Thursday, April 6, 2023



Well.. I hope I'm more entertained today!! So far the Ball is?? A bust. I really miss the days when it was run like a "broadway event" and the acts were one after the other with MAYBE 2-3 min of chat between. I also hate the strong lighting. Make it darker in there! 

The three run into the safe house. So much for us thinking Valentin got shot LOL.  Anyway, Lucy sneaks off and Val and Anna shoot at come combat guys that come in. Victor wants the real necklace. Yells at Valentin for making him think he was dead. 

Mac, Felicia and Bobbie talk about NBalls past. One clip of Felicia doing her first clown act. 

Brook throws a drink on Linc to have him stop talking to Joss. He grabs Brook.

Cody, Sasha.. talking about the garage. 

Chase and Blaze perform. Never heard of the song. 

 "Danielle Ponder" is singing ..supposedly she's a "public defender" that's made it big. I don't know what this has to do with GH. She's good but.. ? Why not say she was Epiphany's niece or cousin? SO RANDOM..and so out of place. 

Sonny gives Bobbie a check to start a scholarship in Epiphany's name. It's in Stone's memory. They talk about Stone. 

Spencer tells Dex to stop drinking on the job. Tells him to get back to work. Trina overhears. She's really mad at him for acting entitled. Leaves. Joss tells him to go back to Europe.

Brook calls out Linc when he's onstage with Blaze and tells everyone he's a sexual predator and then Blaze tearfully backs her up. I really found it out of place but.. I'm crabby. 

Goonie tells Spencer that he has to be ready because Victor is going to call on him and he has to do what he says. 

Gladys slips away from the ballroom. 

Georgie and James doing a magic trick with Liesl. 


Liesl disappears, is in the trunk of a car driven by one of Victor's goonies.

Valentin gives Victor the necklace, Victor shoots Anna in the chest (I think? who knows, it's GH)

Gladys put her bracelet in Cody's jacket while he was changing for his act so people will think he stole it. 


  1. Even with the positivity the NB encourages, GH sticks to it's doom and gloom regularity.
    BLQ wins the day. And hopefully Trina sees the light. We love Spencer but he is who he is and probably won't ever change.
    Georgie and James were delightful. I did wonder where Leisl was. Will the bad guy win again? When they do they usually meet their end soon after. Hate to see CS go.

  2. We all saw that coming when the kids came out with a magic trick that it would involve Victor-----now HOW MANY MORE MONTHS do we have to endure MILLOW? and why would he take Liesel right now??? the writers are deliberating irritating us...
    -----I think Lucy pops up at the end of the ball cause she is selfish - BUT do Kevin and Mac KNOW THE TRUTH by now? Where is Martin and where is Scott?
    ---beyond stupid the ICE PRINCESS is at the safe house - I hope it is so fake...
    ----Anna wouldn't be shot I don't think - but Victor thinks she is I guess.....
    ---- the drama is Linc, Brook, Blaze and Chase so obviously Linc is gonna get killed and Chase or Brook will be blamed......just came outta nowhere unless Chase forgive Brook Lynn but no one cares..........
    -----still not a great ball ------ I want Ned and Olivia to sing.....
    -----Gladys is a sneak but that is smart but the bodyguard will know she disappeared.....

    1. "mufasa says, We all saw that coming when the kids came out with a magic trick that it would involve Victor"

      Not me! I didn't know Dr. O would be kidnapped.

      "HOW MANY MORE MONTHS do we have to endure MILLOW?"

      UGH! I'm getting tired of watching her being sick and dying. It's almost a year since she has been sick. Geez writers stop tormenting us!

      "I want Ned and Olivia to sing..."

      Me too!!!

  3. sounds like i can wait to watch this on the weekend.

  4. I found both of those things out of place too, kd. The singer was great but surely there was a previous GH cast member that they could have gotten as a guest star.They didn't have to invent a previous character.

    And Brooklyn calling Linc out on stage was so inappropriate at a charity event. For one thing hasn't Congress already passed a bill limiting the enforcement of non-disclosure agreements in sexual harassment disputes?

    And add to that the Gladys storyline is really making me cranky. Now Cody gets to be a scapegoat for her lying andstealing. I want her called out.

    At least Spencer got called out for being an entittled pr***.

    And I am also so disappointed with the wimpy end to the scene where Linc was mauling Joss. That could have been played so much better. Carly, Sonny, or even Dex walking in on that scene would have left us all much more satisfied.

    And kidnapping Liesl? Beyond ridiculous. What was the point of that?

    And I am now beyong cranky.

  5. The cabin:

    Vanna and Lucy: Lucy crawling around on the floor! ROFL! Where is she going? Is she going to the nurses ball and get Mac to help her?

    Vanna, Victor and the bad men:

    Victor wins the line of the day.

    Victor: Oh! Valentin! You are alive!

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! I don't want Anna to be paralyzed!!! Oh shot instead! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I hope she is wearing a bullet proof vest!! Great scene. I can't wait to see what Victor is going to do with the necklace!

    The nurses ball:

    Linc and Joss: Joss just punch him in the face!!!! I'm glad Brooky stopped him. Brooky go tell Sonny!

    Bobbie and Sonny: Bobbie you are right! Sonny does have his moments. :)

    Danielle Ponder: Who? I don't even know this song. She is good. :) I really hope Erykah Badu is going to be there to sing! She is a really good singer!

    Blaze and Chase: Okay okay this was good, but I rather see Chase sing and dance alone. Hopefully next year.

    Blaze, Chase, Linc, Brooky, Maxie, and Dante: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GO BROOKY AND GO BLAZE! Brooky tell Sonny in front of everyone what Linc was doing to Joss!

    Linc to Chase: You are not a cop anymore.

    Dante: No I'm a cop.

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! You tell him Dante! Love that Dante kicked him off the stage!! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT!

    "Karen says I really found it out of place but.. I'm crabby."


    Danielle Ponder, Maxie, and Carly: Carly is fan girling all over Danielle Ponder! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, I'm glad it wasn't Anna who was doing that. :)

    Spencer and Victor's bad guy: Oh boy! What's Victor want with Spencer?

    Spencer and Dex: OH! Of course Spencer exerting his power! ROFL!

    Spencer, Trina, and Joss: Ooooo Trina not happy with you Spencer! You gotta make it up to her!!!

    Spencer and Joss: Spencer getting his ass whopped by Joss hahahaha. Great scene.

    Sam's table:

    Cowboy Cody and Dex:

    Dex: Cody it's time.

    Time for what? Is it the Milo magic wands already? So that means the Nurses ball is over already?! Damn!

    Georgie, James, and Dr. O: OH! It's not over. Then what the hell was Dex talking about? And why did Finchy tell Liz to wish him luck? I thought he was going to be in an act. Great scene!!! Adorable!!!! :) Oh oh Dr. O vanished!

    Dr. O and the car trunk: RA RO! Oh great we have to keep watching Willow on her death bed. Oy!

    Gladys and Cowboy Cody's jacket: OH MY!!! Soapy goodness. :)

    MacLicia and Bobbie: Oh nice talk about the past. Kinda sorta but not really a flashback. :(

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to April 1996* More of the Sonny/Brenda/Lily saga.

    1. I forgot that Liesl is donating tomorrow. Maybe that's the writer's point because it wouldn't make sense any other way. She's hardly going to be a hostage to keep Val entine in line.

  6. Sadly the bad guys have always won on GH (Sonny, Jason). I love the characters but yeah its kind of ridiculous. Spencer being an ass except in the arms of Trina or heart to hearts with Laura showing his soft side is magical when it happens. When it doesn't, you just see an ass.

    Meh to Linc, Blaze, Chase and Brookie. Love the actress playing Brooklynn but her material stinks. Its boring and most of us simply don't care.

    I agree with the comments on the NB in general. Unless our socks are going to be knocked off tomorrow or Monday, this is lame. Lucy has always been very annoying but we love her anyway. She asks for forgiveness later every. Single. Time.
    We want a surprise vet in a number or a bunch of them together please!

  7. I know a lot of the NB (historical NB) has had lip syncing - but it's bad this year - and combined with auto-tune (is that what they call it) - it's almost unbearable. The GH actors are talented - turn off some of the technical stuff and just let them be showcased! **I'm at least as crabby as Karen - maybe more!!**

    1. I hate that auto tune. Many big name artist's use it too. If you are good you don't need all the tech crap.

  8. What on earth is going on with this show? This is some SNL-level satire. The show has the most talented cast in daytime. The writing - The Emperor Has No Clothes. There are no stories. Where is Laura during the 60th anniversary?

  9. My favorite part was Valentin crouching behind that upturned 1/16" thick IKEA table.

  10. You commenters have said it all. I'm totally unimpressed, disappointed and bored. Don't like "auto tune", so inappropriate to call out Linc on stage at a charity event, and editing is a mess. Dex goes to get Cody and 2 minutes later he's back in the audience in his tux watching the kids, and then he's backstage supposedly changing and talking to Dex while Gladys is skulking around. The only surprises were Gladys setting up Cody and Dr. O in the trunk. I expected more acts, more vets, and some songs I've actually heard of.

  11. My understanding is Danielle Ponder is a YouTube star. I had never heard of her before but, man, she can belt out a tune. But why, oh why was it Carly that met her? (Other than the writers shoving her and Sonny down our throats every chance they get.) It would have made more sense for Brook Lynn to meet her and be inspired to seek out medical options for restoring her voice.

    The Valentin/Victor confrontation was great. Victor seemed truly evil. I hope the producers figure out a way to keep CS around after all of this is over.

    I am beyond bored with the Linc storyline. I hope that's the last we've seen of him.

    Do you think there's any chance Robin might pop up before the NB ends?

    1. and Kevin WHY did Carly say her mom was co-chair and 'I used her credentials to come backstage?" for crying out loud everyone is walking around - even a llama - it ain't exactly a Taylor Swift concert. I was befuddled

  12. I looked up Danielle Ponder - she was actually an attorney and gave up her career to be a singer!

  13. So many great musical performers have ties to GH. Rick Springfield, Ricky Martin, John Stamos, Jack Wagner and Wally Kurth for goodness sakes. I'm sure there's more. Why are none of these talented people involved in the 60th celebrations.
    Honestly, being pushed back a day is only a tiny problem that GH is facing. The whole NB and the evilness surrounding it is confusing and chaotic. Maybe today will be better.

  14. The Nurses Ball is beyond boring. This was the best they could do for the much lauded 60th anniversary? I did like how they managed to get a song and dance from Val and Anna but the rest is underwhelming. Another thing....When they showed Liesl in the car was that daylight? Where are the continuity editors!

  15. Danielle Ponder was great! I hear her frequently on Sirius. I agree though that it would have been nice to have a former musical cast member since it is an anniversary celebration.


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