Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Sweater Daddy

 Ava and Laura at the gun range. They talk about Ava's marriage. Nikolas asked Laura to write a recommendation for Adam's Day School for Avery to get into . Ava was so grateful. 

Willow and Nina argue in the courtroom. Willow is all mad about Scott bringing up her dead baby and Michael's past. VERY hard to feel sorry for her!

Michael wonders if Wiley will forgive ANY of them after this is over. They hear Nina and Willow arguing. Willow says that Nina, her mother and Nelle were all the same. They go back and forth about DNA and nurture and Willow says she'll lay down her life to protect Wiley. Willow insults Nina's heart necklaces. 

Diane and Scotty come out. The judge calls Willow to the stand. OMG I thought it was over LOL. It's like day 112 of this hearing. Diane questions her. Willow's all bitchy. When it's Scotty's turn, Nina stops him. "enough". 

Esme is trying to seduce Nikolas. Nikolas looks so old in his cardigan LOL. I guess Esmuah is supposed to look sexy? Meh, I'm old. Anyway...she says she and Spencer broke up. Tries hard to flirt. Nikolas takes his sweater off for her to wear. She's no vixen that's for sure. I'm not getting ANY vibes. 

Terry and Chet talk about him moving to Chicago. She thinks he should go and then see where their relationship heads after that. Don't give up the job because they don't even know if they'll work out. 

POOL Party for Social Scene and charity event. Austin is there..(looking good) So is Spinelli (looking Dapper) and Chase, Brook... Drew.. yada yada. Britt and Brad walk in. Dante and Sam are there too. Sam looks so cute. Everyone is talking about stuff; Britt just wants to get drunk. People mill around and talk to each other. Nothing big. 

Carly gets DNA results 

Laura gives Ava marriage advice 

Nikolas and Esme make out and it's everything gross you would think it would be. 

Monday, May 30, 2022

Monday Memorial Memos


DAY OFF TODAY!! Repeat GH episode. Don't ask me which one because I never watch. I mean if they put on OLD NURSES' BALLS every time there was a break I totally would! Start with the first one and go through them all. I think they'd have to pay residuals and music rights so..well, that's not happening! 

Here's some things I'm watching: 

Saw Maverick yesterday. Dad wanted to see it on the big screen. Glad I went. You could tell much care and love went into the sequel. Teared up seeing Val Kilmer. Great music. One of those "AMERCIAN MOVIES" ...a bit rah rah for me but still spectacular. Seeing it on the big screen was amazing too. SO HAPPY to be back in the theater. Ours has those giant lounge chairs so you are pretty far apart. 

TIN Star on Amazon Prime--I think the series is done (they had 3) so I'm late to the party. It's a hard one to peg. We started watching because we love Tim Roth. It's a hell of a strange ride. Kind of Surreal and realistic and yet, full of plot holes (You think GH has them, this show is just riddled!! LOL) We are up to S2 and it's about Mennonites. Kind of. 

Better Call Saul on AMC --ended it's Season Finale Part ONE last week and wow. I tell you what, it's right up there with Breaking Bad in it's brilliance. It's sad that it's taken so long for each season to drop though because I really have to go back to figure out what's going on. It's so EMMY WORTHY! 

I'll be watching Derry Girls S3 (yippee!)  and Hacks and.. a bunch more when I get to them. TV is so vast now! I can't keep up!! 

Good book if you like weird/quirky old London type things.  Jess Kidd is a great writer. I also want to say I have Kindle Unlimited now. I wasn't going to do it because I have prime but wow, even at $9 a month, it's a bargain. I read about 4 books a month AND you get 3 magazines! (Not sponsored although I wish it was lol) --I went to Kindle because of the light and the fact I can read faster. 

SO THAT's it! Hope you're having a great day. I even went to our Memorial Parade with my Dad today!! 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sunday Surgery: The Short Goodbye


Unfortunately for the audience and the show, GH was just an interrupted mess this week. Everything was a mess this week. Heavy hearts and minds. GH was my escape. Or tried to be. 

Let's go...

photo tx to @SoapsSpoilers 

Friday, May 27, 2022



Let's see if we can get through the ENTIRE SHOW!! OK??!! OK!! 

Chet is leaving PC. He's moving from CA in real life. Such a shame. He and Terry were a fun little rom-com on the side. Wish he was staying. He tells Terry the job is in Chicago. Amy says "don't take it"... and tells him she gave the people his resume to get him away from her boss (Terry) 

Nik comes into The Metro...sees Victor. Victor wants to stay while he and Ava talk. They just tell the backstory of Esme and Spencer..and fight. Victor leaves.  Ava says that they should patch up their marriage instead of catering to Esme and Spencer. She also says that she's the best thing that's ever happened to Nikolas. He says he's not crawling back to her. 

Michael on the stand. OMG Scotty brings up Michael axing Claudia  Z in the head !! WOOHOO!! Asks how long he got in jail, how long he served, yada yada. HE brings up Michael suing for custody of Avery!! OMG! Forgot it!! Brings up a bunch of other stuff. Then diane counters with how long Nina was on Nixon Falls and how she lied to Willow and Michael. She brings out Nelle's arrest file and it's HUGE. Michael's is one page. Judge wants to see them in chambers. 

Spencer comes into the Gallery, knocks something over to interrupt Rory and Trina. Rory leaves. Spencer tells Tri about his money from Ava. Trina goes to storm out. Spencer wants her to talk to talk to him. She says forget it and to stuff the envelopes hes' supposed to and clean up. When she leaves, Spencer knocks all the stuff on the floor. 

Esme calls Spencer to find out where he is. Spencer comes back in a bad mood because of Trina. Yells at Esme. He's Mad. She says Why does Trina trigger you? Spencer says he doesn't know but he does. Then wants to go for a drive. She's like NO and I might not be here when you get back! 

AT THE POOL: So, Rory went to the pool. He gets two loungers. Trina comes and sees him getting out the the pool. Admires the view LOL...they lay on the lounges together. 


Willow grabs Nina as she tries to leave the courtroom

Carly sees Sonny touch Nina's hair (Squee!)

Nikolas storms into Wydemere, pours a huge drink and Esme watches from the door. 

Terry thinks Chet should still take the job

Thursday, May 26, 2022


 I guess I didn't miss anything yesterday. The show re-aired another episode because a presser went long. 
SO we can watch together. 

Cam cries to Joss about his mother going away. 

Esme wants to go horseback riding and Spencer says they have to pack. He tells her Ava gave him $10K a month allowance! Ol' Es isn't so sure she wants to move because ...you know she's supposed to sleep with Nikolas. He says they can get 2 bedrooms. She says ok. 

Nik is mad at Britt because she won't tell him what the deal with Liz is. She tells him to shove his donation to GH and he raised Spencer to be horrible LOL. She tells him she hopes she doesn't see him unless he's in the hospital injured LOL 

Ava is drinking at The Metro. Victor walks up. Banter. She says that Jennifer Smith killed Luke. 

Amy gives Terry a dirty look at GH . Chet comes in later. He tells Amy someone submitted his info to a VA mental health program to be the director. Oh it was Amy.  I think to get Chet to move. 

TRina and Rory. Rory tells her he wanted to be a cop to right wrongs. "You're the first wrong I want to right" (meaning her case). He asks her out on a date to the Planetarium. She says no, she doesn't want to mess his life up.

Sonny at the Trial ...HE SAYS Nina was responsible for him not coming home but SO WAS HE!! OOOOOOOOO!!!! He says by the time Nina got there he didn't want to know who he was!! Carly's FACE WAS JUSTTTTTTTTT A MESS OF SHOCK ahhahhaa. 


INTERRUPTION AGAIN... update from Texas. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Defunkt GH Sets

NOTE: This is the blog for WED!! Please put all comments on show below!! 

Due to limited space in a soundstage, the sets at GH have often been defunkt or remodeled to suit a new storyline. We have had some pretty memorable sets over the years. Here are a few that we remember that passed us by along the way. The best part of searching for some of these videos was seeing so many GH characters that we miss and wish would still be with us


Robert's House

The thing I remember most about his house was that incredibly cheesy computer room he had hidden behind the sliding door. I know special effects were limited in the 80s, but this was really comical. The Robin intro storyline took place in this house.

NOTE: KAREN remembers this set as a penthouse? AND I think it was also used on Port Charles??  Maybe it's the Mandela effect! LOL 

NOTE from Dave: Yes, the set was on Nightshift in a 3-part dream sequence when Robert was in a coma. It brought Luke and Mac and Robert and Tiffany back for a reunion. It was very well done with lots of nostalgia. Its on youtube and so worth a look.

The Brownstone

The one set they should never have torn down. They could have always rotated residents and had characters interact with each other. The drama would always be there and always have written itself. Major mistake on the part of TPTB.

NOTE:  Karen here-- what the heck? Remember when Star (or was it Kiki) and Michael were going to open it back up? They were even renovating it!! Should be student/nursing housing. 

Campus Disco

I really wanted to find a clip from Lorena's Spa. Instead, I found this one with Richard Simmons. If this doesnt define "the 80s", nothing will.  

Luke's Club

This was a really nicely decorated set. It's a shame nothing lasts forever. Ethan could have been running it today.

Wyndham's Department Store

It really was Fascination. (And yes, I know what happens next. Lets just enjoy the dance and the song for a moment.)

The Outback

Who would have thought? A place where people can eat and drink and gather with an Australian theme and call it "The Outback". This clip is by far one of my top 5 scenes ever on GH. I was definitely on "team Lois" all the way.

The Mayor's House

Laura dies. Laura comes back. We've heard this storyline 3 or 4 times, haven't we? Ah, but it's good to see Rick, Lesley and Tiffany again, isn't it?? 

The Cafeteria

I guess all the doctor and nurse interaction happens at the nurses station now. But there was a time when the gossip happened in the cafeteria.

NOTE:  Karen again. One of my fave sets from the old days. SO much happened in the cafeteria!! Especially with young Laura. That's where she and Monica would meet and talk. Why? Laura was at such odds with Leslie, Monica was like her "second mother".  Oh, and this is the spot where Bobbie schemed her schemes! 

Luke's Club: Soap Opera Bistro

One last thing... if you know Disney, you know about the Soap Opera Bistro that was opened at Disneyland as part of the California Adventure. It was only open for 21 months, but it was a great place and SO many sets. 

Go to  YESTERLAND  to see them all!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Going Away Away


I swear this week is going so crazy it feels like it's Friday LOL 

Marshall wakes up... thanks Curtis.  Curtis just wants him home; no strings attached. TJ comes in and then Aunt Stella walks in .  They are going to take Marshall for more tests and he sees Curtis  holding his pills. He says it's time to tell the truth. 

The hearing: Carly waits on the DNA tests. Diane and Scotty come into the courtroom. The hearing is starting.  Nina gets to go first. Carly rolls her eyes. She lists things they did together. Then Scott asks about his other grandparents. Nina says Sonny and Carly. He's like OH! SONNY CORINTHOS! Then they talk about killer Harmony. Then Diane gets to question Nina and she goes ballistic LOL. Brings up Nixon Falls..Nina's past. You name it. They talk about lying and Diane does a good job. Michael says "Well that's over".. but! Sonny wants to get on the stand. Scott decides to call him up. 

*NOTE: Carly's faces are what to watch on today's show LOL 

Brook and Chase talk about her songs. He tells her to just write more. She says it's not that easy. She has an idea and wants him to help her. It's shady, I'm not even sure what it is about. Sorry. 

Cam and Laura talk about Elizabeth. Laura goes into the room. Elizabeth says she has to leave PC and get away from everyone.  Laura hugs Liz. Tells her it will be ok. If GH doesn't have the adequate resources, they'll send her where they do. Liz agrees and she says goodbye to Cameron. Finn jumps in, says he's not happy. She wants Finn to be happy. This scene is really WEIRD and feels so rushed. ANYWAY, the make arrangements for Liz to go to Shadybrook THAT DAY (ahahahaha..no waiting list)? And Cam says goodbye. Violet says goodbye. No Aiden. No Jake. Liz gets into the elevator with some really sad music. I swear it's like Becky is leaving the show LOL GEESH!! 

Violet and Gregory are in the park. He hit Alexis with a Frisbee (on accident).  They talk. He's not a fan of her paper. He says she wants her 'journalism both ways"... they banter a bit. Violet tells him to be nice. Alexis invites him to write an op ed for the paper. He says nope. Finn texts and Violet and he leave. 


Liz goes to Shadybrook

Marshall gets tests

Sonny takes the stand

TOMORROW: Look !! Victor is back! 

Monday, May 23, 2022

By the Hair....


Curtis sees that Marshall's pills were anti-psychotic! WOW...heavy duty. Anyway, he goes in and says to a sleeping Marshall he should have been more understanding. Then Marshall starts to wake up and Curtis says "DAD your SON IS HERE, ME, I won't leave" 

Brad!! YOU GO!! Carly calls Nina a narcissist with a straight face!! LOL Brad says that AJ came back into Michaels' life and the truth always comes out. Carly says that Wiley is better off not knowing Nina. THEN Carly tells Britt Brad is an idiot. Britt says, yeah he CAN be but not about this! bahahha. She tries to talk calmly to Carly. Carly flashes back to talking to Drew about the DNA testing.  Brad tells Britt he kinda likes his job with Aunt Selina running the games. 

NED yelling at Drew about ELQ. GET HIM NED!! Ned leaves. Brook tries to talk to Drew about the Ned situation and why he's so passionate about the company. Then Linc emails her. He shopped her song out to a singer and she hates it. (It was all autotuned and pop-like) 

Liz getting tests done. Nothing on the MRI. They mention her sleeping pills. Terry is going to run more tests. Kevin is there, I'm so glad. Kevin says that Liz' emotions could have taken over and "come out' like they did and she not remember. 

Michael overhears that Sonny might be a witness for Nina. Gets all angry LOL Maxie tries to help. Michael says what if Peter wasn't dead, would she let HIM See Bailey?? Michael talks about legal terms and how DNA doesn't make a family. Nina is like; HOW Harmony wasn't really WILLOW'S MOTHER? ohhhhhhhhhh. Willow says those are her memories and her mother was her mother. Nina asks about the people she STOLE her from!! OOO!! Maxie interrupts and has to pick up James from daycare. She pulls Nina aside and tells her to stop because she's making things worse.  

Sonny and Dante are looking all dapper at the outdoor #GH cafe. Dante tells Sonny not to cut Michael off. He doesn't think Sonny should testify for Nina. 


Ned yells at Drew that he's going into the office since he's the only one that actually WORKS at ELQ LOL 

Carly gets a text the DNA results are ready (she's at the courthouse) 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Pills and Chills


MUCH better week for me and I hope for you too? I did miss a few days live and watching Hulu is always good. BUT it seemed tighter and fun dialog.  SO many group scenes. Leo's party and the Savoy were fun and welcome. I wonder when the pool set is going to open? 

Violet ate a giant sundae so I'm going for one of those!! Let's give it a go!! 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Last 30 MIN!


Savoy: TAGGERT is back!! Jordan is looking gorge. She and Portia have drinks. 

Marshall is hurt...taking him to the hospital. He's lost a lot of blood. Doctor wants to know his meds and Curtis says all he knows is BP medicine. 

LIZ IS cutting paper and just sitting there!!!!!!?? OH she's in a trance, doesn't remember going home!! Finn tells her he thinks it's her that's been doing all these things. She doesn't believe it 

Bobbie and Carly talk about the DNA test and Sonny hears. Carly and he talk. She won't tell him. 

Bobbie talks to Nina...she tells her to back off. Nina tells her she knows all her secrets about breaking up Laura and Scott and her cheating with so many husbands. 

Millow: WILEY WILEY WILEY... drinking wine and talking about WILEY. They kiss after talking about WILEY. BLAH AND THE MAKE THE WUB 

Violet is STILL UP? It's like 1am!! LOL OMG she eats Greg's brownie--she just HAD  a giant hot fudge sundae LOL!! MAN! She's going to be running all over town. 

Jordan remembers what Portia said about Trina and her "real father"... 

Nina calls Bobbie an ex- prostitute and Bobbie throws a drink on her LOL 

Marshall is just laying there---with no hat on. Curtis sits by him. 

Thursday's show==LOVED IT

 Catching up..

STELLA AND EPIPHANY!!  Nice. Aw, Stella finds out Epiph is going to be a doctor. Which by GH timeline, should be next year. 

N'neka and Nina. "Mafia HOMEWRECKER"! LOL  Sonny steps up. They talk about Michael.  Ephiphany, Portia and Stella go out. Portia says FREE DRINKS because they are at Curtis' Club LOL 

VIOLET and GREG!! I wonder if he's for Alexis? She's so cute. 

Carly "When are the DNA TESTS DONE????? WHEN"???  BOBBIE! "Honey, this is your mother you're talking to".... 

"Maybe I trust the dead more than the living right now" .. GO LIZ!!  The vase!! Is she one of those kenetic psychics?? What do you call that?? Kinetics ??  She kicks Finn out!! Oh she's so DID and is doing the moving of objects. This COULD be good. OH she sneaks out the door!! OR DID SHE turn invisible and FLY OUT?? LOL They didn't see her at the front door. 

IT IS LIZ! Violet even knows it..Liz rips up the drawing!! OH I HOPE BECKY SLAYS THIS ! 

OH New set of a back alley and TJ AND Marshall get ROBBED??? 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thursday and Friday....


Well, I didn't post Monday because of the Brittnaee Drexel case -- and I FORGOT TO publish TUESDAY. I DID make it yesterday. BUT!! Today I have an appointment and I may or may not be back for the show. Friday I know I have a kid until 2:00 so won't be back in time. 


So, for Thursday's show use this blog to write please. I forgot to say I liked the show yesterday and I'm not sure why other than it was just nice and 'real' and ... Molly was on!! The car scenes were good and Marshall walking in surprised me. 

Ok, that's that. I'll pop in when I can and offer my "expert" opinions!! WUB YA ALL!! Thanks for reading. 

Party and Songs

I NEVER PUBLISHED THIS!! WHAT THE .... I need some memory juice from the Cassadines!! LOL WHOOPS ...this is TUESDAY'S SHOW 

 Leo's Birthday. Carly had Sam look into Esme's background. Wealthy parents and siblings, can't find the sibs tho. Dante and Sam kiss. She leaves. Drew and Michael talk about ELQAurora Merger. Carly WANTS TO BE AN INVESTOR because she doesn't do enough crap on this show LOL!! OMG She wants to be in-- she wants it bad. Drew and Michael are like...er..um...no.

AW... Chase and Ned sing at Leo's birthday, one of Ned's songs. 

Valentin and Ned. Valentin is trying to convince Ned that Michael and Drew and trying to shove him out. He wants to throw their cards in together. Ned leaves for the party but he's def listening to Val! 

Sasha, Gladys and Brando and the photog guy is at the bar. She's upset. She thinks Harmony's death was her fault. Um, yah it was. 

Gladys takes Rusty to the hallway and tells him to leave. He says he and Sasha have a deal. She's like What deal? HE doesn't tell her. Wants his memory card back.  She says as soon as he shows her what Sasha wants on her end of the deal. Can't tell. Anyway..they are deleting the photos. She comes back from the hall... sits down. Says she and Sasha should tell Brando "everything". Sasha looks sick. 

Ava is lambasting Spencer for siding with Esme and not Trina. She leaves... Sam comes in to ask Spencer about Esme. He says he really doesn't know her. OMG he makes her swear as a Cassadine that she won't say anything. Spencer says Esme is a monster and he's going to expose her!! YEAH!! 

Nikolas and Esme. Esme trying to get on his good side. She doesn't know how to flirt very well. AVa walks in. Tells Es to get out. Esme says she's kicked off PCU campus (Not sure why) She talks about AVa's kids. Ava gets in her face: TAKE MY DAUGHTER'S NAME OUTTA YOUR MOUTH! 


Brook and Chase were going to leave and the sleazy producer stops them

Esme is going to move but Nik says no

Ava offers Spencer 10K a week to move out of Wyndemere. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Under The Hood

 I can't even remember what today is!! 

Oh! HUMP DAY!! LOL... feels like Friday--or...I don't know. Been a fast week and yet..slow. 

Sonny brings his muscle car in for Brando to take a look at. Brando says Mike worked on cars with him. They hang out and work on the car. Talk about Michael. Spark Plugs. 

Gladys confronts Sasha over the pills. Gladys is more concerned about Sasha's health than Deceptions stock. Says if she doesn't do something she'll tell Brando.  Sasha is still trying to talk  her out of it. Gladys tells her she saw ALL the photos on the guy's camera. Sasha is like: GULP. Sasha is talking about her drug addiction-- and she swears that she didn't  take pills when she hit Harmony. She swears on her son.  Gladys says she HAS to tell Brando. She says she knows the signs. Brando was an addict. so...he might fall off the wagon. Sasha PROMISES she will quit. 

Curtis and Portia hug in her office at GH. She's upset about the PCPU report on Trina. Marshall hugs her. Tells her he's leaving to find Marshall but won't go if she wants him to stay. She tells him to go but what changed? He says he found out that Stella and his mother lied to him and they knew Marshall was alive. Jordan then comes in and tells Curtis where TJ is--and they are looking for Marshall. 

Link, the evil music producer crashes Leo's party. He owns ALL OF BROOK LYNN'S SONGS!! Oh the ones she wrote when he was her producer. He's been shopping them around and people are interested. He wants her to sign with him again.  Anyway, it goes round and round and Chase is almost going to punch him but Brook does first. 

MOLLY is in Brooklyn with TJ!! WOW..they are meeting the music store guy to try to find Marshall. Guy comes in says he told TJ he doesn't know Marshall but will take dinner anyway. He does recognize the clarinet but doesn't know where Marshall is. BUT HE does know Marshall...they catch him in a slip up. He says he'll keep an eye out for him. Orders Cherry Pie LOL 


Marshall walks into the restaurant and sees Molly and TJ

Gladys is moving in with Sasha and Brando (I think that's her stipulation with Sasha promising to stay off drugs)

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Woe Is Me


General Hospital's 15,000 episode 

  • Better week for me for sure. I don't know why other than I didn't feel bounced around and confused. Also, good dialog most days and that helps. Nothing huge--and Friday is still not "a FRIDAY" and everything ended on a blah note. 

  • It was the start of the Elementary School Fair which I appreciated. All the extras milling about!! Something new to see!! Grab your cotton candy and soda pop and let's give it a GO...
  • Um, no idea about the bullet points but I can't get rid of them! LOL 

Friday, May 13, 2022



Nail time for Carly and Joss....they talk about Trina and the upcoming hearing for Nina tomorrow. Joss cant believe the judge would give her visitation rights. 

Elementary School Fair in the park! Sonny is there, Leo gets ready at the Qs and Drew is there too. Sonny is watching Avery at a dance thing, Scout has some project and Leo will do his poem. Parents gather in the park. 

Ned stays back to do some ELQ business and Olivia says Don't Be Late (you know he will be). Drew is actually in the park with Sonny and Ned is waiting for him at home LOL . Brook tells Ned to let the merger happen.  

Willow and Michael are at home. Sam and Dante come in with news about the DNA results. Harmony wasn't her bio Mom. She's resigned to the fact. Sam and she go to the fair and Dante stays to talk to Michael about making up with Sonny. 

Sam and Willow go to the fair. Sam looks so pretty. Willow talks about moving around when she was a kid and wants to find her bio mom. Sam says "Be careful what you wish for".

Curtis goes to see Nina at Crimson. New receptionist! Her name is Shannon. Hmmm, interesting. She's "happy" not thinking about the article out on her. But she really IS thinking about it and is stressed. They talk about life, Marshall being gone and OF COURSE--WILEY.  

TJ and Jordan talk about Marshall...he wants Jordan to help him find him. A receipt in the clarinet case points him to a music shop in Brooklyn. 

Valentin and Martin talk about ELQ and them maybe voting him out. Yada yada... boring talk. Leo and Olivia comes in. Valentin asks Leo if he knows who he is. Leo says: Yes, you USED to be Bailey's father ahahahahaaa!! Olivia lets it slip that ELQ and Aurora might merge. Val had no clue. 

MIchael threatens to tell the PCPD about Sonny next time they come knocking

Thursday, May 12, 2022

A Key To The Castle


I tell you what. 

Here's hoping I last the next TWO DAYS! 

Finn is trying to find Liz. Laura is trying to find Liz. They figure out that she's meeting with the medium. They go out of the hospital together. 

Liz and Chelsea. Chelsea's all upset..shaking..Liz is telling Franco to "contact" her... Finn's trying to call. . we are looking "in the window" (not sure it's us or someone out there) and in the end, the window blows open and blows out the candles. Sorry, it was the door. Chelsea becomes someone else. Franco. He basically tells Liz to believe in herself and yada yada. I think he's trying to tell her She's doing these things to herself. Then, of course, Finn and Laura walk in. Liz sounds a bit cray talking about Franco and such. Liz goes to stay at Laura's. Finn lays into the medium. Tells her to stay away. Chelsea says that Liz needs help dealing with whatever she's going through. 

Spencer goes to see Britt about the pill. She makes him talk in his little kid voice and tapes him. Pretty funny. He shows her the pill. She gets serious: WHO'S IS THIS? He says Esme's. It's an opioid and has big side effects too. He asks about mixing it with alcohol. She wants to know exactly what's going on. He won't tell her. Then he gets all snarky to throw her off suspicion I think?? He's mean. Tells her she never had a real realtionship so she can't tell him what to do about Esme. 

Esme is at the spa jail with Ryan. HE's still pretending to be non-mobile. She sends out the orderly. Ryan pops up HELLO! Daughter!! HE says no surprise communication: what is wrong? She says Spencer won't have ex with her, found the letters and pills. Ryan is mad. He realizes Cam must have been in on it all if he covered for Spencer.  She says he can't get mad or she'll out him. He says "You are just like your mother, I couldn't turn my back on her".. THEN he has a flashback to Felicia stabbing him. Is FELICIA HER MOTHER? I mean, it sure looked that way. The timing doesn't work but..whew!! Hmm I need to think about that. Ryan tells Esme she'd better sleep with Nikolas soon. She says she can't wait for Spencer to find them together. Then he says they'll take down their other enemies ONE by ONE. 

Felicia is at Maxie's...Nina is at the door. Fe says Maxie is at Deception, working late and she's with the kids. Invites her in for popcorn. Nina finds out Felicia knows about the story on her because Bobbie is one of Fe's BFFs. She's appalled, but how can you be nice to me? Felicia says that James makes her family.  She says she thinks Nina is a strong kick ass woman. 

Carly and Drew get caught at Millo's house. They make up an excuse and Willow and Michael buy it. They say they were at the cemetery and saw Sonny and Nina. They talk about Nelle and Wiley and Drew points out that Wiley is half Nelle's so nuture/nature might not be the case. Anyway they leave. Willow gives Carly a key. 

Carly now has Willow and Nina's DNA. She and Drew go to GH. She asks Britt about getting a test done. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022



Welp, hot on the heels of new character, "DEX"... looks like Josh Kelly from One Life to Live fame is joining General Hospital. (He played Cutter Wentworth)

Deadline reports that although his character has no name as of yet, he'll be connected to "Sam, Dante and Britt". He'll be a "series regular" at the end of the month. 

Is it me or is there a casting type lately? Here I was confused about the Dex hire looking like everyone else and...WELP!! 

You think he's a recast Jason? If he is, Wubsy may be retiring. I feel like I'm starting to watch 14 shows at once. 

Day of the DEAD

 I swear GMA3 keeps going LONGER AND LONGER... GH starts at 2 dang it!! LOL 

Carly and Drew. He say her take the wine glass Nina used. Wonders why. She says she wishes she could talk to Dead Jason, he'd understand. Drew says he's no Jason. Anyway, she tells him that she knows Nina is Willow's birth mother. 

Nina is talking to Nelle at the graveyard. Boo hoo. Miss you. Boo hoo. No one will let me see Wiley. 

Michael and Willow come to the graveyard to "see" Nelle and find Nina! They are going to see Jonah. Willow and Nina argue. Shocker. Argue.. and.. Sonny comes along. 

Liz all of a sudden says Nikolas invited her to stay at Wyndemere?? HUH? Anyway, she has to drop by home first. Oh! The medium Chelsea comes. (she's the same one that was on in 2019) See the photo. She gives Chelsea Franco's wedding ring. Chelsea senses a dark presence in the house that goes by a 'last name'. Oh could be Finn OR Franco, right ?

Laura and Sonny talk about dead Jason. Nikolas stops by (this is Kelly's ) to say Sonny and Nina were made for each other. Snark. They barb back and forth about Sonny kidnapping Esme and then Nikolas touches Sonny and Sonny grabs him and twists his hand HARD. "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH MY SHOULDER AGAIN"!  Martin walks up. Spencer says: DID You see that? He attacked me. Laura smooths things over. Sonny leaves. Nikolas is still stupid enough to think Esme didn't film the kids having zex. He leaves. 

Martin tells her that Lucy is like a "Sexual Panther"

Esme and Spencer. She gives him some line about her nanny and I guess the nanny doesn't date her letters because she tells him she wrote them years ago. Esme wants to have zex with Spencer. and...he stops her. 


Spencer texts Britt to help him find out what the pill is. 

Carly and Drew get caught at the Gatehouse by Millow trying to get DNA to test. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 Carly and Nina argue about WILEY in Charlie's. :eyeroll: Ava leaves. Carly and Nina sit down. They argue..and argue about Wiley and Willow. Nina thinks that he should know Harmony is dead. Carly says he's too young. They just bicker until Phyllis comes in. Carly talks to Phyllis at the bar and Nina goes to the bathroom. Carly and Phyllis talk about Nina's baby being born. Phyllis wasn't there when Nina's baby was born, she was given the baby by her mother and then left. Carly wants to know who WAS there. Phyllis doesn't know. 

Joss tells Esme to get her hands of Cam..Cam has to act like he's not mad at her. They all argue, Esme stomps out. Cameron tries to text Spencer and Joss is like WHO ARE YOU TEXING? WHO'S THIS IMPORTANT. So he stops. OF COURSE because ES is on her way home. Josslyn just keeps harping on Cameron. Trina leaves and calls someone. 

Oh Trina and Ava talk in the Gallery about Esme. She wants help to find out how Es framed her.  Ava thinks that making Esme jealous will make her slip up. Trina then says she's been holding something back and wants to tell Ava. 

Spencer finds pills in Esme's shoebox. He takes one, put it in his pocket and keeps looking.  Spencer, being the idiot he is sits on the bed to read the letters even though Cam managed to text him Esme was on her way. HE SITS ON THE BED? what? And Esme peeks in around the door. She yells. He says she lied about being in touch with her nanny. They yell at each other and talk about trust. 

Ned tells Drew he doesn't want the companies to merge. Ned is afraid if they do he'll be out in the cold. Michael comes in. Ned is mad they have been talking behind his back. Michael isn't sure Ned will be CEO of the merged companies. Drew leaves. Ned is pissed. Feels like he's being sent out to pasture. 

Willow's sad. Michael's just sitting there like a lump. Door knock. Alexis (Still temp recast) wants to talk to Willow about Harmony. Michael leaves. Willow and Alexis talk about Harmony's past and her sins such. Willow isn't even mad at Alexis for not telling her that Harmony wasn't her bio mom..because it was "Harmony's place". Alexis tells her what harmony told her about the lady giving birth in the commune and her taking Willow. Willow realizes she doesn't know her father either. 

CARLY IS GOING TO GET NINA'S DNA on a wine glass. Drew comes in and sees her. 

MISSED OPPORTUNITY: Follow up with Chet/Terry and Amy 

Monday, May 9, 2022

IN My Shoe Box

Nina and Ava day drinking at Charlie's...talking about the Wiley mess. Ava tells Nina that Smaltz interviewed her about the "Avery birth" LOL!! Where NINA  induced labor and stole Ava's baby!! AHAHAHHA. Nina says she's worked hard on herself since then. AMy comes in all upset about the Nail Salon and Terry and sits with Ava and Nina after they ask what's wrong. 

Spencer and Cam talking at Kelly's. Spencer says he's found nothing on Esme. AND he's not sure how he can keep from not having sex with her. Oh geesh. I miss the 70's. Anyway, Cam is going to let Spencer go early so he can look for evidence while Es is in Yoga class. I bet he finds the letters.

Trina and Joss go to Yoga and Rory is there.. he's making googlie eyes at Trina. They can't date yet because she's going through a court case and he's a police officer.  

Esme is in Wyndemere and got a letter from her nanny, Maggie saying she's happy that she and Spencer are close. We see Ez and Spencers room/suite at Wyndemere. It's nice! She hides the letter in her shoe box in the closet. 

Terry and Chet on a date..awww.. Very cute dialog. She looks so pretty. They are at the outdoor Metro restaurant. They talk about how they were afraid to tell each other their 'secrets': Prosthetic legs and her being trans. They are glad they told each other. 


Terry finds out Amy is Chet's sister

TJ finds out that Marshall was put in a mental hospital. TJ thinks that Curtis crossed the line in finding out. HE's going to find him and bring him back. 

Carly's being all snotty to Valentin. Says it's HIS fault that Nina didn't know Nelle wasn't her daughter because he passed Sasha off. Val rolls his eyes. 

Curtis and TJ talk about..MARSHALL and-- you know. Anyway, TJ thinks Curtis should find him. 

Amy finds out that Terry and Chet were out for drinks... 

Spencer is looking for evidence against Esme in her room.  He finds all of her nanny's letters. 

Cam and Avery hug and Joss catches them. (Cam was pretending to like her) 

Carly walks into Charlie's... sees Nina and Ava 

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Hulu and Chill


Another week where I think there's been a seismic shift in production/writing/editing over there. Seriously. Things are different. I pay close attention and I'm baffled. Again, if you don't want to hear me be a huge critic, leave now. 

I decided to put one of my more fave moments as the lead in today. There were some fun things happening but just randomly inserted and jumbled. Again, if a scene lasted more than a few seconds we were lucky.

If you're ready, grab several seats and let's go! 

Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday Filet


Willow still just stands there when she finds out about her mom not being her bio-mom. I guess she's supposed to be in shock? They talk about everything and she finally says "I didn't lose my mother last night".. I mean WTF SHE WAS YOUR MOTHER YOUR WHOLE LIFE!! Willow finds out she was basically kidnapped. She wants the ENTIRE TRUTH. You think Carly will tell her AHAHHAAHA. come on. She doesn't. Dante suggests a DNA test. Willow says not now. Carly and Dante leave. Better check Willow has a pulse because her reaction to all this is... just nothing. 

Sasha is at GH for some reason getting a CT Scan?? I guess ...something happened? TJ says the scan came out ok. Does she want anything for headaches. He gives her an over the counter NON-habit forming one. Brando leaves. She's freaking out trying to get a pill from her purse but she flushed them all. Then that Photographer comes in and.. is like "Missing Something"?? He tells her he can get her more drugs. 

Dex comes in to see Sonny for the job ..Sonny rips up his resume. He just 'has to trust him'.  OMG Dex is so bland he makes Brando look like an exotic cast.  IT's just talking about him working with Sonny. Why in god's name would Sonny hire a newby with the West Coast moving in?? WHY? OMG Brando walks in. They look SO MUCH ALIKE I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. 

Nina goes to the nail salon to talk to Scotty NOW! he's like Man! I'm getting my nails done. He says Liesl likes his nails trimmed. She's freaking out over the Invader 5 part story on her. Diane walks in, tells Nina to just drop everything. 

Jordan and Curtis talk about MARSHALL at GH. He thinks TJ should know what's going on with MARSHALL. They talk more about Marshall. Even MORE. Then, she leaves and TJ comes up and they talk about Marshall. 

So Valentin plops down next to Gladys at the Metro and takes her computer and looks at the photos of Sasha. They see she had pills. Val says this is really bad given her past. Then Sasha comes over (Val is gone) and Sasha tells Gladys they need to give the zip thing back to the photographer. Gladys is like WHY? 

Valentin talks to Carly about Nina and Wiley. :eyeroll: 


TJ shows Curtis the clarinet  

Jordan wants to find out who Willow's real mother is. 

Willow wants to know who her "real" mother is...
I think she means BIRTH mother

Thursday, May 5, 2022

HELLO... It's Thursday


And I watched yesterday's show!! Meatballs!! Carly knows the truth!! Lenny!!! Loved Robert and Anna. Not really into the Mac/Felicia wanting a baby --?? (Maybe??) I mean, she's going to be 60. She looks 50 but.. lordy, no. God knows we have enough babies on the show anyway. Maybe Mac will have a long lost son come back? Anyway, watching on Hulu was a gift. It's like 1/2 the time for sure. 


I think it's the next day!! IT IS!! It's the DAY AFTER LEO'S ADOPTION! 

TJ and Britt talk about Harmony dying. He feels badly. She says he did all he could. Amy runs up wants to leave early (I think she's going to go see Chet). TJ and Britt talk a lot about being doctors. 

Nail Salon: Liz and Terry. Terry wants to know exactly what's happening with Liz and the stuff going on. Then Amy waltzes in in a dress...sees Liz and Terry and turns to go. She and Terry don't get along. They argue about work and Amy's slacking off etc. Amy wants to talk to Terry about her. Oh, this is because of CHET! ahahha. Terry doesn't know she's his sister and Amy doesn't know she's his girlfriend. 

Chet is home from The Middle East charity trip. They are in the gym. Chet asks how his replacement "Dex" did... Sonny said he was good. Chet says he's a fellow vet. Dante comes in and asks Sonny if he heard Carly and Alexis were attacked last night. He had not. HE wants to call Carly but then says Carly should have called HIM! He pouts. Dante leaves

Dex comes out to say goodbye. 

Michael and Carly relieve Brook from watching Wiley. They talk about Harmony. Wiley asks about Grandma Harmony. Carly tells him to color his car blue. LOL they aren't telling him.  Dante comes in to see Willow. She comes downstairs. 

Brook calls Chase "Are we on for the screening"? He says: OH! It' May the 4th...that's right. Oh no, I'm watching Violet today. Sorry. Violet comes out and asks which tiara he wants to wear. She wants a tea party and he's sick of them. She's like TOO BAD, you can't have enough tea parties. Brook comes in with light sabers. 


Liz calls the Medium

TJ takes the day off 

Brook, Chase, Violet and Leo are going to Kelly's for dinner 

Dex breaks up a fight. Dex is probably right up there with the most boring casting ever. GEESUS

Dante tells Willow she wasn't Harmony's biological mother. 


GH people: 
Supporting actress: Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis)  and Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) 

Actress: Cynthia Watros (Nina)  and Laura Wright (Carly) 

Actor: None from GH 

Supporting actor: James Patrick Stewart (Valentin), Jeff Kober (Cyrus) 

Younger Actor/Actress Nicholas Chavez (Spencer) William Lipton (Cameron), Sydney Mikayla (Trina) 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Tuesday, May 3, 2022


Liz and Finn make out in The Metro. Cam calls because he's concerned. Liz says don't worry, Finn is there. They talk on the phone to their kids. Finn leaves. Tells her to lock the door. She doesn't bolt it from the inside. A little bit later she walks out in a robe and yells FINN!! Someone was in the room (Or WERE they)?? He comes in..the entire room is trashed. Liz says that she was in the shower and it happened. Um, HER HAIR IS DRY!  Anyway, Rory and another cop comes in and he asks about the inside latch. She says Oh no! She forgot. Finn says it has to be someone with a key card. 

Lucy sees Martin in his room at The Metro. She's naked under her fur coat. They talk about The Deception launch. He still doesn't want to tell Valentin about their relationship. Lucy wonders why. Then he decides he will go public, doesn't care about Valentin's reaction. He can't get another "Lucy". 

Valentin is talking to someone on the phone and will "do the plan no matter what it takes". He sees Lucy and Martin together. Martin says he's dating Miss Lucy and if Val doesn't like it he can take his business elsewhere. He says that he's happy for them and will keep Marty as his lawyer. 

Sonny and Nina at the Savoy (YES! Same night!!) she tells him about Harmony. Says he should go to the hospital. He says NAH..Michael doesn't want him there. He and Nina dance. AND DANCE...and...that's it! 

Harmony opens her eyes and TJ checks her over. He says she's awake but shouldn't be stressed. Willow wants to go in. He says she can go by herself. Carly looks like she's afraid Willow will stress her. 

Willow goes in. Harmony says "I'm sssssssoooooory" ..they talk about stuff. Harmony croaks "I have to tell..."then she starts coding. Willow goes out and begs Carly to JUST TELL HER what her mother is trying to say. Carly won't. All Harmony needs is a sedative. Willow and Michael go sit in the lobby (weird) CARLY goes in to talk to Harmony and says she didn't tell Willow about the whole Not her mother thing. 

Maxie and Austin talk about going out again tomorrow night and she doesn't want to have to get a sitter again. He says that it's kind of like "Med SchooL" and she's trying to get out of going out with him again. He says maybe she's not ready for someone new. Then Maxie grabs and kisses him. Then Georgie comes out and is like "MOMMY WHO IS THAT GUY"?? LOL 

Liz wants to get in touch with a medium. 

Harmony says "Nina" to Carly 

Monday, May 2, 2022


It's still the same day/night that Leo got adopted which was last a week ago LAST Friday. 

 Austin and Maxie are at The Savoy.. Austin wants to pay the bill, Maxie wants to pay it. Spinelli is all dressed up. He's trying to get a date I think? I don't even know. WEIRD. Austin and Spinelli are going Kayaking sometime. 

Sonny's with some guy at the bar..Sonny says "you know what to do right"?? Nina walks in. They talk about Nixon Falls. Sonny's bodyguard (is the guy) takes some other guy to the backroom at The Savoy. Oh, because you know, Selina WU should be doing that but.. GH. 

Spinelli walks up to Sonny. Wants to guy him a drink. Has a platium card. I think he IS making the dating app. THEN Sonny tells him he can tell he can tell he still loves MAXIE lol .  

Nina and Dr O are talking and then Britt comes in. This is after her telling Willow about Harmony. STUPID EDIT lol it's like 2 seconds later.

Michael yells at Britt hat HE WANTS AN UPDATE ON HER CONDITION NOW! He's sorry-- then a doctor walks up to Britt and tells her something about Harmony and she says she has to go find Willow right now. 

Carly starts to explain what her mother did at the cliff and that she knows a secret. They are in the chapel of GH. Just as Carly is going to tell her WHY Harmony was attacking her (the SECRET) Britt rushes in and tells her she's ICU. 

Alexis and Sam appear to still be at the hospital, wandering around. We didn't see them Friday at ALL..but here they are? Shrug. Anyway they want to find out about Harmony. Shouldn't Alexis be talking to the police? 

Sam and Harmony lie to get to Harmony's room. They are outside. Sam says Alexis should get closure. Alexis goes to talk to Harmony...basically goes over their 'friendship' while Harmony lays there on a vent. Willow comes in. Alexis and Sam go home and Willow cries at her mother's bed 

Carly tells Michael about Harmony. BUT won't tell him  the secret until she talks to Willow first 

Felicia and Mac are watching baby Bailey. The other kids are asleep. They talk about him being a dad to Georgie and Maxie. They kiss. Austin and Maxie come in. Banter. They dress Felicia WAY younger than Maxie for sure. GEESH. Austin asks Maxie out for tomorrow, she says no, kids/baking. yada. 

Liz is at The Metro... Finn brings her flowers and booked the room next to her. Which..WHY? I mean.. ???? whatever. They are playing the card game Slap. Then they kiss. 


Harmony's eyes open 

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Light My Fire


I think production took the week or maybe month off. Seriously. WHAT was up with the show? I'll get into it all but I was not a happy camper. SO many wasted moments and just random things happening. SO many weird edits and chopped up scenes. It felt like it was cobbled together and given the nature of what happened, it should have run like a tightly wound ship. 

Please, if you're totally into the things and don't want to hear my mean thoughts, just save yourself while you can. If not, grab what you got and let's GO GO! 

Canada VS USA

 NOTE: Canadian viewers saw a different show today ! IT had Finn, Liz, Violet. LOL not sure what happened!  Brick sees Sonny. Sonny is the o...