Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Roasting of James Franco

Will be upon us soon! On Sept 2nd 10pm/est Comedy Central roasts James Franco. As we know, there is a LOTTA MATERIAL to get through!! 

Comedy Central is leveraging its digital platforms to offer fans a livestream of the James Franco roast, rolling out the show across, mobile, tablets and the CC:Stand-Up app on Xbox 360. No subscription is needed to view the roast on, and the Xbox 360 app will be unlocked for this special for all users.  Variety

I'd love it if MOCA WAS FEATURED!! Maybe they'll show a GH Fronkey scene :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

You are NOT the Father..PAY ATTENTION!!

Paddy, shut up and listen!!
BRITT IS TRYIN' TO COME CLEAN..geesh!! Kelly T was doing such a fine job in that scene. Wow. I hope she rules Wydemere soon.

Maxie and the baby! She wants to feed her!! Oh nosssss.. not that!! Not your boobs! Phew, Spin comes in and stops her. Poor baby never got to eat!  If you watch after reading this, check Dante's eyeballs after the nurse said Maxie almost breastfed the baby ahahha! @@ DOH!

HELL was BRADFORD phenomenal today??????? Eeeeeeeeeeee Kirsten was so good too. How will I EVER pick scene of the week.

Dante said Twitter was on a "Blackout" because of the investigation. AJ should be tested for gunshot residue. Does Crimson have security cameras?  Dante is our "catcher-upper" today, telling Lulu about the entire Connie back story.

Diane was on today, looking fabulous. 

Ron tweeted this today: 

Morgan & Ava...hmmm....



Brandon and Kirsten on Extra!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bloggin' On the Cheap

The Blog is CHEAP TODAY! Meaning I am unavailable...please post your comments. I shall watch GH later, unless it's a real snoozer and you tell me not to!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Carlos" is Comin' to Port Charles

Hang on... looks like a new hunk is coming into Port soon! His name is Jeffery Vincent Parise and you can read all about him  on SID. 
Supposedly he's a crime guy---has ties to Sabrina and is named "Carlos".

AJ's Trash Can

He totally threw up in that thing! If I were Anna,  I'd be like OK, DANTE TAKE that out! LOL ewww
Dante should NOT be in that room with AJ. geesh!! AJ says it's Tracy's gun..just throwing her right under that bus!!
AJ remembers taking the gun and now thinks he did kill Connie (meaning he didn't)

Tracy and Luke!! awwwwww. I do like them. His back looks bad.  They kissed so nicely! Loved it.

Laura and the baby awwww --Scotty is there to ream her out. LOL  Then he says they don't fit. Laura cries. 
"My love for you? It's never going to be enough for you."

Looks like Laura says ok to the divorce. Luke walks up as Scotty and she are hugging. 
Lulu overhears Luke and Laura talking about their health. Laura is off to Paris..nice L&L moment SPOILED BY NULU. She's so snotty! Every line is just snotty.  She knows Luke is dying.

Britt: Are you Batman?
Nik: I do have a butler named  Alfred! 
She sees photos of Emily and starts having pains. 

ahahaa, Britt's belly is so funny. Giant beach ball. She's going to drop any minute! 

Last it interrupted by Mr. Luther King Day, which I don't mind. There are a LOT OF PEOPLE on that mall! Wow.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't Wanna Bring another Ginger in the World, Right?

Spinelli was so cute...again today. Lulu was overdressed, she COULD run home and grab some jeans. LOL.
Lulu is driving me  INSANE I just don't like her anymore.

Sonny was just so Batman Villain today. LMAO-- he kept talking so AJ had time to get saved.  Sonny was yelling SO LOUD how he hell didn't Michael or AJ HEAR THEM? 
Sonny: GET your head down, you bitch!!
Then, Michael and Dante finally storm in. Sonny could have shot AJ 50x by now. 
Michael: says don't do it, for me... don't kill him. It means everything to me. 

Carly had on some fugly aqua Vegas Cocktail halter today! Geeeshhh. 

Jump Franco..but first, remove the bracelet!! WHY? weird.  Ellie and Todd, interesting combo, eh? He's SOOOOOO Snarknado Todd. 
Ellie is probably Franco's kid. Why else do this? She's going to be SOMEONE-- missing  Q? 

YES, the blood-writing was totally a nod to the Diana Taylor murder. Got it. If 'follows suit, 'ALICE' could have done it--ala ALICE Grant.  Maybe her name is Alice Jackson. 

COMING: Scotty tells Laura he wants out

Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally A Wubqueen Blog

I watched Friday's before I saw today-- poor Dante and Lulu. Kudos to Bradford Anderson WOWza   His face was so priceless. 
Poor Maxie too--
and I SAW THE VODKA BOTTLE! lol... I am so glad Michael is upset aout and standing up for AJ. 
Stupid Derek--just BE Julian already, will ya? 

TODAY'S BLOG IS DEDICATED to my friend, Betts who passed away yesterday. She was a HUGE GH fan and I met her on the old AOL boards. She was a dynamo.  I had no idea she was 30 years older than I--and she had no idea I was "so young"!! Cyberspace is wonderful that way. Anyway, Betty loved Luke Spencer more than anything else. So here's a pic for you -- and I know you'll be watching. xxoo 

Awwwwwwwww,  It was so wonderful!! He was so happy!!  

How great for Connie to have on a pristine white dress to show off the blood better!! 


Sean K plays a GREAT drunk or what! wow... I didn't know he's had experience in that IRL--until twitter told me. WOW. He just knocked it out.

Olivia sees blood and Connie--  and then Sonny sees Connie.   You know AJ didn't do it, right?  Too easy. 
Kelly Sullivan did a FANTASTIC JOB with her "shock' at being shot--it was so realistic, imo. People react so surreal to trauma. It was very well done.  AJ and Ava start with "A".  and  AJ and Ava Jerome!
Oh Maurice stumbling through that 911 call? Brills.  The death was done really well, imo.

Someone on twitter called Ava "Jason in a dress" LOL!! Yes!!

Even Lisa LoCicero makes her "ESP visions" tolerable. It could be SO campy. 

Julian realizing he's Sam's Daddy. NOW TELL ALEXIS!!

Spin was great too--- wow. Just give everyone an Emmy. EMMYS FOR ALL! 



"Our Richard" at the VMAs

YEP...that's him!! He's been all over lately! For all the photos jump on the Huff Post.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kim McCollough is BACK TO GH...

And ON CONTRACT, WUBBERS!! Sorry---I just found out about all this. I knew she'd be back to finish her story but...ON CONTRACT? 



Can't WAIT to watch GH!! I'm so excited. Looks awesome. My trip to Baltimore was FABULOUS and I'd recommend it to anyone for a fun trip. We love exploring cities and this one had charm, a ton of bars/eats, a harbor, aquarium, nice people and really great public transport. Hopefully, I will catch up on the shows tomorrow and be able to tweet during the show. I start my work the NEXT week, Wahhhhhhhh. Why does it all have to get so good NOW? lol.

Thank you ALL for keeping the blog goin'... :) Loved the comments. 

Sunday Surgery: Head Surgeon Sabbatical

I hear GH was awesome this week! Of course, it's the week I pick to be away!! So let's have you all scrub up and answer a few questions:

Did Maxie tell Spin about the baby?

Was Connie's death gruesome!? 

Are the Jr. Mints of TJ et al still MIA?

Where's Britt?

Most important: NAME THE PROP OF THE WEEK!! 

I have a lot of catching up to do next week--and guests in from England Monday (totally messing my schedule ) LOL
Tuesday I'm all GH's...then, it will be Back to WORK! 

Friday, August 23, 2013


IT's Friday! Here I am at the Baltimore Aquarium having a CRABBY TIME!! I hear this week's GH has been awesome. I can't wait to watch. You know Sunday Surgery will be delayed a bit, right? Anyway, hope you are having a fab week--
PS I haven't found Faison yet. I was hoping he'd be in the shark tank but--nope.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday GH

Kiki and Morgan?? goes GH?  Told you I'd try to get this going so you can post!! WHOOT!!   I peeked in on Twitter a bit but didn't see much. Maxie had to have had that baby, right? People were also talking about LukeSon scenes?? EEE! Can't wait to see those on my DVR. 
BALTIMORE is gorgeous...Fell's POINT rocks. Gus is with my parents at our house, so don't worry about him. LOL. 
See ya! Hope someone (Sonya) is recapping. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Congrats to Kirsten and Brandon!

People Magazine has announced that the couple secretly wed in June and are expecting in January! Kirsten has been looking fabulous --it must suit her. The article said they are expecting a girl and that they believe she was conceived at Tony Geary's place in Amsterdam!!

Honeymoon and Housekeeping!

Well, looks like our two "lovebirds" are going tropical for their honeymoon! Wonder if it's just the boathouse and "Party City"!?  If you look closely, Kiki's ring is NOT on her finger. Hmmm, did wardrobe forget it!? LOOK at Morgan's CRAZY STRAW in his drink. AHAHA. He probably had to get a virgin something because he's too dang young!

I myself will be on a honeymoon of sorts, out looking for Jerry Jacks and Faison. SOMEONE has to find that cure for Luke.
I will TRY to make some posts for you to use for comments but it will be hit and miss.  I'll update the spoilers today. Can't believe I shall miss Maxie's baby-- but I shall check in with Twitter to get the lowdown on that.  You can also let me know in the comments! Sonya's great at recaps, David has promised to post and I know you regulars will help out as well. 

 Have a good one.

New Home for Genie Francis!

New house for Genie and her hubby, Johnathan Frakes according to ! The  2,035-square-foot remodeled ranch house was built in 1941 in Woodland Hills. The couple lived in Maine before relocating to LA when Genie went on the Young and the Restless. Hit the link and take a tour! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

What are YOU doing here?

Connie...eves dropping never gets you anywhere good!! Whatever YOU DIDN'T WANT Sonny!! I will be so happy when she is gone.

I knew it was Laura in the room. From the easy box. Too soon to be Robin or Robert and Laura was due on this week anyway.  Aw, Laura told Luke she knows he's sick. She's all teary eyed.
Laura tells Luke Jerry is alive. Dr. O tells Holly she can get Robert out of the coma. 
Jerry tied Laura up! wow...
Dr. O knocks out Holly and escapes. 
Holly and Laura talking about Ethan..awkward.
Luke goes with Laura to see Lulu--Holly goes off to get Dr.  Obrect. And refresh her 900 coats of MAKE UP.'s spackled on! 

Maxie's water broke, ruining her shoes. Spinelli looked so excited. Ellie kinda wanted to tell Spin about the baby but ...will she?  She does 'let' him go to the hospital though.
Maxie's in labor, Lulu and Dante are smothering her.

Tracy got the front page of Kiki's Not A Q paper framed for her new office but AJ smashes it! He also tries to steal a stapler on his way out. heh.

Britt should have told Anna she was Faison's daughter. That would have thrown Anna for a loop.

Nikolas and Liz were the "summarizers" today--Giving us the low down on the ELQ coup. AJ saw Nik and Liz hugging and sulks off.

Franco's on tomorrow!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Injectables

There's a lot to be said for a week that had (mostly) some of my favorite people on, and managed to move and lighting pace. A few bumps here and there but all in all, not bad.  Hey, we got to revisit some old ABC soaps too!

Duke and Anna action was all over! 

Get out your poison hazmat suits and get some wedding rice to throw...I think we should serve some champagne as well. It's that time again!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wedding Interruptus

I was right, it WAS Richard Simmons. We knew he was coming back, just not exactly when. Well, there he is. He shoots off a GLITTER GUN.
Kevin's not at the wedding because of..CONNIE? Come on. please. ugh. Reschedule that bitch! 

 "This wedding is bananas." -- Emma Scorpio Drake
Richard tells everyone he was on a juice fast with DEMI Moore and that's why he was nuts at the Nurses' Ball. WEIRD.
I mean fun Demi Moore mention, but Bizarre.  Felicia and Mac finally kissed after saying "I do"..awwww.

Anna was pretty rough with Britt--Loved it.  She sent her to jail--with her PG vitamins. heh

Dr. O walks in on Luke and Holly. Heh. EXACLY 4.5 seconds AFTER ANNA broke into the apartment she was in! She went from PC to Corinth so fassssssssssst. It actually was distracting. Dr. O lets it slip that they have the cure for the plutonium. Then she says Jerry Jacks is dead. She also gave props to Hells for poisoning Luke. heh. 
Luke finds something in a secret room..don't know what.

Sonny and Olivia..HOW many times are we going to go through this "Does Connie love Sonny? Does Sonny forgive Connie? Does Connie forgive Sonny"?? Do they or don't they. WTF. ugh!! I could have lived without this storyline this week. 

Olivia was like "I feel tiny and insignificant"  


The woman that plays Dr. Obrect tweeted this today:

German lesson #101 Britta = Britt; Schatz=Treasure; Leibling=Darling; Verdammt=Damn..and Schwanzen="tail"!

Loving Moments

Morgan Fairchild in The City

First of all, thanks for all the comments about Loving and The City!! Loving was a soap that Agnes Nixon created and it had a LOT of ABC Crossovers. It became "The City" after it ended when Gwyn killed half the town.  (people actually "all moved" to Soho in NYC! LOL)

David's suggest of "Fake Q's" is a great one. Tracy hired actors to play her family.  Here's the clip:

There are a lot more, if you search "Fake Quartermaines on the City" you'll get them. This is the best, and it has Lisa LoCicero (as Jocelyn)  on it as well.  Tracy was involved with the Soletto crime family in that soap.
Jeremy Hunter, from AMC also made a crossover to "Loving" to help solve the murders... "Angie" was also on it for awhile.  Skye Chandler also crossed over (she was ALWAYS crossing over somewhere lol). Tess from OLTL was on The City played by Catherine Hickland.

Just know that the references tie into the Jerome family, Faison (who was on for a brief stint) and the fact that Gwyn poisoned people because of the pain she is feeling. It's a nod to Agnes Nixon and the glory days of soaps, even though Loving and The City weren't rating bonanzas. I don't think it will interfere with your understanding if you don't know the history, it's just a little gift to us ABC soap-obsessed.

I LOVED the promos for this time period:

There is an excellent Blog called "The Television Crossover Universe" that chronicles some of ABCs character crossovers. It's worth a read if you are into that.

The site Soaps.Come  "She Knows" also has a nice summary of "The City" up .

HOUSEKEEPING NOTES: As you can see,   I'm playing around with the blog format a bit. Time for a little change. I'm taking a break soon as I need a little holiday. Will let you know when that happens. I will also be returning to work Sept 4th--so the blogs may be a bit late due to the fact I'll be DVRing them.  Things are heating up so I'm sure I'll keep watching!! 

You can also follow me on these other sites for fun stuff:
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Spoilers will be up soon, I have a lot to get to-- so check back after 1pm today to find out what's happening on GH in the coming weeks. I promise I won't give TOO MUCH info (partly because they keep such a tight wrap on stuff and partly because being some-surprised is great!!) and you'll always see something to make you laugh. Thanks for all the support: visiting the sponsor links and ordering from Amazon. Hope you are enjoying the show!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


So..Luke and Holly are in PA? Oh, CORINTH PA-- where the LOVING Murders happened. TONS of references to the fact that Gwen killed off half the town. Loving became The City, btw, which Tracy Q was on.
Faison also appeared on Loving, chasing Ava down. 
GOOD STUFF!! Gwen killed the last one with a powder puff.

"You guys are talking about Game of Thrones again, aren't you? Am I the only one not watching that nerd fest"?? Maxie to Spin/Fe. HAhahaa.

Kristina Wagner looks gorgeous.  She and Maxie were talking about Georgie. Sniff.  They changed for the wedding so fast!! The Floating Rib looks  pretty!!  YEAAAA for the wedding.

Dr. O was going to spill the whole story to Britt when ANNA interrupts. ugh-- now she's cornered in the apartment 

GOOD CLIFF  HANGER TODAY.. is it Frisco? Richard Simmons? WHO!?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blue Breathing Tube

Getting a LOT of use lately, eh? Finola is spectacular as usual--loved her talking to Dante.  Her hair looks so much better non-ombre too.  Duke woke up just as Anna was saying how much she loved him.  He knows who poisoned him.

Did the Jeromes take over the Q mansion? Geesh!  They need their own place. GET OUT OF MONICA'S HOUSE! 

Paddy gets a delivery of baby stuff-- Sabrina is there. OMG Emma says "That happened the night you and Daddy HOOKED UP"! ahahaa
Maxie is trying HARD to get Flea-Mac wed asap!!  She calls the baby Georgie and Lulu is all like "IT'S NOT YOUR BABY".. uh, yeah, Lulu.  LULU was on my LAST NERVE today. Geesh.

Dr. Obrect-- she was hilarious today.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It's a fun party!! (with a little danger Obrect thrown in!!) Awwww, Lante were so cute. Can't sing but cute.
Well, Ellie got all up in Maxie's face!! Interesting. 
Dr. O even sang!! 
Mac and Kevin are going to dress in drag from the GOOD OL' DAYS! 

They didn't actually sing on the show today though--damn it.

Dr. O uses  Propofol--yeah!! Great drug of choice.  Only it's switched. Duke recognizes her...but he's too ill to do anything about it.  Duke is DOWN!

I'm feeling for Britt--are you? She seems sympathetic now. Something seems "off" to me with Jason Thompson. Can't put my finger on it but--he's been flat lately. 
Britt tells him she lied about being sick-- and about wanting an abortion. 
Aw, they are having a boy!   
Sabrina can go jump.

Monday, August 12, 2013

New GH Promo

Daytime Confidential has full video for you---!

"Me and my WIFE"...

Dr. O is talking to Britt about Patrick. First she cuddles a photo of Faison and talks about taking out Anna.  Aw, Britt is kinda sad that Faison doesn't treat her well. 
Dr. O is talking about killing Sabrina! oooooo!!  Yeah!
Then she dons a blond wig and goes into The Floating Rib.

Dante and Lulu in birthing class... and Patrick is with Britt.

Sean is poisoned too--like I told ya. Whoops, Poor Luke. Everyone seems to have it! ah, Balkin connection!!  Sean was involved in the ransom thing with the PC poisoning. Tiffany is now in London looking for another cure for him since what he has just 'slows' the disease.  Luke's going to find Jerry, Sean gives him the rest of the medicine.
I think JR may have had a stroke? He was pretty frail. SO happy he could be on the show!!

Duke and Anna were on, drinking beer. Getting ready for FleaMac's Pre-Wedding Party (which will become wedding party) They were talking about not being able to find out anything on Obrect while Spinelli is sitting right next to them, finding EVERYTHING on her. lol. ( He found her real name on Britt's birth certificate). 

Kiki finds out from Michael her Dad is Silas She and MORGAN already got HITCHED!! 
DOH!  She's like "Did you know".. He doesn't really answer, but come on, figure it out Kiki. Geesh.

Ava and Silas were so good---Maura West can just act with her eyes!! 
Silas "You didn't  tell me about Kiki because you hated me so much"??

Ava: "No, because I loved you that much"....
and they KISS!! Silas storms off.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Waiting For The Marrow

This week was a good one. Kept my interest every day (we all know that's no easy feat!) -- There may be better things coming as well, especially with the Robin story ramping on up. Poor Ava got her truth spread all over town. I think she needs an Excedrin.

we were all a bit exhausted keeping up

Hope you are enjoying the nice weather that we have!  I'm out on the deck, loving the birdies and breezes! Get the Scrubs out of the dryer and saddle up, there's a lot to dish about.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

AJ is a LOT Like Alan

You might not like it, but it's true!! So many people are dogging on AJ...but I have to stick up for him a bit.

Yes, AJ totally messed up and drove Jason into a tree while drunk. He was young-- I believe even Laura Bush was forgiven for having someone DIE on her watch. Any whoo,  The "Golden Boy Dream" was smashed to hell and AJ was left to be written into a horrible corner by none other than my "fave" soap character killer,  Mr. Guza. AJ could NEVER win--and it got worse as the year's went by. I remember he and Courtney. AJ   nothing wrong but BE AJ! Don't get me started on the Michael sheeze.  They acted like AJ was an ax murderer and Jason was some baby-whisperer. 

On to Alan and AJ. Alan also was a hot-head that often tried to kill people (Rick Webber and Monica anyone?). He did shady deals to get ahead, cheated AND was a drug addict.  He yelled a lot, and was pretty dang whiny about Tracy.  Monica can also yell, lie, cheat steal and act a victim (ask Leslie Webber) so, AJ didn't fall far from the tree.

 (BTW, Morgan/Michael are the "NuAJ/Jason"--down to the "You love your adoptive son more than me" scenario.)

So, you can hate AJ all you want, I for one hope he gets some redemption this time around. I'm so sick of Sonny doggin' on him.  

Friday, August 9, 2013

They are in Oyrland!!

Holly and Luke are at a house in Ireland, looking for Sean. The redhead opening the door..can she be Anna, Tiffany and Sean's daughter? WHY YES! She is!  AND Sean shows up!!  He needs that cure, you'll see.

Sam: "You smell like BBQ sauce"
Alexis: "Music to every woman's ears" 
And Derek, aka Julian shows up to be tested. Mac shows up too. Wonder WHO WILL BE THE MATCH!!?? 
Mac tells Michael Kiki and Morgan are getting married, he runs of to save them.

AJ almost managed to strangle Connie...but Sonny shows up with a gun

Sonny clocks AJ on the head with his gun and AJ goes DOWN! BOOM! He threatens Connie..which will no doubt lead to her "Murder Mystery" that's coming. AJ's devastated at the loss of ELQ...he even thinks Monica will be disappointed.

McSlias shows up at the Q house looking for his daugther. Michael's there too. Does Morgan really think if he gets married to Kiki she'll 'stay by him' when she finds out Michael isn't her cousin AND he rushed her??
WTF. HE's sooo stupid. 

DID Michael get there in time to stop the wedding? Hmmmmmm

Who Is Sean Donely?

Oh what a checkered past THIS Guy has!! Did you know he was involved with  Monica briefly and bankrupted the Quartermaines? Alan faked his own death and framed Sean for it.

When he first came on canvas, he was Robert's old boss from the WSB. Robert sent Luke to Sean for help when he was on the run. Sean turned out to be pretty nasty though and started to kidnap people close to Robert. He even thought he killed Robert, but of course, that wasn't the case. Sean and Robert teamed up to take down Dr. Wu (during the Asian Quarter story) and they became friends again. Robert and Anna made him Robin's godfather.

A bunch of other things happened, one of which was a terrorist plot that he was involved in breaking up with Anna, Robert and Tiffany. They went to Mount Rushmore on locale during this time. 

He hooked up with his old Love Tiffany (who was a reporter on the local TV station) and they had a great wedding at the Q mansion, where we find out Tiff's real name is Ellie Mae Crumbholtz!   Guess who Faison's first connection was? YEP..Sean! He actually helped Faison fake his own death when he was in the DVX. So, him showing up now with Faison behind a lot of this makes sense.

Sean was also close to Felicia and helped her with recovering the Aztec treasure.

Sean was briefly police commish ...and thought Robert and Anna died in a boat explosion. 

Luke and he take down Frank Smith. Luke accidentally shoots Sean and he has to go away to recuperate. Tiffany is pregnant at this time. They have a daughter named Anna.

Full WIKIA gives all the deets !!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Number 13

That's MoKi's wedding number at the court house!! LOL...WHOOPS!!  Morgan took Kiki's phone out of her bag. Michael tries to call them. No go. 
Mac and Felicia are in the court house to get their wedding license. Flea tries to show Kiki the paper but Morgan stops her.

Liz is going to lose that arm!!   She's going in on Tracy- she would make a good Q.  Dang this was great stuff for Becky Herbst. Liz has  been doing nurses' station crap too long!

AJ is mad...REALLLLY MAD!! He spit all over Cawnie!! Their fight was intense-- he totally thought it was Sonny's fault. Then he blames Connie for printing the truth because he won't be able to work with Michael anymore. Sonny comes in with his gun drawn as AJ is strangling Connie!!

Olivia is mooning over Sonny when he comes into the Metro Court. He's such a whiner today. She makes him go call Cawnie.

Ava doesn't manage to stab McSilas but she does manage to look like she wants to go to bed with him!!! She finally sees the paper when she runs to the boathouse and Michael shows her.  Great acting by both parties in that scene. Wow.


Amber Tamblyn To Be on Two and a Half MEN!!

You know I love her!! TV Line has the scoop on her coming to the show--can't wait. I don't  even watch that show much anymore but I will now!! WOOT!!

She's going to be Charlie's long lost daughter!! 

The character, Jenny, shows up in the CBS comedy’s Sept. 26 premiere upon moving from New York City to Los Angeles to pursue a career in showbiz. She ends up crashing with her Uncle Alan (Jon Cryer) and Walden (Ashton Kutcher

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


ahaha. She sleeps with Sonny and tries to run out before he sees the paper!! LOL  Hes' going to yell in 3..2...
LOL.. he went NUTS...!!

Liz and AJ are ok in my book. I'd really like it if they got married, she became and official "Q" . Marry in the rose garden, Monica gives her the house as a wedding gift. THEN, Cam can come live there and terrorize Tracy. LOL  We need to keep the legacy up. It would be a great loop to the next generation. The CIRCLE OF LIFE!! "It's MY HOUSE, MONICA GAVE IT TO ME"! 
Liz slapped 

AJ about had a heart attack when he saw the paper..who had the meaner face, he or Sonny? 

Laura Wright looked great today, loved that dress. I'm glad they keep up the fact that Olivia works and Carly's her boss.  I like stupid consistancy like that. 

 Kiki calls Michael about Morgan giving her a ring. That's the FIRST person you call?! And MORGAN sees the paper when  Tracy shoves it in AJ's face!! ZOINKS! 
hee hee hee. He's going to have to conivnce Kiki to marry him FAST@@!! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dominator Gets All Gussied UP!

Aw, Alice looked all Purdy!! AJ thanks her and they are all out to dinner at the Metro Court.

Morgan with the roses. ugh.. Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrr Will he give her a dress like his dad does for every female he knows? 

ahahahha I KNEW IT!! OMG I'm dying here. And , he also got her a ring.  Which she clearly isn't ready for.

Julian walks into Jake's...while Alexis drinks at the bar. DEJA VU!? Mac DADDY DAY! HE was rolling his eyes at Julian trying to pick up Alexis.

Connie, you idiot.Why didn't you ask Sonny to start a new mag first? WHOOPS. She tries to kill the story
They left a LOT OF PASTA On that table! Geesh!

Liz and AJ are called "Quiz" on twitter, btw. AJ wants to sleep with her. 

Michael and Olivia have  a drink together to commiserate their love lives, which are very similar. 

Sam actually said  she knew Julian was "an active heterosexual" ..WTF is THAT?? ahahhaaa. Ok, so check that database. 
And WHO GOES to the paper for bone marrow info? God, get it on TV-- the internet, anywhere!! PC has a station. 

Music Montage at the end.
Nice paper throw at the end "Kiki is not a Q"!!


Monday, August 5, 2013

"It's My Only Shot"

Holly and Luke are just hanging out in the bank like they OWN'd think they'd try to get in and out. LOL  Wouldn't Luke be a danger to others with radioactive exposure???

I thought Alice was going to catch Connie and it was Monica!! Tracy and Connie,geesh-- I like Connie with Tracy. 

KEVIN IS so good. Have him on more. 

Sam going to Derek for a story and bone marrow stuff. AHAHA. Obvious much? I so wanted Silas to tell Kiki the real truth! Ava freaks out about Silas doing DNA 
BONDING Time with KIKI and Franco-- who's not really her Dada, so there ya go.

Lucy is scarfing down that pie lol.  


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Debilitatus

Well, SOMEONE was silenced this week: 

Which gave us time for plenty of OTHER STUFF to watch!! This week was a lot of fun and reminded me why I stuck it out from May until now. A ton of vets showed up and stories started to roll.
 Grab your time warp scrubbies and climb on in. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Who ARE The "Jeromes"??

Jason Culp, the first Julian Jerome as he looks today...

Well, it all started in 1986... Duke was the son of Angus McKay, a mob head who was imprisoned with Jonathan Jerome.  A bunch of stuff happened, but just know that Duke finally joined the Jerome family mob so they could help find Anna, who had been kidnapped. (Anna was kidnapped by Grant Putnam and his  dog 

Tonja Walker was Olivia Jerome
Duke tried to get out of the mob but of course, you CAN'T DO THAT.. so in order to do it, he agreed to do one last hit for Victor. Victor sent his son, Julian to help out.  Olivia Jerome did some backdoor stuff and Julian ended up getting "killed"...Olivia thought he was dead, but he really wasn't. She ended up being double crossed and was shot and then went into an institution with brain damage. 

Lucy enters the picture when Victor Jerome fixated on her. He gave her a necklace which she didn't want and he ended up choking on it (yes, he did).  She and Alan Q hid his body.

Anna and "Johnathan Paget" played by Greg Beecroft
A bit later, Duke changed his face (after going into witness protection and "blowing up in a warehouse" ) and Julian wanted him killed. He tried to frame his sister Olivia for it but it didn't work.  Duke and Julian ended up in a fight and both wound up "dead". 

AHAHHAAA. Yeah, no. 

Lucas "Jerome" ... Bobbie's adopted son

If you want the full history AND Lucas' adoption by Bobbie  (he is a Jerome, btw)...check out ABOUT.COM

Friday, August 2, 2013

Luke's Back...

As his Dr.VonZeppersnauzer. Or whatever... Looking for the Jerry Jacks money. Oh Geeze, Ninjas break into the bank with guns. LMAO
I knew he wasn't really shot.  I've watched soaps too damn long.  Holly's helping him!

Kevin is going to hypnotize Alexis. and Lucy was on for a second there.  Lucy did Kill Victor Jerome, btw.. Anna and Duke are connected to the family too. It's all wiki. Too long to go into here! 
Alexis getting all hynotized-- being cute about the bar and the leather jacket.  What's his name?? Could it be...Julian? 

"Derek" is Julian (no shocker there) and Ava's his little sister.  He's still not doing much for me.  If Olivia Jerome comes back, there would be 2 Olivias on this show. LOL

Connie is going to drop the boom on Ava to Tracy. She tells her Kiki is not a Q.

Anna and Duke go to Sonny's to find out if the Jeromes are in town.  Duke meets Sonny for the first time. 

Alberta, Round Two!

More great photos!! 

Here's her story, btw! I bought Alberta in Bar Harbor ME one summer. (we used to go every year). I collect  lobsters and loved her. She's such a good neck pillow!! Anyway, I started taking pics of her for the Wubs Site and the "Lazy Lobster Pub" I had. There was an AIDS Walk in LA with Scrubs and I sent her with a friend to do that. By using her on the Wubs Net for the walk, she raised $300! She walked with Kim  McCollough, Jason Thompson and Sonya Eddy that  year. I took her to Nancy Lee Grahn's event in NYC because I thought it would be fun to get more photos of her with soap stars. It snowballed from there!! I took her to Canada to meet Ronnie, Lisa and Dom and then to Vanessa Marcil's event in Staten Island. So many friends/fans have taken her over the years to different GH things, it's amazing. She's helped build two houses for Habitat for Humanity with the GH cast, been on 2 soap cruises, seen "Port Chuck" Perform  and even toured the set 2x.   Her most famous event was MOCA to get autographed by James Franco!  So, here's to my lobster ALBERTA (no reason for her name, btw it just fit), famous in her own right!



STILL MORE TO COME! Keep an eye out!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alberta's GIANT GH Fan Club Weekend!!

Oh wow..I am so HAPPY!! Wub friend Terry took our Alberta to the Fan Club weekend. She flew all the way from Canada! I had NO idea she was attending the big "GH Past" event, with so many of my OLD fave vets!!   Here's a small sample--more to come. 
Feast your eyes...

Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...