Monday, May 23, 2022

By the Hair....


Curtis sees that Marshall's pills were anti-psychotic! WOW...heavy duty. Anyway, he goes in and says to a sleeping Marshall he should have been more understanding. Then Marshall starts to wake up and Curtis says "DAD your SON IS HERE, ME, I won't leave" 

Brad!! YOU GO!! Carly calls Nina a narcissist with a straight face!! LOL Brad says that AJ came back into Michaels' life and the truth always comes out. Carly says that Wiley is better off not knowing Nina. THEN Carly tells Britt Brad is an idiot. Britt says, yeah he CAN be but not about this! bahahha. She tries to talk calmly to Carly. Carly flashes back to talking to Drew about the DNA testing.  Brad tells Britt he kinda likes his job with Aunt Selina running the games. 

NED yelling at Drew about ELQ. GET HIM NED!! Ned leaves. Brook tries to talk to Drew about the Ned situation and why he's so passionate about the company. Then Linc emails her. He shopped her song out to a singer and she hates it. (It was all autotuned and pop-like) 

Liz getting tests done. Nothing on the MRI. They mention her sleeping pills. Terry is going to run more tests. Kevin is there, I'm so glad. Kevin says that Liz' emotions could have taken over and "come out' like they did and she not remember. 

Michael overhears that Sonny might be a witness for Nina. Gets all angry LOL Maxie tries to help. Michael says what if Peter wasn't dead, would she let HIM See Bailey?? Michael talks about legal terms and how DNA doesn't make a family. Nina is like; HOW Harmony wasn't really WILLOW'S MOTHER? ohhhhhhhhhh. Willow says those are her memories and her mother was her mother. Nina asks about the people she STOLE her from!! OOO!! Maxie interrupts and has to pick up James from daycare. She pulls Nina aside and tells her to stop because she's making things worse.  

Sonny and Dante are looking all dapper at the outdoor #GH cafe. Dante tells Sonny not to cut Michael off. He doesn't think Sonny should testify for Nina. 


Ned yells at Drew that he's going into the office since he's the only one that actually WORKS at ELQ LOL 

Carly gets a text the DNA results are ready (she's at the courthouse) 


  1. Watching on DVR fast forwarding through all marshall scenes

  2. I guess Rebecca H will be going on vacation now as she heads off to a hospital.

    I hope Carly tells Willow the truth now, or it gets out so that at least the focus of the daily fighting will change.

    And Ned can be CEO. Michael would be more confortable running the daycare. lol

    1. Di I guess Rebecca H will be going on vacation now"

      She is?!!?!?!?

      "as she heads off to a hospital."

      Is she heading to a hospital?

    2. when rebecca herbst got fired years ago after Jake died , the storyline was supposed to be liz going to a mental facility. but her fans fought to get her back on GH. hopefully she is staying. she has always been my favorite on GH. she deserves better than what she gets.

  3. NY hospital:

    Curtis and TJ: Anti psychotic meds!!!! BOOM! *Mic drop* :)

    Curtis and Mr. Hat man: GAHHHHHH! Awwww Curtis!!! :'( Great scenes!!!

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital:

    Doc, Chase, and Fiz: COME ON! Doc hypnotize Liz!!!!!!

    The exercise room: Hey that lady with Carly looks like Mercedes!

    Cujo, Brad, and Britch: Cujo that is EXACTLY what happened to Michael when he got older! He had a relationship with AJ! So I don't know what the hell you are talking about.

    Brad and Britch: Hey! Brad loves his new job! ALRIGHT! :) See Brad? :) It's good working with your auntie after all! :)

    Q breakfast nook:

    Ned, Brooky, and Drew: NED in that white outfit makes him look hot! :) I see his nipples too! :) Brooky looks great! Love that outfit! She isn't wearing a blazer!!!! :0 Drew just give Ned the CEO position! For crying out loud!

    Brooky and Drew: That slimey snake Linc! UGH! Brooky needs to be free of him and she needs to have her music only HERS! UGH!

    Ned and Drew: Ned is right! The only person who wants to work is him! :) Drew is a lazy ass! GET TO WORK DREW!

    Outside the park: I have no idea where they are! Hahahaha. Outside the hospital? I dunno.

    Brase: Ooooo love that she called Chase to help her! :)

    Dante and Sonny: Dante wins the line of the day.

    Dante: I think you both need to grow up.



    Mildew, Nina, and Maxie: Michael shut up! Willow speak up to Michael! Don't be a wallflower! Oh no James has a fever? Poor baby. Wait how old is he? ROFL!

    Carly: Oooooo test results are in! GREAT! Now Willow can get her toothbrush back. Is Carly going to leave to get the results or sit on her hands and wait until the verdict comes in?

    1. Sonya, Ned looks hot in every outfit he is wearing - not wearing his hot also.

    2. "Gary says, Sonya, Ned looks hot in every outfit he is wearing"

      Oh yes yes! He does, but today with all white outfit he looked even hotter. :) Wait am I talking to you, or your crazy twin? ROFL!

    3. Sometimes I'm not even sure which one I am. LOL

    4. "Gary says, Sometimes I'm not even sure which one I am. LOL"


  4. As I said before...if Marshall was a psycho killer maybe this story would be interesting.
    So we will probably not hear Carly blurt out the truth until the end of sweeps. I say, after this May sweeps...get out the brooms and sweep it all away. Start fresh.

    1. agree - there HAS to be more to the story-----Marshall HATES Sonny and kept saying 'I know men like him' PLUS day 4 he called someone and said 'my work here isn't done' or something to that effect.........Stupid sweeps........

  5. Oooooo! GH promo!!! No Willow! Don't be putting your hands on mama!!!

  6. nina should say she will take supervised visits with wiley. they need to compromise

  7. I hope Liz's issues are tied to her dad and/or maybe both of her parents. If not, why all of the Jeff mentions?

  8. DID is usually associated with physical or sexual abuse during childhood. Mayne her rape would count??? Would be kind of crappy if they turn Jeff into an abuser. Seems they they abandoned her for sure.

  9. The best thing about the upcoming courtroom scenes will be Scotty versus Diane. I'm no Nina fan and definitely not Carly,'s but Millow are sickening.


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