Wednesday, November 29, 2023



Guess What? I had to take ANOTHER MEETING TOMORROW at BOO ON ME for missing another "live" day!!

Sonny tells Ava that Austin is dead. He wonders if she did it. She's like NO I don't even know how he died. Sonny tells her he was shot. They talk and blab and yada yada. Say nothing really other than people will suspect her. 

At the PCPD, Dante talks to Det. Brisco who wonders if Dante has a conflict of interest with the case due to him shooting Mason in the same place. Then he asks about family other than Mason and they say the Q family but they aren't close. Dante says Ava Jerome was close to him.  Chase ends up talking to Brisco and Dante about when Austin was found by a neighbor. He's been dead 24-48 hours PRIOR to Thanksgiving. 

Dante goes in to see Mason. Mason freaks out "YOU SHOT ME"! Dante tells him Austin was murdered. 

Lois, Gloria and Yuri talk about solving the Russian Bingo thing. He's making a phone call. They tell Brook Lyn all about it. Then a big Russian guy comes in and Gloria WON'T APOLOGIZE. Then the guy says his nephew took trombone lessons from Yuri and he's doing a favor. Brook says that she is looking for brass players for Blaze's TOUR. He's happy and says he'll drop it but Gloria can't play Bingo anymore. She says ok, she'll stay out of that church. He leaves. 

Alexis forgot her phone at The PC Grille when she was there with Laura. She goes back to get it and sees Molly with The Secret Surrogate Agency in the corner. Lady leaves Molly with folders and Alexis comes over and sits down. Molly admits she's looking for a surrogate. Then she says TJ doesn't know about it. 

Maxie can't put together a desk she ordered for Georgie. Felicia is going to help her. Maxie tells Felicia about her credit card debt and only being able to pay off minimal payments. She over extended and even though the Deceptor is back, Deception went into debt and she won't get her money back soon. Felicia tries to give her money because 25% on credit card debt will bury her. 

Finn and Martin talk about his case. Then Dee Dee Clark comes in and Marty says Finn is done talking to the GH lawyer until the deposition. She leaves. Finn is happy that Marty is so forceful. Marty says "You are in a real pickle" 


Mason tells Dante that Ava Jerome would have killed Austin


  1. okay let's recap:
    -----story involving malpractice
    -----we got meditation suggestions earlier from Curtis, Jordan, and Marshall
    -----for 3 days, Gloria was involved in Russian Mob, but Brook Lynn hired a kid to play for Blaze on tour (course she has never heard him play)---what was the purpose of this???
    ----we got Drew trying to get Scout in private school
    -----NOW Maxie has too much credit card debt and Mac and Felicia are gonna bail her out.
    (Sidebar - that is TOTALLY realistic problem and I LOVED Felicia admitting that they need to liqidate their retirement assets)

    -----Ava clearly is gonna be the prime suspect and even though we KNOW Austin just walked in, said "What are you doing here" and was shot - I HOPE that someone didn't plant evidence that Ava did it.....

    1. Agree totally especially with the "WHAT IS HAPPENING...." question.
      Ava is acting weak and vulnerable lately. Sounds like another "A" name who was once a no nonsense, strong woman. Please no.

  2. okay me again
    WHAT IF Austin left a butt-load of money to MAXIE??????? Maybe that was why we had the I'm broke convo and that Maxie said let's think about it!
    THIS makes sense and I HOPE is true

    1. remember they were involved and Maxie broke it off----wasn't ready to move on - and he really cared about it...would be a great twist!
      I dunno - I just can't think of another reason Maxie talked about money problems and that she said let's think about it...

    2. Yes. Ok. Thanks for reminding me of that. Clever thinking! I hope you're right.

      Did you enjoy the Sonny/Ava scenes as much as I did?

    3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sonny and Ava's friendship and Sonny and Anna's friendship - even Ava and Carly getting a long!

  3. Karen another meeting tomorrow! Awwww. :(

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sonny and Ava: Nah Sonny! Ava didn't kill Pawtucket Holtster! Hmmm I guess Sonny didn't do it either. Who did it? I'm sure the Tribbles, Badger Bob, and Green beans are all huddled together talking about Pawtucket Holtster's death! I'm sure they all think the other did it. :)

    Police station:

    Detective Brisco and Dante: Dominic Zamprogna sounds like he has a cold.

    Detective Brisco, Dante and Chase: Be careful Brisco and Chase! You don't want Dante's cold!

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Molly and agency lady: Molly what are you doing?!

    Molly and Alexis: Yes Molly there IS hope, but you better talk to TJ about you meeting up with the agency lady. If you don't tell him, and he sees the file he will be so pissed!!

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and Felicia: Maxie what is the big deal about the desk? Just have someone help you with it. Geez Maxie acts like she is poor. It IS a realistic scene. NO FELICIA NO! NOT YOUR RETIREMENT NEST EGG!!!!! :0

    The hospital:

    Marty and Finchy: That poor tapeworm!!! It's being so disrespected!!! Geez maybe everyone had a tapeworm in them today.

    Marty, Finchy, and DeeDee: Maybe the tapeworm is so hurt and angry of being disrespected that he took it out on Pawtucket Holtster, and killed him.

    Dante and Mason Jar: WOW!!!! Mason Jar is still in the hospital?! I thought he was in jail by now!! Good to see him! :) He was missed. Mason Jar won the line of the day.

    Mason Jar: You are the cop that shot me, and for no good reason.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm going to miss him!

    Q mansion:

    Gloria, Lois, Brooky, Russian guy, and Yuri: Man Gloria is a stubborn old Italian lady! :) That Russian guy is so huge! I wonder if he has tribbles in his kitchen. :) Thank you Yuri for helping and thank you Brooky for helping too! :)

    Gloria, Lois, Brooky and Chase: Chase is so sweet to Gloria! :) Yeah good question Gloria! When ARE you and Brooky going to get married?! :D


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