Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What Ever Happened To...


Alice?  Hmmm, Bergen Williams has been absent from GH since 2014. The character of Alice Gunderson debuted on the show in 2001 as the Quartermaine housekeeper. She had a crush on Luke for a lot of that time and even wore black to Tracy and his wedding as a sign of displeasure. Alice was also a professional wrestler in her "free time" under the name of The Dominator. Right before she left the show the character suffered from a heart attack and needed a transplant. 

There's really been no word on why Alice left the canvas. She was quite a popular extra-character that just disappeared over time. Big Alice is still missed. 

Here's hoping TODAY's SHOW is more exciting for you than yesterday's. Phew. I took a big nap after watching!! Peter seems to be getting himself into a corner.  I can only hope he's mowed down soon. 

Have a great Tuesday! 


  1. What happened with Dante complete the mission

    1. anna and Robert figured out that Liesl was probably behind the new triggering and warned her off with the threat of returning to prison and Kevin was able to remove the triggers that activated Dante's programming so Dante could finally be free.

  2. Alice an Reginald were skimming money from Edward all these years. They are now together owning and operating a bed and breakfast in Palm Springs

    1. OMG. Thought you were serious at first. I liked Alice. Reginald too.

    2. I'm with Lindie, I thought you were serious! Would have been a good story though. :)

  3. Yeah I miss Alice! Also Coleman!!! I want them both back!!

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and nurse: Wow!!! Hiney is feeding lines to the nurse and she tells Maxie.. OH! The nurse screwed up about knowing the baby is a girl! Oh wait no she didn't. She said she knows because of the way she is carrying the baby.

    Carly's home:

    Carly and Sam: Sam REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to help. Carly won't tell Sam anything!! She is out!!!! Yeah Carly you tell her!!!

    Tribbles: Shut up Sam.

    I really want Tribbles to jump Sam.

    Hay barn:

    Britch and Jason: Are they still Jitt Karen? Cus if not, I will call them Britson! Jason is worried someone will come. Britch thinks Jason is reaching and he says he is following the 10 hour rule. Britch wins the line of the day.

    Britch: Oh fugitives have rules? Well, why don't you share!


    Q home:

    Michael and Willow: UGH! BOOOOOOOOOOORING! Too much talking, and they actually kissed! No Carona kissing this time. They have to fight their stupid feelings! UGH!

    Brooky and Dante: Brooky has been calling Britch a lot! Dante comes in and wonders why Brooky has been trying to get ahold of Britch!

    The hospital:

    Chase's room: Chase is burning up again!!! 105! UGH! He needs another vile of goodness. Anna has to talk to Hiney!

    The elevators:

    Hiney and Anna: OH MAKE IT STOP! Hiney has the vile of goodness and is dangling it like a carrot. UGH!

    The gym: Man Jordan is beating the hell out of the punching bag!

    Jordan and Portia: Great scene! They both are talking about their truth!

    Inside central perk:

    Cam and Trina: Trina is all upset! About how Cam was with cops and how the cops would treat Cam and Joss, and how the cops would treat Trina. Great scene!

    1. This was a great recap! I agree with everything you said, from line of the day to the talks between Jordan and Portia, and Cam and Trina. Excellent scenes!

      Britson are very interesting to watch, and I do NOT fast forward! :)

      Murder on the PC Express NOW!!

  4. Sam you wanted to protect your kids remember, no need to get involved

  5. Applauding GH for today's episode, however long over due it may be (way over due regarding experiences that are different for those of color).

  6. https://www.newsbreak.com/news/1600151597256/what-happened-to-alice-gunderson-on-general-hospital

  7. I thought I read several years ago, that Bergen Williams and her partner started a juicing business.

    Today's Show: I couldn't help but chuckle, when Carly flat out refused to tell Sam about Jason. Sam being wishy-washy over Jason business has been a nuisance in the past.

    Zenon and Marnie were sharing screen time today!(Aka Kirsten Storms and Kimberly J. Brown). Despite the two of them both being on the Disney Channel at same time, they never interacted with each other on screen until now!

    Chase: "We had a Son togther" Plot Twist: Chase saw into the future during his fever dream.

  8. Just appalling how Anna is letting Peter manipulate her. Great handling today of a sensitive but long over due topic. Willow and Michael are acting like moronic teenagers.

    1. The writers are ruining Anna and Valentin and others to appease LW and WR. It is so so wrong

    2. True. I guess those two need a certain percentage of time on screen and the storylines of other actors are just written around them. Sad to see so much talent wasted.

  9. I thought that it was such a shame that Alice was not there on Jane Elliot`s "good-bye" episode. Just a glaring miss for the show.


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