Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Idiots on Parade!


Day One, Two, Three of GH this week was the filler you find in double stuffed Oreos. Day Four and Five? Giant Buckets of SOAPY FUN!! The goodness arrived all at once and I was tweeting like a banshee. Maybe next time, spread some of that joy over the week? Lordy! Hard to keep up!! 

Who said the word 'idiot' this week? My pal Frank reminded me that Carly, Joss, Spencer and Ava all mentioned that term !! 

So much to unpack so let's go! 

Friday, July 29, 2022

Friday FUN!

 WELP! Here's hoping today was as awesome as yesterday!! It was so good. It moved so fast--they really could have spread a bit out over the week. LOL 

Michael pretends to yell at Dex so Brando isn't suspicious.  He's not and Dex leaves. 

Sasha thanks Willow for being such a good friend. Willow goes with TJ to give blood. Michael comes in after, all happy. They talk about life and how 'good it is". 

Sasha and Brando argue over her not going to therapy. He gets really mad and tells her she has to go..she says he's controlling her. She leaves--I NEED SPACE. She gets a text from "Sienna" and it says "wanna party"?? I think that's the girl in Kelly's that Sasha met to buy drugs from. 

Brick and Sonny the gym. They talk about the West Coast Mob. Sonny says Dex could be another Jason. Dex comes in. Talks about the photographer and telling him not to talk to the police. Sonny and Brick are like THE POLICE WHAT? Dex says he didn't let them see him. Then Sonny tells Brick how Dex talked Joss out of turning in the video. Dex leaves. Brick thinks he's too cocky. They show Dex looking at WILEY on the phone?? OMG is he his REAL FATHER MAYBE?? I mean, why would he be looking at that kid? Why would he look at WILEY? Oh I HOPE he's the real dad!! LOL it would be amazing. NOW people are saying it was MICHAEL looking at that photo. I watched it twice and I swear it was Dex LOL 

Esme and Ava--GLORIOUS. Ava says it's a new low for her to sleep with her boyfriend's father. Esme says How did MORGAN feel when you slept with his father? How long before Avery finds out she was a product of Hate SEX!! AAAAAAAH! Ava grabs her arm to stop her leaving.  Esme tells Ava it was her own fault Nikolas slept with her. She was cold and Esme was there to pick him up when he fell. Ava starts to realize Esme knows too much about her past..and it "feels personal"... WHY? Then Esme glances to the envelope in her bag. Ava's still trying to figure out what Esme's game is. Things go on and Ava grabs the letter but Esme gets it back. Ava says she doesn't even care and wants Esme to MARCH DOWN to the courthouse and get Trina off. Then she basically says if she doesn't, she will end her. 

Spencer is on the stand. Nikolas walks in. Spencer tells everyone that Trina couldn't have distributed that email because she was with him at the time. Diane asks how if he was locked up. He says he arranged for a unauthorized Day Pass and escaped. He talks about why he went to visit his mother's grave to leave flowers. Diane says you could go to prison if you admit this. He says it's time to do the right thing, not the easy thing. Diane asks about other things but finally Spencer says that Esme Price did it. (in his opinion) Then the ADA proves and email can be scheduled to be sent anytime. She proves it by sending one to everyone in the courtroom at the same time.  Spencer leaves the stand. Tells Trina he's sorry it didn't work. Joss tells Spencer she's glad he finally did the right thing. Nikolas tells Spencer he wants to talk to him! 

Thursday, July 28, 2022


 WATCH THE SHOW TODAY...that's all! 

Sasha is going to go see a psychiatrist at GH . She's trying to get rid of Brando who wants to wait with her. Then Millow walks up and tells them about the baby. Sasha says she already knows. 

Willow tells TJ not to say anything to Michael until she knows what's she's dealing with. 

TJ checks out the guy Sonny and Dex beat up. He may need to talk to the police. Dante comes in way later. Felty won't tell but he's kinda hinting it's Sonny. 

Mac and Dante are at the hatchet throwing place. Mac thinks Dante could be a good chief of detectives (I think that's Mac's job now). Mac says when he retires in a bit, Dante should consider the job. Sam comes in and Felicia couldn't make it due to babysitting so Mac leaves. Dante wants to talk to Sam about their future. He gets down on one knee. OH! she dropped her phone LOL! She's like PHEW! He just wants to live together. She was surprised and hadn't thought of it. He realizes she needs more time to think. Sam doesn't look happy. 

Dex talks to Sonny at the boxing ring about the great time he had beating up Felty. He wants to do more. Sonny says when it's time. Brando then comes in and talks to Sonny about Sasha. He's worried.

Courtroom: Esme shows' up. Looks stunning. Ava says she has her number. Esme says she could destroy her life if she wants to. Ava: "I DARE YOU".. OMG Nikolas walks up!! Esme says: It's time..!! He says to be quiet. Ava asks what's happening. Esme says "talk to your wife".  On the stand, Diane gets her to look like she's jealous of Spencer's friends and set it all up. Esme leaves. Diane is going to call Trina after the break because the jury needs to see her. She thinks back to her alibi with Spencer. Says she's ready. 

Nikolas goes into an office and TELLS AVA!!!!!!!!!!! Ava's face is such a sneer!! WOOOOOWWW YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! Nikolas snivels and says they were on a break. Ava is PISSED! "NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN"!!! OMG. It's amazing. She finally tells him she's going to BURN HIM TO THE GROUND!! I think she gets everything because they aren't divorced right??? Their agreement? 

Dex and Michael meet in the stairway at GH. Dex says Sonny is right where "Michael wants him". He tells him about Joss filming and he stopped her from going to the police. Michael says to stay away from her. He thinks Dex should become "Jason" to Sonny to be most effective. 

A guy comes along at the hospital and puts a "DO NOT USE" sign on the elevator--both elevators. WEIRD, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN???? 

Spencer tells Diane he can help Trina, will he tell about the alibi? 

Felty tells Smoozie (reporter) he has a great story: Sasha was high on drugs when she killed Harmony

OH!! Brando catches Dex and Michael in the stairwell, that's why that sign was up so he had to walk there. 

Spencer tells Diane to let him testify for Trina, he's going to say he was there with her when the video got uploaded!

Esme is packing and Ava comes in: You conniving little WHORE!! Squeee!


Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Just a cute photo I found on Pintrest!! They were so cute. Many people pointed out that Finola actually wore another dress in the shoot. 


Spencer in the courtroom. Trina asks why he's there. He says "for you". The ADA asks him where Esme is. He texts her. Then he's on the stand. He does say that Emse did leave the room to go get her stuff before they left.

Cody is paying off the kid at the metro to call him when Britt is at the pool. Stalking. "You ignored my texts, calls....but let me make it up to you" JFC? REALLY? This is beyond bad. Maxie's like: Giggle, buy us a drink. Then she leaves and lets Cody harass Britt alone. Dumb. Then Britt leaves and he talks to Maxie. Dumb. 

Jordan wants to question Nik about Oz being at his house. He knows nothing about anything. She tells him about the phone. Then It seems like Nikolas is figuring out the whole Esme thing but NO!! He's just worried shes' going to tell Ava about their sex. Nik tells Victor about it. Victor's like "you're an idiot" . Nik did figure out that Esme did the sex tape and she's lied the whole time. Victor says it's time to evict her .. for good. 

Esme goes to see Ryan. He yells at her basically. She tells him about Spencer and her birth mother's identity. Then Spencer texts and Ryan snatches her phone. She asks why he won't tell her about her mother. Ryan says he couldnt' find her, how did Spencer? She says Victor. He says he doesn't even know her mothers' name. "She was mysterious" .. and yada yada. Then, Esme threatens Ryan and he stands up. Holds her close and says that her mother meant eveyrthing to him and so does she. 

I think Ryan isn't her Dad and he's just using her--- 


Britt remembers that Spencer asked about the DRUG THAT'S IN OZ' system!! 

Esme pledges her loyalty to Ryan ...and he promises to find her mother with her when he gets out. She says "no promises and leaves"..he gets a weird grin on and sits.

Ava tells Spencer she's on to what he's doing. 

WATCH TODAY if only for the Nik/Victor scenes and Ryan/Esme. I couldn't write them up well enough! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Double Stuffed Filler

 Oh had SO much filler!! GEESH

The REAL Taggert is on today (REAL ...GET IT? ) he and Rory try to reassure Trina about the trial. They talk in the hall. Then the ADA says she has to talk to Rory.  ADA says that he shouldn't be there. Yada yada... Taggert tells him he's not his friend. Ava wonders if Trina likes Rory. She says wait until after the trial. 

At GH, Portia and Curtis talk about Oz and Jordan walks up. They talk trial. They are happy and grateful on how Jordan testified. Jordan wants to know why Curtis brought Oz in and what he knows about the phone. More jabbering about the trial 

Spencer is dressed for the trial, tells Esme that time is up. She says she can't do it because she'll end up in jail. He says too bad, figure it out. 

Ava and Nikolas; the divorcee papers arrive. She wants to sign, he doesn't. He thinks they shouldn't now. OMG This is DRIVING ME INSANE! 

Nina tells a guy at the pool to go bartend because they are short staffed. He mouths off to her and tells her he's only listening to Olivia. Sonny walks in and tells the kid to watch his mouth. It's a weird scene. He's nice one minute, bully the next. Nina and Sonny then have their first stupid fight.. and Nina still wants to take it "Slow"...cripes. How slow you going to GO!? She also wants Sonny to tell her his loyalty is to her not Carly. 

Joss and Carly talk about her encounter with Sonny last night. She wonders why he can get away with the things he does. She's not going to 'look the other way'.  Sonny isn't even a good father she says. Calls everyone an idiot for letting Sonny get away with things for so long. 

Donna got hurt on the playground... Carly has to leave

Portia can't come because a patient needs surgery

Jordan goes to question Nikolas 

Spencer comes into the courtroom. 

Monday, July 25, 2022

The Weirdest Episode Ever

 Sonny and Dex beat up Felty the Photog Boy who gave Sasha drugs. It's a bad beating. Kicking, he gets a belt out..then JOSS comes around the corner saying she FILMED IT ALL and is going to turn Sonny in?? WHAT?? This is so weird. They go back and forth. She says she's taking to the PCPD ..he pleads with her. She says it's all his fault for sleeping with Nina and blowing their family apart. Sonny says stuff, then leaves. Dex tells Joss it's not his fault and she says "state your case" and I have pepper spray.  
THIS is the strangest thing I've ever seen .. like in a LONG time. 
Dex explains to Joss

Nik and Ava have a drink in the Metro Court and Spencer comes to talk to them. He wants to know how the trial went. Then Esme shows up (coming from Oz') and texts Nik to come outside. She wants to tell Ava and Spencer that they slept together. He promises to get her internship back by tomorrow. She's happy. 

Millow tells Drew they are pregnant.--Aw, everyone is happy. Carly beams. yada yada. 

Molly goes to see TJ at GH with a smoothie and laments about how badly the legal system is broken -- IE: Trina's trial. The ADA moved her off the case. She's discouraged that she can't change the system from the inside out.  

Vanna have a date but Anna wants answers. She knows he left the clinic way before he told her he did. He makes up a huge story about having staff and transferring to another clinic and needed to get Charlotte away. IT's all bullshit. Anna seems to see through it. But...they end up kissing. 

Esme gives Oz drugs...then Curtis comes and breaks down the door. No Emse in sight tho. She's in the closet. Curtis asks Oz about what he took. Oz says "She gave me..." Then passes out again. Curtis calls 911

Curtis goes to GH with Oz...and TJ tries to save him. Molly asks about Oz and Curtis says he could help Trina's case. Oz codes. TJ had to put him in a coma. 

Sonny interrupts the Drew/Carly kiss and tells Carly to get her daughter "Under Control" ...he tells her about Joss taping the beating and wanting to go to the cops. She's like: So what? What do you want me to do? 

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Sunday Surgery : Interruptions


This week was interrupted AGAIN!!  I thought maybe we'd finally get a week that wasn't! Oh me of little faith LOL. There was a repeat Thursday then on Friday at the end of the 2:00pm/est show they cut in for the Bannon news!! *sigh*

I'll give it a go but not much lit my fire, that's for sure. 

Friday, July 22, 2022

Unsung Heroes While You Get A Repeat

Yes, It's Friday but... I'm out celebrating

32 years with the Wub Hub! 

Today's show is also a repeat of yesterday-- well, 1/2 of yesterday

So let me know about the last 30 min!! 

The Daytime EMMYS were held recently and GH did fairly well in the acting categories. This made me think about some other acting performances in history that were worthy of an EMMY but were overlooked. Karen and I are going to each pick one scene/story and dissect it and nominate our unsung hero.

I want to eliminate the "big ones" (Stone's death, BJ's death). I think we all know they are in an acting class by themselves. Here is mine:


Sonny shooting Dante was filmed in the genre of The Godfather. While Dante was being shot, Joss was being baptized and they interspersed the scenes. Olivia came in an uttered a memorable line "You just shot your own son". And for several scenes, she was a frantic mother watching her son bleed to death to a mother feeling guilty for not telling her son the truth. Her range here was immaculate. She could have wavered between over the top and under the top but she just nailed everything. I remember her on the show Loving. I loved her there and love her here. It makes me wonder why they don't use her more often. She has the talent and she clearly can own a scene. And was nominated for an Emmy once. Right now, she is filler. They are wasting her, in my opinion. While watching the videos in this storyline, I have to acknowledge Lulu (Julie Berman) as well. She was really good and I do miss her.


Why Connie Towers never won an Emmy for her turn as Helena Cassadine, I will never understand. She was superb in every scene. This is my personal favorite. She poisons Stefan with a paralitic drug and then taunts him while he lays there. Delivery: So on point. Evilness? Amazing. Five stars. She even tells him he was bad at breast feeding!! 

What are some of YOUR favorite scenes/characters
that you thought deserved an Emmy Nod? 

PS: Side note from Dave. Is anyone shocked that Karen picked Helena? Anyone?

Thursday, July 21, 2022


 Esme goes to see Oz the bartender. She says she has no boyfriend and no money. He says he should just tell on her and ask for immunity. She also finds out Curtis and Marshall are on her trail. 

Curtis, Portia and Marshall talk about the trial so far. Curtis is going to go to Oz' room and look for clues. He payed the motel guy.  He gets a call from WU!! She's at his house. He sits in her car. 

Bald guy tells Austin his "time is up"...He has to go back to "Pawtuckit" or whatever. Or the BOSS will be pisse. 

Linc is interested in Chases' singing. Brook says she's in charge. 

Spinelli and Maxie talk about...Austin. Snooze. He tells her he's behind the Society Dating thing. 

And.. Cody's still badgering Britt about everything. Very dull. He calls her a nag, she dumps wine on his head and leaves. 

After: Britt sees Austin and Baldie. The Bald guy says that  "SHE" (the boss) says he has to be back. 


WELP. AND ABC ANNOUNCED it's showing the WHOLE SHOW OVER AGAIN TOMORROW --so.. no new show on Friday!! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Half Show

 I have a meeting at 2:45 so I'm only watching 30 minutes today. Forgive me! 

It's open Mic night tonight at the Haunted Star. Chase is going to sing. He's nervous and at the boxing gym with Finn. 

Haunted Star: Mac is MC. Maxie is there with Austin--(sigh) and Spinelli crashes their table. Spin talks to Maxie about Austin and says he's not her 'match'. Yada yada..Epiphany is the first to sing. 

Marshall and Epiphany arrive. He says: One drink and "a song" 

Oh Old Michael is on today. Jeepers, I can't keep track. Willow and He tell Brook Lyn the baby news. She's over the moon. Asks them to come to the Haunted Star. 

Sasha is leaving the hospital. She wants to go home. Dr says to go to Shadybrook. Brando talks to Sonny about her drug use. Nina talks to Sasha about Shadybrook. Sasha says she's getting out patient surgery and to leave her alone. 

Britt and Cody at Cody's horse=house. HE ordered dinner for them. She's pissed he ordered for her. Britt meets Comet but isn't happy about it. 


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

 Dante, Michael and Cody.. OMG three BORING BORES BOXING. Michael tells Cody Willow is pregnant. Cody is only interested when he says that Britt is her OBGYN. 
Cody and Dante end up in the steam room LOL 

Willow and TJ. He thinks it's more than her pregnancy. High white blood count. Everyone on twitter says cancer. Michael meets her at GH 

Brad and Britt were supposed to go to the Haunted Star tonight but she has a date. She tells him it's Cody. He's like: REALLY? Then he says he's happy for her and to go have fun. 

ESME is like WHY WOULD I help TRINA? Spencer says because you're the only one that knows the truth. "We both know you taped that".  YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT because I can't type it all up!! He lays out the reasons he knew she was lying and that she's cruel and everyone was right about her.  Esme says he was a pathetic little boy when she found him and he lost his virginity to her and "This is how you repay me"?? And she couldn't have filmed them!! She left with him in the car. Anyway, Spencer lays out how he thinks she set it all up including the PILLS HE FOUND that she drugged Trina with!! OOO!!

Esme still doesn't believe him. She says he's faking everything. He says do you want to know your mama or not? 

Trial: Joss admits she has no proof Trina was always in her room because there's no security cameras there. Go on and on and Joss basically gives her OPINION about what happened (Esme) and what a great friend Trina is and yada yada. This judge is allowing a LOTTA SHEESE!! Then Joss tells everyone about Ava's car and Esme did it and blah blah. Judge finally says to reign it in. She loves Trina she tells the jury and knows she couldn't have done it. Jordan gets on the stand about the 2 phones and the credit card info encrypted on the revenge porn phone. Then Rory is called by the DA and he tells about the bar and the fake IDs and the DA lady points out that Joss and Trina were in a bar where black market burner phones were known to have been sold. 

YOU HAVE TO WATCH TODAY because I could NOT type it all up!! 

Monday, July 18, 2022

Trial and Error



Carly shows up because of course she does. Diane and Joss are there too. Taggert (temp) is there with Portia and Trina. They are saying the jury will find her innocent. Taggert mentions new evidence but Curtis walks up looking sad. Everyone gets in the courtroom. Cam comes too. Liz is home with a sick Aiden. 
Cam testifies that Trina was the only one in the house when he and Joss had zex. 
Then Joss gets up and starts going off on her own theory and the DA asks to treat her like a hostile witness. 

Sonny/Dante boxing. Talking about the Carly-Hotel stuff. Then Temp-Michael walks in to tell them both something. He tells him about Willow being pregnant and to stay away. Then Dex comes in to fight Michael (EYEROLL) then Brando comes in to fight Dex. UGHHHHHH

Brando/Chase in the steam room. Brando is pissed Sasha lied to him for MONTHS! MONTHS I TELL YOU, HOW CAN he TRUST HER AGAIN? 

Nina is in the graveyard visiting Nathan. Olivia calls her about a last minute Metro Court meeting. Dr. O walks up and asks if she changed careers. Nina tells her about Carly and the hotel. They talk about choices and yada yada. Willow is in the graveyard too telling Jonah about the new baby. Nina and O overhear her. "You're pregnant"?? Willow says yes and has to leave. Nina is jealous of Carly. 

Spencer and Esme. He tells her about finding her mama. Portugal??!! Then Esme gets a weird look and says: Did he find my father? Why did you do this? Then they talk about it being real and if it's really her mother. He pulls out the DNA test. She asks where the name of the mom is. He said he has it. "I can't believe you did this for me" says Esme. Spencer "Oh, you're the LAST person I did this for"!! Oooooooooooooo@!!! There it IS!! He tells her he will tell her the name for Trina's FREEDOM!! 


Josslyn admits that Trina was alone in the cabin with her and Cameron.

Willow and TJ talk about her test results he ran over and above the pregnancy one

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Sunday Surgery: The Talk


Well, this week moved pretty slow in the timeline phase but Friday packed a powerful punch that I didn't think was going to be addressed. Brook Kerr and Vernee Watson-Johnson were superb and the dialog spot on.  GH can tackle some important subjects with grace and right now, we need all of that we can muster. 

Let's grab some snacks and dive right in! Because we are STILL on July 4th-5th, we may as well have hotdogs and some ice cream cake... 

***Please note: I was gone last Thurs/Friday and didn't write a Sunday Surgery. ERGO, I'm including some things that happened July 7th and 8th. 

Friday, July 15, 2022

Finally Friday

 Why do winter months just plod along and summer months go by at the speed of light? I can't believe it's the 15th already! 

Joss says Trina has new evidence to Portia. But Trina skips it and says it's all the same. Stella walks in! Stella is going to 'case out the jury" but Portia tells her she's staying HOME lol. Joss says she HAS to tell about the Spencer alibi. Trina says no. Joss says if she sees she's losing, she will spill. 

Ok, so Portia and Stella talk about Esme maybe targeting Trina because she's black. It's a GREAT CONVO and you should watch it. Justice system and such. Finally they address this point. 

Curtis and Marshall get Ava to go to Wyndemere to catch the bartender. They sit on the bench and talk about ol' BUD the Bartender from the ol' neighborhood. Dear lord. 

Bartender is at Wyndemere and wants money from Esme. They talk and Ava sneaks into the foyer but her damn phone rings!! It's AVERY! DAMN IT!! UGH!! AVA MISSES THE GUY. Esme is painting her toenails. UGH. Ava offers her money to confess and leave town. "Trina is greater than you in every way" ... Then Esme says she won't take anything to leave her "family" and Nikolas walks in. 

Laura is going to leave to see a "Fake" sick Leslie (Valentin did it to get her out of town and Genie is also going on vacation). OH NO! Leslie's house burned down!! Laura has to go to Italy to sort it out. She wants Kevin to stay behind to make sure things are ok. She says she doesn't want to go but she has to. 

Nina is trying to get the employees of the hotel to help her get familiar. Olivia offers her money plus 5% to buy back her half. She says no .Sonny is like: WHY NOT? Nina says she's not selling. Olivia is mad and says she's getting lawyers involved. Leaves. Sonny lectures Nina about keeping the hotel. 

Olivia takes Carly flowers and says she'll miss her. They hug. Drew carries some boxes for Carly. They run into Nina and Sonny in the lobby. Carly flashes back to knowing about Willow being Nina's daughter. She leaves. 

Nikolas is going to show Esme the proof about her "mother" to get her to confess

WATCH FOR THE STELLA/PORTIA stuff and the Esme/Ava convo!! 

Thursday, July 14, 2022


 Curtis and Marshall looking for the bartender ..They find him and try to tell him he'll have to testify about the phone. Not sure if he buys it. 

Laura goes to see Trina and give her a letter of recommendation. Trina says Scotty isn't here to represent her. He went to the Faroe Islands because Serena was arrested for helping protect the local dolphins LOL. Diane and Trina talk about her representing her at trail. If they should postpone or what. They talk about the trial and that the jury will believe her because she is of such good character. Trina decides to have the trial today. 

Valentin and Victor. Victor is pissed Val didn't poison Laura. Val says he has a plan and it will shed no blood. Victor says, too late, I have my own plan. 

Esme and Spencer... She wonders why he's being so distant. He flashes back to Trina kissing Rory. He tells Esme he has a big surprise for her. Spencer leaves and Esme and he are alone. They talk about their 'night" together. 

He goes to GH to get DNA and runs into Rory. They spat over Trina. Like a lot. Spencer makes sure Rory sees he's taller than him LOL 

Ava is going to the trial. She asks Nikolas to try to keep Esme out of the courtroom. They make out. UGH Whatever. 

OH! Laura goes to the Metro Court, sees Valentin--- asks why he tripped her drink away..she thinks Charlotte is in trouble. He says he'd tell her if she was. OMG SNIPER ON THE ROOF WITH THE SIGHT ON LAURA'S CHEST!! Valentin sees the guy and pushes Laura away. She yells at him What the hell? He says he's sorry. She's like: something is wrong with you. Then she has to leave for GH. 

Back over at Trina's, Portia questions Diane about mental health and the pressure of a trial. Ava comes in and she and Trina and Joss are alone. She thinks Trina should present the evidence to help clear her, which I think it's Spencer and seeing him in the graveyard.  Then Trina says she left her necklace in the gallery and she wants to wear it. Ava says it's at WYDEMERE! SHES' GOING BACK! 

Curtis and Marshall get Ava to help them with the bartender on Wyndemere 

Laura gets a call her mama is sick (but it's Valentin trying to get her away from Victor)

Trina tells Joss about Spencer and her mom overhears she has a plan

Trina finally tells Joss she was with Spencer at the time of the posting of the video. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

It's WED July 13th and Fireworks


Um, Sasha and Brando ..forgot all about them. They could so leave this show. They tell her what she did and Brando thinks she should go to rehab. Brando wants to know if Sasha was using when they got married. She says yes but she loves him. He says she HAS to go to rehab. She still says no. A therapist yes, rehab no. 

Marshal, Portia and Curtis. Curtis is wondering what is so urgent on the phone (she was making a genetic appointment). She says it was a consult with a patient. Curtis says that they have something to help Trina. Something about the bartender. 

Trina and Rory... again, cute but... you know, Hallmark. They kiss and she says no more. He thinks it's because of Spencer. She says no. They don't have a future until after her trial tomorrow. 

Nina bought the hotel and is all NICE ABOUT IT? SCREW THAT!! Why do this and have her BE NICE?????? "I owe you, let me do this for you" she says. Barf. Smoosh Carly like a bug. Anyway, Carly cuts her nose off to spite her face and tells Nina the hotel is YOURS. 

Drew is SO NOT NEEDED. Period. He is mad at Ned. Olivia says Welcome to the family!! Carly comes down and tells Drew and Olivia that Nina bought the Metro. Olivia is like UGHHHHH

Dex talks to Brando about things...being in the War Zone. BUT.. Dex? So not needed. 

Sonny yells at Nina about buying the Metro Court. Thinks it was self-serving.  He's being a dick. They make up.. and then kiss. He says that he's all in with being with Nina. 

Catching UP!! Here's some thoughts! July 7,8 and 11


Love the mysterious, wonky Liz right now. Obvious it has to do with her parents! Love her being mouthy to Kevin. So glad Becky has some meaty dialog. OMG and her with Britt! WOW... And Terry was all: yeah, Biz, you're outta line!! 

PS. Finn going to visit LIZ again when she told him not to? Even tho she wasn't there-- I would have punched his face if I was Kevin. 

Loved Anna, Alexis and Laura. I wish Nancy wasn't off the show for a bit (or recurring?? not sure what's happening there) because I like Greg and Alexis together. 

Chase --Brook Lyn.. I mean I like them but.. zzzzzzzz. Brook and Ned however? GOLD 

Valentin is just acting like Helena !! YEAH! NOW we know that Victor made Char go to boarding school to get him to do his bidding. 

Dante and Sam.. good they are on canvas. Wish they had more to do-- like some hot cases to solve!! 

Oooooooooooo VAL drugged Laura!! Lordy 

Temp-Michael ?? GEESH, if you were someone that watched this show and didn't know what was going on with him you'd be all confused!! 

BROWNIES!! I was hoping they were pot ...of course...  Rory and Trina.. cute but I'm holding out for Sprina FOR SURE.

Austin finally follows up on that camping mystery. GEESH... TAKE LONG ENOUGH? 

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

No New GH today...


Hearings start at 1pm so I'm 99% sure there will be no show today. The problem with all the interruptions is that we are on July 4th and it's what July 12? Well, I know the hearings are important so, what are you going to do, right? 

That's Carly up there trying to secure some loans for her Metro Court. 

Monday, July 11, 2022

A Note From Me


Hello !! This is NOT my house but it's in my hometown!! It's going to be balloon week here which is a big deal. I wanted you to know I was here for my mom's memorial. Most of you know, she passed away unexpectedly in Feb. and we chose to celebrate her life on her birthday in July. Since you're all with me daily I wanted to tell you where I've been!! Didn't want to write until it was all over. She also had a deck and gazebo dedicated to her at Hart House (comfort house/hospice) that she volunteered at for years. I am spending time with my father. Tillie is playing in the fields. It's been a nice time. I should be back soon. 
Thank you to David and Sonya as always.

See ya soonish !! 

Sunday, July 10, 2022

It's a POOL PARTY (Sunday Surgery)

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no Sunday Surgery today. Karen is still out of town until mid-week and I honestly have not had any chance to watch the show this week. It is 109 degrees every day, an the heat is brutal. By the time I get home about 7, I make dinner and drink a beer and then barely move. I have been keeping up through wubtub and I do watch shows once or twice a week. 


Today you get some screen caps from the pool scenes from the past week. Also, a place where YOU can talk about this week's show and discuss what has been going on. Please make this the best non-Sunday Surgery ever!


Wiley and Scout are ready!

Sonny lets loose on the pool deck


Liz, Sasha, Carly, Maxie and Brook Lynn

Lucy and Liesl

Mac and Felicia

Dante, Cody and Chase

Victor and Valentin (Spencer in back)


Friday, July 8, 2022

Fridays blog

Here’s an open shell for everyone to talk about today’s show Friday the eighth.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

The Coffees of Corinthos for Summer!!



**Enjoy Yourselves while Wubsy is Away**

                          The Millow: Just enough coffee so you can't taste it

Esme Expresso:  It's a mean little drink 

                               Kevlar Double Dip: For the lovers in the group

YEE HA! It's the Honky Tonk Nixon Falls Special

with collectible Mason jar! 

The Violet-- Her request and we made it happen! 

                            Olivia and Dante inspired Cups  available for purchase 

                                   Designs for you--Badger Bob is also in the line up 

                     The Carly Cup: because no one can do all she does without caffeine

                          Matcha Green --because Selena Wu doesn't DO COFFEE 

Wednesday, July 6, 2022



I'm ready!! I will not be here Tomorrow or Friday-- I think I told you!! So this is my last hurrah for a bit. 

Britt can't believe Kevin didn't see her internet video. Then an orderly comes in and tells her a patient left a giant belt behind (with a western buckle) and she's the contact number!! AHAHAA. 

Cody goes to the Q stables and introduces himself to Michael and Willow. He's living above the horse HAHAHAA. Millow leaves. Then Cody talks to the horse. LOL Britt brings back his belt buckle. They banter. 

Drew tells Carly about his Nina plan. Carly's not happy. She doesn't NEED TO BE SAVED! 

Nina tells Sonny that Carly lost 1/2 the hotel. She says Drew offered her to buy Crimson and she said no because it would be dumb to buy a magazine now. Sonny leaves. 

Sonny and Carly talk by the pool, he wants to help her out. Carly says NO WAY. He tells her when she has to pay to sit by the pool, remember he offered!! SNAP! OMG!! 

TV show. Sasha gets the baby sling on...and OMG but the woman also has a FAKE BABY BOY TO PUT IN IT!! OOOOOOOOOOOO!! So, Sasha walks around with the fake baby on her and IT TURNS REAL BECAUSE SASHA IS ALL MESSED UP!! hahahahaa!! OMG!! She talks to it. Nina watches on TV. Brando runs up and Sasha realizes it's just a doll and loses her mind. !!! Oooooooo Sofia is so good in this scene.  Then Morgan gets all angry with Lucy saying that she thought Sasha was camera ready and over drugs and mental issues. She says she's going to SUE Deception. THEN SELINA WU WALKS OUT "I'D THINK TWICE ABOUT THAT"!!!! Selina says they will sue Home and Heart for emotionally manipulating a grieving mother !! Morgan backs off. Then Lucy says thank you. Wu says You'd better deliver and watch your talent, COE!! 

Sasha arrives at GH ... Kevin meets them. HE asks some medical questions. Brando says that his mom was concerned that sasha was using again. Maxie gives Kevin her purse. Brando gives permission for Kevin to look. HE FINDS THE PILLS!!!!!! 


Sasha is placed on a 72 hour hold !!!!!! Brando had to authorize it!! Sasha screams NO!! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Luna Fairchild

Well they SORA'd ROCCO to like 13-14? Geesh! He's having nosh with Cody and Dante. Olivia comes in and hugs Cody. She remembers him as a kid. 

Brook and Chase at the pool. OMG Same ol' same ol' . She wants him to switch careers. You can use your voice! "I'll manage you"! 

Carly and Sonny. She says Donna is fine. He says Ok, and walks away LOL She's pissed. 

Spinelli and Brooke talking about his dating app, without her knowing it's his dating app. He says she should give it another try. Shows her a hot date hes' meeting. LOL NO WAY he's meeting that hot babe. Britt leaves when Cody comes over. Cody has some arrangement with Spinelli 'a deal' but we don't know what it is. Sonny meets Cody for the first time. 

Esme and Spencer go to the pool. Cam's being all awkward with Joss and Trina they wonder what's up. Esme is snotty about the trial. Cam goes over to try to get a napkin Carly used at the bar. Spencer creates a distraction and calls Joss the Porn Queen and she pushes him in the pool. Esme pushes Joss..Trina pushes Esme LOL. Carly stomps over so Cam can take the napkin for the DNA. Carly bans Spencer forever from The Metro. 

Home and Heart Show: Morgan Fairchild looks FABULOUS! OMG She's such a natural I love it. The creepy Photog is there bugging Sasha who is flying high on whatever she took. Brando surprises her. She ends up taking another pill right before the show. Whoops. Deer---headlights. Then she gets rolling and Gladys calls in to help her along. She does a good job at describing the lip plumpers. Lucy and Maxie are relieved. Then FloraGardens arrives... she's a 'special guest'. (It's Luna from OLTL!) Sasha wants to give her a make over. Oh boy.. this will be a disaster. 
Flora is also there to sell a product. Maxie sees it and blanches. I think it's a baby product? 

Drew wants Nina to  buy Crimson. Probably to get money for Carly to buy the Metro back. Nina is going to think of it. Drew runs into Olivia who is on her way up to see Nina. They talk about the Metro Court sale and..OH WHOOPS! Nina hears some of it!! 


Flora gives Sasha a "baby papoose" holder as a gift after her make over..ut oh.... 

Nina is going to tell Sonny about Carly losing her 1/2 of the hotel. 

Cam got Carly's DNA and Spencer got Joss' 

Olivia hires Cody for the Q horse stables. 

Monday, July 4, 2022

No New GH Today


IT's the 4th an that means no new show today. I believe it's the New Year's Eve episode that will air.  See you tomorrow! 

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Don't F with a Q


When will we quit getting interrupted!? Oy! "SURPISE" This week! And don't get me wrong, that whole deal is a soap opera in itself but dang!! I can also tell the editing is getting wonky again to try to condense shows. Other than that... GH was great this week for one reason: CARLY LOSES HER MOOLAH!! 

Let's go...I'm having a Metro Court Lemonade! 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Spencer Pulls a Fast One

 Well, I went to the lake and had a lobster roll for lunch :) yippee! Wasn't sure I'd be here but I made it! 

Happy Friday everyone!! 

Ava and Nikolas meet Scotty and they divide the assets in half-- HAHAHAA. They are getting divorced just to 'get married again" (I hope not!!) They go to sign the papers and Esme comes in and says "Divorce!!? Mr. Cassadine you said you weren't going to tell her"!! OOOO OOH SNAP!  NO she just makes up and excuse and wants to talk to him privately. 
Esme wants Nikolas to get her back working at Springridge so she can see Ryan. BORING. He says he will. They hug. 

Deception TV show...Sasha is buying drugs. She asks what they are and he says "Prescription, they are good" LOL All he wants is backstage photos. She says ok. 

Olivia spills the beans to Joss about the Merger not happening. Carly wanted to keep it secret. LOL Joss and Trina talk about her seeing Rory yesterday at the pool with Esme. 

Olivia and Carly are sad the merger didn't go through. Olivia says she'll buy her half of the Metro.  Carly says no way because Ned would have to help. 

Greg, Chase and Finn all have a nosh and talk about Chase not being on the PCPD yet. They go over the whole bar fight thing...snooze. 

Brook talks to Sonny about "taking care of Linc".  She says he's a sleeze ball and Sonny says "I know that".  Brook wants him to pressure Linc into changing his story. He says he can't help Chase get his job back because they'll see Chase as a dirty cop. 

Spencer tells Cam his Uncle Victor found Esme's real mother. He's going to offer her the info for a taped confession. Then say she can leave town and take the tape to court as 'reasonable doubt". SO OFF CAMERA: Victor's people went to a nunnery and found the nun that took Esme in and she gave up the name of the mother (sounds like she was pressured ...cough) and Victor got DNA. The woman is in Portugal. Cameron thinks it's a great thing. Spencer says he's totally LYING!! LOL "Esme will totally buy it; you did" !!  OH GOOD ONE! 

Spencer says he can make it work if he can get a fake DNA test. "That's where you come in" he says to Cameron. He wants Cam to get DNA samples from both Carly and Joss to show a mother daughter match. 

Cameron and Spencer are at the pool to carry out the plan and Cam goes ahead but Esme stops Spencer. UT OH...

Olivia tells Carly to ask Sonny for the money

Sasha takes pills before going on camera. 


Sunday Surgery: FALSE DOSAGE

  MESS. That's all I have right now. I actually turned off the show on Tuesday after the Brick and Jordan nonsense. Only watched Wednesd...