Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day

Although this post could be called "Veteran's Day" as well...we thought it fitting to list the service people that have come and gone on GH.  How many do you remember and can you match the names to the faces??  I think two or three went out with Maxie. 

No new show today. Whether you go to parades or honor those in different ways, be safe and we'll see you tomorrow. I'll be back blogging on the regular Wed with a "live" recap. 

Cooper Barrett

Drew Cain

Logan  Hayes

Cody Paul

Chet Driscoll

Hank Archer

Shawn Butler

David Langton

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Nature Delivery


What a week. That's GH for you. Last week I was all: WHAT??  This week I am all: WHAT!!  (Pretend you can hear me say that!) I had to be gone Tues/Thursday and I did watch in a timely fashion because so much was happening.  photo credit: @popcultureblitz 

This is obviously the "Countdown to Peter's Stair Fall" because every day it starts with him in another clip from when he's pushed. I don't think there's enough blood to think he's really dead-dead but we shall see. 

Since we had a Woods Scene, It's Grape Nuts time. If you don't get the reference, you're nice and young! 

Friday, May 28, 2021




Jason and Britt.. so He's going back to Port Charles? Okayyyyy. "When I think about all the fries I didn't eat"!! Great line. Huntington's is such a terrible disease-- I wonder if they'll show all of it. 

Dante and Sam. Um.. okay. (no comment). Weird. 

Cyrus calls Carly and tells her to give up Gladys. Tells her he has Spinelli. 

Nikolas and Ava wanting to help Carly. LOL... Ava wants to give her self as Gladys because Gladys is in surgery.  Carly's all for it. Nikolas is not. Ava tells Nikolas she's DOING IT. 

Maxie in the woods-- SO GH ... LOL Baby born in the woods.  Maxie's had 2 kids in the dirt. ROHO!! He's a riot, and so Todd. 


Showing Peter at the bottom of the stairs and someone checking his pulse (maybe Liz?) 

Maxie's baby is born ...she's ok. Dr. Austin is going to try to get a cell signal. THE BABY IS HUGE and SO CLEAN LOL!! GEESH. Maxie doesn't want to go to the hospital but needs to get to Beecher's corners. THEN the EVIL NURSE WACKS AUSTIN ON THE HEAD with the fire poker!! LOL he's out. Then Chloe is making Maxie get up but Maxie kicks her and I think Chloe breaks her ankle?  They run though the woods. The nurse finally falls through an abandoned boarded up well. PFffffft. Maxie gets the phone, calls Brook Lynn> She's going to give her a location pin so Brook can pick her up. 

Cyrus and Portia. Cyrus is looking to get his liquor license. They hold hands. 

Liz and Finn...Finn's still looking for that damn antidote. Anna's back from Ireland. She gives Finn some papers from Sean's house. 

Willow, Michael and Chase are at the Qs. zzzzzzzzz SO Boring. Chase is dizzy. Oh he ends up passing out. They take him to GH. He's back in a hospital bed. His BP is dropping. 

Brook is in Beecher's Corners waiting for Maxie. takes her belly off. 

Jordan and Dante question Curtis about the shooting of Gladys. Based on what they told them there's an APB out on Cyrus. FINALLY a damn call comes in about gunfire on Pier 55.

Cyrus is going to shoot and JAYSUS COMES OUT!! AHAHHAA. OMG Canada IS 45 min by plane but..god, that's fast even for a soap!! Shooting, Nikolas grabs someone..shooting. Cyrus is shot in the shoulder...goons are killed. Jason chases Cyrus. Then comes back. They all stand around. Like..just chatting. LOL Ava comes running out to hug Nikolas. A goon starts waking up and reaches for his gun... and DANTE shoots him!! NICEeeeeeeee. Dante lets everyone leave but Jason. 


Jason is arrested. Again

Cyrus is in Portia's house!! He's got a gun and his hair is down!! He wants her to tend to his wound!! 

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Friends Reunion Tonight


I know that there is a Thursday episode of GH today, but there is also this. How many of you will be watching? I don't have HBO Max, but I do have the internet so I will tune in at some point in the next week. Like most people, I have seen every episode. Some were really good (Thanksgiving episodes) and some were just awful. (Chandler watching Sharks) 

And guest stars. I think Bruce Willis was my favorite. With Brad Pitt a very close second.

And finally, my favorite episode. It's the one below and I have seen it a billion times, and every time I laughed out loud and probably always will. 

It's Thursday. Karen has the day off, so watch today's episode, comment in the comments, and if you get a chance, say a few words about your FRIENDS.

Karen here! I had to chime in with my fave episode.  OMG when they won the apartment, it was awesome and too funny!! "IS THAT EVEN A WORD"??? Thanks to Dave for blogging today!! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

HOT ZEX @@!!!


So, I saw yesterday Maxie didn't tell Spin the plan. 

JaBritt ended up in a cool looking cabin!!  Kissy Kissy


There was breaking news --mass shooting San Jose Rail Yard. So the show was a bit delayed. 

JaBritt--making out and gonna make DA LOVE. UM, HOLY..I guess social distancing is OVER. Holy heck!! HOT. I mean, like wow. Haven't seen Steve Burton like this in a long time.  Whew. Britt is like: Hmmm, didn't think that's how THIS day would end! 

Spin and Carly find Gladys using her burner phone. She sends gunmen out to go get her. 

Cyrus tells Brando to shoot Gladys, he turns the gun on Cyrus and it's not loaded. Cyrus tells him he knew he was Sonny's plant from the start. Pulls a gun on him. Brando says goodbye to his mother. Cy is ready to shoot and a laser points on him...guys break in (I think Carly's guys) and they start shooting.  Cyrus escapes. Gladys is hit in the shoulder and he takes her to GH. Now he's desperate to find Sasha. Carly comes in and says she took care of it and Sasha is being guarded. 

Ava is looking for Cyrus at GH. Nikolas finds her. They talk about making Cyrus believe she's on his side. 

Spinelli gets ready to leave his hideout thing and someone comes upon him...

Maxie is making plans and packing to go to Beecher's Corners. 

Peter makes sure that the Nurse is going to get ready to kidnap Maxie with him. NEXT time we see Maxie she's waking up in a cabin with Chloe! Chloe drugged her! She says Maxie will have the baby tonight. She's going to inject her to go into labor. Maxie tries to tell Chloe Peter will kill her but she doesn't believe it.  Maxie ends up throwing hot tea is Chloe's eyes!! She really IS having pains tho!! She gets the fire poker but Chloe gets up and has the needle. 

Nina and Eli... Eli wants to know how she knows MikeSon. He's screaming at her..threatens her and then Sonny hits Elias on the head hard with a giant log. LOL the cops come and Nina tells them she found the papers on Eli and they prove he was behind all the robberies in Nixon Falls.  The bank statements should convict them.  Nina and Sonny kiss. She freaks and leaves. 

Chase, Michael and Willow. zzzzzzzzzz Brook Lynn tells Michael that Chase will be able to tell that he and Willow are in wub.  

Brook Lynn gets ready to leave to go to Beecher's Corners. She gets rid of Uri by saying the crib is broken. Shes' out the door and VALENTIN comes in!! He forgot to give Charlotte her science book! WHOOPS! They argue about her leaving to go see her friend "Celeste" for a baby shower. She bamboozles him and finally sneaks out. 

END: Carly gets a call from Cyrus; he has Spinelli! 


Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) News!


This is just so sad. Scarlett Ferandez (Charlotte) suffered a major bike accident where both her arms were broken. Read the whole story at She Knows Soaps. 

Please consider sending her a card at GH/ABC Studios, 4151 Prospect Ave  Los Angeles CA 90027 

I'm sure she'd appreciate it! They'll make sure she gets it. 

Daytime Emmy Nods: General Hospital Edition


Because I only care about OUR SHOW!! There are so many actors that picked up noms this year. Testament to the writers and actors. Kudos all around. 
Here are the nominations for GH 

Best Daytime Drama Series

Actress in a Lead Role: Genie Francis, Nancy Lee Grahn and Finola Hughes 

Actor in a Lead Role: Maurice Benard, Steve Burton, Dom Zamprogna 

Actress in a Supporting Role: Carolyn Hennesy, Briana Henry  

Actor in a Supporting Role: Max Gale and James Patrick Stuart 

Younger Actor:  Tahj Bellow, Katelyn MacMullen, Sydney Mikayla 

Guest Actor:  Kim Delaney, Briana Lane (She was fill in Brook Lynn) 

Outstanding Writing Team 

Outstanding Directing Team

Outstanding Technical Team

Outstanding Casting 

FULL LIST OF ALL AWARDS AT DEADLINE  --check it out. I think the show will be back on Network TV this time?? 

Who do you think deserved a nomination but didn't receive one? Remember this is last year's material that's being voted on. I really hope Lisa LoCicero gets one someday. Becky Herbst and Roger Howarth deserved noms but maybe that will come for the next year. Maura West should ALWAYS be nominated in my book!! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tuesday Fill-in


How many can you name?

I can name 28. Which is pretty good considering how old I am 
and that my memory is fading. How about you? 

Karen has off today (Tuesday), so this is the spot for you to add your comments on
today's show and also whatever else you want to talk about. 

Monday, May 24, 2021



This week is a mess for me!! I'm glad I'm able to be here today. Just a lot going on. How about you all? Doing well? Good weather where you are (finally??)

We see someone go down the stairs and it says... "Seven Hours Earlier"....oh mystery !

Maxie and Spinelli talk about her situation. She's sad. She says it's because of Sean dying. She says she's afraid she won't get to hold her baby..(but because it's high-risk). 

Britt and Jason. She's trying to meditate in the woods. He stares at her. They talk about nature and camping. I guess she's waiting for her test results. Then he calms her down with visualization exercises. They almost kiss but the phone rings. Results are ready. 

Nina and Sonny talking about Eli. zzzzzzzzz. Eli calls and asks Nina out. She says yes. Sonny isn't happy. She says she's going to the BBQ and he should look around his apartment. Sonny says it's too dangerous. Nina says it's not. Yada yada. Sonny goes to take a beer order and Nina leaves. 

Sasha is at GH.. Brando wonders if she's ok. Peter sees them walk out together. 

Carly puts Gladys up at the Metro. Diane comes in and wants to hear what she is going to say to the police.  Gladys wants to make sure she won't go to jail if she changes her story. Diane leaves for the courthouse. Carly has to go downstairs at the Metro to take care of something. She tells the guard to watch Gladys, don't let her leave. Gladys orders room service. 

Cyrus wants a favor from Peter.  HE wants him to do a story on Laura and Carly being in cahoots together and that Carly is the head of the mob now. Cy gets a phone call from the courthouse that Gladys is changing her story about Jason shooting Franco. Peter is mad. Cyrus is going to find Brando to make him stop his mother. Peter says he saw Brando going to have a "chat" with Sasha. 


Peter and Cyrus have Gladys tied up. Brando is summoned. 

Britt is told she has the Huntington's marker

Maxie might or might not tell Spinelli the plan? It ended before we found out. 

Carly finds Gladys is gone. 

Nina is with Eli who knows she and Sonny broke into his office. 

The person thrown downstairs is shown again, looks like Peter 

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Slán Abhaile.


So, Friday's show erased the boredom I had all week and...*sigh* GH was all GH again! Let's dive in, shall we?? 

Irish bangers for breakfast. If you don't know what they are, google! Also: BIG OL' Guinness. My fave of late. 

Friday, May 21, 2021

TRIBUTE BLOG: For Sean Donnelly


This might be a small memory but for me, it's what I think of when I think back to the Sean years. Who remembers the secret room in the penthouse? For some reason I can always see he and Robert huddled in there, getting ready to do something exciting. 

The last time we saw Sean, he was still as cranky as ever and blaming Luke for his paralysis. His daughter Annie was also there and we will see her (played by his real daughter, Caitlin) again during the tribute. Sean  also had a boy named Connor. Many are speculating that might turn out to be who Roger will be playing? Hmmm... 

What made Sean So... Sean? TIFFANY of course!! She was the best thing that could have happened to him. 


I do remember Sean and Robert. They were the 2 musketeers. Three if you counted Luke, but I never really felt that Sean liked Luke. Those were the days. Location shoots and adventure. Things we never see on the show anymore and probably never will again. Looking back on Sean, I think he was always trying to scam someone. Didn't he  go for the Aztec Treasure? From Felicia of all people. But still, Sean was forever linked with these people. And brilliantly so. 

Another linkage with Sean that doesn't get acknowledged very often is his affair with Monica. I thought he was perfect for her while she was in and out of a relationship with Alan. Monica had some good choices in men. Well, except for Dorman and Ned. Ned was ok if you overlook the whole nephew thing. But I digress. Sean and Monica were a good couple. I know they were not destined to last forever, but they were in the right place for each other at the right time. And it worked.

Finally, I know Karen mentioned it, but the wedding was probably the funniest scene GH ever had. And probably in the top 3 overall. Truly one of the most memorable. How Sharon got through it with a straight face, I will never know. 

Of course, a giant thank you to John Reilly who was magnificent as Sean. I can't wait to see his real life daughter, Caitlin play his fictional daughter, Caitlin! 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Throwback Thursday: The WSB


YOU MUST watch this video Dave found on the WSB!! I LOVE it so much!! I wish I knew how to do them. I love the song too. Sure it looks dated and a bit cheesy now but back in the day it was cutting edge for a soap!! To think a lot of these actors are still associated with GH is also wonderful. 

Get ready for Sean's goodbye tomorrow. Grab them Puffs. 

(This is the Thursday blog because Karen will not be around. Post your little hearts out)

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Dumpster Wars


Ok, I'm here!! I watched part of GH from yesterday-- and...meh. Olivia was the only good part. SO OVER Nixon Falls. 
Outlet Mall? Um, who cares? 

Chase and Finn STILL talking about him staying in the hospital. Michael finally says Chase could come home with him and he'll be surrounded by people that can help care for him. Chase is going to move in. 

Carly and Gladys. Gladys got her hair dyed. Carly tells her she'll set her up in Bridgeport with her own coffee shop or whatever she wants. Gladys says no. Carly tell her that Brando works for Cyrus because she told him about Dev. 

MikeSon gonna beat up some guy by the dumpster. Nina stops him. He tells the guy if he needs cash to call and he'll help him out. (weird). Guy leaves. He and Nina hold hands accidentally. Jeepers. 

Jason and Britt in Canada. She's asking him if he'd find out if he had the gene marker. Jason said yes now that he has children. The talk about it more. 

Cyrus goes to see Laura. He was hurt people were mean to him at the family dinner. Tells her to stop Nikolas from buying Pentonville OR ELSE!!! 

Sasha and Brando. Brando is happy she's having his baby. 

I left early. Needed to go! Sorry!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Cameron Who? (Tuesday)

 Dave's Take: 

This blog is about 4-5 months early. Cameron Mathison will be joining the show in the fall. GH has been very coy about what character Cameron will play. Is it coy or do they just now know yet? Either way, the fun has begun and we get to start speculating who he will portray. Will it be a recast? Someone new? Casey the alien? Here are a few of my thoughts, followed by who I really think that he will portray. 

Drew Cain - so far, this has been an overwhelmed guess. I'm going to pass. When Billy Miller was introduced, the storyline was convoluted and constantly changing. The writers didn't have this spelled out from the beginning. (Do they ever?) I'm afraid it would be confusing and require too much brain power to get through it.

Steven Lars - I like this idea. But one condition. They have to find a reason to let Heather out of D'Archam Asylum. Steven is boring as hell without Heather. Hell, the show is too. Heather always made a great showing when she was on screen and Steven just really had no role without her.

Miguel Mores - I'm sure Cameron still looks great without a shirt on and that is pretty much the only requirement for this part. Well, that and speaking Spanish.

Peter August - Everyone hates this guy. I'm talking the fans here. What if the fans were given a reason to like him? Get rid of the actor. Have the character crash his car, then experience an explosion, and give him a new face and suddenly Peter has a new look and new actor. Would the world like him then? Would you root for the character with a new actor? What kind of storylines can he be given?

Jackie Templeton - Hear me out on this one. I thought Kim Delaney was a spectacular recast. She was very believable and natural in the role. Unfortunately, she was only on screen for 5 minutes. Maybe they would give the character more screen time if Cameron played it. 

So... what would I do if I was a member of TPTB and could do something with this character? I would bring him in as a psychiatrist. Full time at GH so he can interact with the staff on a constant basis. I would also have him be bisexual. I can see him flirting shamelessly with both Liz AND Lucas. And pretty much everyone else for that matter. 

The one storyline I would like him to be a part of is Michael. Michael will have "issues" in the romance department if you catch my drift. He goes to see Cameron and Michael realizes he has unsolved PTSD issues from his incident in jail. There will be scenes between the two, in the office, which rarely happens on this show. Michael can have some breakthroughs about his rape and confront it with some really good acting scenes in the psychiatrist's office.

Karen's Take: 

What a fun idea. And I struggle with this one. First of all, do we NEED another male character who's this bland and at this age? Nope. We have Tad Martin/Martin Gray. Get that going--and we have Roger coming back as well. So-- who could he be? 

New Character: I'll name him Tristin McConnor. He's the new anchor for WPCX the local channel. Sort of like our Tiffany did back in the day. Media outlet run by Sam from Aurora. 

Steven Lars- Obvious choice. Liz' brother. Right age, doctor at the hospital. I still have the nagging Hayden thing. If BB comes back, they'd want to pair them. If they are siblings that's a no.

Number One: RYAN LAVERY: Um.. well, it writes itself doesn't it? He's already a known character from AMC and probably could be related to Duke. Comes in as a Five Family figure? Or, just a guy looking for his Uncle's fortune he buried somewhere in PC? We'll think of something!  

It's Tuesday. You know what to do. If you can, comment on what character
you might see Cameron as in the fall.

Monday, May 17, 2021

I'm a Month Along....


Let's leave the world behind for an hour, ok? I just can't even LOOK anymore!! The sun is gorgeous and we are supposed to have a fabulous week! 

OMG! Valentin says he's moving into the Q's and asks about the BIDET situation!! AHAHAHHAAHHAAHA. Monica thinks it's a good idea! LOL! Thank you!! I can't wait.  She says tho, it's up to Brook... Then she says that the nursery is bare. Valentin is are you sure  you're pregnant?? Brook Lynn agrees. 

Anna calls Tiffany to see if he has something she needs. She sees Liz talking to Finn in his office. She goes in, Liz leaves. She says Sean might know someone that could have made the toxin for Peter. 

Dr. tells Maxie she can be induced. She's like NO! Peter's like NO! They want to wait. Both have plans. Peter leaves. Anna comes in to talk to Maxie. She says Maxie she'll get her out of PC to have her baby and take care of Peter herself. Maxie says it won't work. Says no. Anna gets a call from Tiffany and says "oh" and cries. Tells Maxie her godfather is dead. They hug and cry. 

Sasha says she'll tell Brando what's up later. Gladys tells Cyrus that Britt is pregnant. Cyrus says NO..she said Lucy said so. He says she's a gossip. 

Carly arrives at The Metro with Goons in tow. Cyrus sees her being all boss-like. Gladys walks up to annoy her. Then Carly talks to Sasha in the bathroom... she tells her she's carrying Brando's baby. In the other room, Cyrus tells Brando that Sasha is pregnant. God that took forever. 

Carly tells Sasha to lie about the baby daddy. She thinks Cyrus will kill Brando since Cy still has a thing for her. 

Nina and Sonny look at Eli's papers. Eli figures out that Nina printed things out from his computer. Nina and Sonny are driving to Corinth to find out what Eli is up to. She makes him leave the gun. 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Hay There


SO much to say this week.  Wow. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what's going on. I love GH but I'm puzzled.  One thing that is making waves? Shuffling couples. Always a controversial thing, but always buzzworth! 

What's Farm Food? Eggs? Ok, let's scramble. LOL. 

Saturday, May 15, 2021

First Scene Saturday: Jimmy Lee Holt (Steve Bond)


I admit, I had a major crush on Steve Bond. Both here and in Playgirl. I thought his character was a breath of fresh air. The storylines? Not so much. But he sort of paved the way for just about every Quartermaine to have a skeleton in their closet. (And everyone did)

I realize we are getting tired with bloated casts, but I always thought this would have been one character to come back for a family event for a week or so. I want guest stars to be just that... guest stars.  For a week not for months. He would be a fun breath of fresh air again around the holidays. And I could definitely see him flirting with Olivia and her eating it up.

I really liked him with Celia. The whole white collar / blue collar thing. It really worked but for some reason they messed it up. 

Watching the clip made me remember how much I adored David Lewis and how pivotal he was to this show.

PS. Remember Stella?

Karen here--I too loved him and Celia together. And Jimmy Lee would be a great addition to the Q's. When his character was introduced I felt it was a nod to Dallas. and up until now...I forgot there was another Stella on GH once! 

Friday, May 14, 2021

Beecher's Corners

 OH MY GOSH. I watched yesterday's show and..boy do I have a LOT to say. Why? You'll see in Sunday Surgery. There was SO MUCH I didn't like. SO MUCH. Sam. Sasha. Brando. all eyerolls. 


Sonny is setting off the alarm and trashing Elijah's office. He takes money and tries to download the computer. WITH THE ALARM going offf He stays there FOREVER. Finally the police lights show. Will he be caught!!? 

Nina won't kiss Elijah. Then, he gets a message his office is broken into. HE goes to leave and Nina pleads to go with him. They get there, Sonny is gone. Eli doesn't know why anyone would rob him. 

Sonny is back at the Tan-O and Phyllis catches him putting money IN the petty cash. Says he doesn't have to do that. 
Then, Nina goes back to the office after Eli is gone to go through the computer too. It's so weird. Oh, she dropped an earring on the way out so I guess if she's caught she can say she's looking for it?  This is SO DUMB 

Gladys heard Sasha is PG. She's all Ooooooooo. 

Cyrus talks to Sasha at the Metro. She tells him to buzz off. For some reason after talking to Lucy, Gladys is going to think Cyrus is the father of the baby? Huh? 

Carly calls over Diane and wants her to do a new Will. Diane says she doesn't want to know what Carly is up to "business" wise.

Ava drops off Avery for a sleep over because she misses her sisters. Carly is like: Gulp LOL What will she tell AVA? Oh, it's ok if she stays here! Carly knows Ava is there for another reason. Ava tells her she knows Carly was at the five families and she has a new appreciation for Carly. She will help her however she can. 

Brook Lynn has to go to the house in Beecher's Corners and stock up. Valentin shows up tho. They talk, she sneaks out. Then, she sneaks back in (kinda, you won't believe it) and they banter. 

Maxie is meeting with her new OBGYN...Peter is lurking. She's afraid he heard stuff while she was on the phone. She 'introduces' the nurse she 'hired' to Peter. Then she goes into the exam room. Brook Lynn comes in and she gives her the key to the hideout. Brook leaves. The doctor tells Maxie everything is great. Then Peter comes in. 


Val wants to move into the Q house. 

Maxie's doctor tells her she could be induced today!

Gladys tells Cyrus he's going to be a Daddy! 

Nina gets caught by Eli in the office. 

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Goodbye O'Reilly (Thursday)


I think most of the world knew her as Wichie-Poo from HR Puffnstuff. I know I did. I grew up in the 70s and she was an iconic character. Fast forward to 1981 and Billie Hayes created another great character -- Agent O'Reilly, who was Scorpio's mentor. One of the things I remember most is that she never once made me see Wichie-Poo come through in her performance. She thoroughly submersed into this character. I always thought throughout this storyline that she was Robert's mother. Did anyone else? I was waiting for the reveal at the end but it never came. She passed away on April 29 at the age of 96. 

Tristan had a few words to say about his costar. Do you remember this storyline? And Billie's portrayal of O'Reilly?

Tristan's comments:

This is Thursday's blog. You know what to do.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021



Dante is showered and shaved and back on the force. He looks amaze. Jordan and he talk about the Jason case and the fact he ran in after Brit so she's probably not a hostage. He heads out to find them. 

Brit tells Jason she has Huntington's Disease ...because she has a 5050 chance from her Dad. Jason asks if she got the genetic testing. She says she lied to her mother and said she did and it was negative but she didn't. She's too scared. SO it might NOT be Huntington's. Hmmm. She and Jason talk about the progression of the disease. She's afraid she'll get the psych problems her father ended up getting. She cries and says she's scared. 

Sam is going to try to get Jason/Brit some passports. She's in Elmira. That's Southern Tier NY .. Wubsy's old stomping grounds.  OMG she sees Dante. He's there to find Jason. Talking to the gas station guy. Guy says he's not sure if he say Britt. 

Jax and Carly talking to Joss. "Coastal basically isn't an option" pick somewhere else LOL! Joss is pouting. Carly says she has other options and Jax tells her she can always transfer later. Then Carly takes a call--it's mobular related. Jax gets a pissy face on LOL!! She says "FINE, I guess I'll go to PCU"... :eyeroll: Hates it. Jax and Carly are happy. 

Ava and Nikolas. Talking about Cyrus.  

Alexis and Shawn..Shawn tells her he doesn't want to go to his parole hearing. He tells her why he pled guilty. He didn't take the deal to turn evidence on Sonny. 

Curtis and Portia talk about the club opening. Trina is watching them from a table at the Metro (they are at the bar)..she's like EWWWWWWW. Portia and he talk about meeting and giggle.   Ava comes over to talk to her. 

Curtis takes Jordan divorce papers

Joss and Trina will room together

Sam finds Jason and Britt just as they are about to leave

Sam flattened Dante's tire LOL 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What Ever Happened To...


Alice?  Hmmm, Bergen Williams has been absent from GH since 2014. The character of Alice Gunderson debuted on the show in 2001 as the Quartermaine housekeeper. She had a crush on Luke for a lot of that time and even wore black to Tracy and his wedding as a sign of displeasure. Alice was also a professional wrestler in her "free time" under the name of The Dominator. Right before she left the show the character suffered from a heart attack and needed a transplant. 

There's really been no word on why Alice left the canvas. She was quite a popular extra-character that just disappeared over time. Big Alice is still missed. 

Here's hoping TODAY's SHOW is more exciting for you than yesterday's. Phew. I took a big nap after watching!! Peter seems to be getting himself into a corner.  I can only hope he's mowed down soon. 

Have a great Tuesday! 

Monday, May 10, 2021



Monday!! So it should be a Friday show? 

Jason and Britt are in a BARN. SO soapy. :eyeroll: it's one of the Cassadine's at some nature preserve. Britt and he spar. She goes and gets coffee. 

Corintos Kitchen....Moss is out. Joss and Carly talking about the tournament. Joss thinks she selfish (true)> Carly poo-poos her. Then sends her up to check on Donna when Jason calls. She's mad Sam led Dante to the hide out. 

Tan-O.  Sonny found out Elijah paid one of the robber's bail. Tells Nina Eli is a bad guy. BUT! Nina is going out to dinner with him. She wants to find out what his motives are. 

Peter at the Metro with Cyrus. Oh, Pete doesn't care if Cyrus kills Britt. Nope. Cyrus calls him and idiot! Tells him he will be dead "within a week". I wish. 

Peter meets the nurse. Oh, he kills her and sends Maxie another nurse. Kimberly Brown, that new lady from Guiding Light. 

Ned is home. Brook Lynn is there. He's proud of her.  He sings to her unborn baby. Olivia watches ...tears up. Ned makes her a mix tape. He and Olivia go to make lunch together. 

Maxie has Sam over. Wants her to find Jason so he can return Brit. "Tell him something is wrong with your kids" LOL! Sam's like NOPE. She wants Dante to help. Maxie says no, tells her to leave. 

Oooooooooooooooooo boring.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Blood and Bullets


Monday's show was a whopper!! You could tell it was a FRIDAY show that got moved. That meant Friday's show was... well, just a show LOL. Anyway, it was rockin' and rollin' mobular style. Some of you love it, some of you hate it, some of you just want a cheeseburger.

Let's DO THIS! And Happy Mother's Day...

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Kimberly J Brown Coming to GH


Say hello to Kimberly Brown of Guiding Light fame. She'll be on GH soon. Speculation is that she will be the nurse Maxie thinks she's  hiring or the nurse and Peter will bribe her. 

So, in addition to Roger and Cameron....another new face to add to our canvas! 

Friday, May 7, 2021

Frisbee Friday

 Watched Thursday's show. Here's the observations: 

Thank God Cam is white, he would have been dead if he did that any other time. 

Really like Scotty with Liz and Cam...still being in their lives. 

Cam??? was he high on the phone to Trina?? Sure sounded it. 

Joss rationalizing Jason running from Da Law LOL

Sam trying to stay in Jason's orbit. ahahahaa. Geesh. I hate her now. Stay away. 

Jordan was on A LOT. 

Cocktails at Curtis' Club... interesting...and a little..hokey? 


Here we go! omg GH HAD A COVID SIGN in it! Wow..interesting. Val and Anna have a little talk about Chase, Finn...Life. They want to look for Peter's lab. 

Michael, Willow and Chase. SNOOZAH..It's just..blah. Anyway, Finn tells Chase that he's better but not safe at home. 

Carly drinks Sonny's scotch and dreams he comes to her and says 'good job'. 

Sam and Dante find the tissues and blood in the safe room/house thing. Sam is mad he followed her. He's mad she didn't tell him.  They go to the PCPD... Robert questions her. 

Maxie and Brook plan but need Britt there! OMG PETER comes over. UGH Brook hides. 

Robert talks to Olivia about Dante being on the PCPD to help. Olivia is concerned. 

Cam tells Joss he was an ass about Jason. He does tell Joss he could have shot Jason. He didn't but he could have.  She's all mad that he admits that and she says she doesn't really know him. 
Liz finds out Cam is at Jax's and tells Jax what happens. 

NEDLY is on Monday. 

BORING SHOW TODAY. Probably because Monday was a "Friday show" LOL 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

What happens next? (Thursday)

 Fan Fiction.

Nina leaves Nixon Falls and accidentally leaves behind a folder with some contracts and other paperwork and her business card. Sonny decides on an impulse to go to Port Charles to return the folder to Nina (It's a soap) He gets there, and while walking towards the Crimson offices gets a lot of strange looks from passerbys. He enters Nina's office and she is visibly shocked and says "What are you doing here? You have to leave you cant be here". He tells her about the folder and she is genuinely grateful, but still insists that he leaves. She starts to sort of push him out the door when Maxie arrives in the lobby. Maxie whispers "Oh my God..." Standing behind Sonny, Nina is waving her arms in the international "no" symbol and says "Maxie, this is Mike. He's my friend from Nixon Falls. He does not live here. (And then annunciates) He is vis-i-ting." Maxie catches on and says "Oh, hello... Mike. It is very nice to meet you. For the first time, I mean..."

Suddenly, the elevator opens. 

What happens next?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

NOT on the Guest List


I watched the end of Tuesday's episode and we didn't see Cam actually shoot the gun. Jason gets shot, and Cam was aiming but it could have been anyone hiding in the parking lot. Just saying. 

Carly brings her "guys" into the meeting. Says she's sitting in for Sonny. Ms. Wu asks if she's taking over her late husband's territory.  Great scenes. Come to find out, Carly had a shipment of Cyrus' destroyed in the harbor. He says "Act of War" . Other mob bosses are impressed. They all accept Carly into the fold. Cy is pissed. Oh Carly is gonna be MobHead!! 

Jason wants to get dressed and get to Carly. Britt tries to talk him out of it. He can't go, too weak. They wait for the blood to come. 

Cam, Scotty and Liz at the interrogation room at the PCPD. Cam swears he didn't do it. He goes to get booked. Liz kinda yells at Jordan. Jordan is like: Um, it's my job. She reviews the footage and sees the bullet comes from behind Cameron, he didn't shoot him. He's free to go. 

OH! Dante is at the PCPD too! YEAH!! Well, he's "helping out" for now. But he should be on says me. 

Jax and Joss are at Jax's house. zzzzzzzzzz. Dante comes by looking for Carly.  Joss and Jax are wondering what she's up to.

Nina and Sonny. Sonny fixes her a Tan-O Tini LOL ... Elijah wants to take her out to the fanciest place in town.  Nina is going to 'find a place' in Nixon Falls. Welp. 


Dante finds Carly at the meeting place for the 5 families. Asks about Jason she says she knows nothing. 

Eli pays off some shady guy and Sonny sees it. 

Someone is coming in the cabin, Jason gets his gun out

Cameron hears it was Peter August that killed Franco

Tuesday's Show


So I watched. was good! I'm writing it's own little post because I have a few questions for everyone. 

First off, Nixon Falls. WHY didn't they have Sonny and Nina just kiss? It would have been perfect. She could keep flashing back to his dimples and lips while in PC. Where does her heart lie? Also, Maurice Benard tweeted that he knew change was hard but he's played Sonny for 25 years and welcomes the change. Also loves working with Cynthia. So.... I kinda get it. It's not the best story but I get it. Plus, Trina got spaghetti sauce out of it so??!! 

Next up: DID Cam shoot Jason? I thought he did. LOOKS like he did but Cam sure isn't acting like he did. SO...was there someone else in there that shot Jason that was hidden? Like Peter? Or one of the goon-guys? Will they think Cam shot the bad guy and not Jason? Will they have the real footage of the parking garage after Spinelli messed with it?? Oh lordy. Much to unpack. 

The Blood Transfusion: I'm going to write about this in the blog!! You know I am!! "How many times have you two bled for each other" ? Britt asks. Loved the operation scene actually. Looked pretty real. Notice how her hand shook AFTER the whole thing? That's real life. Her adrenaline finally wore off. Also, I didn't mind Brick being there. Who AM I?? 

Finally, Carly was perfect in her Mobular Seat. ALL in white... sitting with the Five Families and leaving Cyrus gobsmacked. THIS is the Carly I want. Right there. 

See ya at 3 after GH today! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Buy A CLUE for Peter


From all the posts that I have read over the past few months, it seems like there is an agreement that everyone wants Peter dead. Far be it from me to debate a common opinion. 

Another thing I have seen is that a lot of you want a murder mystery. I admit that would be awesome. Not only a murder, but of course we would have to a suspect and, most importantly, (and this is Soap Opera 101) a wrongly convicted suspect. Someone to sit in jail for a few days and to claim innocence while the true murderer evades incompetent cops.

So, it’s your job in the comments to supply the following:

Murderer ____________

Wrongly Convicted Suspect _____________

Also, if you are really adventurous, how about filling out the following with current cast members. (Karen and I did this one)

Mr. Boddy --PETER 

Mrs. White --Maxie 

Mrs. Peacock --Laura 

Ms. Scarlet --Anna 

Mr. Green --Scotty 

Col.. Mustard --Cyrus 

Prof. Plum-- Finn 

I'm adding 2 more: 

Ms Crimson-- Dr. O 

Sir Azure-- Valentin 


With a pipe on the docks

With a dagger in the Metro 

With a revolver in the park 

With a candlestick at the PC Grille 

With a garrote at Crimson 

With a wrench in the parking garage 

Karen Chooses:  Valentin with a wrench in the parking garage and the wrongful suspect being Maxie. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

"I won't set his pony tail on fire"

 I DID NOT GET  A BREAK TODAY!! PHEW!! It was a wild show!! 



Carly and Spin are watching as Jason escapes. Spinelli looped the security footage so they can't see the garage now, but they see what's happening 2 days ago. Brick is waiting for him. OH NO! Jordan comes up! Spinelli and Carly freak out LOL...Brick tells her he's waiting for his sister. She seems suspicious but she leaves. THEN She goes into Jason's room where they are taking him "For tests".... (really to escape)! Won't let him leave!! LOL!! 

Cam is also skulking in the hallways of GH. Booooo. 

Nina calls Sonny and tells him to stay in his room DON'T LEAVE!! Then she runs into the Tan-O where Phyllis gave Trina some pasta. Nina's like YOU HAVE TO LEAVE NOW, Trina! Oh man, when Sonny finally comes out, Trina is gone! Damn it!!! 

Jax has to wait for his antibiotics to come and asks Joss about her leg.  yada yada, they talk about Volleyball..he makes her call Carly. 

Ava and Nikolas get ready for Cyrus to come to dinner. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! Fantastic stuff. Laura's faces; Kevin is there. It's really good. THEN Cyrus gets a call from his man in GH. Britt had seen him and thought he was the crew that was part of the break out for Jason!! She totally gave it away. Cyrus is like: KEEP an eye on Morgan and get rid of Westborne, make it look like an OD!! They get Done with dinner. Cyrus tells Nikloas he's been keeping an eye on Spencer. Nikolas loses it. Laura tells him he's NOT FAMILY!! 

Finn asks Britt for some overtime to be signed off for the lab. She's like: OK...he thinks she's being too nice. LOL He says "you usually leave around's only 8...  what's up"? She flashes back to Jason asking her to leave.  Britt goes to leave and 2 guys come in and try to put a syringe into her !! 

THEN JASON IS RUNNING OUT but realizes that something is wrong and Brick didn't see Britt leave...he RUNS BACK IN!! gah!! he saves BRITT! They run!! Carly's having a FIT...and wants to go to GH to find Jason. Spinelli is like: Um, no. Then Joss calls and Carly realizes she went to get Jax in Nixon Falls. 

Meanwhile, Jordan asks the nurse who ordered tests for Jason and figures out it was Britt. In Jason's room, Cam finds the guard knocked out. Then Jordan finds him (Cam isn't there). 


JASON AND Britt run down. Bad guy runs after them with a gun, fires. Then Brick fires back... Cam runs behind the dumpster. Brick shoots the bad guy...bad guy falls down in front of Cam. The gun falls to the floor next to Cam's foot. Jordan runs down the stairs and orders the hospital locked down. 
Spinelli can't see anything anymore. Then Jason and Britt run to the car but CAM PICKS up the gun and shoots. Jason is hit but they make it into the car. Then Jordan holds a gun on Cam! 

ALSO HAPPENING: Finn ends up telling Liz everything about Peter and Franco! 


Sunday Surgery: FALSE DOSAGE

  MESS. That's all I have right now. I actually turned off the show on Tuesday after the Brick and Jordan nonsense. Only watched Wednesd...