Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Ship Shape

I was crabby most of the week because things just moved soooooooooo slowly. I was ready for a bang-up adventure series starting and, every day was an hour in real time. Meaning, not a lot of movement happened. Friday saved me though! Really liked the show. Who knows what I'm going to like and what I'm not!!? 

Since giant glasses of OJ keep appearing on the show, let's have some of that. With vodka. ! 

I am going to break these up into some kind of categories because this week was just so jumbled. Keep my sanity in mind when you read this!! 


: I think we all know that these two are the main draw at the moment for a lot of new and old fans. They are going through an old-timey adventure that is designed to pull at the heart-strings and ignite the fires!! He saves her, she saves him... evil enemy! You know, all the ingredients needed. Added bonus? Virginity at stake--and she's ready!! Only SO MANY INTERRUPTIONS! 

SPEED BOAT OF THE WEEK: After going out of Port Charles LAKE the Haunted Star ended up landing outside of Venezuela in a night! Now, since that night lasted 8 dang days for us, it felt like an eternity. Still--damn fast! 

WARDROBE OF THE WEEK: Thank you FOR LOST AND FOUND on that damn boat!! Trina in a casual yet comfy outfit for the rest of the journey. Wubs approves! 


GUESS WHO OF THE WEEK: OH! It's TRACY!! She's come to save Ethan (the guy in the blonde hair) from Victor's plan to auction him off for the chance of murder. She gets Ethan because Holly couldn't pay up. Everyone tussles with the room of Goons and escapes!! Do we see them again during the week? HA! HELL NO! Come on... it's only 8 hours in 5 days! Why would you show a beloved vet and the new cast of an old beloved character? Geesh! 


VIRGO MENTIONS OF THE WEEK: It all came down to a VIRGO CLUE!! Drew and Curtis search through Kim's old storage shed to find (in about 2.3 seconds) a paper that falls from a book. The paper contains a VIRGO symbol that leads Laura to figure out where this hideaway is. Why do I care? You know why.. Virgo here. And it was a little treat in an otherwise dull dull 'mystery'. 


MARROW ME  OF THE WEEK:Get it? MARROW ME? AHAHHA. Anyway, the only reason I'm including this is for the following information: Willow wants everyone to forgive Sonny for the sake of the kids (but not Nina). Michael asks Sonny to come to the wedding (but not Nina) and Avery is going to be a flower girl. Why is that important? It gave time for Ava to give Carly advice, her to mess it up and then a lengthy argument with Nina. This leads to Nina wanting to destroy Carly via the insider trading. That's it. That's all. And-- Willow's wedding was announced as being tomorrow on Thursday April 13th. *sigh*. We wait and wait. 


FALL OF THE WEEK:  Greg face-plants in Alexis' office and he finally tells her he has ALS. We all know this is a terrible, long suffering disease. Alexis gets information about it and I'm sure will help him through tough times. I personally wonder if it will be a 'dying with dignity' story. We did the Mike arc. This could be about Greg making his own plan. 

PRESENT OF THE WEEK: Krissy gets a gift from Sonny; properties to look at for a Corinthos-Davis Homeless Youth Center. It's a dream of hers (I guess?) and he's making it come true. Dex delivered the package and realizes that hey, Sonny IS a nice guy ..hmmm. Quite a quandary when you plan on turning his ass in to the feds soon. 
PS: Yes, I would support a full on Dex/Krissy affair. I think having Kristina and Joss at odds would be awesome. Not a Dex fan but for the sake of drama, let's do it. 

PCPD OF THE WEEK: I honestly almost forgot this happened!! Chase was let back on to the force after testimony from Brook and Blaze. (Sounds like a band!!). Dante gives him back his badge over coffee in the corner. 

ULTRASOUND OF THE WEEK: Molly goes in for a check up to see if she is good to go in the baby department. Dr. Navvaro (I love this actress) says: HOLD UP! I see scarring and you're having pain so there's a biopsy needed. Why? Endometriosis. Kirsten  Storms (Maxie) suffers from this in real life and has been open about treatments. I hope they do it justice. I like that TJ and Molly will be on more, that's for sure. 

NEDLY OF THE WEEK: Was Ned on to discuss Brook's outting of her SA guy, Linc?? After all it just happened the night before, right? Nah.... they are back talking about ELQ Stocks and such. I guess it was to usher in the whole Insider-Trading thing that Nina is going to expose? Who knows.  Weirdly missed beat there. 

NOTE the Orange Juice Glasses 

BRACELET BANTER OF THE WEEK: Sam talked to Gladys, Cody talked to Brook, Sasha talked to Gladys and Cody. WHY? That "stolen bracelet"! Who believes who? Cody won't tell that Gladys is gambling because "he might be kneecapped" and we know in real life, the actress that plays Sasha is giving birth soon so...? AND WHERE THE FK IS MAC!!?? He's missing from both this stupid story AND the big adventure!! 


NUEthan played by Aussie Actor James Ryan appears. 

Tracy is back to buy Ethan so he's not killed; Holly and Felicia are stunned

Trina is caught by Victor; Dr O saves them by saying they'll be "test subjects"

Spina almost make love but 'LAND HO" rings out.. (not that HO you meanies!!)

Victor says he's killing off 1/2 the population to save the rest. 

Curtis, Laura and Drew figure out where the HS is going

Ava talks to a sad Portia 

Ava gives advice to a crabby Carly 

Carly pushes Nina to think about turning her ass in for insider trading 

Millow's getting married "tomorrow' (April 26th) 

Kristina gets property to start a homeless youth shelter 

The Potato (or Pikeman or whatever) shipment is due in "tomorrow"

Sonny's invited to the wedding, Nina is not 

Drew pleads his case of not taking the bracelet. 

Gladys plans a trip; Sam is on to her

Ned is worried about ELQ stock and wants to get Valentin out 

Chase is now on the PCPD Again. 

Greg tells Alexis he has ALS after falling in her office 

Molly finds out she probably has endometriosis, which could impact her chance to get pregnant

Photo thx to @NivFansGH 

NEWS AND NOTES:  Helena's due around May 5th. There's a writer's strike looming large and I'm not sure if it's happening or not.  We shall see. They usually name an interim head writer to come in.  Jane Elliot will be on limited contract for awhile!! She is working to maintain her SAG healthcare. YEAH for us!! 

That's a wrap.... GH continues to be up and down for me but I'm here almost everyday! Hope you see you too !! 

ANOTHER NOTE: Someone on twitter reminded me about Taggert. YES, A HUGE, glaring HOLE!! Where is he? He doesn't even GET A MENTION? He and Curtis should be worknig together !!! 


  1. Thanks again Karen

    I don't have much to say. I do like Robert and Diane this week very much, and I do like Sprina very much. They must have gotten a bargain on Orange colored water. lol

    The Ice Princess story is terrible. Did enjoy CS as Victor, but the story needs to be done.

  2. hoping nina turns carly in for insider trading. could care less about mildew.

    1. I wouldn't mind either but then Carly is the victim again somehow.

    2. So very true. We need them to stop making Carly the victim

  3. This show is so erratic right now. The pacing and editing are terrible. Maybe a new interim writer is exactly what "GH" needs?

  4. Thanks for a great SS!
    Erratic is an understatement.
    So happy that Jane Eliot is back! But I nominate the 'execution auction' as the dumbest story insert to grace the halls of GH. Along with giant blond NuEthan, who might have been better cast as a NuJax.
    One show this week covered cancer, ALS and the above mentioned execution auction. All in 37 minutes. So very doom and gloom.

  5. --- ALL of GH fandom is screaming WHERE IS TAGGART?
    ----I just can't believe that OVER and OVER the writers write this horrible dialogue for Carly and Nina and think the fans LIKE IT? No, we don't -------please make it stop.
    ----We also don't want ALS story - it MUST be something to give NLG something to do since she hasn't had a huge storyline, but just don't wanna see it.
    -----What happened to fun and romance?????? Millow is so dragged out we don't care anymore
    -----I still think Dex gets hurt on the Pikeman thingy while Sonny is at the wedding....
    -------Sweeps start Friday --------

    1. GH gives new meaning to "sweeps". Get a broom please.

    2. Yes we are. We want Taggart. He is missing big time.

  6. I propose:

    I like the story of Krissy being a surrogate that someone posted here or....
    Kristina and Dex hook up and she gets PG and gives the baby up to TJ & Molly.
    Show us some more struggles with Leo that involve his parents.
    Willow either loses her battle or is cured by May 1st. (but first have a scene where Nina tells Willow she's an idiot to praise Harmony and Carly).
    Robert and Diane continue their shenanigans.
    Bust Gladys after Mac saves the day and figures out the set up.
    Bring Robin back to nurse Anna back to health.
    Give us more Kevin and Laura together, with Mac and Felicia, too.
    Show us Bailey Louise with Maxie, Brooklyn, and Chase.
    Bring Franco back to life, for Liz, the boys, and most of all, for Scotty.
    Reunite Scotty and Liesl.
    Show us where the hell Terry, Martin & Taggert have been
    A Vanna wedding
    Lulu wakes up
    Summer romance for Cam and Emma

  7. Since GH tapes about 4 to 6 weeks out, we should still see Helena on the 5th (unless the shows get pushed due to breaking news).

  8. in your recap, you say "Drew pleads his case of not taking the bracelet." I think you mean CODY

  9. Great SS you had me laughing, thanks! "Marrow", "Ho", orange juice all over the place, hahahahah!
    GH is very erratic but I enjoyed the week. Tracy is back, Holly is back, Trina got new clothes, Krissie was on, these are important things to me!
    Love the idea of a Dex/Krissie romance AND Krissie being a surrogate for Molly. I'm here for that!
    Because I'm awful, I like Neener being left out of the wedding. You know my feelings about her. I'm really not sure I can stomach new Ethan or an ALS story. But I'm willing to give it a try.

    And really Hallmark Hank should not be the savior (blech!) and I'm also looking for Taggart. Come on GH, show us our guy!

    1. What has Hallmark got to do with his character?

    2. Di, the actor is in movies on the Hallmark Channel all the time. :)

    3. Exactly. The ACTOR. The real live hard working human being who has the role and plays it as directed. Have you ever read his story.? On top of battling Perthes disease as a child he's fought and beaten cancer as an adult. And yes, has establised a career as an actor in roles at Hallmark. Give him a break.

    4. Oh good lord here we go again.

    5. thought exactly.


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