Gladys is with Novak and he's wondering when Jarly got together. She says right away although Jason went with Britt for awhile. Gladys is trying to get invited to the wedding.  YES! He invites her to the wedding!! 

Joss and Jax eat Sonny's sauce on the mozz sticks.  She talks about he and Carly fighting.  They taste the appetizer. Joss gets a funny , sad look on her face. He asks about it. She says that it's just like Sonny's and it's smoky yada yada. 

Nina and Sonny. She sees he got spag sauce on him. Wants him to take his shirt off. Oh they end up going into the bedroom. Her hair gets tangled in his watch. They take it off and she sees the inscription. She says she can't do this. 

Carly and Jason hug, Britt sees it. Britt wishes them the best (GROSS). Carly leaves. Britt and Jason talk a bit, then she meets her date (just some rando guy). 

Liz and Finn almost kiss and see something fall from the sky. OMG IT'S SCOTTY!! AHAHAHA with a parachute..knocked out on the ground!! LIz is like: SCOTT!!!???? and IT'S SAM FROM OLTL as the boyscout again! (He found Peter back when) OMG. I LOVE that kid. He's just out in the woods and helps out. THey go to GH Scotty wakes up and says "Are we there yet"? Jordan is called and asks him what happened. He is asking where Liesl is... 

Sasha and Brando talking about a date at his garage. Then they talk about moving in together sometime. He says he's trying to make more money by 'side gigs" just then Carly walks up to talk to him. Ut Oh, Sasha going to think he's working for the MOB again!  Sasha goes to pee and Carly talks to Brando.  Brando says he kept a coded notebook AHAHHA. OMG Okay. 


Jax flashes back to seeing Sonny when he was shot. 

Gladys tells Carly she's a plus one at the wedding heh (it's funny) '

Boyscout finds Liesl's locket on the forest floor. 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...