Wednesday, January 31, 2024


 Nina and Reporter talk about Crimson and she wants a piece about Carly/Nina fight. Nina doesn't bite but says Drew isn't a good business man. 

Carly meets with Sasha, Maxie and Brook about renewing the contract with Crimson.  Carly tells them she used to be part of Deception in the 90's and will do a good job. Tracey storms in and is like : HOLD UP@@ She wonders who will teach Carly about fashion and she says "I'll look online" --WTF. Tracey agrees with no contract until she can prove her merit until September. 

Lois and Olivia arguing at the Metro. Olivia wants an apology. It's a dumb fight. They go into Olivia's office and Nina finds out about Lois/Sonny and now Nina and Lois are arguing. Then Olivia sticks up for Lois against Nina. *sigh*

Ava and Sonny under fire; under the table. Dex calls for backup. Ava has blood on her and she's worried about Avery. Avery is with the bodyguards. It's just a cut. Ava leaves to go see Avery. Sonny wants Dex to find the shooter. Ava comes back, says Avery's fine but wants to know who did the shooting. The shooter knows their system inside and out. 

Trina is confronted by Esme. Then Spencer runs in and Esme won't tell him where Trina is and she smashed he satellite. OMG she tells him to turn around and she puts handcuffs on him. Says she wants Ace back and Laura's going to do it. Spencer says NO... she won't. 

TRINA is in the pump room, why wouldn't he just go look for her?

Ok, so Trina gets free and comes in with a wrench. They fight..on the bed, on the floor...then Trina knocks Esme out with a wrench and cuts Spencer's ties. They leave Esme and run to find another boat to help them. OF COURSE ESME comes and stabs Spencer with the needle and he sinks to the deck. They fight. Spencer and Esme go overboard. Into the river. SO.. you'd think they'd ..oh never mind. 

Hated today .. sorry. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Will She or Won't She?


Will ol' Esme attack today or??? I'm not sure I'll be here for the live show so I'm writing this up just in case I don't make it. 

NO ONE was surprised when Esme popped up. Considering NC needed/needs time off for "Monsters" (including PR junket) -- I guess this is a way to do it. 

Other thoughts: 
I SO don't care about the "shooter" ... it's just a nothing plot right now. 

We knew Curtis wouldn't be in that wheelchair forever--just hurry it up

WIDOW MULDOON?  Um, yeah, no one wanted this. We knew Finn wouldn't be found guilty (unless maybe ME was leaving the show) so... get on with it. 

Adam fell off the face of the earth and that's symptomatic of everything. Pacing. Pacing Pacing. Not that Adam matters but... 


Aidan and his relationship/science project

More Charlotte 

and.. um... I GUESS the Chalyn Wedding? Because it's a wedding? 

Drew kills Carly in a fit of some PTSD? 

Dr. O comes back and opens up a Botox/Filler Spa combo ... MS. WU runs her gambling parlor out the back. 

OK! That's it! SEE YA 

Monday, January 29, 2024



PARIS--- SUMMER? UM? OKAY? Anyway, Trina and Spencer are eating at a restaurant. They talk about not much. Some of missing Ace, yada yada. He wants to find out "his passion" while he's there to get a direction in life. 

GH: Laura sees Kevin, he opens his eyes. He knows what year it is, where he is and knows that Esme is the one that knocked him out. He wonders if she has another credit card and doesn't think she went to Toronto. He remembers seeing the newspaper's credit card there. 

Curtis is with PT guy...he feels a bit in his legs. Stella cautions him that it's too early to stand. She's being a busy-body. Now they talk about the past. Then he starts his PT. Then he tries to stand/walk. He stands but can't walk yet. Stella is giving him a pep talk. 

Trial: Alexis and Tracey get there to see how it's going--they say they are waiting for Sam. Tracey wants them to just get the widow up there and make her talk lol . Marty talks to Diane in private. Mrs. Muldoon marches over to Finn to tell him to plead guilty. He starts to ask her questions. Then Finn realizes if he proves the widow knew about the fraud she's going to jail. He can't do that to the kids. 

Toronto: Chase and Dante go into the Nanny's apartment.  Nanny hasn't seen Esme.. she thinks Esme faked the letter inviting her to Toronto because she never wrote one. Laura calls them and tells them there's another card she's using. 


Esme is following SPRINA 

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Bonjour


May I please remind everyone that the Finn Malpractice Suit was started under the strike writers? Ok, with that out of the way, here we go. 

Sad week for me because I hate to see Dan and Chris go. I know many are dancing in the streets but I think they gave us a lot back that we didn't have. The Q family was really fleshed back out, the hospital got used more and Terry came to town. Ms. Wu, The Ryan Resurrection, Lucy's Port Charles Tour Guide book, Victor back, yada yada. Some wonderfully written small arcs (where they could write themselves) such as Sean's funeral, Bobbie's memorial and Aidan's story (stopped short by the network but allowed to finally come to the scene we just saw a few months ago). Anna/Valentin, Sprina... most all of the Ashford family and Greenland adventure. 

Anyway, I believe that TPTB control quite a bit of the show's direction and we shall see what "new" writers bring. I say "NEW" Loosely because we all know everyone is recycled in daytime. God-forbid they hire new, young diverse people with fresh ideas. 

Ok, that's out of my system so let's go... 

Friday, January 26, 2024



Court Day. Sam thinks she found something to help. She found footage of Muldoon going into a medical building before he saw Finn but can't prove it was an oncologist. She has to dig deeper. Meanwhile, Court starts. Diane is sitting with the wife. Diane is wearing a weird lowcut shirt and a chain belt? This trial, I DO NOT CARE. Something happened. Something happened. TAPE WORM. Diane brings up Finn's drug use. "It WAS A TAPE WORM" .. Finn gets pissy on the stand. Martin tells him he didn't do himself any favors. Sam comes back in and says Muldoons are broke and that they needed money. So it looks like Muldoon set Finn up. 

Anna and Laura talk in GH. Anna asks about Kevin and if she can help. Laura wants her back at the PCPD. MAC IS OUT OF THE COUNTRY? What did I miss? Anyway, Anna says no because she shot Charlotte and isn't ready. Laura and Jordan really want her to. 

Portia tells Laura that Kevin is going to be ok. She's very relieved. Portia and Laura talk about Esme and how Portia knew she was bad news. 

Chase tells Jordan that Esme is in Toronto with the nanny. Chase is going there. Tim Horton's coffee? 

Nina drinks alone in Charlie's, won't answer the phone. Valentin comes in and the are going to plot a bit! He thinks they should start another magazine and poach all of her staff from Crimson. 

Ava leaves Nina a message about the Crimson firing (She read it on her ipad). Sonny asks Ava what's up. She tells him Nina got let go from the magazine.  Brick tells Ava and Sonny the gun Ava has is from the WSB...just like the one that Shot at Sonny. Sonny's afraid that something will happen to Ava, Carly and other people he loves. Brick asks if he should protect Nina too. Sonny says yes. Then Brick leaves and Ava says they need to get out of the Penthouse for now so they go for a drink. 

Ava and Sonny go to Charlie's where Val and Nina are! lol. Nina asks about Spencer and Ace. He tells her none of her business.

PARIS: Sprina are in a gorgeous hotel room. They kiss and dance and speak some French. Go to bed. He needed a converter to charge his phone. Ergo, not hearing the message from Laura about Esme. He gets champagne and then the bellhop comes in looking scared. UT OH. NOPE he just came in and was embarrassed. Spencer is going to listen to the voicemail. 

He calls Laura and she and Portia tell them Esme is in Toronto and they are safe. *ut oh. Trina tells Spencer that he should be with his family, especially with Kevin being knocked out. Laura needs him. She says the next flight leaves in 2 hours. Plane crash maybe? NOPE Spencer says he's going to stay there. 

Nina says no to Valentin's offer

Chase and Dante are in Toronto waiting to see if Esme is in the Nanny apartment 

Sonny thinks Ava needs to go to the Island and he and Dex will go and set her up. Um... Ava thinks it's to get away from Nina. 

Jordan thinks that John Brennen was in on the arms deal or shooting or.. I don't know. 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

A Libra


Dante and Chase in the PCPD. Laura comes in to tell them Esme is a danger. She wants her arrested. Laura went to a judge. They are going to go try to find her. IF THEY CAN.

Robert planned an intimate dinner with Diane at The Savoy and N'neka was setting up roses and special things and Diane shows up with Sonny and Alexis. She just ran into them outside. Robert wants to dance to Diane's fave song. She says no, she wants an apology. Something about Sonny  and --sparring and Diane says he crossed a line. Diane says that Robert has it out for Sonny. He says he finally has evidence against him and he's going to use it. Diane says that Sonny Corinthos is one of her best friends. 

Sonny and Alexis missed Spencer's party and now they are having a glass of water together at the bar. They both get calls from Krissy and Molly. 

TJ finds out that Krissy is pregnant. The baby will be a Libra she says. They are so excited but TJ is scared it won't work out again. Kristina says they are a team now and will work it out. 

Sonny and Alexis and Jordan come to Krissy's. "We're pregnant" !! Alexis is still concerned. ALexis gets a call about Kevin being in her office and she has to leave. Sonny makes a toast. Also says not to tell anyone that's not in that room. Geesh, poor Sam. 

Jordan is in her apartment with Brick who she wants help from with the investigation. He's trying to flirt? OMG he's such a jerk. uck. Not suave at all. Creepy. 

Liz/Finn talking about the trial. Marty walks in. They say they might have some new information he can use. Marty says it might be an avenue they can take. Something about an OBGYN yada yada. Marty also says that Diane might bring up his drug use. 


Esme went to Toronto to visit her old Nanny (they think) 

Diane and Robert make a truce. They won't talk about Sonny 

Laura calls Spencer about Esme

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

But Where's Taggert?


Esme is trying to use the Invader's credit card and Kevin walks in on her. HE wonders why she didn't tell the police that Nikolas had taken Ace. He also calls her niece! Geesh! Esme feeds him a line about not telling anyone, yada yada. Kevin tells her that she has to trust him and Laura and they'll help find Ace. She says she's done too many bad things (or so she's told) and no one will give her a chance. Then she says: Ok, she needs help. Starts pacing around the office. (SEE BELOW!) 

Laura goes to see Heather. Heather tells her that Esme came to visit. Laura is like: Um, she likes me better than you now, she's afraid of you. Heather says: NOT ANYMORE SINCE SHE REMEMBERS!!!!!! HAHAHAHA She tells Laura she remembered on Christmas Eve. Heather thinks Laura should arrest Esme for the sex tape so she can be IN JAIL WITH HER MOTHER! Priceless. Heather also tells Laura that Esme is out for revenge on Sprina. Heather is afraid she's like her father, Ryan and needs to protect her. 

Sprina's going away party at The Savoy: Portia/Curtis/Stella/Marshall/Ava/Joss-- and Spencer/Trina. Oh, Spencer is living in a flat and Trina in the dorms. Interesting. Stella is happy about that. 

Spencer tells Joss and Tri about giving Nikolas to Spencer and that Esme remembers. Joss says she'll try to prove Esme's got her memory back and they should go to Paris. If she goes to trial they can fly home. Trina says thank you. 

Trina thanks Ava for the internship. Ava tells her to have fun in Paris. Portia tells Spencer that "trouble follows him" and she doesn't want trouble to follow Trina to Paris. 

Fun fact: Trina's going to Paris for 4 months 

Maxie's house. Spinelli says to Felicia that he thinks his money is helping out. Cody walks in. He bought James new boots because his old ones were too tight. Spinelli thinks he should have asked first.  They have words. :Eyeroll: Cody says not to be jealous of him, he thinks of Maxie "Like Family" Cough, cough. 

Molly buys Krissy groceries. She asks if she's pregnant already> HUH? I guess she got inseminated last week. I missed that day!! LOL  Molly brought over the pregnancy test. Krissy says it's too early to tell. Molly says no do it. If it's negative they can try again in a few days. They decide to do it. Krissy IS pregnant. 



ESME KNOCKS KEVIN OUT!! Beans him on the head with a vase!! ahahahahaa. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The Day is Tuesday


Good Ol' Heather---anyone tell her Kelly's is now Bobbie's? 

BTW, I kinda look like Heather up there. Just tired AF with everything. This should be a short one. 

Brook/Chase: Throwing Ax's. She's mad at Lucy. Chase wonders why. "She crossed the line with my grandmother".  

Finn is going to an AA meeting. Liz sees him off. He starts talking in the meeting.  IT's just about him being a doctor and yada yada. 

Trina is talking to Portia about going to Paris with Curtis doing what he's doing. Portia says it's ok that she's going with Spencer because he makes her happy. Trina takes a call from him. Liz comes over to hug Portia. Portia and Liz talk about Finn's malpractice suit. Then, Finn comes out of the AA meeting and.. he and Liz talk. 

Curtis  and Marshall are in Curtis' room waiting for the doctor and they talk about what happens if it all doesn't work. Curtis says it will be ok he just wanted to try. 

THEN the family waits in the room while the doctor comes in to do tests. 

Lucy and Martin watching Scotty and Tracey. He's jelly. She goes to the ladies room and he comes in. I thought they were going to have sex but... NOPE. He just wants the truth about Scotty.  He gets mad and leaves. 

Scotty schmoozing Tracey. Greg comes over. Tracey tells him to sit down. Scott goes to see Lucy in the bathroom when Marty leaves. Greg leaves, he has heartburn. 

Tracey finds Greg later down in the lobby and he can't move. She helps him sit. He doesn't want to go to GH because he's afraid he'll never come out. They talk a bit about the wedding and he starts to feel better.  Yuri comes and takes them home. 

Scotty is now in the bathroom with Lucy. They talk about Tracey. When they come out both Tracey and Greg are gone. 

Anna's looking for Jordan and asks TJ. TJ says she's been conducting her own investigation about Curtis and he's worried. I honestly forgot Jordan was doing ANYTHING on this show. Oh she showed up but TJ notices the same clothes on. She says she's fine and was just going on her lead. When TJ leaves, Anna asks her what happened. Jordan says she got stopped following the lead. THE FBI stepped in and told her to back off her investigation. Then someone ELSE opened the door but Jordan couldn't see who. Then the FBI guys said she could go. :eyeroll: 

The scenes today were SO choppy. The Brook/Chase stuff was NOTHING (unless you missed the Lucy/Tracey scenes)-- 


Anna's going to help Jordan with her investigation

Curtis felt the second needle prick-- and it looks hopeful. 

Monday, January 22, 2024

New Head Writers at GH


So, in the merry go round of Daytime television, it was inevitable that Dan and Chris would be let go at some point and here we are. Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte will take over the duties. Not sure when their writing will air. 

I have to say I've been a fan of Chris VanEtten's, especially since he brought back many of the Qs and started putting more effort into the hospital itself. We forget things over the years and I for one, have enjoyed many stories that have come our way. I could go on and on about production but I don't want to get into that at this moment. 

Chris and Dan wrote the Bobbie episodes and I for one won't forget that. I know many, many people are thrilled for the change. Thing is --in soaps? Seems like the revolving door goes around and around and we always end up bitching about something. People will be all happy with the new change until they aren't. 

Korte isn't my favorite but I know Mulcahey is a fine writer. Here's hoping the show runners get out of his way. 

I may be taking a little break myself--not sure. Things are heating up at work and I'm just not that into things. Now? Even more so... PLUS BURTON is coming back and that's enough to make me insane. 

See ya. 

Blame My Job


YET again I'm out!! I have a zoom meeting at 2:15 so --I'll watch later. My Bills lost -- giving me a PTSD flashback to "Wide to the Right Forever" Scott Norwood game. UGH.. plus I really REALLY wanted them to beat the Chiefs! 

Please use the comment section to recap or let me know if its' worth watching today! Thank you! 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Bizarro-World


"Bizarro-World"... 'Opposite Day"... take the Superman/Seinfeld reference you want because this week's GH was just high on something! WHOO WEE! You know I love chaos on soaps and things that just come at you at warp speed. I also missed 2 days live so that also helped my attitude!! 

I'm traveling this weekend so I'm keeping things VERY brief. Promise. 

pic credit: BamseyTre

Friday, January 19, 2024

Pack Your Things.


Nina's whole office is getting cleared out. Drew fires her--Aurora owns Crimson so.. BYE!  Nina says WHAT ABOUT MICHAEL? Drew says: Oh, he'll be happy! Nina yells at him and says how dumb it is to fire her when the magazine is so successful. They yell. She yells. He yells. He tells her to sign a termination letter or he'll fire the entire staff. 

Laura talks to Cyrus and then Spencer walks in.  Spencer tells Laura he saw Nikolas and he let him take Ace. Laura freaks the hell out. Spencer says he's not going to let Ace be raised by a psychopath... and Esme remembers everything. He tries to convince Cyrus and Laura that he knows that Esme remembers. Laura doesn't buy it. Cyrus is concerned about what will happen if Esme DOES find Nikolas. Laura says that Ace would have been better off with her and Spencer, not Nikolas. 

Adam wakes up and Willow tells him Joss saved his life. He's not too happy with that fact.  Portia comes in and talks to him. She says he has to have a psych eval before going. Mentions his parents. He panics NOT MY PARENTS! 
Adam's Dad comes in.  He wants to see Adam. Portia doesn't let him yet. Dad is like: DON'T OVER CHARGE ME, Adam's already wasted money".... Joss is there with Dex and tells Portia Adam can't go home and his Dad wonders why. Joss says she found him in the park. Dad asks if he was drinking with her. She says no. Joss says Adam is afraid of his parents. Dad says that Adam is squandering everything that his parents have worked for. Joss lets it slip Adam tried to kill himself. Bloop! 

Esme goes to Ava at The Gallery to ask for her help. Tells Ava Nik kidnapped Ace. Ava can't believe it--but knows how Esme must be feeling. She also tells her that if Nikolas left, she'll never find Ace. Esme says she has to try. 

Sam goes to Kelly's. Carly is looking for an assistant manager. Sam is waiting for Drew. Carly says it's going to be a long wait. Sam talks to Carly about how Drew has been "off" since prison. Carly says to give him some grace. (Not NINA but Drew).  Carly says that what happened to Drew is her fault because SHE had to buy the stocks and he went to prison for her. Welp. Miracles. 


Nina signs the letter firing her. Nina tells Drew that the magazine will fold because she's gone. OMG CARLY is the new EDITOR AND CHIEF!!!!!!!!!! OMG! WOW, that's evil. Is it FRANK DOING THIS?

Laura calls Dante about Nikolas. 

Thursday, January 18, 2024

And Yet, She's OFF again!


Wild Great Esme-Spencer day. Those scenes should have never been chopped up. It's such a crime how they do things on soaps now. Just sad. Anyway, Loved how casually Spencer was like: YEP...Ace is gone! 

NOW in the real world taking a kid away from his mother at that age is horrible even IF you think she's evil. BUT in soap-land? AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!! squee. LOL What in the world will LAURA DO?!

So I'm off for my 6 week hair cut. Dave thinks I get it done ALL. THE TIME. But--it's once every 6 weeks LOL 

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

He's Gone


Drew and Carly sit in the GH chapel and she cries. She tells him about Adam trying to kill himself. 

Michael calls Willow to tell her that Wiley is giving a puppet show to Amelia. She's pretty cold to him.  Michael tells Ned that he wants the proxy back. Ned gives it back. 

Nina tries to talk to Willow at GH. Willow tells her to get lost. Then Carly comes along and tells Nina to beat it. NINA then tells Carly and Drew MICHAEL KNEW FOR MONTHS! Carly doesn't believe her and goes to talk to Michael. Willow says NOTHING and she knew!! Then when Crew leave, she tells Nina she really lost her now. 

Liz and Finn talk to the other doctor from Beecher's Corners. He wants help with his Muldoon lawsuit. She's like SORRY no can do!! Patient-Doctor confidentiality. Liz wants to talk her into it. 

Esme is home! Wants ACE! Spencer tells her he's asleep. LOL NOPE!!!!!!!!!! Esme says she's pissed he's going to France "You made you choice"!!!! He tells her that Ace doesn't belong with her now. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Break Day


Today I'm out working and then lunch with an old friend --you know that's needed every now and again! 

I'm dying to know about the Nikolas/Spencer situation. I don't think he leaves with him but? Maybe they'll get Adam Huss back after his performance yesterday because it was just awesome. 

BILLS WON. I screamed so hard when Josh ran that ball in! Usually I don't watch because every time I did, they'd lose lol. BUT-- I was in and out of the room and caught that so I stayed for the rest. Kinda nervous about KC. I'm always nervous. We lost 4 SBs in a row. That DOES SOMETHING to a PERSON! 

Have a great day. Keep warm if you need to. 

This will be Adam's dad this week on GH : Steve MIZE 

Monday, January 15, 2024

Vodka and...?


I wasn't going to watch today but I'm off tomorrow and I remembered I wanted to see Nikolas. 

Esme is in court. Laura tries to talk Ava into dropping charges. She's like: NOPE!  Laura goes in and coddles stupid Esme and Marty walks in. Molly talks to Marty about the charges. Laura tries to say Esme is a young woman who has a MEMORY LOSS. UGH 

Ava and Trina see each other in the courthouse hallway. Ava is SO happy for Trina and that she's going to Paris with Spencer. Trina doesn't understand why Ava pressed charges against Esme for her. Ava tries toe explain. Trina says but there's a BABY INVOLVED. They go into the trial. 

OMG Esme plead guilty and made a deal with the DA's office for 6 month's probation. Ava's pissed and asks Laura "What the hell"!? The judge agrees. Esme is happy. Marty says the only reason it happened was because of Laura. 

Nikolas and Spencer stare at each other. Nikolas thanks Spencer for taking care of Ace and what a good brother he is yada yada. Spencer says there's only one thing to say: "I'm sorry"....GOOD SCENES, WATCH THEM, I can't write them all up. NC is a great actor. They both cry. The baby monitor goes off and Nikolas wants to meet Ace. Spencer brings him about and Ace puts his little arms out to Nikolas...gah and the PUTS HIS LITTLE HEAD ON NIK'S SHOULDER! ALL THE FEELS. Spencer asks Nikolas to stay in PC. 

Kristina goes to see Sonny. He was looking at a photo of Nina on their wedding day. She's checking up on him.  Boring. They talk about surrogacy and then she tells him how wonderful he is. Sonny keeps flashing on wanting to kill Cyrus. I think feeling guilty. 

Nina goes to see Cyrus. Dex is not happy because hes' supposed to murder him. Nina basically yells at Cyrus. Cyrus is like: don't you feel less guilty? Nina tells him to drop the charges against Sonny. She'll give him anything he wants. 

Dex is running around in scrubs to kill Cyrus at some point but he's too stupid to have a BADGE on. 

Adam is loaded in the park, drinking vodka and playing guitar. Joss finds him. They talk. He passes out. He also took pills. So..there's that. Joss calls 911. 


Sonny tries to call Dex to tell him not to kill Cyrus but his phone is off

Nikolas tells Spencer he wants to take his SONS with him this time when he leaves

Adam is taken to GH 

Trina confronts Esme in the courtroom after everyone leaves

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Angels and Airwaves

Part of me wanted to split the blog in two because the shows on Wed/Thursday were just stand alone gems. BUT, in the interest of time and getting things done, I will do the entire week. 

You all know I cried like a baby on Thursday. I don't cry anymore--not like that anyway. It was so unexpected and just hit me in the right spot. I didn't see any speculation about who "Angela" was before Wednesday's show, so I was still going the route of it was a relation to Luke/Bobbie. By Thursday I "got it" and just was jelly. 

So, let's have angel food cake and discuss! 

Friday, January 12, 2024

Back to Regular Programming...

Not sure I've recovered from YESTERDAY's SHOW... wow. I was such a mess after all that. 

I guess the last 2 days were completely stand alone. 

Curtis is up. Stella and Portia are there. Trina comes later. She tells him about Paris and leaving in the spring. He's so happy. THEN she tells him Spencer is going LOL.  He says she should go alone to concentrate on HER. 

Joss tells Trina she told the RA about Adam's drinking. Then Adam comes in when Trina leaves. Joss and him talk about his drinking. Then the RH walks in and he calls Joss a snitch. The RH called Health Services and he freaks out that his parents will know. RH says the portal is confidential. Adam says his parents made him give them his password. Joss says not to worry, she wants to talk him there today. 

Nikolas asks Ava if she's doing the party to invite Esme. She tells him she has a hearing today and why she's pressing charges. He doesn't seem happy but has to leave when Nina comes in. Ava wants to hear about how Sonny found out about the SEC thing. AND she tells Nina about Sonny almost killing Cyrus. Nina's upset. Wants to go talk to Sonny. Nina's like: Um, don't do that! Nina doesn't care, she's going. Then Nik walks back out, he heard the whole thing. He asks again if Esme has the hearing today. Nikolas then says he has to leave PC because they are looking for him for kidnapping Esme. He's not ready to face his mother or Spencer. Ava says she's glad she didn't kill him. They say goodbye. 

Esme and Spencer at the PCPD. He's all concerned about her facing jail time. Barf. He brings her food and coffee. Double barf.  She talks about trying to be a GOOD person. She also wants Spencer to bring Ace to the courthouse. Then she says "I'm counting on you Spence"... and Spencer flashes back to the OLD Esme yelling at him and calling him "Spence" and he KNOWS she's remembered! 

Sonny sweeps his office for bugs. He says to Dex that he's going to ask him to do something and once he does, there's no going back. He wants Dex to kill Cyrus. DOH! Dex points out that doing that might up the charges to manslaughter because Sonny wants Cy to have a "heart attack" and they might say it came on as a result of the beating. Sonny doesn't care. Says Diane will get him off. Dex hesitates. Sonny tells him he's not loyal. ARE YOU LOYAL OR NOT?! Dex says he's helping him by pointing out the flaws in his thinking. Sonny says he gets it but he has to know if Dex is 'with him'. Dex finally says he'll do it. Sonny wants it done ASAP because Cyrus is vulnerable anyway. 

Robert and Diane are at dinner or lunch I don't know. He says he's working on something involving Sonny. They talk about the trial and DNA showing Sonny was there. Um, I don't think they should be talking about this but.. ? Robert thinks the jury will side with Cyrus, Diane thinks they'll side with Sonny. Her logic is wrong but..? Then Robert admits he wants to rid the town of Sonny. Diane is not happy. She leaves Robert sitting there with his eggs. LOL 


Portia and Curtis talk about Spencer going to Paris with Trina. Curtis thinks Esme will go to jail and Spencer will have to stay home to take care of Ace. 

Dex goes to kill Cyrus but Nina is looking to see him as well so he can't. 


Thursday, January 11, 2024

Bobbie: DAY TWO

 AMSTERDAM! Felicia and Carly staking out the cafe for the contact of Bobbie's. Lady comes in and talks about how Bobbie got involved. The Lady she  was helping is named Cornelia. Felicia calls Robert to help with paperwork. She's in a cabin in Canada. Carly remembers Luke's cabin there. 
OFF To Canada-- they are getting things DONE!! Carly and Felicia are in the car. Carly is wondering why she and Fe didn't spend more time together since Felicia was Bobbie's BF. Felicia is like: UM.. DUH.. (her face was priceless lol) THEN THEY DRIVE OFF THE ROAD !! They almost hit a moose. LOL They change a tire and talk about what Carly did to Bobbie and Tony when she first came to town. Felicia thinks she still resented Carly even though Bobbie forgave her. Then Carly says she was angry with Felicia for leaving Maxie for all those years. Anyway, they are going to forgive each other and Bobbie would like that. 

They get to the cabin and Cornelia comes out swinging a shovel. She kinda looks like Esme. They convince her she's Bobbie's daughter and then they FLY HOME and.. it was SO FUNNY but I'm not mad. 

Liz stiches up Carly's head and asks her to repaint the sign but she has an idea. 

KELLY'S DINER: (Watch these for sure! Flashback CITY) 

Kelly's with Angela doing a the article on Bobbie. Laura talks about her.  FLASHBACKS ABOUT Scott and then Nikolas. 

Lucas is next... Flashbacks of Bobbie telling Tracey she's going to bitch slap Tracey if she didn't leave Lucas alone. LOL GET RYAN C BACK ON THE SHOW. 

Michael, Willow and Joss talk to her next. Flashback of Jackie's last appearance on the show I think. Getting ready for Millow's wedding. No, people are saying the Nurses' Ball. Whoops. 

Lucy and Scotty have flashbacks too. Awww, Lynne Herring is getting so choaked up. 

Then Elizabeth--a rape aftermath flashback when Bobbie helped her. She says her boys don't know about the attack and she wants to keep it out of the story. "Just say Bobbie was kind". 

Next day: Carly, Lucas, Laura and Elizabeth look at the new sign Liz painted. 
No one can find "Angela'--


OMG Angela was BJ!!!!!!!! GAH!! She said goodbye to Lucas outside of Kelly's and called him "Champ"... and Felicia and Maxie realize it was her too because they can't find her and she's not with the AP and I'm a mess. 

Sign says: Bobbie's


Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Day ONE of Memorial


How surreal...watching an actual memorial with the cast but treating it like a 'character' which it IS --but still is a real person. Lordy. Give me strength to get through this. 

It would be so hard to write all this I hope you WATCH IT when you can. Even if it's just in snippets on YouTube. 
Lucas is there. 

The Kelly's sign fell and Liz is going to repaint it. 

I wish Brad was there because Brad/Lucas. 

Tracey and Lucy are calling a truce for today. 

Keifer/Krissy talk and then a flashback to Bobbie talking to ALexis about her abusive past. 

OK, SOME CHICK is there that Maxie is wondering who it is--and she looks suspicious. Is she Bobbie's sister/daughter? What? WHO. Someone that is related to Luke ?? WHAT

Laura's speech killed me because you KNOW Genie was upset. UGH had to be so hard. Kin too. Liz talked about her then Carly. 

BJ heart transplant flashback

I think that lady is possibly Luke's daughter? Hmmm... she sure looks like Bobbie a bit but-- No she's a reporter from AP in Amsterdam. Seems Bobbie was doing work over there helping women get out of human trafficking. She was trying to get a woman back to the US that was a contact . IT was OG -- BJ!!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Then they also talk about Bobbie being "trafficked" because she was so young when she was a prostitute. 

Carly wants to find out who the person Bobbie was helping in Amsterdam so she can help her. Carly asks Tracey to come to her house to see if she knows anything about this. Tracey doesn't but she knew a cafe she went to in Amsterdam and now Carly is going there to try to find the lady her mom was helping. 
Like time jumped to go! 

Felicia found out through Drew that Carly was going to Amsterdam and she goes with her 

Tuesday, January 9, 2024



I'm so tired today but I'm going to try it. Liked yesterday's show with Liz/Carly. I know people were upset with lack of flashbacks but we DO have 2 days of memorial coming up so let's not get too pissy yet. Scotty and Lucy were great too. I also have to applaud Kristina Wagner--her year has been hell and she's SO on-point and with the show. NO Phoning in. LOVE her. 

Laura's acting like Esme's damn mother or auntie. UGH. They are at the PCPD to confess to Ava. Maura West looks stunning as per usual. Ava wants to hear Esme explain what she was doing in Wyndemere. She lies about not remembering. Ava gives her a skeptical look for sure.  Esme begs not to be separated from Ace. Laura pleads her case. Ava says "You drugged Trina Robinson and made that sex tape and didn't pay for it--this is a start" SHE'S PRESSING CHARGES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUEEN AVA! ahahhahaha !!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS! Laura can't talk Ava out of it. Esme is handcuffed and cries. 

Alexis and Greg talk in her office because it's the only set they can manage to be on I guess. I know they were at the 'airport' but they are ALWAYS IN THAT OFFICE! They talk about the kiss. Boring.Then he thinks she kissed him because he has ALS. She says she can't know if she would have or not. Anyway, Greg wants to be FRIENDS. Oh he FRIEND-ZONED her. 

Curtis is in the hosptial getting ready for his procedure. Portia is talking to the doctor with him. They've only done 3 of these before! Marshall, Stella, Trina and TJ wait in the lobby hall thing. Stella is afraid if it doesn't work, Curtis could be depressed again. Marshall yells at her for being too negative. Then he says he has doubts to TJ. Portia is second guessing things too. They talk about whether or not he should have the operation. Trina tells Stella about Paris. Stella is thrilled but doesn't seem happy about Spencer going. Stella tells Trina go get going to Paris. He thinks no, then Portia thinks YES. OMG What a WASTE OF A BUNCH OF SCENES.!!!!!

Stella and Marshall talk. He mentions Christmas Eve and maybe getting a spark. She plays dumb: HUH? What are you talking about? 

Cut to Curtis in the operating room. 

Sonny and Carly at Kelly's. Carly hugs Sonny hard. I'm ok with this. They were together forever and there's feels there. They talk about Bobbie, and how much she liked Sonny even though she didn't act like a lot of the time. :eyeroll: They talk and then Nina comes up. Carly is sad because she DOES want Sonny to be happy. 


Monday, January 8, 2024

10 Minutes


Last 10 min because I was out to lunch with my Dad. I'm seeing Cafe Cherie around. And I'm glad Tracey is in the KNOW and BROOK agrees with her. Great allies. I'm also thinking the days to watch are Wed/Thursday. 

OMG so Sasha TRADED HER HAIR FOR CODY'S? Damn I hope it's a match LOL 

That's all I saw! other than Sonny/Carly at the end. 

Ok, see you tomorrow.

Maybe :) 

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Sunday Surgery: A Dish Served Cold


GIVE ME A HEART PILL!! My Goodness but I could NOT WAIT TO WATCH GH this week!! Seriously!! I haven't said that in awhile. I thought last week was awesome. WHOO WEE! I was surprised, shocked, cringy and just about everything else you can think of -AND I had to get tissues out!! 

THEN...and THEN--I watched The Prime Time Special and I looked back and turned to salt. I'm still reeling over the news. I KNOW a ton of people "KNEW" this was going to happen but I honestly thought he'd be done at ABC. I'm so stupid. So.. this blog is tempered with the news of STONE COLD'S RETURN FROM THE DEAD----AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! AG-AIN!! 

I'm doing straight up 151 shots this morning. Flaming. 

Friday, January 5, 2024

Characters More Deserving than St. Jasus

I'd take any of these characters back first--either back from the "Dead" OR just back from wherever they are: 





Julian Jerome 

Dillion Q










Star Manning



Donna Mills 


Homeless guy Carly fed 

Burton is BACK at GH


THIS is how the prime time show ended. Burton left GH quietly over the vaccination thing and didn't bitch and sue like Ingo did, that's true. ANOTHER BACK FROM THE DEAD STORY!! WOW!! And yes, I don't like his character. I thought a "NO JASON GH" Was just FINE. 
There goes my joy. of his, I'm happy for you--but MY FACE? Is Kelly's face in that pic. 

Thursday, January 4, 2024



Tonight is the PRIMETIME Special and I HOPE I stay up from 10-11. Damn, that's late now LOL 

Adam is shit faced and thought his room was Joss'. He says his parents know about him. They are threatening to pull him out of PCU. Drew calls Joss to go home. Dex stays with Adam. 

Sonny is at the church and Cyrus comes in. Sonny tells him to get out. Cyrus lets him know HE knew about Nina turning in Carly before he did lol. They get int a tussle and Cyrus won't fight back and Sonny SMASHES HIM A MILLION TIMES in the PEW!! Like BEATS HIM! 

Sonny gets back home. Knuckles are all bloody and he has a bottle he sets on the table. Will he drink it? No, but then Ava comes in and sees him. Asks about Nina --Sonny whispers "GONE". 

Nina goes to Carly's to talk to her and Drew. SHE FINALLY TELLS CARLY!!! I'm the one that turned you into the SEC for insider trading!! Squee! FINALLY.  You have to watch what they say because it's a back and forth and Cary basically tells her she's going to rot in hell. Then says Sonny and Willow will never forgive her. DREW WALKS OUT! He lays into her "YOU ARE VILE" and says too bad she's not a man so he can do what he wants to her. Carly cries and says she can't do this because her mom just died. Nina's horrified and ends up leaving. 

Portia is working at GH. Curtis is in her office with a rose. They talk about eating donuts. YEP

Portia gets a page that Cyrus was brought into GH by ambulance and its' "touch and go".. Curtis calls Laura to tell her to come to GH. 

Willow and Michael are still arguing on the docks. She's mad he blackmailed Nina. She keeps yelling. Says she doesn't know if their marriage can survive. Willow tells Michael to sleep somewhere else tonight. Drew calls him. 

Laura gets a call from the sitter saying Esme's late. Esme then walks into The PC Grille and Laura's like WHERE WERE YOU? OMG SHE SEES ESME'S GLOVE and says You lost your OTHER ONE WHEN YOU BROKE INTO WYNDEMERE! Oh Esme is like, yeahhhhhh, I wanted to see if I could remember anything. Laura says well, Did you? She says no.  Laura tells Es she has to turn herself into the PCPD and she'll go with her. Then she gets that phone call from Cyrus. 

Nik wants to give Esme payback for what she did to them. Ava wonders if he wants to kill her. He says no but gets distracted by Ava's mouth LOL.. gets REALLY CLOSE. (I'm not seeing chem with Adam and Maura). He wants Ava to have a party and invite Esme. 


Carly, Michael and Joss hug

Laura sees a beaten Cyrus laying in a hospital bed 

Sonny slams the door in Nina's face. 

Nikolas follows Esme 

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Three Puffs Plus Day


Well, yesterday's show was amazing so let's see what today brings us!! 

Carly and Drew. Carly is flashing back to some Bobbie scenes. SO SAD. Drew called Lucas. They are going to fly her body back. Carly talks about who to call but needs to process things a bit. She cries and wonders if there was anything she could do to save her. 

Sonny is yelling at Nina "YOU DID THIS" YOU RATTED THEM OUT TO THE SEC? Nina doesn't deny it. Willow gets all pissed off. Sonny wants to know why. She says Carly didn't tell her about Willow and Willow was sick and she was angry. THEN Willow finds out that Michael knew and held it from her since OCTOBER. She gets mad and leaves. 

Sonny and Nina talk about things. Nina says that Carly and Drew weren't innocent-- and anyone could have turned them in. Sonny then says Drew almost got killed. He doesn't want to SEE her and she CAN'T TOUCH HIM lol He wants her to go to Carly's RIGHT NOW. She says he only says that because he wants to watch Carly tear into her. He leaves. She says that's not the last of them. "I won't let it be". 

Michael and Willow argue on the docks. He says he kept the secret from her like she kept her cancer diagnosis from him!! TO "protect' Her. She says she didn't need protection. 

Tracey and Brook. Tracey's hair is DOWN! what! Scotty keeps trying to text her. Brook looks at her phone and says he's flirting. 

Chase comes home. Brook tells him about the Lois mouth incident. Then they go into the living room and Tracey's texting Scotty. They say she should go out with someone, even him. Tracey says they are crazy. Brook says life is too short not to have the best time you can. They leave. Everyone says Happy New Year and hug. 

PC Grille: Laura, Marty and Kevin are at a table. Lucy goes to bug Scott about getting with Tracey at the bar. She says not to go to hard with the flirting yet or she'll get suspicious. Then get her to Vegas and marry her. Scott says "LUKE already did that"!!!!! Lucy says Tracey makes the same mistakes over and over. 

Laura gets a call from Lucas. OH NO.. oh no.. Lucy and Scott come over and she tells them Bobbie died. Oh so sad. They all talk. No one is going to say anything until she can get ahold of all the kids and especially Lucky. They have flashbacks of young Bobbie. Sniff. So young.  

Ava is in the Gallery and someone IS COMING! Someone covers her mouth. Nikolas. Adam Huss. They argue about who's entitled to be more angry at who. LOL Nikolas is sorry. He's not the one that killed Austin or sent the notes/gun. Ava believes him. They talk about Ryan and Esme and how they manipulated them. Ava says they were poison anyway. 


Nikolas tells Ava they should "get Esme" like she got them. 

Tracey sees Laura's selfie on IG and realizes Lucy and Scotty are plotting against her! YEAH!


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

First GH of 2024!

Here it is!! January 2nd!  NEW YEAR FOR GENERAL HOSPITAL!!!!!! 

TEMP SAM.. played by the LAST Temp Sam. GEESH SO many TEMPS. Scout has a bad dream and interrupts nookie. She doesn't want to go to the private school. Sam says she doesn't have to and will talk to Drew.  She says how much he's changed since Pentonville and seems so different. 

Brook and Chase are at the Q house alone. Chase looks at his Dad's skydiving photos and is happy. HE gets a call from PCPD and has to leave. 

Crew in Bed. He's back from Australia. He's going to cook. Yeah, the boredom. They go to the kitchen and kiss and drink more champagne. He says he's tired of being the peacekeeper NICE GUY and he hates Ned for turning him inn. LOL  Carly says he's different now since he came back from Pentonville. He says he's basically not a nice guy now (kinda). He goes to make a fire and he phone rings. OMG THIS IS THE BOBBIE CALL!!!!!!!!!!! 

Nina is upset in her office, thinking of telling Sonny and WILLOW comes by. GEESH. Her dress split at the hospital and she needs help.  Nina gives her a gorgeous navy blue one to wear. AND her necklace to use. Looks gorgeous. They talk about all the time they have ahead of them but Nina knows time's a tickin'.  "I have a mother in fashion" says Willow and hugs her. Then they are headed out to the SAVOY! it's coming people!! 

Olivia realizes Sonny and Lois aren't at the docks so Michael, Ned and her run back to the Savoy.

Savoy: Lois is going to tell Sonny "I know who ratted out Carly and Drew to the SEC and so does ya whole family" ..Then everyone runs into the restaurant and Lois says: If ya don't believe me, ask ya son". And Michael says "YES I kept it from you"... DUN DUN DUN. Olivia, Lois and Ned leave. Sonny questions Michael. Michael says he knew since October, right after he married Nina. Sonny's yelling. Michael's trying to calm him down. Then he says he didn't say to protect WILLOW. 

Back at the Q's, Olivia lays into Lois for ruining Sonny's life. OMG they get INTO it. Olivia yells at Lois and then Lois says YOU KNOW ABOUT KEEPING SECRETS FROM SONNY, don't ya?? OMG! It's about Dante!! EEEEKK!! 


Olivia runs out of the house, mad at Lois

Michael tells Sonny it was Nina, right when Nina walks in with Willow

Carly finds out her mom died in Amsterdam 


Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...