Friday, January 30, 2015

Hazy Chair Memories

"Josslyn, Karen won't sit for you anymore after you locked her in the attic" ~ Carly 2015  !! KAREN. ME. 
Jake, Carly, Sam and Paddy are at the PCPD. Jake is all "I didn't do this".  Carly's convincing him he didn't see Dr. Collins. Jake remembers seeing Helena instead of Kevin.
Later, Sam goes into the interrogation room and asks him about the phoenix. 

Everyone gets on the boat... Fluke gets there too. Even Sabby and Carrrrlos is there.  The bomb is ticking away slowly....

Helena in White Sable.  Ahhh, resplendent. She tells Nik NOT to go to the party. 

Jake is taken away.  Michael is like "he's a good guy, he had a TBI". Like brain injury = goodness. WEIRD.
Is no one going to see that NOT so well hidden BOMB? geesh. Like even IF it blows up, who's going to die? Day player 3? Even IF they did die, they'd just come back. So, not exciting. 

In the van, Ava calls Franco a bitch LOL.
Jules calls Lucas to warn him about Fluke. The call is lost though.  Franco says they have to go see Nina before they all go to the Haunted Star.  BUT Then Johnny and Carlos chase them (there was a GPS on the phone) 

Heather is doing Nina's nails in a nice blood red. She says she's not Diana.  She tells her about being Franco's mama and selling him. 

AND THE WHOLE SHE-ZAMMMMMMM..>Dante is waking up, slowly..his phone rings. He's hazy.."Luke" is not making a sound in that chair, it's turned the wrong way. You know it's gonna be bones in there. LOL.'s exactly like NASH was on OLTL> EXACTLY 

East Coast Event!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Recast Kevin

Jon Linstrom is on True Detective 2, which is a pretty damn good reason to miss an afternoon on GH. So, I thought his replacement looked way familiar, especially his speech patterns.

The Jimmy

ahahahaaha. OMG. I'm dying. 

A Break, A Jake and A Fake

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Well, Dante is knocked out. We DO see Luke..but he could be just Fluke seeing Luke since Dante isn't seeing anything. And Fluke made NO NOISE when Dante was around.  So is it Bill's Bones in the chair?  You know, a decomposed corpse? 
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think Fluke is totally mental. LOL.  Dante lays on the floor. Fluke taunts Luke 
for the 89th time.  HE dresses in a tux and knocks out Dante again with the crowbar. 
Fluke puts a bomb in Luke's lap. Leaves.

Donna Mills spent all her money on contraband cosmetics.  Ava  is getting knifed by a guard and Sonny saves her...then they all jump and people break out. 

Jake killed the bartender and got in to bartend the party..with a BOMB. He hides it under the bar. YAWN He gets arrested by Nate. 

Brad wants Lucas to move in..he WUBS him. Sam saw the Phoenix in Brad's apartment.  She freaks out.

Carly and Nate figure out Jake is the kidnapper. The bullet from Nate's shoulder matched the gun in Jake's bag. They are all WE GOTTA GO GET JAKE!! 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Off today!

My Aunt is in the hospital so I am going to a real hospital instead of watching a fake one. Sorry. It's cold here too- and I can't take it much longer!!

I hear there's a NEW KEVIN????/

This is one of my fave GH pics: 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another Slow Day

20150127 0640(17)

What do you need to know from today?

Ava gets a visit from Silas -- sees the baby.

Dante goes to break into the basement but Helena says to Fluke she "took care of that". Meaning I guess she moved Luke.
If Luke even exists. 

Actually, she had the house condemned so that could be what she's referring to.  Sloane stopped Dante from going into the basement. 

Luke's still planning on blowing up the yacht. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

heart pancakes

Bobbie says "Aunt Ruby died 16 years ago today" Lulu says she doesn't remember Ruby. Which she wouldn't since she was SORA's but if it was 16 years ago, that means Lulu is like 18 LOL. Nevermind. They have "heart shaped pancakes" to celebrate her. Should have had chili. 

Ava is out roaming the halls in a prison hoodie. LMAO COME ON!! She's in the MALE prison now.  She knows how to break out in the van. I guess they'll all end up in the van.

Franco gets busted for the cell phone. He trades it back for a drawing he did that the guard can "sell".  He calls Nina, she hands the phone to Heather. Heather says to leave Nina alone. Or she'll crush her like a little birdy. 

Jordan sees TJ on the docks-- he's got a little beard goin' there. She might be telling him she's undercover???? NOPE..she does tell him she saved Ric, but only that she was with Shawn and now works for the "other side" (Sonny) not Jeromes. 

Grave--Empty.  Sonny's gonna take care of it himself .
Dante is at graveyard-- Jordan fills him in. Then Fluke walks up behind him. "helloooooo Dante"  Dante asks if Ruby was Bill Eckert's mother. Nope, Ruby is Bill's Dad's sister.

Fluke sees the empty grave. 

Fluke taunting Luke. He wants to blow up the boat and watch everyone snow "down like confetti". 

I think that is Bill Eckert but he doesn't know he's Bill because Helena messed with his brain.
That would give us a 1-2 punch. Helena has been using Bill all these years when Luke leaves town--maybe Fluke hit Jake. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Frozen Ground

-Here we go! Another week closer to the FLUKE REVEAL! (If you care). I do have to say that GH has a hell of a powerhouse cast. It's huge--but the actors are just awesome. I do enjoy watching them work every day, even if the stories lag and drag for a bit. 
20150123 0734(17)
Where's MY BUDDY!? 
It's been a long 5 days, imo. Long long long. The Haunted Star is back out of storage, Naxie spent hours in bed again, Jake had a head bump, Carly found a gun, a grave got dug and of course, the days of wine and phones at the state pen and mental hospital appeared. 

I'm having Greek Yogurt in honor of the Cassadines. Ouzo anyone? 

Friday, January 23, 2015

You Sunk My Battleship

Sonny has a plan. Franco wants in. Franco says to Sonny: "hey, you and Julian close? Julian, does he call you Carly"?? AHAHAAA 
Franco calls Nina. 


Nina plays Battleship with Heather. Heather gets mad at her when she finds out the connection with Franco. Heather isn't letting on she's Franco's mother though. Now Heather is acting really nice to her. Wants to be "her mother in Miscavage". She tells her her name is Diana Taylor LOL.

Donna Mills is back in jail. Taunts Ava. They look a LOT alike. Ava gets threatened by a guard with a knife.  

Kiki and Morgan with baby Coco at Kelly's...she's still ADORRRRRRABLLLLLE. Lulu offers Morgan a job on the Haunted Starr. 

Luke has the Bat at the Haunted Star..and Lucas and Michael are there too? You think he'll KILL THEM?????????????? YOU THINK????? huh? HUH? I mean it's so thrilling.
Yeah, right. Zzzzzzzzzzz. No, he's going to let them have the house and he's going to THROW THEM A PARTY TOO! wow! Michel gets mad because Lulu asked Morgan to work at the Star. So he doesn't want to have the party. Luke tells him to suck it up. 

Later, Fluke goes to the basement. Toys with Luke. Tells him "don't worry about who I am, worry about what I'm gonna do". 

Shawn thinks Jordan is a cop. She says NOPE. They are going to dig the grave up (I think it's sunset?) but gab about Fluke/Bill for awhile.
Shawn digs and 2 minutes gets to the coffin and opens it.


SEE you Monday! 


YEP...Daytime Confidential has all the details. Some chick from YR coming to GH. I'm telling you what... 
My reaction? Pretty shocked. I get we may need a girl this "age" on GH but there are TOO MANY CHARACTERS ON THE SHOW. Ergo, I was kind of like "ONE DOWN!! 10 to go"!!!!!!!!! Kill her off, murder mystery style :) 

Nope  Kiki Lives.
And you know me. Grumpy PANTS when it comes to having to get used to new people. 


Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Phoenix In the Snow...

20150122 0647(21)

Oh How you tremble so....
Little Phoenix in the snow....
Looking, watching waiting...
always hoping, anticipating. 

ALERT: AS OF 2:57PM/EST today, Lonesome Phoenix has been found...I repeat...found and put into the pocket of Lucas Spencer--The Younger. Not to be confused with Fluke the Illegal Impostor aka and or Hallucination of the Ancient Mountain Top.  Recon has determined that Phoenix may end up in the hands of a relative of the Asian Quarter. 
**Note ALL fundraiser activities for location have been cancelled. Free BLTs from 7-8pm this evening. 

story unfolding.... 


Naxie spending a ton of time in bed--and now they are talking about Maxie and Johnny's past. 

Carly finds the mask and gun in Jake's bag. HE's like that's not a gun. Maybe he thinks it's salami. Carly figures out he probably did kidnap Sam but won't tell 

Alexis and Sam at lunch talking about Patrick's schlong. AND THE PHOENIX!! THE PHOENIX! 
Long story short, Lucas finds it, puts it in his coat.

Shawn is going to dig up Bill Eckert. That should go well. In January.  Jordan catches him. Yawn

sOk, I've had it with this jail shit. If you are going to have "Jail" stuff, at least TRY TO make it 2 or 3% real. Jules and Sonny are like in a cafe somewhere, chatting on the phone. I get it's a soap. But this is insulting and stupid. Either put Sonny away or don't. Don't half ass it so badly I want to scream.


And..Sonny and Jules are gonna BUST OUTTA HERE!!!!! ahahaaha 

Thursday National Report

In these times of deflated footballs, we must ban together to avoid the national horror that will follow.  It's just so so upsetting, I can barely function.


Seems a lotta people are watching Empire! My Twitter Feed Exploded 

Can't wait for "Call Saul" ... Eeeeeeeeee!! 

Can't wait to see "Cake" 

Giving Downton Abbey a B+ so far, tired of Mr. Bates being under suspicion again.. I mean, really. I also think that Thomas killed that guy. Not sure why, but that's the soap in me. Also? Edith could go live on the farm, don't care.  Oh, and PS. how bad WAS the sex with Tony, Mary? LOL!! 

Love Obama's mic drop moment during SOTU address 

The lady for the GOP response? Priceless Bahahaha!

It's still colder than hell here like REALLY COLD

My flu is better but I'm still dizzy. 

I'm still in love with Twitter. 

Just read a good book; Gods of Gotham about the early NYC police force. Fiction but great 

When you're sick you don't care but now the house looks like a wreck that I must sanitize

GH Thougths: 

1.  Is giving me hives
2. Sam acts like she didn't boff Silas for the past how many months. 
3. the Phoenix thing cracks me up (can you tell?)
4. So GLAD Ric's "Back" 
5. Sonny's  TV in his cell isn't digital, wonder if he got a converter box 
6. Sam has a housekeeper? 
7. I really hope Luke does something like walk around in his underwear soon because Zzzzzzzzz
8. MIA this round: Nina, Franco, Ava  but! Lucas has some airtime ..go figure
9. Why do they bother having Molly and TJ on at all? 
10. Can we hope Kiki gets killed in something that involves spiders or maybe a free fall from a plane? Or, she goes bat nuts and decides to join a cult? 
11. I'm not gonna make it until sweeps. Not. gonna. 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Words With Friends.

Yes, we learned Fluke is playing a fake game of WWF with Robert, and Robert outscored him with the word "Sheila'.

SIGH........seriously.  :eyeroll:

Jake went to GH on a stretcher-- with his bag but not the phoenix of Sam's. It's in the alley. 

Sam notices it is gone. She's like SOMEONE TOOK IT! Wouldn't you totally be like: DANNY? did Danny put it in his mouth or play with it on the Fisher Price Farm? 

Michael won't listen to Sonny. 

Carly whined to Shawn ..I WANNA SEE SOOOOONY..Please tell him to SEE ME SHAWNY!
Alexis comes in and tells him he's got a restraining order against him via Michael Quartermaine.

Little Phoenix in the snow, where will you end up, where will you go? 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


And. Jake sees himself with Sam..ergo, he's not gonna kill her. Let alone Paddy. SHOCKER!!!!!!! Giant SHOCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
SamTRick go into the shower ... Jake pokes around, sees himself on top of Sam in a flashback and finds her wedding ring beside the bed in a cup.  He sees the Chinese Dragon thing on the sideboard. He goes into the shower and....
cries and leaves. 
Goes out side, has vertigo and falls down.

I think Nikolas is totally setting Helena up for a fall. He'll get the Q shares and thwart her plans.
This Luke convo is ridiculous. Like right he'd team up with Helena after she's tried a million times to kill his entire family.

Best part of today? Johnny and Maxie..and Brandon and Kirsten.awww. They talked about a "planned baby" and if he had a baby girl, he'd name her Harper!! TOO CUTE! KS looks so good. Remember right before she left for a bit? So worried about her. Now look at her!! She's just in such good health. 

Lulu and Olivi and Dante and Nate. Blabber ..exposition of yesterday.

Sonny and Julian figure out he might be Bill Eckert. Sonny explains Bill would hate him too because of his involvement with Frank Smith. He's going to prove it's Bill. 

Bradford Anderson is back for a bit on GH. Hope for a good long while. Georgie will be home too! 

Catching UP

Gonna watch yesterday's show.

Totally Forgot Lulu even worked/owned the Haunted Star... now it's her "Heart and Soul and her JOB"! Ok then..ahahha. Man Fight!! Dante and Johnny tussle.

Hells and Luke on the docks, very interesting. Like Hells would stand out on the freezing ass'd docks and not have a lair somewhere? ANYONE Could walk by! Ok, their talk about Sex was weird. Their talk about JAKE was weird. 

I think he was going to be BILL. I think he still might be BILL--but looking more like they are changing to DID or the Fight Club illusion? If so, Helena doesn't even know that Fluke is seeing "Luke" because she knows someone is in the basement. Or does she? He said he was looking 'into the mold to make sure no clues were left behind" but never mentioned Luke. 
Curiouser and Curiouser 

Jake the Mask Face. And so predictable that he's starting to have memories. Yawn.  and ROBIN shows up. All Bangs and everything. Talking to Jake. While Sam and Patrick try to make the love, even though Jason's pic is up. They finally do. 
Robin tells 

Stupid Michael interrupts Shawn when Shawn is maybe going to do something right! 

THE Prison!! ahahaaa..the GOONS: We gots more where that come from... come on guys...and a bunch of old barely functioning cons walk out. 

And ....Carly was on. 

This better all make sense..and SOON. UGH

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Rescheduled

Sorry everyone. I've been down and out snce Friday night with the flu--stomach and other wise and can't sit long enough to do the blog yet.

It's a bitch. I do get my flu shot but as we know, this year it doesn't really matter!! Here's a fun LULU Face for you:

20150116 0916(28)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Lucas the Intern


Liz tells Patrick to watch out with Sam, she's prolly still in love with Jason. Then she sees Jake on the docks and invites him to dinner with her and the "Boys".

Sam cooks for Patrick. Danny's at Monica's. ALexis comes home--but leaves so Sam and Paddy can bow chicka bow bow.  Jake comes sneaking in-- with a mask on.

Johnny bought 1/2 of the Haunted Star back--Dante is NOT HAPPY. Brandon Barash is having a blast right now! LOL

Sonny and Julian...blabber blabber.

Shawn is in the Spencer House. Helena comes in, he hides-- and then Fluke comes in. They basically talk about Fluke's activity the entire time so Shawn can hear.

Rosie said she hurt her ankle which she didn't. LUCAS who's NOW working at GH!! takes her for X rays to see if there's a "hair line fracture".

Go hit the spoilers up there..some are new

Thursday, January 15, 2015

yabber yabber

I SO wanted Jen Aniston to get an Oscar nod. Damn it. 
Oh well.

Today's show. Anna and Jordan need UGGS. 

Today on Twitter @13n13n posted:


Sonny tells Shawn to go follow Luke. "Fluke" ... Like Shawn can DO ANYTHING.

Helena and Rosie. Rosie has on sandals!!!!!!!!

Umn..Jordan and Anna zzzzzzzzzzz and Sloane bitches out Dante and Nate.

Helena tells Nik she's working with "Luke Spencer". So, there's that.

Springfield in Syracuse Court

Careful how ya bend there, buddy. Photo: Getty Images.
Excuse my backside! 

"Sometimes they grab my crotch" all about his concert woes from 2004!! 13WHAM NEWS . He's not happy about this retrial stemming from a concert where a fan said she was injured. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back to Reality

20150114 0655(28)
The Poster Time-Lapse was cool 
I must write a bit more about yesterday just because I can. :) SO... I watched again and as a "stand alone show" the twists and back up/forwards were interesting. I enjoyed the vets. Yes I did. HOWEVER-- it really makes no sense to me why this wasn't a running story on/off through summer to November (then have the recount/scandal). I GET that the vets are allowed on that much due to budget. Shoving them all on just one day though? I don't know how I feel about that.   I say reign back some of the other character GINORMOUS airtime a bit and put these people in now and again. Maybe that's a scheduling nightmare, I don't know.  Having Sonny and Carly do convo 5,000 instead of showing Mac, Flea and Maxie at home once or twice over the holidays would sit better with me. This is the problem with a huge cast. Unless the 'other' players are woven in seamlessly you end up with--well, what we got yesterday. Chaos.  


Anna clears out her desk and Sloane is pissy with her. He's like "I didn't know you were gonna get fired" (We know that's a lie)

Helena is talking to Nikolas about ELQ. Said Jerry Jacks gave her the ELQ stocks.  She's so happy he rigged the election...but why did he do it? Well, in a nutshell, Nik's soul is still tortured over Emily. He's only been a fool with other women. She's dead so he may as well be bad. Bad Bad. 
And, anyway Sloane told him he'd look the other way about Spencer having the ballot box. 

Jake gets a gun on his bed from Helena I guess. Carly wants to talk to him. OMG she comes in and Cries "It's Michael" and hugs St. Jake. UGHhhhhhhhh GO AWAY CARLY!!!! 

Sam is looking on  a computer and Pat catches her. They talk about her looking at Jake and being crazy over thinking he's the masked guy.  Pat and Sam are going to do it. "tonight" 

Michael wants to hire Rosie at the clinic.  Rosie says "I'm not a real nurse". Wow, didn't see THAT coming a mile away. LOL. About everyone in this blog did! Michael's assistant quit!! So guess what? Rosie can do that job!! 

And, come to find out, She's working for HELENA! Yep. Maybe she's a Cassadine? 

Naxie: Maxie wants her apartment back and for Nate to move out. She wants to go "slow"

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Very "Special" Episode (drink while watching)

Embedded image permalink

So, if you came not knowing about this--"Special Eppy" you may be confused. They have "Flashbacks" to when Flea wanted to run that were never on our screen. :eyeroll: Then they have MORE flashback/nonscenes with she and Lulu putting up posters on the docks. You can tell they are "flashbacks" because she has on her Hippy clothes.

THIS IS about Felicia being mayor and the ballot box being stolen. And guess who has it? NIKOLAS,

SO, they go to arrest him at Wyndemere and...he says cuff me..BUT! Spencer comes in and says HE stole it.


Ok, there's a bunch of crap that happens but the take away is that Jordan and Shawn pitched the ballot box off the pier on New Year's. Spencer saw them do it (he snuck out with his driver). Spencer made his DRIVER GO INTO the water in January to 'get the box'. That's metal and it's like subzero out. 
DUKE asked Shawn and Jordan to do it. Dante finds out, questions Jordan who says she's basically been "with Shawn" since New Year's Eve (having sex?) and didn't have time to tell he and Anna about it.
And actually...LUCY is the one that took it in the first place. Duke helped her by having Shawn and Jordan dispose of it. 

Okay then...

Lomax won and says "Bye Felicia"!! ahahhaa. and she fired Anna. 

and GET THIS! Nikolas actually SWITCHED OUT THE VOTES and had LOMAX win!! YEP..they showed him burning the ballots in the fire. Lomax and Sloane say he's their "mutual Friend" 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday and I'm Late!

ME TO CARLY!!!!!!!! 

I came in late, didn't see how Fluke got out of the basement without Bobbie/Michael seeing Luke, but I'm sure there was a "Good" reason.

Naxie is in bed..again. 

Sonny and Julian in the YARD. Shocker!! Sonny wants to go to the cops to help Luke..since the impostor is running around. The COPS? oy!

Tracy and Lulu had a good talk.

Meanwhile, Luke is acting like a grade-A Crypt Keeper and NO ONE Notices? Geesh.. He's all grumpy cat about the Clinic.. He doesn't even TALK LIKE THE OLD LUKE for Godsakes.
HE's all pissy about Bill owning the house. PAT IS NOT HAPPY! lol.. He wants to know how BILL ENDED up with the title. 

Jake tells Carly and Sam that Dr. Collins said that those memories were "the power of suggestion". 
Helena tells Jake to kill Sam.
YOU KNOW what's going to happen. I said it months ago. He wont' be able to and he'll have flashbacks and stuff. Yada yada.

TOMORROW the election scandal gets rolling. Felicia's in court, Scotty and Alexis are there too. 

****** My newest THEORY:  Pat is LUKE'S MOTHER-- and he didn't know it. She had twins and gave Fluke away. 
How's that? 

I'm just thinking out loud LOL

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes.

Just this

Sunday Surgery: Patty-Cake Patty-Cake

20150106 0551(8)
Um...I put this here just because I can. 
It's the final hour here, I usually do my blog well before the last minute but this Another one of those weirdly disconnected then brilliant then paint-watching boring stretches that makes me question my afternoon choices. 

So--here we go! I'm going to try the Paleo diet with my son for a bit, so I'm having an egg white omelette and a banana.  I'll dream of tequila sunrises and muffins LOL.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kris Alderson OUT on General Hospital

SOD reports that Kris Alderson, emmy winning actress from OLTL and now GH is off the show.  I'm stunned. She has a LOT of connections on the show, and is seeing Chad. She's also the only girl of that age range on the show. 

Maybe more will come out? I hope she wanted to leave on her own. I like Kris-- loved watching her grow up on OLTL. This could be interesting. I believe her contract was up from her OLTL switch over about now.  Could Easton be next? Roger can probably pop in now and again.  

I'll post if I hear more. 

UPDATE: Chad Duell tweeted it was her choice to leave. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Waiting ....

Waiting for Gadot...
Waiting for Guffman...


Come ON already. For GOD Sakes...JUST COME ON. 

This could be my Sunday Surgery. You know. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is seriously getting to the point of no return for a lot of people. Probably some are already gone. 
I'm having a scotch. 


Fluke calls Helena. Says "I have a problem with Julian"..she says "I have a problem with Sam Morgan"
and NIKOLAS walks in to find her saying that. :) They bicker. She hands him a file about ELQ and says they could all make a lot of money. 


Julian and Sonny talk about Julian's boss. Or Sonny tries to. They get in a big fight with the other goons in the lot. TWO guys die, and the guards question Sonny and Jules and they are all "We didn't see anything.....we were just standing here"... Whistle. They are kinda getting along now that Johnny wants them both dead. Julian tells Sonny that his boss has "Luke Spencer's Face". 

Bobbie and Michael talk about the clinic. Michael wants LUKE on board. She says he has bad childhood memories. They go over to the house because SHE HAS A KEY ..:eyeroll: They go in, talk about the chairs and her sister Pat. Then they hear a crash in the basement. Michael wants to go down but Bobbie is like NO!

Fluke is talking to Luke about-- just a bunch of crap. HE wants to hit Bobbie with the bat. He hits a moonshine jar instead. Crash! 

Dr. O tells Sam she doesn't know who the masked man in. 

She makes an appt with Kevin for him, they go to GH-- Sam sees Jake and gives him a stink look.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

"A Breath of Fresh Air"

That's what Lulu said Johnny is!! YEP! She's all tingly. "You are in a sex-crazed state of Uber-Glee" says Lulu to Maxie. Maxie smiles.
Lulu is going on and on about Johnny. I think it was good sex. 

Meanwhile, Dante and Nathan go yell at Johnny to stay away from their GIRLIES! LOL. Johnny's apartment is the same, except all the plants died. Anthony would be so sad. 

Julian is IN....Johnny is OUT. Sonny is confoozed. LMAO... and btw, it snowed in Pentonville. Sonny has a nice prison issue hat. 

Carly and Jake..more mutual ADMIRATION CLUB. Jake has a flash back to his kidnapping Sam.

Michael was asking Ned to call Jenny Eckert about the house. Ned has her number in his phone. Yep. After like 30 years. LOL She has no idea about the house. Most of Bill's estate was passed to Sly.

Nik and Sam talk about her kidnapping and Helena being a part of things. Sam thinks Jake may be a Helena plant. 

Tracy grills Luke about the whole PAT thing. Who's that? Why don't I know about her? yada yada. Her sleeves are fuzzy and purple. eesh

THIS is the worst part of the Fluke story. Tracy being made out to be basically an idiot. I hate it.
Luke gets mad at her and goes for a walk. Don't bring up my PAST! LET IT STAY BURIED!! 

BTW, "Patricia" was mentioned maybe 3x in the 70s and never seen on screen. 

END: Fluke goes to Johnny..Johnny knows it's FLUKE under there and says "How do you look so much like Luke"?? (and mushes his face with his hands LOL)

Hells is on tomorrow 

Watch the Last Moments of Bill Eckart's Life

The last face I see--is my own! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I didn't watch yesterday's show-- so if I ask stupid questions, that's why. :) 

WATCH THE SHOW TODAY!!!!! IT'S HUGE! Seriously and WAY too much to put in the blog

JOHNNY IS OUT! Yeah! I knew he saw Lulu but didn't know he was O-U-T! Is BB staying at GH? I hope so!! He wants a hug from lulu. I didn't get how he got off, and DON'T CARE!  I guess he says he really didn't shoot Anthony Z. And they believed him! Ok then.
He and Lulu do shots!! 

Dante is worried about Lulu seeing Johnny and tells Anna their history. Dante then walks in and sees her going the shot with Johnny. 

Fluke and Luke. He says "You Smell".. LOL Fluke has a bat.  It's LUKE'S OLD BAT! They are in his childhood home. We find out from Michael that BILL ECKERT bought it. He tells Bobbie he wants to turn it into a clinic. 
Fluke talks about Patricia. Luke's older sister whom the talked about in the 70s but we never saw. Luke is like WHO ARE YOU????// 
Luke finally figures out who Fluke is "You are Bill Eckert" ...but Fluke won't say he's Bill.  Could Fluke be transgendered Patrica? LOL. That's what Twitter wants. I hope it's BILL.

Ned and Tracy! I LOVE them :) awwww.  They talk about Bill Eckert. 

Carlos is going to go kill Julian. Who really thinks that's gonna HAPPEN? No, Carlos has a plan. And Julian then goes to Anna to say HE killed Anthony Z. That's the plan? 

Carly and Olivia dishing. Carly figures out Olivia slept with Julian. I love their talks. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grayson McCouch Joins GH

So says SOD! SO that's why the other guy was leaving. NOT to get rid of "Sloan" the character but to recast. I've never seen this him before but he looks a better age for our Anna. Are you surprised? 

I think he looks like Nate's Daddy-- Doesn't he look like Ryan? Maybe that's where this is going?! 

Sorry Not Sorry...

20150106 0549(15)

Welp..didn't make GH today!! Back to work and reality. Hope it was a good show. It's freezing here. JUST freezing, as I know it is for most of you. I'm not crying too hard. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Thank GOODNESS for Bobbie

"Is this my brother before me? How do I know it's you and not another guy running around with his face"??!
FINALLY she also says: The first thing I thought of when I heard someone was imitating you was our cousin, Bill Eckert! "Just like the Patty DUKE SHOW" says Fluke!!
WELP..geesh, we've only been saying that FOR A YEAR!!! Good Gravy. Bobbie is all nostalgic for the first time she saw Bill. Luke's playing dumb "he didn't look like me". 
He has to be BILL. 
Bobbie talks about Bill and Sly and Fluke LOSES IT!! He yells at her and slams the table. Then Bobbie asks NED about Bill. Ned was married to Bill's sister Jenny. And he backs her up. Luke gets mad and leaves the Metro. 

Ava sees Kiki holding the baby.  Silas is there. Ava sees her in the court office. NAME THAT BABY !!! She finds out that Morgan's not the father. 
She names the baby Avery--after herself so the baby has a part of her with her always. 

Dreams: Alexis dreams shes' having sex with Julian, Olivia dreams she's having sex with Ned. Then they are all kinda in bed together. LOL You have to see it. 
Olivia and Juilan. Olivia says "YOU couldn't get enough of THIS last night" ahahaa..and of course all 4 run into each other in the hallway!! Ned and Alexis are peeved; Julian seems kinda smug! 

Morgan is visiting Sonny. Mo doesn't have to shave or wear regular clothes anymore LOL!!! He's yelling at Morgan on the bat-phone. Morgan tells Sonny that he's not the father (Morgan isn't). 

And..Naxie had sex all over the apartment. Literally.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Ringing in 2015

20141230 0628(25)
Times a Wastin'! 

TICK TOCK....Tick Tock..only 3 shows of GH this week and they all revolved around New Year's Eve... This may be the shortest Sunday Surgery in history.

What should we have today? I'm thinking some of the ribs that Naxie ate and possibly champagne!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New NAXIE!

12 minutes into the show and LITERALLY NOTHING has happened that didn't happen Friday. People kissing, people jealous. zzzzzzzz

Naxie talks about Spinelli....blah blah. She doesn't think she deserves Nathan. She didn't think she deserved Spin OR Levi. But they end up doing it. Nate lit about 900 candles and put rose petals out. "2015 will be our year" awwww

Liz and Ric do it. Finish up--then Anna knocks. Just like she did to arrest him. WHOOPS wrong room. Chuckle. She goes to Sloane's room, he's got his shirt off and is all oily. She cries about Faison and why she did what she did.

Sam and Pat go to his house, Well not quite, they talk so long, their phones both ring while they are in the lobby of the Metro.

Carly tells Jake about being in the panic room and Jason rescuing her. Then she talks about Jason...and the first time they slept together.
Carly gives Jake a free room.

Olivia and Julian play cards in the room. Then they make out and get in bed.

Ned and Alexis talk about Olivia. Did I miss where Ned all of a sudden liked Olivia ?? Nevermind, don't care.  They end up kissing.  Going to bed. (I think)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

General Hospital's New Year's Resolutions

Here they are...I got these after EXTENSIVE interviews with cast, crew and just about everyone in between. You're welcome.

Faison and Helena shall always appear together as often as possible, dressed to the 9s. They resolve to take Spencer and Josslyn under their wings to teach them the ways of the shape-shifters. 

Sonny resolves to never use the words "dead to me" ever again unless he truly kills someone. He also shall not throw barware unless he aims it at someone's head. 

Shawn resolves to take target practice 4x a week until he can hit the broad side of a barn at 100 paces.

Franco resolves to change his name to Todd and forget this ever happened. 

NuSt.JaseFace will get his memory back by January 10th or resolve to be Jake forever. 

Carly resolves to think before speaking and use at least 40% of her airtime LISTENING instead of TALKING. 

Morgan, Kiki and Michael will take a trip to Temptation Island and stay there.

The GH writers resolve to have at least one baby born in the next 2 years that isn't a WTD, kidnapped, DNA or switch story. 

Either this guy turns into a vampire or he moves to Cleveland. 

Spencer will be forced to resolve to not use the ferry and or drivers to romp around PC at his own whims.

Fluke resolves to stop this asap and reveal the whole thing by January 6th or face certain death by fan firing squad. 

Tracy resolves to find her brain again and do some damage to everyone in Port Charles

Monica resolves to find those snacks and be on screen for more than 3x in 2015.

Bob the Badger resolves to be brought out of storage and take his rightful place in DukeSon's office 

Sam resolves to go shopping and get out of her Lulu Lemon wear and into real clothes by March. 

Nina resolves to take her medication. HA! Just kidding.

Heather resolves to only eat 14 BLTs a year instead of the usual 33. 

Anna and Jordan resolve to move not use the park bench as their "secret" meeting place 

The set designers promise to redo Maxie's apartment to resemble something out of this century and not an acid flashback.

Bobbie resolves to take over the Brownstone and the following resolve to move in: Carlos, Scotty, Lucy, Lante, Brad, Epiphany and Milo. 

Sabrina resolves to volunteer in Africa for a long, long time.

Wubs Resolves not to cry and scream if things don't go her way. 

Wardrobe resolves to have Julian and Nathan as shirtless as possible. 

#GH fans resolve not to clog the stream with shipping wars and stupid comments to actors. 

Ava promises more of this 

Silas promises less of this 




  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...