Friday, April 7, 2023

"You're not dead"

Anna was shot in the stomach. She tells Valentin to go after Victor. They say they love each other. Then she passes out. 

No one can figure out where Liesl went.  Sonny and Nina/Maxie realize the magic box was tampered with. 

Gladys comes back without the bracelet (she put it in Cody's jacket pocket). She tells Sasha she was backstage talking to Maxie AND she saw Cody Bell.  They go to find his tux. The wardrobe lady found Glady's bracelet. Cody is like: WHAT? He says someone must have put it there. Mac walks up. Questions Cody. Ends up arresting him. 

Ace and Esme are watching the Nurses Ball on TV.  Laura comes home, tells Esme she was busy with official stuff and is going to watch the ball with her. Laura gets a call that Anna is at the hospital. She leaves. 

Victor goes to the Haunted Star. They talk about Holly and Ethan. Trying to find Lucy.  They are preparing the staterooms for "guests". 

The Magic Wands dance-- TJ... Cody... Dex... Milo... other guys. Not a bad performance. 

Robert is at the Ball -- Just pops up. Why wouldn't he be with the whole Val/Anna thing? No one called him? eyeroll. Oh, Valentine finally calls him and he goes to GH. 

Spencer and Trina argue over how he treated Dex. Victor calls him. Tells him to get to the Haunted Star NOW!  Spencer gets there and asks what the plan is. 

Hospital: Valentin fills in Laura and Robert about Victor. Says Anna coded in the ambulance but they brought her back. Felicia comes in. Robert tells Valentin this is all his fault. She says it's not. 

Laura tries to call Esme, she's not picking up. Laura goes there and finds Esme knocked out. 

Lucy makes it to the Nurses Ball and gunman tells her to 'come with him". She hits him hard. She runs, he's behind her. Then Sonny beans him on the head and he goes down. 


Great Bobbie flashbacks

Lucy trips on stage, everyone knows she's alive. 


  1. since Victor SHOT Anna, there isn't a way for him to stay long right? I think the boat is on purpose cause when they escape (maybe Spence gets it done) then Victor can jump or fall or be presumed dead or whatever but that HAS to mean CS is gonna be off the show for a while? Now I think it will be May sweeps before they escape..............
    ------If Sonny finds Liesel and saves Willow, wouldn't Michael have to forgive him?
    -------Will Mac and Kevin be angry that their wives have been lying to him? Where is Kevin?
    -------LUCY go away - she got Anna shot and yet had time to come back to the Ball at the end like we said..
    -------Cody/Gladys/Brook Lynn/Chase/Linc -----------are these the storylines for a while? Sure isn't Ava, Austin..............
    ------not many acts/not a great ball/not even NED sang...............sigh.

  2. Check out this act

    1. Thanks for this. I surely miss the good old days....especially The Nurses Balls that were truly spectacular.

  3. So many funny one liners today.

    The cabin:

    Vanna: I was thinking that Anna was going to die! I didn't hear anything about that. Karen told me on her live twitter of GH that she isn't going to die! Whew. :)

    The nurses ball: Milo and the magic wands!!! :) GREAT TO SEE YOU MILO! Where is Terry? Your man is dancing on stage and you are missing it! Who is that long haired guy who was dancing with them? Sexy! YUMMY! :D Sprina! Spencer! Hahahaha. Mac you can't arrest your son! He is innocent!! That guy telling telling him to arrest that man, and talking to Gladys, he is so dramatic! Hahahahahaha! Lucy trying to find Mac, but got the bad guy instead!!! Hahaha. Kick him in the family jewels Lucy!!! :) Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: Do you know the one thing I know how to do? This.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kicking him on the leg. That's close enough. :) And then that Boa! Hahahahaha! Oh hi Sonny you came just in the nick of time. :) Yes Lucy IS alone. :) And now she has to find Mac! Uh Bobbie that is an insulting tribute to Lucy! And of course she falls! BAHAHAHAHAHA! A shocked everyone hahahaha!

    The hospital: I just want Anna to be okay!!!! :( Robert don't blame V.C.! Felicia is right. No V.C. it's not your fault!!! :(

    KevLar's home:

    Baby Ace, Vampira, and Laura: No touching baby Ace? Vampira is always holding him hahaha.


    Vampira and Laura: OH OH! Hmmm will Vampira wake up and get her memory back?

    The haunted star:

    Spencer and Victor: Victor is the reason you are going to have Spencer and Ace at the haunted star, to protect them from the hell you are about to unleash at Port Chuckles? You should really have taken The tribbles, Green beans, and badger Bob with you to save them too!!!!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to May, early June 1996* The last of the Brenda/Sonny/Lily saga.. Clink Boom! :)

    1. hmmmm Clever. I never thought of her maybe getting her memory back after getting hit on the head. Hope your right Sonya. Then old Esme will be looing for the baby. Look out Victor!

    2. "Di says, hmmmm Clever. I never thought of her maybe getting her memory back after getting hit on the head. Hope your right Sonya."

      I hope I'm right too!! :D

      "Then old Esme will be looing for the baby. Look out Victor!"

      Oh yeah!!! Look out Victor! Vampira will bite you. :)

  4. Awwww. Anna told Valentin she loves him.❤️

  5. Things I loved: Bobbie flashbacks, seeing baby Ace, Felicia sticking up for Valentin (even though Robert was a little right), seeing Cody with his shirt off didn't hurt either. If they do that more I may be able to tolerate him.

    I sure hope they aren't going to stretch the transplant into May sweeps. With Obrecht being kidnapped, possibly on that ship.. assuming with Spencer and Baby Ace... lets all say a prayer to the big man that I'm wrong.

  6. First part of the Cody frame conversation was in a different place than the second part. Bad enough the whole thing is so stupid.
    Nice tribute for Bobbie.
    The only thing I can think of is, what a mess.

  7. Happy Easter and Happy Passover

  8. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all those who celebrate.


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