Friday, December 7, 2018

Roses for You

Mike likes Yvonne at his senior center and brings her roses. CarSon and Stella meet her. BUT She's married to Marcus. WHOOPS.  He's embarrassed but stays at the center. Yvonne reads the Golena paper-- and Sam and Curtis drop by. Curtis meets Marcus who says "Curtis has gotten big"!  Sam sees Yvonne reading the Golena paper with Mike.  She goes to talk with her and wants her to ask her a couple of questions. 'Did you send me this"??  she asks Yvonne. She doesn't know--or remember. 
Mike walks Yvonne back to her room lol... she doesn't know her husband. 

Oscar gets his head rubbed by Cult Member Daisy. Drew and Kim walk in and are like: UM, HELLOOOO?? Kim and Drew are suspicious. Daisy leaves. Kim apologizes to Oscar for not telling him about his illness. 

Alexis is over at Charlie's and sees Krissy doing some meditation and she talks about her new friends and helping the community. Alexis basically rolls her eyes. 

Jason sits down with Margogo at Charlie's to talk about Drew. HE wants her to "Just investigate him, leave Drew out of it". She's like why would I like to investigate you? He says to just leave Drew alone because he's going through a lot right now.  Margo says shut it and leaves. 
Alexis comes over and tells Jason Oscar wants him to be executor of his will. I think he prob has Play Station to give away but no, he has ELQ stock! 

Dr. O is still being badgered. Anna says that it's the same pox that almost killed Tiffany Hill 30 years ago and it was unleashed by Faison. She's sure Dr. O knows how to do the cure. (BTW, they are faking that Britt has this to get Lesil back to arrest her).  Dr. O took the blood vial to test it.  FinnA thinks she'll notice it was lab created and not real.  Dr. O checked it and she says she can make the antidote in Cuba and send it back with them. Finn says no she has to come. 

Marcus goes to Sonny's and tells him to tell Mike to stay away from his wife. 

Margot gives Drew the Zip Drive back. 

Daisy picks up the paper Yvonne was reading at the Memory Care center.... she must work there. 


  1. Wait....Marcus, as in Taggert? I haven't watched yet but the name, I thought of him first. Glad Drew got the drive back, I hope he does something with it! Please get rid of Daisy!

  2. Michelle, Marcus is Stella's old boyfriend, they ran into each other recently, remember? SO GLAD Drew got the flash drive back, haven't watched yet, but it sounds anti-climactic after all that Drew has been through.

    1. Yeh brain fart here....I'm watching now. Short memory. That would've been cool though haha!!

  3. i have a question about edward's will. when he died, the grandchildren and great grandchildren go a percentage. that percentage added up to 100%

    (tracy got a condiment)

    anyway... the will did not provide for the many many many many wayward quartermaines that were yet to come due to offspring that no one knew about, or that people forgot they gave birth to (like Monica and Dawn)

    So if Oscar has ELQ stock, how was it obtained? he wasnt provided for in the will. plus, Mr. Q didnt know about Drew, right? or did he?

    am I missing something here? was there an episode that I missed where Diane just keeps reorganizing the percentages based on wayward heirs knocking on Monica's front door?

    (queue the youtube video of Jimmy Lee Holt)

  4. The hospital:

    Oscar's room:

    CarlyKim, Drew, and Daisy: Wow! CarlyKim is so rude to Daisy!!!!! She doesn't even apologize to Daisy either!

    CarlyKim and Oscar: Wow! She apologizes! Well wonders never cease!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis and Krissy: Looks like Alexis doesn't like Daisy and she hasn't even met her yet! ROFL1 When Alexis was asking why Krissy is breathing like that, I thought she was going to say why are you breathing? ROFL! That would have made Alexis win the line of the day.

    Alexis and Daisy: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh Alexis doesn't like Daisy!! ROFL!

    Jason and Alexis: WOW! Jason the executor of Oscar's will. :0

    "Karen says I think he prob has Play Station to give away but no, he has ELQ stock!"


    Jason and Margoo: Yeah Jason!!! You tell miss Margooooo to stay away from Drew!!!!!!


    Margoo and Drew: HEY! Did you not hear what Jason said you bitch?! STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM DREW!!!!!

    Cuba dancing hall:

    Anna, Finchy, and Dr. O: OH! Talk of people past! Love that!!!! TONY JONES! TIFFANY HILL!!! AKA Elsie Mae Krumholtz! ROFL! Dr. O wins the line of the day.

    Dr. O: No doubt there were delays. Thanks to your drug addiction.

    ROFL! I'm glad she is not buying what they are selling!

    Senior Center: WOW WOW WOW WOW! This is getting very interesting! So maybe Yvonne didn't send that obit! Maybe it was her husband.. Oh wait! Daisy works there!!! Maybe that Powell guy is Daisy's father and she wants revenge? Well this is all very intriguing!!! Sam is getting a storyline! YAY! :) I am glad she doing something more than just being a Krissy whisperer. Oh Sonny and Carly don't worry about your father's rejection of Yvonne! He will forget in a minute! And of course he did!

    Carson home:

    Carson and Marcus: Oh give me a break! Like Marcus would really tell them to tell Mike to stay away from his wife!!!! HELLO! He has Alzheimer's you idiot!!! He will forget the conversation! Does your wife have Alzheimer's too? I don't buy this scene at all.

    The hospital:

    Drew and Margoo: Why are you stalking him?!!?! GO AWAY YOU FREAKIN PEST! Ryan where are you? Oh like I really believe you are going to give him his memory drive! *rolls eyes*

    Forgot a couple of things yesterday.

    Ryan and Laura:

    Ryan: Don't ever say that to me or it's the last thing you'll ever say!

    HAHAHAHA LOVE IT! :) CREEPY!!!!! Laura was affected. :)

    Ryan on the phone with Jordan: That smile made my day! :)

  5. "Delcodave says or that people forgot they gave birth to (like Monica and Dawn)"


  6. Let's talk about how the actresses playing Stella and Yvonne played sisters on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

  7. "bigdoodah said...Let's talk about how the actresses playing Stella and Yvonne played sisters on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

    Yeah on Soap Central someone did mention that! Unless that person is you on that site! :) I was trying to figure out who the actress who played Yvonne was! She looked so familiar!!! :)

  8. I knew about the actresses, I thought I mentioned that when I had the casting notice up??

    Dave, I THINK when a new Q comes along a percentage is given from everyone's stock to them? I do seem to remember Ned talking about stock when Oscar was first introduced as a Q... or it comes out of Drew's stock because he's the father?

  9. At least Laura has figured out something is wrong with "Kevin". Don't imagine anyone would think that he is Ryan though. OMG that evil smile of his is so creepy. Don't ever threaten Laura, she can be a force to be reckoned with too. It will be difficult for her if she has to go "badass" on Ryan who looks like Kevin but she will when she finds out Kevin is held captive. At least if the story is told correctly.

    And, WHY would Jordan talk to Kevin about the case. I find Jordan and Chase to be so cold. No feelings from the two of them. The other Jordan seemed to have a "softer" side to her. Not sure how to explain it. Plus, Dante was at least a personable cop, I am finding Chase to lack emotion most of the time.

  10. I found Chase entertaining at first. Now, he’s annoying. I can’t get on board with new Jordan.

  11. Daisy is up to no good. She is a volunteer at the nursing home, and when she took the newspaper from Yvonne's chair she substituted a magazine... So.... somehow she is involved in the Yvonne, Sam, obituary story.... And as everyone has been saying since she came on the show, she is not a "good" person.

    As for Marcus wanting Mike to stay away from Yvonne, I can understand that. Of course he knows it is the Alzhimer's fault, not Mike's, that they are separated, but it hurts nonetheless. I am just glad to see that they are creating another story for Mike now that the Crotin storyline is finished. I was afraid they'd send him off to a permanent spot in a nursing home somewhere. Good to see Max Gail will be around for at least a while longer. (Say him on The Cool Kids a few weeks ago. Maybe his acting career got a shot in the arm due to GH).

    Karen is right. It was mentioned when Drew came on as an addition to the family that the percentages would be readjusted when new family came out of the woodwork. That is why the will did not itemize the descendants by name.


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