Monday, November 20, 2023

Sing me a song

No Austin today but

JOSS brings in ADAM to GH because he had like a panic attack I GUESS-- and Liz is there. They were in taking an exam and he had a panic attack and.. yada yada. He's ok but Joss doesn't think he is. He says he takes something to help him concentrate. She says THAT'S SPEED! He says it's prescription. They go back to the dorm. 

Terry and Liz talk about the lawsuit. Terry says she can't say anything. Liz says but Finn is your friend. Terry says she's co chief and has to be cool about all this. 

Trina gets ready for class and Spencer was sleeping outside her door and falls into the dorm room. He's sorry. REALLY SORRY. SORRY SORRY SORRY. Trina isn't so sure and wonders what his priorities are. She's not going to put herself last. Spencer says he understands and he knows he's Ace's brother, not father. He says it's ok if they move in together. He'll put Tri first.

Joss and Adam talk about taking the make up test while in the hallway. Adam thanks her for helping him. 

Finn goes to Alexis to find a lawyer she recommends for his job lawsuit. She says not to accept a GH lawyer because they'll throw him under the bus. Alexis says that the hospital will want to make him take the blame. She says get a good lawyer or he'll lose his career. She says Diane is the best lawyer but she's swamped. She's going to call just in case she can squeeze him in. Diane takes the case. 

Carly goes to the Metro and the hostess asks if the rumors are true--is she coming back? Then they talk about Drew being out. Nina walks by. They sit to talk about why Nina wants to sell. "Is it Willow" ? Carly asks. Nina says kind mend the family. Carly turns down the offer. 

Recording studio with Brook, Blaze and Krissy is there too. They are recording. Well, Blaze is. Blaze tells Kristina she doesn't want to tour because she's lonely.  Blaze goes in to sing and then Krissy gets a phone call about "her family". I guess she doesn't know about Molly yet? NOPE She goes to see Alexis ..

Ned goes to Aurora to talk to Michael. He says he has something to tell Drew about the SEC. He starts to tell Drew and then Michael gets a call from Australia and Ned figures out he's been doing business with ELQ stuff and he gets mad. He says he's president and even tho he was Eddie, he was there the whole time. Michael tells him the terms of the deal and Ned is still angry. He leaves without telling Drew about Nina. 


Blaze is singing

Kristina finds out Molly lost the baby 

PS there WILL BE A NEW GH ON THANKSGIVING DAY so says Nathan Varni. Well that's stupid, imo


  1. ----I bet Friday or Monday we see Austin dead. I am SHOCKED he is dead - they truly kept that a secret............he went from Jimmy Holt's son to wanting to be a Quartermaine to Maxie to a destroying of a character just to suffice a Cyrus storyline.....Cyrus wouldn't kill him cause he NEEDS Austin-------so either Nik or the drunk writers are gonna make up stuff again.
    ----Ned is ONCE AGAIN a jerk jerk jerk ------- I think at some point he will blackmail Michael with what he knows and I straight up want DREW GONE _ useless character.
    ----spoilers say MARTY takes over Finn's case?
    -----No way Spencer is giving in so I bet he breaks that rule night one when Esme does something stupid....
    -----I thought Nina was gonna let Carly buy the Metro Court for one dollar......
    ----blah day for sure.....
    previews: Charlotte gonna lie to Nina who has NO business talking to Char; Lois mother shows up and I think needs money; Val and Laura STILL don't tell Anna - SCREAM but I think Emma shows up? but I like that Sonny is gonna realize tension between Anna and NIna -----surely Anna gonna tell about the deleted video.

    1. "Mufasa says, so either Nik or the drunk writers are gonna make up stuff again."

      The drunk writers!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *dead*

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  3. They should have shown Pawtucket Holtster today! This is not how you do a soap opera!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Pawtucket Holtster has been bleeding for 3 days! A cliffhanger is only for 1 day!!!! Not 2 days or more!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    The hospital:

    Joss, Adam and Liz: I'm glad Joss took Adam to the hospital. His panic attack must have been really really bad.

    Joss and Adam: I didn't know you can have a prescription for speed!!!! :O

    Terry and Liz: Great and realistic scene!!!! *Clap*

    Music studio:

    Brooky, Krissy, Blaze, and music lady: Is Blaze making a song about the Tribbles? Badger Bob? The green beans?

    Trina and Joss's dorm room:

    Sprina: Uh so Spencer slept at the door all night! Joss didn't see him? He didn't fall when Joss opened the door? I guess Trina decided not to sleep over her mother's house and went back to the dorm? I'm so confused. Joss must have sleep walked and didn't see Spencer. Well anyway great scene! Go Trina!!! You tell him! Oh I'm glad Spencer is realizing that Ace is NOT his son! He don't want to lose Trina! Glad you woke up Spencer! Unless he changes his mind and takes Ace away and hides him!

    Sprina and Joss: Yeah Joss has to make up the test and so does Adam! It's okay. I hope Adam don't have a nervous breakdown!

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Finchy: Boring!!! Zzzzzzzzzz. Although Alexis did win the line of the day.

    Alexis: And he's a little odd.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Let's just call Scotty eccentric. :)

    Alexis and Krissy: Krissy doesn't know by now that the surrogate had a miscarriage? Geez. Hmmm Sam could have texted Krissy and said this is about the surrogate. Call me ASAP!

    Aurora offices:

    Ned, Michael, and Drew: The Australian lady called Michael at his Aurora office and not at ELQ? I mean it's about ELQ. She should be calling Michael and leaving him a message at ELQ or at his home. Oh oh! NED! Focus on telling them about Nina!!!! CRAP! More stalling!!! *Facepalm*

    Drew and Michael:

    Drew: He is a loose cannon.

    Oh shut the hell up you jackass! Oh I can't wait until he finds out what Nina did!! SHE is the one how is a loose cannon! Drew you better apologize to Ned once you find out the truth!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Trish: HI TRISH!!!! She needs her own storyline and a love interest! :)

    Carly and Nina: I want Carly to know the truth now, and I want a Cujo and Nina brawl dammit!!! NOW NOW NOW NOW!!


    1. I so agree about the pacing of this show, oh my goodness! We should have seen Austin dead the very next day, same with the Davis girls finding out about Molly. Boo Hiss!
      I need Drew to be kissing Ned's feet asap, and to be apologizing all over the place. And yup, Jackass!
      Scotty is a little odd, lol! :)

    2. "Julie H says, I so agree about the pacing of this show, oh my goodness!"

      Yeah it's awful!

      "We should have seen Austin dead the very next day, same with the Davis girls finding out about Molly. Boo Hiss!"

      Yes we really should have!!!!!!!!

      "I need Drew to be kissing Ned's feet asap, and to be apologizing all over the place. And yup, Jackass!"

      YES YES! Will we get Drew apologizing to Ned? Probably not.

      "Scotty is a little odd, lol! :)"

      ROFL! Yes he is. I love his quirkiness. :)

  4. Some confirming news. Hope you all can see this.

    1. Thank you for posting. I love RH but they obviously didn't know what to do with him or let him shine at least not in this role.

    2. You're welcome. I thought people would like to read what he had to say about it instead of everyone just speculating. I was surprised at how much he had to say about it.

    3. I finally got it to work. Thanks for posting.

    4. Lovely interview and classy answers from Roger. Thanks for sharing Di!

    5. You're welcome. I thought his fans would all like to read it. Very classy.

  5. Well, I guess it's official. Why they wouldn't renew Roger Howarth's contract while people like Cameron Mathison remain on the show is utterly baffling to me. "GH" is a train wreck.

  6. Saw the news on FB but read nothing about contract renewal. If he chose to leave who could blame him? Just the fact that his character is left on the floor dying for more than one episode shows how bad GH really is. They can do better but it seems as if they don't care enough to try.
    Today's show sucked.

    1. Did you read the article I posted with his interview? He didn't choose to leave. They didn't renew his contract.

    2. Looks like the writers choose it, bummer!

    3. Frank WAS right when he said Austin needed to die to move the story along........

    4. I tried but couldn't copy the link. Thanks.

    5. Do a google news search of his name and find the article in soap opera digest. The story title is exclusive roger howarth on his exit from general hospital. Hope you can read it. it's a good one.

      November 20, 2023 1:33PM

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  8. What a waste of opportunity and talent. Roger Howarth and Maura West are great actors and have fantastic chemistry together. "GH" should've made Todd and Ava a couple and positioned them as enemies of Sonny and Carly.




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