Sunday, April 30, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Bundle UP!

A wedding and an adventure to ... Greenland!! Interesting if uneven week, I'd say!! I'm so busy this weekend so this shall be short and sweet. 

I don't think we ever got to eat Olivia's food, so DIVE right in! 

Friday, April 28, 2023



THIS IS HOW she should have arrived at the Qs!! COMET! Dang... LOL yes, I thought of that!! 

So, I'm out today. They are planting a tree in my hometown at the library for my mother. (Happy Arbor Day btw). It's a wonderful thing as she was a library trustee and teacher for many years. I'll miss the POST-WEDDING disasters so you'll have to keep me updated. This weekend is busy as well because I'm hosting my aunt's 88th birthday party. I'm hoping to pull together a skeleton Sunday Surgery but that's about it! We shall see!! 

Let's be positive? What was your fave part of the wedding? I'm always answering TRACEY for everything right now LOL ..she was a pip. Also--the Kristina/Joss exchange was perfect. Love that. The kids looked cute. It took forever but it's OVER!! 

I think Nina is fk'd. 

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Oh, It's like a Picnic!

OVARY ALERT: That baby Amelia is adorable. Willow is scared " I want this to be the beginning of something, not the end".

Tracy is telling Olivia her food is tacky! LOL "Prepared BOO-FAY, every bride's dream"!! Olivia asks Ned how long Mommy Dearest is staying. 

Sam is officiating? Um, what. 

Krissy arrives. Sonny talks to Wiley.  They take photos. Molly and TJ come. Molly gets choked up thinking about kids. Krissy asks her what's wrong. Molly says it might be harder than she thought to get PG. 

Nina tells Ava she told Martin to tell the SEC that Carly and Drew did insider trading anonymously. Ergo, she won't get blamed? But...I think they'll figure it out. OMG Ava's like I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO CALL..I was being sarcastic!! If Carly goes to jail, you'll pay, not her! 

This was just a long dragged out march to the wedding for sure. 

CEREMONY: Carly takes Willow down the aisle. Willow hangs on to her a bit. Sam says stuff. Joss reads a sonnet. 

Ned sings a song. NO HE DOESN'T! THEY CUT IT AND WENT TO NINA AND AVA!! what!?

Michael says his vows. Then Willow. Married. Then Bubbles. 

Nina realizes she fked up.

The SEC shows up at the wedding, take in Carly 


NOT EVEN ONE MONICA MENTION? Where are all the other kids? Monica watching them?? I mean...??? 

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

"I Feel Like a Spencer"

 Yesterday's show: Other than Tracy ragging on Carly it was WAY ...meh. 

Let's hope today's show keeps me awake. 

Millow are still on the couch. Carly got dressed. Then Joss comes in. Maxie knocks on the door "there's a major problem" The make up person can't make it. So, Sasha is coming over with Deception products. They get her all made up. Bobbie comes in with Donna. They give her something old, new and blue. She feels like a "Spencer" 

Nina calls Martin. She lies to Sonny and tells him it's to "set up a trust" for Amelia and Wylie. Ava brings over Avery so she can go with Sonny and be the flower girl. She wants to give Wills a wedding gift but Ava talks her out of it. "too much". Sonny leaves. They drink martinis. Nina says she's going to 'balance the scale" with Carly. 

Holly explains 'plans' that Ethan heard to Anna. The only people safe when he executes his plan, are the people closest to him. They wonder why they took Liesl. They figure out that it's a biological agent. 

Victor is in the underground bunker in Greenland. I really wish they'd make things look a bit more 'realistic' in these schemes. At least do the lighting. He bought everyone new coats LOL. He gets out a frozen vat thing.  Dr O has to say it's viable and so is the antidote. She says it is not. He calls her bluff and tells her he'll release it then. Now Obrect says she has to test it on humans, both the virus and the antidote. 


Anna wants Robert to call the WSB

Obrect says she'll help Victor

Nina says Carly is going to pay

OMG I don't even think the wedding is happening TOMORROW!! GESSSSSSSZUs. I'm going to be out Friday so, there's that. 


Carly's ready for a tropical night party

Joss is going to a 1978 prom

Maxie has on black velvet for a Christmas funeral

Bobbie is in 80s office gear 

Brook looks ok

Sasha: Teacher going to a faculty meeting

EMMY NOMS -- GH leads with 19

 These are the ones I care about LOL: 


Sharon Case as Sharon Newman, The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Melissa Claire Egan as Chelsea Lawson, The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Finola Hughes as Anna Devane, General Hospital (ABC)
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Summers, The Young and the Restless (CBS)

Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital (ABC)
Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott, The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Billy Flynn as Chad DiMera, Days of Our Lives (NBC/Peacock)
Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott, The Young and the Restless (CBS)

Krista Allen as Dr. Taylor Hayes, The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Sonya Eddy as Epiphany Johnson, General Hospital (ABC)
Stacy Haiduk as Kristen DiMera, Days of Our Lives (NBC/Peacock)
Brook Kerr as Dr. Portia Robinson, General Hospital (ABC)
Kelly Thiebaud as Dr. Britt Westbourne, General Hospital (ABC)

Nicholas Chavez as Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital (ABC)
Chad Duell as Michael Corinthos, General Hospital (ABC)
Daniel Feuerriegel as EJ DiMera, Days of Our Lives (NBC/Peacock)
Robert Gossett as Marshall Ashford, General Hospital (ABC)
Jon Lindstrom as Dr. Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain, General Hospital (ABC)

Cary Christopher as Thomas DiMera, Days of Our Lives (NBC/Peacock)
Victoria Grace as Wendy Shin, Days of Our Lives (NBC/Peacock)
Eden McCoy as Josslyn Jacks, General Hospital (ABC)
Henry Joseph Samiri as Douglas Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

Steve Burton as Harris Michaels, Beyond Salem (Peacock)
Cassandra Creech as Dr. Grace Buckingham, The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
Alley Mills as Heather Webber, General Hospital (ABC)
Robert Newman as Ashland Locke, The Young and the Restless (CBS)
Kevin Spirtas as Dr. Craig Wesley, Days of Our Lives (NBC/Peacock)

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Get Those Daffodils!


Ok, so when Jane aka Tracey Angelica Quartermaine walked into the living room, it felt so right. Such and anchor. I'm so happy she's back, even if it IS only to get her health insurance through SAG!! So fun. 

Anyway, I don't think I will be here today. This week is really nutty for me and I KNOW I'll be out Friday. Hopefully, I'll catch the wedding at some point (the 26-27th??) I hope. 

How are you feeling about the show? I did like yesterday's show; mostly because the vets were featured. The New Ethan didn't bug me at all. I was surprised he just left. 

KEEP me posted on the Greenland adventure! 

Monday, April 24, 2023

Flying on a Plane


WHAT A DAY!! DON LEMON AND TUCKER? What the WHAT!! Just a stellar news day LOL 

Ethan, Holly and Felicia and Tracy on the plane. Ethan and Holly are so happy. Tracy's crabby that Holly bid so much and drove her price up. Tracy wants to catch Luke's killer. She's been figuring things out for the last 14 months on her own. 

Ethan wants to go back to Australia because he has charity work and some gambling debts. Holly wants him to go back to PC. He asks her what's there for her. (she thinks of Robert). Ethan tells Holly what he knows about the "victor plan" (he heard the guards) but tells her off camera. The plane starts to land. Ethan says goodbye to Holly. 

I guess the wedding will start in ...3, 4 days? I don't know. Carly, Michael, Ned and Brook are at the Qs talking about wedding day. Olivia is there too. They fill the flower baskets with rose petals. 

Ned talks about not having Valentin the head of ELQ anymore. Looks at Michael. Ned and Val finally talk on the phone about his disappearance. Ned wants Valentin to put a statement out. Ned is afraid for the stock. Valentin says nope. Then Ned says he worried about the employees and wants Val to step down. Valentin says NOPE and hangs up. 

Molly tells TJ and Alexis about her probable endometriosis. She says the treatment is hormonal and she won't be able to get pregnant. Alexis and Molly talk alone. Molly cries. Alexis says not to panic and don't google !! 

Laura, Robert, Drew and Curtis try to figure out the map that Drew found. Robert calls around. He found it in a cove in Greenland. There's an old research station there. WSB can't help. Something about red tape, yada yada. Laura says too bad, she's going to get the people out of harm's way. She orders a plane and they are leaving. ALL but Robert who is going to be back up in Port Charles (Grrrrrrrrrr..leave DREW HOME!) 

Drew tells the Q family he's leaving to go find Liesl to bring her home. 

Robert sees Diane in his office. She has the dry cleaning bill for him. 

Portia goes in to visit Anna and wants answers about Victor from Valentin. She cries and asks Anna if Vic could hurt Trina. (Ya THINK?) 


Holly walks into Robert's office and Diane is like WTF 

Valentin decides to go too! 

Tracy is  home and yells about too many daffodils being in the yard LOL I love Tracy. 

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Ship Shape

I was crabby most of the week because things just moved soooooooooo slowly. I was ready for a bang-up adventure series starting and, every day was an hour in real time. Meaning, not a lot of movement happened. Friday saved me though! Really liked the show. Who knows what I'm going to like and what I'm not!!? 

Since giant glasses of OJ keep appearing on the show, let's have some of that. With vodka. ! 

Friday, April 21, 2023


 ALERT!! IT'S THE MORNING OF THE WEDDING! It will only last 4-5 days now! 

ALL SANTE DOES IS MAKE OUT! Sam is getting dry cleaning. Dante goes in and invites Sonny to lunch later ..Sonny says he's going to the wedding. They talk about Millow and the cancer. 

TRINA GOT NEW CLOTHES!! From the lost and found!! yeah!! She and Spencer are being held in the same room. Trina tells Spencer dating him is an adventure and she wants to "experience everything with him that she never has". He says everything? OH this might be IT people!! She says she doesn't want to wait because they don't know how long they have. 

Drew is sad. Kim stored some things of his. He sees Oscar's baseball hat. They find a book with Virgo references and they figure that's a clue. They go to see Laura about it. 

TJ and Molly conferenced with the OBGYN to see if they are ok to go ahead with having a baby. UT OH...Molly has complications Endometriosis? She needs a biopsy. Yes, it's Endometriosis. Molly is afraid about what it will do about having a baby. 

Laura talks to Alexis in GH (Laura visited Anna off camera)-- and Laura thinks Alexis might know something about where Victor would go. ALexis says she wishes she was in the inner circle to help but she's not. They talk about Nikolas. Alexis then talks to TJ about ALS and symptoms and such. 

Drew wants CEREAL at the Q kitchen. He wonders if he's fired after the Gladys arrest. Brook went to bat for him with Ned. Sasha walks in and is pissed at Cody. He says Gladys set him up. Sasha doesn't believe it. She leaves. Drew never gets his cereal. 

Sam is at Charlie's..she sees Gladys. Flashes back to Cody telling her that Gladys set her up. OMG KRISTINA IS THERE!! WHAT! She's actually AT CHARLIES! She's getting a dress from Sam for the wedding. 

Sonny is giving Krissy property for a homeless youth shelter "Corinthos-Davis House" ...and Dex feels badly because he's Scamming Sonny LOL. Kristina says the house will have a commercial kitchen and it will combine her business love with a higher purpose. 

Sam is talking to Gladys. She says she believes Cody that he was set up. Gladys is like WHY? WHY would I do that? 


Dex calls Sonny because the PINKMAN shipment is coming in. 

Sprina almost do it and they land. Time to get off the ship. 

MONDAY: Tracy will be on again. 

Molly comes out and tells TJ and Alexis something might be wrong. 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Throw them over


Ava is talking to Portia about Trina. Portia is mad she followed Spencer on the yacht. It's Spencer's fault! SHE doesn't WANT HER TO SEE SPENCER! Ava says that Trina calling her proves she loves her mother. 

Nina and Carly. Nina says she'll stay with Avery until Ava gets back, Carly says no way. They argue about the wedding. SIGH. It's just maddening. 

Curtis and Drew talk about tracking the Haunted Star. So if you missed the last 3 days you can catch up. Drew must have had the coordinates in his head. 

Victor "welcomes Trina" to the Haunted Star.  Dr O isn't sure she wants to develop the vaccine. Victor tells Spencer he has to join him . Spencer says no, goonies go to throw Trina overboard. Spencer says yes so Victor stops. BUT! Victor doesn't believe Spencer so the goonies are supposed to throw them both overboard. Dr O stops him and says she can use them. Probably to trial the vaccine. Yes, they can be test subjects. 

Ned talks to Brook about the ELQ stock drop. Valentin faking his death is making investors jumpy. They have to get Val to put out a statement.  Then he wants to vote them out. 

It was the MOST BORING SHOW--and I can't believe that Tracy and NuEthan are on and WE HAVEN'T SEEN THEM IN 2 DAYS!! WTF! tomorrow is all filler too-- we even get Sasha/Drew and Gladys!

Wednesday, April 19, 2023



Nina is sad about the wedding happening tomorrow.. she says it's the beginning of the end. Michael calls Sonny and wants to see him. He's coming to the chapel. Nina leaves when Michael comes in... invites Sonny to the wedding. 

Avery is at Wyndemere with Ava. Carly comes over. UGH She tells Avery Willow wants her to be a flower girl. Ava is happy--so is Avery. Ava asks if Sonny and Nina are invited to the wedding. Carly gets all pissy. They have a deep conversation about regrets. Carly brings up Morgan's death..yada yada. 

Curtis is frustrated he can't help Trina. He and Laura talk until Esme is ready to go. 

Esme asks Liz if she can talk to Dr. Gatlin Holt. She wants to know if Ace is going to be ok even though he has colic. Liz and Austin tell her he'll be fine. 

Nurse Amy tells Austin he should steer clear of Ava. 

Victor is upset with his Goonies because they are bothering him with trivial things.

Spencer and Trina hug. She says she got into the Communications room  and stole a walkie talkie. Spencer says that Victor's plan will kill all of mankind so they'd better hurry and get rescued. Trina goes to the engine room. She damages an electrical cord. Victor finds out and has a plan. 

Victor says Ace is cranky and brings him to Spencer so he'll calm down. Spencer finds out that Valentin is alive. 


Victor finds Trina

Curtis thinks Drew can help

Nina shows up at Wyndemere just as Ava goes to GH to find Portia. So Carly and Nina are alone. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2023



Ethan is being auctioned off to kill. One million is starting bid. Holly bids 2 million. Ethan looks at her like he doesn't know her. Weird. I think Tracy is bidding on him online. ANYWAY, Holly bids 10 million. She wins him. She can't put in the account number in the computer to pay however. Then the next highest bidder wins. Tracy comes out. Her hat gets knocked off and her hair is LONG...LONG LONG and white. WOW. 

Valentin tell Nina and Sonny he might have a lead on the Haunted Star. Trina called and Sonny should talk to Jordan. Sonny leaves. Valentin wants to know how Nina feels about having Willow be her child. She's just giddy. 

Brook and Sonny talk and "catch up" ..he said she was brave to out Linc at the Nurses Ball. They talk more. 

Willow wants to talk about Sonny with Michael. She wants him to come to the wedding. She wants Donna and Avery to be the flower girls and thinks Sonny should see them. NOT Nina tho! OH NO! They just blabber by the fire. zzzzzzzzzz

Greg gets up and won't let Alexis call the ambulance. He says he has severe muscle cramping. He says he quit work because of slurring his words. He finally tells her he has ALS. They talk about the disease and how it works. 

The PCPD board has made it's decision. Dante walks in. He's a policeman again!! Dante and Chase go out for coffee. Chat about work. Brook Lyn. Dante gives Chase his badge back. 

Robert and Diane are at the roadside with the car overheated. Stuck there for a few hours because road side assistance is backed up. They talk about Sonny and Diane's career. They end up trying to fix the car and she gets all dirty and puts on his baseball shirt. Then they kiss. 


Millow kisses by the fire

The guards seize Holly, Felicia and Tracy

Sonny tells Nina that Millow are getting married "tomorrow"

Ethan gets out of his ropes and everyone escapes. 

James Ryan: NuEthan

 James Ryan is the NuEthan ... Blonde! I wonder if he'll have an accent? I was REALLY hoping NP would make a cameo. REALLY hoping. Not sure if I'm digging this but I'm here to watch. 

Monday, April 17, 2023

Hooded Man


Venezuela: Felicia and Holly are in a hotel. Felicia is going to help Holly find Ethan which I guess is at this island off Venezuela? Holly got a tip he was there. Felicia offers her dresses to change into. They go to some exclusive club that Victor belongs to and try to bribe their way in. The guy says "that was a big mistake" and goonies come out . They say they are bidding in person so they don't leave a digital footprint and give him more money. He says they can stay. The auction starts. Holly and Felicia are the only ones in the room. The "item" is brought in and it's a man with a hood on his head. 

Millow: Willow ask Joss and Carly to help with the wedding TOMORROW. They say YES! Giggle. Willow talks to Carly alone. She wants her to help mend the Sonny/Michael rift. 

Joss tells Michael that Sonny knows about Dex. Sonny doesn't care. Michael said Sonny called and he sounded like his dad. 

Robert is angry that Sonny used Diane to talk to the goonie. Sonny says TOO BAD, I got you the information. Nina comes up when Robert leaves. She wants Liesl FOUND NOW!! They talk about what Sonny did to get the guy to tell everyone that they took the Haunted Star. 

Robert runs into Diane, makes a snotty comment about her helping Sonny. She doesn't like that. 

Brook; Chase..she straightens his tie. She stays while the board comes in and questions him. Then Blaze testifies that he saved her from Linc. Then Brook stands to say his "true calling" is police work, not singing. She sings his praises basically. 

Alexis and Greg. He wants to help her with the big hostage story since he knows it's close to her. She says yes but she wants to hear what's wrong with him first. They jibber jabber and.. I don't know what's going on. Not sure if she knows WHAT he's sick with or...or... and I really don't care. I wish she was on the yacht with Victor.  Greg falls over ... 


Diane and Robert go to dinner

Hood is off and it's a HUGELY recast Ethan.. he's even blonde. That's so disappointing. I was really hoping Parsons could have made a cameo. Damn it. 

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Prisoners of Hauntatraz


Well, Victor's PLAN was put in motion and all was revealed. Where? Aboard the Haunted Star; cursed by Helena and given to Luke and Laura on their wedding day. Full Circle? Well...almost. 

You know I have a lot to say about everything so settle in and lets go to the galley for some grub! 

My alternate title was: The GOONIES because damn, there were a LOT of guys hanging around being all goons with a gun!! 

Friday, April 14, 2023



Spencer leaps up and puts a knife to Liesl's neck to get Victor to let them go.. lol the goonie guy has a gun. Victor is like "DO whatever you want, I don't care." "If you kill Dr Obrect you seal your brother's fate" ... More goonies run in, Spencer lets her go. Victor ties up Spencer. He's disappointed. Spencer says he can't kill him because he's the last Cassadine heir.. Victor says he'll raise Ace himself and give him all the Cassadine knowledge. 

Laura tries to justify her plan with Anna and Valetin to Jordan. Jordan is like "well, THAT WENT WELL' 

Curtis says he'll find OUR daughter to Portia. He leaves.  He finds Laura and tells her he's going to help find the HS.

Trina makes noise on the wall. Goonies wonder what it is. They don't catch her (Shocker) She finds a satellite phone. She calls her mother. Portia runs out and get Laura and Jordan and Curtis to listen in. Laura asks her if she's in the communications room. She says yes. Laura knows it well, it was her wedding gift after all. Laura talks her through it and they get coordinates and then Trina leaves but takes a walkie talkie. Says she loves her mother. 

Brook calls someone to come help her. OH Maxie with Brown hair. Brook mentions it. She asks her to plan Willow and Michael's wedding. It's "TOMORROW" says BROOK. Keep that in mind and let's count how long it's going to take. Maxie orders flowers. Olivia is cooking and baking the cake. 

Chase Greg and Finn are at the gym. Talking about Brook Lyn. :eyeroll: They say he should forgive her and then they tell Greg to forgive Alexis. Then Chase says his PCPD meeting is coming up. 

Alexis is trying to find the Haunted Star with her connections. Sam walks in fresh from court. She doesn't think that Cody took it. Then they talk about Greg being mad at Alexis. Alexis doesn't think she'll ever see him again.


Bald Goon finds walkie talkie gone. 

Victor says Spencer is going to be punished with NO FOOD

Greg goes to visit Alexis

Brook runs into the PCPD meeting to help Chase. 

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Hair Raising!


I have my hair appointment today at  1:30 and I fully intend to try to make it home for the last part of GH . I don't think I missed much yesterday by the sounds of it. I guess Spencer was shirtless (that boy has been hitting the protein) -- but ? I see him as a kid so... LOL. Maybe I've finally reached that shark point in age when it comes to soaps!? 

I made it for the second half!! 

UGH .. Millow. HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO SUFFER WITH THIS LOL COME ON already. Now a wedding with a sick Willow? Okay, whatever. 

Portia is freaking out about Trina being missing.  Can you mention Taggert? 

Anna's awake! 

The Haunted Star: They all have GIANT Orange Juices LOL.. Geesh! hope there's vodka in there. Victor is talking about a new "World for Humanity" . Talking about the weather/climate change that Mekkos did.  He says that they developed another set of tools incase that failed. Mekkos made a bunker with the equipment inside. He found it using the code on the Ice Princess. Vic says there's a whole bunch of people following him. Cult. He's talking about the population of the earth being too much. He says it can be 'fixed" with a pathogen that he can release into the world. To kill certain people. "The survivors will usher in a new age of man". 

Trina skulking around in her HOT PINK ball gown is killing me. Maybe have her find some clothes in a stateroom? 

Laura and Jordan talking about Trina being gone. 

Dante and Sonny: Sad about Willow. Can't find the boat. They talk about Mike dying and he doesn't want to see Willow do the same. 

OK News Interruption because of the Pentagon Leak. 

SO ,see ya

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Pushed To The Limit!!


Today is full on from 8am to 7pm! HOW WILL I MAKE IT?? Lord help me-- I usually have a nap around 3 after GH !! LOL 

Sorry I'm out but you can comment about today's show to your heart's content. I'm a little wary of the whole "Haunted Star" caper and I'm afraid they will be on there forever then transferred to some bunker somewhere. It's not caught my attention yet. Tracy will be on soon so that may help. We shall see!

HAVE A GOOD ONE! it's going to be 75 here!! WHOA 

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

All Aboard!


Victor tells Spencer none of them are going back to Port Charles. Trina watches from the sideline. Spencer is upset. Eventually, he gets thrown into the stateroom. Trina comes later and he almost hits her with the vase. Trina tells him she followed him there and Liesl is there too. She wants to leave but he says they can't. 

Dr O is brought out. Victor tells her he's going to finish what his brother's started so long ago. She lunges at him. 

Laura tells Esme that Victor took Ace. Laura talks about how brave Esme is. Laura thinks Spencer was taken just like Ace was. 

Robert and Diane talk about what's happened overnight. She wants to be there with him until she gets a phone call and has to leave. Then Jordan and Dante tell Robert that Victor has the baby and Liesl. 

Sonny called Diane to get the goonie that attacked Lucy to talk while he's at the PCPD. 

Carly tells Millow Dr. O has disappeared. Everyone is concerned. Later, Willow silent cries. 

Nina brings Scotty up to speed and tells him Liesl is missing and they have to find her. Scotty figures out Victor has to have her. 

AT the PCPD, Robert is trying to get bald goonie guy to talk and then Diane walks in. She gets information out of the Bald guy. they figure out he's on a a boat. 


Trina leaves the stateroom to search for a way out. 

Monday, April 10, 2023

Romance Police


So by all rights, today is a FRIDAY because GH was interrupted last week for a day. Here's hoping it's awesome!! 

Sonny chews out Drew for seeing Joss. He says he's known for months, doesn't like being lied to. Wants to know if Carly knows. Joss says yes. He sends Dex out to find Liesl. 

Sonny then tells Carly, Nina that Valentin is alive. Drew comes in and tells them Anna was shot and is GH. They talk about the Ice Princess. Nina is upset about Liesl being gone. Thinks it's part of Sonny's business that did it. They find Britt's charm that Liesl wore in the crawl space under the stage. Carly and Drew go to tell Millow about Liesl being missing. 

Esme is crying about the breakin and the baby being gone. PCPD comes. Dante asks her what happens. She says that Nikolas Cassadine took him. Laura questions her more. Esme says she just assumed it was him and Spencer. She leaves to get checked out at GH. Laura tells Dante she's sure it was Victor that did it. They watch security footage and see a hoodie goonie in the service elevator. Laura says it's AMBOSE! Victors' bodyguard. 

Spencer realizes he's not leaving the Haunted Star and they are motoring out to sea. Spencer is way upset and didn't sign up for this. Victor says that plans change and he's saving Spencer. He also brings out a lady holding ACE. He says Spencer is being weak and sentimental. 

Portia goes to see Trina at the dorms. Joss lets her in the room. Trina isn't there but Joss says she will be soon, they are going to a party.  Joss tries to text Trina. They talk about Spencer. Portia leaves. 

Hospital: NEW Charlotte comes to be with her Daddy. Um, shes's NEW NEW. Doesn't move her head much. Oh, Jordan finds out about Holly's fake death and Laura, Robert and Felicia duping her. Jordan isn't happy but doesn't yell too badly. 

Millow talking about The Nurses' Ball. Michael tells her he taped the Magic Wands for her to watch later. 


Trina sticks her head around the corner on the Haunted Star. She's a stowaway. 

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Enter, Stage Right


Well, in a week interrupted we had the Ball start and the Victor story finally coming to the climax. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting but Friday helped the situation. 

This weekend is all holiday-ish for me so this will be short and sweet. Just like Spinelli.

Friday, April 7, 2023

"You're not dead"

Anna was shot in the stomach. She tells Valentin to go after Victor. They say they love each other. Then she passes out. 

No one can figure out where Liesl went.  Sonny and Nina/Maxie realize the magic box was tampered with. 

Gladys comes back without the bracelet (she put it in Cody's jacket pocket). She tells Sasha she was backstage talking to Maxie AND she saw Cody Bell.  They go to find his tux. The wardrobe lady found Glady's bracelet. Cody is like: WHAT? He says someone must have put it there. Mac walks up. Questions Cody. Ends up arresting him. 

Ace and Esme are watching the Nurses Ball on TV.  Laura comes home, tells Esme she was busy with official stuff and is going to watch the ball with her. Laura gets a call that Anna is at the hospital. She leaves. 

Victor goes to the Haunted Star. They talk about Holly and Ethan. Trying to find Lucy.  They are preparing the staterooms for "guests". 

The Magic Wands dance-- TJ... Cody... Dex... Milo... other guys. Not a bad performance. 

Robert is at the Ball -- Just pops up. Why wouldn't he be with the whole Val/Anna thing? No one called him? eyeroll. Oh, Valentine finally calls him and he goes to GH. 

Spencer and Trina argue over how he treated Dex. Victor calls him. Tells him to get to the Haunted Star NOW!  Spencer gets there and asks what the plan is. 

Hospital: Valentin fills in Laura and Robert about Victor. Says Anna coded in the ambulance but they brought her back. Felicia comes in. Robert tells Valentin this is all his fault. She says it's not. 

Laura tries to call Esme, she's not picking up. Laura goes there and finds Esme knocked out. 

Lucy makes it to the Nurses Ball and gunman tells her to 'come with him". She hits him hard. She runs, he's behind her. Then Sonny beans him on the head and he goes down. 


Great Bobbie flashbacks

Lucy trips on stage, everyone knows she's alive. 

Thursday, April 6, 2023



Well.. I hope I'm more entertained today!! So far the Ball is?? A bust. I really miss the days when it was run like a "broadway event" and the acts were one after the other with MAYBE 2-3 min of chat between. I also hate the strong lighting. Make it darker in there! 

The three run into the safe house. So much for us thinking Valentin got shot LOL.  Anyway, Lucy sneaks off and Val and Anna shoot at come combat guys that come in. Victor wants the real necklace. Yells at Valentin for making him think he was dead. 

Mac, Felicia and Bobbie talk about NBalls past. One clip of Felicia doing her first clown act. 

Brook throws a drink on Linc to have him stop talking to Joss. He grabs Brook.

Cody, Sasha.. talking about the garage. 

Chase and Blaze perform. Never heard of the song. 

 "Danielle Ponder" is singing ..supposedly she's a "public defender" that's made it big. I don't know what this has to do with GH. She's good but.. ? Why not say she was Epiphany's niece or cousin? SO RANDOM..and so out of place. 

Sonny gives Bobbie a check to start a scholarship in Epiphany's name. It's in Stone's memory. They talk about Stone. 

Spencer tells Dex to stop drinking on the job. Tells him to get back to work. Trina overhears. She's really mad at him for acting entitled. Leaves. Joss tells him to go back to Europe.

Brook calls out Linc when he's onstage with Blaze and tells everyone he's a sexual predator and then Blaze tearfully backs her up. I really found it out of place but.. I'm crabby. 

Goonie tells Spencer that he has to be ready because Victor is going to call on him and he has to do what he says. 

Gladys slips away from the ballroom. 

Georgie and James doing a magic trick with Liesl. 


Liesl disappears, is in the trunk of a car driven by one of Victor's goonies.

Valentin gives Victor the necklace, Victor shoots Anna in the chest (I think? who knows, it's GH)

Gladys put her bracelet in Cody's jacket while he was changing for his act so people will think he stole it. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Ball RE-DO


So, here we are, looking at yesterday's show. I guess we will have to remember Friday will be Monday--Oh man!! 

Nurses Ball starting: Nurses Number and TJ sings as well. "Lovely Day" .

People chattering at the tables. Ava and Austin want Mac to see them together. Gladys is wearing expensive jewelry loaned to her by Sasha. Cody tells Gladys he knows she's gambling Sasha's money away. 

Spencer tells Trina she's beautiful. They decide they are 'together' ...

Dex tells Joss she's beautiful. 

Linc, Blaze harassment stuff. (boring)  

Liz makes a Epiphany speech. The Ball is dedicated to her. 

Joss and Trina sing. Then Linc tries to get Joss to be an act and work with him. 

Lucy, Anna, Val in the safe house. Lucy's sad...she's going to watch it in the bedroom. VAnna does a fantasy song/dance. Um.. not my thing. Lucy slips up and tells VANNA she was at the Metro Court that afternoon. They know Victor is probably looking for them. Anna says they have to get out of there RIGHT NOW. 

Victor is after Lucy. They are trying to find the safe house. Victor says he wants Val and Anna alive but they can kill Lucy. 

The three go to leave the house, Lucy doesn't want to go and is a pain in the ass. They finally walk out and Val is shot in the chest. He's probably wearing a vest tho. 

SO far, this "60th Ball" isn't that special, imo. Sorry...I'm trying but way to many start-stops..weird convos and just not entertaining. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2023



As you probably know, GH wasn't on due to the NYC Coverage


Remembering the Nurse's Ball

 A FEAST For Your Eyes!! 

Take a look at years of logos and Lucy's Gowns!

Monday, April 3, 2023

Kicking off The Nurses Ball


IT's starting!! GH Nurses BALL Red Carpet! Milliow is watching from home. Lucy is all dressed up watching from the safe house. She's angry she's not there.

Drew comes in to say goodbye to Millow. Willow says he looks like James Bond. 

Curtis comes in with Nina... Sonny just smiles (I think it's a plan to show they aren't together) 

Brook and Chase, same old same old. :eyeroll: Linc walks up.

Victor admires Spencer when he sees him on the red carpet. Trina walks in wearing hot pink. 

Ava gets Austin at GH and gives him the tux to put on. She tells Portia she should go. They show up on the red carpet and Ava tries to pass Austin off as her date/boyfriend. 

Liz and Finn-- Liz also has on navy sequins. ALL THE WOMEN LOOK ALIKE 

Not much else to tell. Victor gets a gun from his goonie who tells him they traced Lucy's car. Victor says he'll go find her. Lucy says she's 'going to the Ball"... The door open for everyone. 

It was... lackluster. 

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Puffs Plus


It was a DOUBLE TISSUE WEEK! Wow.. so many feels in such a short amount of time. Kudos to the writers for getting things pitch perfect and a great lead-in to the Nurses Ball. Actors were showcased at their best. 

Let's grab some banana chocolate chip muffins that tall Aiden made for Cam's going away breakfast!! 

Saturday, April 1, 2023

60 Years of GH Memorable Moments

60 Years of Memorable GH Moments

As the show celebrates 60 years, so do we at the Wubs 7th Floor  Nurse's Station. We took 60 years and are picking a few defining moments from each year. Of course, these are subjective so you can comment and let us know if we missed any. Enjoy!

1963 -  Original  broadcast on April 1st. 

1964 -   Jessie files for divorce from Dr. Phil Brewer 

1965 -  Phil Brewer rapes Jessie which results in a pregnancy 

1966 - Jessie Brewer's infant daughter Nancy dies of heart complications 

1967 -  Nurse Jessie Brewer is framed for the murder of Dr. John Prentice 

1968 - Audrey is raped by her then husband Tom and leaves town. 

1969 Promo-- GH in Color! 

1969 - Meg Bentley has a breakdown after a mastectomy (first on daytime TV) 

1970 - Lee Baldwin adopts Scotty after Meg Bentley dies 

1971 - Audrey returns to Port Charles and tells everyone her baby died (he hadn't)

1972 - Jessie Brewer's niece runs off with her boyfriend, Teddy 

1973 -  Jessie marries Dr. Peter Taylor 

1974 - Dr Phil Brewer is murdered 

1975 - Laura Vining comes to stay with her bio-mother, Lesley Williams 

1976 - Head Nurse, Lucille March retires to a farm in Upstate NY 

1977 - Genie Francis joins the cast as Laura in February 

1978 - Show is expanded from experimental 45 min to one hour and Gloria Monty is             brought on as EP . Bobbie and Luke plot to break up Scotty and Laura 

1979 - Luke Rapes Laura at the Campus Disco

1980 - Diana Taylor's Death ("Anne" in Blood); Tracy Withholds Edward's Heart                Medication

1981 - Luke and Laura's Wedding has 30 million viewers 

1982 - John Stamos debuts as Blackie Parrish; Demi Moore debuts as Jackie Templeton

1983 - Luke caught in avalanche, meets Holly Sutton; Luke presumed dead, Robert marries Holly; Luke returns, becomes mayor, reunited with Laura

1984 - Felicia, dressed as a boy, meets Frisco

1985 - Pickle-Lila is born

1986 - Burt Ramsey revealed as "Mr. Big"

1987 - Tania, Tony Jones' wife dies after being struck by a car 

1988 - Ned and Monica Sleep Together

1989 - Felecia marries Colton then sees Frisco alive on the docks

1990 - Casey the Alien arrives in Port Charles from Lumina 

1991 - Tony Geary debuts as Bill Eckert; SS Tracy capsizes in the harbor

1992 - An Earthquake destroys the Brownstone

1993 - Return of Luke and Laura; Lucky Spencer meets Ruby 

1994 - BJ's Death; Nurses Ball Debuts; Ward Family Introduced 

1995 - Stone's death; Jason loses his Memory due to a car accident; Brenda wears a     wire-- this was a BIG year!! 

1996 -  First prime time airing:"A Twist of Fate"   Click-Boom Lily's Death

1997 - Carly reveals herself to be Bobbie's biological daughter 

1998 - Elizabeth's RapeSean and Tiffany's Wedding; 2nd Prime time special for 35th anniversary

1999 - Faison Returns 

2000 - Zander Smith arrives in Port Charles

2001 - "The End Game" storyline pauses and is eventually scrapped in the wake                 of  9/11 terrorist attacks 

2002 - GH airs it's 10,000 episode on April 17th 

2003 - 40 year celebration;  "Port Charles" TV Show Debuts

2004 - Sam and Sonny lose their baby Lila when she is stillborn. 

2005 -  Helena shoots at Emily but hits Lucy instead 

2006 - Lulu has an Abortion; Laura wakes up from Coma; Tony dies and sees BJ

2007 - "Night Shift" spinoff aired from July-Oct on Soap Net; Emily Q killed  and      Alan Quartermaine dies 

2008 45th Anniversary Montage 

2008 - Robin Returns at Patrick and Sabrina's Wedding

2009 - James Franco comes to GH as the artist/serial killer "Franco" CO77x

2010 - Sonny shoots his own son, Dante Falconeri 

2011 -  Joss gets her kidney transplant 

2012 - John Ingle makes last appearance on GH as Edward Quartermaine

2013 - 50 year celebration; Katie Couric hosts "The Real Soap Dish" as a part of                   20/20 in recognition of General Hospital's 50th year; Robin Returns

2014 - Rocco is revealed to be Lulu's stolen embryo baby 

2015 - In May, GH aired two live episodes; Audrey Hardy appears for the last time 

2016 - Paul Hornsby is the GH Serial Killer

2017 - Kevin and Laura were married on Christmas Eve

2018 - Peter August is Henrik Faison

2019 - Oscar dies of Cancer; Sam kills Shiloh

2020 -  GH interrupted production due to COVID-19; Lulu in a Coma

2021 - The "Nixon Falls" adventure begins 

2022 - Hook Killer revealed as Heather Webber Jeff and Carolyn Webber Return

2023 - Mac Scorpio ends Ryan Chamberlain's reign of terror. 

Karen's Most Memorable Moment:  So hard to pick just one-- I have about 5 spectacular memories that had me running to the TV when GH aired. I think the one I looked the most forward to and waited the most for was Genie's return in 1983. It honestly felt like she'd been gone 5 years!! I had to skip class to make sure I was there when the moment hit. Back in the day no specific dates were given and no VHS for me!! This was magical and I really can't explain the whole "Luke and Laura" thing. You had to be there. No, it wouldn't fly today for sure but then? It was everything.  My runner's up: Brenda Wears a Wire and Tracey Withholds Edward's Medication. 

Dave's Most Memorable Moment:  Like Karen, there are many. And I can list several, but I guess I need to concentrate on one. I remember when John Ingle passed away and they appropriately honored him on a Thanksgiving episode. At the very end they showed Lila from the back with her signatured white hair bun and the two of them held hands. Lila stood up out of her wheelchair and they walked up the stairs together. I bawled like a baby. I still do when I think of it. I didn't see it coming, and it totally blew me away. Honorable mentions? Diana Taylor's death (my first episode) and for pure brilliant comic relief, Sean and Tiffany's wedding. 

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

  I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FO...