Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 Carly and Nina argue about WILEY in Charlie's. :eyeroll: Ava leaves. Carly and Nina sit down. They argue..and argue about Wiley and Willow. Nina thinks that he should know Harmony is dead. Carly says he's too young. They just bicker until Phyllis comes in. Carly talks to Phyllis at the bar and Nina goes to the bathroom. Carly and Phyllis talk about Nina's baby being born. Phyllis wasn't there when Nina's baby was born, she was given the baby by her mother and then left. Carly wants to know who WAS there. Phyllis doesn't know. 

Joss tells Esme to get her hands of Cam..Cam has to act like he's not mad at her. They all argue, Esme stomps out. Cameron tries to text Spencer and Joss is like WHO ARE YOU TEXING? WHO'S THIS IMPORTANT. So he stops. OF COURSE because ES is on her way home. Josslyn just keeps harping on Cameron. Trina leaves and calls someone. 

Oh Trina and Ava talk in the Gallery about Esme. She wants help to find out how Es framed her.  Ava thinks that making Esme jealous will make her slip up. Trina then says she's been holding something back and wants to tell Ava. 

Spencer finds pills in Esme's shoebox. He takes one, put it in his pocket and keeps looking.  Spencer, being the idiot he is sits on the bed to read the letters even though Cam managed to text him Esme was on her way. HE SITS ON THE BED? what? And Esme peeks in around the door. She yells. He says she lied about being in touch with her nanny. They yell at each other and talk about trust. 

Ned tells Drew he doesn't want the companies to merge. Ned is afraid if they do he'll be out in the cold. Michael comes in. Ned is mad they have been talking behind his back. Michael isn't sure Ned will be CEO of the merged companies. Drew leaves. Ned is pissed. Feels like he's being sent out to pasture. 

Willow's sad. Michael's just sitting there like a lump. Door knock. Alexis (Still temp recast) wants to talk to Willow about Harmony. Michael leaves. Willow and Alexis talk about Harmony's past and her sins such. Willow isn't even mad at Alexis for not telling her that Harmony wasn't her bio mom..because it was "Harmony's place". Alexis tells her what harmony told her about the lady giving birth in the commune and her taking Willow. Willow realizes she doesn't know her father either. 

CARLY IS GOING TO GET NINA'S DNA on a wine glass. Drew comes in and sees her. 

MISSED OPPORTUNITY: Follow up with Chet/Terry and Amy 


  1. Wyndemere: Oooo Spencer has the pills!!! YES YES KEEP ONE! YES! :) Oh I bet he just wants to wait for Vampira to show up so he can confront her! :)

    Vampira and Spencer: YUP! He wants to confront her! :) Spencer wins the line of the day.

    Spencer: Esme. What's up?!

    BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHHA! I wonder how many times they had to do that scene because they were laughing. :)


    Jam and Trina: Oh boy! Cam just tell the girls the truth!!!!!

    Jam: Just because you two have differences Joss, doesn't mean you can't be in a relationship! Just relax. And of course Joss is just like her mother! Hahahaha!

    Q home:

    Michael, Drew, and Ned: Michael you can't kick Ned out of ELQ you jerk! I hope that doesn't happen!!!! Drew says trust me? Well I hope Ned can trust you Drew! I hope I can too!

    Lenny's bar:

    Nina, Ava, and Carly: I love when Ava told Carly people change. YES! So very true! :)

    Carly and Phyllis: Careful Carly. Don't be asking too many questions! Phyllis is so loyal to Nina awwwww. :)

    Carly and Nina: Yeahhhh they won't be besties anytime soon hahahaha! Uh Carly? Wiley could ask where is grandma Harmony! So you can't keep what happened to her from Wiley!

    Carly and glass: Oooooooo! NICE! :) Ooops did Drew catch her in the act? DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!

    The gatehouse:

    Willow and TempRecastAlexis: Willow you are not angry! Get angry! Throw things! Throw a vase! Throw a shrinky dink! :) Do you have any? How about throwing a cabbage patch kid? A Teddy Ruxpin? Oh sorry thinking of the 80's toys! ROFL!

    Ava's art gallery:

    Ava and Trina: Love that Trina is asking Ava for help! What secret do you have Trina that might hurt people? Hmmmm..

    "Karen says MISSED OPPORTUNITY: Follow up with Chet/Terry and Amy"

    YUP!!!! It sure is a missed opportunity. Is Amy still outside with her mouth open?

    1. Thoroughly enjoyed the Snarly/Neener convo. I dislike them both, but such great zingers being tossed about, lol! They should tell Wiley about Harmony, but gently (like she's with the angels or something) because you just know Neener would say, "so Wiley, did you know Grandma Harmony is dead?" She's got the tact of a bullhorn!

      Ava and Trina were awesome! I just love their relationship. What is the secret Trina is holding back? Do we know? Did I forget? Did the writers not come up with it yet? Inquiring minds.....

      Really, Spence is an idiot. That's all I've got.

      Laughed out loud at "Is Amy still outside with her mouth open?" All I could picture were flies! HAHAHAHAH!

    2. I might be answering my own question here. Is Trina's secret weapon is that she was with Spence at the cemetery (when he skipped out of the pokey) when the sex tape was released? Meaning she couldn't have done it and Spence was her alibi?

  2. I wish Ava had caught Carly.. Drew will probably assit her.

  3. It seems that GH can not just develop a story, tell it and resolve it in less than 2-3 years. Talk about "missed opportunity". That is what they do the best lately.

  4. Zazu. Exactly. We don’t care about Amy and her brother cause we never see them. Just came out of the blue. We haven’t seen the vets discusssing Luke’s death. It Jennifer smith. Liz story goes in forever. Marshall is a useless character cause he was never developed. Ephinany being a doctor. When did we see her last. Or Ryan ? The writers have become pathetic.

    1. I wish I could like this comment about 100 times. You listed everything I want to see. Pooh on the writers. :(

  5. Too many characters, and too many storylines just HANGING and terribly done.

  6. What if Nelle wasn't Ninas daughter but just a way to keep her from her real biological daughter. Harmony said that Madeline told her that the other child was given up. It would be something if a DNA test showed no relation between Nina and Nelle.

  7. Absolutely no continuity and they can't blame COVID anymore - just lousy direction. We have yet to see Val again with Anna. I just can't stomach Carly anymore regardless of who she's with so that is a fast forward for me. NuTrina is doing a lot better and looks much prettier with her hair off her face.


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