Thursday, December 27, 2018

Key Chains


SaSon at the Metro, which is all swanked out. Jason says Carly's jelly of DA lady. And...IN WALKS THE DA LADY!! SaSon's Date is Ruined! BUT! Jason leaves so Sonny could probably sit down with MarGoGo ..right? They walk to the bar.  He wonders why she gave Drew back the flashdrive. She realized it was wrong. She also says she's not going after Sonny--because she has murders to solve. 

Griffin was at Anna's house and Emma comes in. She gets a fascinator from England like Kate's and Meghan's.  Wow, Brooklyn has grown up!! She gives them keychains, one with an English Bulldog and one with a Bearded Dragon and Emma says: LIVE TOGETHER!! 
Finn can't make the commitment. He leaves. Fast. 

Drew tells Kim to go out with Julian.  I swear she has pajamas on?? She says she's not going anywhere. 

Mr. Miller, the Ryan documentary maker is there and wants to show Ryan a rough cut of it.  Ryan sees Felicia giving the interview on tape (in the studio) and snaps a pencil. Then, the producer says that it's interesting they never found any DNA of Ryan when the building blew up and he's going to "change the ending of the film" to basically say he could be still alive. 
Ut Oh.  He also says he's told no one the ending he wants to film and Ryan in the first to hear it. Double Ut oh. 

Felicia and Laura-- talked about Kevin's last breakdown. Is he having another one?? Laura's sure something is wrong with him. They hug...Laura leaves. 

Jason is playing pool... some guy says :Hey, Drew! Drew Cain! Jason is NOT amused.  Hank is the guy's name and he's a SEAL that was with Drew. Jason explains Drew is in town, but he's his twin (doesn't say they have different faces now).  Jason leaves, calls Sam and says he'll be late. 

END: Jason goes to find Drew at GH-- and tells him about Hank. Jason is suspicious of him. he doesn't think he's really an old buddy of Drew's. Thought he was too eager. 

RYAN Shuts the studio door, he as a few 'notes' for the producer guy--who's probably dead by now. 

Finn does move in with Anna, he was getting Roxy. 


  1. So, no murder on Christmas. I guess they figure that New Years is just as good a holiday

  2. I think the Hank guy said he was a contractor and they worked with the seals sometimes. I guess they're going to give drew a new storyline now. I wish they'd waited till they finished up a few of the old ones they've still got going.

  3. I watch daily but still am confused - so we talked about Hayden for like 4 days and then nothing??????? was that a 'writer's thought about it and changed their minds' or was it supposed to 'define' Finn and Anna...

    I agree - something about Hank is not right - maybe Drew FINALLY gets a storyline when no one cares......just go away with Kim.

    and don't EVEN get me started with JaSam.........and Franco/Liz wedding but no Sarah coming even though we SAW her silhouette........and what about Cassandra?

  4. Finn decided to follow Anna instead of going to find Hayden. He's moving on.

  5. Chandler Mansion:

    Emma, Anna, and Finchy: EMMA!!!!! She has grown taller and her voice changed!!!!! :) Well Brooklyn Rae Silzer turns 13 pretty soon. On April 27th. :) Wait Emma wants Anna and Finchy to move in? That's odd. Well, sure go ahead! Move in together! Be in love! Be happy! But then the rug is going to be ripped out from under them, when RayRay shows up with her and Finchy's baby and when she says she still loves him!!! RayFinn FOREVER!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jason and Sonny: Boy I am glad Jason didn't tell Sonny that Carly thinks that Sonny is going to cheat on her with Margoo. :) Damn Steve Burton and his so blue eyes!!!!! :)

    Sonny and Margoo: Slow burn eh writers? :)

    The floating rib:

    Jason and Hank: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........

    Felicia and Laura: FELICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Great scene with them!!!!! :)

    The hospital:

    CarlyKim and Drew:

    "Karen says I swear she has pajamas on??"

    I was thinking the same thing too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) She looks comfy. Where are her slippers? :)

    Doc's office:

    Griffin and Laura: Griffin wins the line of the day.

    Griffin: I guess a shrink is like a cop and a priest. There is never one when you need one.

    ROFL! Matt Cohen said it so dead pan! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Griffin: All I really want to do is smash something.

    Is that another word for sex? Since you can't "smash" Kiwi, Go find Sasha to "smash" with.

    The studio:

    Mr. Miller and Ryan: Man!!!! Jon Lindstrom is killing it!!!!! He is creepy as all hell!!! The camera work is giving me a creepy vibe!!! He was really hurt by what Felicia said. I was thinking, oh he is going to kill that guy!!!! Then he says he has a few notes while closing the door! OH THAT GUY IS DEAD!!!!

  6. Emma was adorable! She cut off her long hair. Ryan was creepy! Someone is going to find a dead body. So glad Felicia was part of this storyline. Drew and Kim have no chemistry as far as I can see. It looked like Nelle had her hair color changed the other day.


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