Friday, May 7, 2021

Frisbee Friday

 Watched Thursday's show. Here's the observations: 

Thank God Cam is white, he would have been dead if he did that any other time. 

Really like Scotty with Liz and Cam...still being in their lives. 

Cam??? was he high on the phone to Trina?? Sure sounded it. 

Joss rationalizing Jason running from Da Law LOL

Sam trying to stay in Jason's orbit. ahahahaa. Geesh. I hate her now. Stay away. 

Jordan was on A LOT. 

Cocktails at Curtis' Club... interesting...and a little..hokey? 


Here we go! omg GH HAD A COVID SIGN in it! Wow..interesting. Val and Anna have a little talk about Chase, Finn...Life. They want to look for Peter's lab. 

Michael, Willow and Chase. SNOOZAH..It's just..blah. Anyway, Finn tells Chase that he's better but not safe at home. 

Carly drinks Sonny's scotch and dreams he comes to her and says 'good job'. 

Sam and Dante find the tissues and blood in the safe room/house thing. Sam is mad he followed her. He's mad she didn't tell him.  They go to the PCPD... Robert questions her. 

Maxie and Brook plan but need Britt there! OMG PETER comes over. UGH Brook hides. 

Robert talks to Olivia about Dante being on the PCPD to help. Olivia is concerned. 

Cam tells Joss he was an ass about Jason. He does tell Joss he could have shot Jason. He didn't but he could have.  She's all mad that he admits that and she says she doesn't really know him. 
Liz finds out Cam is at Jax's and tells Jax what happens. 

NEDLY is on Monday. 

BORING SHOW TODAY. Probably because Monday was a "Friday show" LOL 


  1. bet Chloe is the character Kimberly Brown is playing - wouldn't Anna have found a WSB nurse or something? AGAIN Peter wins - it's May sweeps, for crying out loud....get rid of Peter.....bring Sonny home with no memory..

    1. I hope so, as we don't need any more permanent characters at all. Use the good ones you have already.

  2. I don't like joss she truly has turned into carly jr. her worship of jason and sonny is just like her mom. she needs a bullet to the head like peter.

    1. Totally agree. Joss has become selfish and entitled. Both Trina and Cam supported her when Oscar died and she really hasn't returned the favor for either of them.

    2. I agree about Joss. And I kind of feel sad that such a young girl has to dye her hair blonde-her roots are showing.

  3. The hospital: PROTECT YOURSELF FROM COVID-19 SIGN! YAY! :) Great prop!!!! :) Thank you prop department! :)

    Anna and V.C.: YAY! They are in a scene together! :) So glad they are working together.. :) V.C. talking about Charlie's vaccination records and the lock down is over.. While I'm looking at the sign. :)

    Chase's room:

    Chase, Willow, and Michael: PLEASE STOP!!!!! Stupid nonsense.. Willow if you are not in love with Chase, then just break up with him. Stop tormenting me!!!

    Finchy and Chase: Awww papa Finchy wants Chase safe. :) Have they gotten the 2nd DNA test yet? Or did Finchy not do the test yet?

    Jason's hideaway:

    Sam and Dante: Yesterday they were loud as can be! Now today they are whispering.. Today's scene was better.

    Police station:

    Olivia and Robert:

    Olivia: I don't know if there is anything left to prepare for my marriage.


    Olivia: Like there is something happening between you and me. That's crazy. Right?

    *Olivia and Robert start having eye sex*

    If mom and dad are over, then I wouldn't be against Olivia and Robert being together. But just to be clear, I don't want mom and dad to be over. :(

    Dante and Sam: She don't trust him! I don't know how they would date since Dante is going to be back on the force soon! Right? I hope he gets on the force soon. Their friendship is over it looks like.

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and Brooky: Brooky wins the lines of the day.

    Brooky: Just giving you bed head. The cops are idiots.


    Maxie and Hiney: Kill him Maxie! Kill him!

    Carly's home:

    Michael and Willow: UGH! They are struggling because they want to be together! UGH! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Carly and ghost Sonny: Hahaha she brings up his dimples! :)

    Carly: I'm ready to be the head of the family. In every way.

    Oh yeah she won't want to give this up for Sonny! :) She is the queen of mob boss now! :) GO CARLY GO CARLY GO CARLY! :)

    Jax's home:

    Cam and Joss: if Cam had shot Jason your friendship would be over? Oh give me a break Joss. Cam is grieving over the loss of his stepdad! Don't be a bitch Joss!!! Nobody got hurt? Uh in the hands of Cam, no, but someone did DIE! SHUT UP JOSS!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to June 1986* Frisco and Felicia's 1st wedding.

    *Jumps into my time machine to go to Frisco and Felicia's 2nd wedding.

    Keep going there is more. There are 7 parts.

    1. I have to say that I LOVED Frisco and Felicia. Also, they had the MOST off the charts chemistry of any couple. Probably because they were in love IRL

    2. "lindie says, I have to say that I LOVED Frisco and Felicia. Also, they had the MOST off the charts chemistry of any couple. Probably because they were in love IRL"

      YES YES!!! They had amazing off the charts chemistry! :) Too bad they aren't together anymore in real life. :(

    3. Did Joss even consider that Cam may be in pain and needs professional help? I'm over her, and her volleyball injuries.

    4. "Paul773 says, Did Joss even consider that Cam may be in pain and needs professional help?"


      "I'm over her, and her volleyball injuries."

      Joss! Jason isn't even your best friend so shut up!!!

  4. also Willow telling Michael they can't be together is beyond stupid.....they CAN.....Chase is in the hospital - Wiley is with you BOTH - you CAN!
    Sometimes I think the writers are laughing at us as they create stupid see how far they can go...……….sigh.

    1. Exactly. Why can't they be together? She and Chase are not together and he is in the hospital.???????????

    2. My thoughts exactly. They are making this couple a laughing stock.

  5. They are ruining the character of Joss now. What are these writers thinking most of the time. Carly does make a better mob boss. She wants to be in charge anyway. Maybe it will shut up her screeching. lol

    1. I agree.Why are they messing with the kids? Must be cause we all liked them and talked about the happy times and camaraderie. They have to try and make them all darker in keeping with the hate filled times we live in, I guess.

  6. I don't want Ned and Livvie to break up :( She does have good chemistry with Robert even though he's old enough to be her father.

  7. The background props for various causes such as the Red Cross or Toys for Tots are fine. I was annoyed by the Covid-19 sign just because in Port Charles there hasn't ever been a mention of the pandemic, which is fine with me. A dose of fiction is better without the "real" world intruding. Either they should have gone all in from the jump or ignored it.

  8. Cam probably survived not because he's white but because he complied with the cops. Critical thinking is a good thing. Try it.


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