Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dear GH: Enough with the SPRAY TANNING...

Sincerely, everyone that lives outside of LA.


  1. I have been saying this for months! There really needs to be a limit on how much spray tan one person is allowed to use! This is a horrible epidemic on many shows these days!

  2. The lighting on GH is so dim that I barely notice tans or even sometimes characters' features!

    I hope this is one of the first things Frank fixes--the terrible lighting. Then I hope he gets some decent sets up, so people who live in apartments don't all have cement block walls and dull brown or black furniture. SOOO sick of the darkness and UGly abodes.

    Then let's lighten up the wardrobes! Alexis looks great in turquoise--I remember that from Santa Barbara. Or any color but black. PLease...

    On OLTL rich people live in very attractive homes with COLORS and you see more than one wall of one room. Viki even has a kitchen! The apartments aren't lavish, but they look a mite better than Lucky's or Dante's.

    GH is so unrelentingly dreary in story and locales, that Frank could really do big improvements with just the suggestions above!

  3. Even though I am Jewish I want to go to Vicki's for Christmas. The lighting is so beautiful in that home.

  4. Your right about the sets/lighting. Do you realize that OLTL has a fraction of GH's budget? They work wonders over there, I swear.


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