Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Post Mortem

Well hello, WORLD!! Wubsy's happy so EVERYONE is HAPPY!

What does it say about me when I'm really loving GH and there's a serial killer out murdering people and I can't wait for more!!?? EVEN during the holiday season...bring it on! Ryan is my kind of killer too--no cartoon nonsense. 
Ryan takes no joy in killing... it's a job. You do it as a means to an end.  He's not a thrill killer like Franco was.  Ava was going to move because Kiki and Griffin were in town? Easy--kill the kid! 

Ok, so... December already so I guess it's time for Grape Nuts Cereal . Why? All I can think of is Euell Gibbons  with the:  "did you ever eat a pine tree"?  If you don't know about this, go to YouTube and look him up. 

By the reaction from this blog, twitter comments and FB posts people were very divided on the show this week (and in the show in general). More and more I find myself at odds with both the ratings and most of the fans. (meaning I love the show when other people hate it). Why? I think it's because I've watched for SO long...SO many soaps that the traditional 'couples' and 'family' thing is boring as hell to me. I liked Luke and Laura because it was the first time we had a real 'thriller-caper" on a soap. I liked the wacky time travelin' on OLTL. Port Charles vampires? SIGN ME UP!! Cassadine Creepy weird shit? YEPPER!! So, yes, I'm digging the show right now. 

But, you ask... are there problems? You bet--and here are just a few: 

PAXIE:  Dear Lord in Heaven of the Soap Goddess... my loathing for the actor not withstanding, Peter is just a mess of a character.  He went from mildly intriguing because of Faison to.. well.. boring and just a nuisance. Maxie doesn't need a man right now and I'll say it again LULU AND SHE NEED TO MOVE IN TOGETHER. So Cate and Ali and so much fun could be had (I may even tolerate Lulu).  

JASAM:  Welp. I don't know what happened with this but --either put Kelly back with Billy or-- give it up.  All 3 actors are walking around like zombies and it's clear whatever the sizzle JaSam had is --well ... lukewarm at best.  By her IG posts I really think KM had a blast with BM and --well....that's just my opinion. :bowing: 

MID-RANGE B plus stories: 

OSCAR:  This story picked up this week because Josslyn finally found out about the big C. Oscar had to get his butt into GH and start the treatments which will either kill him off or cure him. I'm thinking maybe it kills him because it would be SO drama if  everyone pushed him into that and he just died earlier. The cult people could be all "SEE"!! Natural Healing!! 
Oh AND PS: Like no one can tell Cam and Joss are the "darlings" and total right couple for this show!! LOL.. sorry Oscar--buh-bye! 

ON TO THE GOOD STUFF:  Yes, I'm enjoying these parts--

KILLING KIKI:  While I would have chopped Griffin into tiny pieces, put him all over town and left a scavenger hunt for the PCPD to find him,  the Killing of Kiki was good enough. No, we didn't see the actual death and I think that's fine. Why? I imagine  it was so gruesome that daytime TV censors said "NO WAY!! You can't ever show that"!! (who knows, we may see flashbacks at some point).  Kiki's death will be a great vehicle for many actors and will also leave a spot for either Molly or ?? Sabrina? to fill. Maybe TJ will reclaim his spot she stole from him at GH.  Plus we get to see more JL magic in the character of Ryan. Kevin can just be transferred to some facility in Iowa, I don't care. 

Ryan's expression comforting a wailing Ava isn't much different than his face contemplating what's for dinner. And its' not because he's not acting-- this is perfection for a creepy character like Ryan. It was almost like: ?There, I fixed it and she'll need me now."

For those not happy Felicia hasn't been in the picture, all the new promos has her plastered all over the place. Me? I'm too happy with he and Ava to really care about that part of his back story. If she helps SOLVE this mix-up then good. I just don't want another round of Ryan Loves Flea. 

The Weak Link:  Um... ??? What WAS this??  was MC's acting really really off for was that the director's notes ?? Talk about  totally ruining the pre-find of Kiki's body. And the aftermath? Did he move his face more than two times?? No sir, he did NOT! 

WEDDING:  I mention this because I'm happy there was a wedding on the show! Yes-- it was marred by a murder but hell, the ceremony happened! Not only that, Aunt Stella came around and it was a touching family moment. The flowers were gorgeous, we got a fun before party and there was a mix of people there. Ok, Laura and Griffin were puzzlers, but I complain if there's not enough people at them so I need to zip it if the writers put some extra folk in. 

PLUS, Aunt Stella.

ANNA/DR. O AND BRITT:  Ok, so Britt is a are Anna, Finn and Dr. O. So-- go to Cuba and have some fun. Britt can stay on GH and be Wylie's nanny while she's getting ready to "re-enter" society. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Has to go to Ava over Kiki's body bag. Maura hit all the right notes from denial, anger--to gut wrenching screams.

KICK-ASS SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Well HELLO Anna, where have you been!!!? This shocked me so much I jumped! LOL... and Jordan just stood there--derp. I loved it. 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  BA-NA-NA-PEEL!!  Roger is such a gem in ANY scene. No one else would have done this. NO ONE!!

FACE OF WEEK:  Sam... looking like she's having fun..and sans make-up!! Good idea to have Krissy move in, it gives this whole PH life. 

RUNNER UP: The "you took my part and I'm pissed" face. Yep, I said it.  

COMING UP: This cutie....

That's it!! So -I guess we need to be happy that I'm happy! There is so much potential here I just wish management would tighten things up and not have so many loose ends flying around.  Have a good Sunday! 


  1. I love you! WE are definitely seeing eye to eye over Ryan Chamberlain.... I don't agree with everything you wrote, but that's ok! You wrote an excellent review of the past week of GH. I LOVED every episode of the week myself. There is still time for Ryan to kill Griffin, LOVE your idea about chopping him up and leaving pieces all over PC. I am finding both Griffin and Oscar to be very wooden portrayals.... (PLEASE GEPETO let them be REAL boys soon!)

  2. Thanks for another great surgery. A perfect way to start my Sunday.

  3. Laura being at the wedding made NO sense BUT what was even more ridiculous was her funeral frumpy pant suit!!!!!!!

    We love this storyline before Jon Lindstrom is bringing it - loving it and the fact that it IS history and not some character we don't care about!

    again writers you have ONE MONTH before 2019 to have Jason and Sam have sex and to have Michael find out about the baby - see Michael and Nelle were NOT married so legally Brad and Lucas COULD keep the baby, right? and that would be an amazing storyline with all different elements/lawyers/families, etc.
    (cause you know I said I might have to hurt people if these two stories aren't resolved by 2018.)

    not the actor's fault, but I kinda wish Oscar would die and take Kim with him -
    bless his heart, he's not great and now that Kim and Drew are not getting back together and she is mad at Julian, what purpose does she serve? having the treatment backfire would also be a great storyline.

  4. Sabrina? You know she’s dead, right? ��

  5. Oscar will be cured cause only GH has the cure. monica, emily, alexis and ava . all cured. not realistic at all. love joss and cameron. sad that 2 teenagers have the best chemistry.

  6. I loved the same things about last week , Karen. Oscar puts me to sleep, when they do a story like this it has to be about someone you care about and I don't..

  7. Well, yes it's obvious the JaSam "love" story has little love in it. And it's obvious Kelly wants to work with Billy.
    But she's a well-paid actress who gets paid to do a job and maybe she should try doing it. It's not up to TPTB to let Kelly play with her BFF on screen. I'm frankly tired of personal concessions ruining the show.

    If Kelly or Billy don't want to act, get rid of them

  8. Thanks Di.
    I'm really getting tired of it

  9. I am curious to see if GH will be on today,due to coverage of President Bush's arrival in Washington.

    1. I live in S TX and it comes on at 3, I got all but the last 20 mins.

  10. Could someone please post what happens on GH today. I believe we will be preempted at 1pm for the arrival of the casket of President George H W Bush's arrival in Washington DC. Thanks

    1. Karen and Sonya both posted about the show today.


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