Thursday, November 9, 2023

White Lips

 UGH my good ol' trusty Dell laptop is crapping out badly so I'm borrowing one from work. You know what it's like with a new keyboard! LOL ... I'M A MESS!! 

BTW, I can't believe it but I'm GONE tomorrow during GH. Going to a wedding--which should be fun. OUTDOORS in NOVEMBER lol. But I think I'll miss the Anna/Valentin show down! Damn it. 



Felicia and Stella have coffee in the corner place. Felicia is so upset about Anna. She tells Stella about it. She feels guilty because she told Anna to move into the apartment and it wouldn't have happened unless she did that. Stella is like NO IT"S NOT your FAULT. Stella tries to make Fe feel better. Now they are talking about Curtis. Cripes. Stella also says she found a man in England when she visited her sister. They fell in love and he proposed. She said no because her heart is in PC and she'd have to move to London to marry him. 

Laura tells Spencer about Charlotte. He's upset and wonders why Anna would shoot her. Laura says she's not sure but they'll find out. Spencer says he's channeling all his anger towards his father into taking care of Ace. Esme flounces in and sits (they are at the Metro) and says she has fantastic news. She found a great apartment and if Laura helps her she can swing it. Spencer is like ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Esme says too bad, I'm his mother. She leaves. Spencer is mad a Laura for agreeing to help Esme. 

Valentin and Nina are at Char's bedside and she opens her eyes. Charlotte is happy Nina and Valentin are together. She says she remembers going trick or treating and then Anna shot her. Nina says it was an accident and she thought Char was in intruder. Charlotte wants to know what Anna told Papa. He says he hasn't had a chance to talk to her yet. Charlotte wants to tell them what happened herself. She says she FOUND THE KEY! and was returning it to Anna and was going to leave a note!!! BUT.. later in the hall, Valentin tells Nina he knows she was lying about everything. Nina leaves. 

Sonny tells Anna not to go talk to Valentin just yet. Says he might not be able to accept her explanation right now. Dante comes in. Anna wants to know if she's being arrested. He said no, he's going to tell her about the backpack contents! He first wants to know how Charlotte got in. SO FAR she's not remembering she lost the key. LORDY. Dante tells Anna there was a key in Char's backpack and did she lose it? She says yes and showed it to Valentin and Charlotte before she left. DUN DUN DUN. THEN Dante tells Anna about finding the SPRAY PAINT!! Sonny thinks any kid could have it on Halloween. Annas thinks the WSB guy is using Charlotte to get to her and leaves to go talk to Valentin at GH . 

Sasha is getting her photo shoot with Salvatore. He calls her "Sachet" LOL.. Anyway he says he's not working with a 'druggy". Maxie tries to tell him that's not her anymore but he wants to hear it from "Sachet" herself.  I guess he accepted her because they are shooting. Cody comes along and says he has a baby Alpaca to put in the photos. I don't like Sasha's dress. Cody just stands there gaping at her like a doofus. He finally brings out a baby alpaca and they stand and pet it. The photographer starts taking pics of both Sasha and Cody together. Maxie is like: Um NO. He says they look good together. 

Olivia finds Eddie's clothes at the boathouse--and realizes he jumped in the water. SHE JUMPS IN AFTER HIM! They swim around for awhile. Keep swimming. Short clips. He gets caught on a log and starts to remember his old life. Olivia goes back under.. this is so long. Olivia finally finds Ned. She tries to get him free. Then she show ends. They are still under there. 

Lois and Brook talk about Lois going back home. Brook says she'll miss her and might want her to stay. They talk about the past. Lois jumping out of the cake at Ned and Katherine's engagement party, yada yada. She also thinks that Brook should take Tracey's offer of Deception. Lois also says that Brook could just take the company and give it back to Lucy and Maxie. "Take care of the Queen (Tracey) from inside the castle" 

Lois is going to stay and help Brook with Deception 

Cody and Sasha are having their photo shoot and even Maxie likes it

Anna gets to GH and sees Valentin 



  1. I truly think the showdown will last Friday and Monday-----scenes are so short/previews are misleading --------------------------HOWEVER I HOPE Charlotte DOES tell Laura everything about Uncle Vic-tah...
    -----Nina shut up "let her rest" so the saving grace was Valentin KNOWING Charlotte is lying...
    -----pretty sure Nina ain't gonna want Anna staying with them another night LOL
    -----I was wrong - I really thought Eddie was gonna see Nina but I guess Olivia saves him and his memory returns but pretty sure the Nina part ain't coming out yet.
    ------Sasha/Cody were so cute - now I needed the Alpaca to turn its head more but it's so pretty
    -----I have no clue why Felicia was on my nerves but the only reason I can think of that Stella told her England story is lying the ground work for Vernee to go back filming Bob Hearts Abishola (great show)
    -----WSB agent didn't recruit Charlotte - Vic-tah did
    -----I SOOOOOOOOOOO want Ace NOT to be a Cassadine......spoiled brat Spencer

  2. Fashion shoot? Horrible, ill fitting dress. Sasha is beautiful but this was all wrong. Baby alpaca is too adorable!
    Guess we can expect someone named George to show up soon. Auntie Stella looked so pretty today. Wow....Felicia was annoying. All her fault? That was not needed.
    So glad Lois is staying for a while.
    Looks like Olivia and Ned/Ed are in a fishbowl with all those fishbowl plants. It is about time for Ned to come back.

    1. fashion agree and I still don't like Maxie's wardrobe.

    2. Agree. She actually looks okay for this but on Halloween, lasting over a week, she had on a beige/white gingham summer top. So weird.

  3. Central Perk:

    Stella and Felicia: Oh Felicia it's not your fault that Charlie got shot! The writers have gotten Stella to call Felicia child! GAHHHHHHHH! Whoa! Stella in wuv with a man from England? :D No no no Stella! You are going to sacrifice your life AGAIN?! NO NO NO! MARRY HIM! He can move to the states!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Spencer, Laura, and Vampira: YOU TELL HIM VAMPIRA!!! YOU are his mother! You get to decide what is best for Ace!!!


    Q home:

    Brooky and Lois: Chase said the same thing Lois!!!! Trick that snake and cut her head off! :)

    The hospital:

    V.C., Nina, and Charlie:

    Charlie: Is that what she told you?

    Oh oh Charlie is going to lie isn't she? YUP SHE IS!!! You are not going to believe her are you V.C.?!?!!

    V.C. and Nina: Whew! Glad he didn't believe Charlie.. Geez Nina when can V.C. deal with the lies? In a year?

    Nison's home:

    Sonny, Anna, and Dante: Oh come on Anna! You are not being arrested. You were in your own home!!! This is so stupid.

    Photo shoot:

    Salvatore and Maxie: I love this guy!!! He is so realistic! I love that he called Sasha, Sashet!!! :) Maxie wins the line of the day!

    Maxie: The lamb I booked got laryngitis.

    WHAT?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What does a lamb who has laryngitis sound like? :)

    Salvatore, Maxie, Sashet, Cowboy Cody, and baby alpaca: Salvatore told Sashet to be friends with the camera? I am surprised he didn't say, make love to the camera! :) Baby Alpaca so adorable!!!!!! :D Oh oh Cowboy Cody falling in wuv with Sashet!

    Boathouse water: Great shot of the water and seaweeds!! :) Very frustrating that these scenes were cut off! Editing is so bad.

    Vampire Eddie Maine and Olivia: Oh oh he is stuck on the seaweed!!!! He is out!!! Olivia help!!!!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to June 5th 1997* Sonny has a talk with Dorman! :) It was glorious!!!! Sonny was scary back then!! And his men were scary too!

    1. lol I thought she said llama.

    2. "Di says, lol I thought she said llama."

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I wonder what a llama with laryngitis sounds like!!! :)

    3. like a little horse. hahahaha

    4. "Di says, like a little horse. hahahaha"

      OH DI!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Facepalm* ROFLMAOPMP!

  4. Looks like Ned is swimming in a tropical lake. In New York. In November.

    1. **Lake, ocean, pool....whatever - still crazy.

  5. They really made Charlotte look like death in that pic.

    1. YES and so funny the actress posted a pic on Instagram of how bad she looked!


    Ned's rescue:


    Ned: I'm not Eddie. I'm Ned.

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WOOT WOOT!!!! Ned remembers EVERYTHING! Mom and dad are back!!!! :D No Olivia he is not interested in Lois!! Ned is back! He is acting like himself!!! YAY! :D

    Ned: I guess I needed Lois's no nonsense bullying.

    HUH?! WHAT?! Lois didn't bully you Ned!!! She was helping you! GAH! I really can't wait to get our writers back! I can't stand the scrub's dialog that they write!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Curtis and Drew: Curtis and his guilt feels over not visiting Drew in jail! They are besties! Gonna watch a game together!!! :D Great scene!

    Alexis, Krissy, and Blaze: Ooooo a collaboration!!! I like it! Yes! Tell your story Blaze!!! Get interviewed by Alexis!!!!

    Alexis and Krissy: Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: She likes you.

    ROFL! Yes Blaze does like Krissy! :) I would like Krissy and Blaze together! :)

    Curtis, Drew, and Alexis: Curtis liked what Alexis did for his bestie Drew! :D

    Dex's home:

    Jex and Sprina: Spencer! Stop yelling at Trina! She did not say she is happy that Ace will be out of your life! Ace WON'T be out of your life! He is your brother!!! GAH! She isn't going to make you choose Spencer! STOP IT! Oh oh is Sprina over?

    The hospital:

    Vanna: Well I am glad V.C. told her the truth! She slapped the crap out of him! :D Now I don't normally like slapping, but V.C. was keeping the truth from Anna, so I don't blame her! She says she will never forgive him.. Oh oh Vanna is over.

    Laura and Charlie: I am so glad Charlie told Laura the truth! Well, with a little bit of lie. Anna did not shoot Charlie on purpose! Unless Charlie really thinks Anna tried to kill her on purpose. Man Charlie is so brainwashed from Victor!!!!

    Anna and Laura: Anna wants to see Charlie, but Laura won't let her and tells her that Charlie is afraid of her. V.C. was there too and overheard.

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to June 1997* Dorman's body is found by Carly, and then Jason shows up. Emily is in a state.

    1. I thought it was a great show too. And things are still moving quickly.

      I loved that Trina also called Spencer out on his notion that he should be the one calling the shots for Ace. If he starts getting nasty and trys to stop Esme and Ace from having a home together wihout him, he may end up with a restraining order against him. My biggest fear is that he'll take Ace and go into hiding, perpetuating the broken broken bonds in the Cassadine family.

      I liked Drew and Curtis scenes too.

      I'm so glad Valentine and Laura know the truth about Charlotte, and that Val told Anna the truth too. I loved Anna's reaction. He let her suffer like that and as a result he caused the tradegy that ensued. I guess they're going to break them up for sure. (I can see Nina sneaking in to consol him)

      Charlotte is going to need a lot of help. Only down side is that she's gotten her way and Anna is gone.

    2. "Di says says, things are still moving quickly."

      Yes!! Can't wait until Nina's lies spill out, so that everyone knows!

      "I loved that Trina also called Spencer out on his notion that he should be the one calling the shots for Ace. If he starts getting nasty and trys to stop Esme and Ace from having a home together wihout him, he may end up with a restraining order against him."

      I know!!! Snap out of it Spencer!

      "My biggest fear is that he'll take Ace and go into hiding, perpetuating the broken broken bonds in the Cassadine family."

      Ohhhhh! Maybe that is how he leaves the show temporarily to do another show. Hmmm.

      "I liked Drew and Curtis scenes too."

      I wonder if they are going to show them watching the game. :)

      "I loved Anna's reaction."

      Finola Hughes was fantastic! She better win an emmy!!!!

      "He let her suffer like that and as a result he caused the tradegy that ensued. I guess they're going to break them up for sure. (I can see Nina sneaking in to consol him)"

      Yeah I can see ValeNina back together.

      "Charlotte is going to need a lot of help. Only down side is that she's gotten her way and Anna is gone."

      Victor brainwashing Charlotte worked!!!!

  7. Ned and Olivia are GREAT, but they are breaking up every other couple. And, WHY would everyone blame Anna for shooting Charlotte; even Laura. SO, SO Stupid..........

    1. Laura doesn't know about all the stalking at least I didn't think she did. Charlotte is her granddaughter so I think most folks would be act that way if it's one of their own.

    2. yes Valentin told her everything

  8. well Vanna and Sprina are gone but I'm okay with it. Finola was fantastic -
    ----can't stand Spence - I think Dex has some kind of secret because of the way he took Spence's side and talked about divorce - did we ever know his parents?
    -----I still think Blaze is bad news and she is using Kristina that will have something to do with Sonny.
    -------at least Charlotte told Laura so maybe we can start wrapping up this story - wondering if Val and Charlotte are leaving the show?
    -----ALTHOUGH Val and Nina together is more likely - between Nina lying about Charlotte and Drew, Sonny ain't gonna forgive.
    -----I feel bad I thought the water scenes were CGI but I saw the post on GH and Wally site with the pics of the divers who helped them with the 4 1/2 hours filming
    ---I think Ned will go to nina to 'talk'and forget he was on his way to TALK with Drew ----I just don't see him spilling the beans yet.
    great show today!

    1. I agree great show... loved the Ned & Olivia scenes minus the finding nemo scenes.

    2. I liked the water scenes. Nice change of pace.And I appreciated the hours of work that the actors had to put into it.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Today was Olivia and Ned's day. Finally he is back. Even though kind of wild at least it was different and totally unexpected.
    FH was really good and hopefully Anna will come back strong eventually.
    Blaze gets up to make a quick call. Odd. I agree with mufasa. Something off there.
    Maybe Kevin should explain to Spencer the difference between a brother and a father. He just doesn't get it. Plus he's a spoiled brat.

  10. I don't like how Spencer fights dirty and mean with his words, tone of voice, and body language. Comes off borderline abusive and everyone becomes defensive. I'm not sure if that's the actor or how they are directing him. He's wonderful it just seems a bit much sometimes. There was no reasons to shout at Trina.

    1. The actor is following the director's instructions. That's the scene and the reaction that they wanted. He plays a spoiled entitled brat .

  11. Great show yesterday? Did Ned shave while he was underwater? Much more beard when he dived in, LOL.

    1. I thought I was the only one who noticed. It's these kinds of oversights that make GH sloppy. IMO.

    2. I posted this comment on X and Wally K reposted, so it must be true, LOL.


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