Wednesday, May 4, 2022


 Unexpected work came up! I'll catch GH later on Hulu. 


  1. Well, it's 22 minutes in-----------wow ------------can't wait to read your thoughts.....nothing we thought would happen.

  2. I was so shocked at Steve Burton's post on Instagram, I sent a message telling him someone hacked his account. Then other itenties confirmed that he wrote it -His wife Sherre is pregnant with another man's child and they are separated....I am just shocked......

    1. I read that, too. Pretty shocking.

    2. "Mufasa says, His wife Sherre is pregnant with another man's child and they are separated....I am just shocked......"

      WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!!?! :0

    3. OH MY!! Not touching that with a ten foot pole.

  3. Tilly is so cute and cozy!
    Looking forward to your, and everyone's comments.
    As mufasa said...definitely a Friday show.

  4. TILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Oh oh she looks angry!!! Give her a treat quick! :)

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny and his bodyguard: Mmmm meataballas! :) Sonny asked his bodyguard to have some! He wanted his bodyguard to come in, but the bodyguard was all no I have to stay here.. :) It's way past Sonny's bedtime! :) Is he going to feed the green beans on the table the meataballas? He already fed his car keys to them.. Might as well feed them the meataballas. :) Sonny slept on the couch and had a dream! :)

    Sonny and his Nixon Falls dream:

    Sonny and Lenny: Spirit Lenny visited Sonny in his dream! I can watch Sonny and Lenny talk the whole hour. :) If it's just them the whole hour, I would enjoy it! :) Ahhhh Lenny! You are missed! Great scene!

    Chandler Mansion:

    RnA: GAH! They act like an old married couple!!! :) Anna brings up hulu! :) They are arguing about what to watch on hulu hahahahha! Love them!

    Robert and Mac: Mac talks to Robert about babies! :) Robert laughs and laughs and laughs! ROFL! Mac thinks Felicia wants a baby. I think Mac wants a baby too! :) Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: There is one way to find out. Let's go and ask her. Come on!

    BAHAHAHAHA! Yes Robert I agree! Oh but Mac don't want Robert to talk about it with Felicia!!!

    Anna and Flea: Flea wants to look at the stars. Anna and Flea talk about babies. Flea isn't preggers! She is confused about how Mac feels. She got a vibe that he wants babies. Oh Flea you want babies too! :)

    Robert, Anna, Flea, and Mac: Flea wants to go home now! So Flea and Mac leave. RnA gonna watch a movie. :)


    Flea and Mac: They look at the stars and make a wish on what they want. BABIES!!!! :) Mac was going to say something to her, but she said you don't talk about it or it won't come true! Come on you two! COMMUNICATION! :)

    Lenny's bar:

    Nina and Phyllis: Nina is still on a high from when she danced the exotic dance with Sonny. Love to always see Phyllis! :)

    Nina and V.C.: Great scene! They talk about Charlie and how much V.C. misses her! They talk about how V.C. hopes he has grown and Nina hopes she has grown too. Valenina was great back then, until it wasn't. :( V.C. is walking Nina to her car. Awwww sweet. :) Hey how come he isn't calling Anna or going to visit her?

    Spirit Lenny and Phyllis: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Spirit Lenny visits Phyllis and hugs her from behind. She feels the hug. She turns around and he is gone. Made me tear up!! :(

    The hospital:

    Carly and Ooooo Carly knows all now!!! spilled her guts. Will Carly tell Willow that she is a twinsy and her mama is Nina? don't want Carly to tell Willow that Nina is her mother. Oh disparages Nina! thinks Nina is a bad lady too! Hahahaha. Oh oh is having trouble.. Great scene!

    TJ, Amy, and TJ does everything he can to save, but she flatlines. She is dead. :( DAMMIT! :(

    Mildew: She stares into space and he talks about Paris. Willow talks about Wiley. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Carly shows up to tell her to go see her mother.

    Mildew and Willow talks and talks and talks to her dead mother, who ain't listening to her. is probably in hell cursing Nina.

    Hospital bathroom: Sasha is yelling at herself in the mirror about the drugs. She flushes them down the toilet. Poor little things. :( Brando is knocking on the door wondering if she is okay.

    1. So I said meatballs with a very poor accent like you wanted. HAHAHAHA!
      Those green beans on Sonny's table were a spider plant. You know the nickname they should have....! :)
      Lenny was a joy to see, I miss him. And Robert and Anna fighting over the remote was a hoot. To my complete horror I felt much sympathy for Cujo. She's going to make the wrong decision because this is GH, but she's in quite a pickle!

    2. "Julie H says, So I said meatballs with a very poor accent like you wanted. HAHAHAHA!"


      "Those green beans on Sonny's table were a spider plant. You know the nickname they should have....! :)"

      Oh? Like what? Spider? Spider baby? Green bean spider baby? Oooo I like that one.. Anyway what were you thinking? :)

      "Lenny was a joy to see, I miss him."

      Yes he was! I miss him too!!!

      "And Robert and Anna fighting over the remote was a hoot."

      It was a blast! :)

      "To my complete horror I felt much sympathy for Cujo. She's going to make the wrong decision because this is GH, but she's in quite a pickle!"

      Oh yeah. She ain't gonna say a word to Willow or Michael!

    3. I could live with Green Bean Spider Baby. I was just thinking Spidey. :)

    4. "Julie H says, I could live with Green Bean Spider Baby. I was just thinking Spidey. :)"

      OH! Hahahaha. Green Bean Spider Baby it is! :D

  5. My dog has a little lamb chop toy, too. So cute!

  6. LOVE the vets, but it IS funny that the Felicia and Mac storyline was nothing----it was cute but nothing like we thought!
    WHY is Robert with Anna? WHY is Valentin not with her?
    STILL chemistry with JPS and CW-------to me more than with Sonny
    I LOVED the Lenny scene but it was almost like filler stuff?
    Harmony's death was shocking-----I thought she would be in a coma or something.....and it is NOT right now, BUT her argument to Carly WAS true - Nina would smother Willow (not the way we wished, but still...........)
    Still no police around--------interesting time of death 10:43 p.m.......LONG two weeks of one night..
    SWEEPS is Millow storyline - not Cassadine or Luke or TRINA or Elizabeth.....sigh....

    1. I laughed out loud about smothering Willow but not the way we wished! HAHAHAHAH! Thanks for that!

  7. Now Carly holds the same secret about Nina. Different child, same secret.
    Steve Burton's situation sounds like a real life soap opera.

    1. and I bet Nina finds out and shouts it out in court - cause it IS the same kinda secret.....although I could see Harmony's point about Nina smothering Willow -

  8. It isn't Harmony's decision no matter what kind of person Nina is (unless she would physically hurt a child of course). So raising Willow in a cult as better than with Nina or should I say her family? come on writers. Someone has to say something here. Everyone can't be against Nina just because of Snarly. UGH! I am sad to see the actress that played harmony go as she was the real deal, but the character was hard to redeem. I am
    blanking on who was the father of the twins.

    As for Steve Burton, and IRL, what kind of idiot sleeps with another man without protection when you're married? There are always 2 sides of course I am just never a fan of cheating no matter what. You can wait until you divorce or grab a toy for cripes sake. These days I cannot imagine being unprotected unless in a committed relationship.

    1. Silas Clay who was one of Michael Eastons characters was Nelle and Willows father.

    2. You know he came up in my head as the actor but I could not place the name. Thank you!

  9. I guess harmony raising willow in a cult and using her for a sex slave with shilolh is better than having a mother who loves her too much.

  10. I think we all agree----the writers certainly change directions----cause no way when Harmony was raising Willow in the cult, they were sitting around their table saying "you know a few years from now, let's make Nina her mother and Nelle a twin" LOL

  11. I think that Carly should tell Willow and let her decide whether or not she wants Nina to know.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. I actually felt Snarly's confusion and horror at being in the same situation as before, and felt sorry for her. God help me, lol!

  12. As much as I love seeing Robert and Anna fight over Hulu, why was Val with Nina instead of Anna? The timing is so off, too. Sonny and Nina closed down the Savoy and Sonny went home and Nina was going home, too, but was visiting Phyllis. Felicia and Mac were visiting rather late, too. Felicia looks great but way too old for a baby unless she has a surrogate. Inga was great in her dying scenes. Hate having Carly, the hypocrite, keeping another secret.


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