Monday, December 27, 2021

It's MONDAY People!


I hope you've see the 2021 Wub Awards below!! They are always interesting to do because I forget so much along the way. General Hospital has a giant cast and a huge amount happening so it's a double challenge.


Brook dreams about a hot, oiled up Chase. Oh we see her cool bedroom! 

HOT YOGA CLASS!! So the men are first. Shirtless Chase and Drew. Curtis didn't lose the shirt damn it! Then Maxie and Lucy come in when class changes. Maxie checks out Curtis' butt LOL. Lucy's all dreamy in love. She even has little O noises when she's meditating because she's thinking of him. Maxie and Lucy end up running out to go get coffee so they can talk. 

Laura sees Martin eating breakfast alone. He says Lucy is exercising....He wonders if she has advice about Lucy. She says NOPE! and leaves. Valentin comes in, sits. They banter and joke about Marty being Santa. Talk about Brook Lynn and revenge. They also talk about looking at Mekko's will because Val is Vic's son. Martin tells Valentin about Lucy. Valentin is like you can represent Deception if you're sleeping with her! It's me or HER~~!! 

Victor comes in the restaurant. Anna stops him "that's far enough"! She tells him she's trailed him all morning and will continue to do so. He said she's failed numerous times NOT killing Peter. (he's not wrong!!) 

Esme is excited about Sonny's cabin. Asks Spencer if it has a hot tub. He has no idea. Laura comes in to talk to Spencer. ESME CALLS HER GRAMOTHER! OMG! Laura is like 'IT'S LAURA"! ahahaha

Curtis and Drew go to the Coffee Corner to talk about the "Marshall Project". They figure out they have to look for "Who Marshall was" during the years he was gone. Drew is going to offer him a job in the music part of the company so he has to put down a SS number. 

Marshall and Epiphany. He brings her flowers. He had a great time when she sang. She thinks he's going to ask her out and he asks her to JOIN HIS BAND!! AHAHAHAHA Her face. WHOOPS. They talk and she says she'll consider doing it. 

Brook Lynn and Ned talk in the Q Kitchen nook. About Olivia... Leo... relationships etc. Ned has been thinking about Bailey and thinking Brook has to be ahead of Chase so he doesn't hold her over her head like Valentin did. AND Chase is standing there LOL. Ned tells them to get a lawyer to iron out things about Bailey. 

TRIAL WITH WILLOW STARTING! EEEKK! Scotty got the DA to get Willow to testify about the donations that Michael made but it was REALLY to get her up there to talk about the affair. First he gets her to talk about the DA and a contribution. She HAS to tell the truth because she and Michael aren't married!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! He keeps asking. Then he says "shouldn't the charges be dropped like by an act of heroism"??? Was Sonny even a VICTIM? squee!! He asks if there was any reason Sonny didn't go after Nina himself. Oh he's going to get her to spill!! Nina tells Scotty to stop..he says "QUIET"!! Sonny grabs Carly to LEAVE! Carly won't go! ahahaha OMG Willow says yes she knows why Sonny wouldn't press charges. Sonny's FACE falls!! ahahahaha. SO GOOD!!! SO anyway, Scotty gets Willow to admit she heard Sonny and Nina in the chapel at GH and there was "LOVE" between them! 

CARLY'S FACE!! AHAHHA OMG tomorrow is going to be awesome. 


  1. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Laura and Marty: What Laura? You are not going to warn Marty about Lucy? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    V.C. and Marty:

    V.C.: Trouble at the mall?

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. So pick either you or Lucy? I'm sorry V.C., but Marty should pick Lucy! :)

    Anna and Victor: Anna following Victor everywhere hahahahaha. You are following the wrong guy Anna! Follow Hiney! :)


    Vampira and Chad: Vampira being all vampire sexy. :) And what the heck is with that black short sweater? Why?! WHY?! Just throw it out.

    Vampira, Chad, and Laura: Okay what?! Laura and Chad all made peace and she forgave him at the hospital and they hugged.. What is this about now? Vampira wins the line of the day.

    Vampira: He's doing a great job here grandmother.


    Laura: Oh!

    Vampira: Sorry. I meant Mayor.

    Laura: Uh Laura is fine.

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Great scene. :)

    Vampira and Laura: Awwww sweet hug Vampira! ROFL! Unless you really wanted to bite her. :)

    Central perk:

    Drew and Curtis: Besties.. Bonding.. :) Let's see a nice hug. :)

    Q mansion:

    Blazer Lynn's bedroom: Nice sex dream. :) Hmmm Blazer Lynn does not sleep in a blazer? WOW! :)

    Q breakfast nook:

    Ned and Blazer Lynn: She is wearing a robe that looks like a blazer. ROFL! Great scene. :) Oh hi Chase. :)

    Chase and Blazer Lynn: Tell him about your dream you had about him! :)

    The hospital:

    Mr. Hat guy and Piffy: Oh rats I thought he was asking her out. What? You haven't dated a long time and you are not good at it? Oh, well, that just means they are going to date down the road. :)

    Hot yoga class room:

    The guys: YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I loved that Maxie was lookin at Curtis's butt.. Yes yes Maxie. I don't blame you one bit. :) ;)

    The lady's:

    Maxie and Lucy: Lucy having an orgasm all over the place and Maxie notices. Hahahahahahahaha.

    Pennsylvania courtroom: Oh this is fun! :) Love shark lawyer Scotty! :) He is hitting the right notes. Get Willow Scotty get her! :) Yes Sonny is NO victim! :) Sonny dragging Carly out of the court! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She ain't having it.

    Defense Laywer: Can he BE anymore vague?

    Okay Chandler. :)

    Judge: I would like to see where this is going.

    YEAH ME TOO! :)

    Judge: Make it fast and make it direct.

    Oh he will for sure! :)

    Nina: No!

    Scotty: Quiet!


    Scotty: What was between the accused and the alleged victim?

    Willow: Love.

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV. :) Now watch Cujo come out, and watch Michael and his zit on his forehead get all furious! :)

  2. OMG The look on Epipany's face was priceless. And Lucy ohm ohming was hilarious.

    I bet Michael wishes they hadn't kept putting off that wedding. lol I can't wait till tomorrow either.

  3. I won't be able to watch live tomorrow as Snarly will be in full force. Oh but it will be so worth it! Hoping someone says to her, um Carly you didn't exactly tell Sonny you were 100% in it to marry Jason and in love with him

    1. Yes they did. Sonny knew EXACTLY what they meant when they said it was going to be a "real marriage". HE walked in on them about to have sex. Carly never hid any of it from Sonny.

    2. I guess I missed that scene. Maybe they will revisit this whole topic today.

  4. Carly is going to KILL Sonny and Nina. Oh boy, Cujo will bring out her claws now

    1. Sonny should give Carly a hard time now about marrying Jason. Throw it back at her!!

    2. Why? He was dead. Carly and Jason both told him the truth. It started out as a marriage of convenience and then they decided it would be a real marriage. Yes, they were about to sleep together. They thought Sonny was dead, but wanted to go back to the way things were before Sonny died. Sonny didn't tell Carly or Jason ANYTHING about his relationship with Nina.

    3. IMO, Carly should have told Sonny that she was crazy in love with Jason two seconds before he walked back in the door. Not just saying we tried to make it a real marriage. They left out the feelings part. I think many of us just felt the Carly/Jason pairing was a little "icky". And regardless for me anyway, marrying your husband's best friend even after his death is a no-no. I do agree Sonny was 100% wrong for not telling Carly about his feelings for Nina. At first I think he didn't understand them himself, but now there is no excuse other than Snarly would come out and he knew it.

  5. Again this will backfire cause now Carly will be the victim and everyone will hate Nina. I don’t like her to be honest. But now everyone will rally around Carly.

    1. Exactly. "Poor Carly". Why does this have to be the Carly show? And, everyone will hate Willow too. Willow really is getting good at the secret keeping isn't she? Holier than thou Micheal will probably leave her or something. After all he is Carly's son.

    2. I don't believe it for a minute. Everyone will still make it okay for Nina...Maxie, Obrecht, Curtis. It doesn't matter what she does.

    3. I don't think hardly anyone likes Nina when it comes to the Nixon Falls story. I do like her connection to others on canvas and the actress is amazing. I will also take her over Carly for the simple fact of watching Carly squirm and get a taste of her own medicine. I also like what she brought out in Sonny (the warmth).

  6. Someone a few days ago said that there was a rumor going around that they are going to kill off Luke!!! WHAT?!!! I haven't heard anything about that and now people are talking about it on Twitter.. Why kill off Luke?! That makes no sense. He is not even in Port Chuckles! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

    1. I haven't been a Luke fan in a long time but it would be insane and cause huge uproar if they killed him off and make NO sense whatsoever

    2. "lindie says, I haven't been a Luke fan in a long time"

      Yeah the writers turned him into a really big fat jerk.

      "but it would be insane and cause huge uproar if they killed him off and make NO sense whatsoever"

      Yeah you are right!!! Unless this is how the truth will come out that Ethan is not Luke's son, but Robert's. :) But still, I don't want Luke to die.. :(

  7. I was a HUGE Laura and Luke fan back in the day. I would not want Luke to die at all because of that.

    1. I don’t really see how killing Luke off affects anything. He’s not on and nobody talks about him. But, then again, why would they both? Isn’t Audrey still alive ?

    2. "Kathy M says why would they both?"

      Why would they both what? :)

      "Isn’t Audrey still alive ?"

      Yup! She is! Rachel Ames is 92!

  8. I don't think they're goimg to really kill Luke. In case no one remembers, Anthony Geary has said he is willing to return occasionally for guest shots. Maybe this is a setup for that, if it occurs at all.

    I am definitely looking forward to Tuesday's courtroom scenes. Whenever the self-righteous Carly and Michael squirm, I am there for it.

    1. Kevin you and I will popping popcorn sitting back watching that magic!

  9. The last two episodes were the best in a long while. Can hardly wait until we see Snarly Corinthos squirm and yell. I like Nina just for this setup. It made watching that Nixon Fall's debacle worth it all. Now, if they could just kill Peter it would make a perfect ending to the year.


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