Sunday, November 12, 2023

Sunday Surgery: The Big Lie


A TON happened this week but it was so chopped up into TINY LITTLE short short scenes and it took away so much from the drama. Thursday and Friday were perfect examples. Good stuff, great acting but the jumping made me crazy. 

Get ready to have some breakfast because this could be a long one people!!  

First of all-- DO WE HAVE THE BEST ACTORS EVER ON THIS SHOW? Damn right we do. Wow... so many powerhouse performances. Such a delight to watch every one of them. :clapping:

MERMAN OF THE WEEK: Let's start with the Eddie-Neddie transformation, shall we? After not completing his song, Lois tells Eddie to literally get into the water to finish it. SO? What does he do? Jumps into Lake Ontario in November! Who wouldn't right?? Olivia goes looking for him and in the most chopped up scenes in the history of TV (lasting over 2 days in 3 second segments), she rescues him. Drags him to the beach like Ariel and breathes life back into him. When he explains, it basically came down to Ned having a mid life crisis. Boom. Done. 

THE BIG STORY OF THE WEEK: Was of course, Char getting shot by Anna. There were so many good scenes in this I can't pick just one. Finola Hughes was masterful throughout the entire story. I SO WISH we could have gotten a nice flow to the story and where it was the main thing being told. Alas, that didn't happen and over the week it unfolded piece by slow piece. Danny talks to Dante and Sam... Jake is traumatized and everyone gathers at GH to find out if she's going to make it. Of course she does and that's when the real drama begins. 

SO MANY THINGS OF THE WEEK (CHAR STORY):  There are so many parts to this wheel it's going to take a bit. (Sit back...) First of all the Nina/Valentin connection was strong and you could see everything unfolding. He'll be rejected by Anna, Sonny will find out about the SEC and ...welp!! THAT writes itself. 

PART 2 (CHAR STORY): While Valentin is admitting to Anna that he kept Charlotte's stalking a secret, she is confessing to Grandma that Uncle Victor came to her school and told her that Anna was a double agent and would kill Valentin. I SO WISH they had had a flashback with him (Filmed now of course) DOING THIS!! It would have been so great!! Instead we see her read a few pages of a letter and do tarot cards for a hot minute. Not enough build up for me. Nope.

PART 3 (CHAR STORY), STAIRWELL EDITION:  It finally came out. Valentin admitted he kept everything from Anna. "To protect my daughter" he says. Anna cries "What about ME"? Baffling he'd keep that from her (other than this is a soap and, you know.. secrets)--and look stunned when she smacked him. Those scenes were SO GOOD, you must find them on YouTube or Hulu (they were Friday) if you can. Anna's angst and anger and regret AND guilt were all just on full display. When she went to go try to talk to Charlotte and Laura stopped her, it was so heartbreaking. Laura said "She's afraid of you".. and ah, so sad. Victor's tenacles just reached so far, even after his death.  

CHAR STORY (SIDE NOTE): Interestingly enough, Anna stayed in Sonny's guest room after shooting Charlotte. Nina was asleep and didn't even know about it until the next morning. Is it me, or are those two having an AWFUL LOTTA SCENES TOGETHER LATELY??? 

SNOTTY SPENCER IS BACK OF THE WEEK: Oh boy!! Was he PISSED OFF!! Why? His grandmother is going to help Esme move out of their house into her own place. Spencer is LIVID because he HAS to be by Ace all the time!! When he tells Trina about the move she's happy. He goes full on ballistic about the fact she doesn't understand his need to be around Ace 24-7. BOTH Laura and Trina remind him that Ace isn't his son, he's his brother. In true Cassadine Obsession, he tells Tri that he'd pick Ace over her any day. BLOOP!!! Joss and Dex kinda stand there (Dex backs him up) and... Trina storms off. I think with the actor's strike over, Nick can go film his mini-series now!! PS. #TeamTrina on this one. 

LEAVING, NOT LEAVING OF THE WEEK:  Well, Tracey just up and leaves one day to "take care of Luke's affairs" about 2  years after he was killed off. (don't ask because I don't know). There was a bittersweet Bobbie mention about her going as well. Sad. Then, Lois was going to be leaving but Brook talked her into staying! Yeah. I like her and I think there's a place for her in the show. Don't ask me just what yet but... maybe at the nail salon LOL.  Note: I do not know when Jane will be back. She came back to get her SAG up to date and I'm just not sure if she's taking a short break or what. Different sources are saying different things. 

ALPACA OF THE WEEK:  Well, let's see. Sasha is doing photo shoot with the famous Salvatore for the spring. Salvatore doesn't want to work with diva druggies but finally decides to take pictures of "Sachet" and an Alpaca that Cody brings in. What follows is a cheesy 1943 style (yes, the 40'S LOL) set of scenes with Cody mooning over Sasha. The photog thinks they look magnificent together and.. well. Gross. The alpaca was cute tho! 

AVA FACTOR OF THE WEEK:  It got a bit buried but Ava and Sonny talked about Austin. Sonny found out about the Mason/Cyrus tie and Austin going to Pentonville. This makes Ava doubt if Austin is telling the truth. Also going along with this is that Chase questioned Mason and Austin. Austin says he doesn't know Mason well then is shown blabbing away to him while Chase watches. WHY Mason is still alive is a huge mystery to me. 

INSERTS OF THE WEEK: I'm grouping these weird scenes together because they were just thrown in willy-nilly. Curtis talks to the rehab guy about resilience and then Drew about being out of prison. Drew tells them they are "Brother Forged in Battle" and I just sat laughing. We also had a scene with Stella and Felicia (why they weren't at the hospital is bizarre, especially since the Charlotte stuff was happening). The big take away there is that Stella met "Charles" in England and fell in love. BUT! She can't move there because he heart is in Port Charles. Hmmm. will he show up?


YES, EVEN MORE INSERTS OF THE WEEK:  So, Laura goes to see Alexis about Charlotte which at LEAST some other Cassadine action happened. Then Alexis found out about Blaze's sexual harassment story and agreed to write it. By the way, on Friday's show the editing with Alexis going from table to table about TOOK ME OUT! LOL Also, it would have been nice if they would have started with "Your cousin is out of surgery and we should go visit her soon" or SOMETHING. :eyeroll: 


Jake is traumatized by Charlotte's shooting. All the kids are getting therapy 

Anna thinks it's the WSB agent terrorizing her; Val explains that it's Charlotte

Charlotte tells Laura it was Uncle Victor that convinced her Anna was going to kill her papa

Laura agrees to help Esme get her own place; Spencer blows up. Trina has had it 

Curtis has a new lease on life and his BRO is out of jail! 

Lois inspires Eddie to finish the "Siren" song and he jumps in the lake. Olivia saves him

Ned's memory returns

After a talk with Brook, Lois decides to stay in Port Charles for awhile. 

Tracey goes with Bobbie to Amsterdam to put Luke's affairs in order

Sasha has her first photo shoot since the breakdown; Cody is there along side her 

Alexis meets Blaze and they decide to write a sexual harassment in the Music Biz piece together

Stella has a love she left behind in London 

Chase realizes something is up between Chase and Austin

Sonny tells Ava about Austin/Mason/Cyrus and Pentonville. 

Kristina Wagner tweet INSERT : Kristina Wagner tweeted John York with his medical team. He will be receiving chemotherapy to get ready for his marrow transplant Nov. 17th. Keep good thoughts for him! 

So having this story start in the water and wrap in the water was a win for me. November in Lake Ontario? A stretch. Having it broken into tiny tiny pieces? Unforgivable. UGH. Anyway, that story is over. Now will Nina get outted by Ned? Another story "solved" is the Anna stalking as Val finally comes clean. Are they trying to give Chris and Dan a blank slate when they come back? Sad to see Jane Elliot go, even for a bit because she's such a light! Glad Lois is staying. The whole Esme thing is driving me insane and .. ugh, just have her move to Beecher's Corners. I wish the Davis' were more involved with the Cassadine story. One more thing I wanted to mention. When Tracey was leaving and they thought Lois was going as well, Olivia said "With Monica not in the house, it's going to be quiet". UM MONICA ISN'T IN THE HOUSE? Where is she ?? LOL. I hope this is one area they clean up with the writers are back. Either recast or have her move to Italy to live with Leslie. 

THAT'S IT! CHEERS! If you made it to the end, congrats!!!! 


  1. Thanks Karen.

    I don't even know what to say anymore. The acting is great, but the show is so so so terrible. The worst in my 45 years of watching on and off. :(

    1. I don't find it terrible.... maybe compared to decades ago. I will watch every day as long as I am seeing Liz, Laura & Kevin, Ana, Felicia, Ava & anyone, Sprina, Olivia & Ned, any of the kids, Deception, Valentin (although I will miss Vanna for sure), Scottie, Sonny, any of the Q's.

  2. You would never of known that Dante is Charlotte's step dad during this new storyline. Would be a good time to bring back Lulu.

  3. Finola Hughes needs to put Friday's scenes on a nomination roll for the Daytime Emmys. What a helluva performance!

    There are so many good actors (and characters) on the show, but the writing and the editing are a mess. I really wish ABC/Disney would clean huse behind the camera.

    1. Agreed Kevin; Finola Hughes deserves that Emmy and then some for her acting skills. Wow.

    2. She was amazing. Nice to come in and read some positive posts as opposed to those who come in just to pee in the pool. I found most of the show entertaining and moving forward quickly.

      I was thinking that Wally looks like a man who would shave several times a day if he's on set and tey filmed that part for many hours. Maybe they posted the scenes out of order.

  4. Another great SS! Honestly, the show sounds much better when you write about it. Thanks!
    Lots came out this week but as Karen bits and pieces. If they just watched the show, and/or cared they might attempt to fix the little things, like Ned shaving while he was drowning. This plus a huge lack of continuity makes GH look amateur. There is no excuse when you have such a talented cast.

  5. SO many possibilities that I hope the writers don't screw it up:
    -----Anna is in shock but she WILL remember "I asked Nina to delete the video"....
    -----people angry/hate Val and Nina also will include Olivia since Nina was on OLIVIA'S computer and did something against the law in destroying evidence................Robert's anger goes without saying................SONNY mad at NINA for helping Val and hurting Anna.......Felicia and Mac angry and I want ANNA to tell SONNY in front of NINA that Nina knew --------------great acting outta those scenes hopefully
    -----the wild card is Laura - she and Kevin know what Laura did so not sure Anna can forgive her and will Laura take Charlotte's side? I think the last scene was misleading in that Laura just simply stated "Charlotte is afraid of you -she thinks you tried to kill her"....cause the rest of the story has to be told.........Vic-tah....
    -----I hope Emma comes to visit - know Robin won't.
    ----still think Blaze has an agenda and is gonna target Sonny through Kristina.
    ------didn't read anything about Ned remembering Nina and spilling the beans but maybe he goes to Nina first? 2 more weeks of November sweeps.
    -----first week in November saw Sprina and Vanna die.....

  6. ----just read that Ned DOES remember about Nina and tells Olivia and she urges him to let it go.............which makes NO sense even with Nina and Sonny married -----since Carly is her best friend BUT I guess Carly finding out Olivia also knew is good fireworks!

    1. As time passes I wonder about the importance of the SEC SECret. lol Honestly, Nina has done much worse. It will all probably fizzle anyway.

    2. Let it go! No one let it go when they thought it was him.

    3. They did break the law but this is a soap with everyone killing people, lying, cheating. I guess it's nothing.


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