Sunday, November 5, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Trick or Creeping


Well, at least we have something to talk about after Friday's show! I was wondering if the week was going to produce anything but endless conversations about.. nothing. For a Halloween week, it was dull, dull dull. 

I also want to say what a tough week it was because of the news about Tyler. So many tributes out there from all of his coworkers. He was so loved.  Watching his old early clips, you can see what a star he was. I encourage you to search out some of his videos on You Tube. Amazing actor. 

With that said, get some of your old candy from Halloween and settle in. Forget the world for a bit. 

MEMORY OF THE WEEK: Back when GH had a giant budget, they actually flew to NYC from LA and did an ariel shot from the Brooklyn Bridge. (Pre-DRONE!!). Eddie starts to remember a tiny bit of his life. Watching these two was so delightful. 

STUPID MOVE OF THE WEEK: OMG TJ, really? Did you REALLY stop Austin?? UGH. Oh, the other thing that happened is that Ava knows Nikolas is alive and that Austin might be involved. Their scene was so lack-luster and SO not a climax, I about forgot it. That was a HUGE reveal and... nothing burger. We basically just moved to to Ava dropping Avery off at Kelly's. 

OMG!! We are such besties now, I came to check on you TWICE! AND--I helped clean up!!

I know, right??? What did we talk about? 

I dunno... I think Drew and... Drew and maybe Scout for a second..

COOL! See you in 6 months!! 

OMG! Hi Valentin! Yes, I'm in my new Old Maxie Pad... and I'm so happy! Yes! I'm going to drag a trunk in here and find the answer to my mystery! Should be JOLLY GOOD FUN!! Be sure to tell Charlotte I said hello and happy Trick or Treating!! Hope she gets more treats than tricks!!! 

Now they're going to bed
And my stomach is sick
And it's all in my head
But she's touching his chest now
He takes off her dress now
Let me go
And I just can't look, it's killing me
And taking control

GIANT AIDAN OF THE WEEK: Oh my gosh, he's SO handsome--and I wonder if he and Jake will ever have scenes together!! Our little Aidan just sprouted! Where was he? Trapped at Kelly's with the kiddos--and  Princess Leia. What did they do? Decorated cookies and played CORN HOLE!! It was RIVETING!! 

HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF OF THE WEEK: Ok, these costumes were cute. Did we get to see the Frat Party that was raided? NO. Where did Sprina end up? AT THE ART GALLERY! Unless those paintings are coming to life and scaring the hell out of people, WHY WOULD YOU PUT THEM THERE?? Like most everything else this week, it was strange and weird. At least we were spared seeing Ace trick or treating. 


BEING CHARLOTTE OF THE WEEK: I'll try to break this down for you: She went to see Kevin and he got her number straight away: Over protective of Daddy and basically masking her entire feelings. Then, Charlotte convinces Valentin to let her go trick or treating with Danny, Georgie and Jake. BUT! She stole Anna's key to her new place. WHY? So she could change her costume into a hermit cloak and go in to find.... a trunk full of papers. What was she looking for? No clue. She knew Anna just moved in AND all of her stuff was burned to the ground so having her do this was just baffling. HOWEVER, it made for a GREAT Friday cliffhanger as Anna walks in, thinks the intruder has a gun and SHOOTS CHAR!! Oh! SO SOAPY!! eeekk!! 

WORST FATHER/PERSON OF THE YEAR: Did the virus Victor gave to Val kill his brain cells? He tells Martin, Nina and Laura about Charlotte. Oh! Kevin knows too because he's going to 'treat' her. BUT WHO DOESN'T HE TELL? ANNA! Anna's scared out of her damn mind and he doesn't clue her in. WHY? What could possibly be the reason? He doesn't want Anna to hate Charlotte? Well, that's stupid-- because she wouldn't. Does he think it would "hurt" Anna? How? The only reason was to lead up to her shooting Charlotte and that's a whole OTHER can of worms. While I appreciated the Victor/Tarot card connection and Charlotte being all "Cassadine" there were SO MANY other ways to write this story. *sigh*. So many. 

OH GAWD NO OF THE WEEK:  Yeah, Drew's out. Sad Horn. Can't wait. 

POTENTIAL SALE OF THE WEEK:  This coffee corner is used so much! LOL...Lucy tells Ava she may have a buyer for Wyndemere. An LLC company so they don't know the name. Ava says she'll take cash. Is it Nikolas or Cyrus? 

ADAM FACTOR OF THE WEEK: Ok, hear me out. I kinda like this sub-plot story. I think it's good to introduce another college character into the mix. Do I think the dialog needs TONS of work? Hell yes. HOWEVER, having a kid falling prey to pressures of grades and trying to get into med school could be interesting. We know Josslyn doesn't care ... lol but I think this could be an interesting side-story.  The self-harm angle is a goodie and I don't hate Joshua Benard at all. He's a good actor. So-- potential is there. Just get the writing tightened up. 


I'M SORRY OF THE WEEK:  In the laziest writing in the history of lazy, Finn and Liz are at the sink AGAIN...washing something AGAIN and Finn comes up behind her and...welp. I'm putting this in here NOT because it contributed to anything this week but because we wasted scene after scene in this cabin. .Painting. Apples. Maple Syrup references. *sigh* I swear, this could have been teenagers and it still would have been cringe-worthy. 


Kevin is concerned about Charlotte

Anna finds a file on Forsythe and it might be the key to her mystery

Charlotte steals a key to Anna's place, breaks in and Anna shoots her 

Cyrus continues his tour of apology, even asks Carly for a job

Eddie remembers parts of his wedding to Lois 

Lois and Leo are math geeks and love to play numbers games

Lucy wants to outsmart Tracey again 

TJ stops Austin from killing Mason

Laura tells Ava that Nikolas is alive. 

Blaze signs Brook Lyn's contract and they are working together as singer and manager

Adam freaks out when he gets a grade he doesn't like, pulls his hair out

Joss and Dex have sex

Sprina go to a party, dance at the Art Gallery

Michael doesn't like Nina having fun around Wiley 

Lois and Sonny catch up

Sasha decides to stay, Cody tries to cheer her up. 

Maxie tells Sashsa she's still "The Face"

Lucy tells Ava she may have a buyer for Wyndemere 

Alexis, Krissy and Molly eat Chinese take out and discuss baby names. 

That's it! This week was obviously filmed out of order and I think Halloween was just inserted whenever. Nothing really made much sense time-wise and I found myself so frustrated it was starting to really grate on my nerves. Nina and Ava haven't even had a scene after the wedding yet BUT we can get 99 clips of Cyrus wandering around town talking to people. Drew's out of jail in 3.4 seconds. Molly shows up to talk about baby names. The whole Charlotte story was told so poorly and so out of order with little or no build up I kept trying to make it better in my head. Not enough Victor controlling flashbacks. Anna acting weird. Valentin acting like some robot and not telling Anna about his concerns. Then insert some cornhole game!! I also want to punch Michael right in the face. 
That's all. 

SoapHub has a nice photo tribute to Tyler 


  1. Great SS! Still so incredibly sad about Tyler. I actually enjoyed the kids, especially Wiley and James. I really hate Michael but I like the new Molly - she fits in well. Lois and Leo were so cute. Lots of potential drama wasted though.

    1. I like the new Molly too--forgot to mention that!

    2. Gosh I really did too! Yay only took 4.

  2. Great SS as always. Always much better than the show lately. The news about Matthew Perry and Tyler is so sad. My husband and I are concerned about all the people who are in their 50's passing (other ages too, but we are in our 50's). This country needs to invest more in its people IMO (Old, young and in between). My daughter bought me a peppermint latte early on this Davlight Saving day. Everyone enjoy your Sunday!!!!!!!


    Tyler Christopher 2011


      Have some tissues handy

  4. I literally laughed out loud when you used lyrics from The Killers to describe the Joss/Dex/Adam scenes. Perfect! (Thank you, I needed some levity.)

    The week was mostly a mess. Why would Charlotte break into Anna's new apartment? It makes no sense unless she was going to vandalize the place. I still wish she was using Jake as her pawn with the tarot cards.

    I hope we seen mean Nina appear again and stick it to Michael.

    1. I swear that song just popped into my head when I watch that scene!! LOL

  5. Great and so funny SS! Thank you.
    Speaking of songs. All I can hear regarding 'poor' Charlotte is..."Poppa can you hear me?".
    Maybe a little shot in the arm, or wherever, will wake these fools up.
    Cyrus the wandering vagabond. No home, no friends, no story.
    Still wondering why they brought Nik back for that minute.
    Also why are they so hell bent on Finn and Liz? Nothing there, Nada.
    NuNuNuMolly fits in very well. Now if they would ditch the surrogate story and put her back to work.

    1. I watched 2 minutes of NuNuNuMolly with NuKristina and liked the 2 of them so far in the scene together

  6. NUNUNU Molly I liked but we all know (I think) Kristina will end up being the surrogate or the surrogate kidnaps the baby
    ----SO ALL spoilers say Finn gets devasting news - and I thought it was Gregory but now I don't know why Chase wouldn't be mentioned.
    -------STUPID that Valentin as others say didn't put live 360 on his DAUGHTER'S PHONE and search her room
    -------the other spoilers from everywhere is Lois' mom has a secret she tells Lois and Brook Lynn...........okay I HOPE it's juicy/Lois real father or a child she gave up for adoption....
    -------one comment on another site said Blaze is the daughter of Lorenzo and Skye (i.e. Luke called Skye Blaze.....) and that would go in line with I don't trust Blaze
    --------the other real spoiler is Ned has a fall and regains memory to a point.....
    --------stay with me - this is what I want:
    I want a party with EVERYONE there /Ned rushes in and remembers what Nina did and that Nina was there when he fell/ I want Ava to be a little drunk and when Nina denies it, Ava screams "give it up Nina you've been caught/I want Olivia screaming at Nina for knowing she saw Ned fall/then I want Carly to find out Michael knew and she screams at him and then Michael is mad and screams 'Give it up Mom - you also knew I hired Dex to work for Dad and destroy him/then Joss screams "michael what have you done - Sonny will kill Dex"
    and Sonny is standing there taking all of this in...and Drew is standing there knowing he coulda been killed....
    -----so many possibilities....
    -------Nina and Valentin coming up maybe?
    --------Love the Charlotte twist - now writers don't drag it out...
    GH theme song needs to be changed to



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