Saturday, December 31, 2011

Suggestions for a Happy GH 2012

  Spread the Airtime...Spread the Love 
In My Humble Opinion, I respectfully offer up these suggestions to the NEW GUYS comin' on over to shape up our soap:

1. Please throw the spray tanning and booths away. There are too many orange people hanging around this supposedly Western NY Town. Ron C knows how we look; pale and pasty. We like it that way. 

2. Buy some lights. Guza and Wolf had some weird idea that the darker the sets were, the worse the writing could be and maybe we'd not notice. We noticed. Some of us bought night goggles to compensate.

3. For the love of GOD, please get rid of 1/2 the newbies and make the PCPD a working, functioning entity.  After this last head banging incident, Jason could be ready to become a rogue agent. We'd buy it.

4. I will personally loan you my talent to redecorate the Metro Court. It's terrible and makes me sad everytime I see it.

5. Have Tracy take over Crimson in a deal with ELQ industries.... get Lucy Coe back. The Qs need to get back into the game. 

6. We really like Bob the Badger. He lives in Sonny's office. Feel free to feature him much more. There's also a bartender, Conan attached to that hang out.  He's missed. 

7. Please save Robin. We get that Kim McCullough wants to leave but have her go some other way. Not dying from that disease.

8.  Stories that have a beginning, the middle and an ending. Characters that stick around and don't get involved in dropped ideas and disappear.  Some excitement and love-- a bit of joy. GH has been so dark for so long we need a little fun. Families and friends have been fractured and blown apart. We need some synergy and threading of our history. 

PS. Lexi Ainsworth is  Kristina....keep her!

Happy New Year. Here's to a great 2012 in SoapLand. Port Charles needs a huge overhaul, and we are hoping you are the ones to do it.

I resolve to watch GH and not be such a nasty, cynical beeatch for the year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Last New Years in Llanview.

 You know Farah wish it was for reals!! 
"The DNA in this town is worse than that on Fraternity Row" Roxy Says on OLTL !!!
"My heart belonged to a stark raving lunatic"! Says Clint
"You look good for a dead woman" says Nora!!
Awww, Rex and Gigi's wedding should have been what JaSam had--something like that not China cookies. 
Vicki looked so good in that dress...not matronly at all. It was a fun wedding and so fast. 
LIGHTS OUT!! BOOM! IS evil coming?!! IT WAS A GIANT CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Everyone is out of Statesville! LOL..
Only TEN episodes left!! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I hate that Crimson is sooooooooo dead in the offices. 
GOD Carly's dress was all sorts of fugly. Too short, too puffy...too gray. weird., Sonny buys a restaurant. Whatever. I still say if Brenda walked in, he'd drop Kate like a bad penny in about 3.4 seconds flat!!
Ingo was back today!! 

Spinelli and Sonny-- LOL. He got him gambling money. Sonny don't care!! 
Scrubs with EMMA!! Emma is so damn cute. Robin's hair was all ribboned up!
JaSam... such depressive stuff. END THIS FRANCO SHEEZE  
POOR TRACY! She thought it was LUKE!! Now, AZ and she are stuck in the elevator. The elevator was stuck then Michael walked out ?? Are there 2?? 
Michael is DOING A SONNY just like he did with Claudia!! GO MICHAEL GO MICHAEL...and did you see Alexis all of a sudden pop up behind him?? LOL. 
Sonny and Kate need to STFU. GOD!! Sonny you DID TRY TO KILL Jax!! geesh!

Michael  laying bloody in the snow,  Happy New Year from GH

LULU looks so cute!

I LOVED Maxie's hair comb was gorgeous.

One Life to Live Marathon on New Years Day!!

Brad, Karen and Jenny 

 The ONE LIFE TO LIVE celebration airs Sunday, January 1, from 10 a.m.-12 a.m. ON SOAPNET! ALL Day Marathon!!

Karen on the stand!! Dorian and Vicki locked together-- Megan dies and more!! Get the whole schedule on We Love Soaps.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Western/Central NYers...Turning Stone AMC Party!

From Vincent Irizarry s FB Page:

It's official!!! Come join me, Bobbie Eakes, Walt Willey, and Lindsay Hartley on Valentine's Day weekend, Feb 18th, at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY for a fun-filled romantic evening of cabaret, with music accompaniment by Loren Gold. What better way to rekindle that spark between you and your valentine than spending it at a truly beautiful resort, with world class dining and casino, being serenaded by some of your Pine Valley favorites? Or, who knows? Maybe find love for the first time? Hmmmm...sounds promising : ) Get your tickets soon since seating is limited. Can't wait to see some of you there!!!
 FOR INFO: Turning Stone Casino

"You Pissant"

Gigi calls stupid Jack a pissant. heh... YOU GO POST Coma GIGI!! It's been such a good few weeks on OLTL. Can't even stand thinking it's going to end. :HITTINGHEAD: OLTL on a bad day is Oscar material compared to GH on it's best lately.
Clint finding out Gigi was alive and clutching his chest like WHAT? Who's heart is this? what? !!! LOL

Man, Feb can't come soon enough!! IT's the DOG DAYS of Port Charles!!
Tracy and Lulu!! woot!!  love them. Lulu dropped her diamond in the sauce. And Lulu has the same cooking outfit on as yesterday, they totally edited that wrong. LOL. They were already done with dinner. Tracy didn't even know Lulu was married. :eyeroll:

The lady in white has a white sweater set!! Ahaha, and a closet somewhere. At least Molly and Alexis walked in. Then weren't on for half the damn show.

Carly lied RIGHT TO MICHAEL'S FACE. Right to his face. What a wench. I hate her more and more each day. They write her so terribly. Why were Carly and Michael in Jason's apt?  Then Carly and Sean were in there!! 
Michael heard Carly say Jax is alive, that was the only exciting nano second on today.

Geesh,  Can Maggie HAVE ENOUGH AIRTIME??? WTF@@!! she's the new Amy cause she's in everyone's biz. 

I think Dante had heartburn from Lulu's cooking. Heh.

We still don't know who Lucky saw in that graveyard. Not that I care...but... geesh.  
AND IF ANYONE BITCHES about me BITCHING about GH TODAY...sorrrrry but it was just REALLY REALLY BORING AND BAD all round!

GH PUPPET THEATER for the 2012 audition is HYSTERICAL!!

The GOLDEN WUBS Award for 2011

This wasn't hard. The GOLDEN WUBS Award for 2011 goes to the BEST SCENE ever for the entire year. It was just the best thing I've ever seen, probably in a decade. I'm sure never to be topped in my lifetime. 

It is awarded to the Jack/Shane scene 10/31/11 where Shane holds a gun on Jack and Jack...wets his pants. Shane calls him "Wizzy" and my heart soars. Rock on in your wet pants, kid, rock on.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

AND PS. from Today's GH

Just when in the HELL did Michael have the time...and better yet, WHY did he go to New Zealand?? He was gone for what? 2 days? Even in GH time that's stupid. LOL
"Your Hair!! Can you see"?? says Gigi to Shane...just like a Mom. Awww. Stupid Jack Manning, I still wish he'd get the death penalty. His "shocked face" today was...well, there WASN'T ONE!! Neela said "I taped you" and he just stood there, like a  lump.
Rick to Starr "You got evil twin daddies!! Who needs the Kardashians"! WOOT! 

THAT NEW Show "Work It" looks horrible and so bad on so many levels. Didn't "Dressing like a woman being funny" go out in the '80's??!

GH: I do like Livvy and LOO LOO but it's the same talk today-- and it's so funny they are gabbin' over the money Sonny gave them for their wedding. Just take it. Dante and Lulu's dinner was boring.

Sonny and AZ and Johnny. *sigh* whatever. zzzzzzzz. 

Jason and Robin never moved in 2 days. LOL.  Robin should have hugged Michael-- she did help raise him after all.
Jason was more orange than ever today!!

Carly sucks the FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING. even the dog--SHE JUST RUNS her mouth. And there's a Sharly kiss.

Maggie, just take over Abby's stripper duties, you'd be way more entertaining! LOL And it's none of her business WHY Robin is upset. She needs to shut up.

3:37 mark and I'm outta here. GH is just a mess.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Daylight!! GH found the sun!

Helloooooooo sunshine, Kate's office was blinding! LOL.... 

I got home at 3:27 as far as watching the show. So, I saw SKate talking about Michael and being  the 'first love"
So it was about them!!

Awwww...there's a doggie!! HE's so cute!! Alberta Wubs loves him already!!

Lulu and Olivia..too cute. 

Mulva has a cold case going....ok, whatever. How stupid is it to have her start to undress?? hahahahhaaaa. What the. She's all Kate Castle about her sister, which might have been interesting if we knew it was going to continue. Sonny didn't even BLINK when she was unbuttoning her shirt! I do like the fact Sonny told Dante about Michael/Abby.

I think Kate is talking to Mr.  Big. Or Jax. I bet Jax.

Sam and Pat having a convo about being married...interesting. There are 2 people you don't see. Ah,  I GET IT though, cause Jason and Robin are conversating!! Ok. Well,  Jason should listen to Robin cause she is a doctor. I still say it's a giant banana implant in his head from Franco.

Will Abby HAVER funeral?? ahahaa GET IT?? HAVER? oh I crack me up. (that's her last name)


Monday, December 26, 2011

GH Repeat Today: Dashboard Removal

Jason's brain surgery is taking place..where Matt and Pat argue whether or not to operate on the dashboard lodged in Jason's head. First airdate: August 26th. I'm still a little stunned Jason didn't make a necklace out of it for Sam. 

Hope your Day was a Jolly one yesterday-- festive and fun. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To All Wubbers!

From Your Favorite Lobster Girl!! 

Here's a Montage from GH 1996 featuring Wally Kurth Singing--and the Christmas party at the hospital towards the end. Enjoy! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Sunday" Surgery: Rescheduled

Tomorrow being the Yuletide Holiday, Christmas or just plain take a day to eat, drink and be merry, I really needed to get the blog up today. I hope you'll allow me a day to reschedule the whole thing!!
This week was very uneven on GH-- Bensonhurst (sitting on that stoop), Abby's death (which became a conversation for rape), Maxie/Liz cat fighting-- Sean's freak-out...Bernie's shooting, Lante wedding, Lucky leaving and Q/Scrubs Christmas cheer.

 BRAVO to Chad Duell!

Poor Liz...what terrible writing they are having for her. Geesh... and we know JJ didn't want to say those lines. LOL..he left FOR REAL because the writers didn't put L&L2 back together.  Having Lucky leave 2 days before Christmas was lame. Just stupid. Like he wouldn't have waited a few days to have the holiday with Cam and Aiden. By the way, that reinforces what Liz said about him "being like Luke" and taking off. The whole thing was written wrong, imo.

SCENES OF THE WEEK: I couldn't choose just one, and they all come from Friday's show!
Lante Wedding: Liked the whole thing. Yes, Lulu didn't have family there but it was still joyful, romantic and even humorous. Loved Priest Tommy. Maybe he can leave the Church and come to PC??  I really thought the wedding would be lame--they proved the cynic in me wrong. See, I can say it. I was WRONG!

Q Christmas: Yes, there were only 3 left...talking about the dead Qs...BUT Tracy made a gesture to go get Monica and Edward gifts that meant something to them. Added fun of Alice saying they weren't from her!!

Scrubs with Emma: Darling!! Robin crying over the land Patrick bought was so...*sniff*  A lot of overshadowing-- which made it even more touching.

Kate, showing Sonny her "skating" moves.
NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: The 400th "talk" SKate had about what they did in NYC. This time it was Ice Skating. Watching them in their "hotel" room describing  their adventures and the old hood was just....borrring. 

It may not have been the perfect Christmas show with the story at the hospital but it still was enjoyable. The only thing really out of place was the Lucky in the graveyard scenes. They could have waited until next week for that. I'm hoping the rest of the cast gets some holiday cheer like Maxie and Spinelli, Max...Alexis and the rest. 

I wish the best for you and yours no matter how you celebrate. We have a sprinkling of snow here, making it festive and looking like Christmas. Just think, soon it will be 2012--and who knows where we'll be on the GH front. At least the New Year brings new writers and a new EP.  That's reason enough to toast a big one to the future of our show! 

Thanks for reading, clicking and commenting. Follow me on twitter @wubsnet or join facebook Wubs Net or Alberta wubs. I wanted to show you a new photo I found from the summer:

Alberta and Kim...thanks to Terri 


a giant thank you to HD General Hospital recaps for all the photos they provide for the week's shows!! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

SID Says There's a Chance of McBain and Ted King in PC!

ABC's Soaps In Depth is saying there's a rumble that both Ted King and Michael Easton may head to GH when the OLTL team take over. Easton would reprise his OLTL role as McBain and join the PCPD (get ready to NOT solve cases!!). King, it's unsure who'd he come on as but you have to assume it's Alkazar. Is this just the start of the One Life migration? Hmmm. We shall see! I'd love Vicki and Clint to come and buy the newspaper and try to take ELQ on with BE!

What say you Wubbers? You psyched for  a melding of casts? I just want the STORIES to be stellar, the rest will follow. Of course, Roxy's Porcupine Morris is welcome to sit next to Sonny's Bob The Badger any day...heh.

Massi Furlan Plays Villian in New Bat Man Flick!

Way back when Vanessa first came back on GH, I interviewed a great guy named Massi who played one of the Balkin's "thugs" out to get Brenda. Unfortunately, his character was shot but Massi has gone on to a lot of guest roles and now will be in Batman's "The Dark Knight Rises". He of course, plays a villian--his accent and size makes him a perfect fit! 
On, Massi reveals his real love: Comedy 

“I was a stand up comedian in Italy. I guess Americans; they don’t find me funny because yeah I get cast as a villain most of the time. 99.5% of the time,” says Furlan. “The villain is very memorable. I’m not complaining about the stereotype.”

“If I could choose I would choose comedian,” admits Furlan

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th 2012 

Lante "NO Frills Wedding"!! Bravo!

Well...OLTL filled me with Christmas JOY!! Jack was arrested!! GiGi and Rex!!! Clint and Vicki!!! Sam and Santa!! The note from Victor "if you're reading this, it means you kicked me out" LOL!  
Nice show!! 

You know MY DRESS choices were way better than this....but she did look really nice.  I so wish ANYONE from Lulu's family could have gone. TRACY? (since her brother, mother  and dad are all MIA). Ethan??  Despite that, the wedding was very touching.
I did like the Priest guy Tommy, very natural actor. Olivia got there in an hour LOL...okay. Lulu looked nice in her sweater I thought but she looked gorge in her dress too. 
LOVED Olivia and the iPod. I thought she was pulling out a lasagna!  The vows they said were so nice..sniff. The Falconeris running in was fun--I wasn't sure if I'd like that part.

The Q's: "She's made something for everybody this year. Crab, melancholy and bitters," says Alice about cook!! 
Monica "maybe in 2012 you'll get a soul" she says to Tracy. 
OH and Tracy got Monica and Edward Gifts!! sniff...ahhh!! That made me tear up. But, it wasn't Tracy said Alice so it was...Santa!? 

Robin and Patrick. Emma snuck up !! awww. Too cute. That was a good long Scrubs scene and Kim made me cry with the land gift. sniff.

Sam and Jason: He gave her a phoenix and she gave him a dragon...awww. 

Lucky was on today.... that was a surprise. In the graveyard. Maybe he's living there. A surprise person coming in? Has to be Luke, right?? hmmmm.

THE WORST part of Today for me? EWAN going to Liz' house! Geesh, Lucky just left. Give us all a minute will ya? Even if they just showed Liz on the phone to Sarah or something.

I so miss the Hospital Christmas tradition from this show. Oh well. Today was good.

**NOTE: Julie Berman wrote the Lante vows that they said to each other!! :) How fun is that?! 

Best Commercial of 2011

Had to have it's own post. Enjoy-- I love this and play it at least once a month if I'm  feeling down:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Wub Awards: General Hospital and Beyond

 What a year 2011 was for us soap fans. Not only did we see AMC end, OLTL will be done in January. The head writer for a decade at GH was replaced by a junior writer and then, the whole house collapsed. Brian Frons was gone, Jill Farren Phelps exited and we are looking at a whole new ballgame. Producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carvaleti  are coming over from One Life to produce and pen our show after the deal fell through to bring soaps oneline.  What the heck MORE can happen? Although I count 2011 as one of the worst years in GH's history, the future is wide open for stories. The threat of cancellation looms large, but there is a window of time to at least look through and be hopeful for. Awards were difficult for me to do this year because of all the changes and story lines that made me insane. OLTL stands out as the stellar soap but the soap awards will be for GH only... I couldn't give EVERYTHING to One Life, you'd all kill me. I do have to say I loved the "Fraternity Row" episode/parody. Kudos to all involved. I haven't laughed that hard for a long time.
Kudos as well to all that stood to fight for the survival of soaps, no matter how loud or soft, we all made a stir and made the media take notice. 

Sit back, grab whatever libation you love and let's get those WUB Awards out!

Sonny; "Who's Abby"??

Hannah and kids
Charles Barkley shows his love for soaps on Conan! Take a gander, it's great.

I found a Feb. 2002 Soap Opera Update mag ( I don't even think they are in biz anymore) with Tams and Mo on the cover. It also has Tyler Christopher and Eva Longoria's Vegas wedding in it!! Wow...memory lane.

GH: Robin isn't going to want Chief of Staff. Monica and Robin's talk was nice...poor Robin having to hear "so many years left".
Thank God LULU Invites Olivia... 

Michael and Carly-- Carly didn't even know about Abby.  
Sonny knew NOTHING about ANYTHING because the characters on here are so isolated, we have to play catch up every other day. Good lord. Ok, he knew who Abby was but that was about it. No real reaction. LOL Michael's talks with Carly and Sonny were good but I couldn't help thinking Carly was kinda happy. LOL
I think Franco implanted Jason with a micro chip. A Micro-Fronkey. You wait!

I have to's 3:33 and wow..this is just...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Soapy Holiday Driving and Stupid Lucky Exit

People's brains are OUT TO LUNCH!  The traffic is a nightmare. We have a street here that's PACKED and not a boulevard so left turns are a nightmare. I was just stuck in 45 min stop dead traffic from a 3 car pile up that was BAD. It's raining here so it was even worse. I made it back around 2:15--so missed a lot of OLTL.

I saw Rex thinking Gigi was Stacey-- and Kimmy leaving. Now, if you're Rex I think you could tell by her TEETH IT WASN'T STACEY. But, whatever. David's tattoo. LOL. "The nut makes him look more dangerous"...  I love Vicki and David's Friendship!

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Well, here we go..take bets on how long I last. It's JJ's last day so I'll try to hang on. LIKE LUCKY WOULD LEAVE before Christmas. WTF..why didn't they either run him over...or have him go deep undercover or wait until AFTER CHRISTMAS? idiots. They block tape everything else... geesh. LUCKY leaves the house without saying goodbye to Liz...then ETHAN SAYS 'DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE LAURA, TRAPPING LUKE?? those F*K ups. God, thanks, trash both L&L and L&L2 because....what? You can?????? Luke loved having Lucky around-- Guza screwed that up with his big Luke has to wander crap because TG had to have time off.  Oh I am LIVID!! There was no reason to write Lucky out like that. None.
Jason and Sonny's talk was sooooooooooooooo..."I've done this wrong" I'm I'm I CAUSED MORE I DID!! 
Lante "went to Ground Zero" and we hear about it later--as a plot point for their angst. Shameful. I don't LIKE THAT. At all. BOO. You can do something else besides pretending they are in NYC and then talking about the "Visit" afterwards. Why did Lulu change her mind though? Did we get an epiphany I missed?

AHH! DURING the show I got a call for a job interview!! and they wanted me tomorrow but ironically, I'm actually working--consulting for School!! I'm so happy. It's been a long time coming. So, in Jan I go in to talk about the job. :) Big Grin! That means you may have to live without me and my snark of a blog--we shall see! Or I'll have to watch via DVR. LOL.  

END OF GH: Glad to see Hannah could make it to "usher" out Lucky. ;eyeroll: That's JJ's wife in real life. I hope they are happy and he has a good career outside of GH. This ending for the fans just sucked though.

When Your Blog is WAY More Interesting than the Soap!

Oh my gosh...LOL... come on now,  it is a bit comical to read through yesterday's comments. I'm not picking them apart to delete any so--there it is. Blogger has tracking stuff on it (and deeper stats if you want them) so I suppose I could look up everyone's addy-- but come on, it's way too fun to watch. 

GH is dull as dirt, I can't even get through the whole show, so I understand why people would want to snipe at each other--why bother talking about GH?!! 

I have a few options: 
*I can turn off the Anonomys sign ins. I leave that up because some people don't have accounts that hook into Blogger. It also helps when the Google sign-ins go haywire. 
*I can "preview" each post before I hit "publish (that's when it says "your post is awaiting moderation"). Who am I kidding? I don't have time to monitor posts. 
*I could have  that captcha thing where you have to duplicate the letters before posting. I hate those on other blogs I post on and they are mostly to keep the spam away. 

I do have a question: If I don't mind people posting multiple times or having conversations, why should anyone else? It's very easy to skip comments you know you won't like. I don't have a message board (can you guess why??) so this is kind of used as that. Plus, 99% of the 'conversations' have  to do with the show...ergo, they are fine.  I don't even care if you talk about your other stuff either. I do care about other posters telling other posters what to post and how to post it.

I probably should just be like the "bigger blogs" and ignore all the comments. But you know me too well, can't keep my keyboard shut!!  So, play away-- just try to be kind to each other, life's damn short. 

OK! That's it for the lecture!! Today it's POURING RAIN here in Rochester, which for us is the exact opposite of what we usually get this time of year. No one knows what to do. LOL. If it was snow coming down, it  would be a blizzard for sure. Getting my hair done later, maybe I'll stumble in for GH. I'll at least leave a post up where you can all frolic!
PS. I missed the Maxie/Liz cat  fight yesterday? Dang!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today is Tuesday!!

Just in case you don't know!! This week will be hard to keep up with things, as will next due to all the festivities!
Happy Channukah night ONE!! 

Wonder if we'll hear about it on our soaps. I think the only Jewish character I know on ABC is Nora from OLTL. Who remembers Jake from the old Brownstone/Bobbie days? 

 I watched RHOBH last night and boy, was it uncomfortable. Knowing that Russel would eventually kill himself just made it very hard to watch. The "uninvite" was bad enough but them all crowding around the limo? Geesh, way to make him even more angry at Taylor! Felt badly for Kyle, but her sister was also a tweek.  I don't like Brandi but Kim made me feel sorry for her (which I shall never forgive her for!!) Lisa's my fave and her 'I am NOT doing that" for the wedding and then does it. HEH. Plus, she's British so I excuse her for most things. The whole season is just a reality check in so many ways, imo.

OLTL: Oh, I so loved yesterday's show, I wish I could bottle it. I hope they sell it on DVD!! TOO FUN.  Parodying yourself is priceless. If more of the shows had fun like that once and awhile, they'd be a huge hit. Today wasn't as fun but I do like Paris, Texas stuff. Delphina! LMAO. Jack was trying hard to look adorable but he's still as wooden as a door knocker. The end of the show made me squeel!! xxoo!

SPOILER ALERT: ANGELFIRE is DOWN due to stupid FTP attacks or something, ughhhh. SOooooooo here's some updates here:
Carly gets the dog to help Shawn with his PTS attacks
Michael wants to work for the Zaccarah's again for whatever stupid reason--he'll be all pissy at the NYE party. 
Helena comes to Wyndemere!  With Nathan Parsons leaving, who knows what's going to happen with Ethan.  Can I hope he turns Zombie and gets walled up in the tunnels? I need something exciting to happen. Or, The Lady in White is a zombie and she eats him ala The Walking Dead. 

GH: How long will I last today?
Sonny's playing footsies with Kate....Jason's eavesdropping, and Liz wants Lucky to stay over night.
Shawn is PST'ding over Bernie. Carly's got her giant mouth FLAPPIN'! ugh SHUT UP!

Dr. Ewan finally exposes himself as a doctor, not a patient. SURPRISE..well, not if you read my spoilers. Loved Matt's face though.
Liz is looking way too psycho. Cling-on the whole thing. Knowing that JJ wanted them back together, this could have been so different.
I made it to 3:21.

Richard Simms Pens Book!

Just in time for your Christmas list and now available on Kindle. 

Richard has  written a book that will surely tickle your funny bone and have you thinking about all those nasty people devoid of manners. 
In his funny, fast-paced and most definitely furious first book, Simms  looks inside himself and, to be fair, at all of us in hopes of answering these questions. Better still, he offers common-sense solutions that just might make us think as well as laugh. Pick up “Crimes Against Civility” for the nipping-rather-than-biting social commentary and out-of-left-field pop-culture name-dropping, then stay for the subtext. A book may not be able to change the world, but if it’s very good (and this one is), it might at least change your mind. 

Richard is on , hosts weekly podcasts and is active on twitter. @howrudeareyou Richard is also editor of Soaps In Depth.

To order just go through Amazon and hit the Kindle addition and you can read it on your Kindle or laptop/computer on the Cloud! The link will be on Wubs Net later today as well. Enjoy!

Dear GH: Enough with the SPRAY TANNING...

Sincerely, everyone that lives outside of LA.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nathan Parsons Rumor

Seems like Julie Marie Berman may have told fans a bit too early that Nathan is leaving GH. In a twitter chat with friends she was "sorry to see him go" and his "talent has been wasted".
Figures the one character that brings a smile to my face may be leaving. SOD has this this to up, which is a RETWEET of Julie's tweet.
GH/ABC says: "No Comment"

Fraternity Row Hysterics...OLTL is a KEEPER!

We have a new LUSH store here and it's SOAPY HEAVEN!! Have you ever seen or heard of it? They have giant bath bombs and really fun handmade soaps.

One Life To Live --Doing Fraternity Row: CLINT and Vicky are the help!! LMAO.... OMG, I so love this!! I laughed so hard--- Wubby Hubby was like WTF!! "You are having too much fun"!!
Tea's accent.... AND PLAYING WITH HER BOOBS!! ahahaaa.Wait until you SEE JOHN as a preppy tennis player. There are so many surprises!! The "real" Todd-- pffffffffft.  Dani "We need a Dah-Nah" test!! And "M. Povich" on the DNA pocket.
My belly hurt. Still hurts. Joyful at it's best. Thank you writers!


GENERAL HOSPITAL:  HOUSE of Pain again. They are getting a lot of usage out of that stoop in "Bensonhurst". Kate decorated all nice for Sonny. All of these Bensonhurst memories are just ... TOO MUCH.
Sam and Michael are good together. They are alone too much but I can still deal with them. Shawn is so undercover. He's Greg Morris from Mission Impossible. 
Scrubs-- would Robin leave before Christmas? It's just too weird. 

Ok, I'm not watching any more today as my negativity is just all over the place on this show today. Sorry.  
Liz in Shadybrook...UGH.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Viral Load

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Viral load is a measure of the severity of a viral infection, and can be calculated by estimating the amount of virus in an involved body fluid. For example, it can be given in RNA copies per milliliter of blood plasma.

Robin's on her way, folks. As much as I love Kim, I'm glad she's going after her dream of directing. I don't know how I'll feel about Robin's death until it actually takes place. If the story is there, I'll embrace whatever happens. I am thrilled "Anna" will be back and I'm sure "Robert" will come as well. I can't imagine Tristan saying no when there's a new regime at GH. This week was a mixed-bag. On the one hand, I love they honored the Jason/Robin history and friendship but I wish it wasn't interrupted by Franco Fugue States!! *sigh* Abby dying--which I did know about on the  surface but didn't realize how it would play out. More SKate angst in "Bensonhurst"-- whatever. I'm sorry but they needed to be done when Brenda was around instead of wasting months and months with her in "Italy" being chased by The Balkan. Maxie and AZ really had me intrigued, loved their little interaction. More please. The Woman in White? Becoming the White Elephant. zzzzzzzzzzz. Wow. Way to kill any suspense. Ewan is promising, although I wish Jax were around to swap stories over Fosters. Lucky and Liz have gone on too long with this pathetic "break up" -- No wonder JJ said get me the hell out.
Alexis and Jason were entertaining. NLG is fun in whatever she's doing. Even her "Mayor Floyd" scenes made me chuckle.
Dolores/Mulva looks way better with her hair down. That's about all I can say with that.

Random Bensonhurst part of my week on GH!

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Michael embracing a dead Abby...Chad did a really wonderful job in that scene and the ones after....I even was a little teary! I also didn't know they were going to show that morgue scene so it was a little surprise.

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Pointless Lucky/Liz interactio bitch-fest in Shadybook. We get it. LUCKY DOESN'T WANT LIZ....LIZ is desperate. Let's stop talking about it for weeks. Thanks.  I'm also giving it to the multiple  "Woman in White" staring into space. I don't want to call them "scenes" however. More like bothersome tics. 
 And..PS THIS character is getting WAY TOO MUCH airtime. 

 Lante Wedding Photo..guess they didn't go with my dress choices! 

The Lante wedding is going to be pretty flat with no one there from Lulu's family. I mean, really. Luke's gone (again) and Laura's still MIA. *Sigh* I do want to see the Falconeri crashers though. Might be fun. Will they serve Lante Cupcakes?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kim McCollough Discusses Leaving GH

In a great interview with the Boston Herald, she comments about leaving GH, her character's legacy and how she felt about the HIV needle scene.

“I’m literally just with the audience playing along,” she said. “The really cool thing is that it’s been difficult for the producers and the writers to come up with a way for Robin to leave, which I think is very flattering to the legacy of the character. Everyone involved really wants her to leave in a heroic way, and, for lack of a better word, kind of classy way.”
Robin has been HIV-positive for many years, and some fans fear that producers will bring the story to a dark conclusion and kill her off.
“My counter answer to that is, ‘How do you do it without being dark?’ ” she said. “It’s a soap opera, first of all, not a sitcom. Because of the nature of the relationship between Robin and (her husband) Patrick (Jason Thompson), you literally cannot have a happy breakup. It’s impossible.”

GH Actress Chrissie Fit in Movie Opening at Sundance!

Chrissie Fit, better known as part-time nanny Mercedes on General Hospital is in Jenni Rivera's "Filly Brown". Chrissie plays Lupe Toronio, Filly's younger, sassy sister. 
Here she is on the couch at the right: 

Filly Brown  is directed by  Youssef Delara and Michael D. Olmos.  It's a  Hip Hop-driven drama about a Mexican girl who rises to fame and consciousness as she copes with the incarceration of her mother through music. Cast: Lou Diamond Phillips, Gina Rodriguez, Jenni Rivera, Edward James Olmos and Chrissie Fit. (from Sundance 2012 First Images) 
Follow Chrissie on her FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! 

WATCH a clip:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Want a Kiss? ....Chocolate!

It's Florencia Lozano (Tea OLTL) Bday today!! Happy Day to Tea!! OLTL was hysterical. "Franco James was the evil puppeteer" says Roxy. Heh. Destiny calling her out on National TV!! ahahhaaa. OMG, the whole thing on the Blanca show was just hysterical. The tree trimming was fun too. *sigh* 
FLASHBACKS of little Starr and young Blair!!  
The cast was having SO MUCH could tell. Roxy was dancing all over!! Little Sam hugging Todd. awwwwww.  

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Maybe Jason should have Jack Nickolson come and do some Anger Management.  
WOW....Steve Burton looked SO ORANGE next to Bradford today! ahahaaa..sorry I hate shake n bake tans. I do like the Spin-Jase friendship. However, "The Superhero" talk made me just-- want to tear my hair out. I hope it was sarcastic.I really do. We call him SupahSt.Jasus anyway. Maybe Garin knows that? One can hope. Spinelli is really underused lately.
JJ and Jen lilley looked really cute together, they did! Maxie decorated that place really fast.  Geesh...and Lucky and Ethan just stood around watching her.
Ewan needs to get naked. That is all.
Wyndemere needs to GET GOING and quick. GOD--her looking out the window and writing in the dust is NOT EXCITING or "Mysterious" It's boring as all hell.
Michael calling Abby's Mama...not sure about this. She asked him if he wanted money? Weird. 
Johnny and Dolores... at least BB has chemistry together.
Kirsten Storms tweeted Bradford Anderson today and asked if he was missing her..awww 

MONICA and Jason made my day!!

New Spoilers are UP!

Lucky's going to fly away (with real life wife)... Michael's going into a deep depression and Shawn gets a doggie!! Christmas Party at Metro Court!! Who gets a ring??!
All on WUBS NET. take them while you can get them because it's all going to change!!

See who you picked to get COAL for Christmas!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nancy Lee Grahn's Web Series To Parody "The View" et al!

“It’s everything you’ve always wanted to see behind the scenes at a women’s talk show … except the topless parts,” comedienne Mo Gaffney says of the project.

This is going to be GOOD!!  Skewering  The Talk and The View, "The Upright Citizens Brigade" will be  laugh fest with Mo Gaffney of Ab Fab, Nancy Lee Grahn of GH and Morgan Walsh of the Hangover. They've already had a stage show with Guests such as Tony Geary and Lea Thompson. Filming begins in March for a July release. 

All the details on Variety.



The Morgue

Vanessa's Charities are up on the S&B site, all of them. Check them out and think about a Holiday Donation!

LUKE in a mullett!! ahahhaaaaaaaa. I just found this and had to post!I also watched a You Tube when Lucky had a gambling debt! Oh good, times, good times. He's smoking can't DO that anymore on ABC (Disney owned) shows. Seriously. Pan Am couldn't even have smoking sections on the plane!

I think Franco put a spell on Jason...Fronkey WUB Spell LOL

I love LULU's BOOTS!! Maxie mentioned Lulu dressing like a hooker. yeah!! Maxie goes to meet
AZ and then Lulu boozes it. Maxie and AZ were really fun today! "I know I shouldn't say it to you, ruthless mob boss, but you are making me mad!!"

You know that Julie Briggs Love Boat chick didn't really kill Lisa. She was captured in the alley, remember? And Mulva knows she probably didn't do it. You know it's bad when she's smarter than Mac!!

WOW, great Abby scene. They kept that under wraps very well. Just got out this week. Nice job and Chad was awesome. We knew she was probably dying but there was no announcement that she was leaving the show.  Bye Abner.

Sonny: NO CHRISTMAS.......NO REINDEER and if God Came, his eyes were closed!! ahahhaa........ oh my. I about died when he said "They stole the blinking baby Jesus"! ahahaa. Those dang Bensonhurst scenes need some PEOPLE in them. It's a ghost town.

GH Actress in Golden Globe Nominated "The Artist"

Maxie replacement, Jen Lilley was in "The Artist" the silent film that's gathering awards by the dozens. I think it's her eyes that got her the part!!

 Jen Lilley at The Artist premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

She's interviewed on the "Star Scoop" excerpt:

It’s interesting because it’s a silent film. I have an affection for the time period and I have always loved it, but even to go into the premiere, I remember thinking, I love this movie, I love the script, I love silent film, but oh my gosh, it’s going to be 90 minutes of silence. I don’t know how this is really going to go over with the audience. And everyone’s response has just been amazing.
I think everywhere in the world, to some degree, people are hurting financially, and things aren’t as comfortable as they used to be. It deals with a man’s transition between what everybody is feeling…going from being super successful to having to downsize, to going bankrupt, and just seeing his struggle and seeing him work through it.
There are no special effects. The audience is really connecting with the characters. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry and then it will make you laugh and cry again. Overall, it’s super uplifting, and I think it’s what people need right now, very cathartic. Everyone can relate to the characters.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Tomas is No Mas"

"Yes, I'm chained to the desk, but I'm listening. Well, when I'm not 
thinking about Franco."

OLTL was hysterical today...especially with David Vickers in the mix. Roxy was all buddy with Destiny "text us"! she says. "See how Soaps bring us all together" awww.
David to Destiny: "Good GOD woman, you're ENORMOUS"!!

GH: OMG, those seats on that plane are HUGE!! and no one is on it. LMAO.... I know it's first class but bajeebus.
That Matt and Lucky scene was just...random, imo. Ushering Lucky out and getting Matt in. Matt acting like he was in love with Liz. Weird I think. 
Liz with the newbie Ewan, rescuer of her from the lake. He's Australian-- so was Jax. Too bad they aren't on together to compare hang-outs. She thinks he's a patient. He's not a patient!!! Matt's going to hate it when he shows up at GH!
Josslyn is soooooooo cute! 
Patrick and Maggie are just going on too long-- I wish Patrick would go be a surgeon. LOL. Maggie gets more airtime than anyone else on this show!
How many hours of visiting time does Jason get? LOL...and no one ever needs to use the PCPD conference room. I do LOVE the Jason/Robin connection. Thanks for showing it! That's what Guza dropped, all the friendships and connections that were around.  Can't Carly just Shut it for a minute? "I need Jason"...ugh.!! She stomps in on Jason and Robin and Jason loses it.  ahahaaa He shut them up. I did picture Sarah Brown in that role with Jason/ would have been great. Such an old triangle!!  Speaking of:

Sarah Joy Brown at the NO8 event last night.

 What's your verdict on Dr. Ewan?? Sexy? Don't care? I'm hoping he's a Cassadine just because I want the Cassadines back.

Tweet of the day:  Matt said it's the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, he's at SB, Lucky w/baby at a dr appt, Robin & Carly are at the jail.Stupid writers  @matchboxginny


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...