Monday, December 31, 2018

Wubs Wish List for 2019

Here you no particular order...this my Top Ten Wishes for General Hospital.  Some of these ideas are old, some are new but all are offered with love of the show! 

1.  Brownstone/Carly's House. You know what I think about this. Interns/Nurses from GH should all live together. with Bobbie as their Aunt Ruby or Myrtel from AMC.  Great stories from struggling Molly and TJ (she spends way too much money and he has a mountain of debt) to Felix and his love life. 

2. Lulu and Maxie move in together as well. Maxie realizes that it's way way too soon for Peter and Lulu is left struggling for childcare and companionship. So, they pool their resources and hilarity ensues. Especially with Maxie vs. Charlotte. LOL Spinelli can drop by a lot too. 

3. Peter is found dead and the Cassadine crest rests on his chest.  Was it revenge for Faison's sins or is someone trying to deflect from the real killer? 

5.After he kills 3 more times (one being Peter but no one knows that) -- Ava slowly realizes Kevin is Ryan.  She also realizes that Laura and Felicia are going to turn him into the FEDS. Guess what she does?  Well, lets just say Julian has a special on meat pies at Charlie's. 

6.   I'd like to try to give a good solution to the baby mix up but the wrench of Willow in there thinking that it's HER baby (who's really dead) is making me think too hard. All I know, Nelle must come back. 

7.  Finn and Anna adopt a child that was on ICE's list to be deported after getting separated from her family. They basically tell them she's too sick to travel and apply to be her foster family. Oh, and Anna gets a Corgi that Roxy loves and rides around the house. 

Ha ha..fooled ya

8. Ava invites Franco to manage the art gallery and gives him free painting space because she can't cope after Kiki's death. He doubles at the hospital with his art therapy people.  Cameron tries to be good but he keeps getting into trouble--especially after---

9. ... Oscar dies. Yep. He's a gonner. Kim feels horrible because she pushed him into the trial, which shortened his life by awhile.  Drew and she get back together and decide to visit San Diego where it all began. 

10.  Josslyn and Cameron cling to each other--basically emo over Oscar's death and maybe "go on the run" (although I'm sure the network would frown upon teen running stories now a days).  Anyway, they both rebel a LOT and I'm so here for that.

There's a million more (I haven't outlined my Krissy/Valerie story yet) but those are the few I'd like to start with. My wishes for all the fans is to enjoy the show, keep reading the blog and many many days filled with cotton candy and great dance music.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Midnight Blue

HO HO HO!! What is in the snow? 

Yes, GH celebrated NYE this week--and it seemed abrupt. I guess it makes sense since New Year's Day is Tuesday.  This year has FLOWN!! Remember to read my GH WUB AWARDS for 2018 if you haven't already. 

We only had 3 days of show last week but because of the holiday, I watched here and there. There was a murder, so I was happy. Gruesome, I know-- but that's me. 

I'm still eating candy canes and left over ribbon candy (yummm!!) 

Friday, December 28, 2018


Metro: Ned and Olivia...Michael went with Krissy. Willow and Julian act like they don't know each other. Valerie gives Krissy the cold shoulder. 

Ava alone. I think Kiki's ashes are in a box. No it's a "Growing Up" box of Kiki's and has some items in it and a list of NYs resolutions from 2001. Ava reads them. 

Curtis and Jordan in bed. Curtis is due to talk to that producer.  He gets a text message from the guy's phone saying "meet me tonight, not tomorrow". He leaves. 

Producer Guy.. Ryan walks back into the production room and puts on his rubber gloves..Texts Curtis. Then he goes to Ava's. She doesn't want Avery to "get to close" to her, she always hurts people. 

JaSam at home, should we go to the party or?? Have sex?? They talk about her emails and his meeting that Hank guy.  Then go to the Metro. They kiss at the end but I did notice Burton's hands went back into his pockets--didn't embrace Sam LOL 

Drew and Kim..Jules says happy new year to her, she tells him to go. Drew tells her someone from his past is looking for him.  I'm telling you, if you can watch Miller in these scenes and tell me he gives a damn about his job, then I'll be stunned. 

MURDER: PRODUCER GUY's Blood is all over the place, Curtis puts his hand in some. Splattered across the monitor with Felicia's face. 

Julian sees Kim and Drew kiss at GH at midnight, gets huffy, leaves. 

Body was at the Metro on the balcony...behind the snowman, Jason finds it. 

GREAT DRESSES on Sam...Krissy..Valerie, and Willow. Loved them all. Laura looked too frumpy, I mean she looks great in about 2 of her outfits from wardrobe --then they just miss the mark. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Key Chains


SaSon at the Metro, which is all swanked out. Jason says Carly's jelly of DA lady. And...IN WALKS THE DA LADY!! SaSon's Date is Ruined! BUT! Jason leaves so Sonny could probably sit down with MarGoGo ..right? They walk to the bar.  He wonders why she gave Drew back the flashdrive. She realized it was wrong. She also says she's not going after Sonny--because she has murders to solve. 

Griffin was at Anna's house and Emma comes in. She gets a fascinator from England like Kate's and Meghan's.  Wow, Brooklyn has grown up!! She gives them keychains, one with an English Bulldog and one with a Bearded Dragon and Emma says: LIVE TOGETHER!! 
Finn can't make the commitment. He leaves. Fast. 

Drew tells Kim to go out with Julian.  I swear she has pajamas on?? She says she's not going anywhere. 

Mr. Miller, the Ryan documentary maker is there and wants to show Ryan a rough cut of it.  Ryan sees Felicia giving the interview on tape (in the studio) and snaps a pencil. Then, the producer says that it's interesting they never found any DNA of Ryan when the building blew up and he's going to "change the ending of the film" to basically say he could be still alive. 
Ut Oh.  He also says he's told no one the ending he wants to film and Ryan in the first to hear it. Double Ut oh. 

Felicia and Laura-- talked about Kevin's last breakdown. Is he having another one?? Laura's sure something is wrong with him. They hug...Laura leaves. 

Jason is playing pool... some guy says :Hey, Drew! Drew Cain! Jason is NOT amused.  Hank is the guy's name and he's a SEAL that was with Drew. Jason explains Drew is in town, but he's his twin (doesn't say they have different faces now).  Jason leaves, calls Sam and says he'll be late. 

END: Jason goes to find Drew at GH-- and tells him about Hank. Jason is suspicious of him. he doesn't think he's really an old buddy of Drew's. Thought he was too eager. 

RYAN Shuts the studio door, he as a few 'notes' for the producer guy--who's probably dead by now. 

Finn does move in with Anna, he was getting Roxy. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dave's Magic 8-ball for 2019

Please note: This is both a Prediction list and Wish list for 2019. I kept it very realistic this year. It is all meant in good clean fun and not meant to ruffle anyone's feathers. Take it with a grain of salt, as you should with anything I write for Karen. Have fun!

Diane and Alexis have to defend Sonny in court and we get a really good week-long court drama. Scotty and Margot will be the prosecution. When they lose, Scotty shrugs it off but Margot takes it really personal resulting in Margot leaving town. Sometime in the spring she will tie up her storyline.

Morgan will return, as a recast. He has been in hiding from Ava and it will be known that Sonny was aware of this and has been helping him. When Carly finds out that Sonny knew and assisted in displacing Morgan, there will be a huge fight resulting in their separation.

Drew will have memories implanted from the flash drive into his brain. It turns out that the memories on the flash drive are NOT Drews after all. Instead, they are the memories of Jason Quartermaine, pre-car accident. Billy Miller will act like Jason Q and pretend that it is 1995. (hilarity ensues)

Jason and Sam are a no-go. They will try, but it just isn't there. No new love interest for Jason. Sam will try to get to know Drew once he has his memories, but that wont work either. All 3 will spend 2019 looking for love in all the wrong places. 

Oscar will succumb to his cancer. Kim will be devastated and realize she cannot stay in Port Charles any longer and returns to San Francisco. She will work at the hospital in Berkeley that Patrick and Robin work at. Robin will be heard saying "You know, you look familiar..."

The return of one of Sam’s marks from back in her con-artist days days will turn out to be a bust storyline. Although it should be noted that this person will recognize Drew. 

The Ryan storyline will end on Valentine’s Day (yes, a Holiday). Ava will kill him in self defense. (however, she will question if her violent actions were more intentional due to feelings over Kiki and Griffin) Laura and Carly will be led to Kevin at Ferncliff. Laura will bring Kevin to Windermere and nurse him back to health and they will renew their vows (Again!) in June. The two of them will go on a Honeymoon, which will coincide with a lengthy vacation for Genie

Julian and Alexis will reconcile. (And fight most of the time like an episode of Moonlighting.)

The Crimson offices will get featured more this year, just like ELQ got featured in the 70s.

The Elizabeth Webber and Franco Baldwin nuptials will take place. As a homage to the Luke and Laura wedding of yesteryear, Elizabeth will throw the bouquet and it will be caught - by Lucky. Unlike the reaction Scotty received, Liz will be happy to see Lucky. Lucky will be in town for a few weeks to see his son and catch up with his mom and sister. This will be a brief guest star stint for JJ. Still NO relatives of Liz at her wedding. 
Don't get me started with that one...

THIS IS THE WUBS FAVE PREDICTION! I love love loved that ER episode!!! Griffin gets killed by a patient in GH ala when Carter got stabbed on ER. This time Griffin gets stabbed along with Liz, who survives. 

There was rumors of a cult forming and that Rick Springfield was being brought back to be the leader of the pack. Ok, while this would have been so very funny to see, there is no way that would have worked. HOWEVER - Nikolas? shaved head? white robe? Holding a calla lily? Hell yeah. Bring THAT on. 

Finn and Anna stay together. His father will come to GH as a patient. As his health gets worse, Anna will be there to support Finn. 

Lulu receives a Dear John letter from Dante. He met someone and their marriage is over. This will free her up to pursue other interests. (other police interests if you know what I mean, hint hint)

The Haunted Star catches on fire during an event and a very large portion burns down. (Will there be enough lifeboats, Jack? You jump, I jump...) Afterward, Laura and Lulu will sit in the ruins and talk about all the good times they had at the Haunted Star and also about Luke and the 80s.  This will turn into a fantasy episode and it will take place on the Haunted Star back in the 80s with the current cast members playing the characters from that time period, just as they once did for an anniversary show. Question remains: Will she rebuild?   

The baby swap storyline is concluded in the spring. When Lucas finds out, he divorces Brad. Will Nelle be released from prison? 

Ava gets more and more erratic because of the trauma she is going through. She talks to Scotty casually and mentions she would like to talk to someone “professionally”. He says he will call his mother to see if she can recommend someone. Before he gets around to making that call, Serena calls with the news that Gail has passed away. Serena spends a few days in PC visiting. 

Georgie Spinelli gets SORAS to 5-7  yrs old and visits Maxie 

Monica is worried that her cancer has returned. 

Peter and Maxie. Peter becomes such an endearing character that Karen sings his praises and awards him with the Wubaward for actor and storyline of 2019

These are the ones that the tabloid psychics use 
so that they are a right 50% of the time. 

 The show will continue to try to make 2 couples (who are not fan favorites) stick together. At the end of the year, 1 couple survives, the other won't.

An off camera pregnancy will be written into the show. 

2 or 3 contracted actors will be either dropped to recurring or let go to make way for a really big (re?)signing. (Big names require big bucks)

Citing health problems, an actor/actress will take a temporary leave of absence. It will turn out to be a permanent departure and health problems were a cover for backstage drama, which will be revealed on social media.

The Nurse's Ball is not what it used to be and that will be proven again this year. If it stays past this year, expect a big overhaul / different approach / rebooting.

All of you know the drill by now. This blogspot is the blog for WEDNESDAY. 
Please comment as you see fit on today's show 
and anything else that strikes your fancy. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Luke and Laura Christmas 1981

Laura is 20!! Scenes are so much longer too-- This is what I remember my Luke and Laura to be. I think this is just before she leaves the show. 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Old GH on Christmas Eve

Guza and Pratt wrote this. 2005.

SO I saw part of it and Damn, but Becky Herbst doesn't age or what?? Ingo either!! 

Courtney and Jax  LOL.. So many people hated Court. She's pregnant with Jax's baby but it' really Nikolas. 

Lainey!! Her dad had Alzheimers... wow. Lainey, TOTALLY forgot about her!! 

Opie Michael is on ..and Morgan is tiny!! Just a baby. Carly is alone with them and Sonny is with EMILY Q. Gross. I hated that story. 

Georgie and LUCAS!! And Maxie

END was Audry, Steve...bunch of other people including Ned and Brooklyn.  Cute to watch if you want nostalgia. The pacing is about the same as today's shows. 


Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Not Even A Mouse

A Tradition Updated

I loved having Monica and Bobbie do the Christmas scene this year. I think it was last year or the year before we didn't even get one of these, so I was happy. No, they didn't read the traditional Bible story but used "Twas The Night Before Christmas".  I wasn't too crabby about it. I was just happy they had everyone at GH.

This SS is going to be a bit short because I spent a lot of time on the WUB AWARDS (that's a link right there).  This blog is a bit late this morning because I went to a crazy Festivus Party last night that had a meatball contest!! It was great. So, have a meatball and do some feats of strength! 

Saturday, December 22, 2018


It was the 55th year for General Hospital and it was filled with ups and downs for the show. As I look back, it was mostly ups --with a few downs that still manage to haunt the story lines. 

Without further ado: Here are  the 2018 WUB AWARDS. 

BEST ACTRESS:  Maura West. Who brings it every damn time they are on screen? Ava is one of the most multi-dimensional characters on GH, mostly due to Maura's incredible range. Even a look can wither someone. Her turn as Griffin's "girl" into spurned women into mourning mother was fascinating to watch.  All the Emmys better go to her. 

BEST ACTOR:   Jon Linstrom. What can I say? For those of you that have only known him as stable "Kevin" you were in for a shock.  For those of us that knew Ryan from long ago could feel the chills rise as he crept back into Port Charles. This was one character I'm so glad rose from the dead. 

BEST YOUNGER ACTOR:  Eden McCoy. She basically saved the story of Oscar--because she carried it. Eden is also flawless as Carly's daughter; bratty, kind and typical teen.  Really liked seeing her grow this year.  

BEST PAIRING:  Franco and Scotty. Yep, I didn't even pick a couple this year because these two are a joy to see whenever they are on screen. They usually eat as well, double bonus for me.  

BEST STORY:  Ryan's Back. See above. Plus the fact that it really brings in the history of Port Charles. Yes, I realize Felicia and Mac need to be on more but talk to management about that. I did love the touch that when Ryan found out Felicia was a grandmother he blanched and basically backed away! He and Ava are perfection. His evil manipulating her darker side? Love it. 

Runner Up: Mike's Alzheimer's. This would have been a tie for best story if it wasn't for one pesky part: CROTON.  Dear lord, why did it have to be tied to an old mob story??! If it had started that way; with Mike slipping about Sonny's past which then led Sonny to realize ol' Dad was going down the dementia path it may have worked. Putting it in the middle of such a poignant story just made it bumpy.  I have to say giant kudos to Maurice and Max for their work on this; loved them together.

BEST USE OF HISTORY STORY: Nelle's whole pregnancy. It was so much Carly, she even fell down the same stairs!!  When the actress left, we got treated to a mega old-fashioned baby switch story that had her walking out of the woods like some Mad Madonna. Brucas got a short re-boot and there's still the mystery of the dead adoptive baby's mama to be solved.  It gave us Ava feeling sorry for Carly. It also gave us Carly in Ferncliff.  Also: A penguin mobile! 

WUBS FAVE STORY: Aiden's bullying story. I liked all of it-- the potential that Charlotte will be a true Cassadine Bad-Seed makes me giddy. These little actors are good-- a must because kids can make or break a story like this. Willow was introduced and that actually dovetailed a story that was relevant. The Valentin/Lulu/Nina parenting triangle is true to life and Laura's involved as well. I also think there's potential that all this "different" talk may lead to more stories that are interesting. I have to also note that I am one of the few out there that do like stories involving kids so I get if this isn't your cup o' tea. 

SOAPIEST STORY:  Another baby-switch you say?? Well, this was brilliant in design because Nelle is absolutely unattached to her own kid. Usually, it's a woman that pines away and ends up stealing a baby or switching it for some nefarious reason. Nope. She walked out of those woods and handed him to Brad. Having Dr. O attend to her was also great because we have that potential anvil to drop anytime she so chooses. We now know Willow is the baby mama--of the baby that died, but she's going to think it's Wiley. More tangled webs! 

: Thank you TO THE GODDESS OF SOAPS-- we aged Cameron, and after a recast, it worked out great. He and Joss are perfect together and I hope he keeps his edge and they aren't TOO cute. 

FAVE CAMEO COME-BACK: Britch! Britt did a heck of a turn as the rib eating, flu-getting rat that outted her mama. I wish she could have stayed. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO THE MOST: Vissy..I love these two and have shipped them since the Nurses' Ball two years ago. 

GOUGE MY EYES OUT STORY:   Anything Peter. Why would Anna sleep with a drunken Faison (so drunk he didn't recognize her) --not use protection and give away her son? Who knows!!? Peter was just not a well conceived character from the get-go. Tying him to a bed all summer wasn't keeping out interest either.  GH has had so many "long lost and I didn't know I had them" kids that it was bound to be a disaster. 

 Runner up: Nina's kid. Unless that kid was Kiki--and it set Nina and Ava up for an epic battle-- we don't care. 

MOST BUNGLED STORY:  JaSam/Dream...and Drew's Memories. what should have been a huge reuniting of Jason and Sam--OR a huge dismissal of them in favor of Dream was just...nothing. All three are walking around not doing very much. Drew's memories are on some flash drive and it's gone on so long you may as well erase them. I was hopeful the whole Kim/Oscar thing would drag his past out but. Clunk. (Awesome image: TVOvermind) Photo credit: @AbsoluteLuanti6 

OVER-USED WORD OF THE YEAR:  Croton. Please. No more. 

BIGGEST WHO-KNEW:  ELQ grows...giant pumpkins????

FAVE PROP:  "Helena" in the Escape Room. I loved those escape rooms!!!  Even the slacker kid working the desk was fun. 

BEST SURPRISE PROP:  Mary Pat's Head which I thought was her in there but nope!! Total mask made by props!! 

RUNNER UP: Faison's Brain in a Jar. If Faison was going to die, at least we got to keep his brain! 

STUPIDEST DECISION BY TPTB THEN BEST DECISION BY TPTB: Believe it or not it was just last January when Genie was let go from the show--and uproar was caused. Why? The management wanted her as "recurring" and she wanted a contract. Lo and Behold-- when the Kevin/Ryan story was started Genie was brought back and I'm assuming her demands met. Well played girl, well played. 

EVEN THE WRITERS HATED IT:  The whole Kentucky Fried Chicken thing. Now, it was fun for about 3 minutes--then.. embarrassing. 



BEST FUNERAL: Nathan--Dante did a great job with that and I loved the editing. 
CUTEST COUPLE:  FAnna  I really loved Finola and Michael's take on their relationship
WE DIDN'T NEED: Anything Cassandra 
THING I REALIZED I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT DOING THIS BLOG: The Earthquake!! Wow, totally forgot about it. 

My year: We got our new doggy, Tillie who's been a delight and energy joy! Also made it to Australia and have a fabulous time. I also gave up some of the blog for the first time in 19 years to a co-editor, Dave --and I've never regretted it! He has some of the best ideas out there and even edits now and again. Thank you to all of you as well for reading this mess every week. Heree's hoping 2019 is full of Ryan killings and crazy stuff I love. 

COMING SOON: Dave's Magic GH 8 Ball Predictions and WUBS POP Awards 2018

Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas EVE GH

Cam is writing an apology letter to the judge. HELL, ALL 3 KIDS are at Liz's!! Cam tells his brothers he was in trouble and never to lie about it, because Mom knows all. After school teaching moment. Aiden wants to know how to get people to like him. They have a little talk about liking yourself first. 

Joss and Carly-- Little product placement for Mickey's 90th-- and they said the Steamboat Willie. Lucas comes in with Wiley-- Brad's at the hospital. He's all "Hi Godfather"! :eyeroll: Lucas tells Jason he loves having a family and Wiley. (doom is coming) 
Josslyn lays into Jason about not telling her about Oscar. Good scene.

Willow confronts Julian over Wiley! She thinks her baby is alive and well!! WHOOPS. So she's the baby mama!  Or..was. Anyway, she's wondering how Julian knows it was her that was the mom. She wants to see her son now and again. Julian shows her the pictures he has on his phone. She cries.

Monica and Bobbie. Monica is going to read the story and Bobbie is going to wear the suit! 
Oscar gets a car for Christmas. I think to give him the will to live? He goes down to watch the Christmas Story. 

Anna has Curtis and Jordan over for dinner--a traditional English one. Maxie's coming too BUT PETER SHOWS UP! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Auntie Stella is there too. 
Chet is at GH to help with Toys for Tots.  He just did a Photo Shoot for a Charity Calendar.  Maxie and he talk. She's going to invite him to Anna's--- Good I hope Peter is all jelly.  Chase Ford shows up too and so does Aunt Stella. Geesh, Anna's house is going to be full. 

Willow and Michael go into a grief session at GH because they are both sad.

Good Mike and Sonny scene. Sonny is learning how to talk to him when he's confused. They had a nice talk. Sonny's doing a good job with calming Mike. Stella comes by later. 

END: So the Santa Suit has holes in it. How do we save Christmas?? Drew calls..SONNY!! because SONNY SAVES EVERYTHING!!!!! OMG!! AHAHHA. Seriously? He got a suit for Bobbie just in time. Monica reads "The Night Before Christmas", which isn't the original Christmas Story they read but... ok, wahtever. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Rumor Patrol!

I can't be on today but I DO have some good rumors. YES! I do still look for those. These are 90% guaranteed to come true--and I only made up one of them! 

Which much loved vet gets a fun story soon? 

A newbie is already in danger of leaving-- which will be, interesting! 

One more murder and...almost murder...and a death. 

The baby story heats up, only not in the way you're thinking.

Two relatively minor characters return for a relatively short period of time. 

One major character returns for a more major period of time. 

OK@@!! That's it! Have to walk Tillie and do my end of the month paperwork. Don't think I've forgotten the Wub Awards this year..they are just taking a bit longer than I expected. 

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...