Sunday, April 16, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Prisoners of Hauntatraz


Well, Victor's PLAN was put in motion and all was revealed. Where? Aboard the Haunted Star; cursed by Helena and given to Luke and Laura on their wedding day. Full Circle? Well...almost. 

You know I have a lot to say about everything so settle in and lets go to the galley for some grub! 

My alternate title was: The GOONIES because damn, there were a LOT of guys hanging around being all goons with a gun!! 

Almost everything that happened was on the boat so bear with me if I skip over a lot of that drama. They escaped and somehow are making it to open waters via the St. Lowrance Seaway. Why the Coast Guard couldn't find a medium rogue yacht in the middle of April is beyond me--but DRAMAZ! 

TEARS OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Valentin--so so sad over Anna. It's ok, we all knew she wouldn't die. Even when she was dead a couple of times she wasn't dead. And...the new Charlotte? I guess they wanted to age her but, she really was um.. nervous? Yes, Anna woke up and is already figuring out what happening with Victor. By the way--the PLAN? Did NOTHING. LOL. Victor got the necklace and ..welp! All that time and cover-up really amounted to zippo. 

GLOW UP OF HE WEEK:  Um. .. protein shakes and working out ....or.....? I mean wow. 

STOWAWAY OF THE WEEK:  Trina, skulking around the ship! There's plenty of time for some romance and old fashioned GH "adventure" for Sprina fans ahead. Trina also basically saved everyone by giving out the location of the ship. So... On to Venezuela! 

NANNY OF THE WEEK: Meet Jane. Baby wrangler. 

PLAN OF THE WEEK: Ok, here it is: Victor is continuing Mekkos' dream of having a more perfect world. He's gathered the 'faithful' somewhere and is taking his family and Dr Obrect to a location where he has a pathogen. Then, it will be released and kill everyone but the people he wants to be alive and then they repopulate. Okayyyyyyyy. Drink some more buddy because this sounds wild. The Ice Princess had the code to the hidden bunker. I have a feeling we will be IN that bunker for a long time. *sigh* 

If anyone remembers Mikkos; conversation about the weather station back in the day, it was around a table a well. 

DEJA VU TWO OF THE WEEK:  Trina in the control room reminded me of Laura on her adventure. They actually had Laura telling her what to look for and to give coordinates. "After all, I got that ship for my wedding gift"! 

DEJA VU THREE OF THE WEEK:  As @ChrisRHood pointed out on Twitter, not only did Robert and Laura get Victor ...Laura is wearing a hot pink gown!! Hmmmm Interesting! 

WUBS FAVE MOMENT OF THE WEEK:  OMG, when the Victor told Spencer he would be going without food, the goon picked up a strawberry and ate it in front of him. Heh..

MILLOW BONE MARROW ALERT OF THE WEEK: I've been reporting on this status for months and months. Now? Willow, you're fu*ked! Obrect's gone and.. welp. We are having a wedding "tomorrow". Spoilers say like the 26th so one day is going to last a lifetime kids. :eyeroll: 

BLONDE TO BLACK OF THE WEEK: Brook Lyn to Maxie: "You're at the hairdressers? Get over here"! She did mention her hair and that she liked it. Kirsten had posted pics on IG of the change so most of us knew. I would have loved to see people's reactions that had no idea this was coming!! 

NO ONE CARES OF THE WEEK: Yeah.. sorry. No ONE. 


Victor takes Dr. Obrect, Spencer, Ace, Several Goons, A nanny and stowaway Trina out to sea. 

Victor outlines his plan for releasing a pathogen to kill everyone but his "chosen" 

Trina manages to call to shore and they find out the coordinates for the Haunted Star

Cody Bell is arrested for stealing Glady's bracelet

Millow finds out Liesl is missing and so is her marrow

Sam bails Cody Bell out

Sonny doesn't care if Dex and Joss are going out

Esme's head hurts 

Anna wakes up

Charlotte ages

Valentin cries

Maxie dyes her hair 

Brook Lynn rushes to Chases' review meeting 

I don't know folks. I have such mixed feelings. I'm still not happy with how the Nurses Ball went (or didn't go) and the fact that Victor only has 3 hostages (yes, Trina's there but she wasn't chosen by him) is frustrating. I wish he would have brought the Davis Clan (all Cassadines) and Ava. Why? He is secretly in lust with her and she'd be a good companion. I don't want to see the same goons and people for weeks. There will be a rescue (Holly and I think Felicia) but.. ugh. I don't think Laura is physically going there and Robert has been in and out of this story like a ping pong ball. Anyone going to tell Mac? Where's Taggert? 

As for the other stories, they don't really hold interest. The Willow dying saga has lasted FAR FAR too long. Do I want to see the wedding? Meh. Do I care about Crew? Nope. Sonny is inserted wherever they can place him. Brook and Chase are doing the most boring dance EVER with this on/off/mad/angry/guilt story. 

Holly's coming. Helena will make a brief appearance and I guess I have to sit tight to see everything unfold. In the early 80s "adventures" on Soaps were novel. They've been done to death. Most of us watch great dystopian shows that are streaming. This feels clunky and just.. blah. 


  1. I agree Karen; just clunky and blah. It's a shame too because the actors (some of them) are very good. The writers, creators etc. stink. There I've said it.

    Back in the 80's the stories took FOREVER to finish, but they were so addictive and so interesting that you didn't mind watching it for MONTHS even because they were just great. They'd have like IDK 3 or 4 store plots going on and they would show it EVERY day and play it out well. Now the cast is too big and too many dropped stories. So many characters that we just don't care about. They could get rid of half the cast and focus on the good actors and we'd be happy. Sorry to say that, but it is true.

    Thank you as always Karen. You are the best.

    PS. Wow, didn't realize that Spencer/ Nicholas was so buff. Trina is going to have a great time when it finally happens. lol

  2. Nicholas Chavez (Spencer) needs to go easy on the working out, or he's going to turn into Steve Burton (Jason), who always looked inflated and unnatural to me in recent years. It's not appealing.

    Is it wrong of me to hope Liesel doesn't make it back in time and Willow dies? I think it would make that story more dramatic and the fallout for Michael *might* be interesting to watch.

    The actress who plays Jordan 3.0 is beautiful but she just cannot act. I owuld not mind a bit if they wrote the character off the show and let Mac or Anna take over the PCPD.

    Besides Jordan, several other characters really need to go: Willow, Gladys, Sasha, Drew and Cody could all leave and I would not miss them one bit.

    1. agree agree especially Jordan - she has no emotion at all.

  3. The nurses ball was a let down. Anna is shot and Emma who was at the ball is suddenly nowhere to be found. Lucy basically led Victor to the safe house, will we see people pissed at her. Happy for a Sprina adventure. It seems that Victor's hostage taking and getting to the island will take a while, so Willow should either be dead or too far gone for the transplant by the time everyone is saved. GH needs to stop making a day last weeks. Finally will someone anyone suggest that Ace have a DNA test. We only have Esme whose not necessarily a truth teller saying Nic is the father. I still say Wiley isn't Michael's, just because Nelle was with him and got pregnant doesn't mean he's the dad. We need these off screen father's to come looking for these women find out they had kids get some tests and get rid of them. They already have a lot of kids we never see. James was last shown as a baby he is now 6-7-8 and we won't see him until he's a teen. Wouldn't be a surprise that to get Liesl to help him Victor could have a comatose Nathan on the island. I know Ryan isn't coming back, but that would be a something unexpected.

  4. Today's SS says it all! Thanks Karen.
    "Willow, you're fu*ked!"...almost spit out my coffee. She looks darn good for someone on the edge of death for weeks and weeks.
    Can't find a place for Cody or Drew? Make them a couple. That would surely wound Carly's ego.
    This whole invisible ship thing is so ridiculous. However, the similarities with Laura's earlier adventures are cool. A few more flashbacks/stills would really have been cool.
    Trina was doing great until they made her stupid. She knew enough to leave the phone but took the walky talky. And is still wearing her coat.

    1. and high heel shoes. Who sneaks around on a ship in high heel shoes. Even a seasoned sailor would have trouble navigating the ship on the lakes in those. And then there's the clop clop clop as you walk on the deck. geesh...

  5. Just read a "spoiler", more like a made up idea, that says Nikolas miraculously shows up to save the day. It would be clever. If so I'm hoping for a MC return. I'm in the minority but I really liked him.

    1. Agree about Nick showing up, but disagree about MC. At least TC had some semblance of intelligence.

    2. There is something about MC that attracts me. A mischievous sparkle in his eyes. But TC would be good too.

  6. ----IF the Sprina thing is also a retro of Luke, Laura and Robert, I will allow it! I still think it's a stupid storyline -------------see back in the 80's, we didn't have other stations or social media, so it was riveting TV ------ I didn't like the weather machine but Laura, Luke, and Robert were so good and a great love story so it was fine.............THIS THING with Victor is beyond stupid.....
    -----completely dropped someone is after Sonny -----and I agree with everyone here that the Nurse's Ball was disappoing (the worst one for me) because it wasn't about NURSES or GH! It was about LINC and Gladys and no one cares......and don't even get me started with Millow storyline....
    -------Love me some Diane!
    -----I fear Molly and TJ having a baby will be at the forefront and then go away too - still think Kristina will be the surrogate/Molly can't carry a child...
    -------weekly WHERE IS TAGGART and WHERE is Martin? and when did Mac and Kevin find out what has been going on?
    -----can't find a huge ship actually makes me laugh which is not what the writers want!
    ------wonder why Charlotte was SORAS?


    Mikkos and Luke


    Now this is a Nurse's Ball; and using the talent they have.

    1. Jon Lindstrom has singing talent; wonder why he hasn't been in the ball in forever.

    2. Also, doesn't Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) sing or play an instrument or something too. Couldn't they have included him in the Nurse's Ball. Just poor, poor planning on NOT using the talent they have


    This still makes me cry


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