Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Midnight Blue

HO HO HO!! What is in the snow? 

Yes, GH celebrated NYE this week--and it seemed abrupt. I guess it makes sense since New Year's Day is Tuesday.  This year has FLOWN!! Remember to read my GH WUB AWARDS for 2018 if you haven't already. 

We only had 3 days of show last week but because of the holiday, I watched here and there. There was a murder, so I was happy. Gruesome, I know-- but that's me. 

I'm still eating candy canes and left over ribbon candy (yummm!!) 

A Tale of The Kisses: 

Ok, stretch.. come can do it... a bit more.. a bit.. more...Contact! 

Wait.. I think I have some change in there... 

Keep those lips, tighter.... Good stretch tho....

Well, wait..was that a kiss--or not a kiss? I mean, their lips were touching but--hmm, I don't know. 

Hey. it wasn't a kiss, ok? Couldn't you tell from my face, it wasn't a kiss? 

Well, these kisses really REALLY hit home how unhappy some of the players are. All I'm saying is that, damn--you're getting paid, so can you at least try to make it look real?? No wonder JaSam hasn't gotten back together in full-blown fashion and Drew is still wandering around town. :eyeroll: Oh to be a bug in the dressing rooms! 

NOTE: Just put Julexis back together. For the love of GOD-- and I know the whole "me too" abuse thing is there but damn,  Ric could chain up Carly to steal her unborn baby so,  I'll forgive a Cassadine Dagger attempt.

Well, brother dear, you'll be happy to note that I've only killed two people so far but since it's going to be New Years soon, I feel the urge coming on again. Oh, and I'm glad you paid up my health insurance, you get to stay here in 2019 for free! 

I has a secrets...but one of your secrets I needs to know
You know my secret about the baby
Not zaht secret you dumkoff... I needs to know vhere you get your highlights in ze jail. You look marvelous...

Well, my parents got me a car so you're present must be... um... ??
It's a planner! See! We can pretend you're gonna live and go, you know, do stuff...
Like what? 
Starbucks has a new flavor frappe out.. and well, they have more Star Wars movies to make. We will also be able to vape soon!! 

Well, maybe Mommy and Daddy could "die" and I can come live here!
EMMA! Don't even say that!
Why, Grandma? Everyone dies on this show..but we know they don't DIE --DIE
You're right... Unless they are a day player--

Finn and Anna move in together, with Emma's blessing. He brings over Roxy to make it official.
Kevin dreams of Laura.
Laura and Carly grow more suspicious of Kevin's behavior
Michael shows Willow Wiley's footprint. Willow thinks it's her baby's. 
Valerie gives Krissy the cold shoulder on NYE after their kiss last week
Kevin kills the documentary producer. Blood is all over the office, but the body is at the Metro
Sonny and DA Lady have another scene together.
CarSon was in NYC on NYE and we didn't see them. 
Although Curtis put his hand in blood and it was all over the room, the victim seemed rather "Clean"..his head could have rolled out of that snowman instead of his whole body... 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Ava boxing up Kiki's things.  Actually any scene Maura was in this week. Just give her the Emmy already. 

ACCESSORY OF THE WEEK: Every good murderer carries these with him at all times. Bonus if they are latex free. 

PROPS OF THE WEEK: Those snowmen, who are hiding a body. They look so happy!

THIS WEEK:  Monday; repeat of a 1997 show and Tuesday off because of sports. 

Two interrupted weeks in a row. We probably go through this every year but I forget. While I'm happy with part of the NYE festivities it's apparent that those there for Christmas didn't make the NYE cut. Well, except for Michael.  Michael mooning over Willow who's kinda with Chase. I just need things to start flowing again. 


  1. first, Happy New Year.... May it bring peace, love, joy and sanity into all our lives.

    now: Thought was the only one that notices Producer Dead head seemed pretty clean considering all the blood splattered elsewhere. Plus, how the hell did Ryan get that body to the Metro C, up the elevator, to the balcony with no staff, guests or party goers seeing him. And when is Carly or Olivia finally going to put cameras on the balcony considering all the shootings, fallings from balcony's and every thing else that occurs from or on there.

    the saddest news for 2018: Oscar is still alive and MarGo won't go.

    No ship in this but JaSam, Krew, or Dream all look miserable and the ratings reflect the audience feels it too and are walking away. NOW imagine if they could include the offline (non social media) responses to the mix.

    Michal, Weeping Willow and Chase well there's a triangle of dull about to occur. Since Willow is on contract we have her for awhile. BUT Chase & Lulu still have my interest and Michael still has more chemistry with Kristina or Felix then he has had since EVER.

    the sadder news for 2018: Britt Westbourne is gone for now though she added some liveliness to Finn, gave Brad someone to talk too, STILL didnt really have scenes with Peter's Whining Hiney and NEVER got to meet or see pictures of Baby James. She didnt even mention dead Nathan.

    need fixes fast in 2019: Friz, they are now the sturdiest couple in Port C and can't get airtime. How is Lucy not part of this Kevin/Ryan story but Carly is?

    2019 #GH How far and (really hope all the rumors and speculations are wrong) will they take this Aiden bullying story.

  2. Great idea, cameras on the balcony (smacks head)--why didn't I think of that? Or, better yet, why didn't Carly or Olivia think of that, as you say?

  3. Loved the SS! There are cameras everywhere now-would be impossible to pull of that feat. But at least we got another murder!

  4. Didn't you know that Ryan used the "cloak of invisibility " when getting on the elevator

  5. Thanks for this Karen! Since we have to let go of reality a little with the body placement, I wish the "discovery" of the body could of been more fun. Seeing him drop from the ceiling at Midnight would of been very cool/morbid and in line with Halloween! (The same skylight Jason appeared through on his return).
    I can only assume the body discovery by Jason is meant to put off the Jasam moment again. I could care less, but I'm sure some do.
    I hope this Ryan storyline stays with us in 2019. I usually can't wait for stories to stop dragging out, but this one works.
    Speaking of 2019... I hope ALL you Wubers have an enjoyable New Year's and an amazing 2019!


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