Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Memory Care

Wubs is going to need one of these to keep track of all the stories! 

Ding dong...
Who is it?
A bunch of new characters again!!

Just when I think I have a handle on things, more stuff is thrown into the fire --and I'm once again just amazed how huge this show can get. Speaking of huge, I'm going to have the one thing I hardly ever have: Cinnamon Bun!!

I'm going to start by just using GH's own promo stills they tweeted this week and have some fun. Then, I shall dive more deeply into the going's on...

ZO! You founds me in disssss basssment dancing chamber!! You bring me blood of my daughter? Sank you dears Anna. Now, let's get a Cuban Zandwiches and talk revenge!

Hmmmmm, I wonder how you'd taste with some nice Chardonnay....

So... he used a knife... and.. it was a thin cut and... wait!! Wait! I read a Jack the Ripper story once and oh my GOD, MAN! I think he's a professional chef! That's it! 

So, you're saying I'm too old for this leather look? 

ON TO THE SHOW!! If you watched all week you'll know there was a heck of a lot going on. Trying to get it all in the blog and tweeting it live was exhausting!! Let's go story by story. Settle in because I have no idea how long this will be. 

BULLYING 101: So it seems clueless Lulu didn't even mention the whole incident to Charlotte because she and  Valentin's schedules didn't match up. This was actually very true to life. I worked in schools-- and yep. Anyway, she finally gets around to going to Wyndemere after the teacher tells her Char might be kicked out ("need an alternative setting" lol).  Nina's moved in because Kiki's killer is on the loose (?? ok, that's thin but...whatever) and she of course has to flounce in and hear all about it. Valentine's trying to humor her because he wants her back and doesn't want to tell her she's being a pain in the ass. Charlotte is called in, served milk and cookies and Nina basically lets her off the hook. Meanwhile Gram Laura figures out it's Aiden she's bullying.  Thank goodness for grandmothers! 

BLOOD AND SALSA:  Anna and Finn shared some great scenes this week, especially with Epiphany. Anna and she were light and funny and I loved it.  Finn 'surprised' Anna and jumped on the jet with her to go to "Cuba". To everyone's credit they didn't give us yet another "cafe" this time it was a dance studio! We saw some of Anna's moves and eesh.. we saw some  of Finn's! NOPE NOPE NOPE! Anyway, they are trying to convince Dr. O to come back and save Britt. Even though they brought her blood to test, she's too smart for that. I'm hoping she doesn't fall for it. I need to know Lesil is safely in Cuba, smoking cigars and dancing her heart out. 
**NOTE: Kudos for mentioning the pox thing that got Tiffany back in the day-- nice use of history. 

TEACH ME: Looks like Willow is being chem tested with both Chase and Michael. The grief group is the key to her past (50% say she's Nina's daughter...50% say she's Brucas' bio mama of the baby they lost).  She'd better run from Michael tho--none of his girlfriends end up in good places. 

CANCER CURE:  Oscar is laying in bed ...trying to look ill. Why don't they put some eye make up on him? He looks bright as a penny. So, Cam still likes Josslyn and Josslyn is helping Oscar 'through this".  Drew looks bored, Kim looks concerned and I just want it over. What's killing this story (and it could have been a good one) is the acting and total lack of caring in delivering lines by a certain someone. 

HEAL ME NOW:  Daisy is around laying hands on Oscar and talking to Krissy at the bar. Both Kim and Alexis smell something rotten in Port Charles. In a new twist, we see Daisy stealing the paper that Sam's been looking for. Ergo, whoever runs the cult must be the one that sent her the clipping?? I'm putting Sam's "Leland" story in here too because I don't want to take a lot of time with it. I guess her old mark Leland died and she's wondering who did it. Sam was a con artist when she first came on GH in case you didn't know. Maybe the person is the son or daughter of this Leland? She cleaned him out before she left town so--could be.

A NEWBIE AND A NEWSPAPER:  Mike is at his memory facility when we meet the new lady he likes, "Yvonne" (side note, both she and Stella were on Fresh Prince and played sisters). Yvonne forgets she's married and her husband (an old beau of Stella's) doesn't like that one bit. We heard Galena about 100xs now--as someone said on Twitter, it's the new Croton. 

RAGIN' RYAN:  He's having fun because the police finally figure out that whoever killed Mary Pat killed Kiki. Serial killers love to have recognition for their work and he was beaming.  He gets to take care of a grieving Ava, practice some psych-therapy and plan his next kill--what more could he want?!!! Laura's the big pain in his plan and he let her have divorce papers. He also yelled at her so hard it scared ME!! Sitting her in my chair in Rochester--I jumped! JL is just superb!!  Ryan's not able to hold it together all the time, which is probably a symptom of his not being on meds and trying to contain his rage on the daily. Whatever it is--it's SPOOKY!! 

WHATEVER THE HELL THIS IS:  Ok, I like the angle that Sonny realizes he ruined this chick's life by killing her Dad but-- now what? I don't think they'll sleep together or they would have already.  She's agreed to drop the whole thing (because "dimples") and Jason yelled at her about Drew.  So St. Jaysus actually got her to give up Drew's memories because she feels badly about Oscar having cancer. (I guess??) So, Drew has his memories safely in a little stick and will probably put them in a drawer for...? Months? Years?? 

Alexis got Griffin off the hook with his "iCloud" and his phone (Help from Spinelli off camera)
Franco's rage painting again
Oscar wants Jason to be executor of his will--he has some ELQ shares to leave

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Finn, Anna and Epiphany. This was an unexpected delight!! I've missed Sonya Eddy and was so happy to see her do something a bit fun. They all had a great time with it, you could tell. 

FAVE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Laura and Aiden. Very natural, easy. The kid is a natural actor, you can't even tell he's "acting". Having Laura say all the right things was great. I liked Cameron telling Aiden he wasn't as small as a bug as well. 

BEST HUG OF THE WEEK: Gah!! Cam telling Franco he has them as his family... although Cam better not lose his edge! Don't make him all Oscar and Michael on me!! 

BIGGEST NOPE OF THE WEEK:  I finally get Felicia and Mac and there's PETER-- all in my face with Maxie. He slept in the hallway to "protect" her from the killer running loose. Mac read him the riot act but didn't punch him in the eye so it was a lose/lose for me. 


PHEW! Ok.. so that was one big week of stuff. I get that the whole Sam/Leland thing is going to tie into the cult somehow but--dang... that means another new character as the cult leader.  I really wonder if they'll keep this DA chick much longer. She seems to be not really relevant. Kiki's funeral will be next week and I'm sure that will be interesting. Get going on the Brucas story (and have them both on, please)--because I'm gonna lose interest! 

have a good week! 


  1. ryan needs to clean house before he is found out. starting with sam, margo, sasha, kim ,nina and peter.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful SS.

    Too many characters. Due to working full time and school full time right now, I only watch clips here and there of the better stuff.

    LOVED the Genie and Jon scene so much. So scary

    I need to watch the Finola scene and Mac and Felicia. I like the vets.

    Haven't watched new Cam or Aiden much. They seem better than some. Boy, Oscar sure looks great for a cancer survivor. LOL. Poorly done cancer story GH.

  3. Witch I mostly agree. Although I kind of like Sam. At least used to. She is a neutral character for me now. They won't get rid of Peter (Wes) that is for sure.

  4. Karen, thanks again for a wonderful SS, ITA with everything you said. I also loved the scene with Cam and Aiden, it is nice to see brothers interacting that way. The kids are on so seldom, and usually interact mostly with adults, I love seeing child siblings interact, as someone who grew up with siblings, I can relate.

  5. Who else is maybe too old for the leather jacket? Sam.

  6. OK, I have to say, Anna still can rock a leather jacket, Anna, Sam and Jason are all in fabulous shape, I think they can rock anything they put on (just my opinion).

  7. Great SS! I agree with all the high points of the week, etc. I thought Mike was enamoured with Stella and that was a potential romance. Now it has been derailed to give Sam a storyline. It would be nice to see an actual bereavement meeting instead of just hearing Michael and Willow talk about it. Surely they could round up a few extras. Billy M always looks half asleep-must hate this job. And Oscar needs to look ill. I’ll bet Daisy is related to Sam’s ex.

  8. Another great SS, Karen. Thanks so much.

  9. Thank you for clearing up my question about Edwards will and his offspring. I have been praying my rosary the last 2 days that some of Jimmy Lee Holt’s children will knock on Monica’s door any day now. (flannel shirts, please...)

    When Anna and Finn were dancing, I really wish this exchange happened:

    F: Where did you learn to dance like that?
    A: Watching old John Travolta movies in the 80s.

    See? Karen is not the only one who should be writing for this show!

    Has everyone noticed there is no Lucy Coe? She will spot Ryan a mile a way. I really feel they are waiting for the right time and bringing her on for an episode with Felicia and Laura (Here’s to the ladies who lunch…) and then Lucy will spot Ryan immediately and then pull Laura and Felicia aside and confide in them. It has to end up this way, doesnt it?

    Karen wrote: “not able to hold it together all the time, which is probably a symptom of his not being on meds and trying to contain his rage on the daily” and then… there was a photo of Sonny directly underneath. Coincidence? I think not!

    Something I noticed about this Sunday Surgery. I’m willing to say 99.9999999% of the wub viewers agree with Karen’s love it or hate it themes. Most of us want to say “buh-bye” to the same characters. We think the same characters are bored and phoning it in. Actors being wasted. We want to speed up certain storylines. We are enjoying certain others.

    We are pretty much all on the same page together. Now if only the writers were...

  10. The Margaux character brings NOTHING to the canvas, especially since she has now given the flash drive back to Drew, and has let Sonny off the hook. Without a doubt, it’s time to get rid of her. Wouldn’t it be great if she somehow discovers that Ryan is the serial killer, he finds out she knows and then she becomes his third victim. Perfect way to write her off!

  11. I read in one scoop, on one of theY spoilers , that Rick Springfield might be the head of the cult group

  12. Peter could single handedly save the whole town from the cult and I still wouldn't be okay with him
    LOL Dave on "watching John Travolta"

  13. Lucy did talk to "Kevin" She was fooled by Ryan too.

  14. Ditto about Peter. I wouldn't like him either if he saved the whole town

  15. Rick Springfield head of the cult could be fun.

  16. Billy Miller doesn't even hide his boredom

    1. I guess I don't see his worse than Jason standing there stone faced.

  17. Yes, DelcoDave I'm one of those that agree with Karen's, love 'em/hate 'em lists.

    I didn't watch Friday's episode until last night. Did anyone notice that when Alexis was talking to Kristina at Charlie's that she wiped lipstick off of the coffee mug (with her thumb) that Kristina handed her? It was so blatant because the mug was white and the lipstick was red. I just died laughing! :)

    Loved the SS Karen, thanks as always for writing it!


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