Friday, May 14, 2021

Beecher's Corners

 OH MY GOSH. I watched yesterday's show and..boy do I have a LOT to say. Why? You'll see in Sunday Surgery. There was SO MUCH I didn't like. SO MUCH. Sam. Sasha. Brando. all eyerolls. 


Sonny is setting off the alarm and trashing Elijah's office. He takes money and tries to download the computer. WITH THE ALARM going offf He stays there FOREVER. Finally the police lights show. Will he be caught!!? 

Nina won't kiss Elijah. Then, he gets a message his office is broken into. HE goes to leave and Nina pleads to go with him. They get there, Sonny is gone. Eli doesn't know why anyone would rob him. 

Sonny is back at the Tan-O and Phyllis catches him putting money IN the petty cash. Says he doesn't have to do that. 
Then, Nina goes back to the office after Eli is gone to go through the computer too. It's so weird. Oh, she dropped an earring on the way out so I guess if she's caught she can say she's looking for it?  This is SO DUMB 

Gladys heard Sasha is PG. She's all Ooooooooo. 

Cyrus talks to Sasha at the Metro. She tells him to buzz off. For some reason after talking to Lucy, Gladys is going to think Cyrus is the father of the baby? Huh? 

Carly calls over Diane and wants her to do a new Will. Diane says she doesn't want to know what Carly is up to "business" wise.

Ava drops off Avery for a sleep over because she misses her sisters. Carly is like: Gulp LOL What will she tell AVA? Oh, it's ok if she stays here! Carly knows Ava is there for another reason. Ava tells her she knows Carly was at the five families and she has a new appreciation for Carly. She will help her however she can. 

Brook Lynn has to go to the house in Beecher's Corners and stock up. Valentin shows up tho. They talk, she sneaks out. Then, she sneaks back in (kinda, you won't believe it) and they banter. 

Maxie is meeting with her new OBGYN...Peter is lurking. She's afraid he heard stuff while she was on the phone. She 'introduces' the nurse she 'hired' to Peter. Then she goes into the exam room. Brook Lynn comes in and she gives her the key to the hideout. Brook leaves. The doctor tells Maxie everything is great. Then Peter comes in. 


Val wants to move into the Q house. 

Maxie's doctor tells her she could be induced today!

Gladys tells Cyrus he's going to be a Daddy! 

Nina gets caught by Eli in the office. 


  1. Gladys is unbelievable. Who would do that? I guess she's trying to figure out how to make money out of it if it's true but that is beyond belief. Mom or not she deserved to be dropped off the pier.


    Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river park:

    Elijah and Nina: Now that is funny. He tries to kiss her and she rejects him hahahahahahha. She is just not that into you dude. :)

    Pennsylvania side of the river Lantano commercial property: This is hysterical! Mike don't just stand there! HAHAHAHAHAHA. 70%! Done! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think it would have been 70% the whole hour if Mike didn't grab it and go! ROFL!

    Nina and Elijah: I'm glad Nina dropped her earring on purpose so that she could go back! :)

    Nina and Mike: NINA! GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!! Oh crap Elijah! Well, that's okay. She has that earring excuse. :)

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Mike and Phyllis: Phyllis wins the line of the day.

    Phyllis: I expected you to make a move on Nina by now.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah me too Phyllis! Me too! :) Come on Mike!!!! I wonder if Nina the other day when she said to herself, Nina what are you doing? I wonder if she is falling for Mike. :)

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital: Oh man! What a mess! Maxie forget your plan. Hiney is always skulking around, and Brooky is hiding from one corner to another. This fake nurse is with you always. FORGET IT MAXIE!

    Q home: This place is a zoo! Brooky walking so fast for a "9 month pregnant" person. Willow was going to see Wiley and give him a kiss, but because of the craziness, she forgot and then left! Poor Wiley! Brooky walking fast again. I'm surprised she didn't fall on her face again! ROFL! Poor V.C. losing track of Brooky and the bodyguard is all huh?! I thought she was with you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Awwww Ned!!! :) I love you Ned!! :) Keep smiling so I can see your dimples. :)

    Carly's home:

    Diane and Carly: Carly's will huh? Is she going to add the Tribbles to her will? Are the Tribbles going to get a million dollars? :)

    Ava and Carly: I love that Ava wants to help!!!!

    Diane: I heard that.

    ROFL! Diane would have won the line of the day, but Phyllis had me laughing hard, so she wins her line.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Bathroom: RA RO! Gladys's ears are HUGE and can hear all! :)

    Cyrus and Sasha: Hmmm. Is Cyrus the father? Hmmm nahhhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

    Lucy, Brando, and Gladys: Lucy do something with Gladys!!! Punch her or something!!! :) I love Lucy's dress, but just not the sleeves.

    Lucy and Gladys: Lucy sees sparks between Cyrus and Sasha? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Cyrus and Gladys: Oh Gladys!!!! Cyrus shoot her!

    Lucy and Sasha: Lucy thinks Cyrus is the father! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1981* Mikkos Cassadine!!!! Hello! Nice to meet you for the first time! :)

  3. 1. I can't wait for the Sunday Surgery.
    2. I thought the Sam scenes on Thursday's episode were painful to watch...the tire slash...and the show up at the barn when you have boohoo'd for months that you have to be
    finished with the 'dangerous life' for the sake of your sanity and the kids.
    3. But I really comment today to say WHEN oh WHEN does Peter ever get his comeuppance? I like the dynamic preggers duo of Maxie and Brooklyn, with the Bobbie shout out, but they are being written like Lucy and Ethel. Peter is no Ricky or Fred. He killed another person this week for crying out loud. Sheesh.

  4. Is it even worth watching today's episode?

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  6. The whole Michael/Willow/Chase thing has got to be one of the worst, stupidest storylines I have ever witnessed on this show - and that's saying something

  7. I really would like a whole new batch of storylines right now. Most of what's on the air really isn't working.

  8. Every once in a while there is a show or two that are really good. Not the case this week. And it's May sweeps? I say sweep it all away and start fresh.
    Mob boss Carly; failing baby switch; pregnant Sasha; Tan-o spinoff; Chase/Willow/Michael; and of course always...Hiney. Sad.

  9. "Zazu says, Tan-o spinoff;"



    UGH! Make it stop Zazu!!! :)

    "and of course always...Hiney."

    UGH! He needs to die. Someone needs to poison him.


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