Tuesday, November 7, 2023



Anna stayed at Sonny's for the night....not WITH him but there. Nina walks out and asks if everything is all right. (I guess she was asleep when Anna came in??). Anna has to tell her she shot Charlotte. Nina leaves. Sonny tells Anna about shooting Dante. BLOOP! Anna doesn't know how she's going to live with herself now. 

Laura and Kevin make it to GH. They are stunned to hear Anna shot Charlotte. They are puzzled. Very puzzled. Valentin says he couldn't deal with Anna the night before. Nina runs off the elevator and hugs Val. Laura and Kevin went off to get more details about Charlotte's injury. Valentine says it's his fault. Nina says it's not all his fault. It was an accident and Charlotte was where she shouldn't have been anyway.

Dante is at the PCPD being questioned by Robert, Mac and Jordan. Robert wonders what the legal issues could be. She was protecting her property. Jordan says it's also tied to the fact if Anna could have known Char might be there or given her a key. Robert is like NO WAY, she just moved in. I guess he forgot she lost her key? He was right there LOL. Anyway, he tells them about the WSB stalker guy. Jordan says then Anna didn't think it would be Charlotte in there. 
Dante goes in the hall and the deputy gives him the inventory of her backpack. He looks into the distance and that's it. Jordan thinks they will have to bring an outside investigator for this as everyone knows Anna. 

Curtis is in the gym talking to a one legged guy about pushing everyone away. They talk about rehab and pushing through hard times. The guy is named Devon. He was born without legs. Has 2 boys. Gives Curt a pep talk. 

Drew visits Sam. She's happy he's out of jail. They hug.  Scout is asleep. Don't want to wake her up. They talk about Charlotte. Then about him getting out of jail. Scout wakes up and runs to Drew. They talk. yada yada. Then they leave. Sam is still home and Dante comes back. They talk about Charlotte. 

Alexis asks Greg if it was wrong not to write about Charlotte being shot. They discuss what happened and if she should publish anything. She decides to publish the story but not use names. Then they talk about his bucket list. He still wants to go skydiving.  Alexis pleads with him not to make her! She hates heights. Greg leaves. Then Scout walks in with Drew. He thanks her for helping him. 

Nina calls Sonny to tell him Charlotte is going to be ok 

They found a can of red spray paint in Charlotte's backpack


  1. gotta go negative first:
    ---Halloween is a Tuesday with school the next day yet no mention of kids in school and it seemed she was in surgery like 12-13 hours with an unknown surgeon who had no speaking part LOL
    ---the ridiculous portion of Dante now not on leave when he was last night is beyond my imagination.......Robert not saying 'Anna lost her key' is baffling....
    ---Nina acted like Anna was TOO calm and her smart remark about Anna's apartment not being ready/why is she here implied = yuck........
    ---HOW would the keys NOT be in her backpack? At least Dante found the red ink/dye/paint and is putting the pieces together.
    -----Valentin finally admitted it was his fault yet turned around and said she is a child....she is a disturbed 15 year old older than her years.....and Nina telling him to stop saying things aloud.....sigh...
    ------I hope they don't bring in someone for the case cause it might be another person who hates Anna.
    -----I just love Sonny and Anna's friendship
    ------you got Robert and Sonny who will go nuts on Valentin when they find out how he has lied...
    ------tomorrow FINALLY Ava and Sonny talk!
    (still wondering why secret Lois' mom shared this month and when Ned will have another fall...)

    1. I immediately thought that a special investigator would railroad Anna.

  2. Great shot of the hospital!!! :)

    Nison's home:

    Sonny and Anna: Why the hell is Anna spending the night at Nison's place? She should have spent the night at Robert's! Sure he probably would have been very upset, but who cares! :) He is always there for Anna! No Anna you were NOT reckless and it wasn't your fault!!!! The Green beans are very upset for Anna and wants to comfort her. Sonny talking about shooting Dante! Hahahahahahaha! Anna heard about it? ROFL! From whom?

    Nison and Anna: Oh geez! Nina didn't know Anna spent the night?! *Facepalm* And of course Nina didn't know about Charlie's shooting! *Facepalm*

    Police station:

    Dante, Robert, Mac, and Jordan: Robert! Remember the keys!!! That Anna lost them!!!! No Jordan! Anna didn't know it was Charlie! Good glad you realized that! :)

    Robert, Mac, and Jordan: Robert wins the line of the day!

    Robert: I was married to her. Heh heh. Of course.


    Sante home:

    Drew and Sam: They hug but man Drew is so tall! :) Scout is sleeping? So what! Go wake her up! I am sure she will be excited to see you Drew!!

    Drew, Sam, and Scout: Awwwwwwwwww! :) Great scene. And I love her robe!!!! Is their an adult size? :)

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Gregory: Alexis why aren't you at the hospital with V.C.?!?!! Gregory should be there too for Alexis!

    Alexis, Drew, and Scout: From behind I thought that was Vampira! Scout calls her grandma, and I. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. :) Melts my heart. I also love the group hug! :)

    The gym:

    Devon and Curtis: Hey it's nice to see Devon again. Wasn't sure we were going to. Great scene. Does this mean that Curtis is ready to make the wuv with Portia? :)

    Sante home:

    Sante: Spray paint? Is that all that was in the backpack?! Not Anna's keys?!?! Must have been in her pants pocket.

    The hospital:

    Kevlar: Yes Doc!!!! Charlie is in big trouble! She IS broken! She needs serious help!

    Nina and V.C.: GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! They made me cry! :( My ValeNina heart! :( I am so glad V.C. admitted that it's all his fault and that he should have told Anna!!! So maybe he won't be the one breaking up with her, and Anna will break up with him! Then the restart of ValeNina again!

    Kevlar, Nina, and V.C.: For crying out loud! Charlie is not a child! She is a 15 year old girl! She isn't a 10 year old child who was shot. Oh hi Charlie's doctor.. I thought Pawtucket Holtster was Charlie's doctor. Hmmm. Anyway I am so glad she is going to be okay! Whew!

  3. This was another boring episode, in my opinion.

  4. https://people.com/general-hospital-john-j-york-begins-stem-cell-transplant-8399225

    1. Makes my heart happy! thank you for sharing.


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