Thursday, November 30, 2023

Stinking Meetings!


WHY do they do this to me?? DON'T THEY KNOW I'm busy at 2pm?? WELL I AM!! LOL

I'll see you tomorrow, and I'll watch GH Tonight on HULU. Given the way the show has been going, not sure I'll miss a whole bunch!! 

Wednesday, November 29, 2023



Guess What? I had to take ANOTHER MEETING TOMORROW at BOO ON ME for missing another "live" day!!

Sonny tells Ava that Austin is dead. He wonders if she did it. She's like NO I don't even know how he died. Sonny tells her he was shot. They talk and blab and yada yada. Say nothing really other than people will suspect her. 

At the PCPD, Dante talks to Det. Brisco who wonders if Dante has a conflict of interest with the case due to him shooting Mason in the same place. Then he asks about family other than Mason and they say the Q family but they aren't close. Dante says Ava Jerome was close to him.  Chase ends up talking to Brisco and Dante about when Austin was found by a neighbor. He's been dead 24-48 hours PRIOR to Thanksgiving. 

Dante goes in to see Mason. Mason freaks out "YOU SHOT ME"! Dante tells him Austin was murdered. 

Lois, Gloria and Yuri talk about solving the Russian Bingo thing. He's making a phone call. They tell Brook Lyn all about it. Then a big Russian guy comes in and Gloria WON'T APOLOGIZE. Then the guy says his nephew took trombone lessons from Yuri and he's doing a favor. Brook says that she is looking for brass players for Blaze's TOUR. He's happy and says he'll drop it but Gloria can't play Bingo anymore. She says ok, she'll stay out of that church. He leaves. 

Alexis forgot her phone at The PC Grille when she was there with Laura. She goes back to get it and sees Molly with The Secret Surrogate Agency in the corner. Lady leaves Molly with folders and Alexis comes over and sits down. Molly admits she's looking for a surrogate. Then she says TJ doesn't know about it. 

Maxie can't put together a desk she ordered for Georgie. Felicia is going to help her. Maxie tells Felicia about her credit card debt and only being able to pay off minimal payments. She over extended and even though the Deceptor is back, Deception went into debt and she won't get her money back soon. Felicia tries to give her money because 25% on credit card debt will bury her. 

Finn and Martin talk about his case. Then Dee Dee Clark comes in and Marty says Finn is done talking to the GH lawyer until the deposition. She leaves. Finn is happy that Marty is so forceful. Marty says "You are in a real pickle" 


Mason tells Dante that Ava Jerome would have killed Austin

Tuesday, November 28, 2023



Memorial Card after yesterday's show 

YESTERDAY'S GH : I'm glad they had more dinners on like the Corinthos and such. Geesh, Sprina are just gettin' it ON!! LOL Diane, Robert/Anna and Emma at The Metro. Why bother showing Marshall and Curtis? They are doing NOTHING lol.  OMG I HATE MICHAEL!!  The Yuri Russian Mafia help was great. I do wish Terry was there too though. 


Laura and Alexis are at the PC Grille. Cyrus stares at them from the bar. Laura wants to talk about Esme and if she's doing ok at the job because she's going to sign the lease tomorrow. Alexis says she's doing well. Then they talk about Spencer. Cyrus still lurks around. Like walks back and forth 400 times LOL. Drops glasses. 

Sonny goes to Sam and Dante's house to talk to Dante. PH that is...He wants to talk about Ava's kidnapper. When is Mason going to jail? Dante isn't sure. Sonny tells him about Betty and tricking Cyrus and yada yada. Dante tries to call Austin and a detective answers and says he's dead. WELP. So exciting. 

Molly and TJ are at GH ..she said she has another appointment to find another surrogate. TJ's mad she didn't ask him first. He's not ready right now. 

Portia and Liz say Austin is late for work. Hmm...flat tire? Phone problems? Not like him!! Finn has to get Portia to sign off on his treatment plan and he's mad. Liz says something to Portia and Portia reminds her they are being sued. Then Liz goes to Finn's office and they do BREATHING EXERCISES TOGETHER. Oh brother. SO BORING

Dee Dee Clark comes to Finn's office. She's GH's lawyer for the lawsuit. She talks to Finn about what's going to happen next. 

Drew and Sam are at The Metro with Scout who's doing a report on her Dad's business. He tells her and Sam he got Scout a spot in Westwood Academy! Private School! Scout agrees to go because Drew wants her to go. Sam's like: Um it's expensive!! 


Molly meets the surrogate at the PC Grille without TJ's knowledge! 

Scout tells Sam that she really doesn't want to go to that school 

Monday, November 27, 2023

One Of Those Days!


I Have a REAL WORLD meeting today at 2:30 so I'm going to watch GH tomorrow on Hulu. Sorry about that. I wanted to see the continuation of Turkey Day!! I guess the Qs will be getting Pizza. Maybe someday they'll opt for Tacos ?!

Photo is from IG: Tajh and Josh went 'live' for the Holiday Parade! 

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Sunday Surgery: All the Whos down in WhoVille


Well, it was a 4 day week and I actually struggle to remember what happened!! I kept waiting for the Austin reveal that never happened and then it was Turkey Day! 

I have left overs, but not many!! How about you? Let's give it a go! 

Friday, November 24, 2023

Yesterday's Turkey Show


So I watched GH on Hulu... and have some observations:

Anna's PJs are MY PJs LOL... AND EMMA. Melt my heart! "you're my action grandparents"! 

Sam wore some get up to a family dinner. GEESH!! That dress?? So out of place. And Kristina looks like she's a maid from 1889.  TJ/Molly and Jordan are all there. Blaze comes too. Alexis can't cook so this is interesting. 

Cody, Alpaca, Leo and Nedley. They all go to the Q house ...oh, but the alpaca didn't go. 

Gloria looks good. Ellen Travolta is great. Cody and Sasha are there too. 

Brook has on some get up. Brook and Chase are boring me today. They go to the Qs. 

Laura and Val and Char. Still hate those cowbells on the wall LOL and LAURA'S OUTFIT IS A CRIME! LORD! This Charlotte stuff isn't very turkey time. 

Thursday, November 23, 2023



HELLO!! Here we are...finally hitting the Qs Pizza DAY!! They ARE showing a new episode today but since I'll be feasting, I won't be watching it until tomorrow. Have a wonderful day and eat a lot of your fave food. Mine is of course, stuffing !! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

And... Whatever

 Today's a new show and so is tomorrow but I won't be around. I think I told you all we eat at 2~~ SO .. no go!! I'll watch on Hulu Friday because Friday there is a football game on and no #GH 

Sonny goes to see Sasha. He wants to talk to her about her financial situation. HE wants to help her because Gladys took all her money. He feels guilty. 

Greg goes to Alexis' office with his cane. He wants help with his son (Finn) and the lawsuit. He tells her Diane can't take the case. She says Diane never loses. She's going to make some calls. She gets Marty in to talk about the case. 

Dante and Chase are in the morgue and the lab forensics guy says there's someone that is there with blunt force trauma from stepping out in front of a car? Okay...the body had 3 IDs on him. It's Forsythe. The guy Anna was talking about at the WSB. 

Dante calls Anna to come see the guy. 

Charlotte freaks the hell out when Anna walks in her room. She screams and Valentin and Liz rush in. NO WAY Anna would DO THIS!!!!!!! This is DUMB. Liz gets Anna out while Valentin hugs Charlotte. Liz says Anna made things worse. Valentin comes out and is angry with her too .

Curtis and Nina talk about the shooting. He wants to figure out who did it.. Nina gives him a key card and her password to look at the security footage. She says to tell people he's working on a special project for her if she asks. 

Jordan interrupts Laura and Marty while they discuss Cyrus and needs to talk to her asap. She asks if she and Curtis can look into his shooting. Laura says SURE !! GREAT GO AHEAD! I mean WHY LET THE PCPD DO IT??????/ AHAHAHAHA 


Sasha won't take Sonny's money

Martin will take Finn's case 

Anna IDs the guy as Forsythe 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Mopping UP


I'm still not happy about a new GH being on Thursday. Geesh BOO. I guess I'll watch on Hulu Friday. No show Friday I don't think because of football. 

Sonny and Cyrus. Cyrus is scrubbing the floor.  Sonny says to cut the "Father Theresa" act and keep cleaning because that's the only job he'll get in Port Charles. BTW, Sonny's shoes are looking like the same shoes that shot Austin. He tells Cyrus to watch his step. Then he mentions the whole Betty thing and how he faked the information. Threatens him again. AND AGAIN. And..again! 

Nina visits Charlotte and brings her a gift of riding gloves. Charlotte says she thinks that Anna only likes her because she likes Valentin. Then she tells Nina all the things she did and that doesn't include burning down her house. Nina asks her again if she's telling the truth "I'll always love you"...Charlotte freaks out and swears she didn't burn down the house. 

Anna and Valentin at The Metro lobby/side drinking hallway/room. He says he knows why Charlotte targeted Anna. He gives her the letter to read. Which she does. 4th time we've heard it. She says Victor convinced Charlotte to protect him. Anna says she needs deprogramming. Valentin says they can all move ahead together once she's better. Anna doesn't think so. She is mad at Val about not telling her everything. YOU don't trust me she says. Then she says she doesn't trust him. Every time she sees him she thinks about shooting Charlotte so she doesn't want to see him anymore. 

Carly and Drew make out outside of Kelly's.  Then she talks to him about turning down Nina's offer. OMG They are SO BORING. They talk about Ned. Carly's mad because Ned was mean to Michael. She still thinks he told the SEC about them. 

Maxie and Cody look at the photos of the LLAMA photo shoot.  Sasha listens outside the office. Cody's trying to get out of it but Maxie is so excited. Maxie is dressed MORE HORRIBLY THAN USUAL TODAY. It's just GROSS they dress her like this! Cody sees how much he made on the last job and then Maxie says she'll double it. He says no because of Sasha. She comes in the door and is like "not so fast" . They decide to work together. 

Diane and Finn meet at The Metro. She tells him she cant' represent him, she is on retainer with the Muldoon Family (who's suing GH). Then she leaves and Greg comes in walking with a cane. They talk about Violet's debate class. Then Finn talks about his lawsuit. 

Curtis and Jordan. Curtis called her to tell her ALL ABOUT DISCOVERING MEDITATION AHAHAHAHA. Then he wants to find out who shot him and wants access to the PCPD files.  She says ok, but on one condition. She wants to work WITH him on this...ohhhhhhhh. Interesting. They talk about what a good TEAM they are. Giggle. 


Monday, November 20, 2023

Sing me a song

No Austin today but

JOSS brings in ADAM to GH because he had like a panic attack I GUESS-- and Liz is there. They were in taking an exam and he had a panic attack and.. yada yada. He's ok but Joss doesn't think he is. He says he takes something to help him concentrate. She says THAT'S SPEED! He says it's prescription. They go back to the dorm. 

Terry and Liz talk about the lawsuit. Terry says she can't say anything. Liz says but Finn is your friend. Terry says she's co chief and has to be cool about all this. 

Trina gets ready for class and Spencer was sleeping outside her door and falls into the dorm room. He's sorry. REALLY SORRY. SORRY SORRY SORRY. Trina isn't so sure and wonders what his priorities are. She's not going to put herself last. Spencer says he understands and he knows he's Ace's brother, not father. He says it's ok if they move in together. He'll put Tri first.

Joss and Adam talk about taking the make up test while in the hallway. Adam thanks her for helping him. 

Finn goes to Alexis to find a lawyer she recommends for his job lawsuit. She says not to accept a GH lawyer because they'll throw him under the bus. Alexis says that the hospital will want to make him take the blame. She says get a good lawyer or he'll lose his career. She says Diane is the best lawyer but she's swamped. She's going to call just in case she can squeeze him in. Diane takes the case. 

Carly goes to the Metro and the hostess asks if the rumors are true--is she coming back? Then they talk about Drew being out. Nina walks by. They sit to talk about why Nina wants to sell. "Is it Willow" ? Carly asks. Nina says kind mend the family. Carly turns down the offer. 

Recording studio with Brook, Blaze and Krissy is there too. They are recording. Well, Blaze is. Blaze tells Kristina she doesn't want to tour because she's lonely.  Blaze goes in to sing and then Krissy gets a phone call about "her family". I guess she doesn't know about Molly yet? NOPE She goes to see Alexis ..

Ned goes to Aurora to talk to Michael. He says he has something to tell Drew about the SEC. He starts to tell Drew and then Michael gets a call from Australia and Ned figures out he's been doing business with ELQ stuff and he gets mad. He says he's president and even tho he was Eddie, he was there the whole time. Michael tells him the terms of the deal and Ned is still angry. He leaves without telling Drew about Nina. 


Blaze is singing

Kristina finds out Molly lost the baby 

PS there WILL BE A NEW GH ON THANKSGIVING DAY so says Nathan Varni. Well that's stupid, imo

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Lost and Found


I find myself here week after week, probably sounding like a broken record!! GH has become a series of micro-scenes that last seconds, not minutes and are filled with chit-chat. Yes, I said CHIT CHAT. Anyway, Frank's promised "shocker" on Friday did arrive at the very last minute so there's that. 

Brunch today? Did you get up late? I'm hoping to sleep WAY in because next week is going to be busy with Turkey Time. 

Friday, November 17, 2023

Tears of Austin

 Laura and Jordan talk in Laura's office. They talk about Jordan staying Deputy Mayor. Jordan isn't sure she wants to. Cyrus knocks on Laura's door. Wants to talk. He got a job doing dishes at the Port Charles Grille. 

Austin goes to the PCPD to see Dante. He is going to give up his boss but won't testify. Dante is recording his statement. Then Dante says Austin isn't in a position to negotiate. Then Austin says, fine I'll go. Dante says if he can get proof, then maybe he can get a deal. Then Austin starts crying a bit?? WEIRD AF-- and says ok, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do the right thing. 

Sonny asks Nina why she's selling her half of The Metro. She says he's the one that said it was too much for her. He says that was a long time ago and things are going well. Plus Nina wants to make peace with Carly. Sonny says it's not going to be that easy. 

Carly is at Kelly's and Millow stops by--Carly tells Michael that Nina wants to sell her half of The Metro back. Michael flashesback to telling Nina she HAS to sell. Willow thinks it will heal the family. She thinks Michael should help pay for it. 

Curtis and Marshall. Trina comes in stomping around. They want to know what's wrong. She tells them about Spencer. Curtis says she has to talk with him. Marshall says the same. Trina has on her Easter Blazer today. 

Spencer is at Trina's dorm which is full of flowers. Joss says, nice gesture but she's not here. Joss also says on a scale of 1-10 she's an "11 mad". She says saying Ace was the choice was a deal-breaker. Spencer says why he loves Trina. Also says that he doesn't think Esme is a bad person anymore but she needs help taking care of Ace. 

Robert and Felicia talk at GH about Anna. Robert thinks she's avoiding him. yada yada. 


Robert tells Dante they can get Austin a deal

Austin is shown shot in the chest and some shoes are walking out

Jordan accepts deputy Mayor position


Thursday, November 16, 2023



Cody and Sasha. They have feels for each other. Hallmark Style. Cody REALLY LIKES HER. Aw, shucks. Then Sasha freaks out because he says too much. She says she can't rush into anything. 

They want Cody and Sasha back on Heart and Home because they have "chemistry" and can sell stuff. 

Austin and Ava. She wonders the terms of Mason's plea deal. Will he tell that Cyrus is the boss? Ava yells/screams at Austin. Good scene for Maura. Austin explains the whole Pawtucket story about Cyrus and helping him with medical school and testifying at Cy's trial. Yada yada. She says she hates him and screams at him to GET OUT. 

Sonny and Anna. NO one has told ANNA YET? Why is she telling SONNY this and not Felicia? Ugh..whatever. LAURA AND VAL should be talking to her about Victor's letter! Why not talk to Robert? UGH 

Anna goes back to the apartment. Sees the blood on the rug. Flashes back to shooting Char. The Forsythe file is missing from her bag--and the trunk. Greattttttt, does this mean there's a Forsythe coming? 

Sam and about Charlotte. They had no clue she was up to anything when she lived there. Just a pointless "going over things' convo. 

TJ and Molly talk about losing the baby. NUNUNUMolly is crying (really well). Alexis comes in and consoles them. Molly wants her to tell her sisters. She can't do it. 

Alexis tells Sam about the miscarriage

Adam is desperate to study more with Joss. He grabs her. Dex freaks out. Joss tells Adam she wants to study alone. He's like NO I NEED YOU! Then he says "ok, it's cool." and Leaves. Joss tells Dex she thinks Adam's parents are driving him crazy about grades.

Adam is on the phone with his dad and getting stressed. Pulls his hair. Hangs up. Takes prescription meds. Probably for anxiety. 


Dante goes to Anna's apartment and she tells him the file is gone. 
Sonny gets Brick to investigate Forsythe. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

I Lost It


Tabby posted this on IG! 

Andrea (surrogate) comes in to see TJ. She's upset about the baby. They go into an exam room. She lost the baby. Went to Mercy; blood tests confirmed it. Do we believe her? He tells her he will tell Molly. She says she can't go through being a surrogate again. THEN TJ goes to talk to PORTIA about it! PORTIA! Um, text ya partner!! 

Metro Court: Diane and ALexis meet to chat. ALexis sees Molly and Krissy hugging across the room. She's happy they made up. She tells Diane that Andrea is through her first trimester. Then they talk about Anna and the fact Robert is helping her through this. They are eating GIANT LETTUCE PLATES. 

Molly did some lawyer stuff for Kristina's center. Molly says that she might want to quit her job at the DA's to be a full time mama. She keeps talking about THE BABY. BABY BABY. they leave. 

Austin meets Cyrus in the stairwell. Mason is taking a plea deal. Not mentioning Cyrus or Austin. Austin isn't so sure. Nothing happens and Cyrus leaves. Then he comes back. Oh brother. Says he paid for all of Austin's medical school. yada yada. 

Lucy, Maxie and Scott are at Home and Heart. Morgan Fairchild is snotty but wants them there. Sasha is late. Scott tells Morgan Fairchild to cut out the theatrics or he'll sue her. This is just..weird. Sasha is still late. She finally walks in and says things better go smoothly or she'll walk out. 

Maxie is trying to get someone on the phone--not sure who. Oh, CODY.. because CODY is now the MALE FACE of Deception. Which NO ONE Knows about but her. Then, Cody steps up and they do a demo on his face with The Deceptor. Lucy LOVES them together. "They are gold" she says. 

Curtis and Marshall have a full on convo about ...MEDITATION. I'm serious. It's as boring as it sounds. Then Portia comes in and she says she's had a bad day and is happy they have Trina. She doesn't tell him about TJ/Molly. 


Sasha says she can't work with Cody because she has feelings for him. 

Austin agrees to do whatever Cyrus tells him to do

Alexis picks up a tablet Krissy left behind. Or Molly. Don't know

TJ calls Molly and tells her to get home to talk. 


Tuesday, November 14, 2023



Oh man, I have to be at the Dentist at 2:30 and It's about 20 min away so... I'll be out of the blog for today. 

Please let me know the highlights and if I should watch right away or if I can save it to later in the week. 

Monday, November 13, 2023



IT's the next morning so the Vanna stairwell stuff is DONE (it should have been way more??). I mean Laura was talking to Anna outside Char's room. Anyway, Anna is at the PCPD to talk to Dante and Jordan. She says everything is off the record as friends and also that Charlotte is Lulu's daughter. She says Char has been stalking her for months. Dante goes though the timeline and says that Charlotte could have made it to the house to burn it when she was in camp. Jordan points out that Charlotte DIDN'T take a shot at Anna at the Metro Court. Anna thinks that shot was meant for Sonny. 

Liz takes Charlotte for a walk in the hall. Jake comes off the elevator with flowers. Awwww. Jake walks with them. 

Nina goes to Kelly's to order coffee to go and Carly asks about Charlotte. They talk about Anna/Char. Then Martin comes in and sees Nina and turned around and walks out. She chases him. Why shouldn't I have you disbarred? He says Michael already knew about the whole thing, he just confirmed it. Marty says to come clean to everyone. Nina says no and he says "welp, take Michael's deal then". 

Carly comes out to give her her coffee. Nina says "I was talking to Martin about something that concerns you". 

Drew comes in to see Carly, he wants to have breakfast before going to Aurora. They kiss, yada yada. He' SO HAPPY to be out of jail. 

Drew goes to Aurora and sees Michael-- he wants to take over ELQ! 

Wiley is eating breakfast. He asks if he can go see Grandma Nina after school. Michael has a mean face. Willow says not today--he has TBALL. TBALL? IN NOVEMBER? ahahahaha. Um, okay. Michael says that Nina hasn't changed. Then Willow takes Wiley to work. 

Ned and Olivia in bed--- Ned is still Ned. They are happy. Olivia mentions she has a meeting with Nina today and NED remembers everything about the SEC convo! THEN Olivia says not to tell anyone because Nina and Sonny are happy and Drew is out of jail and it would start WWIII. HE's like what? What about my good name!. He finally agrees to hold off for a bit about it but eventually will tell everyone about Nina. 

Q house. Lois and Brook talk over breakfast. It's about what Blaze will sing. Boring Oh Yuri is a country music fan. :eyeroll: They find one Blaze wrote about loving someone and she can't tell them (Cough..Krissy..Cough). Then Ned walks in and Yuri notices he's not Eddie anymore. Ned is clean shaven and has on a suit. They tell them all about the lake and him remembering. 

Greg goes to GH for a check up. Chase waits for him. Greg comes out with a brace on his wrist. He fell the other day and and sprained it. Then he says he's supposed to use a cane and he doesn't want to. He also says he is in deep denial, can't believe he has ALS. 


Drew wants to do the ELQ take over but NO ONE knows but he and Michael

Nina offers to sell Carly back The Metro

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Sunday Surgery: The Big Lie


A TON happened this week but it was so chopped up into TINY LITTLE short short scenes and it took away so much from the drama. Thursday and Friday were perfect examples. Good stuff, great acting but the jumping made me crazy. 

Get ready to have some breakfast because this could be a long one people!!  

Thursday, November 9, 2023

White Lips

 UGH my good ol' trusty Dell laptop is crapping out badly so I'm borrowing one from work. You know what it's like with a new keyboard! LOL ... I'M A MESS!! 

BTW, I can't believe it but I'm GONE tomorrow during GH. Going to a wedding--which should be fun. OUTDOORS in NOVEMBER lol. But I think I'll miss the Anna/Valentin show down! Damn it. 



Felicia and Stella have coffee in the corner place. Felicia is so upset about Anna. She tells Stella about it. She feels guilty because she told Anna to move into the apartment and it wouldn't have happened unless she did that. Stella is like NO IT"S NOT your FAULT. Stella tries to make Fe feel better. Now they are talking about Curtis. Cripes. Stella also says she found a man in England when she visited her sister. They fell in love and he proposed. She said no because her heart is in PC and she'd have to move to London to marry him. 

Laura tells Spencer about Charlotte. He's upset and wonders why Anna would shoot her. Laura says she's not sure but they'll find out. Spencer says he's channeling all his anger towards his father into taking care of Ace. Esme flounces in and sits (they are at the Metro) and says she has fantastic news. She found a great apartment and if Laura helps her she can swing it. Spencer is like ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Esme says too bad, I'm his mother. She leaves. Spencer is mad a Laura for agreeing to help Esme. 

Valentin and Nina are at Char's bedside and she opens her eyes. Charlotte is happy Nina and Valentin are together. She says she remembers going trick or treating and then Anna shot her. Nina says it was an accident and she thought Char was in intruder. Charlotte wants to know what Anna told Papa. He says he hasn't had a chance to talk to her yet. Charlotte wants to tell them what happened herself. She says she FOUND THE KEY! and was returning it to Anna and was going to leave a note!!! BUT.. later in the hall, Valentin tells Nina he knows she was lying about everything. Nina leaves. 

Sonny tells Anna not to go talk to Valentin just yet. Says he might not be able to accept her explanation right now. Dante comes in. Anna wants to know if she's being arrested. He said no, he's going to tell her about the backpack contents! He first wants to know how Charlotte got in. SO FAR she's not remembering she lost the key. LORDY. Dante tells Anna there was a key in Char's backpack and did she lose it? She says yes and showed it to Valentin and Charlotte before she left. DUN DUN DUN. THEN Dante tells Anna about finding the SPRAY PAINT!! Sonny thinks any kid could have it on Halloween. Annas thinks the WSB guy is using Charlotte to get to her and leaves to go talk to Valentin at GH . 

Sasha is getting her photo shoot with Salvatore. He calls her "Sachet" LOL.. Anyway he says he's not working with a 'druggy". Maxie tries to tell him that's not her anymore but he wants to hear it from "Sachet" herself.  I guess he accepted her because they are shooting. Cody comes along and says he has a baby Alpaca to put in the photos. I don't like Sasha's dress. Cody just stands there gaping at her like a doofus. He finally brings out a baby alpaca and they stand and pet it. The photographer starts taking pics of both Sasha and Cody together. Maxie is like: Um NO. He says they look good together. 

Olivia finds Eddie's clothes at the boathouse--and realizes he jumped in the water. SHE JUMPS IN AFTER HIM! They swim around for awhile. Keep swimming. Short clips. He gets caught on a log and starts to remember his old life. Olivia goes back under.. this is so long. Olivia finally finds Ned. She tries to get him free. Then she show ends. They are still under there. 

Lois and Brook talk about Lois going back home. Brook says she'll miss her and might want her to stay. They talk about the past. Lois jumping out of the cake at Ned and Katherine's engagement party, yada yada. She also thinks that Brook should take Tracey's offer of Deception. Lois also says that Brook could just take the company and give it back to Lucy and Maxie. "Take care of the Queen (Tracey) from inside the castle" 

Lois is going to stay and help Brook with Deception 

Cody and Sasha are having their photo shoot and even Maxie likes it

Anna gets to GH and sees Valentin 


Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Monica's Not At Home

Happy Way Back Wednesday!! Do you see Reggie the butler back there??!! Aww. and look at Amber!!

TODAY'S SHOW ...WHICH HAS absolutely nothing to do with the last few days. :eyeroll: 

Chase sees Austin at GH, asks him about Mason . Austin doesn't know about Mason, they aren't close. :eyeroll 

Chase goes to question Mason.  Mason says maybe if they cut him a deal, he'll talk. 

Sonny talks to Ava about Austin and his connection to her abduction. He says that Mason's boss is Cyrus. Tells her Austin testified in his parole hearing. She says Austin was probably protecting her. Sonny says yea but he never told you about it, did he? 

Brook goes in to see Maxie and Sasha's there. Maxie tells Brook "Sasha's back, you're not" ! Then Sasha tells Maxie and Brook to make up. They do. Maxie talks about Georgie's trauma when Charlotte got shot. She's going to a grief counselor. OFF camera. 

Someone important calls Maxie. Some photographer. She wants him badly for the spring issue. BUT is SHE READY? IS SASHA READY? They decide she is. 

Drew and Carly go to see Michael at Aurora. Michael is thrilled. Carly is a hero!! BUT! She still wants to know who turned them into the SEC. Michael looks guilty. Carly and Drew wonder if Ned will ever get his memory back and realize he turned them in. Michael say: Um, what if it wasn't Ned? What if the target was you, mom. Carly says that Diane thinks that it was to get to Sonny through Carly. Drew gets mad and says to leave it alone. He's out and it doesn't matter. 

Tracey is leaving. Olivia wants to know why. She's going with Bobbie to Amsterdam to take care of Luke's affairs. OH! AND-- Olivia is throwing a GROWING AWAY PARTY!!  WHAT? THEN she says "with you gone, MONICA NOT IN THE HOUSE and Lois leaving, it's going to be quiet around here". UM, WHERE'S MONICA? Then they argue about Eddie. 

Eddie wants to finish his song. Lois talks to him about it. She talks about the past. IT's all boring and about singing and writing and .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz He goes to the boat house. Then Lois talks to her mother, Gloria on the phone. Olivia and Lois talk about Ned. THEN Olivia is kinda jealous of LOIS? WHAT? Lois tells her that's Tracey talking, they have a long history and she's happy Ned and her are together. Then she tells Olivia to go to the boat house where Eddie is writing a song. 

Eddie is at the boat house singing. Starts to remember something. He jumps in the lake. YEP. Olivia comes out later and finds his shoes/jacket. Can't see him. 


Chase sees Austin talking to Mason 

Ava realizes that Austin has been lying to her 


Tuesday, November 7, 2023



Anna stayed at Sonny's for the night....not WITH him but there. Nina walks out and asks if everything is all right. (I guess she was asleep when Anna came in??). Anna has to tell her she shot Charlotte. Nina leaves. Sonny tells Anna about shooting Dante. BLOOP! Anna doesn't know how she's going to live with herself now. 

Laura and Kevin make it to GH. They are stunned to hear Anna shot Charlotte. They are puzzled. Very puzzled. Valentin says he couldn't deal with Anna the night before. Nina runs off the elevator and hugs Val. Laura and Kevin went off to get more details about Charlotte's injury. Valentine says it's his fault. Nina says it's not all his fault. It was an accident and Charlotte was where she shouldn't have been anyway.

Dante is at the PCPD being questioned by Robert, Mac and Jordan. Robert wonders what the legal issues could be. She was protecting her property. Jordan says it's also tied to the fact if Anna could have known Char might be there or given her a key. Robert is like NO WAY, she just moved in. I guess he forgot she lost her key? He was right there LOL. Anyway, he tells them about the WSB stalker guy. Jordan says then Anna didn't think it would be Charlotte in there. 
Dante goes in the hall and the deputy gives him the inventory of her backpack. He looks into the distance and that's it. Jordan thinks they will have to bring an outside investigator for this as everyone knows Anna. 

Curtis is in the gym talking to a one legged guy about pushing everyone away. They talk about rehab and pushing through hard times. The guy is named Devon. He was born without legs. Has 2 boys. Gives Curt a pep talk. 

Drew visits Sam. She's happy he's out of jail. They hug.  Scout is asleep. Don't want to wake her up. They talk about Charlotte. Then about him getting out of jail. Scout wakes up and runs to Drew. They talk. yada yada. Then they leave. Sam is still home and Dante comes back. They talk about Charlotte. 

Alexis asks Greg if it was wrong not to write about Charlotte being shot. They discuss what happened and if she should publish anything. She decides to publish the story but not use names. Then they talk about his bucket list. He still wants to go skydiving.  Alexis pleads with him not to make her! She hates heights. Greg leaves. Then Scout walks in with Drew. He thanks her for helping him. 

Nina calls Sonny to tell him Charlotte is going to be ok 

They found a can of red spray paint in Charlotte's backpack

Monday, November 6, 2023

Wasted Time


Finn and Liz are home, working at GH saying how quiet it is. DUN DUN DUN

Crew make out in Kelly's. He happy to be out of prison. Carly tells him about the Judge Kim thing she and Alexis did. Drew calls Carly his hero. Carly's mad he got 6 months probation "how dare they"! She's insufferable. 

Brook Lyn is dressed as a ref and Chase as a football player. He got home too late to do candy. They talk about NOTHING. 

Laura got up with baby Ace (who looks new). Esme wonders why she's so nice to her. Laura says she's family, she loves her yada yada. Gross. Esme says she has to leave Laura's house. "it's too small here". Laura says they can make it work but wonders if it's due more to Spencer being there. She wants to live above Kelly's and Laura will help pay rent because "she's family"

Danny tells Sam and Dante that Jake and Char are missing. He talks about her changing costumes. They ask about the Tarot cards. He says she learned them in boarding school. Dante gets a call from the PCPD even though he's on LEAVE and they tell him about the shooting at Maxie's old place. After he's gone, Danny and Sam sit and talk about Charlotte and what happened. She's concerned about her. 

We repeat the shooting but Jake runs in yelling Charlotte. Anna lifts her hood and sees her face. Checks her pulse. Anna switches to medical/police mode. Tells him to call 911. Remains calm. Jake asks why she shot her. Then Valentin comes in, freaks out. They go to the hospital. Dante talks to Anna who loses it "I discharged my weapon on a child"...Finola was magnificent in that scene. 

Charlotte goes to the hospital to be operated on. Valentin is so upset "Why Anna Why" he asks. Jake is talking to Liz--- he wants to know if Charlotte will be ok. Anna is so upset and Valentin is asking her why. Anna says it was an accident and it was dark. He says "I can't DO THIS NOW". Dante takes Anna to the station. 

TODAY'S SHOW WAS SOOOOOOOOO FILLED with other crap it really KILLED the Charlotte shooting. IT was AWFUL. 

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Trick or Creeping


Well, at least we have something to talk about after Friday's show! I was wondering if the week was going to produce anything but endless conversations about.. nothing. For a Halloween week, it was dull, dull dull. 

I also want to say what a tough week it was because of the news about Tyler. So many tributes out there from all of his coworkers. He was so loved.  Watching his old early clips, you can see what a star he was. I encourage you to search out some of his videos on You Tube. Amazing actor. 

With that said, get some of your old candy from Halloween and settle in. Forget the world for a bit. 

Friday, November 3, 2023


 Alexis is visiting Molly. Krissy comes over. Alexis wonders why they are being so nice to each other. They say they "ironed things out" (off camera I guess).  They eat Chinese takeout. Then talk about baby names. 

Carly and Sam visit. Sam was concerned about her friend and wanted to come back and check on her. They clean up. Talk about Drew, Judge Kim and Scout. Then they talk about Nina and Sonny. SO much talking. Sam leaves. OH ! Later, Drew comes in the door. "Is it really you"? says Carly. Then they kiss. 

Willow has a dream about Harmony who says "Willow, you can't"... Michael asks about it. She says she's dreaming about Harmony again. She says it's a warning but isn't sure what the warning is about. She thinks someone is lying to her. Michael flashes back to his convo with Nina. Willow really wants to go to Montreal 

Valentin drops the kids off with a warning. He's like a policeman "FLASHLIGHT! BE SAFE! STICK TO THE ROUTE"! Later we see Charlotte rifling through her backpack. Then she puts on an all black cape outfit and ditches the kids. Jake freaks out. Charlotte goes to Anna's place, looks in the trunk and flashes back to Victor's letter. 

Georgie and Danny go to Valentin and say Charlotte is missing and Jake went after him. 

Anna finds the file she's looking for. Says "Of course it's you, you smarmy bastard". She calls Robert and is going to his office to show him. She takes her gun, locks the apartment. Anna shows Robert the file. Some guy named Forseyth is in there and he knows that Anna KNOWS. (I swear that's what she said---so BIZARRE). She thinks that guy is after her and burned her house down to get some file she has about some 'incident'. 

KevLar have wine. Ace and Esme are asleep Esme is tired from Ace teething. Spencer is still out with Trina, probably on the desk at The Gallery LOL. Laura asks about Charlotte's session. He says that he can't say much but she is protective of her father. When she protects him, she protects herself. 


WELP! Anna shoots Charlotte! She thought she had a gun but it was the flashlight that went out. 

Thursday, November 2, 2023



It feels like a Friday! I swear!! EESH-- Not even trying to rush the week but it's scary. LOL. 

Anna's going through her trunk to find clues about the WSB past. Felicia comes over and gives her a housewarming gift. It's a Union Jack mug. They talk about Felicia's slip up at the hospital. 

Charlotte is on the porch at home, looking at Anna's keys and Valentin comes out and asks her what she's doing. She says getting ready for her guests. They come over: Rocco, Jake and Georgie. Sam drops them off and mentions Kelly's party. The kids are like: Too lame, we don't want to go. Then, Charlotte dresses like a cheerleader and Valentin is all "I wasn't expecting that". The kids made a big deal she has a backpack with her. 

Kelly's is hopping with kids. Michael gives Nina a stink face when she comes in. Sonny and her brought Scout and Donna. James is a cowboy. Donna is BoPeep. Scout is a scarecrow. Aidan is taller than Sonny. There's going to be a game of cornhole. Wiley wants Nina on his team. Michael gives more stink eye. LOL GEESH

Nina and Sonny tell James they will take him on the private jet. He didn't believe Wiley that they had one. They decide to take Wiley and James to Canada's biodome. Willow asks Nina to go too. Michael gives her the mean-eyeballs and shakes his head no. HAHAHA It's so stupid. Nina says she's too busy. 

WE WATCH A GAME OF CORNHOLE. Michael is mad when Wiley hugs Nina when they win. 

Maxie goes on an errand. Wants Carly to watch James. 

Sasha is back in her apartment--?? Ok, whatever. Cody comes to the door dressed as.. a Cowboy. He has candy for her to give out. She says no trick or treaters come to her door. He says "I'll be right back". He went to the dollar store to get decorations for her door. Weird. Oh and a witches hat for her. 

Oh Maxie's errand was to see Sasha. She says Tracey wants her to be the Face. Sasha's happy because she has no money after Gladys fleeced her. 

Spencer and Trina go to a frat Halloween party as the wolf and Little Red Ridinghood. Joss is staying home because Dex can't go out. Adam is skulking around the hall. She says What's wrong ?? He says he only got a 92 on the chem exam and his parents will freak out. He needs more to get into the medical schools they want. He has panic attacks about telling them his grades. Then Dex texts and he and JOss are going out. Joss is a sexy Alice. Adam watches them leave. 

Sprina end up in THE GALLERY?????? HUH? They are going to dance. IN THE art GALLERY on Halloween night. Bizarre. 

Dex and Joss come back to the dorm because the police came to the party. Adam says hi and then they close the door in his face. 


Adam obsesses over his grades and starts self-harming and pulling out his hair

Jake sees Charlotte with the keys. 

That was probably the worst Halloween on GH I've seen. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Pumpkin Bars

Two of the best actors in GH history--together in a great scene. 

I honestly didn't know if I would blog today. Just so sad but I decided we all need a little diversion and what better way than celebrating our show. 


Leo is dressed at Einstein. HE and Lois play a math guessing game--they are math geeks. Then Leo leaves and Lois tells Eddie how great that kid is. Eddie has FLASHBACKS to him being on the Brooklyn Bridge with Lois! Back when we had a budget for real location shoots! 

Ned sings in the kitchen.. Lois goes to listen. "Ya still got it, Eddie".

Tracey and Brook snipe at each other. Yada yada, Deception. It's so tedious. Tracey only wants the best for Brook. 

Cyrus goes to visit Carly at Kelly's (which is closed right now). She's not happy. He wants a JOB as a cook! ahahaha. She says get lost. He says he remembers her wearing that white dress to the meeting they had when she ran the mob. She tells him to leave and never come back. Later Avery and Ava come in. Avery is a mermaid...she decorates a cookie.  Carly finds out Ava's selling Wyndemere. She's surprised. 

Anna goes to Valentin's. Charlotte wants her to try some of her baked goods. Valentin looks scared LOL. Anna tells them she's moving into Maxie's apartment. Charlotte is happy she has her own place. Charlotte's pumpkin cookies are great but she burns the next batch and the oven catches fire LOL. 
Then we jump to GH and Charlotte goes to see Kevin. Kevin wonders if Charlotte is ready to talk. She asks if he'll tell her papa everything. He says general stuff but not specifics. She starts talking about boarding school. Then they are done! 

Robert and Scotty are arguing in his office. Diane listens. Then comes in and tells Scott to leave. Scott calls Scotty Crocodile Dun Dee. Scott leaves. Diane invites Robert to a black tie event but won't say where it is. He's all excited and goes to order a tux. Then Anna comes in. She wants help moving. 
They show up outside Maxie's...carrying a giant trunk. Anna says Robin had it in her storage since she's moved. Now she can't find her key to get into the place. The super lets her in and she has to get a copy. 

Lucy meets with Ava at the coffee corner and Lucy says someone wants to buy Wyndemere. Ava wants to know who it is. Lucy says an LLC --Ava tells her they'll have to put up all the money upfront or she's not selling. Ava leaves. 
Scotty comes in and Lucy wants him to get her out of the deal she made with Tracey. Scott says there's no way. 

Charlotte has Anna's key...smiles.

Kevin makes notes on Charlotte and basically says she has an unhealthy relationship with Valentin LOL 


Before You Can Kiss A Baby

  GUESS WHO!  It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!!  Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw wee...