Friday, December 31, 2021

Wed/Thurs Shows

 So it's a rerun today so I can watch Wed-Thursday today and...

Alexis doing Sociology of Crime! NICE!! Joss and Spencer are there too. Oh I loved Professor Khan!! And Alexis nice!! 

I'm so Team Nina it hurts. I hate Willow.  Cynthia was SO great in those scenes. 

Scotty and Michael. He decked Scotty for saying the truth! LOL POOR Mikey. 

Mashall and Curtis.. good stuff and I'm glad they are building up the Marshall family. He needs to stop talking in riddles. 

Oh Sonny and Carly. "Maybe you didn't want to remember me" Um, YA THINK!!?? ahahaha.  She throws him outta "HER" House!? Okaaayyy.  "Did she make you happy"?? Great line right there!! YEP SHE SURE DID!! I LOVE the lines Sonny had about Nina. 


Oh Martin and Lucy are out!!  The Savoy is humming!!  Lucy trying to sneak out with Maxie LOL 

Dante found Sonny... lol. And I love they have some meaningful scenes. They don't have enough. It was a great convo and Sonny admitted a lot. 

CARLY kicked Sonny out!! LMAO and is pissed at Willow. :Clapping:  "Where ARE YOU JASON" wah wah. 

Scotty handing out presents at Liz' house!! And 5 bucks to Violet. LOVE...he's like the uncle. Li loses her wedding ring!! Finn worked at a plumbing company? an he got her ring. 

Maxie and Nina dishing on the trial ..trying to figure out how Scotty found out about the affair. AHAHAHA AND Dr. Walks in!! She's happy she told! LOL 

Dante is jealous of Drew! LOL 

Portia and Curtis make ze wub.



Thursday, December 30, 2021

Thursday GH Jammin'


I'm getting my hair done today so I won't be around to blog. 
I will watch on Hulu tonight.
What do you think... should I go with pink or silver?


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2022 Crystal Ball (Wednesday)

Ok gang, we do this every year. These are our "predictions" for 2022. Now, as always, these are not to be taken seriously. They are lighthearted fun escapism. Comment as you will, and of course, join in with some of your own. Here we go (again)...


Natalia Livingston will dye her hair blonde and appear as Sarah Webber. (Remember, the hair dye trick worked for Sarah Brown)

Brando will, indeed, be groomed to be the new Jason. Until the real Jason is discovered in Nixon Falls with amnesia.

Jeff Webber will finally arrive. The actor will be someone most of us know, but he will not be someone with a daytime history.

The show will do the episode tribute to Alan (Stuart)

Speaking of tributes, it is Monica's (Leslie's) 45th year on GH. This will be celebrated with an all-female luncheon where everyone takes turns saying nice things about Monica. Except Lesley. As always, the banter between the two will be priceless.

The Nurse's Ball returns. However, it will be totally re-imagined and radically different than the past. Fans revolt.

New opening credits debut April 1.

Kelly Monaco leaves the show before Spring and will resurface on another soap.

Lucas returns with a new boyfriend. A character that was previously on the show (not Brad or Felix) MW? 


Robin will return for a 2-wk stint to get some maternal advice on marital strife.

Carly thinks she is pregnant and tells everyone. She insists the baby will be a boy and will name him Jason. Starts buying all kinds of blue articles of clothing and blue stuff for the nursery only to find out it is Menopause.

Guess what former cast member is behind the mask on the Masked Singer?


Martin and Lucy will start dating by the time of the Nurses Ball --and OMG I wrote this 2 days before they slept together. LOL! TRUE! 

Esme will turn out to be a killer just like Ryan; her hero. First dead body shows up on PCPU campus early February (just a rando student, she has to practice)

Victor tries to woo Ava when Nikolas is sent to Spain in some Cassadine business ...Ava is VERY tempted. 

Willow and Michael try to have a baby but find out it's impossible. IVF? 

Ms Wu has an ace up her sleeve: Morgan 

Peter is sent to a long-term care facility; waiting to re-generate when we least expect it

At least 2 contract players will leave in 2022 --one is a complete surprise. The other? Not so much

Felicia comes back and joins Deception as the "Face Over Fifty" 

This doubles as the blog for Wednesday. 
The Wubqueen won't be around. 
Please leave your comments for today's show here. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2021


 OMG The hearing is just OUT OF CONTROL!! Carly is yanking Sonny around! ahahahaa. Oh geesh, so... Willow tells about the whole Sonny-Nina thing but the DA asks if she ever asked Sonny about it. She says no. He also wonders if Nina didn't tell Sonny the truth because she was in love with him. Carly's just crying hard. OMG the JUDGE wants to hear from SONNY!! He's so into the story pffffffft. SONNY gonna have to testify! OMG so Sonny says he was in love with Nina as "Mike" and he doesn't consider himself her victim!! OMG!! 

RECESS!! Sonny leaves "I'll make this right" (not sure how?) Michael thinks Nina planned all this to 'drop a bombshell in court"...Nina runs after Carly to tell her she's sorry..she didn't want this to happen. Carly runs out.

Nina yells at Scotty. Scotty is like I kept you outta of a hamster're welcome!! LOL 

Brook and Chase watch Leo while Olivia and Ned go to the neurologist. Leo doesn't want to do anything but play with his spinner. Brook and Chase sit and eat. Brook says at the end of all this she's going to have to give up Bailey. 

Hospital: Olivia is scared to talk to the doctor because she thinks she might not be able to provide for Leo what he needs. Doc comes out and ushers them to the office. He explains the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and how they reached that conclusion. He says there are a lot of resources available but it they need time to digest the news. Talks about school and a program, and the journey ahead. 

Curtis takes his Aunt Stella out for coffee and questions about Marshall. He says he never asked her before because he and his brother decided not to upset their mother or Stella. They made up grand stories about him but he sees now he's just 'a man'. Stella says he loved his clarinet "Henrietta" LOL.. and he was very generous.

Shawn and TJ in The Invader office. Shawn looks good . TJ tells him about Marshall being alive. Oh! Marshall comes in because he wants the Invaders' to do a story on his new band. TJ introduces Shawn as his dad. Marshall blows up because Shawn killed Tommy. Shawn explains that Tommy pulled a gun on him. TJ says it was his PTSD and he didn't get the help he needed.  Marshall blames himself for not being there. He leaves. 

Later, Curtis goes to Marshall's room (Not sure where). Marshall was on the phone saying "I am following protocol" Oh I think he's an agent!! Curtis comes in. 

Dr O and Britt talking about her love life. She got her a dating service gift card. Dr. O tells her about Nina and Sonny. Britt says that Carly gonna kill Nina LOL 

Monday, December 27, 2021

It's MONDAY People!


I hope you've see the 2021 Wub Awards below!! They are always interesting to do because I forget so much along the way. General Hospital has a giant cast and a huge amount happening so it's a double challenge.


Brook dreams about a hot, oiled up Chase. Oh we see her cool bedroom! 

HOT YOGA CLASS!! So the men are first. Shirtless Chase and Drew. Curtis didn't lose the shirt damn it! Then Maxie and Lucy come in when class changes. Maxie checks out Curtis' butt LOL. Lucy's all dreamy in love. She even has little O noises when she's meditating because she's thinking of him. Maxie and Lucy end up running out to go get coffee so they can talk. 

Laura sees Martin eating breakfast alone. He says Lucy is exercising....He wonders if she has advice about Lucy. She says NOPE! and leaves. Valentin comes in, sits. They banter and joke about Marty being Santa. Talk about Brook Lynn and revenge. They also talk about looking at Mekko's will because Val is Vic's son. Martin tells Valentin about Lucy. Valentin is like you can represent Deception if you're sleeping with her! It's me or HER~~!! 

Victor comes in the restaurant. Anna stops him "that's far enough"! She tells him she's trailed him all morning and will continue to do so. He said she's failed numerous times NOT killing Peter. (he's not wrong!!) 

Esme is excited about Sonny's cabin. Asks Spencer if it has a hot tub. He has no idea. Laura comes in to talk to Spencer. ESME CALLS HER GRAMOTHER! OMG! Laura is like 'IT'S LAURA"! ahahaha

Curtis and Drew go to the Coffee Corner to talk about the "Marshall Project". They figure out they have to look for "Who Marshall was" during the years he was gone. Drew is going to offer him a job in the music part of the company so he has to put down a SS number. 

Marshall and Epiphany. He brings her flowers. He had a great time when she sang. She thinks he's going to ask her out and he asks her to JOIN HIS BAND!! AHAHAHAHA Her face. WHOOPS. They talk and she says she'll consider doing it. 

Brook Lynn and Ned talk in the Q Kitchen nook. About Olivia... Leo... relationships etc. Ned has been thinking about Bailey and thinking Brook has to be ahead of Chase so he doesn't hold her over her head like Valentin did. AND Chase is standing there LOL. Ned tells them to get a lawyer to iron out things about Bailey. 

TRIAL WITH WILLOW STARTING! EEEKK! Scotty got the DA to get Willow to testify about the donations that Michael made but it was REALLY to get her up there to talk about the affair. First he gets her to talk about the DA and a contribution. She HAS to tell the truth because she and Michael aren't married!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! He keeps asking. Then he says "shouldn't the charges be dropped like by an act of heroism"??? Was Sonny even a VICTIM? squee!! He asks if there was any reason Sonny didn't go after Nina himself. Oh he's going to get her to spill!! Nina tells Scotty to stop..he says "QUIET"!! Sonny grabs Carly to LEAVE! Carly won't go! ahahaha OMG Willow says yes she knows why Sonny wouldn't press charges. Sonny's FACE falls!! ahahahaha. SO GOOD!!! SO anyway, Scotty gets Willow to admit she heard Sonny and Nina in the chapel at GH and there was "LOVE" between them! 

CARLY'S FACE!! AHAHHA OMG tomorrow is going to be awesome. 

2021 General Hospital Wub Awards

We got through COVID year 2 with a flourish. The usual ups and downs for a daytime soap running on all cylinders for 5 days a week, all weeks of the year.  We made it through Nixon Falls, Jarly wedding, death of Franco and rebirth of Roger Howarth, Cyrus being locked up, baby switches, fake romances, births, name it. Please remember these are my opinions and you certainly have your own! Sound off in the comments! 

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Sunday Surgery: All The Cheers

 It was a pretty fun week on GH when it wasn't being interrupted by ABC News. Geesh!  I'm keeping it short and sweet because it was a short  4 dayer and yesterday was Christmas so I'm burned out. 

THIS Sunday Surgery will be all the GOOD on the show. It can happen once a year, right?? 

Candy Canes today!! 

A giant wrapped gift for @Flutterby on twitter. She's the master of screenshots. 


Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve

Well, there's no new show today I think you know that. It will be a repeat of a Peter episode so best to skip it!! LOL I really enjoyed this week but wish it wasn't interrupted by all the 'breaking news'!! 

I hope however you celebrate it's jolly and merry. That's what it's all about. Fun and laughter if you can have it! Thank you to all of you for your readership, comments and support. I can't believe it's been 24 years since I started all this on Angelfire! I have said if I ever hit it big in the lotter, we are having one hell of a WUBS party on an island somewhere! 


Thursday, December 23, 2021

It is December 26th ON GH

 Today picks up on the day after Christmas for our residents of Port Charles: 

Llantano County PA court. Sonny hopes Nina takes a plea deal. Heh. Not gonna happen. He gets a plan together. Smirks at CarSon. 

Martin and Lucy wake up in BED!! YEAH!! They are into each other. Marty even googled her. They are going down for breakfast!! Oh they'll run into KevLar! 

Laura and Kevin are meeting Nikolas at the Metro. She's sad that Spencer did the stalking but sad the way Nikolas acted too. She says he has to make up to Spencer because he might be influenced by Victor if he doesn't. 

Trina is at Kelly's getting coffee to go. Spencer is working-- Victor comes in. Spencer's legal stuff is taken care of! Love them Cassadines! Oh wait..well, he has to do 500 hours of Community Service, pay restitution and 30 days in spa-jail. He was thinking Victor would get him off scott-free. Victor is like "that's a good deal, kid"!

Dr O and Victor outside of Kelly's. He wants to take her to dinner....she'd rather eat glass. 

Cam and Joss Making out.. Esme rings the door bell. "I need your help, Cam"...Esme tells them that Spencer will be in jail for 30 days. She wants to move up their cabin get-away so they can go before he goes to the clink. 

NEWS are KIM POTTER--- interrupted I mean.. why. Whateverrrrrrrrr. I'll watch the rest on Hulu. ABC kept going on and on and on and on.... 


Wednesday, December 22, 2021


 Christmas fun!

Davis House: LOL.. Krissy and TJ and Molly all give Scout musical instruments for the holiday. Scout was watching a show and loved them. Alexis gives Danny BONGO DRUMS!! AHAHHA. Shawn and Alexis toast with water. They kid Sam about going to the Qs later where both Drew and Dante will be LOL. 

SHAWN moved from Alexis' house and is going to run THE INVADER! I think that's great!  He's working for some non-profit that bought it and he'll use it to expose injustice. 

Carly is SO ANGRY that Nina DARED to try to give WILEY a Present!! HOW DARE SHE!! Dante and Rocco are over for Christmas. Dante and Rocco leave for the Q house. Josslyn wonders if Brando and Sasha will visit given the circumstances. They do! Gladys hijaks them out of the hospital and drives them to Sonny's. (he asked her to). Sasha and Brando are happy to be there. CarSon tells Sasha she's part of the family now. Brando and she go out to the patio to look at the stars. They pledge their love to each other in a really nice scene. 

Portia and Curtis going out for Christmas Dinner with Stella. He sees Marshal with his clarinet. He's surprised he can play. 

Epiphany meets Marshall who's playing his clarinet for the hospital holiday show. He wants her to sing while he plays. 

Maxie's -Dr. O leaves a present for Louise when she comes home. They talk about Nina not being able to visit Wiley. Maxie thinks Willow would help. Nina doesn't want to tell her that Willow knows about she and Sonny. Oh!! Dr O figures out Willow knows and tells Scotty when he comes. He's going to put her on the stand! yippee!! Brook and Chase come to let Maxie see Bailey. 

Q House!! Monica looks great. The baby comes out with Brook. Brook checks out Chases' butt and then gets all flustered when she remembers him naked! ahahahaha. Rocco and Dante show up and so do Scout, Danny and Sam. Danny has on a leather jacket just like his Dad's. Drew says he'll take him to the baseball game. Scout gives Drew a hot pink scarf ;her fave color. 

Epiphany sings O Christmas Tree ...montage of everyone. Good Show. I liked it. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Holiday Cheers and COVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh!

 Kevin is Santa at GH. Elves are Cam, Esme and Spencer. Laura is home!  Lucy is there too! Laura hugs everyone and surprises Kevin with a replacement Santa so they can go make out LOL giggle. Martin is the new Santa!! Lucy doesn't know that he's the new Santa LOL. She sends the kids off to Kelly's for snacks. Lucy goes and sits on "Kevin's" Lap "Hey Santa, baby...guess what I want for Christmas"?? OMG! YES! Lucy and Marty LOVE IT. 

Liz sees Drew at Kelly's...they hug. Sit and talk about Jason and Franco dying. A lot. Liz says she's not over Franco. Drew says as someone that was loved by her, the guy will be missing out. 

Nikolas asks Trina outside of Kelly's which bracelet to give Ava: emerald or ruby? She says BOTH!! Then she asks about why he's so mean to Nikolas. Spencer walks by. 

Metro dining room: Violet, Finn and Anna. They are going to have High Tea. Anna asks if there's anyone special in Finn's life.  He laughs.. talks about Liz a bit. He asks her if she's over him "because you look over me". 

Quartermaines: Brook talks to Bailey under the tree. Valentin and Charlotte come in. ALERT NEW CHARLOTTE!! I just saw on IG she was leaving. DAMN. This girl is about the age of SORA'd Rocco and Danny, btw. She seems like she's not a brat. BOO. I want a brat.  Yuri sent Champagne for Monica via Val but Brook reminds him she doesn't drink. Valentin asks why she's sad. "you should be happy" . Brook says she didn't only do the Bailey thing for stocks. Valentin says "Well, it's not like the real father was dangerous and  you were protecting her"...Hmmm. INTERESTING! 

Charlie's Bar: Ava orders a dirty martini --so does Victor!!! He has gifts to give her for Wyndemere. I see some flirty going on!! He says there's a surprise for Christmas. Should bring Nikolas and Spencer together. (Helena?). They go to walk to the Tree lighting. Ava says: "British accent, nice touch" ...Victor: "Thanks, I worked hard on it" AHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Dead. 

OMG DAMN IT!! COVID NEWS interrupted the SHOW!!!!!!!! ugh!!!!!!!!!!! It was so fun!! I'll watch the rest tonight on Hulu. BaHUMBUG 

Monday, December 20, 2021



I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all your comments about little Liam’s storyline on GH. I loved the challenge of acting out this beautifully written and heartbreaking story. I’m reminded to hug everyone I love extra hard this holiday season and never take a day for granted

Here we are, another week coming up! That's a nice tweet from "Sasha" for all to read.. I guess she heard everyone's comments loud and clear! 

Laura visits Cyrus in jail before going home to PC. He swears he didn't order the hit on she and Martin. He says he's 'given himself to a higher power" ...Laura laughs HARD lol He goes on and on about being sick and the lord saving him. She's still laughing. She says she doesn't believe him but she's going home anyway. She's done hiding. 

Willow talks to Chase and Brook Lynn about Liam and losing her own baby. Willow said it was long ago. Brook says how strong she was. Willow goes outside for some air. Chase follows her. Oh lord, I do NOT need to see this. She cries about her baby. They go back in and Brook makes coffee.  Willow apologizes to her about the whole Rice Plaza thing. They make peace. 

Sonny is talking to Phyllis in Charlie's Bar about the baby..and NINA walks in! Phyllis takes a call from Lenny's sister and Nina asks Sonny about Peter. He says he's glad he's in limbo not able to hurt anyone. He leaves. Phyllis comes out and Nina gets coffeee. Phil says she thinks Nina is still in love with MikeSon. They joke about "Mike" being in a suit and he really should have his cowboy hat on. 

Carly and Dr O talk about Jason at the Metro Court. Dr. O says Jason saved her life and she's sorry. Then Michael comes in and Carly talks about being Sad about The Baby, Jason, being angry, about life, the universe and blah blah. Then they talk about Wiley. Then they say what terrible people Brad and then Nina are. NOW they are really mad Brad and Ms Wu had the NERVE to eat at the Metro yesterday!! 

Dr O tells Scotty that Nina and Sonny fell in love. Scotty spits out his water. He figures things out a bit and that Phyllis must know. HE goes over to talk to Sonny and Carly. Michael says something stupid. Liesl tries to stop him from saying anything. In the end Scotty doesn't say anything, he's saving it for the trial. They leave. Michael tells Sonny he told off Ms. Wu. Sonny just stares at him LOL. 

Scott tells Liesl he's going to have Nina testify under oath about Sonny and she! Oooo...! Liesl is worried Carly will basically kill Nina LOL She convinces him to find someone else : Think Phyllis!! 

Spencer and Victor. Victor says he can help with Spencer's legal stuff going on. He's proud of Spencer for going it on his own. But you know he's going to want something in return. Victor also says he'll pay for a room at the Metro for Esme and Spencer. 

Victor is the one that did the attempt on Laura and Marty's life. He's glad she's coming home as she's a worthy adversary. 

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sunday Surgery: The Sorrows


Oh, sad week, right? Not sure there's anything else to say about it because it was  permeated with um... not great stuff. Many were taken aback because this happened during the holidays. Some, like me, appreciates all the drama and were wowed by the performances.  GH timeline is a lot of love-hate right now but people are talking about it! Right? 

Grab ya grub and let's go go ...

Friday, December 17, 2021

Today Is Friday !!


And I'm sorry to say, I'm out shopping and living it up with my brother!! So, no GH today. Please let me know in the comments if it's a worth it day or a FF Day. I think the baby might go today so??? Hmmm. 

Anyway see you for Sunday Surgery. 

Thursday, December 16, 2021


**Trigger warning today: The baby stuff is really rough and sad. Might be very sensitive for a lot of folks. You might want to FF or skip. 

 Ok, so... Liv is going to meet the neurologist that will test Leo in January. Then they get off track and talk about why Carly isn't beating Nina up (literally). Carly's says she's going to let the courts take care of it. Liv laughs. NO reason for these scenes today. NONE. 

Nina and Sonny are in the lobby together. Gladys comes out and tells them about Liam. Sonny hugs Gladys and he and Nina look at each other. She tears up. 

Sasha and Brando. He says it's time and she says it never will be time. "Liam is my only flesh and blood; he's my baby"... she runs out of the room. 

Sasha goes to talk to Liam in the NICU and Sonny comes in. I think because he had to let Mike go when he did. Sonny says he's sure Liam knows she's there. They talk about Love and quality of life. Gladys says the doctors are looking for Sasha. Sasha leaves to find Brando. Gladys tells Sonny he was right to let Mike so. He says Thank you. Then Gladys prays for Liam. 

Nina and Brando talk. He says look at her, she was in long term care and she's ok now! She said she could breathe on her own. He should trust the doctors. They hug. Sonny sees them. 

Harmony and Alexis walking in the winter park talking about friendships. Alexis feels guilty taking the pardon. She invites Harmony over for lunch. Alexis realizes it wouldn't be a good idea because of Kristina. 

Liz and Finn in GH. They want to talk about "the kiss". Liz says if she's going to start dating again, it should be casual.. it would be too serious. Finn thinks that's ok. They talk more. 

Portia and Stella at the Metro Court. Stella is sad and worried about Curtis. Portia leaves. Stella texts someone. 

Gym: Curtis and TJ. Marshall walks in. TJ invited Marshall! LOL Marshall isn't going to explain why he left. SO.. who cares just TELL US. Curtis throws him out of the gym.

Brook and Chase are stuck in the sauna. Chases' towel falls off!! Brook Lynn @@!!! She keeps her damn blazer on. They talk about their situation. I guess it's banter. Weird tho. Oh their phones are outside the sauna :eyeroll: They almost kiss. Will they do it??  


Carly sees Nina talking to Sonny in the hall 

Sasha is realizing she has to let the baby go

Marshall and Stella meet in the coffee corner place to talk things out. 


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Steaming UP

 BRAD IS OUT!! Ms Wu doesn't like Britt...but Britt invites herself to sit with them at the Metro LOL "you been working out bestie"?? AHAHAHA Selina isn't happy. Britt and Brad talk about where he's living (With his Aunty) ... and Michael storms off the elevator WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? He yells at Brad. Brad and he go to talk alone. Michael tells him there are no second chances with him. 

Wu tells Britt Brad is going to get to know his family "Very well" this time around. 

Chase and Finn are in the steam room--all OLTL Ford Brother type. Talk about Bailey and Liz kissing Finn. Finn says Liz ran away from him. Then Brook busts in and Finn leaves. She tells Chase the whole town hates her and he has to stick up for her. 

Willow sees Brook and Olivia in the park. She was all snotty faced to Brook. Like SHE has a leg to stand on. Brook blasts her because Willow cheated on Chase when she was married to him! Willow says she kept her son from Shiloh to protect him, not for money like Brook did. Brook kinda cries because she can't tell the truth. Then leaves. STUPID WILLOW..ok, Olivia leaves too and then Harmony comes out to see Willow sitting by the tree. Willow tells Harmony she can visit Wiley. 

SO Sam's PI gig is:  Todd Worth.. CFO of DNE Shipping Partners. Oil Spill...this is what Alexis is helping her with. Sam is looking for Worth's daughter. Alexis thinks it's the whistleblower he's looking for.  And KRISSY AND MOLLY ARE THERE TOO !!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Sam and Alexis argue a bit--Alexis doesn't think the PI thing will work. Molly wants her to review her opening statement for court. She's critical then backs off. Alexis gets anxious. I guess the PI thing is over. Alexis says she has to leave. I think she's going to an AA meeting. 

Yoga with Terry. Liz is flashing back to almost killing Peter. She tells Portia and Terry she kissed Finn. "I didn't plan on it"!! She's still got her Franco wedding ring on. 


Willow invites Harmony to see Wiley at some point. 
Harmony tells Alexis she can be her friend. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2021



Britt finds out Peter is in the ER "More dead than alive" says Austin. She's like that's the only good news I've had LOL. Austin talks up Britt and her professional abilities. Weird. 

So Liz is ready to knife Peter and she flashes back to him being a jerk..then we are interrupted by CARSON Looking at their Christmas Tree!! WTF! REALLY? Ugh.. whatever. OMG FINN stops LIZ! damn it. UGH FINN!! Austin comes in. They leave. Austin sees the scalpel. Finn leads Liz away in a daze. She's not well. She wishes he wouldn't have stopped her.  She cries about Franco and Jason. But Finn says she'd be in jail and the boys would be left alone. 

 CarSon stand around and look at Christmas decorations. FFS. Avery and Donna come out. Sonny says he's going to be home this Christmas. Avery wonders why he wasn't home last Christmas. "It wasn't my fault" he says. "Who's was it" asks Avery--Carly gives big eyeballs. Later, Carly looks at the ornaments and finds a key chain that says "Caroline". (Jason gave it to her years ago) Sonny tells her it's ok to let him know her feelings about Jason. PFfffffff.t She says she puts it on the tree every year. They hang it together. 

Sasha thinks Love can save Liam. Brando goes to find Britt and wants her to talk to he and Sasha. Britt explains again that Liam isn't going to do anything on his own. Sasha won't accept that. Thinks they can care for him. Britt is like: NO, no you can't. Brando realizes they have to talk him off life support. Sasha sobs. 

Michael and Willow are at Brad's parole hearing. Ms Wu tells Michael Brad will never go near their family again. Michael says Brad will never see the light of day. Michael talks to the board and tells the baby switch story. Ms Wu is glaring at him. Brad gets up and says he's better than his worst mistake. Parole goes off to decide. 

Stella sees Marshall. Curtis mentions the shock of seeing Marshall alive. "She thought you were dead". Stella: Um, that's not necessarily true".. OY!!  Then Marshall makes it sound like Stella didn't know he was live her an out if she wants one. Stella sits down and gets some water. Curtis tells Marshall to leave for good. Marshall thanks Stella for taking care of his family. Marshall goes to leave. Stella says no, that he's Curtis' only father. Marshall said he put Curtis and Tommy at risk every day he stayed with them. Marshall leaves. Stella apologizes to Curtis. 


Brad is released from Jail. Sonny doesn't tell Carly 

Finn and Liz kiss..Liz runs out

Monday, December 13, 2021

Baby Blues


TJ at the hospital. He's discharging a sweet old lady...then Aunt Stella comes around and is so happy he's a doctor. Hugs him. She asks what Curtis is keeping from her. He won't tell her. 

Drew goes to see Curtis at Savoy. They talk about Peter. Asks when he can take Jordan and Curtis out to dinner. He finds out about their marriage and Jordan's health issues.  He's going to help Curtis find out where his father has been all this time. 

Anna and Sonny talk about Peter and his transport and CARLY INTERRUPTS: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? None of your fking biz, Carly (I said that, they didn't). Anna gets a phone call. Sonny tells Carly Peter 'doesn't have a future'.  Anna comes in, says Peter is going to the ER at GH . She leaves. Then Carly asks Sonny if he did it. He says he put the hit out on him. 

Liz talks to Finn about Jason's death..which apparently she learned about off camera. OH! Jake too--and he's upset about both Franco AND Jason. Both killed by Peter. Finn and Liz hug. Stupid. This .. ugh. They see Peter come into the ER. They go stare at him in his portal thing. Anna and Maxie talk about Peter and Maxie is afraid he's faking. Finn says he's not faking. Maxie remembers back to her convo with Sonny. Everyone talks. Finn needs to wait for the toxicology report to treat him. Maxie wants to give an award to who ever poisoned him. 

Mom Portia and Trina have breakfast. Trina feels like a loser. Everyone is paired up but her. Portia is like You don't need anyone to know you're worth! Marshall interrupts them. Portia introduces him as "Curtis' father". He leaves after a bit. Portia tells Trina he's "back from the dead". Trina says she can give Curtis pointers on that LOL .

Maxie and Epiphany talk about baby Liam and missing Louise. Epiphany tells her that they will probably want to be alone with Liam once they get the news: good or bad. 

Brando's room with Britt telling them about Liam's fate. Oh little to no brain activity. No motor or cognitive function. Sad. Everyone is crying.  They go to see the baby in the NICU. Sasha says Liam WILL wake up. Ut. Oh. 

Britt talks to Epiphany and thinks she may have given Brasha false hope. Because there is no hope. Epiphany tries to console Britt about giving parents bad news. 


OMG Liz goes into Peter's bedside with a SCAPEL!! WOOOOOWHOO!! 

Stella sees Marshall at the Savoy. I think he was in Witness Protection and she knew. 

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Plunger, Peter and Pancakes

Well, at least the week ended on a TOP NOTE!! Much of it was spent in past narration and with Carly on every second, it was a bit tedious. I don't know who needs to hear this but she doesn't HAVE TO BE ON EVERY DAMN day! Seriously. Sorry, but it really just made the week a pain. Ok here we go. Hang on to your hats! 

I have a Starbucks today. Treated myself! YUM 

Photos thx to @Flutterby without whom this blog would be blank. 

Friday, December 10, 2021


 Wu comes into the Metro to talk to Sonny. She brings up Jason being gone. He has no 'guard' per se. Carly gets her big mouth in there about Brad not getting out. Wu just kinda smiles and leaves. Carly wants to know what the deal is. Of course she does. They talk about replacing Jason. WHO could ever replace St. Jaysus?? OMG If Carly grieves ONE MORE SECOND ON MY they pledge eternal WUB and kiss. 

Michael tells Willow he's going to the parole hearing to hopefully stop Brad getting out. Willow wants him to try to let Brad go.. but he's like NOPE. 

Chase is going to take over Daddy Duty for Bailey so people don't suspect. So, Brook, Chase, Willow and Michael end up all awkward in the living room. OMG get this..Michael and Willow are mad at CHASE for making Willow feel guilty when they were "married" because he slept with Brook Lyn. Even tho..she was FAKE MARRIED TO HIM? God I hate these people. Anyway, Willow says she'll TRY to get past it. 

MAXIE changed her sweater.  Then wasn't on the whole show. 

Sasha and Brando. Sasha has some beauty flowers in her room. It's the EEG day today. They are nervous. LUCY and Nina visit!! Eat Gummy Bears!! 
Brando goes to the chapel. Prays. TJ is standing at the door. He wonders if Brando needs a friend. They joke a bit. yada yada. 

Anna visits Peter. He said Sonny put a target on his back. She's like "He just got in line". She tells Peter to give up all rights to Louise and confess to ALL crimes. Maybe just maybe she can do something for him. He refuses. "Louise and Maxie make me human"..oh brother. 

Nina and Britt talk about Nina using Dr. O in her Peter plan. Britt is mad at her because she didn't turn Peter in. Dr. O could have been killed and Jason is dead. Nina asks if she blames her. Britt says no, James wouldn't have wanted her to anyway (Nathan). 


Peter is served poison food

The EEG is back, the doctors look grave and sad

Peter was served poison by BRAD!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, December 9, 2021



Laura is running the water and it's LOUD...can she hear Martin fighting for his life??? The guard can't get in and Laura smacks the cleaner in the face with a plunger! Martin is ALIVEEEEEEEEEE but he wakes up then faints LOL. Laura says Cyrus isn't going to send anyone else to kill them and they need to get home. "Face our Fears" . Marty isn't so sure. 

Sonny tells Maxie Peter "has to stay alive" because he knows where Louise is. She says "No he doesn't"... Sonny is all bug-eyed. She covers by saying that why would he blackmail Nina if he did? OH FFS TELL HIM. She doesn't of course. She does mention Franco's death for once tho. 

Britt interrupts Scotty and Liesl's love fest.  Then she says "Jason was the closest that Britta ever came to true love" .. (Oh brother) .Nina comes in and apologizes that she let Peter go when she could have turned him in. Then they tell Dr O about her Nixon Falls charges. 

Carly face-times Avery who calls her 'Mama Carly'... Ms WU is in the hospital. Her first name is: SELINA! Wu goes to Britt's office and sits at her desk in her chair. Britt is like: Excuse me, do I know you?? Wu says she's Brad's aunt and Britt hasn't been a very good friend to Brad and barely visits. She also tells Britt to stay away from him if he gets paroled because she's a bad influence. 

Carly has to relive her birth of Michael and the whole Jason thing. :eyeroll: Michael is talking about Jason..Carly is talking about Jason. OMG WHYYYYYYY. Ms. Wu gives Michael a dirty  look because he's going to Brad's parole hearing. 

Ava gets all Shakespeare with Nikolas telling him his family is a "King of Rats" with tails tangled together--destined to die together. She's afraid of Victor. She wants to know if Nik has any other secrets to tell her.  He finally tells her about Hayden. She says she knows he hired the shooter. 

OH! SONNY gets Ms Wu into his office and tells her to off PETER!! YASSS! BUT! She has a condition. Brad's parole. Sonny finally agrees to have his 'parole board guy" vote for Brad's release. 


Dr. O figures out that "Mike" was Nina's love

Maxie invites Britt and Nina to get wine-hammered at her apartment

Ms Wu says she'll kill Peter. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2021



Sonny and Peter. Sonny tells him he's going to kill him basically. Peter says his secret will be out if he does. Says he taped the kiss on his phone, it's on a zip drive and in the vault until he dies. They yell at each other.. Sonny tells him he'll kill him in prison when he least expects it. 

Maxie and Austin. She wants to find out how much Austin told Peter. Weird convo. Don't care. PLUS ORANGE SWEATER DAY 99. 

Willow and Nina. Willow heard the whole "love" thing. Nina says it was out of context. Willow doesn't buy it.  She wonders if Nina and Sonny are still having an affair. Nina says no and they didn't really have one in Nixon Falls. "it was just was". Willow says Carly was right to say she was toxic. Anyway, Nina is wondering if Willow is going to tell. She begs her not to. Willow says she's not sure yet. 

Michael goes to visit them a gift. They want them to be Liam's Godparents. He says yes and he's sure Willow will want to too. 

Gladys sees Liam..cries. Carly hugs her. The talk about the baby. Gladys hates the name Liam. "Must be a millennial thing" LOL Says it must be Sasha named him. Brasha come over and say hello. Gladys wonders when Liam can come home. They tell her about all his complications. She's upset. 

Martin and Laura eating hummingbird cake "Your devotion to me is appalling" Says Laura to him AHAHAHAA. He won't let her leave. The fake cleaning lady gets the ok to go and clean the house. Martin wants to watch a movie "Christina Comes Home for Christmas" (a fake movie mentioned on OLTL years ago LOL)  . Laura says she can't because she can't go home for Christmas-- and see anyone. He convinces her to go take a long bath so he can watch the movie. She agrees. 


Willow chickens out about telling Michael and Carly about Sonny/Nina

Laura goes to take a bath. Fake cleaner comes in, tries to strangle Martin

MS WU is on tomorrow!! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Orange Sweater

 FINOLA posted this on IG!!! So cute. It was some play readings in LA. Marcus Columbo was there (Nikolas) and Michelle Stafford too! 

Joss and Spencer are at the gym to... BOX? OMG are they chem testing them? WTF. NO THANK YOU. They talk about going on that vacation. Joss asks why Spencer likes Esme so much. He basically says for the sex LOL "We just fit". He says they were in boarding school and always left for holidays and bonded. Her parents died when she was a kid. 

At Kelly's: Trina and Esme and Cameron. Cam is waiting on them. She talks about going on a ski vacation. Says Trina can bring a Plus One. Trina is like: NO thanks. 

PCPD: Mac is talking to Peter (as Maxie's Uncle)... and Maxie rushes in to talk to him as well. He basically tells him anything can happen in jail. Peter says if it does, they'll never find Louise. Liar. Anna doesn't think that Maxie should talk to Petra. Mac comes out and says Peter is playing a game and is saying he knows where Louise is... Anna sticks up for her. Mac finally lets her go in--Peter stares at her. She tells him they are over. He says he knows where Louise is. Maxie screams. "You're NOT GOING TO GET LOUISE"!! OMG Peter is going to know she has him. 

Michael and Carly cryin' over Jason in the hospital. Willow overhears Sonny and Nina's Nixon Falls WUB. She looks for Michael. Carly and Michael find her first. They wonder what's wrong. 

Sonny tells Nina if she loved him, she wouldn't have kept the secret from him.  He tells he never to text him again. They talk more about Nixon falls. She's sorry. They agree to live separate lives. He leaves the chapel. 

Willow is about to tell Michael when Sonny steps out of the elevator. Willow doesn't say anything. Later Michael asks her if she went to the chapel. She says yes but People were there. Nina overhears that.

Sonny leaves GH and won't tell Carly why--he 'doesn't want to worry her'. 


Nina confronts Willow about hearing she and Sonny talk in the chapel. "What are you doing to do about it"?? 
Sonny goes to the PCPD to see Peter, Anna stops him in the stairwell. Then he gets in to see him. 

I HATE Maxie's sweater. Did I already say that?? It's SO SO Orange.

ZZZZZZZZZZZ show today

Monday, December 6, 2021

Willow The Waffle


Kin Shriner's birthday today!! YEAH!!  Eden posted this on Twitter today.. great photo.


Laura and Martin in a safe house playing video games!! They talk about Cyrus. The guard guy comes in and tells Laura Victor Cassadine is alive and in PC. Laura tells Martin that Vic makes Cyrus look tame. Some new cleaner lady came..the guard has to call the service to see if she's legit. 

Drew says hello to Willow and Michael. He tells Michael Jason is dead. Michael's upset. He thinks that No body so there's a chance. Michael also wonders what life will be like without Jason. Like he hasn't died before?? 

Brook and Chase tell Willow he's Bailey's "Daddy"...WHY would WILLOW Care? But she does. LORD why. Michael and Willow find out about Brasha baby and go to GH . 

Victor comes to Wyndemere wants to talk to Nikolas about business. Victor tells Nikolas it was Ava that sent Scotty to him to set him free. Victor has news about Hayden. HE said he 'took are of her' for Nikolas because she was going to expose him ?? I don't even know. Anyway, he won't tell Nikolas WHAT he did with her but..? They also ask Victor why he worked with Peter. Victor won't tell but says the family is in danger. He leaves. Nikolas tells Ava he wants to send Victor packing. 

Sonny asks Britt how the baby is. She says good. He says she seems way less bitchy now. He sees why Jason cared about her. She says "yeah so much so he chose another woman".  Sonny says he was protecting the family by marrying Carly. 

Peter threatens to tell Carly about Nina and Carly. Of course he doesn't. He mentions Jason. Carly smacks him.  He taunts Nina with "What happens in Nixon Falls stays in Nixon Falls". He leaves. Carly screams at Nina about 'WHAT DID YOU DO IN NIXXXXXXXXXON FAAAAAAALS"  Nina tries to convince her Peter's making stuff up but Carly doesn't buy it. Then Sonny walks out.  Carly goes OFF. Nina leaves. Carly just loses it. Sonny tells her she's too much and to calm down. She says she's as upset about Jason's death like she was with his. He's like I'M YOUR HUSBAND! ahahaha She storms off. Nina texts Sonny and tells him to meet in the chapel. They meet and talk about Peter's threats. Sonny says "This is terrible timing... no one can know" and WILLOW is standing there. 

Britt tries to talk to Carly. She calms her down. 

Michael and Carly hug 

Nina tells Sonny their love in NF was special and she won't regret it (Willow overhears)

The fake cleaning lady gets instructions from Cyrus. 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...