Saturday, May 31, 2014

Frank Smith?

Throwing this out's a clip of Frank/Laura. He hated both the Spencers and Sonny..he has the hair LOL. Kinda stiff in mannerisms...

Luke and Laura went on the run with Frank's henchmen hot on their trail. One of the men named "Hitch" ended up befriending the two and could not kill them. The other hit man attempted to complete the hit but was discovered and killed by Hitch.
Mitchell Ryan assumed the role of mob kingpin Frank Smith when the character returned to the canvas in 1993.
It turned out that with Frank's black book, Luke and Laura did indeed have the evidence they needed to send Frank to prison. In 1984, Frank framed Luke for a murder that was committed in Mexico and his best friend Robert Scorpio helped Luke was clear his name. Laura had just announced her first pregnancy and they are on the run once more. In 1993, Frank's hit men track Luke and Laura to the Triple L Diner in Canada and blew up their truck thinking they were inside. For safety reasons Luke and Laura send Lucky back to Port Charles to live with Luke's "aunt" Ruby Anderson. Frank's men found Lucky staying with his friend/cousin Sly Eckert. They also find Sly's father Bill Eckert, who is the spitting image of Luke. Bill is shot in a case of mistaken identity. He dies in Luke's arms.
Luke and Laura, with their son Lucky, decided to hide in plain sight, back in Port Charles. Damian Smith, on behalf of Daddy, promises Luke that he and his family will be safe if Luke will help smuggle people into the country, with Corinthos as a liaison. Luke says yes until he can figure out how to get rid of Smith. It turns out to be no easy task and puts him back in touch with a much-changed Jennifer. To get him out in the open, Luke helps spring Frank from prison in 1993.
This time Laura had announced her second pregnancy with (Lulu Spencer). Smith kidnaps a very pregnant Laura and uses her as a human shield and gets away. Lucky follows his father to a meeting with Frank's henchman and is shot but makes a full recovery. Finally, they at last have a final showdown at a cemetery in Puerto Rico in which Luke kills Frank. After Frank's death, Sonny Corinthos takes over his organization.

Friday, May 30, 2014

"Who Are You"?

Alexis is going to freak out lol!! She believes Trevor even though Liz begs her not to. 

YEPPER, she saved herself too! 

Ava shows a plus pee stick that was in the trash to Sonny.  Sonny agrees not to kill her now, but will in 9 months.

Ric IS losing it.  His robe almost came off. His prints were on the gun. Fluke explains to Luke it's because he knocked him out with a drug and snuck up to his room to plant the piece and get his prints all over it. 

Morgan tries to make out with Olivia, trying to get revenge.  She's like: 

Let's get to Old Man Luke.  One..Two... Ok, so that really didn't tell us too much. He Reunited with Tracy.. and.. well, not much else. He's taking a 'break' and he'll 'be back' LOL.
"who am I"? Who's doing the dance?
HE says "wouldn't you like to know"..and leaves.

So, TG will be on break, and we'll wait months to find out who he is.

Thursday, May 29, 2014'd better...

run! hahhaa. Sonny's being sooooooo nasty and low talkin'!  And he throws some barware..and he gets his gun out. Ava's like: don't do this!!
She's tells Sonny "my death won't be the only one on your conscience" (meaning baby in there) 

Michael., what do I do? How do I do it? Kiki is his "here, have a cookie" person. 
"My mother did something?" What she do? "Your Father"!

Nikolas and Natasha. Nice.. scenes. 

Ric and Liz. She's gotta down a shot before she sleeps with Ric! ahahaa. 

Tracy wants her Honeymoon. Luke tells her to pack a little of everything.  Ric is the perfect foil for this plan. Nice--it takes the heat of Julian in both directions.  Plant the evidence--paper trail.
JUST good writing. Really. Even tho we don't get the "Luke" reveal yet, it's still a good twist and makes sense. 

Anna doesn't want to let Julian off the hook, but Scoober Baldwin does! LOL  Julian is going to say it's RIC. Framing him is genius. Gets him off Luke's hook, gets him off with the po-po. 

Oh, and Fluke went to visit LUKE in Miscavage. So "Fluke" isn't a brainwashed Luke.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Moot Points

Huge day, I'll be watching GH via DVR later.  I did want to mention on thing though.. to reinforce my point about character rotation. I take it that Olivia is on break now, and her point/story is moot.  I really miss the days when soaps had a narrow cast and even if you were 'back burner' you were on almost daily. Would it have killed anyone to have put her say, in the Lante scene at Kelly's? Patrina are back after 2 weeks off.  Dr. O is certainly not around. I think she's with Brad, helping Monica get those funeral snacks. *sigh*  
The fragmentation is killin' me.  My heart went boom for about 3 minutes when Sonny found out yesterday and now I'm all like:  eh.  And...I was strangely unmoved that Lucas might die.  You? 

NED IS ON, this from WALLY KURTH on Twitter:

Just read in SOD that Ned's gonna be appearing more. Thrilled.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Let's see...

Julian saved Lucas and threatened Fluke

Lante ate at Kelly's....and...zzzzzzzz.

WHEN AVA finds out Sonny knows she killed Cawnie

Sonny heard the truth and head; exploded

Ava heard from Kiki and Kiki knows Mama had tomb sex.

Ric asked Liz out on a date

Kids name is: Gabriel Drake Santiago ..yes DRAKE is the middle name

AND Prez came on to talk about Afghanistan ... 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

All "My" Billy Clyde Tuggle

I have to do a tribute to this guy. You have no idea (unless I tell you) the depths of my love for the actor or character. 
I first saw Billy Clyde when I was (cough) years old during the Donna-Chuck  prostitute story on AMC. Picture it: Small town girl...fascinated by "Center City" seedy-life complete with a place called "Foxies". Estelle, the hooker with a heart of gold 
Enter Billy Clyde  Tuggle. Played by the amazingly talented Matthew Cowels,  he was one of the funniest-mean guys out there. His hill-billy accent and flair for the pimp clothes was so over the top you couldn't help but laugh.  Of course, he was really horrible at heart and raped and almost killed poor Estelle before  it was all over. 
I found out later that he himself was a writer, and created and wrote the "Billy Clyde" character. At that time, he was married to the actress that played Estelle. They later divorced and he's been married to Christine Baranski since the early '80s.  Cowels  passed away the 22nd of May. 

Sunday Surgery: Micro-Mini

Sonny and I? Scotch-mates! 

Oh this is going to be so short, you are going to love me forever!! 
In fact, I can do it  on one page today.

This week was: MOB..Mobby, Mobby...MOB.

What I liked: Jordan being DEA, makes sense, I do like her as an actress and it gives Finola someone to play off of.  I still think it's pretty funny that TJ and Shaun have no set save Kelly's downstairs though. 

I liked the Sam/Lucas scenes. Why there couldn't have been more leading up to it, shall remain a mystery.  Of course, seeing Spin again was a treat. Baby Georgie. 

Other than that? I honestly don't know why this story is being written. The Mob is so OVER in SO MANY ways. The "dinner party"?? The day Julian quit? Um...seriously? So we can see what a badass Fluke really is?  To shoot another person to get them in GH to have badass Fluke try to snuff off Lucas the exact same way Ava tired to with AJ??   
Look,  I LOVE the fact that the Jerome family is bonding. Really glad. We need more family dinners. Why rush the "hit"..or why not show more Lucas/Sam time before this? I still get stuck by the fact that Julian had everyone as sitting ducks that day. I mean.  Seriously. 
I'm trying hard here.  The whole week was just..a YAWN.   No life to it at all. Not only that, Tracy is being so stupid it makes no difference to me what happens to her heart. Ned left. Took my hopes with him. 
Day to day acting/dialog--great stuff, meaning I should like the show, right? It's still way too choppy and head-scratching for my taste. I just can't deal with the on-off of the story rotation. 



Just note the EXACT same way Ava and Fluke went to kill someone. LOL! AJ and Lucas.  Fluke is so MEAN he needs NO GLOVES tho!! And you'd think he'd be more careful if he's such a giant mobular crime-brainiac.  Same  TUBE!!  Is Fluke Bill, Victor or himself just really messed up from the drugs, but the one that has been controlling things all these years and pulling the wool over our eyes?  Yeah. I know..who cares?! 

Carly and Todd flew to Portland--to see Spinelli.  Yes, it was nice to see him. Carly and Franco playing Scoobie Doo? Whatever. At least the Connie truth is coming out. First Sonny finds out Ava shot he's gonna find out she plugged ol' Connie. :slowclap:

The momentum of baby Patrina is off by 2 weeks now. I have no idea where Donna Mills is.  Silas gets flowers from "guess who".   Maxie was on, Nathan paraded around shirtless. We got wrap-up Kevin/Lucy scenes. Julian blackmailed Scotty. 

And there YOU HAVE IT! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Yep, I missed this face. Liked the light Todd/Spin banter. I mean, er..Franco. You know. I also liked seeing Ellie and Georgie. Miss them.  

PROP OF THE WEEK:  those giant-ass'd photos that Fluke had LOL.. Geesh! In an old-school manilla folder no less! 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Sonny's face when Shawn told him about Ava shooting Olivia. heh. Took liberty here-- those of you on Vine know from where I am coming!! LOVE this face!! 

NOW Monday we see face two--when he finds out the  WHOLE truth. LMAO  He's "gonna kill her" (promos say this) we KNOW Ava's going to have a little 'secret' stuffed in her belly to get out of this. It's the ONLY way. Then, we can have a delish WTD story..right? IS it Daddy's or Jr's?  Wonder if Ava will fake the Pregnancy or really be PG. Hmmmmmmmmm. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel Mention!

Kevin thinks the Nurses' Ball fiasco would be a good monologue.  Lucy can't say she doesn't love Scotty. 

Bobbie is on!  Talking to Fluke.   Then Alexis talks to him while Luke speaks in a flatline looooowwww looowwww voice. 

LOVED Carly's outfit. Really. And since it's freezing cold today--brrrrrrr. Looks good! 

Shaun tells Sonny Ava shot Olivia  Sonny: @@
There's only one way Ava's gonna get out of this one. She's reminding me of Claudia in some ways.  

Julian blackmails Scott using those old bribery charges.  

Jordan's not telling TJ she's DEA. 

Wow, Carly and Franco. Alone again. Shocker.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

SO.... When is NINA Back?

DAYTIME Confidential reports she'll be on June 3rd. In case you didn't see the 1 second clip, Nina "woke Up" from her coma weeks ago--revealing that Michelle Stafford would play her. 
She recently sent flowers to Silas.

Jordan gives Anna the goods  on the REAL Jerome family. Ok, I DO like her as DEA. She's a good actress. Anna could use another smart female on the PCPD. 

I see TJ and Molly are in his living room! ahahaaa. 

Is this still the same night? I think so cause Duke has  on the same tie.

Tracy. DUH

Sonny was drinking Scotch.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shot Heard "round The Dinner Table

Lucas gets the shoulder. He can borrow Liz' arm sling. LOL... Luke said to kill a person so we got another bad-aim guy going.  
OMG..So SAM runs after the guy..and Julian STAYS there...and tries to console Lucas. What a whimp. LOL

AVA had on her sunglasses, sipping a tropical drink. Now we know she's on the island!! 
Enter  Morgan. All showered  and Shaved!! 

GOTTA fly today...

Hope the show gets more interesting.

The Great Fluke Debate

I have been thinking about what some of you said about TG playing "Fluke" and that he's actually liking it and I'm wrong.
BUT..I just don't see it! LOL.. The character to me is so boring. No life--nothing. Why not give him SOMETHING? When "Duke" was "Faison" at least IB played the subtle differences-- and his masked character was interesting to watch.
This wooden character is.. just lifeless. I get it's not supposed to be Luke..but if you're PLAYING 
Luke to convince other's you ARE Luke--why act the TOTAL opposite? And why, save Ned does NO  one really notice, other then to cock their head once and awhile and go: huh. Weird.  The Kiki angle? What is THAT about? WHY would whomever this is perv out over her to the point that he'd jeopardize himself? 
I get the feeling Tony doesn't like the story--or really hated Luke so much he's just acting like this to make this character SO unappealing it's his FU to the fans. Maybe he's happy as hell.  I can't tell--and therein lies the problem. 

The story has been a let down and I was one that thought it would be awesome when it first started.  I do think they needed to give more clues to what was really going on.  Is he Victor? Bill? Some other drug cartel guy from the past? Was Luke really a huge Mob Boss on the side when he'd leave Port Charles for his "vacations"?? The time in Miscavage just took his personality away? 
The problem is that the story is so choppy..then hurried..then left alone..then hurried I don't care. I mean, I don't care to the point that it doesn't even matter who gets shot today.  Julian having his family as sitting ducks is beyond stupid. 

I do agree when this all started it was great to watch and I did think that Tony was liking it. Now? Zzzzzzzzz sleep inducing.  

So..predict who gets plugged today.  Lucas? He's not been on in ages and all of a sudden shows up hitting on Felix.  Sam? She's so happy right now..time for a bullet wound. Alexis? Will her boobalage save her? Is the hitman a  good shot? We know how that goes. LOL. 
Poor  Rafe. Too bad he wasn't there--he would have been a good one to get it. 

PS. I figure that giant drug exchange had to happen about 8pm at night-- on Pier 54. Pfft. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spinelli sans Maxie

Todd and Spin on that crossover ABC spot! 

WHY bother? Come on. Whatever. Carly and Todd go to see him for help. Guess they want to be cruel and not have Maxie with him yet. Thanks. And WHY did they have to fly with Skype around? To have sex in the bathroom? Nah, to isolate and block tape. That's it. 
I see Georgie and Ellie.

Dear Drug Lords, that's probably the MOST obvious  place in Port Chuck to Do a "Delivery".  And Can't they see the Haunted Stars Disco Lights? 

Luke has some henchman.. I think his name is Harry. He's going to kill either Alexis, Sam  or Lucas.
But Who? WHOM? sigh..whatever
LULU is walking big baby Rocco ALONE  in the PARK at night.  Dante is so proud. 

OK, so JULIAN has been in the mob FOREVER, correct? So the day after he tells BOSS MAN he's out..he gathers all his family in ONE place--with no guards. Ready for the Slaughter. Now, see, I do get we have to make exceptions to  the stories but this? REALLY? The mob uses Pier 54, Julian gives his big shipment to Jordan whom he's known a month AND has his fam as sitting ducks?
Yes, I COULD write it better.  

DID PEOPLE mention those stupid FLOWERS ENOUGH? 

GUN GOES OFF at the dinner. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Aw, Family Time at Sam's!!

Lucas and BIG Danny..and Julian-- all in Sammy's house. Hella but Danny got tall fast!  Geesh,  I guess Sam and Lucas have been seeing each other  a LOT off camera. 
Lucas and Felix..I guess Brad is on Vacation? 

McBain gets Death Lilies. Figure it out.  He gets out early to nookie with Sam. Sam's boobs didn't fall far from the tree! LOL. 

Jordan and Shaun.. she's a good actress. That's all I got to say about it.  Julian came in with a gun. Sigh. Shaun didn't tell her about the bust-- but Duke told Sonny that Shaun was going to warn Jordan. 

OK,  I'm going there. I've held off for awhile now, but Tony Geary is acting bored as  HELL right now. Maybe it's supposed to be his 'character' but it's not making me feel anything for "NotLuke" not like, not hate..just neutral and don't give a crap.  Even him pulling out his gun to supposedly kill Alexis was sleep inducing.  He's either saying FU to #GH and acting like this...or he's bored ...or hell, I don't know, he's just biding his time until he can leave.  Listen how  he said hello to TJ.
Alexis doesn't notice he's the walking dead? WTF? 

Let's Clear this UP..

My musical tastes run more to Hot Chip, Citizen Cope, The Killers  and old school New Wave..ergo, my "Maybe I Didn't Love You" mistake in the last blog. 

The song is "Always On My Mind"...which I actually thought was sung by KENNY ROGERS! ahaha. How sad is THAT? I mean,  I know Willie Nelson... but it didn't register. 

SO, Apologies to all your musical genius' ..Twitter told me too. :Giggle: Well, ya can't be smart about EVERYTHING!! :) 

PS.  Not sure if I'm going to watch today, if I get back in time I will and blog will be up by 5. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Fake ID

Here we go. Another week down, another week for me to pick apart. And I'm gonna PICK people!! I can't even believe some of the stuff this week. You know I fancy myself a bit of a storyteller and while I'd never, EVER say I'd make a good soap writer, I am going to do some armchair critique.
Because I can.

Grab your I mean um.. OJ..yeah, OJ and let's Bitch Dish!

Friday, May 16, 2014


UGH next week is alll about the damn mobular war. Like we haven't seen 456 shoot-outs BEFORE!! LOL   Julian wants out. YAWN.  Fluke is on my LAST NERVE. 


Lulu researched her womb problem on the internet.  WombMD lol I got a million of 'em. WHY would she risk a pregnancy with her LAST embryo? How stupid. PLUS come on--if she  DID lose it, she'd go bat cray.  You are being selfish.
AND CAN we lay off the babies? You just got Rocco there.  

Best part of today's show? Nik listing Ric's sins..and then kissing the hell out of Liz. I love Nik and Britt but I'll take some hospital room action any day.

Jordan was on. don't care.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

UGH times TWO

Ok...I'm not going to tell you what happens during the FLUKE and Tracy "Sex Scene" but it's enough to make me throw up a little bit. This "Luke" crap is getting old. AND TRACY not even being pissed about Michael running ELQ? Is she the one that's not REAL? UGH... 

Julian and Alexis ..Alexis wants him out of the mob. Hell, know they never leave, didn't you ask Sonny to do that? 

Michael taking over ELQ...with training work. Okay then! Tracy doesn't believe Kiki about Luke. whatevvvvvvverrrrrrrrr

Jordan buys TJ a car..she has to be a Fed agent narc. And Shaun is his Daddy. Swear.

The EMBRYO is LANTE'S. And Dr. O goes free. And Anna seems really ..ok about it.  Lulu is wondering who can carry that baby.

GOD, is Sonny that stupid TOO? Like Luke would ever talk like that?! This show is on my last nerve.
He called Sonny Daddy-O!! ahahaaa. OMG. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


UM...snakes on a that's just Carly and Todd..  hee hee..

blah blah..nothing...
Mac is afraid he's gonna have to tell Kevin he knew about Lucy.
Bobbie lays into Lucy.

Alexis is going to have sex if she'd just stop talking.

Ok, I'm taking a nap. Sorry. but Someone finish this. Thank you. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Late to the Party But HERE!

So, I had to go give my kid some $$ and missed GH time. Here I am tho...
Dang but LIZ's hair is SO AWFUL It's making me hysterical with laughter LOL..

What happened  to Spense's Princely Sash?? 

HAHAHA...Lucy NO pants and Scotty kissing on stage? That was just an 'insert' for "hilarity'. heh.  Why would I care about Lucy and Doc? They are never on. He got kinda RYAN on her, didn't he??! 

TJ and Molly's..."can't get enough" AUTOTUNE is so sucky. That's all..  I miss the old "Broadway" style days and I'm usually all for change and upgrades. This song and The "Haunted Starlets" were just bad.
Emma was so CUTE AND NO AUTO tuning!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww She's so talented. 

ICK LEVI..ICK. Man, that idiot makes me root for NATHAN. and..COME ON.. @@ Dr. O and Britt and Nathan make a stunning trio, no? 
Dr O..."Adele Dazeem" ahahha. OMG.  She sings SO WELL. wow... 

Patrina. And baby Patrina. Awwww. 

Epiphany closes the show.  And Patrina sings too.  Then everyone is at the hospital. 

Here's the CUT SCENE from yesterday's show..Ron tweeted it. It's Epiphany apologizing to Mac for KILLING Mr.  Marbles.
He will have his revenge.

The first few Nurses Balls they had the AMFAR number to call and donate for us viewers. Dave made a good point in the blog. The Ball is WAY less about the cause than the dopey stories surrounding it. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

RIP Mr. Marbles

EPIPHANY KILLED MR MARBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT the hell!! Man! Poor Mac. Wahhhh. Sniff.

Brad was so auto-tuned!! And the Haunted Starlets/? Hell half didn't even mouth the words!!

Don't know Eddie GOMEZ Sorry.

The Tango with Cam and Emma was interrupted by Ronn Moss' band that Spencer hired just to break up their dance. Ronn says he likes "Gramma Leslie" and he has a new CD out. Spence wants Emma back.
Britt wants Nik back

Ric wants Sonny back
Brad wants Lucas back
Sonny wants Olivia back
Scotty wants Lucy back

DID I MISS ANYONE!???????? geesh!! 

Michael is CEO of ELQ-- um, ok. Ol' Nedly pulled it over on NotLuke! Luke's tuck with Tracy now LOL

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Happy Mutter's Day

It has been a tragic week for me. I want to thank everyone for their wishes and comments and just plain kindness. I didn't get the chance to watch GH all week and it was very strange to not watch the Nurses Ball for the first time since it's inception. I heard it was a good one-- judging by the pictures it looked to be very fun.  I will watch it on the DVR when I am in the mood. 

My good friend Terri did the summary this week... I can't thank her enough for it! I'm reading it all and tweeking with some snark (she's too nice to put that in I still have to actually watch it all. But Terry you need a giant margarita and roses from me!

THANK YOU... to all for your words and kindness. It has met a lot to me this week!

OK...YOU'D better get out your YOPLAIT yogurt...I see they sponsored the step-repeat and the ball. We OWE THEM!! What's your fave? I'm a vanilla girl. (Boring or what?!!)  HERE WE GO!

Thursday, May 8, 2014



Ball Begins Today!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I have no idea what's happening on the show. I don't even have the urge to watch the DVR for a distraction. So, let me ask you:

Did Julian shoot Ava (ahahaa, I bet that's a no) ..did she go to the island?

Has Lucas been on? (ahahaa)

Did Patrina name the baby?

Um.. is Donna Mills out of jail?

and... has NOTluke given anymore clues to who he really is?

That's all I can think of that I even care about.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

yet ANOTHER cast hire...


Yep.. the more bloated the better? What? Can we see maybe each  actor a week, then rotate? I have no words. Don't know the he playing a swingin 70's dude? Maybe he's a recast for Noah Drake? No clue Don't care.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Due to some personal issues, I won't be on here this week. Please feel free to post. I'll be back-- Everyone hug the ones you love. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Semi Colon

Oh, friends. It's so hard to do this blog week after week. (I think you probably guessed that by now LOL) 
HEY-- Nina wakes up and people going orgasmic over Michelle Stafford coming to the show. Me? Since I don't know her, I'm  in the camp of "Enough Already".. Then again, I am happy with the addition of Maura West so I could save my opinion until I see how this unfolds.
But..come on, what would be the fun in that? 

Sunday is here...and let's dive on into things...especially those Emmy nods that seem to have eluded GH. I'm ready to roll...
:sips coffee: 

Friday, May 2, 2014

TGIF... (Tony Geary is Funny)

ahaha, see what I did there? Actually TG's on my last nerve with this NOTLuke story. Whatever.  He tells Julian to kill Ava. So, there's that.  Geesh that secretary was awful.  Anyway-- Nedly saw the money.  
Julian pulls a gun on Ava...

Yeah for Ned and Alexis. I miss them SO MUCH!! Such a great couple!! eeeee!!! Gatekeepers! This was the only thing I enjoyed on the show today. Their al fresco dining at Kelly's.
Sam runs her mouth right to Alexis about Robin and Pat. LOL 

Ava and Sonny--blah blah..angst.  SHE'S going to the ISLAND!! WILL she get a dress?

Carly and Todd helped Anna hack into AJ's phone records. hoo. So sad. I miss him!!  At least Anna asked about Ava's visiting him. 

Good fake baby in that incubator. I do like Felix and Sabby's friendship.  Sam and Paddy are nice as well. It's been so long since they've had a scene though. That's the prob with the whole show. SO JUMPY.  Aw, Pat can't tell her about St. Jaysus. 

where THE HELL is Lucas? I was excited about him coming back. He has a history on the show, relatives and what? He boffed Brad--then what? ummmmmmm. Maybe he watches Josslyn on a daily basis. 

People on FB and twitter are orgasmic over Michelle Stafford coming. I understand she's a good actress. I however am SO OVER new characters on this show. So there.  Now we'll have a Silas Sam Nina thing going on.  

Boy, I'm a crab. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Michelle Stafford To GH

Long was confirmed today by Daytime Confidential that Michelle Stafford of Y&R fame is joining GH as "Nina'.
Yes, THAT Nina. I don't know Stafford, or her work but people seem very excited. I personally hope they use the people they have (ie: Finola Hughes) ...but hey. 
Here's hoping the Nina story has some punch to it, no? 

I see Maxie got out of the house today.

Daytime Nominations

Emmy Nods are are the General Hospital actors/actresses --

Kelly Sullivan (suppoting) 
Jane Elliot (supporting)
Dom Zamprogna  (supporting)
Chad Duell (younger)
Kirsten Alderson (younger)
Jason Thompson (lead)
Bradford Anderson (Supporting)

*There was NO nom in the lead actress category. 

THE PROPS dept got a nomination. You know I love them!! woot! 

GH did NOT get nominated for writing, directing or for  best daytime series.

For A complete list go to DAYTIME EMMYS 


  I have a meeting at 3:15 so I will be on here as long as possible. I have to get ready and such so..?? We shall see.  Lois and Maxie are d...